Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Christmas 2011 - Part 1

...where Jen gets her wish...

Christmas 2011 – we all (Mike, Jen and I) went to my Mum’s place so we could spend the holiday together. Jen had gone home to visit her family beforehand and had promised that we (she and I) would visit in the New Year. We didn’t think that Mum was quite ready to let Mike, Jen and I share a bed (even though I’ve told her multiple times that there is nothing between Mike and Jen), so they took turns using the room beside Mum’s while the other one slept with me.

Jen was incredibly excited about the chance to do things with Sue and Mike spent the first couple of days making sure that Sue was really up for this (obviously he only did this when Mum wasn’t around). Ryan had spent Christmas with his family, but came down to visit us on the 27th. He was also clearly excited about seeing Sue do things properly with another girl and as soon as he got her alone, he asked if she was planning on going ahead with it. Ryan didn’t know that Mike knew about this (or that Mike knew that we had done various things when I’d visited them at Uni), so it was all hush-hush and nothing happened on the first day he was there. That night, we left Mike chatting downstairs with Mum and Sue, Jen, Ryan and I headed up to Sue’s room.

We couldn’t actually do anything, but there was still an obvious atmosphere in the room. I had a short enough skirt on that I could sit and show off my exposed pussy (which Ryan quickly noticed) and he asked if I was going to join in the games. I told him that I wasn’t, but that Jen was looking forward to it. I fondled her breasts (through her top) and told Sue that she was in for a treat. We made plans for the following day and it was my job to convince Mike to help Mum with getting some food for a New Year’s party. I slept with him that night (after having given Jen a goodnight licking). I told him that everything was set and although he was a little disappointed that we hadn’t found a way for him to watch, I promised to make it up to him. We heard Sue and Ryan going at it and we had a fairly good session ourselves, loud enough for them to (probably) hear (remember that Mum’s room is in the other part of the house, so we were safe in that sense).

The next day, Mike and I had our usual morning session and after we had showered, he shaved me to make sure I was perfectly smooth. He also shaved Jen (who let him do this as an advanced thank-you for what was likely to happen) and I gave her a quite tongue test to ensure that her pussy was in perfect shape. I know that Sue also shaved herself that morning and I couldn’t wait to get Mum out of the house so we could get started.

Mum and Mike set off a little before 11 and said that they would be back in an hour or two. I didn’t need to worry about them arriving back unannounced as Mike had told me he would call when they set off, so as soon as they left, we headed upstairs. I advised that we waited a few minutes just in case Mum had forgotten anything, but when we heard the call pull away, it was time to get down to business. Sue was obviously quite nervous and I asked if she was sure she wanted to go through with this – she nodded so I moved over to Jen and kissed her while running my hands over her clothes. I suggested to Ryan that he help get Sue ready and he started to fondle her breasts. I slipped Jen’s clothes off and moved her over to the bed. Ryan sat Sue next to her and I told Jen to give Sue a kiss.

It was somewhat tentative at first, but it became a bit more passionate and I saw Jen’s tongue slip into Sue’s mouth. Jen soon moved her hands onto Sue’s breasts and pulled Sue’s top off. Her bra quickly followed and Jen lowered her mouth to Sue’s breasts and started to kiss and suck on them. They lay on the bed and I encouraged Ryan to tell Sue what he wanted to see. He got her to have a suck on Jen’s breasts (maybe not quite as enthusiastically as Jen had been doing, but still fairly decent nipple play) and he then moved over and started to remove Sue’s skirt. Jen stopped him and said that she wanted to do it and he was happy to let her, so Sue unsnapped the skirt and Jen slid it down her legs.

Sue had a nice pair of white panties on and Jen didn’t waste any time and gave Sue a kiss square on the crotch. Sue jumped a bit at this, and Jen crawled back up her body, stopping to have another quick play with Sue’s breasts, to lie on top of her and kiss her. Jen’s pussy was clearly visible as she pressed it against Sue’s leg and Jen ground her thigh against Sue’s panties. It was an incredibly erotic sight and Ryan started to stroke the bulge in his jeans. Despite having said the previous day that I wasn’t going to be involved, I had no plans to stick to that statement and I moved closer to Ryan and pushed my hand under his. He quickly unzipped his jeans and I ended up with his very hard cock in my hand.

Jen kissed and teased Sue, using all the experience that Mike had gained with her (and what I’d seen when I’d joined her and Ryan). Sue was obviously very aroused and was holding Jen tight against her to make it easier to grind against her thigh and Jen thought it was time to go for more. She slid a hand down into Sue’s panties and started to rub her. Sue didn’t flinch at this and Jen kept touching and stroking her – obviously working her fingers into Sue’s pussy (although her panties were still in the way so we couldn’t see). I was firmly stroking Ryan’s cock and decided that I couldn’t just watch anymore, so I stopped and unbuttoned the bottom half of my dress (there is a lot of planning that goes into events like this) so I could play with myself.

Both Ryan and I wanted to watch exactly what was happening on the bed, so we couldn’t do anything, but he did rub up against my leg. Jen pulled Sue’s panties down and had the sense to not dive in straight away. She resumed kissing Sue, but now we could see what her fingers were doing. Sue was kissing Jen back properly and her hands were roaming over Jen’s back and ass. Jen kissed her way down Sue’s body and I quietly said to Ryan that Jen had been waiting for this for years. She pulled Sue’s legs open and kissed around her pussy. Sue had her hands on Jen’s head as if she was ready to push her away, but when Jen’s kisses roamed over her pussy, her arms didn’t stiffen and her body arched. Jen kissed all over Sue’s pussy and at some point started to lick her. Jen was kneeling between Sue’s legs with her ass in the air and I thought it was unfair that she wasn’t getting any attention so I moved over behind her and licked her pussy. I didn’t do this for long though as it meant I couldn’t see what was happening so I fingered her instead. I wasn’t trying to actually make her cum as the plan was that Sue would eat her in return (although I wasn’t sure if this would happen).

Jen was getting properly stuck in by this point and had Sue’s pussy spread and (I guessed) her tongue was pushing deep into Sue. Ryan was stroking himself and I told him not to cum so he could take care of Sue afterwards. I completely removed my dress and bra as it kept getting in the way and I played with my pussy and then stroked my juices onto Ryan’s cock. We carried on watching and I could tell that Sue was getting close to cumming. She was holding tightly onto the bedcovers on either side of her and I told Jen that she just needed to keep going a little bit longer (not that Jen wanted to stop – I’m sure if Sue had let her, she would have spent the rest of the holidays eating her). I remained quiet for the rest of the show and just watched and listened as Sue’s breathing got heavier and she moaned as her orgasm shot through her. Jen carried on licking until Sue was panting and then quickly switched to kitty kissing her. I had been stroking myself more and more frantically as this had been going on and couldn’t take any more so strummed my clit until I came. I tried not to make too much noise so I didn’t draw attention away from the main proceedings, but I was by no means silent.

Jen gently kissed and licked Sue clean before moving back up her body and kissing her deeply. Sue wasn’t quite as keen to kiss her as she had been in the midst of their session and I guess she was slightly embarrassed at what had happened, but she nonetheless kissed Jen and gave her a hug. Jen whispered something to Sue which I later found out was along the lines of ‘I hope you enjoyed being done by a girl’ and Sue visibly blushed. When she rolled off Sue, I looked over at Ryan who still had his cock in his hands and looked about ready to burst. I wanted to see him give Sue a good fucking and I thought it would be good to give her a chance to rest, so I got Jen to lie back on the bed beside Sue and I went down on her.

Jen’s pussy was rather wet and once I’d gotten her juices on my face, I turned around and kissed Ryan so he could also taste her. I then told him to get naked and once he’d done this, I grabbed his cock, turned around and bent down between Jen’s legs and guided it to my pussy. He didn’t need to be given any further guidance and he pushed into me. I wasn’t ready to cum again just yet (my first orgasm had been reasonably strong), and I knew it wasn’t likely to take him long so I just rocked back and forth against him while I ate Jen. He eagerly thrust into me and I lapped away at Jen’s cunt. She came pretty quickly, but Ryan still got there first. I heard him moan and thrust hard into me a few times, then stay still. As soon as he pulled out, I felt his cum start to dribble out and then a large blob run down one leg. I carried on eating Jen until she came, then turned around and gave his cock a quick suck.

