Saturday, 24 December 2011

Distractions - Part 1

Mid-October, Jen was now back at Uni and I went down for my first visit of the academic year with everyone around. It was great to catch up with Lucy and Ramona and I heard all about their travels (I hadn’t seen them since my wedding). The rest of the gang were also back and within a short while of me arriving, Jules and I were being teased while we were still in the pub. Not wanting to get arrested for indecency, it was obviously much more subtle than what was done when we were at home, but with a few of the group standing around us, Mel slipped a hand under Julia’s skirt and Jen did the same to me and we were fingered and fed our juices.

There were a lot of freshers around and a couple of the group tried (and in once case succeeded) in pulling. They went off by themselves though, leaving the rest of us to head back to Amanda’s room to carry on. I know I’m really getting a bit too old for it to be appropriate, but I certainly enjoyed seeing the new batch of 18 year old girls wandering around the halls (18 year old boys aren’t quite as appealing (except to tease) – I prefer my men older, like Mike).

Now that more people she knew were around, Amanda didn’t seem as keen on being partially naked, but had no problem with Jules and I being exposed and played with as usual. Mel decided that it would be a good idea if we took a shower and we were told that we could wander down to the showers in our underwear. When I pointed out that neither Jules nor I had panties on, we were given a towel each and then attacked by a number of people who stripped us of all our clothes in a matter of seconds. Our towels weren’t large enough to cover us so we wrapped them around our waists and walked to the showers with our breasts on display. We were then instructed to wash each other thoroughly and leave the door open while we did it.

We toyed with each other’s breasts for a while and then moved lower. Asses got a good wash and I turned Julia around so I could hug her from behind and ‘wash’ her pussy. She’s not exactly the shy quiet type though and took control, getting me to lean against the wall and fingering me from behind. To finish up, we stood beside each other, leaning against the wall (which was cold, although the water was nice and hot), facing the door (and the people watching us) and used a hand on each other’s pussies. We both had our legs spread and I felt that we were putting on a pretty good display. A couple of other people wandered in to the bathroom and saw what we were doing, but we ignored them and carried on. We weren’t allowed to cum though (which was somewhat annoying) and were told to dry off and then follow everyone back to Amanda’s room.

We had to sit naked while our fate was decided and Jules said that if they didn’t hurry up she would just make herself cum. I felt a similar way, but I’ve been getting better at drawing out my sessions. In the end, it was decided that letting us fuck ourselves would be as good as anything else and we were each handed a beer bottle and told to cum. Once the glass had warmed up, it was a pleasant experience – I used fingers on my clit and fucked myself with the bottle. Partway through, we were offered to anyone and a couple of people took turns in pumping the bottles into us (sometimes a bit too hard) but we were given them back to finish ourselves off. Having cum, we had to spend the remainder of the evening naked with the bottle necks in us (replacing them whenever they fell out). We were allowed to get dressed to go home (just as well as it was fairly chilly) and I had a proper chat with Lucy and Ramona on the way.

Once indoors, Jen promised that I would provide breakfast for everyone and then take care of other tasks afterwards. Jen wouldn’t tell me what the ‘other tasks’ were, but I assumed I would enjoy it (or would be made to enjoy it). She then stripped me in front of Lucy and Ramona and we headed upstairs. We had a standard session (fingers, vibes, 69ing) and fell asleep. In the morning, we had a longer but more relaxed session and I used the nipple vibes on Jen and spent a long time teasing her before making her cum. She teased me back and was going to leave me hanging, but I promised that I would be horny enough for whatever she had planned and so she relented and used an egg on my clit while kissing my neck and I had a very satisfactory orgasm.

I was then sent down to make the promised breakfast. I returned wearing just the little frilly apron and we knocked and entered Lucy’s room. We woke them up and they sat up, pulling the covers up to hide their nakedness. As we ate, the covers slipped down slightly and I caught a few glimpses of their breasts – at first they covered up again, but by the end Lucy’s breasts were nearly exposed and I could see a fair bit of Ramona’s. They put gowns on when we went downstairs so I still have no idea about their pussies, but I got a few good views of their silhouettes as they helped clear up the breakfast things.

Jen and I showered together and Lucy and Ramona then did the same. Jen teased me quite a bit, both in the shower and then back up in her room, but said that I wasn’t allowed to cum again until the right time. I was dressed and we went downstairs but tt wasn’t until nearly midday that I found out what my ‘additional duties’ where, when Peter turned up. I was given a very quick briefing while Lucy acted all apologetic and said that she had meant to text him and let him know not to come as Ramona had to head off to a drama class and she and Jen were going to tag along to watch. He looked somewhat disappointed but I told him that I had to stay behind to get some work done and if he wanted, he was welcome to stay and have a cup of tea with me.

He liked this idea and once the others had left, I asked him if he actually wanted some tea, or if there was some other way we could find to pass the time. He said he wasn’t thirsty and I pushed him back so he sat down on the sofa and straddled him, then lowered my crotch to his and slowly moved back and forth. I felt him quickly get hard and I leant forwards to kiss him. His hands quickly went for my breasts, first under my top and this was then pulled off and my bra undone (I had to help with that). He licked and nibbled my nipples and I reached down to his crotch to undo his jeans. I had no trouble fishing his cock out, but had to get him to help pull his jeans down slightly to free it properly. I then nestled my pussy on top of it and rubbed back and forth slowly.

I thought it wise to set out some ground rules and told him that I didn’t want to fuck, but would be happy to make him cum as many times as he wanted and would let him play with me. He said this was okay and we moved round so he was lying on the sofa and I carried on grinding my panties against his cock while he reached up to play with my breasts. I lifted the front of my skirt so he could see my panties (white with pink piping and a little bow) and asked if he liked my outfit. I had been given a tartan skirt and long white socks and certainly felt quite sexy so was pleased that Peter approved of it (although given his cock was slowly pushing the panties between my pussy lips, I bet he would have approved of anything I was wearing).

I told him to get naked – he was a bit apprehensive about doing this in the living room, but I told him that the others would be gone for ages. We compromised on him removing his jeans & shorts (and socks) and I removed my skirt. This meant that I could still hump against him with my panties as protection, although I knew that I was getting quite wet and if something were to push at the wrong angle, things could have easily slipped into me. I asked if he wanted another tit job and he said he did, so we moved round and I sat on the sofa while he straddled me and I pushed my breasts around his cock. I told him to move however felt best and to let me know when he got close – this didn’t take him long and he soon started to moan and say he was about to cum. I told him to give me his cum and felt the warm liquid squirt out over my neck, chin and breasts. The cum provided really good lubrication and he fucked my breasts a bit more before pulling out and standing with his cock dangling in front of me.

I wiped myself clean with my top, and then cleaned off his cock. I lay back on the sofa, spread my legs fully and pulled the crotch of my panties aside. I asked if he had enjoyed watching me play with myself before and if he wanted me to do it again (he did). I told him to sit on the floor in front of me and watch carefully what I did so I could make sure he knew what I liked. I had initially intended to keep my panties on, but decided to let him see everything and asked him to slide them down my legs before I started to work. I spread my lips wide and showed him my clit, how I liked having it touched and how I liked to be fingered. He leaned in close and I spread myself as wide as I comfortably can, before reaching around under my legs with two fingers and quickly strumming my clit with my other hand. I told him I was about to cum and to watch my cunt contracting and he eagerly did. I love cumming with someone watching me so intently and the fact that I could feel his breath on my cunt meant that I knew he had a good view so I didn’t hold back at all and moaned my way through my orgasm, telling him what I could feel as it happened.

When I finished, I realised that he was stroking his cock again (it was hidden by my body and the sofa, but I could see his arm moving) and I told him that it was up to me to make him cum. I asked if he had a condom and when he produced one, we gathered our things up, washed our hands (at my insistence) and headed upstairs. I told him I still didn’t want to fuck, but I would blow him if he would use a vibe to fuck me and he said he was up for that. I selected a suitable vibe (with clit attachment), added some tingle gel and then smeared some of the gel over his cock before putting the condom on and arranging myself on the bed. We lay beside each other in a top to tail position and I stroked his cock, giving the gel time to start working. Once he said he could feel it, I told him to push the vibe into me and I took his cock in my mouth.

It only took a little bit of instruction to get him to fuck me the way I like and I rewarded him with all the tricks I’d learned. Between sucks, I told him to describe what he could feel and got him to give a fairly graphic description. He said he was about to cum and I rapidly swirled my tongue around the head of his cock (Mike loves this) and felt his cum squirt into the condom. I kept going until he had completely finished and then told him it was now my turn to cum. I lay on my back and told him exactly how to move the vibe, when to pump, when to push hard and when to push the clit attachment against my clit. I gave a running commentary of what I could feel and how close I was and came quite loudly.

He had kept the condom on while making me cum, but his cock was beginning to wilt, so I pulled the condom off, wiped my pussy clean with my panties and then draped them over his cock, saying he could keep them to remind him of me. I then had a better idea and told him that I wanted him to wear them, which he did and he stood there with his cock (hard again) sticking out of my little panties. I told him to keep them on the whole way home (as if he was going to stop off and remove them somewhere) and he agreed. I showed him to the door naked and rubbed myself up against him to get him hard once more before saying that he had better go as I didn’t know when the others would be returning. Once he was gone, I dashed back upstairs to my phone and asked how much they had heard.

Part of the plan had been to use my free weekend calls (a perk of having a plan with so many minutes to allow Mike Jen and I to keep in touch) – before the others had left, Jen had called her phone from my one and her, Lucy and Ramona had been listening in on the whole thing. Peter hadn’t noticed that I had transported my phone upstairs with us and placed it beside the bed. They had only gone a short distance away and sat in a cafe, taking turns listening in on us and were back within minutes of Peter having left. 


  1. Hmmm

    Not so sure about the cell phone call thing. Ethically speaking he was forced to expose himself (In a manner of speaking) without his consent. Regardless of if he is OK with it or not giving him the opportunity to give consent is always safer than taking it without his knowledge or assuming it is there. There are strict laws against this kind of stuff and the penalties are kind of serious.

    Not to be a party pooper or anything, just looking out for ya because if he ever found out and got all worked up over it, this could end very poorly...

  2. Mmm - we'll we've already done it again, but I'll keep that in mind for the future. I think we reward him enough that he probably wouldn't mind (but we've got a few ideas to reward him even more this year)