Sunday, 18 December 2011

October 2011 Sex Party - Part 1

Jen has now been thoroughly introduced to everyone at the sex party - and far more rapidly than I was shown off to her friends. I don't know if she'll want to repeat the occurrence, but she seemed to enjoy herself.

At the start of October, I headed down to York for the first sex party of the academic year. I didn’t arrive until fairly late on the Friday, so missed meeting up with old work friends and just went straight home with Mike to practice for the following night. It wasn’t actually much of a practice session as I was fairly tired, but I managed to cum twice (once being eaten and once being fucked) so it was enough to satisfy me.
In the morning, I woke up with Mike inside me and we had a slow gentle session (to start with at least). He came inside me and I finished up using an egg on my clit while he stayed in me. We stayed in that position (although he had gone soft and fallen out of me). We didn’t have to be anywhere until lunchtime, so stayed in bed for most of the morning and discussed what had happened with Lis during her visit. Mike already knew all the details, but this was the first time we’d actually seen each other and could talk about it face to face.

Lis had been somewhat nervous about seeing Mike, but they met up on the Tuesday night. Mike said that it was a little awkward at first, but once they got chatting and he mentioned that he was glad she had enjoyed herself, other than her turning bright red, things quickly got better. Mike would have loved to talk about the weekend in detail with her, but I don’t think Lis is ready to be quite that open with him. It wasn’t until the Wednesday night that she asked him how much he knew about what had happened and when he told her that it was probably everything, she went red again but asked him if he minded her borrowing his wife (me). He said that he was fine with it and to do so whenever she wanted.

They chatted a little about what had happened (mostly in general terms) and he said that he was glad that we (Jen and I) had been able to help cheer her up and take her mind off Vicky. I spoke to Lis later on that night and she told me that Mike had been ‘very interested’ in the conversation – when I asked her what she meant, she said that he’d had an obvious bulge in his jeans the whole time they had been talking and I told her that just proved my point about how much he liked the idea of us doing things as well as how hot he thought she was. I also reminded her that she knew exactly what his cock looked like from our pictures.

As we often do, we discussed how things ‘could’ have gone and Mike said he was hoping that Lis would be interested in seeing his cock for real, he would give her a chance to see him cum, go down on her and eat her and then she would ask him to take her (heterosexual) virginity and they would fuck. I tried to convince him that he would stand a better chance if he stopped trying to get to sleep with lesbians, which he agreed with, but still thinks that Jen and Lis are too cute to ignore from his fantasy life.

We’d both gotten fairly horny during our conversation, but wanted to save it until the party, so we got ready and headed out. We met up with Lis for lunch and Mike asked if we wanted a little time to chat alone, but Lis seemed to have got used to the idea that he knew everything and said that he could stay. We had a fairly tame conversation over lunch and Lis gave me a goodbye hug, but I pointed out that we were probably a bit past that and we ended up having a proper kiss goodbye.

We didn’t do much for the rest of the afternoon and just rested and had an early dinner. About 7 we started to get ready for the party – Mike shaved me and I helped trim all if his pubic hair. We showered together and I got dressed into a more daring outfit than I would usually wear to go to the party (it obviously doesn’t make much difference when I’m there and naked) – a tiny, tiny pleated skirt that just covered my pussy and didn’t entirely cover the bottom of my ass cheeks. I was banking on it being dark enough to be able to walk outside with this on and accordingly, we didn’t make any stops in pubs on the way. It was good to see everyone and we chatted for a while as we caught up on what had happened over the summer. Our wedding had happened after the last party so we were congratulated and Mike was asked if he minded other men fucking his wife. This was done in a very formal (but obviously joking) way and he responded accordingly, saying that he had no objections to whomever I wanted pounding my cunt until I came.

This was well received, and after asking my permission, someone slipped a hand under my skirt and started to finger me. I was encouraged to get my breasts out, so shed my top and bra and allowed my body to be fondled while we chatted. I did a fairly good job of pretending to maintain my composure for a while, but eventually had to give in and suggest we move onto the sofa. I told Mike I would be back and as soon as we sat down, I fished out the guys cock and started to give him a handjob while he licked away at my nipples. We had to get someone to pass us a condom and I then clambered over him and slid down onto his cock. I bounced up and down, pushing my tits into his face and as he got close to cumming, he said that he’d heard I gave good blowjobs and asked if I would finish him off that way.