There was still one part of Ryan (or Jen)’s fantasy to go and I got Jen to give my pussy a lick to give Ryan a chance to recover. I know he liked the idea of seeing Jen licking his cum out of me and it did the job of getting him hard again. Sue had recovered by this point and Ryan told her that he wanted to fuck her. I got Jen to sit up on the bed and Sue knelt between her legs. Jen started to masturbate while Ryan slid into Sue and started to fuck her. Each time he slammed into her, he pushed her forwards a little and Jen spread her legs wide and asked Sue if she wanted a taste. This is the bit I was really unsure about – I guessed that this would be a much bigger step for Sue than letting Jen lick her, but she lowered her head and kissed Jen’s pussy. It was quite a long kiss but it didn’t look like she was doing any more than that. Ryan told her to lick and Jen twisted her fingers through Sue’s hair and started to hump against Sue’s face.

I decided to help out a bit and I reached over to spread Jen’s lips. Sue took the hint and I saw her tongue dart out and taste Jen – fairly tentatively at first, but then she did it again and again. I whispered to her to just do it the way that she liked having her pussy licked (it was her first time after all, so I think it’s fair to give hints). Sue slowly licked harder and I asked Jen what it felt like. She said that it was good and I told Ryan to make sure that Sue came again. Jen had Sue’s head held against her cunt and Sue seemed to have decided to go for it – it looked like she was lapping away like she was used to it and I fondled Jen’s breasts to help things along (I know that she really wants to do things with both of us at the same time). I ended up sucking on Jen’s nips, which allowed me to look down at what Sue was doing (okay, so I couldn’t see her actually licking Jen, but I could see her face buried between her legs). Jen was mewing away and getting close to cumming so I bit and nibbled on her nipples and felt her body arching under me. Ryan looked like he was getting close to cumming but I had no idea how Sue was doing as any noises she was making were muffled by Jen’s pussy, so I moved down, grabbed Ryan’s hand and pushed it under Sue onto her clit. I helped him rub her and I could feel his cock sliding in and out and I told him once again to make sure she came.

He started to stroke her clit faster and I Sue broke contact with Jen to say that she was close. Even though Jen had cum, I told Sue to keep licking (it wasn’t the time to teach her how to kitty kiss) and was amazed at how readily she returned to Jen’s cunt. I felt a little left out, but knew that I could cum later – and this was meant to be about Jen getting what she wanted, so I gently played with myself, but mostly just watched what was happening. Ryan pumped into Sue and said he was cumming and I reached between Sue’s legs and made sure he kept rubbing her clit. Ryan stopped moving, but stayed in her and played with her clit until she came – with her mouth still on Jen’s pussy. When her orgasm ended, she broke contact and Ryan pulled out of her. I watched his cock slide out – it had gotten a little soft and I took it in my mouth to suck it clean. I could taste the mix of his cum and Sue’s juices and after I’d sucked for a while, it stiffened up a little.

Sue lay on her side on the bed and Jen crawled down to give her a thank you kiss. I wanted to cum and carried on working on Ryan’s cock in the hope that he would fuck me. He said that he couldn’t cum again just yet though so I gave up and we all sat on the bed. Ryan said that it had been incredible and I asked Sue if she had enjoyed it. She said that she had, but she was a little quiet and I wondered what she really felt. I was still hoping that if I gave him a chance to recover that Ryan might fuck me, but I settled in the meantime for letting Jen eat me. This did the job of getting him hard once more, but I let Jen finish me off as she was doing so well.

Jen convinced Sue to let her have one more lick of her pussy and taste Ryan’s cum in her. While she was doing this, I got the call from Mike saying they were on their way back and we had about 10-15 minutes. I’m sure Jen would have made Sue cum again if she’d had time, but Sue was eager to get cleaned up and after a quick wash, we got dressed and straightened ourselves up. I managed to get Sue by herself while Ryan was in the bathroom and checked that she was fine with what had happened. I told her that she had made Jen’s day/week/month/year and that Ryan had really enjoyed it as well and she said that it hadn’t been as bad as she had thought. That wasn’t quite the response I’d been looking for and I asked her why she’d done it if she hadn’t liked it. She said that it wasn’t so much that she hadn’t liked it, but it was a bit scary actually doing it instead of just fantasising about it. I pointed out that it looked like she had enjoyed having Jen eat her and that she had been fairly energetic in doing the same to Jan and I got a little blush out of her.

We were sitting downstairs chatting when Mike and Mum returned acting as if nothing had happened. Mike Jen and I went for a walk that afternoon and we filled him in on the details. Unsurprisingly, Mike found the whole story rather arousing and we ended up ducking behind a tree to a quick fuck. This was made slightly easier by having Jen to keep a look out for us and for the rest of the walk I had his cum dripping out of my pussy and running down my thighs (which is always a nice feeling).

I'll post Part 2 on Thursday.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sweet Revenge - Part 2

Just back from the pub - I forgot to post this earlier...

My pussy was still tingling and felt a little tender so I thought I would take a break and do more to Jen (or get others to do more to her). We wandered back downstairs and I found Mike still chatting with Sara. Emily had gone off with another guy and Mike was still hoping to score (the eternal optimist who never seems to learn that he stand a better chance with non-lesbians). I butted in and told Sara that Jen still had to make her cum (having done Emily earlier) and Sara was fine with this. Mike at least got to watch as Jen knelt between her legs and licked her, but eventually decided that it was too much and he needed to find a willing girl. I would have happily taken care of him, but I was playing with Jen’s pussy and getting her ready for what I had planned next. Mike left, but we carried on (as if we were going to stop) until both Sara and Jen had cum. Despite having made her cum earlier, Sara said that she wanted to try eating Jen. I got to stroke her ass and have a little play with her pussy while she did this, but she didn’t want to cum again straight away so I had to be gentle. Jen didn’t get the chance to say whether she wanted to cum again and even though she was still a little sensitive from my excessive licking up on the bed, I told Sara to go ahead and show Jen what she could do.

Mike meanwhile had found a willing girl (Christine), who’s partner had cum enough times for the night, but she was up for one more round. They did this in the kitchen (I know Mike likes doing things with me leaning against the counter) and he started by removing her skirt completely. They kissed and he fondled her pussy and breasts, and then said it was time to get down to the serious stuff. Christine leant against the counter and he slid into her from behind. He fucked her while rubbing her clit with one hand and fondling her breasts with the other. She was fairly easy to make cum and her first orgasm happened quite quickly. Mike wasn’t ready for it though and so wanted to carry on so he talked her into going for a second round. Christine said that if he could keep going, she was willing to cum again so he fucked her hard. At first her clit was too sensitive for him to play with, but after a couple of minutes, she was more willing and let him frig her again. He paced what he was doing to her better this time and didn’t let her cum until he was fairly close. He almost always prefers me (or whoever he is fucking) to cum before he does as he finds it a real turn on and he came fairly quickly after she came.

They stood and chatted while Christine put her skirt back on. Mike said it was a pity to hide such a cute pussy (but then he likes pretty much any pussy that is shaved). Christine’s lips were shaved but she had a light covering of hair on her mons and they kissed while Mike stroked this and gently caressed her lips. I don’t quite know how he did it, but he convinced her to sit up on the counter and pull his skirt up so he could kiss her pussy. He says that he told her he just wanted to give her a few gentle kisses, but I know how much he likes eating pussy so I wasn’t surprised when he told me that this progressed to more firm licking and then proper eating. He took enough time that Christine got aroused enough to allow him to carry on and he ate her to a third orgasm. By the time he’d finished, he was hard again, but she said that there was no way she could do anything more for a while and to his disappointment, all he got was a few strokes of his cock while she kissed him and thanked him for a good session.

Meanwhile, Sara had finished Jen off and made her cum yet again. I got Sara to have a little lick of my pussy and enjoyed the sight of her cute little face between my legs. A few of the people watching us had other ideas and one of the guys suggested that he could take care of me to give Sara a rest (I’m sure he was offering purely out of concern for her). I’d recovered from my earlier fucking and was feeling horny once again after having watched Jen cum, so I agreed to his proposal, but thought that we should take it a step further...

