Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Halloween 2011 - Part 2

...in which we meet a cute little redhead...

A couple of the guys had fooled around as well and ended up taking turns to suck each other off. I tried to get them to agree that they should give the rest of the group a demonstration sometime but they claimed that things were different in the club (and they’d found a room away from the rest of the gang as well). Jen suggested that I try to get them hard again and I danced up against one of them, grinding myself against his crotch. I could definitely feel some swelling and cupped his cock through his trousers, then wrapped my hand around it as best I could. I was quite pleased with my work as he hadn’t done (or wanted to do) anything with a girl for a good few years. Jen offered me to him if he wanted to experiment with his sexuality, but he was sure that I wouldn’t be able to match up to his boyfriend and declined the offer.

I danced with a few more people and was propositioned by a couple of guys, the more persistent ones saying that Jen was welcome to join us once I told them she was my girlfriend. Jen fondled me a few more times and by the end of the night I was completely used to being effectively naked. Of course, on the way out I was much more aware of my nudity and covered up with my coat, although both Julia and I ended up being teased quite a bit on the way home and had to swap coats a number of times. When we arrived home, I had a hot shower and tried to scrub off the ink (with Jen’s help) – it definitely got lighter, but I was still marked and it took most of the week before it had properly faded (and even then I still had some dark splotches on my skin for almost another week).

Lucy and Ramona had already gone to bed by the time I emerged from the shower and we couldn’t hear anything, so we were considerate and stayed fairly quiet during our session. As we snuggled up to go to sleep, I commented on how I was surprised that I hadn’t been made to do things with Julia in the club and how I had expected to have to put on a good display involving her, but Jen said that she had wanted to keep me to herself (at least for actual sex) and I was glad that even she gets possessive of me at times. I told her that if that was the case then I could always ask her not to do things with Lis and she agreed that was fair – as long as I didn’t do anything else with her either. We compromised and decided that we could both still fuck her (I’m not sure if that is technically a compromise, but it’s definitely the best outcome). As we dozed off, I told her about Mike’s fantasy of taking Lis’ virginity in a threesome (or even better a foursome including Jen) and Jen agreed that the odds of that happening were somewhat slim.

We had a much gentler session the following morning and spent a while grinding against each other before finally cumming. This meant that we had a fair amount of pussy juice on our legs when we went down for breakfast, but seeing as I was naked, I think we were beyond hiding the fact we were fucking. Ramona had her tight shorts on and Lucy had a nightdress. I pointed out that she looked much sexier in her silk nightdress and Ramona gave me a light slap for hitting on her girlfriend. I told her that I couldn’t help it as Lucy was so hot and the silk nightdress gave such a good view of her figure. Ramona agreed with me but jokingly told me that she would keep an eye on me so I said I would just have to go and look through the pictures of ‘Lucy’ (Pavlina) and fantasise. This always gets a blush out of Lucy and Jen suggested that maybe we should invite Peter round to do something else with me. Lucy thought that he’d had enough of a treat for one week, but that they would come up with something else for my next visit.

To pass some time, we tried something I’d been watching videos of. There is apparently a reliable way to make women squirt and I thought that with someone who gets as wet as Jen, it would be worth a try. She has squirted only two or three times before (and once was wearing a pair of panties, so other than getting a wet hand, I didn’t really get to experience it. We watched the video a couple of times and then Jen lay on the bed and I tried to follow along. It involves curling two fingers up onto the mythical g-spot and being fairly rough. Jen said that it felt good, but it wasn’t doing a great deal for her at first. I tried adjusting my position and it felt a lot better (good enough to make her cum), but there were no jets of Jen-cum so we switched positions and Jen had a go on me. She had warned me in advance that I wasn’t allowed to cum so I could save myself for later, but I still enjoyed the experience. I doubt very much I would have squirted even if she had carried on but we vowed to continue the practice another time.

