Saturday, 3 December 2011

Flirting with Jen's Brother

I ended u pgoing to visit Jen as she isn't feeling too well so we're sitting in watching a film right now. Back to Sept...


First weekend in September: I headed down to visit Jen at home as I’d had so much fun there last time. It’s always better to be somewhere that we can fool around and I’d rather not (mis)behave that way around my work friends as they think I am a relatively wholesome sort of person (with the slight exception of being married and having a girlfriend).

I arrived fairly late and after a quick hello to her family, we went straight up to bed. We quickly stripped off and got under the covers and I told Jen that it was time to begin her description. During my previous visit, I had promised Jen a favour and she had decided to cash this in by asking my permission to try to make out with one of her school friends (Stephanie - a reasonably cute girl that I had met). I had agreed on the conditions that they didn’t actually have sex and that if it went well, she would ask if I could be involved the next time. Jen had already told me what had happened the night after the encounter, but I had told her to keep the description brief so that she could tell me in person and we could enjoy the event together.

Jen has been flirting with her for quite a while (or at least when she is at home) and after I had met her, Jen talked to her and mentioned that I thought she was kind of cute (not that she was using the same method I had with Lis...). Eventually, they got round to the fact that Jen thought she was quite cute as well and after telling her we have an open relationship (which isn’t technically true, but as far as this goes it is effectively the same thing), they ended up making out. They were in at Steph’s place, up in her room, and once the ice had been broken, they had a fairly long session kissing. Unfortunately, they didn’t do any more than kiss and fondle breasts, but Jen said that it felt really nice and she described in great detail what her body was like, how soft her lips were and what her nipples felt like.

As usual in these situations, I felt somewhat jealous, but that was part of the reason I had wanted to let Jen do things with Steph – I hate the fact that Mike and Jen are generous enough to let me do things with lots of other people but I get jealous when I know one of them has done something with anyone else. I got Jen to describe every single detail to me and we kissed and fondled each other as she talked. I still didn’t entirely like the idea of anyone else touching her, but once the description of actual events was over, we moved on to the fantasy version which also included me and this made things much better. What made it even better was that by this point, we had our fingers inside each other and were both well on the way to cumming. We finished things off in this way (fingers in pussies and kissing each other) and then quietly chatted for a while, imagining what we might actually be able to do with Steph.

We moved from that to things that were a bit more realistic and immediate – her brother. I’d let him have a good fondle of my ass while applying suncream on my previous visit and he (along with his friends) had seen me naked, so we needed to decide what the next step was. We had discussed a few ideas, but hadn’t settled on anything yet. I knew that I had been enjoying teasing him and wanted to go a bit further. We settled on a plan after I had reminded Jen that she had been allowed to fool around with Sue and then dozed off to sleep while chatting.

The next morning, we had a quiet session when we woke up and then headed down for breakfast. Her parents were going out shopping for the day and asked if we wanted to go along but we declined the offer. They headed out and we showered and prepared for the plan to ensnare Chris. It was a fairly straightforward plan, we changed into running gear (well, Jen did as she actually runs a fair amount – I just wore some shorts and top) and waited downstairs until he emerged from his room. As he came downstairs, and we pretended to be doing stretching exercises to warm up for a run. I pretended to pull a muscle in my thigh while doing this and after Jen had fussed over me for a while, I assured her that I would be fine and that she should go out for her run.

I went and changed back into one of my more customary skirts and sat kneading my leg while chatting to Chris. I wasn’t overtly showing anything off, but wasn’t being overly careful either. I had a pair of white panties on (so as not to be too obvious) and ended up asking him if he would help to massage my leg. I helped to set the mood my mentioning how good a job he had done the last time he had rubbed my back and ‘other places’ and he pulled a chair over so he could sit in front of me and I lifted my leg to rest my foot on the chair between his legs.

