Monday, 16 January 2012

Fireworks - Part 1

I now have Mike back with me, which means he can tease me while I write. It's much easier having here to help get the events in the right order while writing, but will be a bit distracting when I'm writing a post about Jen and he just wants to play...


At the start of November, Mike came up to visit me. As had been arranged the previous weekend, Lis had gone to visit Jen (which Mike was somewhat disappointed about as he had hoped to get her to come along with him and finger me with him watching and maybe even share a bed with us – which I doubt Lis would have gone for anyway). After everything we’d been doing though, it was nice to have a weekend with just the two of us and it gave us a chance to make proper plans about what we would do when he started his new job in January and we finally got to live together again.

Mike wasn’t looking forwards to the weekends up there as I had agreed that most of the time I would go down to see Jen, but she agreed that she would come up a few times and he always had the promise of the fact that once her course ended, he would be living with both of us full time (depending on Jen’s job situation) so he thought he could cope with 6 months of slight hardship (and the promise of sex every day during the week also helped offset the hardship).

We went out for drinks on the Friday night and caught up with people from my work. When we got back home, Mike stripped off my clothes and got to see what was left of my Halloween decorations – mostly faded black splodges by that point – and he said it looked like I’d been fighting and was covered in bruises. I was bent over his knee and had my ass slapped a few times until it was tender and Mike then slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy and fucked me with them. I could feel his cock pressing against my front and suggested we go up and do things properly but he said he wanted to try out the squirting thing first.

I was fine with this and once we got things set up, I settled down on the bed and Mike followed along with the video (as I had done with Jen). It was definitely a good orgasm, but I still didn’t squirt (and I somehow I don’t think it is because I’m too repressed). Mike said that he thought I felt slightly wetter than usual and went down on me to check it out properly, then moved up my body and pushed his cock into me. He stayed pressed deep into me while we kissed and then I wrapped my legs around him and we fucked. I really love doing this with the curtains open (I always have my bedroom curtains open – day and night) as I could look out at the windows opposite and wonder if anyone was watching us (we keep the lights on so we can see what we’re doing and make it easier for anyone who does want to watch).

After a couple of positions, I ended up on my stomach with him pushing into me from behind and rubbing my clit (Sue’s favourite position) and he humped me until we had both cum, then stayed on top of me and kissed the back and sides of my neck (which are nowhere near as sensitive as the front, but still feels nice). I squeezed myself around him to keep him hard so that when we finally decided to fall asleep, we could spoon. Mike woke me in the morning by eating me (he is a lot more used to eating his cum out of me now) and after I had ridden his cock so he came (and I came again), we got ready for a day of wandering to look for new larger places to rent. I had arranged a couple of viewings, but it was mostly just checking out areas and deciding where we could easily got to work and into town from.

We had an early dinner out and went along to the firework display. Mike had brought a change of clothes for me and before we left the restaurant, I used the toilets to change into a very short skirt and black hold-ups. My coat covered the skirt and we stood a distance away from the main display, down by the river. I leant against the railings, facing the river and Mike stood behind me. As we watched the fireworks, he reached around and lifted the front of my skirt so he could gently play with my clit. I was ooh-ing and aah-ing for a different reason to the people watching the fireworks and it felt really good. I could feel his cock pressing up against me through my coat and as the display got near the end, he rubbed my clit more until I came. It wasn’t times with the grand finale, but on the plus side, it meant I wasn’t distracted so could actually watch and enjoy the pretty lights!

We headed home afterwards, stopping off for a drink along the way. When we got home, Mike suggested that we spend the rest of the night in bed playing. I liked the sound of this but he then explained that he really meant just playing and not actually cumming. I thought it would get too frustrating, but he said the idea wasn’t to really tease each other, but to just have a sensual night that would be sexual, but not actually having sex. It sounded intriguing and we agreed that if one of us got to the point of really needing to cum, then we would do things properly.

We stripped off, crawled under the covers and started off my gently touching each other all over. This moved on to kissing and more stroking and I could feel Mike’s cock pressing against my stomach. He said he would demonstrate what he had in mind and I lay back to let him kiss me all over. Of course, he spent quite a while on my breasts, but also kissed and licked along my sides and arms, then legs and thighs. I got the occasional lick on my pussy and just before I had to turn over, he spread my lips and licked along my inner lips a few times. He then did the same to my back, ass, backs of legs and shoulders. While he was kissing my shoulders, I could feel the head of his cock nudging against my pussy and ass, but he didn’t try to push into me and i got turned over onto my front again.

