Friday, 13 January 2012

Halloween 2011 - Part 3

We've been packing up the house today and saying goodbye to it properly. In a short time, we're going out with some friends for a farewell drink and Sara and Emily (from this and the previous post) will be coming along as well. From tomorrow, Mike and I will be living together again :) For now, enjoy my last post from York.


I offered to make up for having made the first move on Sara and Laura said that was an acceptable solution. She leant against the stairs and we kissed while I slid a hand up under her skirt and found her pussy. I used a finger in her and my thumb on her clit and soon could feel her moaning into my mouth. I undid her top with my free hand and played with her breasts, then pushed her top off her shoulders and pulled it free. I wanted to see her naked and so unzipped her skirt and pulled it down, then told her to put her legs together to allow it to slide to the floor. Laura doesn’t always get naked, but I know that she is far from shy so I knew she wouldn’t mind – especially when I knelt between her legs and fingered her while rubbing her clit. She is well known at the parties and I told her to put on a good display for everyone (I don’t know if there was anyone there other than the new people that she hadn’t fucked at some point) and the group downstairs watched as she held on to the spindles of the staircase. I pumped my fingers in to her fairly roughly (I’ve seen her fuck enough times to know she likes it rough – she would probably have a good time with Jen) and I let the knuckle of my index finger press against her ass each time I pushed my fingers into her.

She didn’t object to this so I thought I may as well go for broke and straightened my index finger. I pressed the tip against her ass and felt her press back so I pushed and it slipped in. She had her back to the wall so I don’t think anyone could tell what I was doing, but Laura certainly noticed. She humped up and down on my fingers in time with my movements (mostly) and I resumed rubbing her clit until she came. She got a few cheers for her display and I pulled my fingers out, stood up and kissed her, asking if I was now forgiven for stealing Sara. She said that I had more than made up for it and in return, I deserved a treat. She called a guy over and suggested to him that I might be interested in fucking him. He said that he’d only just recovered, but Laura encouraged him and told him he would get something special so he tagged along as we headed upstairs.

We found one of the bedrooms empty (at least it was empty when we went in, but a few people had followed to watch us) and Laura pulled my remaining clothes off and bent me over the bed. She started off my fingering me and rubbing my juices around my pussy before spreading me and saying that I was ready. I felt the guy’s cock nudge against my cunt, rub up and down a few times and then slide into me. He went deep and it felt good, especially with Laura’s fingers rubbing my clit. She got him to pull out and rub back and forth against my slit and then told him to push back into me. I could feel her hand guiding his cock and realised what she was doing, so lowered my body slightly to make things easier. He pushed into my ass (not as deep as he’d been in my cunt) and started to slowly fuck me, saying how tight I felt. Laura pushed a couple of fingers into my pussy and rubbed my clit and I told the guy to fuck away and cum in my ass (he had a condom on, so he wouldn’t actually cum *in* my ass, but he knew what I meant). This was the first anal I’d done at the parties and from what I heard, not many girls let people see them doing this so a few more people came up to watch. Another couple joined us on the bed but I was too distracted to pay much attention and just relished in the combined feeling of cunt, ass and clit being stimulated. The guy said he was going to cum soon and I told him to hold back while Laura rubbed me faster. When I was really close to cumming, I told him to do whatever he wanted and he pumped into my ass while I came. He wasn’t too far behind me though and I’m glad I came first because as soon as he’d finished cumming, he pulled out leaving me feeling rather empty. I lay down on the bed and thanked Laura, suggesting that we try teaming up on some other people in future and she agreed that would be fun. I turned and watched the couple beside me finish off (orgasm faces are always amusing to see) and then headed back downstairs to see what Mike was up to.

He was finishing up with another girl who was sitting astride him on the sofa and riding his cock. They had started off with kissing, then moved on to stroking each other, she had sucked him off for a while and then mounted him. They had fucked with her facing him and then he’d got her to turn around so he could easily rub her clit while she bounced up and down. I sat and watched her cunt swallowing his cock over and over and his fingers flying back and forth over her clit until she came. Mike was on form though and wasn’t ready to stop just yet so they moved round so the girl lay on the sofa and he held her legs up while he carried on fucking her. He pounded into her over and over and she was whimpering a little, but didn’t complain. He rubbed her clit for a while and asked if she could cum again – she wasn’t sure at first, but then changed her mind and said if he kept going that she might be able to. Of course Mike is very good at keeping going so he did this until she was obviously getting close to cumming again and then really pounded into her. She took over playing with her clit and as she had her second orgasm, he came in her.

