Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Break Up

I'm at Jen's parents' house for the weekend. We've just had our morning session and Jen is still kitty kissing me. I reacquainted myself with her brother last night in a somewhat messy way (but he enjoyed it) and hope to do something more with him tonight...


Late-mid November – I headed down to York and arrived earlier than usual so we had a chance to do things before heading out to meet up with friends. I had hoped to show him my temporary tattoo but it had faded quite a bit. He could still make out the ‘teeth’ around my pussy and said that it looked somewhat unnerving, but he managed to overcome his fear and still slid his cock into me. We sat on the sofa and fucked for a while with me riding up and down on his cock and Mike kissed my neck (I like that position). As I got closer to cumming, I turned around so Mike could reach around me and play with my clit and once I’d cum, I lay on the sofa and Mike jerked himself off and sprayed his cum all over my front. He had been saving up for a couple of days so there was a fair amount and I rubbed it in to my skin before too much could run off my body. We couldn’t spend too long and I started to get dressed, but Mike pushed a remote egg into my cunt before we set off. He used this throughout the evening, but sparingly, so it always made me jump when he turned it on. Vicky guessed that something was up and I whispered to her what Mike was doing to me. I later told him that she knew and he discreetly handed her the remote and I was subjected to a few minutes of the egg on high power before she gave it back.

On the way home, Mike said he wanted to eat me so when arrived, we headed straight upstairs and I made myself comfortable on the bed with a couple of pillows under my ass to make it easier for Mike. He knelt between my legs and said that he wanted to spent a while re-exploring my cunt and I didn’t object to this at all so he started to kiss and lick around it. He teased me for quite a while before moving on to the inner lips and then pushing his tongue into me. He still mostly avoided my clit and managed to get me aroused enough that he said he could see my juices leaking out of me. I wasn’t anywhere near as wet as Jen gets, but when he spread my lips, I could feel a few drops of moisture run out and over my ass.

Mike licked these up and teased me some more before starting to pay real attention to my clit. He fingered me a little while doing this but it was mostly his tongue that was stimulating me and I told him how good it felt and how close I was getting to cumming. I decided that I wanted Jen to hear me cum and gave her a call. She was out with her friends so she couldn’t talk much (not that her friends would mind, but other people around her might not have approved of the conversation) but she listened in as I got closer and closer to cumming and the phone got passed around the group. I was aware that other people were listening, but as they’ve all seen me cum multiple times I didn’t care but made sure that the phone was handed back to Jen for my actual orgasm. Jen said that she would call back later as she had some news and I lay enjoying the afterglow of my orgasm and Mike’s kitty kissing.

Mike crawled up my body and slipped in to me while we kissed. I told him I wanted to try kitty kissing him (not that he has a pussy, but ‘cocky kissing’ doesn’t sound right for what it is) and he said that was fine, but wanted to feel inside me again for a while. He moved fairly gently and I contracted myself around him. He stayed fairly deep inside me and used short strokes and I wrapped my legs around him to keep him inside. When he got close to cumming, he sat on the edge of the bed and I knelt between his legs so I could kiss and suck his cock. Just before he came, I changed to flicking the head with my tongue and once he had emptied his load over my face, I changed again to just gently kissing the head and taking very gentle sucks (his cock is very sensitive just after he cums). With a bit of practice, I found the right pressure to use and managed to keep him hard for quite a while. Mike thought it was an incredibly sexy experience – the sight of me with cum covering my face and the feeling of gentle stimulation was something he said he really enjoyed and we should do more often.

He wasn’t able to fuck me again, but we spooned and he used an egg on my clit and then stayed pressed up against me while we dozed off. We were woken at about 1 when Jen called back and we found out that Lucy and Ramona had split up. I was really surprised by this as they had seemed find just the weekend before, but Jen said that she didn’t really understand what had happened either. Lucy was really quite upset and I offered to go down and see if I could help (actually help, not try to ‘comfort’ her), but Jen said that she and Lis would give it a go and let me know if I could do anything. We went back to sleep after the call and slept fairly well.

I woke up in the morning with Mike still lying against my back (either we didn’t move much in the night or managed to manoeuvre ourselves back into that position). I reached down and gently played with myself while slowly squirming my ass against Mike’s crotch. I felt him begin to harden and slipped a finger between my lips so I could rub myself until he was ready. I had hoped to get him inside me before he woke up, but as he got fully hard, he started to move back against me and said ‘good morning’. I spread my lips and told him to get inside, which he did, and we pushed against each other until he was the whole way in. We had another slow gentle deep fuck and Mike took over playing with my clit.

I was going to call Jen to let her listen in, but I wasn’t sure how Lis would react. Jen and I have had phone sex with her a number of times, but I didn’t know what she would think about hearing Mike fucking me (or having him hear her if Jen did things to her). It turned out to be just as well that we didn’t call as they were still asleep after having been up late talking with Lucy. They had also decided not to tell Lucy about our involvement with Lis as they didn’t think that she would want to hear it after just having broken up. This meant that when Jen and Lis did things, they had to be quiet again, but Lis didn’t seem to mind as much.