We headed upstairs and I had Jen lie beside us on the bed with her legs spread while I knelt up so I could be taken from behind (which as you may have guessed is pretty much my ‘standard’ position). We were reaching the end of the evening, so I offered to let anyone use me and asked if anyone wanted me to suck them at the same time. I had takers for both ends and once we were all positioned appropriately, I blew one guy (well, i used hands and mouth) while another fucked me. Jen had a good view of me sucking cock and it was quite clear that the guy behind me was working my cunt quite hard. Unfortunately, he finished somewhat faster than I had expected (I thought near the end of the evening, things would take longer) but he came and pulled out of me.

One of the rules at the parties is that you aren’t meant to negatively comment on people’s performance (or size, figure...) so I said nothing and just asked if anyone else wanted a go. At first I didn’t have any takers, but then someone came forwards and once they were ready they climbed up behind me and pushed into me. I pointed out that I didn’t have a free hand to play with myself (as I was still busy with the cock in front of me) and my new partner took the hint and played with my clit. I didn’t want a repeat so the time before so I humped back against him and enjoyed it as much as possible. The thought of letting a number of people take turns fucking me did appeal somewhat, but I wasn’t sure I would find many more people so I put this out of my mind and decided to try it earlier on in another party.

I put a bit more effort into sucking and wanking and ended up with a happy customer. I carried on stroking him (gently) and watched the way his cum squished around in the condom, but mostly concentrated on cumming myself. I took over playing with my clit and told my new partner to cum in me. He took a bit longer than the first guy, so I came first, but I let him keep going and I kept encouraging him to cum. It didn’t take him too long and once he pulled out, I kept my ass in the air, stroked my pussy and fingered myself. I knew that I was now done for a fair while (if not the night) and wandered downstairs with Jen to see what Mike was up to (with a brief stop in the other bedroom to see what was going on).

Mike had finished with Christine by the time we got down and he told us what they’d done and I briefly reported our little display. I got Jen to kneel on the floor in front of us and kitty kiss me (allowing her to stop kissing me to add things to the conversation). A few people were starting to leave the party but I wanted to show Jen off for as long as possible so we stayed behind. I’d lost count of how many times she’d cum but I could tell that she wasn’t going to be able to take much more. Once I was satisfied that she had cleaned me up enough, I let her join us on the sofa and sit between us. This meant that I could snuggle up against her and lift one of her legs over mine. Mike did the same to her other leg so she was spread wide and I gently played with her. I wasn’t trying to make her cum again, the idea was to just let people watch me fingering her cunt and tweaking her nipples.

Laura came over to chat to us and I asked if she wanted to have another go with Jen. She said that she rarely did the same person twice in a party, but had a little kiss of Jen’s nips to help out. Mike had another go at trying to convince her to fuck, but she was sticking with girls and had cum enough anyway. I told him to wait until we got home and I would let him fuck me (I wasn’t ready just yet) which seemed to satisfy him. We sat and chatted to a few more people, keeping Jen’s legs spread and my fingers playing with her the whole time. Eventually enough people had gone and the party was obviously winding down so we decided to head home ourselves.

It was rather cold out (almost freezing), but I thought that I may as well finish things off properly and made Jen walk home with just her coat on (undone of course). She was allowed to hold it shut, but I was allowed to pull it open whenever I wanted and I even knelt down and briefly ate her while she leant against a car. I wasn’t being unfair though as I had the same (lack of) outfit on and while Jen opened the front door, Mike bent me over the front wall and slid into me.

We didn’t fuck properly outside, but went in and up to the shower. After briefly cleaning ourselves off we retired to bed (all in the Jen’s room this time) and I gave Mike his promised fuck. I fingered Jen while we fucked and was going to make her cum but she said that she really couldn’t cum again and her pussy felt way too sensitive. I felt sorry for her and just kitty kissed her for a while (which she enjoyed) and we then got ready to sleep, with Mike lying between us. Jen let him snuggle up against her back and reach over to cuddle her (and cup her breasts) and could feel his cock, slick with my juices and his cum pressed up against her ass, but she warned him against ‘accidentally’ doing anything more with her.

We discussed the party and she said it had been even more intense than she had been expecting. I pointed out that we didn’t usually cum as many times as I’d made her cum and I had been pushing her as much as possible. I complimented her on having done really well though and taken everything I’d thrown at her. Jen said that she had found it incredibly embarrassing having so many people seeing her naked and watching her cum or doing things to other people, but I told her that she would now probably feature in a number of masturbation fantasies or be used when people were fucking (I assume that lots of other people share fantasies when fucking). She did like the sound of that, but wasn’t sure about wanting to go to any more of the parties.

Mike had been gently stroking her breasts while we’d been talking and Jen had pushed back against him. He kissed around her neck and shoulders and she turned and let him have a proper kiss for a minute or so before we finally settled down. He didn’t stop caressing her (breasts only) until she fell asleep and I offered to let him cum in me one last time if he wanted, but he said he enjoyed having his hard cock against Jen’s back. I spooned up against him and reached over them both and we chatted a little more as we dozed off.

I woke up the next morning to Mike pressing against me and saying that he was ready to cum in me. I let him spoon against me and get started then suggested that I go on top so we could be a bit more energetic. After I had ridden him for a little while (during which time Jen woke up) I lay down on him and let him hammer into me hard. I told him not to cum yet and I would give him a treat so he held back (but still kept going until I came).

I told Jen it was her turn now and I crawled under the covers to go down on her. Once I’d got her nice and wet, I made her move up so she was sitting against the headboard and got her to masturbate for us. We think this was the first time that Mike had seen her properly masturbate (including finger fucking) and I fished an egg out of the drawer while Jen played with herself. I then got her to pile a few pillows under her ass and I crouched in front of her so I could eat her. I held the egg against my clit and offered myself to Mike and said he could use whichever hole he wanted. He took the invitation and pressed against my ass so I pushed back and let him fuck me. Seeing as I was getting double stimulation, I felt it only fair that Jen get it as well so I let Mike take over holding the egg and I pushed a finger into Jen’s ass and pumped it in and out in time with Mike’s thrust while I licked her clit. It’s hard to describe, but this felt so right. It was obviously enjoyable, but so had all the things I’d done with other people the previous night been. I know that I give the impression of someone who just likes cumming (and I don’t deny that), but I want to make clear that doing things with Mike and Jen is different – and on the rare occasions I get to do things with them both at once, it feels incredible on both the physical and emotional level as I trust them completely and can be truly free and open.

I wanted us to all cum at the same time, but it was difficult for me to keep licking Jen and let them both know how far along I was. This meant that I ended up cumming first, but I told Jen and Mike to keep letting me know how close they were so that I could stimulate Jen appropriately. It was quite easy to get Jen to cum with Mike as he told me when he was really close and he held himself on the verge of cumming until Jen’s mewing changed and she said she was just about to cum. I would have definitely preferred cumming with them, but it was still nice knowing that Mike was emptying his load in my ass at the same time I had Jen’s pussy contracting on my mouth and her ass spasming around my finger. Mike kept his cock buried in me and I moved my face to let him watch me slowly withdraw my finger from Jen’s ass, then I gave her pussy a final big lick.

Mike pulled out of me and said that it had been a pretty good session but that it was unfair that I was the only one who got to cum twice. I told him that he could always fuck me again if he wanted, but he said he was fine for the moment. We headed down and had some breakfast (we really needed food) then went out to meet up with people for brunch. We didn’t stay out long and when we returned, Mike said he wanted to see Jen naked again, so I ordered her to strip and pose for us. Mike started to fondle me and I ended up sitting over Jen’s face with her eating me. Mike helped out as well, at first by licking around my ass, then by licking around my cunt while Jen focussed on my clit and finally returning to my ass for the (well, my) climax.

We just about had time for Jen and Mike to cum so Mike watched me finger and eat Jen while he stroked himself and we finished up with him sitting on the edge of the bed, with Jen kneeling in front of him and me stroking him so he came over her. Jen wasn’t allowed to clean herself off before she got dressed and I added to the mess by rubbing my pussy against her arms, legs and back – just so she had both our moisture on her. She was allowed to rub Mike’s cum in a little, but her top still stuck to her skin when she put it on. When she was fully dressed, I pushed her back onto the bed and gave her cunt a good sloppy licking, allowing my saliva to run into her pussy, so when she stood up, it dripped out down her legs (undoubtedly some of her juices were mixed in with it). Once again, she wasn’t allowed to clean herself off and we headed off.

