Monday, 23 January 2012

Uses for chocolate

I meant to post this yesterday - next instalment on Wed to make up for it...


In the week following Lis’ visit to Jen (mid-Nov), Mike met up with Vick and Lis (separately). Lis came round for dinner and afterwards, Mike suggested they watch something on TV. He had set it up so that the computer was connected and there was a bit of a picture sticking out from behind another window. Lis recognised it and asked Mike where he had got it. He told her that Jen had sent it to him and Lis cringed, knowing that it was the picture of her on Jen’s bed with her legs apart and pussy showing. Mike didn’t want to upset Lis so he displayed the whole picture and showed her that Jen had cropped it before sending it to him – he could certainly tell the pose that she had been sitting in, but the picture had been cut at the bottom of Lis’ stomach, so he hadn’t seen her nudity. Once Mike had promised her that he really hadn’t seen them (and he actually hasn’t – although I have), Lis was incredibly relieved, but still a deep shade of pink. Mike pointed out that she had seen pictures of him to which she just replied ‘I know’ and he teased her briefly about putting on a little display for him, but having a cushion thrown at him was the only reply he got. He chatted with her about the weekend and said he was really glad that she’d had fun with Jen. Lis said that she liked Lucy and Jen’s other friends and Mike just did his Homer drooling impression and said ‘Lucy – grrrrlllllrgrr (I have no idea how to spell Homer’s drooling sound effect). Lis is well aware about Mike’s Lucy fetish (he gave her the Pavlina pictures) and seems to agree (as do I).

He met up with Vicky for a drink a couple of days later. Vicky knew that he had become fairly close with Lis, but was still surprised when he told her that he knew about their breakup sex. They were in a quiet corner of the pub so nobody could overhear and she didn’t mind discussing it with him (despite her unwillingness to let it be generally known that she dated Lis, she is quite open with Mike). He didn’t get any really explicit details about what happened, but Vicky said that she had missed Lis and it seemed like a good idea at the time. She admitted that she had really enjoyed it and Mike feigned dismay and said that she thought she only wanted him. They flirted for a while and I think Mike was hoping that something might actually happen, but all he got was a kiss and the evening ended with him having to go home and jerk off (which I was more than happy to provide phone support for).

I travelled down to see Jen at the weekend and arrived not too late on the Friday night so once Jen collected me, we were able to meet up with people. On the way to the pub, Jen warned me that she had a busy weekend planned for me, but said that she thought I would really enjoy it. For all her warnings about pushing me beyond what I want to do, she has been really good at making sure I have lots of fun, so I wasn’t at all worried. We had a nice evening chatting in the pub and near the end of the evening, Jules and I were warned that if we wanted to pee, we needed to do it then. We headed into the bathroom to relieve ourselves and Mel and Jen followed us in. We were each handed a pair of white panties and once we had them on, Mel and Jen each produced a fun sized Mars bar from their purses. As you would expect for chocolate that had been in a warm pub all night, they were somewhat squishy, but we found out that was the whole point.

Jules and I were instructed to hold the front of our panties down and our skirts up and Mel slid the Mars bar into my panties and made sure it was nestled against my pussy. Jen did the same to Jules and we had to pull our panties up tight and rejoin the rest of the group. A few people seemed to be in on the plan and a couple even checked that the chocolate had been put in place by feeling our panties. I could feel it melting even more and asked Jules if she knew what was happening. She said that she was in blissful ignorance (she actually said that she didn’t have a fucking clue, but it felt nice and dirty so she didn’t care). By the time we left, it felt like the Mars bar was just a sticky mess between my legs and I was surprised it wasn’t already running down my thighs. By the time we got to Mel’s place, I could feel that my thighs were definitely sticky and once we got into the light we could see the mess.

Mel put a couple of towels out on the living room floor and Jules and I were ordered to stand on them. Jen whispered to me that she had checked and Jules was clean and that confirmed what I had begun to suspect we would have to do. Two of the guys were allowed to undress us – at least our tops, bras, skirts and socks/stockings. It was safe to say that our panties were no longer white and if I hadn’t known it was chocolate it would have been a somewhat unappealing sight. The guys were allowed to fondle our breasts and then rub our panties, at which point I felt the remainder of the Mars bar squish over my cunt. It was then time for the main show and Jen gave us bobbles to tie our hair back (Jules grew her hair out over the summer and while it still wasn’t long, it looked a lot cuter than it had the previous year).

