Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A busy weekend...

This follows on from the previous post - J as she said, Jen had planned a cum-filled weekend for me...

I was taken to a lecture and we got seats near the back. It was easier with a larger group to make sure that nobody else sat on our row and once the lecture was underway, Jen handed me a dildo and said I had to swap it for my skirt, so with a bit of wiggling, I slid my skirt down my legs and handed it to Jen. I spread my legs and used the dildo to slowly fuck myself (no point in finishing too soon and just sitting there). I really wanted to close my eyes and savour the feeling, but that might have drawn the lecturer’s attention, so I pretended to be looking at him and just concentrated on my pussy. As I got close to cumming, I couldn’t resist rubbing my clit and I had a pretty good orgasm but I’m quite practiced at being quiet when needed.

Even though I’d tried to take things slowly, I’d only spent about 20 minutes so we spent the rest of the lecture passing notes back and forth. Jen wouldn’t give me my skirt back until the end and waited until people were wandering up the stairs. She almost dropped it and by the time she had given it to me, I knew I wouldn’t be able to get it on, so I pushed it back into her back and just did my coat up. Unfortunaely it wasn’t my long coat, but it was long enough that it just looked like I had a short skirt hidden underneath it (it actually looked like I didn’t have a skirt on, but I assumed that most people would assume that I had a short one on).

We headed for lunch and Jen decided that as I had refused my skirt, I obviously didn’t need it, so had to sit at lunch with the bottom part of my coat done up. It really wasn’t long enough for me to sit in, but nobody saw anything (or if they did, they didn’t say anything). Jen picked a target for me and just before we left, I had to lift a leg up onto a chair so I could straighten out one of my boots. This raised my coat and completely exposed my pussy to a guy who was sitting reading. I pretended that I didn’t know I was giving him a good view and fiddled with my boot, then lowered my leg and pulled my coat down before slowly wandering out with the others.

Jen said that it was time for my next mission and we called Mel and Jules to meet up. I was told to put my skirt back on in a side street and we headed to a tattoo parlour while Jen explained that Jules had been considering getting a tattoo. I told her that I didn’t want to do anything permanent and Jen said not to worry – or maybe to worry a little bit, but not for that reason. I found out that this task had been inspired by people having painted the Halloween decorations on me (along with Julia’s desire for a tattoo) and we watched while Jules got a temporary tattoo painted on her lower back, just extending down to the top half of her ass. I found out that she was actually planning on getting it done for real, but wanted to check what it looked like.

Jen showed me what I was having done – it was a fairly complex pattern that looked like a sun with tentacles. Two of the tentacles extended down and had teeth on them and Jen showed me a picture of how these nestled around girl’s pussy to give the effect of vagina dentate. I don’t know how painful a tattoo actually is, but I can’t imagine what it would feel like having it done on my pussy – fortunately, I was also only getting a temporary one that would be painted on with a tiny brush. We explained to the guy what we wanted and he checked that I was okay with him doing it and I said it was fine. He said that I could keep my skirt on and just pull it down until he was ready to do the bottom part, but I said that I may as well slip it off straight away.

I could see that Jules had slid her skirt down somewhat further than was needed and her ass was nice and visible while she waited for the ink to dry. I climbed up on the table and made myself comfortable while my artist got ready and cleaned off my mons and labia. The wipe felt very cold and I spread my legs to allow him better access. He asked if I minded my friends watching and I said it was fine, which seemed to surprise him a little, but he carried on anyway. It took about 20 minutes and once he had put the main part of the design on my mons, I had to spread my legs and he sat at the end of the table and started work on my lips. I could feel the brush tickling my skin and a couple of times he leant in close and I could feel his breath as well as his fingers near my pussy. He didn’t do anything inappropriate (although I’m not entirely sure what would count as inappropriate at such a time) and once he was finished he said I would have to keep my legs spread for a little while to allow the ink to dry. I was offered a towel to cover myself but said that my friends would want to see. They took turns looking and he brought a mirror along so I could have a look. My pussy had changed from a nice thing that brought me pleasure to something that looked ready to bite anything pushed in.

Jules wandered over and I had a look at her back after she had examined me. Once I was dry, I slipped my skirt back on and we headed out. We went back to a house and people wanted to have another look at our body art, so Jules and I were stripped off and asked to pose. Mel thought that my tattoo would put Mike off fucking me and she demonstrated by slipping a finger into me and saying how menacing my pussy looked. She then had a fondle of Julia’s ass and spread her cheeks, saying that it looked like she was begging to have something inside of her.