This was news to me, but apparently I’ve learned something of use and so I dismounted, stood in front of him and bent down to suck him. I didn’t want to disappoint him so I used all the little tricks I’ve picked up, but made sure that I took my time so he didn’t finish too quickly. I was very happy when I felt someone move up behind me and start to poke around my pussy before sliding into me (that is why I’d stood in the somewhat awkward position). I later found out that Mike had suggested someone else fuck me at the same time and I rocked back and forth against the invading cock in time with its thrusts. I imaged that I was going to be filled with cum from both ends and this helped to spur my passion along. The guy came in my mouth first and I kept my head on his lap while the guy behind me carried on fucking me. The one I’d just sucked off asked where I’d learned to give such good blow jobs and I decided that I could probably get away with telling the truth (as they wouldn’t believe it) so said that my little sister had taught me. I was getting closer to cumming and I wrapped my hand around the cock beside my face and pumped up and down. I reached back with my other hand and rubbed my clit as fast as I could and I managed to cum just a little before the guy inside me came.

He pulled out fairly quickly and I slumped down onto the floor, but as soon as my orgasm finished I was up again and returned to Mike. I slipped my hand into his trousers and fished out his cock, then leaned back against him so I could rub it between my ass cheeks. He asked if I was ready for more already and without waiting for an answer, reached around and started to play with my clit. He made me cum while he carried on talking to people and this time it was a fair bit stronger (I guess as it was all direct clit stimulation and being so close to my previous orgasm). I ended up sliding down to the floor again and once I’d caught my breath I saw his cock waving above my head, so turned around, knelt up and swallowed as much of it as I could. I didn’t expect it to take long to milk him as I’d been squirming against his cock the whole time he’d been rubbing my clit and I was fairly quickly (for Mike anyway) rewarded with his cum pumping into my mouth. I debated letting it dribble out and run down my body, but wanted to let other people play with me as well so I just swallowed it.

When I stood up, I saw that we’d been left alone (not alone in the room, there was just nobody talking to Mike as he’d been slightly distracted). We watched another couple fuck and I gently stroked Mike’s cock (which pretty much stayed hard the whole time) and then decided to go upstairs and see what was happening. There were two threesomes – in one room, a guy was fucking a girl and fingering and kissing another girl and in the other room, two guys were playing with a girl and each other. I was hoping to find some proper lesbian action (either to watch or to join) and we headed back downstairs. I tried propositioning a couple of girls but they weren’t interested and we then found two girls kissing in the kitchen.

As usual, there were a couple of guys watching and egging them on, so I asked if I could help out and we had a three way kiss. We were all topless and the girls had got as far as fondling each other’s breasts but they appeared to be doing things more for show than effect. There wasn’t really room to get three pairs of hands between us, so I let my hands slide down their bodies and over their asses (one girl still had a skirt on, the other only had her panties on). I pushed my hand into her panties and when she didn’t object, slipped it lower to properly caress her ass and slide between her cheeks. I tried to get my hand under the other girls skirt, but she pulled away so I guessed she didn’t want to go that far. Panty girl certainly didn’t mind though as my fingers were now on her pussy and sliding back and forth between her lips. As I pushed my hand towards the front of her pussy, I could feel a little bit of hair, but I wasn’t going to be able to see anything in the position we were in, so I soldiered on until I found her clit and started to rub it.

She let out a little yelp and I tried to use my wrist to work her panties down a bit – I got them to move enough to make it easier to play with her, but they didn’t slide down the way I’d hoped. The girl in the skirt had figured out what was going on, as panty girl was responding quite well to my fingers – even though skirt girl still wasn’t interested in me doing the same to her, she didn’t seem to object to kissing while panty girl got more and more aroused. I asked panty girl if she wanted to cum and she murmured yes so I pushed a bit harder on her clit and rubbed away. She held herself up on the other girl and moaned as she came – I waited until she had finished before I moved my fingers away from her clit and pushed them into her. She didn’t object to this at all, so I gently finger fucked her for a while, enjoying the feeling of her wet cunt engulfing me.

