Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fireworks - Part 2

I'm leaving Mike for the weekend to go down and visit Jen tomorrow. I don't think we have much planned for the weekend but I'm sure Jen will find something for me to do... Back to November...


We then fucked with me leaning against the window looking out – the room was dark enough that I doubt anyone could see Mike, but it still felt naughty enough to be fun and he used an egg on my clit while sliding into me from behind. He threatened to fuck my ass, saying that we hadn’t done the triple for quite a while (mouth, cunt and ass in one session), but he didn’t think he would be able to cum again after that time, so decided to just stay in my nice warm little snatch (his words) and fill me with more cum. I came before he did this time and he was going to try to hold back until I came again, but I decided that I would need a break, so just let him finish off in me. He pushed as far in as he could and stayed buried in me only moving slightly. I tried to contract around him, but he could only feel it lower down on his shaft and not on the head. He still managed to cum though and then told me to be a good little girl and lick him clean, which I duly did.
It was getting close to Mike’s leaving time so we headed in to town (once I’d changed back in to my normal clothes) and grabbed a quick bite to eat. He gave me a further quick fondle at the station (have I mentioned the good thing about long coats!) and headed back to York. Later that night, we had a three way conversation including Jen and she gave us the details of what she and Lis had been up to.

Lis had arrived on the Friday night and had gone out with Jen’s friends (who had been told to behave themselves). Lis had seen Julia being fondled a little bit by Mel, but nothing too bad (and she knows most of what I’ve had to do with Jen so it wasn’t too much of a surprise). Lucy and Romona had been at the house that night and so Lis and Jen were very quiet when doing things. They had gone to bed naked (what other way is there) and curled up together. Jen’s fingers quickly found Lis’ pussy and she told her that she wanted to eat her, which Lis was more than happy to allow. Jen gave Lis the full benefit of her long tongue and scoured Lis’ pussy out before concentrating on her clit and making her cum. She kitty kissed her for a while afterwards and they then switched places.

Lis tried to do the same to Jen’s pussy (pushing her tongue as deep inside as she could reach), but Jen asked her just to use her normal quick flicking method as it felt so good. Jen held Lis’ head in place while she came (not that Lis was trying to pull away) and gave her instructions on kitty kissing once her orgasm had finished. Lis eagerly did as she was told (she seems to like the way Jen tastes as much as I do) and they then curled up together again. Jen spooned against Lis’ back and she slipped an arm under Lis so she could fondle her breasts (sort of) and used her other hand on Lis’ pussy. Lis ended up turning around so she could fondle Jen and then kissed while playing with each other’s pussies and each came again. Jen then spooned against Lis and they fell asleep while Jen whispered to Lis how cute she was and how pretty her little pussy was.

Jen woke Lis up in the morning in our usual way and Lis said that she could certainly get used to being woken like that. Jen explored Lis’ pussy and used a couple of fingers in her. As Lis got more aroused, Jen rubbed around her asshole with her other hand and gently pressed the tip of a finger in as she came. Lis panted her way through her orgasm and when she said she was ready to switch places, Jen told her to stay where she was and she fetched a couple of toys before climbing over Lis in a 69 position. Lis pulled Jen’s pussy to her mouth and Jen buried her face back between Lis’ legs. They ate each other and Jen then slipped a vibe into Lis and fucked her with it while flicking her tongue over her clit. Lis asked if she could have something to use on Jen and Jen passed a vibe back to her, then felt Lis slide it in. When Jen got close to cumming, she asked Lis to pull the vibe out and flick her tongue over her clit. Jen pushed her pussy hard against Lis’ face and rubbed back and forth as she came, making quite a mess. Jen then decided that she wanted Lis to ride her face so she climbed off, lay on her back and got Lis to sit upright over her. Jen held Lis tight against her mouth and got her to hump her face while she licked away. Lis said that she heard Lucy and Ramona going downstairs while she was getting close to cumming, but didn’t think they heard anything as Lis is still quite quiet.

After wiping themselves clean, they went down and joined the others for breakfast, then took turns showering before going up to get dressed. Lis tried to give Jen her dress back (the blue one that I had leant her) but Jen said she wanted to see Lis wearing it. Jen helped her put it on over her naked body and then got her to sit on the bed while she slid the matching socks up her legs and made sure they were on properly. Jen lifted Lis’ legs up onto the bed and spread them, then gently stroked the inside of her thighs. She undid a couple of buttons at the bottom of the dress and folded the material out of the way and asked Lis if she could take a picture. When Jen promised that nobody would see it (other than me), Lis relented but only on the condition that she was allowed equivalent pictures of us (for insurance). Jen took a picture of Lis in that pose with her legs spread and then suggested she undo a few buttons at the top of the dress. It wasn’t enough to fully expose her breasts, but looked incredibly sexy as the material fell to the sides exposing down to the top of her cute little breasts. Jen got a picture of her like that.

She told Lis that the outfit looked so good on her that she should keep it and managed to get Lis to agree to this. Jen was about to undo more of the dress and have a play with Lis’ breasts when Lucy knocked on the door and asked if they wanted to head into town. Jen went out and closed the door behind her and said that Lis would join them in a minute, but they had spent all the time doing each other’s hair and Lis still needed to get dressed (which was sort of true). Lis emerged a few minutes later and they headed into town – on the way Jen quietly asked Lis if she had put any panties on and Lis told her that she was still only wearing the dress and socks.

