Sunday, 1 January 2012

Taking Turns With Lis - Part 1

We had a good New Year's party (which Jen is just about recovered from now) and we're heading off for a nice dinner tonight. Back to the end of October now (we're slowly catching up with the present...)


Jen had been getting concerned that with Mike finally having found a job and moving up to be with me, that she would end up being second to him again (that was her ‘again’, not mine). I had thought that she had realised how much she meant to me and how I wasn’t about to leave her, but we spent a few evenings having the same conversations as we’d had about a year ago and I eventually reassured her that everything was going to be fine. As a compromise, we decided that I would spend most weekends down with her and as an additional bonus, I had a surprise for her.

Lis was going to another interview near Jen (not actually that near, about 1 ½ - 2 hours away) and Lis had asked me if I would mind if she stopped off to visit Jen on the way home. I overrode the slight feelings of hypocritical jealousy and told Lis that she could ‘visit’ Jen as much as she wanted, as long as I continued to get visitation rights as well. When I told Jen that Lis wanted to stay over for a night, she was delighted and assured me that she would take good care of her.

Jen met Lis at the station and they stopped off for a drink on the way home. Lucy was staying over at Ramona’s place that night, so they had the house to themselves and Jen said that there was an obvious sexual tension while they were in the pub. They headed home and once inside, Jen showed Lis up to her room to dump things off and Lis asked if Jen was usually naked around the house when I wasn’t there. Jen started off by saying that she wasn’t, but then added that this was because Lucy was usually around and seeing as they had the place to themselves, they could always be naked if Lis wanted.

Even though Jen is younger than Lis, she is a fair bit more confident (especially in situations like this – she was the one who made a move on me after all) and sidled over to Lis and slipped her arms around her. Jen asked if Lis wanted her clothes removed and before Lis had answered, started to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Jen discovered that Lis didn’t have panties on and called her a naughty girl, then congratulated her for being more adventurous. Lis slid her hands up Jen’s legs and supped her ass, saying that Jen could hardly call her naughty seeing as she was also going commando.

Jen kissed Lis and they moved on to the bed. The kissed and rolled around for a while before Jen pushed Lis down and started to crawl down between her legs. Lis said that she wanted to do things properly and they finished undressing each other and then got back on the bed in a 69 position with Jen on top. They ate each other without any further interruptions (except the odd bit of fingering) and when they had both cum (Jen came first), they lay beside each other and Jen welcomed Lis to her home. Hunger had set in by this point so they ordered some food. Jen tried to convince Lis to answer the door naked, but Lis isn’t bound by the arcane rules that I am and declined. As a compromise, they agreed that they would answer just wearing thin nightdresses and then Jen decided to go one step further and borrowed two of Lucy’s silk nightdresses.

I’ve seen Lucy in these and they are incredibly fine. They aren’t actually transparent, but they show up a silhouette really well if light is behind them (and Jen knows this), so they had the hall light off and the kitchen light on behind them when they opened the door. They had been playing with each other’s breasts so that their nips were quite hard and once they had closed the door, Jen did an appraisal of Lis to see how much they had showed off. The light wasn’t quite as effective as sunlight, but Jen said that she could see the full outline of Lis’ body and her nips were clearly pushing against the nightdress. They stripped to eat dinner (Lucy wouldn’t have been pleased to find grease on her silk) and then returned to the bedroom.

Jen spent a while playing with Lis’ breasts, continuing to tease them with fingers and mouth. Lis then did the same to Jen and after a while, was being a lot more forceful with Jen’s nipples, just the way Jen likes it. Lis apparently took some convincing to pinch, twist and bite hard enough, but I remember how dubious I was at first about doing this. As always, this got Jen quite turned on and she soon mounted Lis and started to grind against her. They ended up using the scissor position (as I had done with Lis the previous weekend, except they didn’t use a dildo, just humped, slipped and slapped against each other).

Jen kept encouraging Lis to be louder and tell her what she wanted to do and what she could feel. She is slowly improving and by the time she came, Jen says that Lis was gasping away and telling Jen to fuck her cunt and make her cum. They snuggled up together under the covers and Jen gave me a call. She told me that Lis had arrived safely and that she was taking care of her, then proceeded to describe what they had just done and told me that she had her fingers nestled between Lis’ lips and was gently stroking her clit and sliding in and out of her pussy. Lis apparently was beetroot red while Jen was telling me all this, and didn’t say much (she only answered things I asked her with a brief yes or no. I decided that Lis had been teased long enough and left them to it, but added that I was about to go and masturbate while thinking of what they were doing (which I duly did).

Jen managed to coax Lis into one more session, for which they mostly used eggs on each other while kissing, but then Jen instructed Lis in the art of kitty kissing (gentle kissing and licking of pussy after orgasm – enough to feel really good, but done gently enough to not be too stimulating or intense. They then spooned and fell asleep together while chatting, with Jen cupping Lis’ breasts and teasing her nipples.

Jen had intended to wake Lis in the morning by going down on her, but Lis woke up first. Not that this stopped Jen from crawling under the covers and eating her once she was awake, but it remove the surprise factor (even though Lis knows this is a part of our morning ritual, she isn’t as used to it as we are. Sadly (for Jen) Lis had go get back to work and had to catch an early train, so after a very quick session, they showered together and Jen took Lis to the station. It worked out okay for me though as it meant I got to see Lis over the weekend as I was visiting Mike in York.