Jen gave me a quick shave before I headed off to York to see Mike – I was still pretty much smooth anyway, but it gave her the excuse to eat me afterwards so I wasn’t going to complain. We then switched places and I knelt on the floor between Jen’s legs and spent quite a while licking around her pussy and flicking over her clit before I actually got serious and tried to make her cum. It took hardly any time due to all the teasing but I was fairly forceful and by the time she actually came I was pushing my tongue hard against and into her pussy and even speared her ass with it a couple of times. When we emerged, Ramona asked us if all we ever did was fuck and I pointed out that I hardly get to see Jen, although even if I was with her all the time, I still couldn’t think of a better way of spending time. I suggested that she should drag Lucy up to her room and spend an hour making her cum as much as possible but Ramona thought that Lucy had too many other things to do to spare the time. I told her to at least make sure she spent time that evening having a good session and I got a half-hearted agreement out of her.

The train was busy for my trip to York so again I just spent the time dozing and Mike met me at the station. There weren’t too many people around (that I knew) as it was conference season and Lis was off talking to prospective employers again, so we didn’t get up to much on the Sunday evening. I had already decided that I was going to wear an outfit to the party, but it wasn’t really much effort as I was just going to go as Hermione and just needed to find a more appropriate school uniform to wear. I spent the day at home alone on Monday and got some work done, but didn’t bother getting dressed until we were ready to set off for the party. The in k marks were still very visible, but obviously fitted quite well with my outfit so I wasn’t bothered about people in the streets seeing them (they could only see the ones on my legs). We turned up and a couple of other people had dressed up, but as you would expect, they were soon undressed. I had gone with the plan of staying mostly dressed so that I could leave covered in cum stains, but my plan went slightly awry when I saw a little red haired girl who had come as Ginny. I know that Mike has always wanted to fuck a red head and she looked incredibly cute so I thought I would see what I could do to arrange a threesome and get him his wish.

Quite a few people were paying attention to her, so it took a little while to get to talk to her. I confirmed that she was new to the parties (as if I would have forgotten her if I’d seen her before) and unfortunately (for Mike’s sake) that she was gay. She was called Sara had a girlfriend (who had introduced her to the group). When she called her girlfriend over, I was surprised to find out that it was Emily (someone I’d met at the parties a few times and had thought was straight). I later found out that Emily is mostly gay, but will sometimes fuck guys (mostly when drunk) – I was astounded at how I had missed out on seeing her make out with any girls and had only seen her fucking guys, but wasn’t going to complain).

It was obvious that I was interested in Sara and I thought the quickest way to find out why she was there was to ask. I was very direct and asked if she just liked fucking in front of other people or was there to join in. I sort of expected Sara to be as forward as Julia, but she said that Emily had talked her into coming along but had told her that she didn’t have to do anything. Sara had been curious enough to want to see what the party was like and I was more than happy to help Emily introduce her to our little world of debauchery. We wandered round a bit and I introduced Sara to Mike – he apparently knew that Emily was bi already so wasn’t surprised (he had seen her with other girls at times when I had been off with other guys).

We wandered round and watched a few people at various stages of making out – it was still early no nobody downstairs was openly fucking, but when we headed upstairs, we found a couple going at it. Mike started to fondle me and my top was undone to give him access to my breasts. I knew that Sara was watching (as was Emily, but my eyes were on the redhead) and I pushed Mike’s hand down between my legs. I ended up on the bed beside the couple who were fucking and Mike lifted my skirt and started to play with my pussy. He asked if Emily wanted a go and she knelt between my legs and started to fuck me with a couple of fingers and rub my clit with her other hand. Mike went to talk to Sara and asked if she wanted to join in and this is when his hopes were dashed and she told him that she was gay. He recovered well though and told her that if she wanted, she could always just help to play with me and with a bit of encouragement from Emily, she sidled over to me.

It was obvious that Emily wanted Sara to get involved (I assume she wouldn’t have invited her otherwise) and I looked down and watched as Sara’s fingers slowly moved towards my pussy and stroked me. Emily helped things along by spreading my lips and pushing Sara’s fingers into me and together they fucked and rubbed me. Mike was still standing behind us watching and rubbing his crotch and he said that Emily slid a hand down Sara’s back and under her skirt. I was enjoying the attention, but wanted a bit more and breathlessly asked for them to lick me (I wanted Sara, but didn’t care who actually did it). As quick as a flash, Mike had pulled a dental dam from his pocket and unwrapped it before tossing it over to me. They pulled their fingers out and I positioned it over my pussy and spread my legs. Emily leant forwards and had a lick first, then pulled back and pushed Sara’s head forwards (I didn’t see the pushing, but Mike reported it to me afterwards).