As luck would have it, Jen just ‘happened’ to have brought along our strap on (no, I didn’t buy the ‘luck or ‘happened’ angle either) but Jen had warned me that she had a busy day planned so I wasn’t too surprised. Jen and Mel quickly strapped it on to me and set the internal vibe going. I was positioned behind Jules (who was still leaning over the sofa) and Jen slapped my ass to push me into Jules (this would have been more effective if I hadn’t been protected by a leather harness). I didn’t really need any encouragement though and pushed into Jules and felt her push back against me. I held on to her hips and started to guide her back and forth in time with my strokes and we got cheered. I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her harder (she did) and started to pump in and out as fast and hard as I could, which she really seemed to enjoy.

We had to adjust our position a couple of times and ended up with her lying forwards over the arm of the sofa with her ass pointing in the air and me pistoning into her. She was quite vocal about what she could feel and was obviously really enjoying what I was doing, so I just carried on. I could feel the internal vibe buzzing on my clit and was really enjoying what I was feeling but knew that I wasn’t going to be able to catch up to Julia so put everything I had into making her cum. I know that I was cheating a little by having a vibrating cock, but I was still pleased when I managed to make her cum by just fucking her (no clit stimulation) and I slammed into her a number of times while she gasped and moaned.

Once she had finished, I pulled out and took a little bow while Jules stayed where she was and caught her breath. She is quite resilient though and soon rolled off the sofa and said it was my turn. She started by sucking me clean and Jen then showed her where to press to push the internal vibe against me. It was quite slow, but I could feel my orgasm building and by the time it hit, I really wanted to cum. Jules jerked the cock off at the same time (mostly for effect, but it had the added benefit of rubbing the internal vibe back and forth) and I came with a long moan. The orgasm seemed to last for quite a while and my pussy felt very tingly and sensitive afterwards (not helped by the fact that the internal vibe was still going). When I removed the harness, the ink had smudged slightly, but not badly and everyone said that my pussy looked very pink and wet. Julia was order to give me a quick lick clean before Jen and I set off for home and our quiet night together (for which we were called boring – which I thought was grossly unfair given what I’d done that day(.

Jen decided it would be better if I didn’t have anything on for the journey home (other than my coat). It was a little chilly, but we walked quickly and after a stop off at a shop to get food (which was a little unnerving as I knew my ass was only just covered), soon arrived home. We had the place to ourselves as Lucy had said she would stay over with Ramona so Jen stripped off once we got in and we both dived into the shower to freshen up (the whole point of the evening was for it to be just the two of us, so I wanted to get rid of any traces of Peter or Julia). After quickly showering, we ran a bath and soaked in it together, sometimes with one of us leaning back against the other and sometimes sitting at opposite ends so our big toes could slip into the other person’s pussy. Once we had turned into prunes, we got out and dried off, then prepared dinner.

Jen toasted me and said I’d done a good job and deserved to cum as many times as I wanted. I pointed out that I’d cum a fair few times that day already, but if she insisted, I could probably manage to do a few things with her. I was actually really looking forwards to being able to concentrate on her and had a few things of my own planned, so once desert was over and we had rested to allow the food to go down, I started to gently stroke her pussy and moved round so I could nuzzle her breasts.

Jen suggested moving upstairs, but I told her I wanted to do things downstairs first and I got her to lie on the sofa while I knelt on the floor beside her. This was a good position to continue sucking her nipples while stroking her pussy. As she got more aroused, I pulled her legs open and rubbed her more forcefully while putting a lot more force into the nipple sucking. As she came, I bit on her nipples – much harder than I would enjoy, but I’ve accepted that she likes it rough – and I got my first orgasm of the evening out of her. I quickly moved down and kitty kissed her for a few minutes, then said I was ready to go upstairs.

I helped Jen up and we retired to her room. We sat and watched some videos (porn) to get ideas and I convinced her to put on a pleated skirt and long white socks. We 69ed for a while and she said that it was time to fuck me properly. I helped her fasten the strap on (which looked odd poking out from her skirt) and I assumed the doggy position and let her fuck me. Jen really got into it and pounded me just as hard as I had done to Julia earlier and I told Jen that I would show her something special once I’d cum. I helped things along by rubbing my clit and I came with Jen plunging into me over and over, then rolled off to the side.

