Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sister's Boyfriend - Part 1

I had lots of fun with Jen's brother at the weekend - but today's entry (and the next couple) are about fun with Sue's boyfriend...

At the end of November Jen should have been coming up to visit me, but it’s always more fun to go to her place and we had decided to rearrange things as Mike was away at a bachelor party. Instead of visiting Jen, I went to visit Sue at Uni (it had been quite a while since I’d gone to visit her and we’d been developing a plan that we thought it was time to execute).

I arrived on the Friday night and we went out with her friends and her boyfriend. I didn’t even try to keep up with their drinking but it was a fun evening. Ryan walked Sue and I back to her room and he was going to go back to his place but Sue convinced him to stay over. He asked if it was okay given I was there, but Sue had borrowed a camp bed for me and she managed to convince him. I got changed into my nightdress in the bathroom and then chatted to him while Sue got changed. She didn’t bother hiding her nudity, but also put a nightdress on. Ryan stayed clothed while we talked and helped me get the camp bed set up. He and Sue sat on the bed and I sat facing them with my legs crossed – I knew full well that this was a rather revealing position with the length (or lack of) my nightdress, but the idea was to tease him and see if I could pique his interest. Sue sat facing me in a similar position and I could see that she was still shaved bare and knew that she had been nurturing Ryan’s fantasy of being with two girls. I had been thinking about going further with him ever since the time I had blown him in the summer (which he still thinks was Sue) and between us (with some input from Mike and Jen) we had come up with how to take that forwards.

We chatted for quite a while and I sat in a number of different positions, ending up on the bed with them (the camp bed wasn’t that comfortable). I sat with my knees raised and arms around them, but my feet slightly off to the side so there was a clear view to my pussy, which felt like it was getting very wet. When Ryan went to the bathroom, Sue checked that I wanted to go ahead and I told her that I was horny enough that I would happily sit and masturbate for them both right then, but that we should stick to the plan. When Ryan came back, Sue said that she was getting tired and we should get into bed. Ryan looked a little disappointed that he wasn’t going to get a chance to ogle me any more so I spent a little while tucking the sheets of the camp bed in which involved lots of bending over and giving a view of the bottom half of my ass. I gave Sue a little goodnight kiss and wished her luck and then climbed in to bed.

Ryan waited until the lights were off before he undressed and joined Sue in bed and I could hear them whispering to each other. I stayed quiet and after a while, Sue asked me if I was asleep. She asked a couple of times and then I heard her suggest to Ryan than that they fuck. The room was dark and I couldn’t see much, but could just make out them moving around. I saw Sue’s nightdress get thrown onto the floor and heard the bed creaking as they got into position. Sue told Ryan to get inside her and she moaned so I assumed he’d done as he was told. I waited until they were a few minutes in and then quietly peeled my covers back and lifted my nightdress so it was bunched under my arms.

I started to masturbate and was pleased with how wet my pussy felt (the anticipation throughout the evening had certainly had an effect on me). I allowed myself to get carried away as this was part of the plan. I heard Sue and Ryan stop moving, but I carried on and suddenly the light turned on. I acted shocked, and froze with my legs spread and my fingers partway into my pussy. Sue asked me what I was doing and I acted flustered and blurted out that I was sorry, I hadn’t had sex for a week and head heard them and just felt horny and couldn’t stop myself. I went to pull the covers over myself but Sue said that she didn’t mind and just said something to Ryan about having told him I was like that. During the nurturing of his fantasy, she had told him that over the years we had occasionally walked in on each other masturbating and she gave Ryan a grin and said that she felt like being naughty and suggested that they carry on, letting me watch.

This was the crunch point and he seemed to be wavering so I just said, ‘please – I just want to cum’ and pushed my fingers the whole way into my pussy. Ryan was still on top of Sue and she started to move her hips (so I guessed that he was still inside her as well) and our dual attack defeated him. He relented and started to move in her and I resumed my masturbation. I reached a hand around under my ass and pushed two fingers into my cunt and used my other hand on my clit (Mike tells me that he really enjoys watching me play with myself in this position so I thought Ryan would as well) and I saw him looking over at me a number of times. I moaned quietly and said how good it felt and how close to cumming I was getting and tried to pace myself to keep in time with their fucking. This was somewhat difficult as I obviously didn’t know how close they were, but I got audibly more excited as they seemed to be getting closer to cumming.