Mike had arranged for us to meet up with Sara and Emily from the sex party. He’d had coffee with them a couple of times and they said it would be nice to see me. I was quite eager to see Sara especially as I like redheads (Jen’s hair has a slight reddish tinge to it, but she doesn’t quite count as a true redhead). I chose my outfit carefully as Mike had told me that Sara was actually a relatively conservative girl (or as conservative as someone who goes along to an orgy can be) and he thinks that she only went there to please Emily and then got a bit carried away (they hadn’t been dating long). I wasn’t going to change the way I dressed completely, but I decided to do with something cute as opposed to anything too daring or slutty so wore a white top with a light blue skirt, socks and matching(ish) bra. I took a pair of panties with me, but that was for something after coffee and had nothing on under my skirt when we set off.

Mike had relayed the content of his previous conversations with Sara and Emily to me so I knew a little about them and it felt quite comfortable when we met. I had been a bit concerned that if Sara was as shy as Mike had made out, it would be awkward since the last (and first) time I saw her, we had eaten each other, but we chatted about a whole range of things and only mentioned ‘the party’ after a while. Sara blushed a bit but Emily just gave her a big hug and said that she had done really well. They both knew that Mike thought Sara was really pretty and I told them that he seems to have a thing for lesbians and how he really wanted to do things with Jen (he had explained our situation to them previously). I nearly mentioned Lis as well, but thought better of it just in case they knew her or ended up being supervised by her (however unlikely that was).

We discussed the next party and they assured me that they would be there – I told them that they would get a chance to meet Jen as she had agreed to come along and experience it (after over a year of encouragement, I had finally broken her and she had admitted that she was curious to see what it would be like). Emily asked if I was willing to share Jen the same way I did with Mike (not everyone at the parties has sex with people other than their partners, there are a few couples who go just so they can do things with other people watching, which is what Mike and I did for the first couple of times) and I said that if Jen saw someone she wanted to play with, then she could do so (although I also had a few plans of my own to get revenge for some of the things she has made me do when I visit her).

I mentioned the ‘special’ party to them along with the conditions that everyone had to have an up to date test (to show they were clean) and Emily seemed interested. I really wanted to be able to taste Sara properly and very nearly told her that as encouragement, but could tell she wasn’t quite as keen so I decided to leave the encouraging to Emily and just said that I was looking forward to it and hope they arranged it soon.

We talked about more mundane things and arranged to meet up the next time I visited (Mike was going to see them before then). Once we had split up, I headed off to find a toilet so I could prepare for the rest of the trip to town. The reason I had taken a pair of panties with me was so I could have a vegetable day. We had prepared a courgette (thoroughly washed and cleaned), and I inserted this into my pussy, then pulled on the panties and pulled them up tight to help hold it in. The courgette made a large bulge in my panties, but my skirt easily hid this (unless I bent over in an exaggerated way). We wandered around town and sat in a few places (sitting was fine as long as I did it carefully), then decided to move on to the next phase. We headed to one of the out of town sex shops (York has a surprisingly large number of adult shops for such a small city) and we looked at the various toys, magazines and DVDs (I still have no idea why people pay that much for porn when the internet is available).

I chose my target and headed over, leaving Mike to watch. I did my usual trick of bending over to let my skirt ride up and my panties show, but this time, the bulge of the courgette was visible. I reached between my legs to make sure it was seated in my pussy properly and then stood up. I looked back at the guy and he had certainly been looking so I knelt down, half facing him and pulled the front of my skirt up my thighs. I gripped the end of the courgette, still hidden in my panties and moved it in and out slightly – I couldn’t move it much but it felt nice and I looked up at the guy watching me. I was about to pull my panties to the side so I could use it properly when I was interrupted by the owner (or cashier) and told to come out. I had quickly flipped my skirt down as soon as he had said anything, but I knew he had seen I’d been playing with myself and I was going to apologise when he accused me of having stolen a dildo. He had noticed that we’d been looking at them before and thought that I’d taken one and had pushed it inside me while hiding. The fact that he’d seen a bulge in my panties and me quickly trying to cover up had just made him suspect me more.

There was only one way I could see to get myself out of trouble and I told him it wasn’t a dildo while I reached under my skirt, pulled my panties to the side (not as easy to do while standing up) and slid the courgette partly out. I then lifted the front of my skirt and told him I was sorry and had just been playing. He (and Mike) were probably the only people who could actually see the courgette, but the fact that everyone in the shop knew I had been up to something felt quite exhilarating. I went to slide the courgette back in and was sort of hoping that I might be able to put on a little show, but he told us to get out. I tried to push it back in while walking, but that was never going to work and I ended up having to slide it the whole way out and leave the shop with a somewhat sticky courgette in my hand. I put it back in my bag (in a bag) and was a bit disappointed that I hadn’t got to at least play with myself properly, let alone cum, but it was the first time in years that we’d got a bad response from our games and we just headed somewhere we could continue.