He started off fairly gingerly but was soon giving a fairly good rub to my leg and I asked him if he’d had to do this to Jen after her runs. He said that he hadn’t but I teased him and said that I was sure he would have happily done it if she had asked. He checked that I hadn’t mentioned anything to her about his admission that he might have imagined her naked and I assured him that it was still our little secret.

We chatted a bit about school and people we were still in contact with and I moved the subject around to the party where I’d met Jen. He said that he’d had no idea (but he had been hitting on another girl from our year) and asked how it had happened. I assumed he had been looking for a general ‘how we’d started talking’ but I gave him a decent description of how she had caught my eye, we’d chatted and then she had led me upstairs.

His hands had worked a fair way up my leg so I slouched down in the sofa a little to make it easier for him and pulled my skirt up to my waist. I knew this would give him a clear view of my panties, but acted as if I wasn’t aware of this (and given he’d briefly seen me naked, I didn’t think my panties would phase him too much). I didn’t give him the full description of what we’d got up to, but told him briefly that we’d snuck into one of the bedrooms and had sex on the bed. He had stopped massaging me by this point, but his hands were still resting on the top of my thigh and I could see a bulge in his jeans.

I asked him if he liked the idea of Jen and I doing things and he said that he did so I asked if he liked the idea of just me doing things. He asked what I meant and I slid my hand between my legs and stroked up and down my panties a couple of times before pulling my hand away. I told him that if he could keep a secret, I could show him a little more. He was happy to trade secrets so I pulled the crotch of my panties aside and exposed my pussy. He had a much better view than previously in the garden (when it was getting dark) and he said that he would prefer to see my breasts. I told him that he was definitely more suited to Jen and when he asked why, I told him about her sensitive nipples and how she likes having me stroke, lick and nibble them. While I did this, I pulled my top up and freed my breasts from my bra, asking if he preferred the view (he did).

I let him have a little fondle of them and as he leant forwards I could feel his cock pressing against my ankle and lower leg. I was very tempted to try to stimulate him a bit, but was having fun taking things nice and slowly, so I just let him explore my breasts and even have a little suck. We had spent quite a while and were interrupted by the sound of Jen unlocking the door. I quickly covered myself and Chris moved to the other side of the room. Jen came in and asked how my leg was doing and I told her it was much better now, but that a shower would probably help to loosen it up fully. We went up to shower together and I filled Jen in on what had happened. We fingered each other, but not to orgasm as I had something special planned.

We headed back into her room and I got her to lie on the bed. I asked her if she trusted me and when she said that she did, I pulled the low temp candles out of my bag, along with a lighter and told her that I had a special treat for her. Jen was understandably nervous and I offered her the chance to test out the wax on her hand, but when I told her that Mike and I had tested them, she said that we should just dive straight in. I spent a while gently stroking her skin until her nipples were nice and hard and her pussy lips were wet with her juices. I then gave each one of her nips a little pinch and lit the candle.

Jen watched it closely as I held it above he and then tilted it slightly to allow some of the wax to fall onto her stomach – just above her belly button. She let out a little gasp as it hit her but said that it didn’t really hurt, so I moved up and allowed the wax to drip onto her breasts. It was obvious how much she enjoyed this so I moved to the next level and allowed the way to drip directly onto her nipples. Jen let out little moans as each drop hit and once they were mostly covered, I moved away to allow the wax to cool (not that I’d been reading up on techniques for this or anything, but it’s easier to remove the wax if it hardens). I was curious as to exactly how it felt having it actually on nipples as opposed to just breasts so I tried it on myself – it was a bit too painful for me to enjoy, but then I know that Jen likes having her nips pinched, twisted and bitten much harder than I do.

I moved back down her body and dripped the wax over her mons and up and down her thighs. Jen asked me to try letting it drip onto her lips and I made sure that she was sure before allowing a single drop to land just to the side of her pussy. She visibly jumped and I thought I had hurt her but she assured me that it felt wonderful, but added that she probably couldn’t take too much. I allowed another drop to land on her pussy and she jumped again, but also let out a moan. I know her responses well enough to tell that she was really enjoying it but she said two was enough (for now).

