Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Taking Turns With Lis - Part 2

I'd hoped to post a bit more but wanted to enjoy the time I had with mike and Jen - I'll try to do a few more frequent posts to make up for it... Second part of me enjoying Lis...

As we stood up to go upstairs, Lis asked Mike if she minded her stealing me for the night (she knows that he only gets me every other weekend) and I told her that I would make sure Mike was also well taken care of. Mike said he didn’t mind at all, so we headed upstairs. I had my clothes removed on the way up so was naked while preparing for bed. This of course led to Mike fondling me and while I brushed my teeth, he reached around and held his toothbrush to my clit and let it vibrate on me before he used it to brush his teeth. Lis saw all of this and I really wanted to get her naked, so dragged her into Jen’s room and pulled the door shut behind us.

We kissed and I pulled her clothes off while telling her how much I was going to make her cum. When I slipped her skirt down, I saw that she had panties on and told her that she would have to be punished for wearing them. I pushed her back onto the bed and fell on top of her, resuming our kissing and rubbing her panties, pushing them into her cunt. It wasn’t long before she was squirming around under me and I quickly crawled down between her legs, pulled her panties aside and pushed my tongue into her cunt. I ate her for a few minutes, then peeled her panties off and told her I would be straight back. I dashed into Mike’s room and pounced onto his cock (not that he had been lying there trying to listen to us and wanking or anything...). I pumped up and down a couple of times, then handed him Lis’ panties and told him I would be back when we had finished. I then returned to Lis and went straight back to work on her cunt.

I got her nice and aroused and then crawled up her body so we could kiss while I used my fingers on her pussy. She reached down and did the same to me and I happily moaned into her mouth and told her to make a bit more noise so I could tell if she was enjoying herself. She said that it felt incredible, but she didn’t want Mike to hear us and I told her that I was pretty sure that he knew what we were doing and he was lying there with her panties wrapped around his cock, using her cunt juice as lubrication while he wanked. I strummed Lis’ clit as fast as I could while saying this which I think distracted her from whatever she was going to say, but it didn’t stop her going slightly redder (although it was difficult to tell as she was fairly flushed anyway). I really wanted to get her to imagine Mike fucking me while we played with each other in the hope that if I used the training methods that had been used on me, I might condition her to want to have a real threesome (or at least a semi-threesome like I do with Jen and Mike), but I was aware that it might be a bit too close to the reason that Lis and Vicky split up, so I behaved myself (as much as you can behave yourself when you have your fingers in another girl’s cunt).

Just because Lis was being fairly quiet, it didn’t mean I was going to follow suit and I moaned and panted at her as I got closer to cumming. I told her that I wanted to 69 to finish off and we quickly moved around and lay on our sides to eat each other. This really didn’t take long and I moaned loudly into Lis’ cunt as I came, then finished her off. She was still quite quiet, but I could feel her shuddering as her orgasm went through her. I stayed in position and kitty kissed her for a while, then moved round to kiss her and told her I would be back shortly.

I bounded into Mike’s room and told him that we had to be quick as I didn’t want to leave Lis alone for long. He had carried on gently stroking himself (using Lis’ panties and smelling her scent off them), so he was still hard and I climbed on to his cock while he fished an egg out. I rode up and down, telling him to cum in me while he held the egg against my clit (as best he could with me moving anyway). We finished off with me lying on top of him and his cock pounding in and out of my cunt while his hands spread my ass. He tasted Lis off my face and mouth and came in me before I came, but a minute with the egg remedied this and with a quick goodnight kiss, I dashed back in to see Lis. I slipped under the covers and curled up against her, reaching around to hold her and pulling her to me so her ass nestled against my crotch. We quietly chatted while I kissed the back of her neck and shoulders and stroked her breasts. I told her that Mike had tasted her from me, but to not worry as he’s done the same with Jen – as expected, she was embarrassed by this but I continued to kiss and stroke her until she relaxed again and we fell asleep snuggled together.

In the morning, I got to do what Jen hadn’t managed and woke Lis up by licking her. She said that she could easily get used to that so I did a proper job and used long strokes from her ass to her clit until she was obviously getting close to cumming. I then scissored with her for a while, our cunts sliding back and forth against each other and we finished up back in a 69 (Lis really seems to like this position – and I’m certainly not going to complain as I rather like the way she tastes).

We got a text saying to meet for brunch while we were recovering and Lis said that she needed to get home, but I convinced her to wait and we would all go together. Mike had already got up and I could smell coffee, so I handed Lis one of Jen’s light robes and we headed downstairs. We had a quick coffee and I told Lis that she could head up and shower first and offered to come with her and wash her hair, but she said that if I came with her, the shower would probably take much longer (it’s nice to see she is beginning to understand me!). I fetched her a towel and Lis headed up – as soon as the bathroom door shut, Mike opened his gown to expose his erection and I leant against the table, offering myself to him. We had a quick fuck in that position and I ended up lying on the table on my back while he fucked me and I rubbed my clit. We rushed things a bit more than needed as we finished a good few minutes before Lis came out of the bathroom.