I held back until Sue came (and was pleased that she had managed to train him to hold back until she was satisfied – something of a change from early on in their relationship) and when she said she was about to cum, I frigged myself and tried to cum as well. I put on a little display of ‘oh yes, that’s it, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me...’ as I came. I knew Ryan was watching me and I humped my pussy into the air to give him an even better view (the camp bed was somewhat lower than the real bed). Ryan pushed hard into Sue and I assumed he was cumming in her (he was) and he then lay on top of her, still looking over at me.

I pulled my fingers out of my pussy and sucked them clean, keeping my legs spread for a little while before stretching them out straight again. I sat up and pulled my nightdress down over my breasts and thanked them, saying I felt much better. Sue said that from what she’d heard, I could cum a hundred times and not feel satisfied and I said that may be true and could probably cum again if I had the chance. I said that I thought it wasn’t fair that Ryan had got to see me naked, but I hadn’t seen anything interesting of his (their crotches had stayed hidden under the covers and even though he was now sitting up, his lower half was covered – as was Sue’s. I saw movement under the covers and Ryan jumped when Sue wrapped her hand around his cock. She asked him if he thought I should get to see and when he asked her if she minded, she said that after having made her cum like that, she thought he deserved a treat. (I later found out that her orgasm hadn’t been anything spectacular, but the line just came into her mind).

He told me to come closer so I climbed up onto the bed and slowly pulled the covers back. She still had her hand around his cock and slowly stroked up and down the shaft. I reached out and she withdrew her hand, so I replaced it with mine and took over stroking him. He let out a gasp when I did this and I could see that he wasn’t likely to object to anything else we suggested (at least I hoped he wouldn’t). I said that it was only fair that if both of them were naked, that I should be too and I pulled my nightdress off. I played with my breasts (I know he likes large breasts – or at least that he likes Sue’s large breasts) and asked him if he had ever don’t things with two girls. He said no and I gave him a coy look and asked if he would like to (knowing full well that he would).

I suggested to Sue that she sit over his face while I had a little play with his cock and he eagerly lay down to let her climb into position. Ryan doesn’t mind eating his cum out of her (but that’s another issue completely) and I watched as his tongue darted between her lips while I took hold of his cock once more and started to jerk him off. I mostly used just my hands and used the stroke and twist technique that I’d learned at one of the parties, but as I felt Ryan start to move around I lowered my mouth to his cock and flicked back and forth across the head with my tongue. I could taste Sue on him and I considered sucking him properly but was trying to act as if things were still developing so didn’t do any more than giving the head a few kisses and continuing to use my tongue. He came, partly in my mouth, partly over my face and partly over his stomach. I wiped his cum off my face and rubbed it over Sue’s ass – which made her look round at me. I indicated to the cum on his stomach and she knew that I had succeeded, so told him to speed up his licking so she could cum.

I gently teased his cock and got a good view of what his tongue was doing to Sue’s pussy – it didn’t take too long before she came and by that time I already had my fingers back between my legs and was playing with myself. Sue climbed off Ryan’s face and he wiped himself clean. He saw what I was doing and I once again apologised and said that having seen them both cum again, I needed to take care of myself. Ryan said he didn’t mind so I lay back against the end of the bed and fingered myself. Sue appeared to have forgotten the script (not that we had a rigid script, but we had an outline plan) so I prompted her by commenting that it looked like he was quite good at oral sex. Sue was lying beside him and seemed very content (she may enjoy sex, but she still doesn’t have the stamina I do) and lazily told Ryan that he may as well show me how good he was seeing as I’d made him cum. He asked her if she really meant that and she waved in my direction and told him to go ahead, as long as I wanted him to.

He asked if I wanted any help and I just pulled my legs open and said ‘oh fuck, please, yes’. He didn’t need any further invitation and knelt between my legs. He wasn’t actually *that* good at oral sex, but he was eager enough and watching his licking away between my legs was certainly exciting. As Sue had suggested during our planning, I played with my breasts while he ate me and I saw that he was watching me do this. As much as I talk about not liking my breasts that much or my nipples not being too sensitive, I think it added to my enjoyment and when I came, I put on another vocal show to encourage him. My orgasm certainly wasn’t bad and I did feel much more satisfied after it. He wiped his face clean of my juices and once I’d caught my breath, I said that I should probably get back into bed.