My train left before Jen’s so Mike sat with her and they had a coffee. Mike got her to admit that she had really enjoyed the party (more so than she had admitted earlier) and tried to talk her into coming again. Jen certainly thought that Sara and Emily were an interesting couple and that she would like to get a bit more familiar with them and Mike assured her that she was likely to come up quite a bit the next time he met up with them. When it was time for Jen to go, Mike asked if he could have a proper goodbye kiss and he reached under her skirt and cupped her ass. He didn’t actually touch her pussy (the rules still applied), but he had a good squeeze and got one final kiss before she got on the train and left.

When he got home, Mike found the pair of frilly panties that Jen had been wearing. I had got Jen to rub them over her pussy and left them for him to use during the week to prepare for the upcoming holidays... As usual, I got threatened with having to do much worse when I visited Jen, but I felt that I had done a fair amount to equal the score between us and I looked forwards to anything more she could think up to make my visits exciting.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sweet Revenge - Part 1

The weekend before Christmas was one I’d been looking forwards to – not only were we attending another sex party, but we had convinced Jen to come along as well. She knew pretty much what to expect (and that I would be getting revenge for everything she’d done to me in front of her friends), but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself...

We all met up in York on the Friday night – most of my peers had now gone, but the group of people who had gradually been replacing them were still around so we joined them for drinks on Friday night. Lis would have been there, but she was down visiting Lucy – it was unlikely that I would see her in York again as she was starting her new job in the New Year and we had agreed that we would try to arrange our visits to Jen & Lucy properly so that we could see each other. I think a number of the newer guys still haven’t quite got the hang of our relationship and think that Mike gets to do things with both Jen and myself – he is quite happy to leave them with this misconception.

It was rather cold on the way home, so in order to speed things up, both Mike and Jen played with me (fingers only). At first this was just under my skirt, but (thanks to Jen) my breasts were soon partly exposed as well. Seeing as she was in York, I knew I could start to get my revenge so once they had finished with me (I didn’t cum, they were just teasing), I turned on Jen. Using Mike as a clothes horse, I got her to strip until she just had her shoes on and then returned her coat to her. She had to walk home with her coat undone, but I allowed her to carry her clothes to hide behind. When we got to our street, I had her remove her coat halfway down the street and walk naked the rest of the way. While Mike went indoors to put some hot chocolate on, I bent her over the front wall and fingered her from behind, letting her know that she had much worse to come.

With her orgasm out of the way, we headed in and I let Mike taste her off my fingers, then we curled up together in Jen’s bed and drank hot chocolate to warm up (yes, we’re getting old). Mike then headed into his room and I warmed Jen up properly, letting her make me cum this time and making sure that she came again. I gave her instructions for the morning and then went to see Mike. He had been listening in to us and was ready for action. Once he had tasted yet more of Jen by kissing me, we did a little 69ing of our own and I then told him to fuck me. I started off on top and he rubbed my clit but we finished off with me on my back, my legs wrapped around him and his cock buried in me. It wasn’t a really intense session so he had to reach around and rub my clit, but this meant he had fairly good control over when I came, so we managed to cum fairly close together.

We didn’t do anything more, but spooned and chatted while we fell asleep. We finalised our plans for the holidays and the party and (as usual) decided how far we wanted to go with people (although this wasn’t quite as important since we had started actually fucking other people as there wasn’t much more left for us to do). Our plans mostly centred on Jen and the thought of everyone meeting her and seeing her cum was quite exciting. We nearly slipped into fucking again, but restrained ourselves and just fell asleep.

We were woken up the following morning by Jen, who appeared with breakfast. She was only wearing a skimpy pair of frilly panties, bra and lacy socks that I had left out for her and Mike thought the outfit looked very alluring. While we ate breakfast (obviously not while we were actually eating), I made her eat me and got her to watch while I sucked Mike. He came in my mouth and I dribbled his cum into her mouth and over her front. I let Mike ‘watch’ me eat her, although he couldn’t see much from his position as I was crouched over his legs, facing away from him. He made use of the position though and fingered me while I ate – although I wasn’t allowed to cum again (we usually only cum once during the day before a sex party, so we have plenty of stamina for the evening).

We didn’t have any real plans for the day so just went for a wander around town. We ducked into a changing room in Next to try on some clothes and I presented Jen with the harness for our double dildo. I had attached the internal vibe and told her to strap it on. It was pretty much hidden under her skirt (well, it was easy to see if you knew what you were looking for, but I doubt most people go around looking for such things). Fortunately (for Jen) the vibe isn’t really that strong, but after an hour or so, she was certainly squirming around a fair amount and said that she either needed to cum or to turn it off. I relented and told her that she could turn it off (which involved a visit to the toilet) but she had to keep the harness on.

We bought things for dinner and headed home. I got Mike to give me a shave and then asked him to shave Jen. He doesn’t usually get to do this (or be that close to her pussy) but Jen said it was fine as long as he didn’t do the usual post-shave lick test for smoothness. He did a very thorough job and made sure that she didn’t have a single hair anywhere (which was just an excuse to spread her pussy multiple times). I then helped to trim Mike’s pubic hair and we each got a small dollop of tingle gel applied. Mike prepared a small fire while Jen and I made dinner and we ate a light meal (lots of fucking on a full stomach is bad) and rested until it was time to get dressed.

I had decided to forgo my usual schoolgirl outfit, but only because Jen would be wearing one. I had picked out one of her short cream skirts with a frilly petticoat, a cute white and pink panties and bra set, long socks with a ridiculously frilly top with pink bows and a white blouse – tied at the waist of course. The outfit was finished with a pair of black patent court shoes and I think she looked absolutely delectable. My outfit was a bit more subdued – I had one of my dark green & blue pleated tartan skirts, no panties and white top (with bra of course). Mike went for the retro college look and had a pair of light chinos and shirt.

On the way, Jen said she was a little nervous, but Mike was really looking forwards to seeing her cum lots and we assured her that she would be fine and would have lots of fun. I slipped my hand inside her coat and under her skirt so I could fondle her ass while we walked. When we arrived at the house, I told her that there was one more item for her outfit. I removed a collar from my bag and fastened it around her neck. It had a ring on it with a lead and once she handed Mike her coat, I used this to lead her to the front door and into the house.

I wasn’t planning on keeping this on for long and once we’d made our entrance and I’d let her around for a few minutes, I allowed her to take it off as I’d created the desired image. A number of people knew that we were bringing her and I introduced her to them. While we talked, I gently fondled her, undid her blouse, stroked under her bra and caressed the crotch of her panties. There were a few people who I had promised her to but I wanted to be the first to make her cum so while talking to Sara and Emily, I got her to hold up the front of her skirt and pushed my hand into her panties. Mike stood on the other side of Jen to help hold her up and I carefully played with her clit – not trying to tease, but not wanting her to cum *too* quickly either.

As she was the ‘new girl’, many of the people downstairs watched as I did this and I told her that when she came, she needed to make sure that everyone heard how good it felt. This led to her panting and mewing away in the middle of the room while I fingered her. Before she actually came, I pulled her panties down as they were annoying me (and hiding Jen’s beautiful pussy) and this allowed people to see my fingers sliding over her pussy. She came and Mike helped to support her, then we moved over onto the sofa so she could catch her breath. We chatted while she rested and she said that she had felt very self-conscious, but it had felt good. I reminded her that this was only the beginning and suggested that we head upstairs so we could see what others were up to and put on a proper display of our own.

It was still early in the party, but there was a couple fucking in one of the bedrooms. We watched them for a little while and Mike caressed me. I pulled his cock out and gently stroked him with one hand while the other slid back under Jen’s skirt to play with her. When the couple on the bed had finished, we took their place and I got Jen to lie on her back, pulled up her skirt to expose her pussy (her panties had been discarded downstairs) and I sat over her face (my skirt was on the floor, so everyone could see my cunt). Jen lapped away at my pussy and Mike knelt on the bed so I could suck him. I invited another guy over and asked if he wanted to join us. He asked if he could fuck Jen but I told him that she wasn’t in to guys although I would happily take care of him.