We found a suitable location for me to wipe the courgette down and slide it back into me and then headed back into town. The way it moved as I walked felt really nice, especially when I took long strides or skipped (although I did have to pull my panties up tight a couple more times). I wasn’t going to cum from it, but was certainly getting aroused and kept it in for a while before it began to irritate. Getting it out was much easier as I just popped into a changing room to remove it (along with my panties), then rejoined Mike so we could head home with food for dinner.

He helped to rinse me out and we changed our original plan to eat the courgette with dinner as it had gone slightly soft, so Mike just ate me instead (he jets my juices and I get to cum – so everyone is happy). We then met up with friends and had a fun night out (although not as much fun as it would have been if Lis had been around to flirt with and then take home afterwards). Jo had split up with her boyfriend a few days before and while I knew I wasn’t going to get to comfort her either (at least not in the way I would have liked), I helped people keep her distracted and amused throughout the evening.

We still stopped off on the way home in one of our usual alleyways and Mike stripped me naked. I put my coat back on in case we were discovered/interrupted (and to keep warm – it was mild for the time of year, but still November), but had it undone so he could play with me. We ended up going further than we had intended and I was fucked up against the wall. At first I was standing on the ground, but we thought that we should do it properly and I ended up holding on to Mike’s shoulders, wrapping my legs around him and him holding me up. I could feel his fingers moving around my ass but he couldn’t really play with me as he was busy keeping me up. I told him to cum in me but he wanted me to cum as well and kept trying, but without any additional stimulation he couldn’t quite manage it and ended up having to cum inside me before I came. When he pulled out of me, his cum started to leak down my legs and he rubbed my clit to get me off. We then walked home holding hands while I used my other hand to hold my coat shut (I could have done it up, but it was more fun that way).

We gave Jen, Lis and Lucy a call when we got home and I had a long chat with Lucy and found out that Jen and Lis were taking good care of her (not in *that* way). Mike was still trying to make up for not being able to fuck an orgasm out of me and after wiping away his cum (most of which had dribbled out during the rest of our walk home) he went down on me and lapped away at my cunt until I came. I think I managed to keep my voice fairly steady and just listened to Lucy during my actual orgasm. We then retired to bed and he spooned with me with I finished my conversation and fucked me a bit more vigorously while I chatted to Jen and Lis. I didn’t bother hiding the fact that I was having something done to me from Lis as I had plans that I hoped to involve her in (and was horny enough that I wasn’t really thinking about it anyway). Neither of us came until after I had hung up and we finished off with me on top, riding Mike’s cock and then lying on him so we could kiss and he could pound into me. He was still trying to make up for the alleyway and so gave me a hard fucking until I had cum before he allowed himself to cum in me. I gently licked his cock clean and we snuggled up to fall asleep.

In the morning, he ate me awake, we fucked and then headed down for breakfast. I wasn’t going to see him for a while so we spent the whole day naked together (not having sex the whole time). We tried out the squirting video again and it still felt really good, but I didn’t cover him with my juices. I think I was beginning to feel something but we didn’t quite get there (the practice is good fun though). We showered together and Mike fingered me again. By this point I actually needed to pee and he told me to wait until I came and to let go. Despite my practice doing this with Jen, I felt a little embarrassed about doing it with him, but not embarrassed enough to let it stop me and I came with his fingers pumping into me and sprayed everywhere. At least being in the shower meant it was easy to clean off and I leant back against Mike while he helped rub my front. I could feel his cock pressing against my ass and told him that he could take my ass as a going away present (even though I was the one leaving).

He liked this idea and I leant forwards so he could push into me. I didn’t expect to cum again, but Mike is fairly insistent that I cum at least once for every time he does so he ended up aiming the pulse spray at my clit (or aiming as best he could while fucking my ass) and I could feel my body starting to respond, so I took a hold of the shower head and we knelt down in the bath. Between the spray, my fingers and Mike’s cock I could feel another orgasm building. Mike came in my ass but stayed there until I had cum. I didn’t think I could do much more so we finished cleaning ourselves off and went to rest before it was time to head off to the station.

Mike dared me to wear just my long coat, but I didn’t think it would be comfortable while sitting on the train so I put on one of my usual outfits. I was tasked with cumming on the train, but it was too busy so I had to wait until I got home (and the rest was probably a good thing). I called Jen as soon as I arrived to find out what she and Lis had got up to – it had been a relatively subdued weekend, but they had played a lot in her bed and Jen had got Lis to practice her dirty talk and she whispered some quite explicit instructions to Jen without showing any signs of blushing.

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