He suggested that I stay in bed with them and I said I wasn’t sure and didn’t think the bed was really wide enough (it was only a twin), but let him convince me. Sue shifted over and I climbed under the covers on the other side of Ryan. He started off lying against Sue’s back, but once she fell asleep, he turned around and I felt him pressing against me. His cock was hard and I wriggled back against him to it nestled between my ass cheeks, with the head pressing on my lower back. He reached over me and I took his hand and pressed it against one of my breasts and said goodnight. He stayed like that until I fell asleep, but he moved around quite a bit in the night (and the bed really wasn’t quite big enough for three). I was woken up a number of times by him moving around and I occasionally ended up with his arm draped over me, but didn’t feel any pressure from his cock so assumed he was still asleep.

The next morning, he got up to go pee and I had a quick chat with Sue, checking that she thought everything had gone well. I had been a bit worried that even though a lot of the plan was her idea, she might have changed her mind when she actually saw her boyfriend doing things with me, but she was fine and we agreed to press on. When Ryan returned, I was lying on my side and lifted the covers, this was intended to give him a good view of both Sue’s and my bodies, with our breasts almost touching (it takes effort to try and think of all these things you know) and I told him to come back to bed so we could play. His cock started to stiffen as he climbed in to bed and he kissed us both then moved on to playing with our breasts. He would fondle one of us while sucking the other’s nipples, which meant Sue had something of an advantage as hers are more sensitive than mine.

I told them that I wanted to watch them fuck again and guided Ryan’s cock towards Sue’s pussy. He didn’t need to be forced and I saw him slide into her and they started to fuck. Ryan seemed to be getting in to the situation much more and was letting his fantasies come out. He asked me to suck on Sue’s tits and I told him that I wasn’t sure about doing that, but put my hand on one of them and caressed her gently. He next asked me to kiss her and I leant over and gave her a gentle peck, but he wanted to see more. This was going away from what we’d planned, but I’ve learned to adapt and whispered something to Sue. She agreed and told him if he wanted to watch us kiss, then we would do something he really wanted.

He had to dismount her and sit on the edge of the bed while Sue and I knelt in front of him. We took turns licking him and I once again tasted Sue off him and then we started to lick him at the same time. He really enjoyed this and I felt my tongue brush against Sue’s a number of times before we decided to go for the kill. We started taking turns sucking the head and then kissed each other with our mouths either side of his cock and our tongues dancing around it. He *really* liked this and as he got closer to cumming, he pressed on the back of our heads to hold us in place and we sucked and slurped around the head. My fingers were busily playing with my pussy and I felt his cum start to shoot out of his cock into our mouths. We didn’t break the kiss until he had finished cumming and then once his cock was free, I pulled Sue to me and we kissed properly, sharing his cum.

I acted a little shy and said that we’d got a bit carried away, but he didn’t seem to mind and said it had felt amazing. I suggested that he fuck Sue and eat me at the same time, but he didn’t think he could manage a proper fuck. I didn’t want to discourage him so said it was fine and he should eat Sue while I watched and I would play with myself. This went as you would expect and after we had both cum (I waited until she had cum before I let myself cum), we lay in bed and rested for a while. I gently played with Ryan’s cock and wondered if he was ready to fuck yet, but didn’t want to rush things too much.


  1. Andi, what did you mean when you said "Ryan doesn’t mind eating his cum out of her (but that’s another issue completely)"

    Also, I know you're not posting pictures of yourselves but do you have a picture that LOOKS LIKE Sue?

  2. I have a suspicion (from some things Sue has told me) that Ryan might be repressing an aspect of his sexuality.

    I don't think we have any pictures that look like Sue (other than actual pictures of her). We've got the pictures we found on her computer a few years ago that were taken by a previous boyfriend (and we're definitely not posting those as she was only just legal at the time) - hmm, we haven't looked at those for a while, that might be a good catalyst for our session tonight...

  3. Why stop at photos of someone that looks like Sue, why not post some look-a-likey photos of most of your friends?


  4. I've posted pictured before, but my Picasa account was suspended as the pictured were copyright. If anyone knows how I can easily put pictures up and get them to display in the blog, please let me know and I'll post a few of each person I've goof lookalike images of (not of all my friends, but Lis, Jo, Jen, Clare & Nellie).

  5. Andi, instead of posting a picture and running foul of copyright rules, why not just add a URl link?


  6. I guess I could throw up some images on imagefap and link to the page - I will have a dig through my collection and get some pics together.