Mike obviously wanted to get involved in some way and he moved up behind Emily (who he knew screwed men) and knelt down behind her. He asked if she wanted to play and she conceded that it was only fair and said he could do what he wanted to her (it didn’t take much to guess what he wanted to do). He reached under her skirt and slid his hand straight into her panties, slipped his fingers into her pussy and proceeded to play with her. Emily moved up onto the bed beside me, but lay on her stomach and I saw Mike flip her skirt up, pull her panties down and slide into her. He pushed a hand under her to play with her clit and she reached over to squeeze my breasts. She wasn’t too loud, but once they got going, just kept saying ‘oh fuck oh fuck, oh fuck...’ over and over until she let out a series of quiet ‘unghhh’s. Mike hadn’t finished yet and kept pumping into her (I think she came a lot quicker than he had expected), but the view of Sara eating me helped him along and I watched as he got closer and then thrust deep into her and stayed still before resuming much slower strokes, still pushing deep into her.

I was getting close to cumming and concentrated on what Sara’s tongue was doing to me. She might have been young (only a first year), but she was fairly good and I wrapped my legs around her head to hold her in place as my orgasm approached. She figured out that I was close and licked harder and faster – this was partly due to the fact that Emily had moved off the bed, crouched down behind her and was fondling her breasts and pussy (both through her clothes at first, but Emily then pushed her hand under Sara’s skirt. Mike said that Emily asked Sara if she wanted to cum and Sara just nodded without taking her mouth of my pussy. Emily lifted Sara’s skirt and pulled her panties partway down, then started to finger her properly. Mike could tell what was happening, but not actually see anything and as I came, he suggested to Emily that I might want to eat Sara in return.

Mike obviously knows my type (small, cute and Jen like), but his suggestion wasn’t entirely for my benefit as he wanted to see Sara’s pussy. He wanted to know (as did I) what colour pubic hair she had – as well as just getting to see what we suspected would be a cute little pussy. As I came, Emily said that she was happy for me to have Sara and whispered in her ear that she was going to put on a little show for us. She pushed Sara up onto the bed on top of me, briefly fingered her from behind and then got her to roll off onto her back. Sara’s legs were pushed open before she could object (not that it looked like she was objecting) and Emily lowered her head to her pussy and started to eat her. I wanted to see what was happening, so slid down the bed and watched Emily work – she licked for a while and then moved aside and asked if I wanted to carry on (which I clearly did).

Sara’s pussy wasn’t quite what I had expected, she had very complex looking lips with the inner lips clearly visible (I guess you could call them crinkle cut) and I desperately wanted to taste her properly, but knew better than to let myself get carried away so I applied a dental dam before I started to eat her. Her lips felt different – more squishy – and they moved around under my tongue a lot more. I didn’t let this distract me though as I really wanted to make Sara cum and I lapped away at her cunt while Emily sat beside her on the bed, kissed her and played with her breasts. She came fairly easily and made much sharper yelping sounds than Emily had (but was still fairly quiet). I kitty kissed her for a little while and then played with her pussy directly, sliding my fingers up and down her lips, spreading them and slipping a couple of fingers into her.

We then sat and chatted for a while and I congratulated her on doing so well at her first party and told her how it had taken a couple of visits before Mike and I did things with other people. Sara said that she really hadn’t intended to go that far, but just got carried away. I told her that I hoped she didn’t regret it and she said that it had been fun and we should do it again at the next party. I was up for that but wanted to make the most of the current party so we said goodbye and went to explore what else was happening. It was pretty dull in the other bedroom – there were a couple having sex, but the girls skirt covered everything interesting, so other than a bit of breast jiggling, there wasn’t much to see and we headed back downstairs. I was accosted by bi-girl who told me off for stealing the new girl, but I pointed out that she didn’t need ‘turning’. (It’s just dawned on me that I haven’t actually named bi-girl yet – I think I tried to do so in the entry for the previous party but it didn’t flow properly. Given I’ve done things with her a few times and especially now there are two of them, I think that Laura deserves her real name to be known).

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