He climbed up on the other side of me and I took turns sucking Mike and him. As they got closer to cumming, I pulled them both closer so I could easily turn my head from side to side and suck them in turn. I managed to get them quite close together, but not quite close enough to lick them at the same time. It was nice being able to jerk them both off while feeling Jen’s tongue working in me and having the view of her spread legs and bare pussy. The second guy said he was getting close to cumming so I told him to remove his condom and aim himself at Jen’s tits. I carried on wanking him until he spurted his load over her. I have to admit that my aim wasn’t too bad – most of it went on Jen, with only a little on my leg. I let him rub his cum into her breasts while I resumed sucking Mike. When he got close to cumming, I aimed him at Jen and added his cum to her chest. I kneaded the mix of cum into Jen’s breasts while she finished eating me and I pinched her nips quite hard as I came. We went to clean her up and on the way out of the bathroom, Laura (formerly known as bi-girl for my long term readers) accosted us. She said that she had been waiting for a chance to get to Jen, having heard about her for over a year and asked if we could go back into the bedroom.

I was fine with that and once Jen got back on the bed, I let Laura have a play with her. Jen was fingered and then eaten and I watched her face closely as she got closer to cumming. I gently stroked myself but didn’t want to make myself cum (why bark when you have a dog?) so I held back even while I watched Jen cumming. I told Laura that she deserved to be repaid, so I got Jen to eat her – fortunately we had practiced enough with dental dams that she knew how to use them properly and I kissed Laura and fondled her breasts while Jen played with her cunt. Mike (and others) loved the view this gave them – Jen’s skirt was sufficiently short that it didn’t do anything to hide her pussy in this position and he said that he wished he had fucked Laura while she’d been eating Jen. Once Jen had finished with Laura, Mike proposed a quick fuck, but Laura had decided to have a girl-only party though, so he was out of luck.

We headed back downstairs and saw what other people were doing. Sara and Emily were making out in a corner and a couple of girls were sucking off giant cock guy who I was pleased to see had returned for the party. We had a drink and I told Mike that it was time for him to see something he’d wanted to. I got Jen to sit on the sofa, got Mike to down his beer and then pushed the neck of the bottle into Jen’s cunt. While I fucked her, I got her to remove her blouse and bra. I wasn’t that gentle with her and had the whole neck of the bottle buried in her by the time she came – after which I then handed the bottle back to Mike who made a show of drinking the last drops of beer and sucking on the bottle.

Sara had already cum by the time Jen had finished, so I offered her services to make Emily cum. Emily spread her legs over the arms of the chair she was in and I instructed Jen to kneel in front of her and get to work. I used the bottle on her a little more while she licked Em and allowed Sara to have a go with this as well. I hadn’t been planning on making Jen cum again (just yet), but Sara seemed to be enjoying it so much that I told her to go for it and guided her other hand to Jen’s clit. I decided that I couldn’t resist any more and slipped a hand between Sara’s legs and offered to make her cum. She said that ‘would be nice’ (her exact words) so I fiddled with her clit and felt her wonderfully intricate lips squishing between my fingers as I stimulated her.

We got a fair amount of attention (I don’t remember seeing four girls doing things to each other at any of the parties I’d been to) so I ended up using my other hand on my own pussy so we could put on a really good show. Sara was a little embarrassed, but I kissed her and told her she was doing a great job and we carried on until we had all cum (Em, then Sara, then Jen, then me). We got a round of applause and I very nearly licked my fingers clean (the ones I’d used on Sara) without thinking about it, but just caught myself in time.

We went to get some water and watched a couple fucking in the kitchen. I told Jen that she’d done a good job so far and I knelt down to give her pussy a little lick – nothing too serious, only really kitty kissing. I then went out to talk to giant cock guy and asked if he would like to try my pussy out. He said that he had cum not too long before, but I thought I might be able to tempt him so I led him upstairs and called Jen to follow us. Both the bedrooms were occupied, so we had to lie beside another couple. I told him I would let him watch me eat Jen and as soon as he was ready, he could slide into me.

Jen sat up against the headboard and I knelt in front of her and used a couple of fingers to fuck her with. I kept my ass pointed high in the air with my cunt in full view and knew that his cock was behind me, ready to plunge into me. Once I’d fingered and eaten Jen for a few minutes, I felt him climb up on the bed and felt the head of his cock press against my cunt. I pushed back firmly and he slid into me a fair way on the first thrust, then he pulled out and worked his way in deeper. As I’ve said before, despite me calling him giant-cock-guy, he isn’t *that* much bigger than Mike (just the largest at the party) and he’s certainly smaller than some of the courgettes I’ve fucked. He did feel good though and I wanted to enjoy it properly, so I told him to move back a little so I could back off Jen. I didn’t intend to let her off though and she had to masturbate for us (and the other people watching).

I reached around under myself and gently played with my clit while I described what I could feel as he thrust into my cunt. He ended up half on top of me and reached around to fondle one of my breasts and I could feel his cock pressing deep inside me. I contracted myself around him and he noticed what I was doing (and approved) so I did it some more. I kept encouraging him to give me a good fucking and to fill my cunt with his cock, alternating this with telling Jen to finger herself and make herself cum for everyone. Of course I didn’t want to be left behind so I made sure I paid lots of attention to my clit. I was rocking back and forth against his cock quite energetically and I could see (well, mostly hear) that Jen was getting close to cumming, so I wriggled forwards and planted my face back between her legs. She put her hands on the back of her head and pulled me against her so I did what anyone sensible would do and ate her.

I kept eating well past her orgasm ending and I could feel my own one building. I tried to communicate this to giant-cock guy, but my moans were muffled by Jen and I had been thrusting against him quite hard anyway, so I just let myself cum. He was really thrusting into me hard and I felt his cock plunging deep into my cunt over and over. I briefly broke contact with Jen to tell him to give me everything he had and to empty himself into my cunt (I know he had a condom on, but there isn’t really a sexy way to say ‘fill your condom with cum’). I went back to eating Jen and let him use my cunt to satisfy himself. He pushed really deep and stayed buried in me when he came (similar to the way Mike often does) and then pulled out. He offered his cock to Jen to suck clean but I told him that she doesn’t do that and I licked him clean, tasting myself. It didn’t look like he’d cum a great deal, but I wasn’t his first of the night so it wasn’t too surprising.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Early Christmas Present - Part 2

I've had to schedule this post as I'm down visiting Sue and Ryan (and Jen has come along as well) while Mike is down in York visiting people there. If all goes to plan, I'll have a good weekend to report on, but for now, back to the actual early Christmas present where most people have just gone home for the evening...

Jen said that Julia wasn’t going home straight away and that this was part of her Christmas present for Mike. I know that Jules misses being fucked properly (which is why it was so easy to get her to help out with Pete) and Jen knows that Mike really wants to have a ‘proper’ threesome (where everyone can do things to each other). Julia went and sat on Mike’s lap again and kissed him deeply. Jen and Mel fondled me (just to get me in the mood – as if I wasn’t horny enough already) while Jules humped against Mike again. She fished his cock out and rubbed against it. From where I was sitting I assumed he was already inside her, but when we went upstairs, I found out that her outfit included white panties, so she had just been rubbing against him.

Mike asked what he was allowed to do and Julia told him that he could do whatever he wanted. He asked Mel if she was fine with that and she said that as long as someone cleaned Julia up before handing her back, she didn’t mind. We decided to use Lucy’s bed – Mike, Julia and I climbed on while Jen and Mel watched. Mike stripped off and I suggested to Jules that we both suck him (I know that he used to love it when Sue and I did this). Mike stopped us after a few minutes and got me to climb on him briefly, then got us to lick him clean of my juices. It was Julia’s turn next and I helped to hold the material of her panties aside so he could slide into her and after a few strokes, he suggested that we lick him clean again.

He didn’t get away with giving all the orders though and Julia said that she wanted him to eat her. I helped Mike undress her (he left her socks on) and she sat over his face. Mike immediately started to eat her and I didn’t want to waste his erection so I climbed over his cock and played with myself. I leant forwards and kissed Jules (more for Mel and Jen as Mike couldn’t see) and once she had experienced his tongue, we switched places and I let him eat me while she fucked him. This felt really good and I actually enjoyed watching his cock sliding in and out of her. I ended up stroking her clit to help things along and told Mike I wanted him to keep fucking her until she came.

