Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Distractions - Part 2

Ryan (Sue's boyfriend) is arriving today. We have plans - as long as Sue intends to go through with them... Back to October first.


I gave them the full details of everything that had happened (including the bits they hadn’t figured out from the audio) and I then showered myself off while going over the final details. Jen said that I deserved a bonus for having done so well and once I had showered, I was instructed to lie on the kitchen table and Jen ate me. Both Lucy and Ramona were sitting there and saw pretty much everything (maybe not actually everything as they had a side view, but it was clear that neither Jen nor I was faking it.

It is always interesting doing things in front of a new person – Ramona had seen me cum properly the night before, but it was still a new enough experience to make me both embarrassed and excited. It was also the first time (I think) that Lucy had witnessed Jen eating me properly (more than just a couple of little licks) and that also helped. When I had cum and was allowed down from the table (not the best position to hold a conversation), we moved into the living room and I asked why things had changed (as in why I was now being exhibited more). Lucy said that over the summer, Ramona had said how she (sort of) envied my ability to feel free and go with what I enjoyed doing, not caring what others thought. Lucy had told this to Jen who had been more than willingto step things up a level. I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t quite like that – I certainly enjoy sex and cumming (and even more so with people watching), but that I wanted them to want to watch and if I could do things that also got them aroused, it was even better.

The other reason was that Jen realised that they were in their final year and wanted to make sure that we didn’t waste any opportunities to have fun and take advantage of the group of friends who all enjoyed that sort of thing. I told Ramona that if she wanted to be less inhibited and enjoy herself more, then all she had to do was to start small and try some things out. She said that she would be too nervous but I pointed out that she had been happy to be (sort of) topless over breakfast and all she had to do was carry on from there, maybe get used to being topless or naked around the house, then with Lucy there, then with Jen or myself... Ramona wasn’t too sure, but I told her to think about it and made a note of my project for the upcoming year.

I was allowed to wear a robe for the rest of the day (it was a little cold), but it was mostly unfastened and remained so when people turned up late that evening. True to her word, Jen continued to push things forwards and with everyone present, I was told to remove the robe and spend the evening naked. Mel didn’t want to be left behind so Jules was instructed to follow suit and we were both teased and fondled throughout the night.

We had to dance together as seductively as possible and put on a fairly good show. There was a lot of humping and grinding, fondling of breasts and eventually fingering (when we got a bit too carried away). We were told to carry on when the doorbell went and the living room door was pulled shut. I suspected that something might be up, but was enjoying myself so Julia and I continued to fondle each other and get more and more worked up. Our visitor was the pizza guy and Mel invited him in to the kitchen to get his money. On the way past the living room, she told him not to look in (which is of course the best way to arouse curiosity) and he peeked through the gap. I had been watching for something like this (but actually expecting someone to come in) and told Julia that we had to put on a proper show for him.

My long term readers will know that Julia is the one person I know who is (possibly) more addicted to sex than I am, so she had no problems with this and faced the door. I stood behind her and we kissed while my hands roamed over her breasts and between her legs. As pizza guy came back from the kitchen, Mel opened the door and passed the pizzas in, giving him a full view of Jules getting quite close to cumming. Mel didn’t say anything, but pulled the door mostly shut behind her and carried on walking down the hallway. Pizza guy stayed looking through the gap at our display until Mel called him when he scurried to the door and was let out.

I thought we’d done fairly well and wondered why she hadn’t let him stand and watch us (or at least Jules) cum. There wasn’t really a good reason, but we were told to stop playing with each other as we had done enough and it was time to eat. Over dinner, I discussed the morning’s events involving Peter with Julia and we came up with a plan for my next visit to give him an extra treat. We were mostly left alone for the rest of the evening (which made being naked somewhat pointless) but when I complained to Jen, she said that as long as I had energy to do things with her, she would make me cum if I wanted (of course I wanted!). I was laid out on the sofa and fucked with a dildo. For a long time I wasn’t given any clitoral stimulation, but people were allowed to fondle my breasts. It felt good, but got a bit frustrating and I told Jen that I really wanted to cum. To finish off, one of the guys was allowed to hold the tip of a vibe against my clit while Jen fucked me with the dildo and it took hardly any time.

Julia didn’t want to be left out, so Mel ate her. Jen decided that she shouldn’t be alone in this, so I was made to side beside her and Jen went down on me and gave me a (much needed) second orgasm. She then reminded me that I had promised to have the energy left to do things with her later on and I reassured her that I would fuck her senseless if she wanted. Just as I had wanted to cum earlier in the evening, Jen wanted that when people left and we finally went to bed. On the way upstairs, she warned Lucy and Ramona that we might be slightly louder than usual as she was going to get everything out of me that she could. It was more a case of what she put into me – we ended up using a pretty good selection of our sex toys and humped each other raw. For some reason, Jen wanted to cum three times (which is more than her usual amount), but I wasn’t complaining. I was a little tender by the third orgasm (fifth that night), but I had promised her I would do what she wanted, so I kept my word.

