Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Break Up

(It's not me breaking up with anyone).

There isn’t much sex in this entry, but it will help to close a chapter for the long-term readers. If all you want is to cum, I suggest you come back for the next entry...

(Mid September) I was meant to visit Mike in York, but had to change plans at the last minute and go down to see Jen instead. It wasn’t actually Jen I was visiting as Lis and Vicky had split up and we wanted to take Lis away somewhere and console her (which we were aware would probably involve a lot of chocolate and alcohol). We had divided against going to York as then Mike would be around, and even though Lis gets on with him really well, we thought an all girls weekend might be more suitable.

After Jen and i had a quick hello session at home, we wandered along to the station to meet LisWe meet Lis, then headed back to Jen’s place. We obviously both knew roughly what had happened and kept the conversation light until we got home, but once we sat down, Lis started to cry and we spent a while comforting her. We spent the whole evening talking about it and the main gist of it was that they’d had a big fight about how Vicky had always wanted to use the strap on and how she loved cock more than she loved Lis. This had escalated and they had ended up falling out properly and splitting up.

Both Lis and Vicky had ended up going round to talk to Mike (separately) as he is basically the only person in York who knows about them. Mike did a fairly good job of consoling them both, but did make a stupid comment to Lis about being willing to have a threesome if all Vicky wanted was some cock (I told him off for saying this, but I think he realised as soon as he’d said it that it wasn’t really the time for jokes). The good thing about Mike being the mediator is that it meant I had proper information about how Vicky felt and could use this to help comfort Lis. I knew that Vicky did actually care about her, but also that she wasn’t in love. She didn’t want to upset Lis and had explained before that she didn’t want to try for a long distance relationship. I actually think that the argument was more of an excuse to actually end things as Vicky would have found it difficult to do so otherwise.

We stayed up late talking and went up to bed together. We had offered Lis the use of Lucy’s bed, but she said that she would rather share the bed with us, so after we’d got ready, we all climbed in. Jen and I didn’t have our usual nightly fuck and just curled up against Lis and gently cuddled her to sleep. Jen and I were naked, but we hadn’t done anything to encourage Lis to be naked and she kept her panties and a t-shirt on.
When morning came, I was told to get up and make us all breakfast in bed while Jen stayed curled up beside Lis. Jen and I had agreed that we wouldn’t try to do anything with Lis, but I still half expected to find *something* happening between them when I returned (Jen can be quite persuasive). They were still just curled up though when I reappeared with a tray of food, wearing just the little apron that Jen had bought me a while ago. I went back down to get the coffee and they were both sitting up when I got back, so I joined them on the bed.

We decided that the best thing for Lis would probably be to go out and have a relaxing but busy day in town to help take her mind off things. She went down to shower first and this gave Jen and I an opportunity to play with each other. Of course, Lis featured somewhat heavily in our fantasy session, but we had finished before she returned and we went down to shower separately so one of us could keep her occupied and chatting. We had a nice day wandering round and were fairly tired by the time we returned home. Jen and I had both gone out without panties on and had taken every opportunity to allow views up our skirts, but we hadn’t told Lis we were doing this. This meant that we were both fairly horny and I wondered if we could sneak off upstairs for a quick session without upsetting Lis.

Jen had other ideas though and told Lis that I gave really good massages, and it would be a good way to help relax her. Lis agreed and I went upstairs with Jen to get the things I needed. I reminded Jen that we had agreed not to do anything with Lis and she said that was fine, but did kneel down and lick me from behind when I bent over to get stuff out of a drawer. Once I had laid a towel out, I went to fetch Lis and by the time we returned, Jen had lit a number of candles. Lis slipped off her top and lay face down on the bed and I got started straight away. I just used Johnson’s baby oil, squirted a little on her back and smoothed it in before starting the massage properly.

Lis seemed to be enjoying it and we chatted away while I worked. Once her back and shoulders felt fully relaxed, I asked if she wanted me to do her legs as well. She said that she did, so slipped her skirt off and resumed her position on the bed, now wearing just her panties. They were plain black cotton ones that weren’t really meant to be sexy, but as my hands worked higher up Lis’ legs and she spread them to allow me access to her inner thighs, I could see Jen gesticulating that I should stroke her. I gave Jen a look to shut her up, but it was very tempting knowing that Lis’ pussy was just inches away from my fingers and I could have easily ‘accidentally’ brushed against it. Proving that I do have *some* self control, I resisted though and when I had finished on the back of her legs, asked her to turn over. I then worked up the front of r legs, again being very careful not to brush against her pussy (by accident or otherwise).

I didn’t entirely behave myself though as when it was time to massage her chest, I gave her breasts a fairly good fondle. In my defence, I was actually massaging her using some methods I’ve seen online, but I may have seen the methods while looking for ways to stimulate Jen. I didn’t do this for too long before moving back up to her shoulders, but I know that Jen was jealous that I was getting such a good grope of her (as Jen is definitely a breast girl).