We had to start by removing panties using just our mouths, which got us messy enough, but the next act of actually trying to clean each other (again, just using mouths). We started off by taking turns kneeling down and licking, but decided that if we were going to put on a show, then we may as well do it properly, so I lay down and Jules sat over my face so I could ‘clean’ her properly. She didn’t stay upright for long though and fell onto me so we could 69. I’d like to say that I’m now completely used to doing things like this in front of people, but it’s still damn exciting and I made sure that Jules got to benefit from my excitement. As she got closer to cumming, I looped my arms around her and held her in place while I lashed her cunt with my tongue. I made her cum first and didn’t let up with my attack, holding on for as long as I could while she squirmed around on top of me trying to escape. In the end, she broke free and everyone could tell from the sounds she had been making that I had done a bit more than make her cum.

Her face was covered in chocolate and caramel and I could feel that mine must look the same. She said that I deserved to cum and asked a couple of people to help hols my arms and legs so that she could do to me what I’d done to her. I didn’t object at first and spread my limbs for people to hold on to, but once Jules got going, I realised that she was going to give me back everything I’d given to her. She rapidly fucked me with at least three fingers and rubbed my clit at the same time, then ate my clit while keeping her fingers inside me. I hadn’t realised I was so close to cumming and when my orgasm started it felt really strange not being able to move at all (Jules was on top of me and my arms and legs were still being held). All I could do was gyrate my hips, but that wasn’t enough to escape her attack and once I’d cum, she still continued to alternate between eating and fucking me. At least the fingering didn’t feel too strong, but I acted up a little and gave everyone a good show before finally being released.

Our pussies were slightly cleaner, but only because we’d eaten at least some of the mess and we were sent off to shower so we didn’t mess up the house. Unfortunately, Mel doesn’t have a fancy shower, but it was enough to get us clean and we took turns meticulously hosing each other off and cleaning the inside of each other’s pussies. Once clean, we returned to the rest of the group and were instructed to offer ourselves to whoever wanted to fondle us. A couple of the girls were (understandably) unwilling to let us near their boyfriends, but we each got felt up by a few people (of both sexes) and one couple in particular were happy to both play with us at the same time. Nobody seemed daring enough to actually finger me properly but I had my breasts thoroughly played with and the outside of my pussy stroked. Jules later told me that she had been fingered a little, but still not ‘properly’.

Once people started to leave, Jen and I headed home with Lucy and Ramona and went straight up to bed. Jen told me that I had done well, but that she had a lot more planned for the rest of the weekend. I told her that I wanted to spend some time with her (not that I didn’t enjoy doing things with other people) and she said she could probably move things around so we had the Saturday night together, but it would mean that the day would be a lot more hectic. This sounded fine to me, but I didn’t know at the time just how much she had planned.

Jen checked (thoroughly) to check that all the chocolate had gone from my pussy (long tongues are good for things like that) and we had a fairly gentle and intimate session, using just our bodies (no toys). We heard Lucy and Ramona doing things so didn’t worry about how much noise we made (but we weren’t trying to be loud either) and once we had finished, I was sent downstairs naked to get us some water. On the way back up, I could hear Ramona still moaning and was impressed that they had kept going for so long. I considered popping my head in to congratulate them, but I would probably have got something thrown at me and I know that I hate being interrupted so I left them to it and returned to Jen. We fell asleep fairly quickly after that.

In the morning, Jen said that we should go and brush teeth so we could have a proper session and kiss. As expected, I was sent down naked, but Lucy and Ramona were still sound asleep so it made no difference. I managed to get Jen to strip off to head back to her room and once we were safely inside, I called Lis. We had been hoping that she was going to come along for the weekend and we had been planning on letting Lucy know about our ‘relationship’ so that we didn’t have to hide things (which Lis really didn’t want to do after having to hide the fact from everyone that she had been dating Vicky). Unfortunately work had got in the way (it’s amazing after you’ve submitted a theses how much busier you can get) and so I had promised her that we would have a group phone sex session. I woke her up with my call, but she was happy to hear from us and after giving her a minute to dash to the bathroom, we settled down and described what we would do to her if she had been with us.

