Wednesday, 21 December 2011

October 2011 Sex Party - Part 2

It's nearly Christmas and I'm heading home (to Mum's) for the holiday. I'll carry on posting over the break and I hope everyone has a good time.


Just the possibility of this actually happening was enough to make my pussy tingle and I wanted to cum again. I sat on the sofa and stroked myself, trying to make eye contact with a couple of people. Someone noticed my invitation and wandered over to ask if I wanted any help. While I undid his trousers and fished his cock out, I told him that I wanted him to fuck me as hard as he could. He said that he thought he could manage that and I rolled a condom on to his cock, gave his a quick suck and then stood up, leant against the sofa and bent over to offer myself to him. He didn’t hesitate in sliding into me and quickly got into a good rhythm, pumping into me hard enough that his body was slamming into my ass. I kept telling him to go harder and reached down to rub my clit. I didn’t expect him to last too long given how hard we were going at it (I’ve learned that not everyone can hold back as long as Mike can) but interspersed my calls for him to fuck me harder with instructions to hold back and not cum yet.

He actually did a pretty good job in holding back but eventually said that he couldn’t keep going much longer. I was fairly close and rubbed my clit, telling him to go for it. I came before he did and he gripped my ass really hard and pumped into me over and over again. He clearly hadn’t been quite as close as he’d thought as it took a little while for him to cum – long enough that the forceful fucking actually got a bit too much, but I held on as I’d been the one to encourage him and I let him finish off in me. I had to sit down afterwards but we got a couple of cheers for putting on such an energetic show.

Mike and I chatted for a while then joined some others. He went off with another girl and they didn’t return for quite a while. He told me that they hadn’t done anything too special, but she had heard that he was quite good at lasting for a long time and had wanted to test him. They had used one of the bedrooms and had started off with her on top, grinding against him (I like this position as I can get good pressure on my clit), then they had spooned, moved on to missionary and finished with doggy style. He thinks that he managed to give her a suitably long fuck (and got her to cum twice in the process before he came).

It had been a fairly good party but I still felt a little tender from my energetic fuck. We decided to call it a night (a couple of people had left already so we weren’t the first) but got people to promise to keep us informed of the ‘special’ party. We headed home and had a quick shower before heading to bed. I was still tender so Mike kitty kissed me and spent a long time teasing me until I was ready to cum. While being licked, I texted Lis and invited her over for brunch the next day (or later that morning) and I came while describing (again) to Mike what her little pussy looked and tasted like.

Mike spooned up against me and said if I was still sore that we could wait until the morning, but his cock was stiff and rubbing against my ass so I suggested that if he wanted to cum, he could always use my ass. I wiggled back against him while saying this and he cupped one of my breasts while he positioned his cock and pressed into me. He didn’t go in too deep and then slowly fucked in and out while we planned some things to do in future. As he got closer to cumming, I flexed my ass around him (which is obviously much stronger than my pussy muscles) and he came in me. We didn’t think it would be a good idea to fall asleep while spooning in this position, so he pulled out, but stayed hard for a while.

My pussy felt much better by the morning and I took full advantage of this by allowing Mike to use it (aren’t I generous?). We couldn’t stay in bed too long as Lis had replied and said that she would be happy to join us for brunch, so we needed to make a quick trip to the shops. We made it back in time though and even gave the house a quick tidy before she showed up. I had changed back into a gown that was only loosely tied (but I was still pretty much covered). Mike got a quick kiss hello but I held on tightly to her and said that I wanted a proper greeting from my little lesbian fuck bunny. Unfortunately, Lis had a pair of jeans on so when my hands wandered down over her ass I couldn’t get to feel her properly, but it was a pretty intense kiss.

We chatted and ate, then moved over to the comfy chairs and talked some more. As expected (or planned), the conversation moved on to what had happened between Jen, Lis and myself and Mike said that he was glad that Lis had got to enjoy herself. Lis blushed a little at this, but she seems to get much less embarrassed than she used to. Mike asked Lis if Jen had played with me or made me play with myself in front of her and as he did this, he slid his hand up my leg, pushing my robe out of the way as he did so. I told him not to embarrass Lis, but she said that both things had happened so Mike said that if that was the case, Lis had seen everything already and he slid his hand up to my pussy. He rubbed my slit with the side of his hand and his little finger slipped between my lips. Lis couldn’t really see anything as my legs were still mostly closed, but it was obvious that Mike was touching me.