I dashed up to select a dress for her and gave her Jen’s light blue on that buttons down the front. I didn’t offer her a bra as I know she doesn’t always wear one anyway and when she asked for panties I just told her that Jen doesn’t wear panties either. We finished off the outfit with matching light blue long socks and ribbons in her hair. She looked almost as cute as Jen does in that outfit and when we headed down to show Mike, I pointed out that he could see everything she was wearing. Lis went to slap me for telling him this, but it was obvious that she was giving up fighting back (and the fact that I was standing there naked sort of made it not seem as bad that he knew she didn’t have underwear on).

Mike chatted to Lis while I showered, then he went up and quickly got ready while I dressed and Lis chatted to me. I got Lis to sit on the sofa with her feet up on the cushions and legs spread but only managed to get a quick lick before Mike rejoined us. I told Lis I wanted to send Jen a picture of her in the dress and got a nice full length shot. We all set off together and I teased Lis about her nakedness on the way there and stroked her ass (through the dress). We eat and chatted with everyone and afterwards decided to go for a wander around town.

I thought that I should introduce Lis to some of the other games we play and first took her to one of our regular sex shops to buy her a special vibe for use when we chat on the phone (having someone else to have phone sex with is very useful) and give a further demonstration of exhibitionism. I just did the usual bending over to fetch something from a low shelf, letting my skirt ride up and expose my ass to another customer. This wasn’t much different from what Jen had made me do with the pizza guy, but Lis thought it was a lot more daring to do in a ‘public’ place.

Before we left Lis, I asked her if she wanted to have one final bit of fun. We selected some nice sexy bras and went to the changing room to try them on. As soon as the curtain was shut, I undid Lis’ dress, knelt down and frantically ate her. She stood there while I licked her clit and slid a finger into her and I got her to cum in a pretty short time. After buttoning her up, we quickly left and I told her that we often do that, taking turns to cum. Lis asked if I wanted her to do it to me, but I told her that Mike would take care of me later on and I had just wanted a last chance to go down on her before we headed home. Mike arranged for her to go round on Monday night for dinner and we parted with a kiss (Mike even got one, but he didn’t get any tongue).

We headed straight home as Mike was pretty desperate to cum after everything that had happened (and I was feeling fairly horny as well). We called Jen as soon as we got in and went over all the details of previous day with her. While I was describing things, Mike first started to eat me, then slid into me and fucked me. Jen joined in and we had a nice little phone session before we said goodbye and Mike and I had a much more extended session. Seeing as we had both already cum, we took our time and slowly fucked while fantasising about Lis letting Mike join in for a proper session. He desperately wants to get to eat her and at least he now knows what she tastes like. Of course, if he could get to fuck her as well, that would be an added bonus (for him), but he enjoys eating pussy so much that I think he would be satisfied to just bury his head between her legs for a while. (Note: I wonder if the fact that I was so used to Mike eating me had anything to do with my willingness to fantasise about doing things with girls and then actually sleeping with one?)

Mike wasn’t ready for a third cum (his second one had been fairly strong), but we kissed and he rubbed my clit. I came with him kissing my neck (and fingering me) and recalled what it was like with both him and Lis making me cum. We then dozed off and I was woken up in the early morning with Mike’s cock poking around my cunt. He slid into me and we had a quick fuck before falling back asleep. In the morning (the actual morning) he said that he had been dreaming about Clare (one of our old friends) and had been watching me sucking on her breasts and getting an amazing reaction out of her. He was about to fuck me in the dream when he woke up and didn’t want to waste his erection. While he told me this, we spooned and I got him to describe exactly what I was doing to Clare. It’s been a while since I’ve used her in a fantasy so it made a nice change and Mike emptied another load of cum into me before we got up for breakfast. Te rest of the day went fairly quickly and I only got one more pounding just before we set off to the station and my journey home.

Mike saw Lis on the Monday night and they had a nice dinner together. He presented her with the clothes she had left behind, washed & ironed, including her two pairs of panties (one from the Fri/Sat and one from the previous fortnight. He reminded her that she wasn’t meant to wear them any more – at least not when she had a skirt on anyway. He also saw Vicky later on in the week and (with Lis’ permission) told her that Lis had been doing things with Jen and I. He was curious to see how she would react and she said that she was glad that Lis was happy. I know that he hoped that Vicky might get jealous and decide she wanted Lis back, which would have been wonderful (apart from the fact that Jen and I wouldn’t get to fuck her anymore), but it appears that Vicky has definitely decided to end her lesbian experimental stage (even though from Lis’ descriptions, it is clear that Vicky is actually quite practiced and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she ends up with another girl at some point).


  1. hello andi my name is also jen. I recently started reading your blog its very nice and sexy . Apart from sex , have you written any post about your emotional love with jen ? I mean who do you love more jen or mike ? What is the link of the post ?Bye you guys are cool @ jen-

  2. Andi,
    What do you mean when you said:
    "I really wanted to get her to imagine Mike fucking me while we played with each other in the hope that if I used the training methods that had been used on me, I might condition her to want to have a real threesome (or at least a semi-threesome like I do with Jen and Mike"

    Do you have a link to a previous post?

  3. Things happened fairly quickly with Jen - we had sex the first time we met and it was originally going to be a drunken party fuck, but she came to visit and we realised that we had something more. Her first visit starts at:

    ... and then just click on 'newer post' to step through the parts

    Our first session is here:

    I don't write much about romantic love (as most people are just here for the sex) - I think it is still clear though that once we met up again that there was something there and Mike was fine with sharing me, so we just let it develop.

    In relation to the 'training' - this post is probably the best at explaining it: