Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sister's Boyfriend - Part 1

I had lots of fun with Jen's brother at the weekend - but today's entry (and the next couple) are about fun with Sue's boyfriend...

At the end of November Jen should have been coming up to visit me, but it’s always more fun to go to her place and we had decided to rearrange things as Mike was away at a bachelor party. Instead of visiting Jen, I went to visit Sue at Uni (it had been quite a while since I’d gone to visit her and we’d been developing a plan that we thought it was time to execute).

I arrived on the Friday night and we went out with her friends and her boyfriend. I didn’t even try to keep up with their drinking but it was a fun evening. Ryan walked Sue and I back to her room and he was going to go back to his place but Sue convinced him to stay over. He asked if it was okay given I was there, but Sue had borrowed a camp bed for me and she managed to convince him. I got changed into my nightdress in the bathroom and then chatted to him while Sue got changed. She didn’t bother hiding her nudity, but also put a nightdress on. Ryan stayed clothed while we talked and helped me get the camp bed set up. He and Sue sat on the bed and I sat facing them with my legs crossed – I knew full well that this was a rather revealing position with the length (or lack of) my nightdress, but the idea was to tease him and see if I could pique his interest. Sue sat facing me in a similar position and I could see that she was still shaved bare and knew that she had been nurturing Ryan’s fantasy of being with two girls. I had been thinking about going further with him ever since the time I had blown him in the summer (which he still thinks was Sue) and between us (with some input from Mike and Jen) we had come up with how to take that forwards.

We chatted for quite a while and I sat in a number of different positions, ending up on the bed with them (the camp bed wasn’t that comfortable). I sat with my knees raised and arms around them, but my feet slightly off to the side so there was a clear view to my pussy, which felt like it was getting very wet. When Ryan went to the bathroom, Sue checked that I wanted to go ahead and I told her that I was horny enough that I would happily sit and masturbate for them both right then, but that we should stick to the plan. When Ryan came back, Sue said that she was getting tired and we should get into bed. Ryan looked a little disappointed that he wasn’t going to get a chance to ogle me any more so I spent a little while tucking the sheets of the camp bed in which involved lots of bending over and giving a view of the bottom half of my ass. I gave Sue a little goodnight kiss and wished her luck and then climbed in to bed.

Ryan waited until the lights were off before he undressed and joined Sue in bed and I could hear them whispering to each other. I stayed quiet and after a while, Sue asked me if I was asleep. She asked a couple of times and then I heard her suggest to Ryan than that they fuck. The room was dark and I couldn’t see much, but could just make out them moving around. I saw Sue’s nightdress get thrown onto the floor and heard the bed creaking as they got into position. Sue told Ryan to get inside her and she moaned so I assumed he’d done as he was told. I waited until they were a few minutes in and then quietly peeled my covers back and lifted my nightdress so it was bunched under my arms.

I started to masturbate and was pleased with how wet my pussy felt (the anticipation throughout the evening had certainly had an effect on me). I allowed myself to get carried away as this was part of the plan. I heard Sue and Ryan stop moving, but I carried on and suddenly the light turned on. I acted shocked, and froze with my legs spread and my fingers partway into my pussy. Sue asked me what I was doing and I acted flustered and blurted out that I was sorry, I hadn’t had sex for a week and head heard them and just felt horny and couldn’t stop myself. I went to pull the covers over myself but Sue said that she didn’t mind and just said something to Ryan about having told him I was like that. During the nurturing of his fantasy, she had told him that over the years we had occasionally walked in on each other masturbating and she gave Ryan a grin and said that she felt like being naughty and suggested that they carry on, letting me watch.

This was the crunch point and he seemed to be wavering so I just said, ‘please – I just want to cum’ and pushed my fingers the whole way into my pussy. Ryan was still on top of Sue and she started to move her hips (so I guessed that he was still inside her as well) and our dual attack defeated him. He relented and started to move in her and I resumed my masturbation. I reached a hand around under my ass and pushed two fingers into my cunt and used my other hand on my clit (Mike tells me that he really enjoys watching me play with myself in this position so I thought Ryan would as well) and I saw him looking over at me a number of times. I moaned quietly and said how good it felt and how close to cumming I was getting and tried to pace myself to keep in time with their fucking. This was somewhat difficult as I obviously didn’t know how close they were, but I got audibly more excited as they seemed to be getting closer to cumming.

I held back until Sue came (and was pleased that she had managed to train him to hold back until she was satisfied – something of a change from early on in their relationship) and when she said she was about to cum, I frigged myself and tried to cum as well. I put on a little display of ‘oh yes, that’s it, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me...’ as I came. I knew Ryan was watching me and I humped my pussy into the air to give him an even better view (the camp bed was somewhat lower than the real bed). Ryan pushed hard into Sue and I assumed he was cumming in her (he was) and he then lay on top of her, still looking over at me.

I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and sucked them clean, keeping my legs spread for a little while before stretching them out straight again. I sat up and pulled my nightdress down over my breasts and thanked them, saying I felt much better. Sue said that from what she’d heard, I could cum a hundred times and not feel satisfied and I said that may be true and could probably cum again if I had the chance. I said that I thought it wasn’t fair that Ryan had got to see me naked, but I hadn’t seen anything interesting of his (their crotches had stayed hidden under the covers and even though he was now sitting up, his lower half was covered – as was Sue’s. I saw movement under the covers and Ryan jumped when Sue wrapped her hand around his cock. She asked him if he thought I should get to see and when he asked her if she minded, she said that after having made her cum like that, she thought he deserved a treat. (I later found out that her orgasm hadn’t been anything spectacular, but the line just came into her mind).

He told me to come closer so I climbed up onto the bed and slowly pulled the covers back. She still had her hand around his cock and slowly stroked up and down the shaft. I reached out and she withdrew her hand, so I replaced it with mine and took over stroking him. He let out a gasp when I did this and I could see that he wasn’t likely to object to anything else we suggested (at least I hoped he wouldn’t). I said that it was only fair that if both of them were naked, that I should be too and I pulled my nightdress off. I played with my breasts (I know he likes large breasts – or at least that he likes Sue’s large breasts) and asked him if he had ever don’t things with two girls. He said no and I gave him a coy look and asked if he would like to (knowing full well that he would).

I suggested to Sue that she sit over his face while I had a little play with his cock and he eagerly lay down to let her climb into position. Ryan doesn’t mind eating his cum out of her (but that’s another issue completely) and I watched as his tongue darted between her lips while I took hold of his cock once more and started to jerk him off. I mostly used just my hands and used the stroke and twist technique that I’d learned at one of the parties, but as I felt Ryan start to move around I lowered my mouth to his cock and flicked back and forth across the head with my tongue. I could taste Sue on him and I considered sucking him properly but was trying to act as if things were still developing so didn’t do any more than giving the head a few kisses and continuing to use my tongue. He came, partly in my mouth, partly over my face and partly over his stomach. I wiped his cum off my face and rubbed it over Sue’s ass – which made her look round at me. I indicated to the cum on his stomach and she knew that I had succeeded, so told him to speed up his licking so she could cum.

I gently teased his cock and got a good view of what his tongue was doing to Sue’s pussy – it didn’t take too long before she came and by that time I already had my fingers back between my legs and was playing with myself. Sue climbed off Ryan’s face and he wiped himself clean. He saw what I was doing and I once again apologised and said that having seen them both cum again, I needed to take care of myself. Ryan said he didn’t mind so I lay back against the end of the bed and fingered myself. Sue appeared to have forgotten the script (not that we had a rigid script, but we had an outline plan) so I prompted her by commenting that it looked like he was quite good at oral sex. Sue was lying beside him and seemed very content (she may enjoy sex, but she still doesn’t have the stamina I do) and lazily told Ryan that he may as well show me how good he was seeing as I’d made him cum. He asked her if she really meant that and she waved in my direction and told him to go ahead, as long as I wanted him to.

He asked if I wanted any help and I just pulled my legs open and said ‘oh fuck, please, yes’. He didn’t need any further invitation and knelt between my legs. He wasn’t actually *that* good at oral sex, but he was eager enough and watching his licking away between my legs was certainly exciting. As Sue had suggested during our planning, I played with my breasts while he ate me and I saw that he was watching me do this. As much as I talk about not liking my breasts that much or my nipples not being too sensitive, I think it added to my enjoyment and when I came, I put on another vocal show to encourage him. My orgasm certainly wasn’t bad and I did feel much more satisfied after it. He wiped his face clean of my juices and once I’d caught my breath, I said that I should probably get back into bed.

He suggested that I stay in bed with them and I said I wasn’t sure and didn’t think the bed was really wide enough (it was only a twin), but let him convince me. Sue shifted over and I climbed under the covers on the other side of Ryan. He started off lying against Sue’s back, but once she fell asleep, he turned around and I felt him pressing against me. His cock was hard and I wriggled back against him to it nestled between my ass cheeks, with the head pressing on my lower back. He reached over me and I took his hand and pressed it against one of my breasts and said goodnight. He stayed like that until I fell asleep, but he moved around quite a bit in the night (and the bed really wasn’t quite big enough for three). I was woken up a number of times by him moving around and I occasionally ended up with his arm draped over me, but didn’t feel any pressure from his cock so assumed he was still asleep.

The next morning, he got up to go pee and I had a quick chat with Sue, checking that she thought everything had gone well. I had been a bit worried that even though a lot of the plan was her idea, she might have changed her mind when she actually saw her boyfriend doing things with me, but she was fine and we agreed to press on. When Ryan returned, I was lying on my side and lifted the covers, this was intended to give him a good view of both Sue’s and my bodies, with our breasts almost touching (it takes effort to try and think of all these things you know) and I told him to come back to bed so we could play. His cock started to stiffen as he climbed in to bed and he kissed us both then moved on to playing with our breasts. He would fondle one of us while sucking the other’s nipples, which meant Sue had something of an advantage as hers are more sensitive than mine.

I told them that I wanted to watch them fuck again and guided Ryan’s cock towards Sue’s pussy. He didn’t need to be forced and I saw him slide into her and they started to fuck. Ryan seemed to be getting in to the situation much more and was letting his fantasies come out. He asked me to suck on Sue’s tits and I told him that I wasn’t sure about doing that, but put my hand on one of them and caressed her gently. He next asked me to kiss her and I leant over and gave her a gentle peck, but he wanted to see more. This was going away from what we’d planned, but I’ve learned to adapt and whispered something to Sue. She agreed and told him if he wanted to watch us kiss, then we would do something he really wanted.

He had to dismount her and sit on the edge of the bed while Sue and I knelt in front of him. We took turns licking him and I once again tasted Sue off him and then we started to lick him at the same time. He really enjoyed this and I felt my tongue brush against Sue’s a number of times before we decided to go for the kill. We started taking turns sucking the head and then kissed each other with our mouths either side of his cock and our tongues dancing around it. He *really* liked this and as he got closer to cumming, he pressed on the back of our heads to hold us in place and we sucked and slurped around the head. My fingers were busily playing with my pussy and I felt his cum start to shoot out of his cock into our mouths. We didn’t break the kiss until he had finished cumming and then once his cock was free, I pulled Sue to me and we kissed properly, sharing his cum.

I acted a little shy and said that we’d got a bit carried away, but he didn’t seem to mind and said it had felt amazing. I suggested that he fuck Sue and eat me at the same time, but he didn’t think he could manage a proper fuck. I didn’t want to discourage him so said it was fine and he should eat Sue while I watched and I would play with myself. This went as you would expect and after we had both cum (I waited until she had cum before I let myself cum), we lay in bed and rested for a while. I gently played with Ryan’s cock and wondered if he was ready to fuck yet, but didn’t want to rush things too much.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Break Up

I'm at Jen's parents' house for the weekend. We've just had our morning session and Jen is still kitty kissing me. I reacquainted myself with her brother last night in a somewhat messy way (but he enjoyed it) and hope to do something more with him tonight...


Late-mid November – I headed down to York and arrived earlier than usual so we had a chance to do things before heading out to meet up with friends. I had hoped to show him my temporary tattoo but it had faded quite a bit. He could still make out the ‘teeth’ around my pussy and said that it looked somewhat unnerving, but he managed to overcome his fear and still slid his cock into me. We sat on the sofa and fucked for a while with me riding up and down on his cock and Mike kissed my neck (I like that position). As I got closer to cumming, I turned around so Mike could reach around me and play with my clit and once I’d cum, I lay on the sofa and Mike jerked himself off and sprayed his cum all over my front. He had been saving up for a couple of days so there was a fair amount and I rubbed it in to my skin before too much could run off my body. We couldn’t spend too long and I started to get dressed, but Mike pushed a remote egg into my cunt before we set off. He used this throughout the evening, but sparingly, so it always made me jump when he turned it on. Vicky guessed that something was up and I whispered to her what Mike was doing to me. I later told him that she knew and he discreetly handed her the remote and I was subjected to a few minutes of the egg on high power before she gave it back.

On the way home, Mike said he wanted to eat me so when arrived, we headed straight upstairs and I made myself comfortable on the bed with a couple of pillows under my ass to make it easier for Mike. He knelt between my legs and said that he wanted to spent a while re-exploring my cunt and I didn’t object to this at all so he started to kiss and lick around it. He teased me for quite a while before moving on to the inner lips and then pushing his tongue into me. He still mostly avoided my clit and managed to get me aroused enough that he said he could see my juices leaking out of me. I wasn’t anywhere near as wet as Jen gets, but when he spread my lips, I could feel a few drops of moisture run out and over my ass.

Mike licked these up and teased me some more before starting to pay real attention to my clit. He fingered me a little while doing this but it was mostly his tongue that was stimulating me and I told him how good it felt and how close I was getting to cumming. I decided that I wanted Jen to hear me cum and gave her a call. She was out with her friends so she couldn’t talk much (not that her friends would mind, but other people around her might not have approved of the conversation) but she listened in as I got closer and closer to cumming and the phone got passed around the group. I was aware that other people were listening, but as they’ve all seen me cum multiple times I didn’t care but made sure that the phone was handed back to Jen for my actual orgasm. Jen said that she would call back later as she had some news and I lay enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm and Mike’s kitty kissing.

Mike crawled up my body and slipped in to me while we kissed. I told him I wanted to try kitty kissing him (not that he has a pussy, but ‘cocky kissing’ doesn’t sound right for what it is) and he said that was fine, but wanted to feel inside me again for a while. He moved fairly gently and I contracted myself around him. He stayed fairly deep inside me and used short strokes and I wrapped my legs around him to keep him inside. When he got close to cumming, he sat on the edge of the bed and I knelt between his legs so I could kiss and suck his cock. Just before he came, I changed to flicking the head with my tongue and once he had emptied his load over my face, I changed again to just gently kissing the head and taking very gentle sucks (his cock is very sensitive just after he cums). With a bit of practice, I found the right pressure to use and managed to keep him hard for quite a while. Mike thought it was an incredibly sexy experience – the sight of me with cum covering my face and the feeling of gentle stimulation was something he said he really enjoyed and we should do more often.

He wasn’t able to fuck me again, but we spooned and he used an egg on my clit and then stayed pressed up against me while we dozed off. We were woken at about 1 when Jen called back and we found out that Lucy and Ramona had split up. I was really surprised by this as they had seemed find just the weekend before, but Jen said that she didn’t really understand what had happened either. Lucy was really quite upset and I offered to go down and see if I could help (actually help, not try to ‘comfort’ her), but Jen said that she and Lis would give it a go and let me know if I could do anything. We went back to sleep after the call and slept fairly well.

I woke up in the morning with Mike still lying against my back (either we didn’t move much in the night or managed to manoeuvre ourselves back into that position). I reached down and gently played with myself while slowly squirming my ass against Mike’s crotch. I felt him begin to harden and slipped a finger between my lips so I could rub myself until he was ready. I had hoped to get him inside me before he woke up, but as he got fully hard, he started to move back against me and said ‘good morning’. I spread my lips and told him to get inside, which he did, and we pushed against each other until he was the whole way in. We had another slow gentle deep fuck and Mike took over playing with my clit.

I was going to call Jen to let her listen in, but I wasn’t sure how Lis would react. Jen and I have had phone sex with her a number of times, but I didn’t know what she would think about hearing Mike fucking me (or having him hear her if Jen did things to her). It turned out to be just as well that we didn’t call as they were still asleep after having been up late talking with Lucy. They had also decided not to tell Lucy about our involvement with Lis as they didn’t think that she would want to hear it after just having broken up. This meant that when Jen and Lis did things, they had to be quiet again, but Lis didn’t seem to mind as much.

Mike had arranged for us to meet up with Sara and Emily from the sex party. He’d had coffee with them a couple of times and they said it would be nice to see me. I was quite eager to see Sara especially as I like redheads (Jen’s hair has a slight reddish tinge to it, but she doesn’t quite count as a true redhead). I chose my outfit carefully as Mike had told me that Sara was actually a relatively conservative girl (or as conservative as someone who goes along to an orgy can be) and he thinks that she only went there to please Emily and then got a bit carried away (they hadn’t been dating long). I wasn’t going to change the way I dressed completely, but I decided to do with something cute as opposed to anything too daring or slutty so wore a white top with a light blue skirt, socks and matching(ish) bra. I took a pair of panties with me, but that was for something after coffee and had nothing on under my skirt when we set off.

Mike had relayed the content of his previous conversations with Sara and Emily to me so I knew a little about them and it felt quite comfortable when we met. I had been a bit concerned that if Sara was as shy as Mike had made out, it would be awkward since the last (and first) time I saw her, we had eaten each other, but we chatted about a whole range of things and only mentioned ‘the party’ after a while. Sara blushed a bit but Emily just gave her a big hug and said that she had done really well. They both knew that Mike thought Sara was really pretty and I told them that he seems to have a thing for lesbians and how he really wanted to do things with Jen (he had explained our situation to them previously). I nearly mentioned Lis as well, but thought better of it just in case they knew her or ended up being supervised by her (however unlikely that was).

We discussed the next party and they assured me that they would be there – I told them that they would get a chance to meet Jen as she had agreed to come along and experience it (after over a year of encouragement, I had finally broken her and she had admitted that she was curious to see what it would be like). Emily asked if I was willing to share Jen the same way I did with Mike (not everyone at the parties has sex with people other than their partners, there are a few couples who go just so they can do things with other people watching, which is what Mike and I did for the first couple of times) and I said that if Jen saw someone she wanted to play with, then she could do so (although I also had a few plans of my own to get revenge for some of the things she has made me do when I visit her).

I mentioned the ‘special’ party to them along with the conditions that everyone had to have an up to date test (to show they were clean) and Emily seemed interested. I really wanted to be able to taste Sara properly and very nearly told her that as encouragement, but could tell she wasn’t quite as keen so I decided to leave the encouraging to Emily and just said that I was looking forward to it and hope they arranged it soon.

We talked about more mundane things and arranged to meet up the next time I visited (Mike was going to see them before then). Once we had split up, I headed off to find a toilet so I could prepare for the rest of the trip to town. The reason I had taken a pair of panties with me was so I could have a vegetable day. We had prepared a courgette (thoroughly washed and cleaned), and I inserted this into my pussy, then pulled on the panties and pulled them up tight to help hold it in. The courgette made a large bulge in my panties, but my skirt easily hid this (unless I bent over in an exaggerated way). We wandered around town and sat in a few places (sitting was fine as long as I did it carefully), then decided to move on to the next phase. We headed to one of the out of town sex shops (York has a surprisingly large number of adult shops for such a small city) and we looked at the various toys, magazines and DVDs (I still have no idea why people pay that much for porn when the internet is available).

I chose my target and headed over, leaving Mike to watch. I did my usual trick of bending over to let my skirt ride up and my panties show, but this time, the bulge of the courgette was visible. I reached between my legs to make sure it was seated in my pussy properly and then stood up. I looked back at the guy and he had certainly been looking so I knelt down, half facing him and pulled the front of my skirt up my thighs. I gripped the end of the courgette, still hidden in my panties and moved it in and out slightly – I couldn’t move it much but it felt nice and I looked up at the guy watching me. I was about to pull my panties to the side so I could use it properly when I was interrupted by the owner (or cashier) and told to come out. I had quickly flipped my skirt down as soon as he had said anything, but I knew he had seen I’d been playing with myself and I was going to apologise when he accused me of having stolen a dildo. He had noticed that we’d been looking at them before and thought that I’d taken one and had pushed it inside me while hiding. The fact that he’d seen a bulge in my panties and me quickly trying to cover up had just made him suspect me more.

There was only one way I could see to get myself out of trouble and I told him it wasn’t a dildo while I reached under my skirt, pulled my panties to the side (not as easy to do while standing up) and slid the courgette partly out. I then lifted the front of my skirt and told him I was sorry and had just been playing. He (and Mike) were probably the only people who could actually see the courgette, but the fact that everyone in the shop knew I had been up to something felt quite exhilarating. I went to slide the courgette back in and was sort of hoping that I might be able to put on a little show, but he told us to get out. I tried to push it back in while walking, but that was never going to work and I ended up having to slide it the whole way out and leave the shop with a somewhat sticky courgette in my hand. I put it back in my bag (in a bag) and was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t got to at least play with myself properly, let alone cum, but it was the first time in years that we’d got a bad response from our games and we just headed somewhere we could continue.

We found a suitable location for me to wipe the courgette down and slide it back into me and then headed back into town. The way it moved as I walked felt really nice, especially when I took long strides or skipped (although I did have to pull my panties up tight a couple more times). I wasn’t going to cum from it, but was certainly getting aroused and kept it in for a while before it began to irritate. Getting it out was much easier as I just popped into a changing room to remove it (along with my panties), then rejoined Mike so we could head home with food for dinner.

He helped to rinse me out and we changed our original plan to eat the courgette with dinner as it had gone slightly soft, so Mike just ate me instead (he jets my juices and I get to cum – so everyone is happy). We then met up with friends and had a fun night out (although not as much fun as it would have been if Lis had been around to flirt with and then take home afterwards). Jo had split up with her boyfriend a few days before and while I knew I wasn’t going to get to comfort her either (at least not in the way I would have liked), I helped people keep her distracted and amused throughout the evening.

We still stopped off on the way home in one of our usual alleyways and Mike stripped me naked. I put my coat back on in case we were discovered/interrupted (and to keep warm – it was mild for the time of year, but still November), but had it undone so he could play with me. We ended up going further than we had intended and I was fucked up against the wall. At first I was standing on the ground, but we thought that we should do it properly and I ended up holding on to Mike’s shoulders, wrapping my legs around him and him holding me up. I could feel his fingers moving around my ass but he couldn’t really play with me as he was busy keeping me up. I told him to cum in me but he wanted me to cum as well and kept trying, but without any additional stimulation he couldn’t quite manage it and ended up having to cum inside me before I came. When he pulled out of me, his cum started to leak down my legs and he rubbed my clit to get me off. We then walked home holding hands while I used my other hand to hold my coat shut (I could have done it up, but it was more fun that way).

We gave Jen, Lis and Lucy a call when we got home and I had a long chat with Lucy and found out that Jen and Lis were taking good care of her (not in *that* way). Mike was still trying to make up for not being able to fuck an orgasm out of me and after wiping away his cum (most of which had dribbled out during the rest of our walk home) he went down on me and lapped away at my cunt until I came. I think I managed to keep my voice fairly steady and just listened to Lucy during my actual orgasm. We then retired to bed and he spooned with me with I finished my conversation and fucked me a bit more vigorously while I chatted to Jen and Lis. I didn’t bother hiding the fact that I was having something done to me from Lis as I had plans that I hoped to involve her in (and was horny enough that I wasn’t really thinking about it anyway). Neither of us came until after I had hung up and we finished off with me on top, riding Mike’s cock and then lying on him so we could kiss and he could pound into me. He was still trying to make up for the alleyway and so gave me a hard fucking until I had cum before he allowed himself to cum in me. I gently licked his cock clean and we snuggled up to fall asleep.

In the morning, he ate me awake, we fucked and then headed down for breakfast. I wasn’t going to see him for a while so we spent the whole day naked together (not having sex the whole time). We tried out the squirting video again and it still felt really good, but I didn’t cover him with my juices. I think I was beginning to feel something but we didn’t quite get there (the practice is good fun though). We showered together and Mike fingered me again. By this point I actually needed to pee and he told me to wait until I came and to let go. Despite my practice doing this with Jen, I felt a little embarrassed about doing it with him, but not embarrassed enough to let it stop me and I came with his fingers pumping into me and sprayed everywhere. At least being in the shower meant it was easy to clean off and I leant back against Mike while he helped rub my front. I could feel his cock pressing against my ass and told him that he could take my ass as a going away present (even though I was the one leaving).

He liked this idea and I leant forwards so he could push into me. I didn’t expect to cum again, but Mike is fairly insistent that I cum at least once for every time he does so he ended up aiming the pulse spray at my clit (or aiming as best he could while fucking my ass) and I could feel my body starting to respond, so I took a hold of the shower head and we knelt down in the bath. Between the spray, my fingers and Mike’s cock I could feel another orgasm building. Mike came in my ass but stayed there until I had cum. I didn’t think I could do much more so we finished cleaning ourselves off and went to rest before it was time to head off to the station.

Mike dared me to wear just my long coat, but I didn’t think it would be comfortable while sitting on the train so I put on one of my usual outfits. I was tasked with cumming on the train, but it was too busy so I had to wait until I got home (and the rest was probably a good thing). I called Jen as soon as I arrived to find out what she and Lis had got up to – it had been a relatively subdued weekend, but they had played a lot in her bed and Jen had got Lis to practice her dirty talk and she whispered some quite explicit instructions to Jen without showing any signs of blushing.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A busy weekend...

This follows on from the previous post - J as she said, Jen had planned a cum-filled weekend for me...

I was taken to a lecture and we got seats near the back. It was easier with a larger group to make sure that nobody else sat on our row and once the lecture was underway, Jen handed me a dildo and said I had to swap it for my skirt, so with a bit of wiggling, I slid my skirt down my legs and handed it to Jen. I spread my legs and used the dildo to slowly fuck myself (no point in finishing too soon and just sitting there). I really wanted to close my eyes and savour the feeling, but that might have drawn the lecturer’s attention, so I pretended to be looking at him and just concentrated on my pussy. As I got close to cumming, I couldn’t resist rubbing my clit and I had a pretty good orgasm but I’m quite practiced at being quiet when needed.

Even though I’d tried to take things slowly, I’d only spent about 20 minutes so we spent the rest of the lecture passing notes back and forth. Jen wouldn’t give me my skirt back until the end and waited until people were wandering up the stairs. She almost dropped it and by the time she had given it to me, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it on, so I pushed it back into her back and just did my coat up. Unfortunaely it wasn’t my long coat, but it was long enough that it just looked like I had a short skirt hidden underneath it (it actually looked like I didn’t have a skirt on, but I assumed that most people would assume that I had a short one on).

We headed for lunch and Jen decided that as I had refused my skirt, I obviously didn’t need it, so had to sit at lunch with the bottom part of my coat done up. It really wasn’t long enough for me to sit in, but nobody saw anything (or if they did, they didn’t say anything). Jen picked a target for me and just before we left, I had to lift a leg up onto a chair so I could straighten out one of my boots. This raised my coat and completely exposed my pussy to a guy who was sitting reading. I pretended that I didn’t know I was giving him a good view and fiddled with my boot, then lowered my leg and pulled my coat down before slowly wandering out with the others.

Jen said that it was time for my next mission and we called Mel and Jules to meet up. I was told to put my skirt back on in a side street and we headed to a tattoo parlour while Jen explained that Jules had been considering getting a tattoo. I told her that I didn’t want to do anything permanent and Jen said not to worry – or maybe to worry a little bit, but not for that reason. I found out that this task had been inspired by people having painted the Halloween decorations on me (along with Julia’s desire for a tattoo) and we watched while Jules got a temporary tattoo painted on her lower back, just extending down to the top half of her ass. I found out that she was actually planning on getting it done for real, but wanted to check what it looked like.

Jen showed me what I was having done – it was a fairly complex pattern that looked like a sun with tentacles. Two of the tentacles extended down and had teeth on them and Jen showed me a picture of how these nestled around girl’s pussy to give the effect of vagina dentate. I don’t know how painful a tattoo actually is, but I can’t imagine what it would feel like having it done on my pussy – fortunately, I was also only getting a temporary one that would be painted on with a tiny brush. We explained to the guy what we wanted and he checked that I was okay with him doing it and I said it was fine. He said that I could keep my skirt on and just pull it down until he was ready to do the bottom part, but I said that I may as well slip it off straight away.

I could see that Jules had slid her skirt down somewhat further than was needed and her ass was nice and visible while she waited for the ink to dry. I climbed up on the table and made myself comfortable while my artist got ready and cleaned off my mons and labia. The wipe felt very cold and I spread my legs to allow him better access. He asked if I minded my friends watching and I said it was fine, which seemed to surprise him a little, but he carried on anyway. It took about 20 minutes and once he had put the main part of the design on my mons, I had to spread my legs and he sat at the end of the table and started work on my lips. I could feel the brush tickling my skin and a couple of times he leant in close and I could feel his breath as well as his fingers near my pussy. He didn’t do anything inappropriate (although I’m not entirely sure what would count as inappropriate at such a time) and once he was finished he said I would have to keep my legs spread for a little while to allow the ink to dry. I was offered a towel to cover myself but said that my friends would want to see. They took turns looking and he brought a mirror along so I could have a look. My pussy had changed from a nice thing that brought me pleasure to something that looked ready to bite anything pushed in.

Jules wandered over and I had a look at her back after she had examined me. Once I was dry, I slipped my skirt back on and we headed out. We went back to a house and people wanted to have another look at our body art, so Jules and I were stripped off and asked to pose. Mel thought that my tattoo would put Mike off fucking me and she demonstrated by slipping a finger into me and saying how menacing my pussy looked. She then had a fondle of Julia’s ass and spread her cheeks, saying that it looked like she was begging to have something inside of her.

As luck would have it, Jen just ‘happened’ to have brought along our strap on (no, I didn’t buy the ‘luck or ‘happened’ angle either) but Jen had warned me that she had a busy day planned so I wasn’t too surprised. Jen and Mel quickly strapped it on to me and set the internal vibe going. I was positioned behind Jules (who was still leaning over the sofa) and Jen slapped my ass to push me into Jules (this would have been more effective if I hadn’t been protected by a leather harness). I didn’t really need any encouragement though and pushed into Jules and felt her push back against me. I held on to her hips and started to guide her back and forth in time with my strokes and we got cheered. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her harder (she did) and started to pump in and out as fast and hard as I could, which she really seemed to enjoy.

We had to adjust our position a couple of times and ended up with her lying forwards over the arm of the sofa with her ass pointing in the air and me pistoning into her. She was quite vocal about what she could feel and was obviously really enjoying what I was doing, so I just carried on. I could feel the internal vibe buzzing on my clit and was really enjoying what I was feeling but knew that I wasn’t going to be able to catch up to Julia so put everything I had into making her cum. I know that I was cheating a little by having a vibrating cock, but I was still pleased when I managed to make her cum by just fucking her (no clit stimulation) and I slammed into her a number of times while she gasped and moaned.

Once she had finished, I pulled out and took a little bow while Jules stayed where she was and caught her breath. She is quite resilient though and soon rolled off the sofa and said it was my turn. She started by sucking me clean and Jen then showed her where to press to push the internal vibe against me. It was quite slow, but I could feel my orgasm building and by the time it hit, I really wanted to cum. Jules jerked the cock off at the same time (mostly for effect, but it had the added benefit of rubbing the internal vibe back and forth) and I came with a long moan. The orgasm seemed to last for quite a while and my pussy felt very tingly and sensitive afterwards (not helped by the fact that the internal vibe was still going). When I removed the harness, the ink had smudged slightly, but not badly and everyone said that my pussy looked very pink and wet. Julia was order to give me a quick lick clean before Jen and I set off for home and our quiet night together (for which we were called boring – which I thought was grossly unfair given what I’d done that day(.

Jen decided it would be better if I didn’t have anything on for the journey home (other than my coat). It was a little chilly, but we walked quickly and after a stop off at a shop to get food (which was a little unnerving as I knew my ass was only just covered), soon arrived home. We had the place to ourselves as Lucy had said she would stay over with Ramona so Jen stripped off once we got in and we both dived into the shower to freshen up (the whole point of the evening was for it to be just the two of us, so I wanted to get rid of any traces of Peter or Julia). After quickly showering, we ran a bath and soaked in it together, sometimes with one of us leaning back against the other and sometimes sitting at opposite ends so our big toes could slip into the other person’s pussy. Once we had turned into prunes, we got out and dried off, then prepared dinner.

Jen toasted me and said I’d done a good job and deserved to cum as many times as I wanted. I pointed out that I’d cum a fair few times that day already, but if she insisted, I could probably manage to do a few things with her. I was actually really looking forwards to being able to concentrate on her and had a few things of my own planned, so once desert was over and we had rested to allow the food to go down, I started to gently stroke her pussy and moved round so I could nuzzle her breasts.

Jen suggested moving upstairs, but I told her I wanted to do things downstairs first and I got her to lie on the sofa while I knelt on the floor beside her. This was a good position to continue sucking her nipples while stroking her pussy. As she got more aroused, I pulled her legs open and rubbed her more forcefully while putting a lot more force into the nipple sucking. As she came, I bit on her nipples – much harder than I would enjoy, but I’ve accepted that she likes it rough – and I got my first orgasm of the evening out of her. I quickly moved down and kitty kissed her for a few minutes, then said I was ready to go upstairs.

I helped Jen up and we retired to her room. We sat and watched some videos (porn) to get ideas and I convinced her to put on a pleated skirt and long white socks. We 69ed for a while and she said that it was time to fuck me properly. I helped her fasten the strap on (which looked odd poking out from her skirt) and I assumed the doggy position and let her fuck me. Jen really got into it and pounded me just as hard as I had done to Julia earlier and I told Jen that I would show her something special once I’d cum. I helped things along by rubbing my clit and I came with Jen plunging into me over and over, then rolled off to the side.

When it was my turn, I turned the internal vibe off as I needed a break, but I was determined to give Jen an even better fucking that I had done to Jules and I fished out the nipple clips to add to the experience. Her nips were still nice and hard, so attaching the clips was easy and once they were in place, I set them going and told Jen to kneel forwards. I prepared a few other items, added some tingle gel to the strap on and nudged the head up against Jen’s waiting pussy. She told me to give it to her, so I pushed in a bit at a time until I was fully inside her and then started long slow strokes. Once I had a good rhythm going, I said it was time for the next phase and pushed a small anal vibe against her ass until she relaxed and let it slide in. I then leant forwards and told her to put her arms back and I held her hands and lifted her (or tried to) in the way that Mike sometimes does to me.

I couldn’t hold Jen up properly, but it had the desired effect of making it easy to pull her to me and I made good use of this by slamming into her as hard as I could. Jen made all sorts of interesting noises (none of her usual cute mewing) and as she got more excited, she told me to use her hair. I knew what she meant (we’ve watched a lot of the same videos) so I let go of one of her arms, took hold of her hair, wrapped it around my hand and pulled. This pulled her head back and I asked if it felt okay and she said it did and to keep going. It certainly didn’t look comfortable, but once I got back up to speed, the interesting noises reappeared so I was fairly certain Jen was enjoying it. She started letting out little yelps and I asked if she was okay and she told me to keep going so I carried on until she really made some noise and came. I wished that I’d left the internal vibe on as I find it really arousing when someone is enjoying themselves that much, but I wasn’t about to stop and interrupt her fun so I just kept going until she whimpered she couldn’t take any more.

I lowered her down onto the bed and she said that her body ached. I was a bit concerned that I had been too forceful and hurt her but she said it was a good pain and not to worry. I lay on top of her and pushed the vibe back into her so I could gently move inside her and slowly ground my hips against her. I kissed her shoulders better and removed the few strands of hair that had broken and asked if she had really liked it. She promised me that I hadn’t really hurt and had felt good and I carried on gently fucking her cunt until she said she was ready for more (I was certainly ready for more).

Jen helped me remove the strap on and stroked me while we decided what to do next – we thought that we should take the opportunity to use Lucy’s room again and used a number of her belongings as toys (hairbrush, lipstick, hairspray...). Once we had shared our juices with everything suitable we could find, we settled down in her bed for a final session and just 69ed. We purposefully went slowly and took a long time, sometimes breaking off to just kiss before getting back into position and licking each other again. I tried to put all thoughts of the rest of the day out of my mind and just concentrated on what Jen’s tongue was doing to me and what I was doing to her. When we finally decided that we should cum I relished in the way she sucked my clit and I couldn’t hold back (I probably could have if I’d tried, but I really didn’t want to). I came first and stopped licking Jen so I could really enjoy it, but as soon as I’d finished I went back to eating her while she kitty kissed me. It took a few more minutes to make Jen cum and I felt her moan into my cunt and we carried on kitty kissing for a while longer before getting under the covers properly and falling asleep.

We slept late the next morning and when we woke up, Jen thought we should tidy up and head back into her room just in case Lucy came back (although after having fucked Peter for her, I think I was owed a bit of leeway). We didn’t quite make it into Jen’s room and took turns eating each other on the stairs. I love this position as the eater is positioned with their ass and cunt pointing downstairs in full view of anyone who comes in the door – and of course, the person being eaten, gets to be eaten (which is always good).

Lucy didn’t reappear and we had breakfast, showered and headed out to meet up with a few people for lunch. I had to show off my body art to a couple of people who hadn’t been there (not easy in a cafe, but with a bit of ducking under the table and pretending to get things from their bags, they managed to get a fairly good look. The place got too busy to do anything more (otherwise I’m sure Jen would have subjected me to something), but to make up for it, I was made to pose with Julia on a set of metal fire steps) and we had to rub ourselves against very cold metal bars. I had expected to have to do a bit more, but Jen thought that I’d been put through enough for one weekend and I was allowed to just watch while Julia sat on the steps and played with herself. I think Jen was actually still teasing me as she knows that I get excited by seeing such things, but she was mean and didn’t let me relieve myself.

Jen and I headed off to the airport and had one final quick fondle in the toilets (at least airport toilets are generally quite clean) but I still wasn’t allowed to cum. During my flight, Jen chatted to Mike and told him about the weekend so when I got to phone him, he knew exactly what to ask about. I shared all the details from my point of view with him and he said that he wished he’d been there to witness it. I told him that we would arrange a time for him to come down with me so he could get his Lucy fix and he said he couldn’t wait.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Uses for chocolate

I meant to post this yesterday - next instalment on Wed to make up for it...


In the week following Lis’ visit to Jen (mid-Nov), Mike met up with Vick and Lis (separately). Lis came round for dinner and afterwards, Mike suggested they watch something on TV. He had set it up so that the computer was connected and there was a bit of a picture sticking out from behind another window. Lis recognised it and asked Mike where he had got it. He told her that Jen had sent it to him and Lis cringed, knowing that it was the picture of her on Jen’s bed with her legs apart and pussy showing. Mike didn’t want to upset Lis so he displayed the whole picture and showed her that Jen had cropped it before sending it to him – he could certainly tell the pose that she had been sitting in, but the picture had been cut at the bottom of Lis’ stomach, so he hadn’t seen her nudity. Once Mike had promised her that he really hadn’t seen them (and he actually hasn’t – although I have), Lis was incredibly relieved, but still a deep shade of pink. Mike pointed out that she had seen pictures of him to which she just replied ‘I know’ and he teased her briefly about putting on a little display for him, but having a cushion thrown at him was the only reply he got. He chatted with her about the weekend and said he was really glad that she’d had fun with Jen. Lis said that she liked Lucy and Jen’s other friends and Mike just did his Homer drooling impression and said ‘Lucy – grrrrlllllrgrr (I have no idea how to spell Homer’s drooling sound effect). Lis is well aware about Mike’s Lucy fetish (he gave her the Pavlina pictures) and seems to agree (as do I).

He met up with Vicky for a drink a couple of days later. Vicky knew that he had become fairly close with Lis, but was still surprised when he told her that he knew about their breakup sex. They were in a quiet corner of the pub so nobody could overhear and she didn’t mind discussing it with him (despite her unwillingness to let it be generally known that she dated Lis, she is quite open with Mike). He didn’t get any really explicit details about what happened, but Vicky said that she had missed Lis and it seemed like a good idea at the time. She admitted that she had really enjoyed it and Mike feigned dismay and said that she thought she only wanted him. They flirted for a while and I think Mike was hoping that something might actually happen, but all he got was a kiss and the evening ended with him having to go home and jerk off (which I was more than happy to provide phone support for).

I travelled down to see Jen at the weekend and arrived not too late on the Friday night so once Jen collected me, we were able to meet up with people. On the way to the pub, Jen warned me that she had a busy weekend planned for me, but said that she thought I would really enjoy it. For all her warnings about pushing me beyond what I want to do, she has been really good at making sure I have lots of fun, so I wasn’t at all worried. We had a nice evening chatting in the pub and near the end of the evening, Jules and I were warned that if we wanted to pee, we needed to do it then. We headed into the bathroom to relieve ourselves and Mel and Jen followed us in. We were each handed a pair of white panties and once we had them on, Mel and Jen each produced a fun sized Mars bar from their purses. As you would expect for chocolate that had been in a warm pub all night, they were somewhat squishy, but we found out that was the whole point.

Jules and I were instructed to hold the front of our panties down and our skirts up and Mel slid the Mars bar into my panties and made sure it was nestled against my pussy. Jen did the same to Jules and we had to pull our panties up tight and rejoin the rest of the group. A few people seemed to be in on the plan and a couple even checked that the chocolate had been put in place by feeling our panties. I could feel it melting even more and asked Jules if she knew what was happening. She said that she was in blissful ignorance (she actually said that she didn’t have a fucking clue, but it felt nice and dirty so she didn’t care). By the time we left, it felt like the Mars bar was just a sticky mess between my legs and I was surprised it wasn’t already running down my thighs. By the time we got to Mel’s place, I could feel that my thighs were definitely sticky and once we got into the light we could see the mess.

Mel put a couple of towels out on the living room floor and Jules and I were ordered to stand on them. Jen whispered to me that she had checked and Jules was clean and that confirmed what I had begun to suspect we would have to do. Two of the guys were allowed to undress us – at least our tops, bras, skirts and socks/stockings. It was safe to say that our panties were no longer white and if I hadn’t known it was chocolate it would have been a somewhat unappealing sight. The guys were allowed to fondle our breasts and then rub our panties, at which point I felt the remainder of the Mars bar squish over my cunt. It was then time for the main show and Jen gave us bobbles to tie our hair back (Jules grew her hair out over the summer and while it still wasn’t long, it looked a lot cuter than it had the previous year).

We had to start by removing panties using just our mouths, which got us messy enough, but the next act of actually trying to clean each other (again, just using mouths). We started off by taking turns kneeling down and licking, but decided that if we were going to put on a show, then we may as well do it properly, so I lay down and Jules sat over my face so I could ‘clean’ her properly. She didn’t stay upright for long though and fell onto me so we could 69. I’d like to say that I’m now completely used to doing things like this in front of people, but it’s still damn exciting and I made sure that Jules got to benefit from my excitement. As she got closer to cumming, I looped my arms around her and held her in place while I lashed her cunt with my tongue. I made her cum first and didn’t let up with my attack, holding on for as long as I could while she squirmed around on top of me trying to escape. In the end, she broke free and everyone could tell from the sounds she had been making that I had done a bit more than make her cum.

Her face was covered in chocolate and caramel and I could feel that mine must look the same. She said that I deserved to cum and asked a couple of people to help hols my arms and legs so that she could do to me what I’d done to her. I didn’t object at first and spread my limbs for people to hold on to, but once Jules got going, I realised that she was going to give me back everything I’d given to her. She rapidly fucked me with at least three fingers and rubbed my clit at the same time, then ate my clit while keeping her fingers inside me. I hadn’t realised I was so close to cumming and when my orgasm started it felt really strange not being able to move at all (Jules was on top of me and my arms and legs were still being held). All I could do was gyrate my hips, but that wasn’t enough to escape her attack and once I’d cum, she still continued to alternate between eating and fucking me. At least the fingering didn’t feel too strong, but I acted up a little and gave everyone a good show before finally being released.

Our pussies were slightly cleaner, but only because we’d eaten at least some of the mess and we were sent off to shower so we didn’t mess up the house. Unfortunately, Mel doesn’t have a fancy shower, but it was enough to get us clean and we took turns meticulously hosing each other off and cleaning the inside of each other’s pussies. Once clean, we returned to the rest of the group and were instructed to offer ourselves to whoever wanted to fondle us. A couple of the girls were (understandably) unwilling to let us near their boyfriends, but we each got felt up by a few people (of both sexes) and one couple in particular were happy to both play with us at the same time. Nobody seemed daring enough to actually finger me properly but I had my breasts thoroughly played with and the outside of my pussy stroked. Jules later told me that she had been fingered a little, but still not ‘properly’.

Once people started to leave, Jen and I headed home with Lucy and Ramona and went straight up to bed. Jen told me that I had done well, but that she had a lot more planned for the rest of the weekend. I told her that I wanted to spend some time with her (not that I didn’t enjoy doing things with other people) and she said she could probably move things around so we had the Saturday night together, but it would mean that the day would be a lot more hectic. This sounded fine to me, but I didn’t know at the time just how much she had planned.

Jen checked (thoroughly) to check that all the chocolate had gone from my pussy (long tongues are good for things like that) and we had a fairly gentle and intimate session, using just our bodies (no toys). We heard Lucy and Ramona doing things so didn’t worry about how much noise we made (but we weren’t trying to be loud either) and once we had finished, I was sent downstairs naked to get us some water. On the way back up, I could hear Ramona still moaning and was impressed that they had kept going for so long. I considered popping my head in to congratulate them, but I would probably have got something thrown at me and I know that I hate being interrupted so I left them to it and returned to Jen. We fell asleep fairly quickly after that.

In the morning, Jen said that we should go and brush teeth so we could have a proper session and kiss. As expected, I was sent down naked, but Lucy and Ramona were still sound asleep so it made no difference. I managed to get Jen to strip off to head back to her room and once we were safely inside, I called Lis. We had been hoping that she was going to come along for the weekend and we had been planning on letting Lucy know about our ‘relationship’ so that we didn’t have to hide things (which Lis really didn’t want to do after having to hide the fact from everyone that she had been dating Vicky). Unfortunately work had got in the way (it’s amazing after you’ve submitted a theses how much busier you can get) and so I had promised her that we would have a group phone sex session. I woke her up with my call, but she was happy to hear from us and after giving her a minute to dash to the bathroom, we settled down and described what we would do to her if she had been with us.

To make things fair, we agreed that we would all just masturbate (so Lis didn’t feel left out) and we concocted a fantasy where we fucked each other in multiple positions and combinations. We described in great detail what we were actually doing and got Lis to give a pretty graphic description of how she was masturbating and what she could feel as her fingers explored her cunt and clit. We tried to time our orgasms and did a fairly good job (it’s not too difficult if you’re used to masturbating – and much easier when you are responsible for your own stimulation). As we came, we described to each other what we would feel if Lis was on her back, with me eating her and Jen sitting over her face. It was a pretty good fantasy and we promised to act it out (again) the next time we met.

With my lust satisfied, we headed down for breakfast and were soon joined by Lucy. I wasn’t surprised when Jen said that I should call Peter and tell him to come over as I had assumed that taking care of him would be part of Jen’s plans for me. I asked what I was meant to do this time and was told that I could do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t fuck him. I told Lucy that she was being a bit unfair to him by dragging things out this long, but she said that she didn’t think he would object and that he had a special treat lined up this time anyway, but relented and said if I really wanted to, then I could have him in me. Lucy Jen and Ramona were all heading off to another of Ramona’s drama classes (or in reality, just around the corner to a coffee shop) and we arranged to leave the phone on so they could listen in again.

Jen explained what she had arranged and they headed off about five minutes before he had agreed to show up but when he arrived he said that he had seen them leave and hidden (so Jen wouldn’t know he had been over). I had answered the door wearing one of Jen’s thin nightdresses that didn’t really cover much – and what it did cover it didn’t really hide. We kissed and he immediately slid his hands onto my ass so I told him to calm down as I had a treat for him. I led him upstairs, giving him a few flashes of my ass on the way and as soon as we got into Jen’s room, I removed my nightdress and we fell onto the bed.

He humped against me and played with my breasts. I let him do this for a while and then got him to lie on his back so I could remove his jeans and boxers. His now familiar cock stood proud and I stroked up and down the shaft before pulling out a condom and rolling it on. I told him that we still weren’t going to fuck, but that he would enjoy the session and then started to lightly kiss up and down his cock. I didn’t do this for long before I straddled him and pushed my cunt down onto his cock so I could slide back and forth along the shaft. I reminded him that he wasn’t allowed to go inside me and leant forwards to kiss him while continuing to grind against his cock. He said it felt really good and I used my fingers to spread my lips either side of the shaft and get better contact with my clit. I watched the clock out of the corner of my eye as I didn’t want to get too carried away before phase 2 – unfortunately I hadn’t checked that Jen’s clock was really accurate and two minutes is a long time when you really want to move things along.

There was a ring at the door and Peter froze, but I told him I would be right back and pounced out of bed. I ran downstairs naked and opened the door and then quickly hurried back up with Jules in tow. Peter was sitting in bed with the covered pulled up over him and looked terrified. I told him it was fine and said it was just Jules (who he knows) and explained that she had been with Mel for quite a while, but was just missing getting some cock. I went on and said that she was as much of a nympho as I am and I had shared our (Peter and my) little secret with her and offered to let her join us.

Jules had been slowly undressing while I had been saying this and was now just standing in her underwear. This was a fairly cute pink bra and panties set and was strikingly different from her usual attire (for a start she had underwear on), but I later found out that Lucy had suggested presenting her as a gentler, cuter Jules that might be less intimidating. I have to admit, that with the cute undies and her longer hair (which was no longer pink/green) she actually looked quite different and a fair bit more appealing. Peter still hadn’t said anything, but didn’t look quite so scared and I moved around behind Jules and slipped my hands under her bra and pushed it off to expose her breasts. I then slid my hand down her panties and stroked her while teasing one of her nipples, then asked Peter if he wanted both of us to join him in bed.

He now looked much more eager and didn’t stop me when I slowly pulled the covers off him. Jules saw his cock and climbed onto the bed, immediately engulfing it with her mouth. I climbed up behind her and slid a couple of fingers into her and slowly fucked her while she sucked away. I asked if he wanted to watch us play with each other and he did, so we spent a few minutes fingering, kissing and sucking nipples and cunts. Jules and I then took turns sitting over him and sliding back and forth against his cock while the other one fondled his balls or gave him a pair of breasts to suck on.

He was obviously really enjoying himself and was humping against Jules when the inevitable happened and he slipped into her. To his credit, he did pull out and apologise and we switched places so I was on top of him. I pushed myself harder against his cock and slowly rubbed my pussy up and down the whole length. When I could feel the head between my lips, I moved my hips in small circles until I could feel he was (roughly) properly positioned and then pushed back. I felt his cock pop into my cunt and I whispered to him that it was just for a little bit, then I pushed back so he slid the whole way in. As promised, I didn’t let him stay inside me for long and when I climbed off, Jules said that I was being unfair, so I wasn’t at all surprised when she slid down onto him as well and pumped up and down a few times. Peter said he was getting close, so I got Jules to sit up so I could whisper to her without him hearing. She agreed with my plan and dismounted him and said it was time to finish him off.

We lay on either side of him and glued out mouths around his cock. I could taste Jules on him and we kissed and licked around the head until he let out a moan and I could feel his cock twitching. We pulled back to admire our handiwork (or mouthiwork) and could see a generous amount of cum trapped in the condom. We asked if he had enjoyed it and he said he had, so we offered to put on some after-show entertainment. Jules and I 69ed with me lying on the bottom and Julia’s ass pointing towards Peter. I spread her lips and licked her, trying to let him see as much as possible, then pushed my face against her cunt and went for the kill. Jules was doing a very good job on me and I moaned into her cunt as I started to cum, but carried on licking her. I had finished before she came, but this meant I could concentrate on her and make sure she enjoyed herself.

Jules rolled off me and we looked up at Peter who had removed the condom and was sitting stroking his cock. I asked if he thought he could cum again and he said he could, so we offered him a target – Jules and I lay beside each other and kissed, while playing with each other’s breasts and pussies and told him to say when he was getting close. This didn’t take long and I told him to tell us that he wanted to cover our tits with his cum. He did this and I got him to repeat it in a number of ways while we offered him lots of encouragement. We were rewarded with a few squirts of cum that we rubbed in to each other and I then rubbed my breasts directly against his cock.

He was kicked out fairly quickly after this, but as Lucy has suggested, he didn’t seem to mind. Jules and I washed each other off and the rest of the group returned while we were in the shower. We gave them a summary of what had happened and said that we presumed he was happy as he had got to (semi) fuck two girls at once, but we thought we could do better next time. Jen said that we had taken longer than she expected (I didn’t think we’d been long at all) and we would have to hurry for the next thing. I was given some clothes to put on and we headed out while Jules returned to Mel, but said she would see us later.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fireworks - Part 2

I'm leaving Mike for the weekend to go down and visit Jen tomorrow. I don't think we have much planned for the weekend but I'm sure Jen will find something for me to do... Back to November...


We then fucked with me leaning against the window looking out – the room was dark enough that I doubt anyone could see Mike, but it still felt naughty enough to be fun and he used an egg on my clit while sliding into me from behind. He threatened to fuck my ass, saying that we hadn’t done the triple for quite a while (mouth, cunt and ass in one session), but he didn’t think he would be able to cum again after that time, so decided to just stay in my nice warm little snatch (his words) and fill me with more cum. I came before he did this time and he was going to try to hold back until I came again, but I decided that I would need a break, so just let him finish off in me. He pushed as far in as he could and stayed buried in me only moving slightly. I tried to contract around him, but he could only feel it lower down on his shaft and not on the head. He still managed to cum though and then told me to be a good little girl and lick him clean, which I duly did.
It was getting close to Mike’s leaving time so we headed in to town (once I’d changed back in to my normal clothes) and grabbed a quick bite to eat. He gave me a further quick fondle at the station (have I mentioned the good thing about long coats!) and headed back to York. Later that night, we had a three way conversation including Jen and she gave us the details of what she and Lis had been up to.

Lis had arrived on the Friday night and had gone out with Jen’s friends (who had been told to behave themselves). Lis had seen Julia being fondled a little bit by Mel, but nothing too bad (and she knows most of what I’ve had to do with Jen so it wasn’t too much of a surprise). Lucy and Romona had been at the house that night and so Lis and Jen were very quiet when doing things. They had gone to bed naked (what other way is there) and curled up together. Jen’s fingers quickly found Lis’ pussy and she told her that she wanted to eat her, which Lis was more than happy to allow. Jen gave Lis the full benefit of her long tongue and scoured Lis’ pussy out before concentrating on her clit and making her cum. She kitty kissed her for a while afterwards and they then switched places.

Lis tried to do the same to Jen’s pussy (pushing her tongue as deep inside as she could reach), but Jen asked her just to use her normal quick flicking method as it felt so good. Jen held Lis’ head in place while she came (not that Lis was trying to pull away) and gave her instructions on kitty kissing once her orgasm had finished. Lis eagerly did as she was told (she seems to like the way Jen tastes as much as I do) and they then curled up together again. Jen spooned against Lis’ back and she slipped an arm under Lis so she could fondle her breasts (sort of) and used her other hand on Lis’ pussy. Lis ended up turning around so she could fondle Jen and then kissed while playing with each other’s pussies and each came again. Jen then spooned against Lis and they fell asleep while Jen whispered to Lis how cute she was and how pretty her little pussy was.

Jen woke Lis up in the morning in our usual way and Lis said that she could certainly get used to being woken like that. Jen explored Lis’ pussy and used a couple of fingers in her. As Lis got more aroused, Jen rubbed around her asshole with her other hand and gently pressed the tip of a finger in as she came. Lis panted her way through her orgasm and when she said she was ready to switch places, Jen told her to stay where she was and she fetched a couple of toys before climbing over Lis in a 69 position. Lis pulled Jen’s pussy to her mouth and Jen buried her face back between Lis’ legs. They ate each other and Jen then slipped a vibe into Lis and fucked her with it while flicking her tongue over her clit. Lis asked if she could have something to use on Jen and Jen passed a vibe back to her, then felt Lis slide it in. When Jen got close to cumming, she asked Lis to pull the vibe out and flick her tongue over her clit. Jen pushed her pussy hard against Lis’ face and rubbed back and forth as she came, making quite a mess. Jen then decided that she wanted Lis to ride her face so she climbed off, lay on her back and got Lis to sit upright over her. Jen held Lis tight against her mouth and got her to hump her face while she licked away. Lis said that she heard Lucy and Ramona going downstairs while she was getting close to cumming, but didn’t think they heard anything as Lis is still quite quiet.

After wiping themselves clean, they went down and joined the others for breakfast, then took turns showering before going up to get dressed. Lis tried to give Jen her dress back (the blue one that I had leant her) but Jen said she wanted to see Lis wearing it. Jen helped her put it on over her naked body and then got her to sit on the bed while she slid the matching socks up her legs and made sure they were on properly. Jen lifted Lis’ legs up onto the bed and spread them, then gently stroked the inside of her thighs. She undid a couple of buttons at the bottom of the dress and folded the material out of the way and asked Lis if she could take a picture. When Jen promised that nobody would see it (other than me), Lis relented but only on the condition that she was allowed equivalent pictures of us (for insurance). Jen took a picture of Lis in that pose with her legs spread and then suggested she undo a few buttons at the top of the dress. It wasn’t enough to fully expose her breasts, but looked incredibly sexy as the material fell to the sides exposing down to the top of her cute little breasts. Jen got a picture of her like that.

She told Lis that the outfit looked so good on her that she should keep it and managed to get Lis to agree to this. Jen was about to undo more of the dress and have a play with Lis’ breasts when Lucy knocked on the door and asked if they wanted to head into town. Jen went out and closed the door behind her and said that Lis would join them in a minute, but they had spent all the time doing each other’s hair and Lis still needed to get dressed (which was sort of true). Lis emerged a few minutes later and they headed into town – on the way Jen quietly asked Lis if she had put any panties on and Lis told her that she was still only wearing the dress and socks.

They met up with people for coffee and Lis got to see Mel teasing Julia a bit more. She managed to rub Julia’s pussy but couldn’t get a long enough uninterrupted period to make her cum (so much for them agreeing to be well behaved around Lis). After a bit of shopping, they returned home for dinner and all headed out again for the evening. Lis saw Julia being teased a lot more and she managed to cum this time, tucked away in the corner of a busy pub with the gang acting as s shield around her. They then went back to someone’s house and Mel asked Lis (as the new person) if she minded Julia being naked. Lis was a bit unsure, but Jen reassured her and Julia had her top removed so a couple of the guys could play with her breasts. They played a few drinking games and jen noticed that Ramona didn’t drink to ‘I’m boring and have underwear on’. Lis didn’t drink to that either and Jen noted that she would need to be punished for lying.

Julia had another couple play with her breasts again later on (one guy, one girl), but this time they seemed to be more effective and she ended up obviously aroused, so was told to play with herself. Lis said that she couldn’t see everything as she was off to the side, but could see enough to know that Julia was actually fingering herself in front of everyone and was amazed by this (as if that’s the worst thing she’s ever done). When she told me this, I thought it was quite sweet how innocent she was (Lis, not Julia – nobody could ever describe Julia as innocent).

When it was time to leave, Lucy said she was staying over at Ramona’s place as Ramona had another drama class the next morning and had things she needed at home. This meant that Jen and Lis had the place to themselves again and on the way back, Jen told Lis she fully intended to take full advantage of the situation. As soon as they got in, Jen was going to tear Lis’ dress of, but Lis said she really liked it and so unbuttoned it, but allowed Jen to peel it off and throw it over the banister. Jen thought the long light blue socks looked good on Lis so told her to leave them on. Jen stripped off and knelt down to eat Lis who stood leaning against the front door. Jen kept encouraging Lis to be louder and managed to get her to moan ‘oh fuck’ a few times as she came. Jen then stood up and kissed her, pushing her tongue deep into Lis’ mouth and asking if she liked the way she tasted. Lis blushed a bit at this, but Jen told her not to be embarrassed and to relish the fact that she had such a sweet tasting cunt.

They headed up to Jen’s room and shared a double ended dildo – Jen did most of the work at the start, but Lis became more enthusiastic as the session progressed and they were both working it back and forth by the time they came. Lis then asked Jen about her use of toys and Jen showed her our collection. I think Lis thought that most of them were there because of me, but Jen told her that she enjoyed using them every bit as much as I did. They chatted about this a while longer and I think I now understand a bit more about Lis – she seems to want to be a ‘proper’ lesbian and is under the misguided impression that this shouldn’t require use of anything shaped like a penis. Jen got Lis to admit that she does actually like the way that they feel and Jen explained that there is no such thing as a proper lesbian (and even if there was, using things that feel good to masturbate with wouldn’t make any difference to that).

Jen seems to be becoming almost as insatiable as I am (although it might have just been because Lis was there) and she ended up eating Lis one more time. Lis did the same back to Jen afterwards and then wanted to go and clean up, but Jen convinced her that it was more fun falling asleep covered in each other’s juices. They chatted a bit more about sexuality and Jen espoused my theory that nobody (or very few people) are completely ‘straight’. Maybe it’s just hanging around with the LGBT crowd and the people at the sex parties, but a lot more people seem to be bi or at least willing to give things a try than I had ever thought. (No, I didn’t think I was the only person ever to have gone through the ‘desire to experiment’ stage, but it seemed like such a big thing to me at the time – and now I can report that the experiment was a resounding success!)

Jen woke Lis up the next day by eating her again and Lis came with her legs wrapped around Jen’s head. Jen kitty kissed her for a while after that and flicked her tongue across her ass a number of times. Lis asked if Jen really enjoyed doing that and thought she would find it dirty, but Jen just asked Lis if she liked the way it felt, and when Lis admitted that she did, Jen said that she was happy to do it. They then kissed and Jen humped against Lis for a while until Lis slipped a couple of fingers in to Jen and played with her clit. Jen asked Lis to do the flicky thing with her tongue so Lis went down on Jen and got her off fairly quickly (she was quite far along before the licking started). Jen said that they really were quite messy by the time the morning session had finished but she exaggerated this by wiping her hand over Lis’ pussy and rubbing it over her breasts, then doing the same to Lis with her pussy juice. Lis seemed to be getting into the spirit of things and agreed to go down to breakfast naked (Lucy wasn’t meant to be coming back until after lunch).

Once they had eaten (breakfast), they showered together and Jen used the pulse spray on Lis to make her cum. They then dressed for the day and headed out to meet people for lunch before Lis had to head back. Julia got another minor teasing, but not a proper one (she didn’t cum), and on the way to the station, Lis kept asking why she let Mel do those things to her. Jen explained that she enjoyed it just as much as I enjoy Jen teasing me and the next time that Lis visited while I was here, she would give a proper demonstration in front of everyone. Lis said that she liked the sound of that (as did I when I found out – Lis knows enough about my fetishes that she may as well see everything).

I had a long chat with Lis once she had returned to York and found out a fair amount about the weekend from her point of view (Jen had of course already told me what had happened, but a second source is always useful). I got less graphic descriptions from Lis, but I could tell that she had really enjoyed the time and I told her I was looking forwards to the next time I saw her.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Fireworks - Part 1

I now have Mike back with me, which means he can tease me while I write. It's much easier having here to help get the events in the right order while writing, but will be a bit distracting when I'm writing a post about Jen and he just wants to play...


At the start of November, Mike came up to visit me. As had been arranged the previous weekend, Lis had gone to visit Jen (which Mike was somewhat disappointed about as he had hoped to get her to come along with him and finger me with him watching and maybe even share a bed with us – which I doubt Lis would have gone for anyway). After everything we’d been doing though, it was nice to have a weekend with just the two of us and it gave us a chance to make proper plans about what we would do when he started his new job in January and we finally got to live together again.

Mike wasn’t looking forwards to the weekends up there as I had agreed that most of the time I would go down to see Jen, but she agreed that she would come up a few times and he always had the promise of the fact that once her course ended, he would be living with both of us full time (depending on Jen’s job situation) so he thought he could cope with 6 months of slight hardship (and the promise of sex every day during the week also helped offset the hardship).

We went out for drinks on the Friday night and caught up with people from my work. When we got back home, Mike stripped off my clothes and got to see what was left of my Halloween decorations – mostly faded black splodges by that point – and he said it looked like I’d been fighting and was covered in bruises. I was bent over his knee and had my ass slapped a few times until it was tender and Mike then slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy and fucked me with them. I could feel his cock pressing against my front and suggested we go up and do things properly but he said he wanted to try out the squirting thing first.

I was fine with this and once we got things set up, I settled down on the bed and Mike followed along with the video (as I had done with Jen). It was definitely a good orgasm, but I still didn’t squirt (and I somehow I don’t think it is because I’m too repressed). Mike said that he thought I felt slightly wetter than usual and went down on me to check it out properly, then moved up my body and pushed his cock into me. He stayed pressed deep into me while we kissed and then I wrapped my legs around him and we fucked. I really love doing this with the curtains open (I always have my bedroom curtains open – day and night) as I could look out at the windows opposite and wonder if anyone was watching us (we keep the lights on so we can see what we’re doing and make it easier for anyone who does want to watch).

After a couple of positions, I ended up on my stomach with him pushing into me from behind and rubbing my clit (Sue’s favourite position) and he humped me until we had both cum, then stayed on top of me and kissed the back and sides of my neck (which are nowhere near as sensitive as the front, but still feels nice). I squeezed myself around him to keep him hard so that when we finally decided to fall asleep, we could spoon. Mike woke me in the morning by eating me (he is a lot more used to eating his cum out of me now) and after I had ridden his cock so he came (and I came again), we got ready for a day of wandering to look for new larger places to rent. I had arranged a couple of viewings, but it was mostly just checking out areas and deciding where we could easily got to work and into town from.

We had an early dinner out and went along to the firework display. Mike had brought a change of clothes for me and before we left the restaurant, I used the toilets to change into a very short skirt and black hold-ups. My coat covered the skirt and we stood a distance away from the main display, down by the river. I leant against the railings, facing the river and Mike stood behind me. As we watched the fireworks, he reached around and lifted the front of my skirt so he could gently play with my clit. I was ooh-ing and aah-ing for a different reason to the people watching the fireworks and it felt really good. I could feel his cock pressing up against me through my coat and as the display got near the end, he rubbed my clit more until I came. It wasn’t times with the grand finale, but on the plus side, it meant I wasn’t distracted so could actually watch and enjoy the pretty lights!

We headed home afterwards, stopping off for a drink along the way. When we got home, Mike suggested that we spend the rest of the night in bed playing. I liked the sound of this but he then explained that he really meant just playing and not actually cumming. I thought it would get too frustrating, but he said the idea wasn’t to really tease each other, but to just have a sensual night that would be sexual, but not actually having sex. It sounded intriguing and we agreed that if one of us got to the point of really needing to cum, then we would do things properly.

We stripped off, crawled under the covers and started off my gently touching each other all over. This moved on to kissing and more stroking and I could feel Mike’s cock pressing against my stomach. He said he would demonstrate what he had in mind and I lay back to let him kiss me all over. Of course, he spent quite a while on my breasts, but also kissed and licked along my sides and arms, then legs and thighs. I got the occasional lick on my pussy and just before I had to turn over, he spread my lips and licked along my inner lips a few times. He then did the same to my back, ass, backs of legs and shoulders. While he was kissing my shoulders, I could feel the head of his cock nudging against my pussy and ass, but he didn’t try to push into me and i got turned over onto my front again.

I felt very aroused and could have easily fucked, but copied what he had done to me and kissed and stroked across his front, spent a little time gently kissing and nibbling his cock (but not sucking properly) and then did his back. He turned over onto his back again and I sat over him with his cock nestled between my pussy lips and we kissed deeply. I couldn’t help sliding back and forth, and I wasn’t the only one moving, but we decided if we stayed in that position, he would easily slip into me, so we lay on our sides facing each other. We spent a couple of hours tracing fingers and tongues over each other’s bodies and rubbed together quite a bit. At one point, Mike was on top and had his cock pressed firmly against the length of my pussy and I nearly reached the point of giving in, but I had really been enjoying our ‘non-sexual’ evening and wanted it to last, so I moved and gently kissed his cock, tasting my juices in the process. I could tell Mike was as aroused as I was as the head of his cock was a deep purple and the shaft felt very hard – I flicked the glans a few times with my tongue before moving away so he didn’t get too carried away.

Mike challenged me to keep going and not cum until the following morning and I agreed to try. We ended up in the missionary position with my legs wrapped around him and him inside me while we kissed, but didn’t move too much and he pulled out after a couple of minutes. We finished the evening off by spooning and I flexed myself around him while he slowly moved. We knew that we could both have happily fucked, but there was something very sensual about not doing so (sort of like in Peep Show, where the ultimate taboo was *not* having sex – or in our case not actually cumming). I could feel Mike pressing hard into me, not really moving, but I could feel the head sliding back and forth a little as he relaxed and then pushed against my ass again. I asked him if he wanted to cum and he said he did, but we’d done so well, so we should wait. I was surprised to find out that I wasn’t too disappointed, but told him that we would have to make up for it in the morning.

I had nice dreams and when I woke up in the morning, I was imagining I was suckling on Clare’s (one of my friends) nipples. It had felt incredibly real and I realised that my pussy felt somewhat wet, so I was pleased to find that Mike had been (or still was) having equally nice dreams as he had a stiff erection. I stroked him until he woke up and told him I wanted to fuck. He convinced me to carry on with what we had been doing the previous night – just for a little while – and we did so, but this time we knew that it would end properly.

This time when Mike slid in to me, I told him I wasn’t going to let him go and he didn’t object so our movements gradually changed from the slow gentle ones, to proper fucking. Mike kissed and licked my neck as I got closer to cumming and kept fucking me through my orgasm until he emptied himself into me. Both of us had pretty strong orgasms, but I knew that I wanted more (after a brief rest), so told him I would return with breakfast. When I stood up, a lot of cum dribbled out of my cunt and ran down my legs but I love this feeling so didn’t do anything to clean it up and just let it continue to dribble out while I gathered things for breakfast.

I popped into the bathroom on the way back and tied my hair up in bunches before I returned with a tray. We drank some orange juice to get energy before moving on to the real breakfast. Mike fed me some yoghurt with his cock (dip and suck) and then had his helping off my pussy and nipples. We lay top to tail and he fingered me while I jacked him off, then we moved on to using tongues, but not on clit or glans. We teased each other for a while longer and then decided that we were ready for round two. This was a bit more forceful than the earlier fuck with me kneeling on the bed and Mike taking me from behind, but holding my upper body off the bed by holding onto my arms. He slammed into me really hard and I could feel my breasts swinging back and forth as I moved. My arms began to ache a little, but the feeling in my pussy distracted me so we carried on until we both came (it took a little longer for me than usual as I had no clit stimulation, but our fucking was energetic end exciting enough to overcome this slight drawback).

We went had had a coffee to relax for a while and Mike sat under the table and ate me while I sent some emails. At first he was just doing gentle kissing around my pussy, but after a while I wanted more so scooched forwards on my chair and he ate me properly while I finished a blog post and got it out. I was nearly lunchtime by the time we had finished and so we decided to give Jen a call and see how her and Lis were doing. They were chatting with Lucy and Ramona so we said we would talk to them later and Mike and I got up and shared a shower to clean up. While rinsing off my pussy, Mike decided that I could probably cum again, so we turned the pressure up and he used the pulse spray while I held my lips apart to give him direct access to my clit. I love the feeling of the hot water strumming on my clit and I came for him (and me) and then let him rinse off my hair while I caught my breath. I offered to shower his cock, but he said he would be happy with a goodbye fuck before he left, so we left the shower and got dressed. I put the bunches back in my hair as Mike liked them and then decided to give him a treat and changed into my Japanese Schoolgirl uniform.

This convinced him that he wanted to fuck again and after letting him kiss my inner thighs and nuzzle against my panties for a while, I slipped them off, pushed him onto the bed and rode him. We were a bit more careful this time after our slight accident the previous time we’d used this position, but by the end I was still moving up and down a good length of Mike’s shaft and he was plunging into me as I slammed down against him. He asked me to rub my clit and cum as loudly as I could and this helped to make the whole thing even more fun as I described what I could feel with his cock plunging into my cunt over and over. We tried to time our orgasms and got fairly close. I then fell forwards onto Mike and held his arms on the bed while we kissed and I continued to ride him. He did a fairly good job of lasting seeing as I know how sensitive his cock is just after cumming, but he couldn’t go straight on to round two so I slowed down and just squeezed myself around him until I coaxed him back to life.