When it was my turn, I turned the internal vibe off as I needed a break, but I was determined to give Jen an even better fucking that I had done to Jules and I fished out the nipple clips to add to the experience. Her nips were still nice and hard, so attaching the clips was easy and once they were in place, I set them going and told Jen to kneel forwards. I prepared a few other items, added some tingle gel to the strap on and nudged the head up against Jen’s waiting pussy. She told me to give it to her, so I pushed in a bit at a time until I was fully inside her and then started long slow strokes. Once I had a good rhythm going, I said it was time for the next phase and pushed a small anal vibe against her ass until she relaxed and let it slide in. I then leant forwards and told her to put her arms back and I held her hands and lifted her (or tried to) in the way that Mike sometimes does to me.

I couldn’t hold Jen up properly, but it had the desired effect of making it easy to pull her to me and I made good use of this by slamming into her as hard as I could. Jen made all sorts of interesting noises (none of her usual cute mewing) and as she got more excited, she told me to use her hair. I knew what she meant (we’ve watched a lot of the same videos) so I let go of one of her arms, took hold of her hair, wrapped it around my hand and pulled. This pulled her head back and I asked if it felt okay and she said it did and to keep going. It certainly didn’t look comfortable, but once I got back up to speed, the interesting noises reappeared so I was fairly certain Jen was enjoying it. She started letting out little yelps and I asked if she was okay and she told me to keep going so I carried on until she really made some noise and came. I wished that I’d left the internal vibe on as I find it really arousing when someone is enjoying themselves that much, but I wasn’t about to stop and interrupt her fun so I just kept going until she whimpered she couldn’t take any more.

I lowered her down onto the bed and she said that her body ached. I was a bit concerned that I had been too forceful and hurt her but she said it was a good pain and not to worry. I lay on top of her and pushed the vibe back into her so I could gently move inside her and slowly ground my hips against her. I kissed her shoulders better and removed the few strands of hair that had broken and asked if she had really liked it. She promised me that I hadn’t really hurt and had felt good and I carried on gently fucking her cunt until she said she was ready for more (I was certainly ready for more).

Jen helped me remove the strap on and stroked me while we decided what to do next – we thought that we should take the opportunity to use Lucy’s room again and used a number of her belongings as toys (hairbrush, lipstick, hairspray...). Once we had shared our juices with everything suitable we could find, we settled down in her bed for a final session and just 69ed. We purposefully went slowly and took a long time, sometimes breaking off to just kiss before getting back into position and licking each other again. I tried to put all thoughts of the rest of the day out of my mind and just concentrated on what Jen’s tongue was doing to me and what I was doing to her. When we finally decided that we should cum I relished in the way she sucked my clit and I couldn’t hold back (I probably could have if I’d tried, but I really didn’t want to). I came first and stopped licking Jen so I could really enjoy it, but as soon as I’d finished I went back to eating her while she kitty kissed me. It took a few more minutes to make Jen cum and I felt her moan into my cunt and we carried on kitty kissing for a while longer before getting under the covers properly and falling asleep.

We slept late the next morning and when we woke up, Jen thought we should tidy up and head back into her room just in case Lucy came back (although after having fucked Peter for her, I think I was owed a bit of leeway). We didn’t quite make it into Jen’s room and took turns eating each other on the stairs. I love this position as the eater is positioned with their ass and cunt pointing downstairs in full view of anyone who comes in the door – and of course, the person being eaten, gets to be eaten (which is always good).

Lucy didn’t reappear and we had breakfast, showered and headed out to meet up with a few people for lunch. I had to show off my body art to a couple of people who hadn’t been there (not easy in a cafe, but with a bit of ducking under the table and pretending to get things from their bags, they managed to get a fairly good look. The place got too busy to do anything more (otherwise I’m sure Jen would have subjected me to something), but to make up for it, I was made to pose with Julia on a set of metal fire steps) and we had to rub ourselves against very cold metal bars. I had expected to have to do a bit more, but Jen thought that I’d been put through enough for one weekend and I was allowed to just watch while Julia sat on the steps and played with herself. I think Jen was actually still teasing me as she knows that I get excited by seeing such things, but she was mean and didn’t let me relieve myself.

Jen and I headed off to the airport and had one final quick fondle in the toilets (at least airport toilets are generally quite clean) but I still wasn’t allowed to cum. During my flight, Jen chatted to Mike and told him about the weekend so when I got to phone him, he knew exactly what to ask about. I shared all the details from my point of view with him and he said that he wished he’d been there to witness it. I told him that we would arrange a time for him to come down with me so he could get his Lucy fix and he said he couldn’t wait.

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