To make things fair, we agreed that we would all just masturbate (so Lis didn’t feel left out) and we concocted a fantasy where we fucked each other in multiple positions and combinations. We described in great detail what we were actually doing and got Lis to give a pretty graphic description of how she was masturbating and what she could feel as her fingers explored her cunt and clit. We tried to time our orgasms and did a fairly good job (it’s not too difficult if you’re used to masturbating – and much easier when you are responsible for your own stimulation). As we came, we described to each other what we would feel if Lis was on her back, with me eating her and Jen sitting over her face. It was a pretty good fantasy and we promised to act it out (again) the next time we met.

With my lust satisfied, we headed down for breakfast and were soon joined by Lucy. I wasn’t surprised when Jen said that I should call Peter and tell him to come over as I had assumed that taking care of him would be part of Jen’s plans for me. I asked what I was meant to do this time and was told that I could do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t fuck him. I told Lucy that she was being a bit unfair to him by dragging things out this long, but she said that she didn’t think he would object and that he had a special treat lined up this time anyway, but relented and said if I really wanted to, then I could have him in me. Lucy Jen and Ramona were all heading off to another of Ramona’s drama classes (or in reality, just around the corner to a coffee shop) and we arranged to leave the phone on so they could listen in again.

Jen explained what she had arranged and they headed off about five minutes before he had agreed to show up but when he arrived he said that he had seen them leave and hidden (so Jen wouldn’t know he had been over). I had answered the door wearing one of Jen’s thin nightdresses that didn’t really cover much – and what it did cover it didn’t really hide. We kissed and he immediately slid his hands onto my ass so I told him to calm down as I had a treat for him. I led him upstairs, giving him a few flashes of my ass on the way and as soon as we got into Jen’s room, I removed my nightdress and we fell onto the bed.

He humped against me and played with my breasts. I let him do this for a while and then got him to lie on his back so I could remove his jeans and boxers. His now familiar cock stood proud and I stroked up and down the shaft before pulling out a condom and rolling it on. I told him that we still weren’t going to fuck, but that he would enjoy the session and then started to lightly kiss up and down his cock. I didn’t do this for long before I straddled him and pushed my cunt down onto his cock so I could slide back and forth along the shaft. I reminded him that he wasn’t allowed to go inside me and leant forwards to kiss him while continuing to grind against his cock. He said it felt really good and I used my fingers to spread my lips either side of the shaft and get better contact with my clit. I watched the clock out of the corner of my eye as I didn’t want to get too carried away before phase 2 – unfortunately I hadn’t checked that Jen’s clock was really accurate and two minutes is a long time when you really want to move things along.

There was a ring at the door and Peter froze, but I told him I would be right back and pounced out of bed. I ran downstairs naked and opened the door and then quickly hurried back up with Jules in tow. Peter was sitting in bed with the covered pulled up over him and looked terrified. I told him it was fine and said it was just Jules (who he knows) and explained that she had been with Mel for quite a while, but was just missing getting some cock. I went on and said that she was as much of a nympho as I am and I had shared our (Peter and my) little secret with her and offered to let her join us.

Jules had been slowly undressing while I had been saying this and was now just standing in her underwear. This was a fairly cute pink bra and panties set and was strikingly different from her usual attire (for a start she had underwear on), but I later found out that Lucy had suggested presenting her as a gentler, cuter Jules that might be less intimidating. I have to admit, that with the cute undies and her longer hair (which was no longer pink/green) she actually looked quite different and a fair bit more appealing. Peter still hadn’t said anything, but didn’t look quite so scared and I moved around behind Jules and slipped my hands under her bra and pushed it off to expose her breasts. I then slid my hand down her panties and stroked her while teasing one of her nipples, then asked Peter if he wanted both of us to join him in bed.

He now looked much more eager and didn’t stop me when I slowly pulled the covers off him. Jules saw his cock and climbed onto the bed, immediately engulfing it with her mouth. I climbed up behind her and slid a couple of fingers into her and slowly fucked her while she sucked away. I asked if he wanted to watch us play with each other and he did, so we spent a few minutes fingering, kissing and sucking nipples and cunts. Jules and I then took turns sitting over him and sliding back and forth against his cock while the other one fondled his balls or gave him a pair of breasts to suck on.

He was obviously really enjoying himself and was humping against Jules when the inevitable happened and he slipped into her. To his credit, he did pull out and apologise and we switched places so I was on top of him. I pushed myself harder against his cock and slowly rubbed my pussy up and down the whole length. When I could feel the head between my lips, I moved my hips in small circles until I could feel he was (roughly) properly positioned and then pushed back. I felt his cock pop into my cunt and I whispered to him that it was just for a little bit, then I pushed back so he slid the whole way in. As promised, I didn’t let him stay inside me for long and when I climbed off, Jules said that I was being unfair, so I wasn’t at all surprised when she slid down onto him as well and pumped up and down a few times. Peter said he was getting close, so I got Jules to sit up so I could whisper to her without him hearing. She agreed with my plan and dismounted him and said it was time to finish him off.

We lay on either side of him and glued out mouths around his cock. I could taste Jules on him and we kissed and licked around the head until he let out a moan and I could feel his cock twitching. We pulled back to admire our handiwork (or mouthiwork) and could see a generous amount of cum trapped in the condom. We asked if he had enjoyed it and he said he had, so we offered to put on some after-show entertainment. Jules and I 69ed with me lying on the bottom and Julia’s ass pointing towards Peter. I spread her lips and licked her, trying to let him see as much as possible, then pushed my face against her cunt and went for the kill. Jules was doing a very good job on me and I moaned into her cunt as I started to cum, but carried on licking her. I had finished before she came, but this meant I could concentrate on her and make sure she enjoyed herself.

Jules rolled off me and we looked up at Peter who had removed the condom and was sitting stroking his cock. I asked if he thought he could cum again and he said he could, so we offered him a target – Jules and I lay beside each other and kissed, while playing with each other’s breasts and pussies and told him to say when he was getting close. This didn’t take long and I told him to tell us that he wanted to cover our tits with his cum. He did this and I got him to repeat it in a number of ways while we offered him lots of encouragement. We were rewarded with a few squirts of cum that we rubbed in to each other and I then rubbed my breasts directly against his cock.

He was kicked out fairly quickly after this, but as Lucy has suggested, he didn’t seem to mind. Jules and I washed each other off and the rest of the group returned while we were in the shower. We gave them a summary of what had happened and said that we presumed he was happy as he had got to (semi) fuck two girls at once, but we thought we could do better next time. Jen said that we had taken longer than she expected (I didn’t think we’d been long at all) and we would have to hurry for the next thing. I was given some clothes to put on and we headed out while Jules returned to Mel, but said she would see us later.


  1. Sorry to say but Mike got the short end of the stick on this one. He didn't get to see the picture of Lis even though everyone else had and she saw a pic of him AND Peter got to fulfill Mikes fantasy. Maybe Mike should join in on these parties instead of Peter?

    Just an observation

  2. ya right julia wouldnt mind joining you and mike he would get fulfill his fantasy . And during this lis can always vist jen

  3. hey andi have you and jen tried sandwich position with lis? Well in this position u will be making out with lis's front parts while jen would be standing behind lis and kissing back parts at the same time and fingring her ( u fingring her pussy and jen fingring her ass also at the same time) try its really sensual threesom position bye

  4. Don't worry, Mike gets to enjoy some things with Julia. Peter is just an added bonus (for me) when I'm with Jen. Now we're living together again, he also gets daily sex (morning and evening), so I wouldn't feel too sorry for him!

    I like the idea of the sandwich position - we'll have to try that out sometime and see how well it works. Jen says she would love to try it with my sister and I sandwiched around her.