Saturday, 7 January 2012

Halloween 2011 - Part 1

Only a week now until Mike leaves York and joins me. I'm down for the start of term sex party and had good fun at a conference I was at on Thursday/Friday (which you'll hear about in due course). For nwo though, Halloween fun...
The weekend at the end of October, I was meant to be heading down to visit Jen, but Mike heard that a bonus sex party had been organised so we changed things around and I worked late on Friday and then headed down to Jen early on the Saturday morning so I could go to York afterwards for Halloween. Jen gave me a call before I set off for the station and got me to play with myself (but not to the point of cumming). I was then instructed to do whatever I could to myself on the train, but it was too busy, so I just dozed and fantasised. Jen met me at her end and gave me a fairly good hello fondle (the good thing about the cold weather is that long coats are good for hiding all sorts of things). She didn’t make me cum (and probably couldn’t have without someone noticing), so I was nice and horny again. We headed back to her place, but not before Jen got me to duck into the toilets and remove my clothes so I was just wearing my coat.

We got a taxi to her place and on the way, her hand slid under my coat and fondled me. I then had to undo my coat for the walk down her street and then slip it off and hand it to Jen before I was allowed into the house. Lucy saw me arrive and called up to Ramona that a ‘naked Andi’ had just arrived and Ramona’s head appeared at the top of the stairs to see. I found out that she had challenged Jen to do this and she then wanted to know how long I had been naked for outside. Jen explained what I’d done and in my defence I told them about Jen’s phone teasing and then real teasing and how horny I had been feeling. Jen said that if I needed to cum, I should make myself cum in front of everyone. I asked if they minded and got the cryptic reply from Lucy that I may as well given what I was wearing to the party.

I headed in to the living room, sat in my spot on the sofa and started to masturbate straight away. I had been hoping to do things with Jen, but it’s not as if I wasn’t going to get a chance to do that later, and I did really need to cum. The three of them followed me and chatted while I fingered and frigged myself and I would have cum fairly quickly, but Jen stopped me just before I came. I begged her to let me finish off, or to do it for me, but she just handed me my phone and suggested I give Peter a call. I told him I was sitting on the sofa naked and desperately wanted to cum and asked if he wanted to join me. He said that he would be there in a few minutes and I told him to hurry, then once I’d hung up, asked the others where they were going to go. They said that they wanted to witness what was going to happen, but hadn’t figured out the best way to do it. They couldn’t all fir in Jen’s wardrobe, so it was decided that Lucy would hide in there and Jen and Ramona would hide in Lucy’s room and I would leave Jen’s door open so they could look through the gap in Lucy’s door and should be fairly well hidden.

True to his word, Peter arrived in a matter of minutes – looking a little sweaty as he had run the whole way, but I answered the door naked and pulled him inside. He asked where the others were and I told him they’d gone out for an hour so we would have to hurry. I pulled him up to Jen’s room and pushed the door fully open before sitting on the bed and quickly undoing his jeans. His cock was already hard and I commented about how he had managed to run so fast with an erection. I pumped my hands up and down his cock and rubbed the head, then stroked it over my breasts and nipples, telling him I wanted to feel his cum covering my body again. He seemed quite keen on this, but I told him I wanted to try something else first and pulled out a condom. Just so he didn’t get his hopes too high, I told him I still didn’t want to fuck him, but that I would give him a blow job and I rolled the condom down his cock. This was one of the deluxe micro fine ones that Mike uses at the sex parties so I knew that Peter would feel quite a lot and I engulfed his cock with my mouth and started with a good long suck.

As expected, he seemed to quite enjoy it and I licked up and down the length of the shaft, sucked on the head, swirled my tongue around and fondled his balls. I tried to make sure that we changed positions so everyone could see a little of what I was doing (my two sets of voyeurs were at 90 degrees, so it was difficult to find a position that I though would satisfy both of them. I told him not to cum as I wanted to feel it splatter over my body and when he got close, he told me he couldn’t hold back much longer. I pulled my head away from him and told him I wanted to cum first this time so lay back on the bed, spread my legs and told him to finger me.

I gave him explicit instructions, telling him how deep, hard and fast to go, how to rub my clit and how to mix it up. He said it was really useful being told exactly what I wanted and he could see how much I was enjoying it. As I got closer to cumming, I told him that I was going to suck his cock again and then let him fuck my tits until he came. I pumped my hips onto his fingers as I came and as soon as I was done I told him to give me his cock again and I blew him until he said he was close. I pulled the condom off and held my tits, ready for him to slide between them. It didn’t take long in this position before he came and I felt the warmth squirting out over my neck and breasts. He sat back and I milked the last few drops out of his cock.