They met up with people for coffee and Lis got to see Mel teasing Julia a bit more. She managed to rub Julia’s pussy but couldn’t get a long enough uninterrupted period to make her cum (so much for them agreeing to be well behaved around Lis). After a bit of shopping, they returned home for dinner and all headed out again for the evening. Lis saw Julia being teased a lot more and she managed to cum this time, tucked away in the corner of a busy pub with the gang acting as s shield around her. They then went back to someone’s house and Mel asked Lis (as the new person) if she minded Julia being naked. Lis was a bit unsure, but Jen reassured her and Julia had her top removed so a couple of the guys could play with her breasts. They played a few drinking games and jen noticed that Ramona didn’t drink to ‘I’m boring and have underwear on’. Lis didn’t drink to that either and Jen noted that she would need to be punished for lying.

Julia had another couple play with her breasts again later on (one guy, one girl), but this time they seemed to be more effective and she ended up obviously aroused, so was told to play with herself. Lis said that she couldn’t see everything as she was off to the side, but could see enough to know that Julia was actually fingering herself in front of everyone and was amazed by this (as if that’s the worst thing she’s ever done). When she told me this, I thought it was quite sweet how innocent she was (Lis, not Julia – nobody could ever describe Julia as innocent).

When it was time to leave, Lucy said she was staying over at Ramona’s place as Ramona had another drama class the next morning and had things she needed at home. This meant that Jen and Lis had the place to themselves again and on the way back, Jen told Lis she fully intended to take full advantage of the situation. As soon as they got in, Jen was going to tear Lis’ dress of, but Lis said she really liked it and so unbuttoned it, but allowed Jen to peel it off and throw it over the banister. Jen thought the long light blue socks looked good on Lis so told her to leave them on. Jen stripped off and knelt down to eat Lis who stood leaning against the front door. Jen kept encouraging Lis to be louder and managed to get her to moan ‘oh fuck’ a few times as she came. Jen then stood up and kissed her, pushing her tongue deep into Lis’ mouth and asking if she liked the way she tasted. Lis blushed a bit at this, but Jen told her not to be embarrassed and to relish the fact that she had such a sweet tasting cunt.

They headed up to Jen’s room and shared a double ended dildo – Jen did most of the work at the start, but Lis became more enthusiastic as the session progressed and they were both working it back and forth by the time they came. Lis then asked Jen about her use of toys and Jen showed her our collection. I think Lis thought that most of them were there because of me, but Jen told her that she enjoyed using them every bit as much as I did. They chatted about this a while longer and I think I now understand a bit more about Lis – she seems to want to be a ‘proper’ lesbian and is under the misguided impression that this shouldn’t require use of anything shaped like a penis. Jen got Lis to admit that she does actually like the way that they feel and Jen explained that there is no such thing as a proper lesbian (and even if there was, using things that feel good to masturbate with wouldn’t make any difference to that).

Jen seems to be becoming almost as insatiable as I am (although it might have just been because Lis was there) and she ended up eating Lis one more time. Lis did the same back to Jen afterwards and then wanted to go and clean up, but Jen convinced her that it was more fun falling asleep covered in each other’s juices. They chatted a bit more about sexuality and Jen espoused my theory that nobody (or very few people) are completely ‘straight’. Maybe it’s just hanging around with the LGBT crowd and the people at the sex parties, but a lot more people seem to be bi or at least willing to give things a try than I had ever thought. (No, I didn’t think I was the only person ever to have gone through the ‘desire to experiment’ stage, but it seemed like such a big thing to me at the time – and now I can report that the experiment was a resounding success!)

Jen woke Lis up the next day by eating her again and Lis came with her legs wrapped around Jen’s head. Jen kitty kissed her for a while after that and flicked her tongue across her ass a number of times. Lis asked if Jen really enjoyed doing that and thought she would find it dirty, but Jen just asked Lis if she liked the way it felt, and when Lis admitted that she did, Jen said that she was happy to do it. They then kissed and Jen humped against Lis for a while until Lis slipped a couple of fingers in to Jen and played with her clit. Jen asked Lis to do the flicky thing with her tongue so Lis went down on Jen and got her off fairly quickly (she was quite far along before the licking started). Jen said that they really were quite messy by the time the morning session had finished but she exaggerated this by wiping her hand over Lis’ pussy and rubbing it over her breasts, then doing the same to Lis with her pussy juice. Lis seemed to be getting into the spirit of things and agreed to go down to breakfast naked (Lucy wasn’t meant to be coming back until after lunch).

Once they had eaten (breakfast), they showered together and Jen used the pulse spray on Lis to make her cum. They then dressed for the day and headed out to meet people for lunch before Lis had to head back. Julia got another minor teasing, but not a proper one (she didn’t cum), and on the way to the station, Lis kept asking why she let Mel do those things to her. Jen explained that she enjoyed it just as much as I enjoy Jen teasing me and the next time that Lis visited while I was here, she would give a proper demonstration in front of everyone. Lis said that she liked the sound of that (as did I when I found out – Lis knows enough about my fetishes that she may as well see everything).

I had a long chat with Lis once she had returned to York and found out a fair amount about the weekend from her point of view (Jen had of course already told me what had happened, but a second source is always useful). I got less graphic descriptions from Lis, but I could tell that she had really enjoyed the time and I told her I was looking forwards to the next time I saw her.

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