I arrived at my usual time on the Friday evening and met up with people for drinks. I already knew what had happened between Jen and Lis, but hadn’t managed to get any time alone with Lis to discuss it. On the way home from the pub, we started to arrange to meet up for coffee, but decided to just invite her back so we could talk about things while she was slightly less inhibited than usual (none of us were drunk, but we’d had a couple of drinks). At first, Lis was a bit embarrassed with Mike there, but she knows that he knows what we’ve done and she’s talked to him about what she and Vicky did (plus he’s given her plenty of porn they’ve even watched some together), so this didn’t last too long.

Lis told us what she and Jen had done – not in anywhere as much detail as Jen had described it, but enough that it was certainly arousing to listen to. I was leaning against Mike and he stroked my neck while Lis talked, only gently at first, but I soon realised that he was doing it more purposefully and it felt really good (Note for newer readers: the front of my neck is very sensitive and if done properly, I can cum just from being stroked there). It became obvious to Lis that I was really enjoying myself and Mike reminded her about my neck. He slipped his other hand down the front of my top and cupped a breast, giving it a gentle squeeze and Lis asked if we wanted her to go. Mike told her that he had a better idea and asked if she wanted to try stroking my neck.

They had a discussion about her making me cum and how much Mike wanted to see it her do that. She told him that she wasn’t about to have sex with me in front of him (even when he pointed out that she had seen pictures of him fucking me) and they tried to reach a compromise. Mike had continued to stroke my neck throughout this discussion and the front of my top was now mostly undone, exposing my bra and his hand fondling my breasts. I told them that I didn’t care who did what, but I just wanted somebody to make me cum. This plea lightened the mood somewhat and Lis said that she would give it a try. She switched places with him and I rested my head on her lap. Mike instructed her on how to best stroke me and I enjoyed the feeling of her fingers slowly sliding up and down my neck. She said that she was only doing this as Jen had told her about the semi-threesomes that Mike, Jen and I’d had, but that he had always behaved himself around her and hadn’t pushed things farther than she had wanted.

Mike took the opportunity of having both hands free to pull my bra down and expose my breasts. While Lis worked on my neck, he gently stroked my nipples and discussed with Lis how Jen had taught him to tease breasts properly. Lis agreed that Jen was certainly a breast girl and pointed out that I was much more of a pussy girl. As he said this, he slid a hand up my thigh and I instinctively spread my legs. His fingers reached up under my skirt to my pussy and Lis asked if he was actually touching me. To answer her, he flipped up the front of my skirt and traced up and down my pussy – Lis probably couldn’t really see much from her vantage point, but it was enough to know that he wasn’t faking it.

She seemed a little unsure again, but he pointed out that she had been sleeping with Jen the night before, had seen (and made) me cum plenty of times and that I was too far gone for it to be fair for them to stop. He did ask if she wanted him to leave us alone to finish off, but she said that given he *was* my husband, that seemed a little strange. My pussy felt very wet (which often happens when someone strokes my neck for a while) and with my beck, nipples and pussy being stimulated, my body felt incredible. Mike wasn’t applying too much pressure to my clit so it didn’t speed things up too much and I ended up writhing around as my orgasm slowly built.

I eventually came and it felt like a really deep orgasm. Not incredibly strong, but it lasted for a while and rolled and pulsed through my whole body as if it was coming from both my neck and pussy (sorry Jen, my nips just aren’t as sensitive as yours). I’d had my eyes closed for most of the latter part of the session and opened them to see Lis staring down at me. I watched Mike lick his fingers clean and then sat up and partially straightened myself out (it didn’t seem worthwhile doing my top up). I gave Mike and then Lis a thank you kiss and whispered in Lis’ ear, asking her if she wanted to stay over. She nodded towards Mike and I reminded her that we have two bedrooms and she would be in Jen’s bed, not Mike’s. I could see that she was wavering and so whispered in her other ear that I needed to thank her for helping me cum and I was sure I could find an interesting way of doing so. I gave her a big kiss and she relented and said she would stay, but that she didn’t have anything. I told her that she could use Jen’s stuff (Lis is a bit shorter, but has the same size waist and slender chest, so Jen’s clothes mostly fit her).


  1. Mmmm. The next instalment sounds like it could get very interesting indeed.
    Looking forward to finding out if Lis will be curious enough to be more daring with Mike in attendance.


  2. wow nice post . Its little unfair mike always test lesbian limits ,im not saying he is bad or anything but he should put efforts to get straight girls not lesbians

  3. I don't think Mike was testing her limits. Lis knows that he thinks she is sexy and that he is attracted to her and Mike knows that he doesn't stand a chance of anything happening. It's not like he was trying to undress her - just me!

    Mike (and I) would prefer that he finds bi girls instead of straight ones as then he could get his fantasy of having a 'proper' threesome with me (and them) where all of us could fuck each other properly.

  4. Andi, you could've at least teased us a little into thinking that something might have happened between yourself, Lis and Mike.

    We now know that nothing has taken place up until the present time.

    Here's hoping that there is someone else willing to join you and Mike in some extra marital relations.


  5. Ah, well the secret is that I always try to write my posts as if I was writing them at the time (so I *try* to not include anything that I wouldn't have known about at the time - Like Vicky and Lis splitting up).

    So you'll just have to keep reading to find out what else happens with Lis...

  6. A very diplomatic reply Andi.
    We live in hope then.