I know from experience that Jules can cum fairly quickly so I didn’t expect this to be a problem and we (well, everyone apart from Mike as I was in the way) were soon rewarded with the sight of Julia cumming (at least he got to hear and feel it). I was fairly close to cumming and told Mike to keep eating me, which he happily did. I came just as loudly as Julia had and then climbed off. I asked Mike if he wanted to see how much Jules could really cum and he was us for this, so I buried my face between her legs while he moved up the bed and offer her his cock while he played with her breasts. She’d had enough of a breather that she was ready for more and eagerly sucked him while I ate her. Mel told him how she liked to be touched and he did as instructed which she seemed to enjoy. As she got closer to cumming, he said that he wanted to eat her, so we switched places and he lapped away at her cunt while I took over fondling her breasts (I actually sucked them, but it had the same effect). She came again and arched her back.

As soon as her orgasm ended, Mike flipped her over and said that it was his turn. He slid his cock into her and told me to lie in front of her so she could eat me. I wasn’t going to ignore that request and I felt Julia’s tongue lash my clit as I watched him pound his cock into her over and over. He asked Jen to fetch an egg and when she returned with it, he reached around her body and held it against her clit. He told her that he was going to make her cum again and would then fill her with his cum. I held Julia’s head in place so she could eat me and I looked over to see Mel fondling herself under her skirt. I had been expecting her and Jen to start playing with each other so was a little surprised that this was all that was happening, but that was up to them.

Mike held out until Julia came and then used long strokes into her cunt while telling us how close he was. It looked like Julia was pushing back against him and he moaned a bit with the final push before staying buried in her and making smaller movements. When he finally pulled out, Jen asked if he had actually cum in her and he told us that he had. Mel got Julia to stand up and we waited until his cum started to drip out before I was told to clean her up. Julia looked fairly tired, but Mel helped support her so she could sit over my face. This helped the cum drip down into my mouth and I spread her lips and ate her. Mike went down on me while I was doing this and I then felt his cock rubbing against my cunt.

I eagerly pushed back and he slipped into me. We fucked and I changed from cleaning Julia to eating her properly. I could hear her moaning and Mel got her to turn around so she was facing away from Mike. Jen had told her beforehand that he liked this position and Jules leant forwards onto the bed while I ate her. This exposed her ass to Mike, who also leant forwards and licked from the bottom of her pussy (I felt his tongue brushing against mine) up to and over her ass. Mike knew from my previous sessions with her that she enjoyed this and this time was no exception. Despite having cum three times already, she was soon moaning and panting and we managed to get a fourth out of her. To be fair, her orgasm did seem to be quite intense and she rolled off me and lay on the bed while Mike tasted her juices off my face and then knelt up so he could rub my clit while we finished our session.

I came first (as usual) and Mike pumped into me until he finished off. Mel said that she wanted to make sure that Julia was properly cleaned out so Mike and I took turns at eating her once more (we didn’t pay too much attention to her clit as it looked like we’d pushed her far enough). Jen decided that it was time for her to get in on the action and she came over and had a few licks of Julia. Just to be fair, Mel wandered over and had a quick lick of my pussy and as Julia caught her breath, I told her that we should probably thank Mel and Jen for arranging things and I suggested that they sit up on the bed for a minute. This hadn’t been a part of their original plan, but they were happy to oblige and I knelt in front of Jen while Julia took Mel.

We weren’t trying to make them cum, but had a fairly thorough lick – enough to get Mike sufficiently excited that he moved round behind us and slipped into me, fucked me and then moved over to Julia. We switched over so I could lick Mel and Julia could do Jen and Mike tried to stay inside Jules while she moved over (which they managed, but it wasn’t very elegant). Mike carried on fucking Jules for a little while and then moved back over to me. He pointed out that He had eaten and fucked Jules to orgasm and I’d eaten her to orgasm, but she hadn’t done the same for me. Everyone thought that this was somewhat unfair so I took the place of Jen and Julia was told that she had to make me cum before Mike came in her. If she lost, then each of us would have to eat her to orgasm one more time to make sure that she was completely clean (and I doubt very much whether she could have coped with cumming 8 times in such a short space of time)

Julia said that was unfair, but Mike was already inside her by that point and Mel said all she had to do was to make me cum quickly. One thing that Julia does know how to do well though is eating pussy, and especially combined with Mike’s stamina (and the fact that he’d just cum twice), there wasn’t much of a competition. Julia really went to town and ate me like a wild thing. Mike was doing a pretty good job of fucking her, but I came way before he was going to. I don’t think he minded too much that he lost though as he later said that he hadn’t been ready to cum again. That didn’t keep him from staying buried inside her for a little while after I’d cum and he got her to sit on the bed so he could have one final taste of her before we finished the session.

He knew that he wasn’t going to get to lick Jen, but he asked if he was allowed to have a taste of Mel (as I’ve said many times, Mike loves eating pussy – and even though Mel certainly doesn’t fall in his ‘cute’ classification and he knows that Jen and I didn’t think she tasted that good, he still wanted to try). It looked like Mel might have briefly considered, but she didn’t let him lick her – even when he pointed out that she had got to taste him from my pussy. While Mel has been with a couple of guys in her time, she is certainly very much on the girls-only end of the hetero-home spectrum that I talked about before.
Before they left, Mel said that I now owed them another proper session and I told her that all she had to do was name the time and place. Julia had perked up a bit and gently stroked Mike’s cock and admitted that he did indeed have fairly good stamina. He told her he was ready to go again if she wanted and I warned her not to try to bluff him and unless she really wanted to cum again, she should back off.

Julia is just as obstinate as Mike (and me – and Jen) and took this as a challenge. She straddled him and rubbed her pussy against his cock. Mike told her not to tease, lifted her up and I reached over to guide his cock into her. He asked her if she was sure and she told him to go ahead. He eased her down onto his cock and pushed back against her so he slid into her in one go. We all watched her ride up and down on his cock and I whispered in Mike’s ear to turn her around. He told her to do this (he’s not really strong enough to have just lifted her off and turned her by himself) and when she remounted him facing away from him, I knelt in front of them and licked her. We could now do this position ‘properly’, without me having to avoid licking Sue and without the cock being hidden by a condom. I fastened my mouth to Julia’s clit and licked hard and fast, making sure that Mike’s shaft got a fair amount of action as well.

Mike did a fairly good job of holding Julia still enough and still managing to slide in and out of her and despite her complaints that we were cheating, it was obvious from her voice that she was enjoying what we were doing. I heard Mike tell her not to worry and that he was going to fuck her properly when we’d finished so I gave everything I had to getting her off. Julia was quite loud (again) when she came and Mike lay back on the bed with her on top of him. His cock popped out of her but he told me to put it back in and to kitty kiss her. I did this and let Jen and Mel get a good look at her lips stretched around his cock while I gently kissed them.

Mike was fondling Julia’s breasts and toying with her nips and then said that it was now time to finish up. I told her that I’d warned her and she was instructed to remount Mike the other way round. They started off with her on top, then rolled over so that he could stand on the floor and lift her legs up (this allows him to get nice and deep). I know how intense this can feel, even without having cum five times already so it wasn’t surprising that Julia said it felt really strong. Mike asked Mel if he should keep going and she told him to give her everything he had, so he did. I watched his cock slide in and out of her with long strokes, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. I used the egg on her clit until she was close to cumming and he then lowered her legs, lay on top of her and rolled over so she was back on top.

When he pulled her down onto him I guessed what he was going to do and watched as he started to pound into her. Jules had been quite close to cumming and soon started to moan as her orgasm started. Mike just hammered away harder and faster as she moaned. His hands were spreading her ass cheeks and I could see his fingers playing with her anus and pushing into her. He fucked and fucked and fucked before finally slamming into her a number of times and then moving much more slowly. Jules looked completely shattered by this point, but had clearly had a pretty good orgasm. Mike took care of the kitty kissing this time – at first she tried to push him away but he assured her he wasn’t trying to make her cum and she allowed him to gently clean her up. Her pussy looked quite pink and we left her to rest.

Jen looked quite flushed and I guessed that she was feeling pretty horny so I suggested that we head in to her room and I start to take care of her. Mike chatted with Mel for a while until Jules was ready to go home (I think he would have been happy to let her stay where she was, but Mel probably wouldn’t have wanted to stay – or go home alone). On their way out, they opened Jen’s bedroom door to say goodbye and got a good view of me between Jen’s legs and her quite close to cumming. It’s not as if they haven’t seen us like that before, so I didn’t stop and just waved at them. I had expected Mike to stay and watch, but he closed the door behind him and walked Mel and Julia to the front door. It had gotten much colder out so once the door was opened, Mel conceded that Julia should be allowed to wear something under her coat. She had to get changed in front of the open door (but the hall light was off so she was fairly hidden). Mike had one last quick fondle of her ass on the way out and then returned to Lucy’s room to sleep (he’d put a fair amount of effort in as well).