I asked if she wanted to pay me back and she said yes, so I climbed up on the counter, spread my legs and offered myself to her. The girl in the skirt asked her if she really wanted to do this and she just said yes and pushed her face onto my cunt. I told the people watching that I was sure she wouldn’t mind someone fucking her and a guy selflessly offered to take the job on. I watched him sidle up behind her, pull his cock out and rub up and down her slit (I couldn’t actually see that, but it was fairly obvious what he was doing). It was also obvious when he pushed into her – both from his expression and the way panty girl let out a quick moan onto my cunt. The guy started to pump in and out of her straight away (I guess she was still nice and wet from my fingering) and she resumed licking me. I would have loved to feel her tongue directly on my cunt, but with my ever expanding sexual circle, I know that I need to be careful, so had to make do with the sensation through the dental dam.

Not that I really minded as she was making a good enough effort that it felt really good (and having people watching helped). The guy fucked her quickly (and came quickly) and I was worried that panty girl was going to stop so I held her head in place and asked her to keep licking me. I was feeling really good by this point and didn’t want to be left hanging, but she was good enough to continue and I moaned louder and louder as I got close to cumming. I had her head held tight against my cunt as I came and I jerked my head back and whacked it fairly hard on the cupboard, but told her to carry on. She kept licking until I told her I had finished and I slid down off the counter so I could kiss her.

My hands roamed over her back and down to her now exposed ass. I really wanted to see what I had been playing with earlier so quickly knelt down and pulled her panties down the whole way. Her lips were shaved, but she had a fairly large patch of hair that covered her mons and extended just over her clit. I ran a finger along her lips (which were fairly large) and diddled her clit before sliding my finger into her and returning to her clit. I stood up again and thanked her for making me cum and told her that she was quite good at it. She said that she didn’t do that very much and I said that I wanted to do the same to her. She seemed a bit nervous about standing there naked (her panties were now down around her ankles) and I told her I could either eat her on the counter or we could go up to a bedroom. She seemed a little nervous and said (again) that she didn’t usually do things with girls, but I pointed out that she had just eaten me with everyone watching and the least I could do was to return the favour and I dragged her out of the kitchen.

I also grabbed Mike on the way up and he happily followed along. I threw panty girl (who was now pantiless as they were still somewhere on the kitchen floor) onto the bed and climbed between her legs, proffering my ass up to Mike. With a few adjustments to our position, we ended up with me able to eat panty girl and Mike able to stand at the end of the bed and slide into me. It felt nice having a bare cock in me and I lapped around panty girl’s cunt before concentrating on her clit. She seemed to like me licking quite hard, so I did and despite her claims of not often doing things with girls, she seemed to be more than willing to enjoy herself. Mike rubbed my clit while he fucked me and he pulled out soon after cumming in me. I could feel his cum leaking out down my left thigh and saw him move round and rub his cock over panty girl’s breasts, smearing my juices a few drops of his cum onto them. It didn’t take me long to finish her off and I left her with her legs spread so I could move up and give her a thank you kiss. This gave me the chance to rub my pussy up most the length of her leg, leaving a much larger trail of mixed juices than Mike had left on her breasts.

We headed back down and chatted with panty girl for a while and found out who had now left the Uni and moved on. I was a little disappointed to find out that giant cock guy had gone (which I think I already knew, but had forgotten) and suggested that he be invited back. We spent a while watching a few other couples fuck and play and had a much more interesting conversation that followed on from something I’d told people at the previous party. It had been near the end and I had let slip about my fantasy to be ‘properly’ group fucked (this is the fantasy that ends with me covered with and leaking cum from every hole). We were told that if we agreed to certain prerequisites, that there could be a chance to act this out.

This isn’t something that happens often due to the logistics of getting everyone done at the same time, but if we were willing to get tested for diseases and provide proof of this, there was the possibility of organising an unprotected sex party. This obviously really appealed to me but I thought that Mike might have a few reservations (not so much about the actual sex, but I wasn’t entirely sure about him wanting contact with other guys’ cum). We said that we were certainly interested and would do anything required.

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