I also really liked the fact that we didn’t hold back at all in how much noise we made – clearly Jen no longer cared how much Lucy heard (and I think she was actually trying to let her hear). When we were being less energetic, we could hear little noises coming from their room so it was clear that we weren’t keeping them awake. I commented on this over breakfast the next morning and asked if they had been enjoying themselves. They didn’t give any details, but said that they’d had a fairly good session before going to sleep.

I was instructed to use the shower to make myself cum while they had coffee and as my orgasm started to build, three heads appeared in the doorway to watch me cum. I adjusted my position to give them a better view, but was so close that I doubt I could have stopped if I’d wanted to, so they didn’t get a long show. Jen then joined me in the shower so we could wash each other (and the contract of the lust of masturbation with the romance of cleaning each other was quite extreme). Of course we touched each other and there was a little gentle fondling, but it was almost non-sexual (or at least as non-sexual as I can get).

Peter came round to visit again, but other than giving him a view up my skirt, nothing else happened. I had also expected to have been made to cum one last time in front of Lucy, but even that was denied me. It wasn’t until after we had set off to catch my plane that Jen decided I had waited long enough. We moved to the back of the coach and Jen pulled out a little vibe. I was a bit disappointed as I knew it wasn’t that powerful, but Jen promised that she would make me cum with it, so I lifted my skirt and spread my legs for her. She used it directly on my clit and rubbed back and forth, pushing fairly hard. It took quite a while and I was a bit worried that we would end up at the airport before I came (I don’t like doing things in toilets, but I would have done so if needed). My fears were unfounded though as she also pushed a couple of fingers into me and fingered me. It was actually quite a strong orgasm and I would have loved to be able to make some noise, but our surroundings required me to be silent (or at least very quiet).

I wanted to make Jen cum in return, but all we had time for was for me to finger her (and then taste her from my fingers – I don’t see why perfectly good Jen-juice should be wasted). While she was on the way home, we sexted each other and I talked her into using the vibe on herself. I really wish I’d been there to watch as a masturbating Jen is an incredibly sexy sight. Unfortunately I had to turn my phone off before she came, but when I landed and turned it back on, I immediate got a message saying that she had managed to cum. I told her that she had done well and I would reward her the next time I saw her and asked if she would do it again while wearing panties and then send them to me (having her scent while falling asleep or playing with myself is nice. We settled on a compromise where Mike sent me a pair of Jen’s panties that he had ‘used’ and I used them to masturbate with, knowing that I had both their juices mixing with mine as I came.

During the week, the trains to & from work were misbehaving (power line problems) and about half of them were cancelled. This meant that the ones that actually ran were incredibly busy and I didn’t get my usual seat. This was somewhat annoying until the second day when I was standing crushed in a group of people and found the edge of a briefcase pressing up against my crotch. At each stop, as more people got on, I made sure to manoeuvre myself to be in a slightly better position and pressed up tighter against it. I couldn’t really move that much, but managed to bounce up and down in time with the train and it did a fairly good job of stimulating me. I really wanted to lift my skirt and let my pussy directly rub against it, but for the usual reasons of not wanting to be in jail, I refrained from doing this.

I looked for similar opportunities on the way home, but the best I could do was to press up against someone with my ass fully against their crotch. I again used the movements of the train and wriggled slightly against them and I’m fairly sure that I felt at least a little stiffening in the guy’s groinal area. The next day I made sure I wore a shorter skirt than I would usually do so to work and I had thigh high socks on. I was really hoping that this would give me the best opportunity for some direct contact, but they had fixed whatever the problem was and the trains were back to usual. I made the best of the situation and sat with my legs slightly parted, allowing an older man sitting opposite a view up to my pussy. By the time I got to work I was feeling quite horny (despite having had my morning masturbation session) and by mid-morning, I gave up and went and frigged myself in our archive cupboard while pretending to look for an old journal. I felt much more composed by the time I returned to my desk.

I was a little less subtle over lunch and allowed my skirt to ride up a bit. I made sure that I didn’t let anyone realise that I was naked under it, but I enjoyed the gaze of the guys who were trying to subtly eye my legs up (I like my legs and think they are in fairly good shape due to all the walking I do). I could have easily made another trip to the archive cupboard after lunch, but decided to wait until I got home and had a three way call with Mike and Jen.

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