Meanwhile, I had given Jen her first orgasm and we had then chatted a bit while kissing and fooling around. I told her that I’d enjoyed myself and that I was sure Mike had enjoyed his present (he always says that it feels so much nicer cumming inside a bare pussy without a condom in the way). I asked what Jen had agreed with Mel about our next foursome and she said that there were no details other than we would fuck. I asked why she hadn’t played with Mel during our display and Jen said that she came close, but the idea was mostly to let Julia have some cock to keep her satisfied (she is definitely smack in the middle of the spectrum). We discussed how things might have turned out if Lis had taken that approach and ‘encouraged’ Vicky to sleep with Mike. On the plus side, it might have meant that we would still be able to do things with Lis (and maybe even Vicky as well), but on the downside, it would have meant Lis and Lucy wouldn’t have got together.

I teased Jen about whether she would prefer a foursome with Lis and Lucy or Lis and Vicky and I think Vicky’s breasts swayed the argument for her. I let Jen play with my breasts and kept referring to them as ‘the ladies’ (which is what Vicky calls her breasts). We then 69ed and I ate Jen with as much vigour as Julia had used on me, but I gave her the added bonus of fingering her ass as well. Jen used a couple of fingers on my cunt. This was a fairly energetic session and we kept going for a while after we’d both cum, before calming down and switching to mutual kitty kissing. Between licks and kisses I told her how nice it felt and Jen suggested we just keep doing it – so we did. I don’t know how long we spent, but it was nice just gently exploring and tasting Jen without trying to make her cum (although we occasionally used harder licks).

Jen asked if I wanted to cum again before we went to sleep and I thought that I could have probably gone another orgasm, but we settled for curling one of our long double dildos round and falling asleep spooning with it shared between us. I had an idea about keeping it inside us while falling asleep and desperately held onto it (and succeeded as I remembered to write it down the following day – I’ll report if we ever try it). I slept very well that night and was woken the next morning by Jen pushing the dildo back into me. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs to let her fuck me with it and she treated me to the same sort of treatment I’d given to Julia the night before (fucking while licking my clit).

Once I’d cum (and recovered) I told Jen I would do the same to her and we switched places. I pushed the dildo into her and got it nicely lubed before pulling it out and pushing the other end into her. I got it a good way in and started licking her clit and then pushed the first end against her ass. Jen tensed up initially, but then relaxed and told me to go ahead, so I pushed a bit harder and worked a couple of inches of the dildo into her ass. Jen said that I was a dirty girl but between licking her clit I pointed out that she was the one with a dildo buried in her ass and cunt and I gently pumped it in and out while I licked her clit. I told her to play with her nips and she pulled on them, her pinching getting harder as she got closer to cumming. I lapped away at her pussy while she came and if Mike hadn’t been woken up by my orgasm, I was sure he would be by Jen’s. I left her with the dildo buried in her and said I would be back once I’d taken care of Mike.

As I had expected he was awake and nice and hard (he’d actually woken up before us so had heard both of us cum). I didn’t waste any time and slid onto his cock. We kissed and discussed the previous night’s fun while we fucked and he said that he didn’t think Julia tasted too bad. I told him that I’d gotten used to her taste and while it wasn’t as nice as Jen’s, I now quite liked it. He asked if he would get a chance to fuck her again and I told him that I didn’t know if there was anything planned, but given her sexual appetite, it was certainly possible. Mike suggested that if Sue decided to experiment with Jen, that we invite her down for the weekend (either with or without Ryan) and let Julia get at her as well. This seemed like a very exciting idea, but I was fairly sure that it might be a step too far for her – still, it was nice to imagine what might happen...

Mike gave me a good fucking, pounding into me the way he’d done to Julia and once he came, I covered my pussy and wandered back in to Jen. I crouched over her breasts and let his cum leak out, then pulled out the dildo and pushed some of his cum into her with my fingers. We then all headed down for breakfast but the house wasn’t really warm enough to be naked, so we headed back to Jen’s room to eat. Mike stayed at least semi-hard most of the time and he enjoyed seeing the drops of his cum on Jen. We then went back to bed, curled up under the covers and shared our respective fantasies (we told Mike about the one involving Vicky and Lis and shared the one involving Sue and Julia with Jen).

None of this talk helped Mike’s erection and I felt him pressing against my side. I turned to face Jen and let him slip into me while I reached between Jen’s legs and started to stroke her. I got Jen to pass me my phone and call Lis. She was still in bed with Lucy (although it didn’t sound as if we’d interrupted anything and I described to her the position I was in. Lis was a little surprised that I’d called while we were in the middle of things, but I told her that things hadn’t been the same without the two of them here (okay, maybe that was a little bit of a lie – although technically, they *had* been different). I passed the phone over to Jen and while she chatted to them, I stroked and strummed her clit until she was having trouble holding back. I kept her on the edge of orgasm (so she found it difficult to talk) and then pushed her over the edge. Jen tried to push the phone back at me, but I held it near her head so Lis and Lucy heard her cum.

Mike had been pumping into me the whole time and had been rubbing my clit so I wasn’t too far behind. I told Lis that I was getting close and they could either hang up or listen in to help get them in the mood for things and they decided to listen until I came. I didn’t try to hide my orgasm the way Jen had but fairly soon after I came, I told them to stop wasting time in bed and carry on getting to know each other. Mike was really pumping into me by this point and I fed him some of Jen’s pussy juice from my fingers until he came in me and we rested for a while.

The plan had been to go and meet people for brunch, but by the time we’d finished it was too late so we stayed around the house until it was time to go home. We dropped Mike off first and he thanked Jen for her present, then headed off to the airport. While waiting for the plane, I exchanged some texts with Julia who said that she’d had a good time (and had enjoyed screwing Mike much more than she’d enjoyed the time with Peter). I told her that if she wanted, she could borrow him again and then texted Mike to tell him his wish was probably going to come true and he would probably get to do Jules again at some point.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Early Christmas Present - Part 1

I'm pleased to report that I've now experienced proper group sex and it was as good as I had hoped. Of course I would have preferred it if everyone had been there just to give me pleasure, but even having to share was still fun...

The second weekend in December I headed back down to visit Jen (so I could go to York for the Christmas sex party the following week). Lucy had headed up to York to see Lis and be introduced to everyone. Vicky had already left York but Lis had told her that she had a new girlfriend and she had seemed happy about it (Vicky that is, Lis was obviously happy).

With Lis not being there, I felt a lot more at ease (although I had accepted the fact that she was going to get to see everything being done to me anyway). As a surprise, Jen had arranged for Mike to come down as well and had agreed with Lucy that he could use her bed to sleep in (as I was meant to be visiting her). Mike arrived at the house a little after I did and once he had dropped his stuff off, we headed out to meet up with the gang.

On the walk to the pub, he brought us up to date on his workings with Sue – she seemed to be wavering and he thought that Christmas might be the time that Jen got lucky. We’d already made a number of plans and Mike was hoping that Ryan might change his mind about letting other guys do things to Sue. Jen was obviously excited about this (she’s been waiting for years) but I cautioned her that Sue might still back out (I’d spoken with Sue as well and had been encouraging her to continue using her fantasy of being with two guys).

Mike seemed to get on well with most of the group and as usual, Julia flirted with him (but she flirts with everyone, male or female). She had died her hair bright red for Christmas, but hadn’t cut it so Mike still classed her as cute (or at least a lot cuter than when she had short hair). We headed back to someone’s house after closing time and carried on drinking. As it was near the end of term, a couple of people got pretty drunk and Julia and I were subjected to the usual teasing and humiliation. I knew better than to expect any protection from Mike (seeing as he’s the one who trained Jen to think up all these things for me to do) and when she suggested I remove my skirt, he was the one who helped remove my top and bra as well.