We chatted for a while and I played with his cock, using a little of his cum as lube. It wasn’t too difficult to get him hard again and I was tempted to try to get another orgasm out of him, but Jen texted me to let me know that they were on their way back. I told Peter that he had better go and helped him gather his things while he got dressed. I smeared his cum over my breasts and told him to imagine Jen licking it off me later on without even knowing it. This image helped to ensure that he was still hard as I pushed him out the front door and I told him I would let him know the next time I was coming. As soon as the door was closed, the others came out and we discussed my little show while I cleaned myself up properly. They thought I’d done a good job and had all got a good look at Peter’s cock. Only Lucy had really seen him actually cumming, but they had all seen the result covering my chest and had all got a good look at me sucking him off.

Jen got me to demonstrate how to give a blow job and to make it more realistic I used our silicon coated vibe and rolled a condom onto it. I demonstrated how to suck, showed what Mike liked having done, how to tease the head, suck and nibble up the shaft... They each had a turn because unlike in porn movies, lesbians don’t often pretend to give blow jobs (at least the lesbians I know don’t), so it was a real lesson I was giving (not that I think that any of them are likely to put the lesson into practice anytime).

We had lunch and I was teased at various times throughout the afternoon, but wasn’t allowed to cum again. I returned a missed call from Lis and found out that she had seen Vicky the previous Thursday. Lis had gone round to swap some possessions they had left at each other’s places and they had a long chat (the first proper one since they had broken up). Vicky had mentioned that she knew about Lis, Jen and I and had told Lis that she was glad that she was happy. This had led to some tears (because while Lis had enjoyed our sessions, Jen and I didn’t replace her feelings for Vicky). They sorted things out and their goodbye kiss somehow ended up as their breakup sex. Lis didn’t give me the full details over the phone, but enough for me to know that it had been the real thing and not just some fondling. I checked that Lis wasn’t pining after Vicky and was assured that Vicky had made it clear that they weren’t getting back together. Lis seemed (relatively) fine with this and even though (as I’ve just said) I know that Jen and I weren’t replacing Vicky, I intend to take some credit for having helped her get over things. She arranged to visit Jen the following weekend which meant I wouldn’t get to see her when I was in York, but I decided that it would be greedy to expect to have both her *and* Mike and that Jen deserved someone to make her cum.

As it got closer to evening, people started to get ready for the club but I was told all I needed to do was shower and wash my hair. Jen came into the shower with me and gave me some black wash out hair dye. I was a bit nervous about what it might do (I don’t colour my hair), but decided that black couldn’t really go too wrong and it was meant to wash out within a few days or a week so I went ahead. Once I was rinsed off, I emerged with flowing black hair and Jen spent a while straightening it until it looked almost as good as hers. I still didn’t know what I was wearing to the club and Jen debated showing me and then finally gave in and presented me with a seamless fishnet body suit.

I was very impressed with it and realised that it wouldn’t really hide anything as it didn’t have a crotch panel or any breasts support. When I commented on this, Jen gave me a black half-cup bra that left my nipples exposed (or at least most of them) and a tiny pair of thong panties. I tried the outfit on and was presented to Lucy and Ramona for inspection. They doubted I would be brave enough to wear it to the club, but Jen told them I would. I had to remove the outfit until I was ready and when a few people arrived, I found out what ‘ready’ meant.

Jules had a similar(ish) outfit to mine. It consisted of a black lacy top and matching skirt with the lining removed so in decent light, her ass was visible. She also had a suspender belt and stockings on and looked quite sexy. Mel stripped her of her clothes and I assumed that we were going to be responsible for the ‘entertainment’ before we set off (and we were, but not quite in the way I had assumed). We had to lie down and a pot of ink was produced, along with a number of fine brushes. People were allowed to draw pictures of bats, cobwebs and the like on us anywhere they wanted. Breasts and inner thighs were a popular place for people to paint but I also ended up with a giant bat on my back and Jules had a witch on a broomstick on her lower back and ass. We had to wait for the ink to dry and I found out that it wouldn’t wash off easily and may last for a couple of weeks. I was quite glad that there wasn’t anything that would be visible at work (as long as I wore opaque tights) and Jen said it gave her an idea but wouldn’t tell me what it was.

Once we were dry, we had to dress each other. I now remember why I don’t like suspender belts – they are just so fiddly, but it was a good excuse to keep my face not too far from Julia’s pussy while I tried to attach her stockings. While I was there, she stroked my hair and said that black suited me. When it was my turn to get dressed, she fiddled around with my bra to get the maximum amount of nipple showing and made sure the panties were snugly against my pussy before I slipped on the bodysuit. I compromised and wore low heels (given all of my legs were visible, I wanted then to look good, but I also wanted to be able to walk & dance without falling over). We were obviously allowed to wear coats for the trip to the club (both because it was fairly cold and for the sake of decency while out amongst the ‘normal’ people. The bouncer on the door wasn’t the one that we know, but we decided to take a risk and walked up to the front. Julia and I opened out coats and he obviously thought that we had got into the spirit of things and our group was allowed in.

We left said coats in the cloakroom and wandered down to the dancefloor. There were the usual mix of people there in various states of clothing (but I think I may have won the award for the most exposed – at least for the people who were dancing. We (Jen and I) danced and ground against each other and then danced with a few other people, both from our group and random people. During a rest break we wandered around some of the side rooms and saw people fondling and sucking, but only one couple actually having sex (and we couldn’t actually see what was happening, just the girl bouncing up and down in his lap). During round two of dancing, I butted in on Lucy and Ramona and danced with each of them, pressing up against them and getting a fairly good feel of their bodies (avoiding breasts and pussy, but I got a few good gropes of their asses in). I then danced with Jen, who took advantage of my outfit and rubbed my pussy from behind while we kissed (the panties barely covered me so didn’t offer any resistance to her fingers slipping around them). She really seemed to be into what we were doing as she didn’t stop me when I slid my hands under her skirt and fondled her ass. I even managed to slide a hand round to the front and rub her clit for a while before she stopped me and said that it was my job to cum, not hers.

We moved to one of the side rooms and Jen kissed me while her fingers played with my clit. We expected that it wasn’t likely to take long for me to cum and it turned out we were right. I sucked Jen’s fingers clean of my juices and we kissed a while longer before returning to dance some more. My bra didn’t really provide enough support or containment for energetic dancing and we had to stop a few times to put bits back in. Jen had a good nuzzle on my nips at the side of the dancefloor and when we resumed dancing, I stood behind her and fondled her breasts through her top and then under her top. Her nipples ended up quite hard and I managed to get her top up enough that I could lick them. This is definitely one of Jen’s weaknesses and when I pulled her top off completely, she didn’t even try to stop me so I rewarded her with more nipple sucking and biting and once she was mewing away I asked if she wanted to go somewhere more private and cum.

‘More private’ was definitely a relative term, but we found a room where we couldn’t see any of our group and I continued to play with her nips while I slid a hand under her skirt and rubbed her clit. Jen came in full view of the rest of the room (although I liked to think that some of them were eyeing up my ass which was wiggling around as I moved from breast to breast). I slid my hand between my legs and gave my pussy a quick rub, but only very briefly before we headed off to get something to drink and see if we could find the others. We found out that Mel and Jules had been playing in one of the other side rooms and Jules had cum with her pussy visible to her audience. Mel had also cum, but her pussy had remained hidden much the same way Jen’s had under her skirt.


  1. Andi,
    I never trust those ultra thin condoms. I've broken too many of them to waste money buying protection that doesn't protect! haha

    Also you seem to be more successful in scouting others than mike is. Perhaps you'll have better luck at finding bi women than mike. Then at least he'll have a shot at his fantasy?

  2. hi andy how r u its very nice post . I always love ur visits to jen's place . Dear andy can u describe how jen looks like. I mean u told us that lucy looks like palvina ., who does jen look like i really wana see jen if u post hér pic that would be fantastic byè

  3. Anon 1 - these are the expensive ones which (so far) have been fine. We couldn't afford to use them all the time, but seeing as I don't need them when with Mike, they don't work out as costing too much (and are worth the cost).

    As for my success in scouting others - I think that usually comes down to the fact that I can attract men who are (generally speaking - not counting myself or Julia), much easier to entice into bed than girls are.

    Anon 2 - out Jen is about 5'4/5'5 (depending on the day), quite slender and has very small breasts (slightly larger than A cup). She has long (about halfway down her back) brown/auburn hair (depending on the light). She runs a fair bit to keep fit so has amazing legs that I would spend longer stroking and kissing, but somehow her pussy keeps distracting me :)

    Her face is very cute and can appear almost impish at times when she gives me her sly little smile. It doesn't quite catch Jen's beauty, (and has the wrong colour hair), but the last picture in the following post is the closest I can fine (she has forbidden me from posting a picture actually of her - either naked or clothed).