I moved back up her body and pinched her nipples, cracking the wax and then brushing it off her. They looked quite pink but she said it felt good, so each nipple got a few more drops of wax before I decided it was time to actually fuck. I blew the candle out, poured the remaining drops of wax onto her breasts and then climbed onto the bed, straddling her face. Jen immediately pulled me to her mouth and started to lick, so I bend forwards and buried my face in her pussy. She was really wet (even for her) and it was quite messy as I slurped up her juices. It didn’t take long for her to cum and she stopped licking me during her orgasm (but she did moan into my pussy which feels nice). Once she had recovered, she pushed the candle into me and fucked me with it while licking me until I came fairly (it didn’t take too long).

After we had picked her body clean of the wax and cleared up the mess, we got dressed and headed into town for lunch. We stayed out pretty late and other than a minor bit of fooling around in a dressing room, it was a fairly normal Saturday (normal for most people, not for us). That evening, we had dinner with her parents (at home) and then went out for a drink together. Her parents were in bed by the time we got home, but her brother was still up (with his friends) and Jen and I went straight to her room.

We had one more thing planned for her brother, but needed to wait until he was alone, so went to bed and quietly fooled around a bit. I had been wearing the white panties from earlier while we’d been out and Jen had taken every opportunity to verbally and physically tease me. I knew I was quite wet and Jen firmly stroked me, pushing the panties well between my lips and into my cunt. Once we were satisfied that they had enough of my moisture on them, I slipped them off and Jen put them on. Of course, she is almost always wet (especially during a session) and it was easy to get a good amount of her pussy juice on them. We continued with this, swapping the panties back and forth a few times and working each other up into a frenzy until we heard people leaving and were sure that her brother was by himself.

I slipped on my robe and headed downstairs to get a drink. On the way past the living room, I stopped off to chat to him and asked if he had enjoyed playing with my breasts earlier in the day (he had). I allowed my robe to fall open slightly and pulled a breast out. He immediately came over and started to fondle it. I reached down and felt that he was hard – he jumped away at first but then pushed back against my hand. I told him that Jen was waiting for me and we were about to have sex so I needed to get back upstairs, but told him that if he wanted, he could always use my panties to wank with. I didn’t wait for a response and peeled them off before slipping them down my legs. I told him that they were so wet as Jen and I had been fooling around for quite a while upstairs and that there might even be some of her juices on them (which was sort of true if you substituted ‘might be’ for ‘definitely was soaked with’). I offered the panties to him and when he took them I said that I would get them back in the morning. He said thank you as I left the room and I told him to make good use of the panties, before heading back upstairs to Jen’s room.

We had a very intense (if still quiet) session and as she came, I described in detail how her brother probably had my panties wrapped around his cock and was wanking away, covering it with a mixture of our juices. During my orgasm, Jen described to me how he could come in and fuck me, pounding into me over and over again before filling me with cum.

With our orgasms out of the way, we discussed what the next step would be – Jen obviously doesn’t want to actually do anything with him, but has conceded that she doesn’t mind me flirting with him. We debated having one more session before bed, but now she was a bit calmer, Jen was worried about waking her parents, so we just snuggled and kissed until we fell asleep.

I didn’t give her a choice in the morning though and woke her up by eating her. Fortunately, when I had finished, she reciprocated and we lay there for a while afterwards, gently stroking each other until we needed food. We decided to quickly shower first and then headed down. On the way back up, I popped in to see her brother and retrieved my panties. He gingerly handed them to me and they were still fairly damp and very crushed, so I think he made good use of them. I was getting an earlier flight that day (much cheaper) and her Dad offered to drive me to the airport, but we decided to make our own way, have lunch there and then I caught my flight home.

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