I then towelled Lis dry, removing as much oil as possible and suggested that she go have a hot shower. Jen said that we should continue to pamper her and could wash her hair which I thought sounded okay, but on the way downstairs realised that Jen meant we should shower with Lis. My pussy was already tingling from having given her the massage and I decided to sit out, using the excuse that the bath wasn’t really big enough for three of us to stand in (not under the water anyway). I sat at the far end, on the edge of the bath looking round the shower curtain. This was partly so I could talk to them, partly to check that Jen wasn’t going to try anything and partly so I could get a good look and take a mental image of them showering together.

Jen helped to lather Lis up and rinse her clean, then spent a while washing and rinsing her hair (it *is* wonderful having someone do this for you). She was actually quite well behaved and only copped a feel of Lis’ breasts a couple of times. When they got out, Jen commented on Lis’ patch of pubic hair and suggested that as a new start, Lis should let her shave it off so that she could be completely bald. Jen had remembered me telling her how Vicky used to play with it, so it was sort of a sensible suggestion. Lis wasn’t sure at first, but Jen indicated that she was completely shaved (which Lis had already seen in the shower) and got me to lift my skirt to show that I was bald (which Lis knew from her last visit). Lis decided that it would probably be a good idea and I was told to gather the shaving things while Jen and Lis went upstairs.

All Jen had to do was remove the little patch of hair on Lis’ mons, but she decided that her lips also needed a quick going over, so did this first before applying the lather to the main patch and shaving it off. The area was rinsed and Jen applied some of the gel and massaged it in (a bit too well, but Lis didn’t complain). She then wiped Lis’ pussy clean and said she would just give the area a quick check. I knew what Jen was about to do and couldn’t stop her in time as she lowered her head between Lis’ legs and gave a lick up each side of her pussy. Lis jumped a little and I threw a pillow at Jen while apologising to Lis, telling her that is how we usually checked. I got Jen to help me take the shaving things back downstairs and told her off, but she offered to kiss me so I could taste Lis. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really taste anything, but the fact that I had just demonstrated I wanted to, sort of weakened my argument against Jen’s actions.

My willpower was weakened even more by Jen’s fingers and we stood in the kitchen and made each other cum before heading back up to see Lis. She had dozed off, so we pulled the covers over her and went to make some food. Now that we knew we had more time, we had a more leisurely session and took turns sitting up on the table while the other one ate us. Jen made me strip for this and afterwards I was only allowed to put my robe back on (and Jen wore her one). We borrowed one of Lucy’s robes for Lis when she woke up and spent the rest of the evening sitting chatting (not always about Vicky, but she featured heavily).

I really wanted to see what would happen at bedtime and while Lis was brushing her teeth, got Jen to promise me that we wouldn’t try anything (nomatter how much we wanted to). When we went up to Jen’s room, Lis slipped out of her robe and climbed into bed naked. Jen and I got in on either side of her and snuggled up to her. As much as I’m sure you would love me to write about a wonderful session involving all of us, we managed to behave, other than taking spooning up tight behind Lis and gently kissing her shoulders and back.

I had very erotic dreams that night and was incredibly horny when I woke up. I was once again ordered to make breakfast, but didn’t bother with the apron this time. Jen and Lis were partly covered by the duvet while we ate and Jen commented on my nakedness and suggested to Lis that I could put on a little display if she wanted. Lis said that there wasn’t any need, but Jen said I should at least have to sit with something inside me, so Lis selected a vibe, Jen applied some tingle gel and I had to finish breakfast with it buzzing away in my pussy.

I think Lis figured out that I needed to cum and went off to shower first, giving Jen and I time to screw. We were both desperate to cum and pretty much decided to go for it properly and not worry if Lis came back up (it’s not as if she could have walked in on us without having heard what we were doing from halfway up the stairs. We kissed, humped, fingered and 69ed our way to orgasm and had finished before Lis got back. If she hadn’t been there, we would probably have gone for a second round, but Jen went down to shower while I chatted to Lis (and watched her get dressed). She seemed completely fine with me being naked around her and made no effort to hide her nudity (until she got round to putting her clothes on). When Jen returned, I showered and we headed off into town for a light lunch and to get Lis to the station for her train.
She thanked us for looking after her and we each got a nice goodbye kiss. I reminded her that Mike would do whatever he could to take care of her (and not just in the way he would like to ‘take care of her’) and we saw her onto the train.

Jen and I wandered round and discussed the weekend (a major advantage of being female is we can have such conversations without bulges appearing in trousers). We didn’t have time to go back to Jen’s place, so ended up trying on some clothes (which meant we got to have some time in a changing room and managed to eat each other to orgasm. Yet again, we could have probably gone another round if we’d had time, but I needed to get to the airport. We did manage a fair bit of fondling on the coach, but only enough to get us more aroused, not to cum.

As soon as I got back, we had a three way call (Jen, Mike & me) and had a proper masturbation session. Jen and I came twice and Mike said that he came a second time after we had finished talking (and fantasising).

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