I felt very aroused and could have easily fucked, but copied what he had done to me and kissed and stroked across his front, spent a little time gently kissing and nibbling his cock (but not sucking properly) and then did his back. He turned over onto his back again and I sat over him with his cock nestled between my pussy lips and we kissed deeply. I couldn’t help sliding back and forth, and I wasn’t the only one moving, but we decided if we stayed in that position, he would easily slip into me, so we lay on our sides facing each other. We spent a couple of hours tracing fingers and tongues over each other’s bodies and rubbed together quite a bit. At one point, Mike was on top and had his cock pressed firmly against the length of my pussy and I nearly reached the point of giving in, but I had really been enjoying our ‘non-sexual’ evening and wanted it to last, so I moved and gently kissed his cock, tasting my juices in the process. I could tell Mike was as aroused as I was as the head of his cock was a deep purple and the shaft felt very hard – I flicked the glans a few times with my tongue before moving away so he didn’t get too carried away.

Mike challenged me to keep going and not cum until the following morning and I agreed to try. We ended up in the missionary position with my legs wrapped around him and him inside me while we kissed, but didn’t move too much and he pulled out after a couple of minutes. We finished the evening off by spooning and I flexed myself around him while he slowly moved. We knew that we could both have happily fucked, but there was something very sensual about not doing so (sort of like in Peep Show, where the ultimate taboo was *not* having sex – or in our case not actually cumming). I could feel Mike pressing hard into me, not really moving, but I could feel the head sliding back and forth a little as he relaxed and then pushed against my ass again. I asked him if he wanted to cum and he said he did, but we’d done so well, so we should wait. I was surprised to find out that I wasn’t too disappointed, but told him that we would have to make up for it in the morning.

I had nice dreams and when I woke up in the morning, I was imagining I was suckling on Clare’s (one of my friends) nipples. It had felt incredibly real and I realised that my pussy felt somewhat wet, so I was pleased to find that Mike had been (or still was) having equally nice dreams as he had a stiff erection. I stroked him until he woke up and told him I wanted to fuck. He convinced me to carry on with what we had been doing the previous night – just for a little while – and we did so, but this time we knew that it would end properly.

This time when Mike slid in to me, I told him I wasn’t going to let him go and he didn’t object so our movements gradually changed from the slow gentle ones, to proper fucking. Mike kissed and licked my neck as I got closer to cumming and kept fucking me through my orgasm until he emptied himself into me. Both of us had pretty strong orgasms, but I knew that I wanted more (after a brief rest), so told him I would return with breakfast. When I stood up, a lot of cum dribbled out of my cunt and ran down my legs but I love this feeling so didn’t do anything to clean it up and just let it continue to dribble out while I gathered things for breakfast.

I popped into the bathroom on the way back and tied my hair up in bunches before I returned with a tray. We drank some orange juice to get energy before moving on to the real breakfast. Mike fed me some yoghurt with his cock (dip and suck) and then had his helping off my pussy and nipples. We lay top to tail and he fingered me while I jacked him off, then we moved on to using tongues, but not on clit or glans. We teased each other for a while longer and then decided that we were ready for round two. This was a bit more forceful than the earlier fuck with me kneeling on the bed and Mike taking me from behind, but holding my upper body off the bed by holding onto my arms. He slammed into me really hard and I could feel my breasts swinging back and forth as I moved. My arms began to ache a little, but the feeling in my pussy distracted me so we carried on until we both came (it took a little longer for me than usual as I had no clit stimulation, but our fucking was energetic end exciting enough to overcome this slight drawback).

We went had had a coffee to relax for a while and Mike sat under the table and ate me while I sent some emails. At first he was just doing gentle kissing around my pussy, but after a while I wanted more so scooched forwards on my chair and he ate me properly while I finished a blog post and got it out. I was nearly lunchtime by the time we had finished and so we decided to give Jen a call and see how her and Lis were doing. They were chatting with Lucy and Ramona so we said we would talk to them later and Mike and I got up and shared a shower to clean up. While rinsing off my pussy, Mike decided that I could probably cum again, so we turned the pressure up and he used the pulse spray while I held my lips apart to give him direct access to my clit. I love the feeling of the hot water strumming on my clit and I came for him (and me) and then let him rinse off my hair while I caught my breath. I offered to shower his cock, but he said he would be happy with a goodbye fuck before he left, so we left the shower and got dressed. I put the bunches back in my hair as Mike liked them and then decided to give him a treat and changed into my Japanese Schoolgirl uniform.

This convinced him that he wanted to fuck again and after letting him kiss my inner thighs and nuzzle against my panties for a while, I slipped them off, pushed him onto the bed and rode him. We were a bit more careful this time after our slight accident the previous time we’d used this position, but by the end I was still moving up and down a good length of Mike’s shaft and he was plunging into me as I slammed down against him. He asked me to rub my clit and cum as loudly as I could and this helped to make the whole thing even more fun as I described what I could feel with his cock plunging into my cunt over and over. We tried to time our orgasms and got fairly close. I then fell forwards onto Mike and held his arms on the bed while we kissed and I continued to ride him. He did a fairly good job of lasting seeing as I know how sensitive his cock is just after cumming, but he couldn’t go straight on to round two so I slowed down and just squeezed myself around him until I coaxed him back to life.

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