He pulled my gown open and asked Lis if she wanted to do anything with me. It was still tied around my waist, but my breasts were now exposed and he suggested that we go upstairs if she wanted some privacy. Lis asked him if it was really all right and he told her that he was used to me going off and doing things with Jen, so if she wanted, she was welcome to borrow me for a while. I waited with bated breath to see what Lis wanted to do and when she nodded, I quickly grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs.

It was obvious that she was unsure about doing things with Mike downstairs, but I explained that he really is used to knowing that Jen and I are doing things and not interrupting us (no matter how much he would like to). I closed the door and slipped off my robe, then pulled Lis to me and we fell onto the bed. I quickly pushed my thigh between her legs and humped against her leg while we kissed, then told her that we should probably remove her jeans or I would leave a wet mark on them. Lis reached down to my pussy and commented on how wet I felt and I told her that was due to me having been thinking about doing things with her. I had a hand on her crotch by this point and was rubbing her through her jeans, and sat up to undo them. I pulled her jeans off and chastised her for having a pair of panties on – she tried to defend herself but I reminded her that she had promised to not wear any and that I would find a skirt for her to wear home and would keep the panties.

I had plans for them though, and before I took them off, I lay on top of Lis once more and ground against her while we kissed and I slipped a hand under her top to her breasts. I was pleased to find that at least she didn’t have a bra on and I found her hard little nips and teased them. I then sat up again and rubbed her pussy through her panties, pushing the crotch between her lips and partly into her. I then peeled them off to uncover her cute little pussy and planed my mouth straight onto it. I had a good lick, both inside and out before pulling away and moving back up to kiss her. I really wanted to get to her breasts, so her top was removed and I had a good play with her nips while we humped against each other’s thighs.

Lis said that she had missed Jen and I and I told her that we could continue our phone sex whenever she wanted, but added that it wasn’t quite the same as I couldn’t taste her. I leant close to her ear and whispered that I wanted to feel her tongue lapping away at my cunt. We clambered around into a 69 position, with us on our sides and got properly stuck in. I loved the way her tongue flicked back and forth over my clit – I think I’m getting the hang of the way she does it, but the additional tuition was certainly good. I didn’t hold back at all and as I got closer to cumming, I panted and moaned into her cunt and ate her even more furiously. This of course spurred Lis on and I soon felt her shudder as she came (I may not know her reactions as well as I do Mike or Jen’s, but it’s at least fairly easy to know when she is actually cumming).

I moved round to kiss her again and used her panties to wipe her pussy clean. I decided that I may as well get them properly wet and pushed them about halfway in to her, claiming that it was just to make sure she couldn’t wear them on the way home. She gave me a little grin and said that just because they were wet, it didn’t mean she couldn’t wear them and I told her that I would keep them for the time being. In payment for them, I told her that I’d make sure she came again though and asked how good she was in the scissor position.

Lis confirmed that she had used the position and I told her that we would practice – I pulled out one of our short double ended dildos, added a bit of tingle gel to it (not much) and slipped one end into Lis. I rubbed a little more gel over her clit and threaded one of my legs under hers before mounting the dildo. We moved together until our cunts were touching and I started to pump back and forth against her, alternating this movement with pressing our pussies together and sliding up and down so they rubbed against each other (obviously we couldn’t move too much with the dildo anchoring us, but it still feels nice and can get very slippery when I use this position with Jen).

Lis said that it felt really good so I moved on to the next level. We held hands and pulled ourselves together tight, then I quickly pumped back and forth on the dildo, slamming and grinding my cunt against hers. This is a fairly energetic position but when done properly can give good clitoral stimulation as well as vaginal. We ended up with our bodies rotated at almost 90 degrees to each other with Lis lying on her side as I fucked her. She was panting away and I told her to be more vocal so I could tell what she was feeling. She didn’t exactly start screaming, but she was a bit more vocal and moaned that it felt good. I could feel her pulling on my arms and we really went at it. I had to concentrate to hold back from cumming, but I didn’t have any trouble staying interested as I watched Lis writhing on the bed and heard her cum. I moved as fast and hard as I could (I was doing all the work at this point) and came loudly with my cunt glued to hers, then relaxed back on the bed with the dildo still shared between us.