It had been an impressive show and the girl looked somewhat worn out by it, but Mike gave her a thank you kiss (always the gentleman – except when he’s not) and they chatted while she recovered. I joined them and told Mike that I was no longer a party anal virgin and he said that he wished he’d been there to see it, then added that he didn’t mean he wished he’d been there instead of what he’d just been doing and decided that there wasn’t an easy way to dig himself out of the hole so gave up.

A couple of girls were sucking off a guy sitting on the other sofa so we all sat and watched (there is definitely something very sensual about two girls with their mouths locked around a cock) and we could see one of them masturbating under her skirt while they sucked and kissed. The guy came and asked the girls to make each other cum, but they weren’t up for this. As a compromise, they continued to kiss while the girl who was masturbating finished herself off and by the time she came, they were really pressing against each other with their mouths glued together – I bet that if they had been asked to play with each other at that point, they would have been a bit more willing, but I might just be projecting...

We saw Sara eating Emily later on in the evening and I wished I could have helped out. I asked about the special unprotected party that we’d heard about and was told that they hoped to do it early in the new year. As much fun as it is being fucked, sucking, being eaten or eating someone, it just isn’t the same with a rubber barrier in the way and the thought of being able to (safely) do things completely naturally was an incredible turn on. I knew that Mike had a few reservations, but we had agreed to discuss it properly at some point and I didn’t let these get in the way of my imagination.

I finished off the evening my jerking a couple of guys off (separately) and having them cum over my breasts. Unfortunately they didn’t have much cum left, but it was the thought that counted and to make up for it, I let Mike fuck me. We did this in the kitchen with me leaning against the counter and we clearly aren’t the only ones who like seeing ‘proper’ sex and so ended up with an audience to see Mike’s cum drip out of me when he pulled out. There wasn’t a great deal (he *had* fucked two other girls), but some dribbled out and I rubbed it around my pussy before going to hunt for my clothes and start to get ready to head home. My skirt had been used to wipe up after a session, so I had to just wear my top and coat over it. It was somewhat cold out, but that didn’t stop me from walking with my coat undone whenever we were alone and just holding in shut when people were walking towards us.

If I hadn’t been covered in cum (okay, so not *covered*, but I wasn’t clean), we would have probably done something on the way, but we waited until we got home and showered, then went to bed and spooned. Mike didn’t think he could cum again, but I started describing Sara’s pussy and got him to tell me what Emily’s cunt had felt like. I then went over in detail what had happened in my threesome and got him to tell me about the beginnings of his sofa fuck (as I had been otherwise engaged for that bit) and by the time we’d done all that, Mike had changed his mind and said he thought he might be able to squeeze out another load of cum. I pretended that I was too tired and no longer interested, but seeing as he was already inside me and he knows that the times I’m not interested in sex are few and far between, he wasn’t convinced. I relented and told him to let me have it and we had a fairly rough session with him mashing my breasts around and slamming into me while I used an egg on my clit. We finished fairly quickly but it had been good and by this point we really were tired and fell asleep while I once again described Sara’s pussy to him (I’d got a much better view). In his eternally optimistic way, he hoped that he would get a chance to fuck her, but it was enough to keep him hard while I drifted off.

On the Tuesday morning, I woke up early and got Mike hard before he woke up just using my hands, then told him to fuck me. I sat over him, facing away from him so I could watch myself in the mirror and he got the view he likes. Mike bounced up and down and we got a good rhythm going until I went a bit high and landed on his cock, bending it slightly. It hurt me, but hurt him a fair bit more and we had to stop for a while. He was still feeling a little tender but said that we could finish off with a 69 if we wanted and I did everything I could to gently suck him off and distract him from the discomfort. He did a fairly good job of distracting himself and really ate me hard while running a finger around my ass. I came first and hummed and moaned around his cock, then concentrated on swirling my tongue around the head and flicking back and forth over the glans to get him to cum. I was rewarded with more cum than I had expected (given the previous night) and kept it in my mouth until I sat up and let most of it dribble out over my chin and down my breasts before rubbing it in to my skin.

 We then had a quick shower and I dashed off to the station so I could be back at work for midday. I replayed some of the weekend’s events while on the train journey and by the time I got to work I had to visit my cupboard to look out some papers and brush my hair (or maybe use the brush for other purposes) , but returned to my desk in a much better frame of mind to get work done.


  1. Andi,
    I STRONGLY urge you to pass on the unprotected party. My sister ended up with FOUR kids while on the pill from two different people and I work with 1 girl who has a kid while on the pill also.
    Not worth the risk IMO.

  2. Hmm, well I have unprotected sex with Mike all the time, as well as with Sue's bf a couple of times now. The pill seems to work pretty well for me and I *really* don't want to miss the opportunity to do this safely (at least from a disease standpoint).

    We're still not 100% decided, but I think we're up to about 99%