We were a bit messy and sweaty by this point, not helped by me crawling up over her body and kissing her while sliding my cunt up and down her thigh. Lis played with my breasts for a while and said that it had been an incredible session. I asked her if she had expected this to happen. She told me that she had sort of hoped something might happen, but hadn’t really expected it to and therefore hadn’t really dressed for the occasion. I told her that she had still looked cute just in jeans and t-shirt, but reminded her that she had to wear one of Jen’s skirts to go home. I gave her pussy another wipe over with her panties and couldn’t resist spending a few minutes kitty kissing her and exploring her pussy with my tongue, then said that we should get sorted out.

I selected one of Jen’s short pleated skirts and helped Lis put it on (this was just an excuse to kneel in front of her and have a play with her ass). I used my fingers to smear some more of her juices over my breasts, did the same to her breasts with my juices, handed her t-shirt to her and slipped my gown on (which I didn’t bother doing up at all). I also let her borrow a pair of long black socks to keep her legs warm. Just before we left the bedroom, Lis asked if I thought Mike had heard what we’d done and I told her that I was sure he’d heard us and had probably been sitting downstairs listening in with an ultra-stiff erection. Lis blushed (a lot) at this, but I just reminded her that he thinks she is incredibly hot and likes the fact that she is happy.

She seemed a little nervous about going downstairs – I don’t know if it was facing Mike or wondering if the skirt properly covered her bare pussy. She was definitely a lot shyer around Mike, but loosened up after a while. This might have been helped by Mike openly fondling my breasts and sliding a hand between my legs a couple of times. I had half expected him to make me cum again in front of her, but he didn’t. He did tell Lis that she looked much cuter in a skirt and that she had really nice legs (he knows that she is paranoid about her legs because of the little bit of scar tissue she had from her shaving accident). He also knows she is paranoid about her breast size, but he refrained from commenting on them, even though he thinks they sound cute from the descriptions Jen and I have given him and what he saw on holiday. I think that Lis is getting over her unfounded body images issues and if I can help by spending time worshipping her breasts and legs (and what is between them), then I am prepared to do that for her (selflessly).

When Lis headed off, she hugged Mike goodbye and thanked him for being so generous (with me). When I hugged her goodbye, I whispered in her ear that I was going to let Mike taste her juices off my body. I could feel her blushing (she got very hot), but she didn’t object so I assumed it was okay. As soon as the door was shut, Mike asked what I’d said and when I told him, he asked where the best places were and immediately went to work licking my breasts, thighs and (when we’d moved upstairs), both ends of the dildo to ‘taste the difference’ in us. Of course, he also wanted to fuck and as soon as he had cleaned me of Lis’ juices, he shed his clothes and pounced on me. His cock slid straight in to me and I wrapped my legs around him. We had a deep fuck in this position while I described to him what had happened with Lis. He liked the fact that she had probably eaten some of his cum from our morning fuck and once again said how much he would like to join us and take her virginity. (I like how he has these impossible fantasies – although until a very short time ago, the thought of Jen or me actually getting to do anything with Lis was probably in the same league).

Mike came in me fairly quickly but moved down to suck my clit and fingered me to bring me off. In return, I sucked him clean and handed him the soggy pair of Lis’ panties for use during the week. They really had her scent and Mike promised to make good use of them (and he did so while we chatted on the phone a few times – at first he didn’t want to pollute them and just got her smell and taste from them, but later in the week, he used them to wank with a few times until they were thoroughly covered in his cum.

I called Lis while on the train journey home and told her how much I had enjoyed brunch. I was glad to find out that she was happy with the way things had gone and didn’t even seem to mind the fact that Mike had heard us at it. If the train had been a little less busy, I would have masturbated while talking to her, but I didn’t get the chance so had to wait until I got home and we had a three way session involving Jen (Lis also wanted to make sure that Jen was fine with what we had done – she was as long as she got the same opportunities).

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