I ended up with my head in his lap while he stroked my neck and my legs over Jen’s legs, so she could gently play with my pussy. I could feel the bulge in Mike’s jeans and we somehow got onto the topic of guys being able to suck themselves off (I think we started talking about dogs licking themselves, but I was distracted so I’m not quite sure). Some of the guys said that it was impossible, but a few minutes at the computer and Mike found a couple of videos that demonstrated guys getting varying amounts of their own cock into their mouths. The guys conceded that it was possible although none of them could do it – they did however admit that it was probably for the best as if they could, they would probably never leave the house!

We moved on from guys sucking themselves to girls who could lick themselves. Another couple of videos later (these were more to Mike’s taste) and it was conceded that girls could also achieve this (although I couldn’t see how anyone ‘normal’ was that flexible. Someone mentioned that Abharii (I have no idea if that is the correct spelling), who is a first year and a new member of the group (I think she is Indian) might be able to a she used to compete in gymnastics competitions. She has beautiful dark skin and appears to be quite tall (she is actually about the same height as Jen, and is very slender). She is usually fairly quiet, but seems to have assimilated well into the group and even though she initially declined, after a bit of encouragement from people she said that she would see if she was flexible enough to reach.

We cleared a space on the floor and she lay on her back, easily looped her legs behind her shoulders (so she was way ahead of anything I could do straight away) and craned her neck forwards. It looked like she would actually be able to reach and Mel suggested that she try to kiss her panties to demonstrate properly whether she would be able to do it. She didn’t put up a fight this time and Mel flipped her skirt up and out of the way to reveal a black g-string. Abharii flicked her tongue over the front of her panties and I’m pretty sure she made it low down enough that she might have been able to just catch her clit but Mel wanted to be absolutely sure and asked if she would let someone help push her head forwards.

Abharii was fine with this (as long as it wasn’t too hard) and Mel helped to hold her legs open (which wasn’t technically required, but I saw why she did this later) while one of the guys pushed on her back to help her arch it a bit more. Her head was pushed forwards onto her panties and she got a cheer when it was obvious that she would be able to make contact with her clit (if she didn’t have panties on). Not that her g-string really hid a great deal – and it hid even less with the way that Mel was ‘helping’ to hold her legs apart. She had her hands on Abharii’s inner thighs and when she pulled, her pussy lips spread enough to be visible on either side of the material. It was enough to see that at the very least her lips were nicely shaved and after she had planted a few firm kissed on her panties, she was released and allowed back up.

In order to not make her feel too self conscious, Jules and I were encouraged to dance together. The definition of ‘dance’ for this purpose meant getting as much contact between our bodies as possible and then taking turns kissing our way down each other’s body with a stop off at breasts and pussy. Neither of us were allowed to cum, but it still felt damn good and I knew that Jen, Mike and Mel would be in for a treat later that night when we all got home.

It wasn’t too much later before we decided that we really should get going. Mel dared me to wear less then Julia on the way home and I thought that it was fairly simple as I was only going to wear my coat. We were challenged to go one better though and were offered other jackets to wear. We ended up with outfits that we certainly couldn’t have worn during the day. The jackets weren’t quite long enough to cover our asses and had low enough necklines that it was clear we didn’t have bras on. Nonetheless, neither of us shy away from a challenge and so we headed off barely dressed.

As I had expected, I was fondled a fair amount on the way home and even had to walk part of the way with my jacket fully undone. It was quite cold out so once we arrived, I was told that Mike could warm me up but he wasn’t allowed to cum in me – and when we had finished, I would go to Jen and sleep with her (in both senses). We quickly went into Lucy’s room and Mike stripped off. He couldn’t resist getting me to put on a couple of pairs of Lucy’s panties (not at the same time) and he fucked me while I had them on. I showed him where she kept her vibe and we ended up using it (well, Mike ended up using it on me) and we finished off in a 69 position. I still had a pair of Lucy’s white panties on for this and Mike held them to the side while he licked me and then once I’d cum, he rubbed the crotch into my pussy. He came in my mouth and I was sent off to offer it to Jen, who figured out what I was miming and let me kiss her.

Once his cum had been disposed of, we had our own session and fucked each other with vibes while in a 69 position (it’s nice being able to both do things at the same time and get a good view). Jen rubbed herself over my face and I was briefly sent back in to Mike to allow him to taste her juices. I returned to Jen and we 69ed properly for our last orgasm of the night before going to sleep. In the morning, Jen woke me with a vibe and Mike was called in to let him watch her fuck me with it. He had to leave when it was her turn to cum, but once I’d taken care of her, I went and rode his cock and let him taste Jen from me (again).

We had breakfast and I invited Peter round for our usual session. I told him that Jen and Mike had popped out briefly so we couldn’t do things properly, but I had something planned that he might enjoy. We headed up to Jen’s room and I went into Lucy’s room and returned with a few of her clothes. I told him that I had taken the underwear out of her laundry and I slipped them on and rubbed myself. I then removed my dress and slipped on one of Lucy’s that I know he likes. It didn’t really fit me, but I wasn’t going to be wearing it for long so it was good enough.

I told him to strip off and got him to lie on the bed. I then straddled him and rubbed back and forth against his cock, asking him if he enjoyed the feeling of Lucy’s panties and my cunt pressing on him. He was nice and hard and I thought it was time to finish things off (the whole point is we were being quick) so I peeled off the panties and handed them to him while I saw back, spread my legs and told him I was going to use Lucy’s vibe to cum with. I let him watch me fuck myself and I got a little carried away and fingered my ass at the same time. I told him to wait until I had cum but watched as he stroked his cock with Lucy’s panties. As soon as I’d cum, I got him to stand against the wall and I knelt in front of him.

I took over stroking him and asked if he wanted to cum in the panties or over my breasts and Lucy’s dress. He said he wanted to do both so I first wrapped the panties around his cock and jerked him off and as he got closer to cumming, I loosened the material and moved closer to him. When he came, his cum squirted into the panties but dripped out over my hand and onto my breasts. I told him to imagine he was covering Lucy with his cum and how she loved it, but he said that he preferred cumming over me. I wiped my neck and chest with the cum stained panties and giving him my best pouty look while stroking his cock, I asked if that meant he preferred me to Lucy. He said that he did and I reminded him that I was married and had a girlfriend so I wasn’t about to run off with him, but I was happy to continue playing whenever we got the chance.

I stripped off Lucy’s dress, wiped myself clean and told him that he had better go before Jen and Mike returned. I was briefly tempted to get him to slip a condom on and fuck me, but I had Mike to take care of that, so I showed Peter to the door (with me still naked) and promised him that we would have more fun in the New Year. Once he was gone, I washed myself off and went back upstairs where Mike and Jen had already let themselves out of the cupboard. Mike said he would have preferred to see both Julia and I fucking him, but he still liked the way I’d put on Lucy’s dress and used her panties.

We were meant to be meeting up with people for lunch so we quickly showered and dressed. I was subjected to the usual rules of wearing what Jen told me to, but with Mike there as well, my outfit got gradually more and more revealing. I told them that I may as well go out naked and they thought that was a good idea. Of course I wasn’t actually naked and I had long socks on to keep my legs warm and I was allowed a bra to give me some support, but other than that, I just had my coat (at least it was my long warm one). Just before we set off, Mike suggested something to Lucy and she went back upstairs with her bag. She returned very quickly and handed me a pair of bright pink panties that I knew belonged to Lucy. I was told to put these on and then Jen pushed a remote egg into my pussy and I could feel it buzzing away while we walked to the cafe.

When we sat down, I was told to fish the egg out, which gave people a chance to see my panties (being so bright they did sort of show up). During the meal, the buttons on my coat were gradually undone and I had to be careful to not let it fall open. I was told I couldn’t button it up until we had left the cafe, but I couldn’t find anywhere that I could do this so I had to hold the front shut as we walked until I eventually found a suitable alleyway.

I had to remove the panties in a changing room and Jen fingered me briefly. Mel was doing something similar to Julia in the next changing room and Jen told me that she had a treat lined up for me that night (but as usual, wouldn’t tell me what it was). I wasn’t allowed to cum, but was assured that I would get to cum lots (and I know Jen always follows through on this) so I didn’t mind too much that I was feeling horny. We returned home for dinner and a rest before getting ready to go back out. Mike got to watch Jen and I get ready (he enjoys having two naked girls wandering around and is really looking forwards to when he – and then Jen end up living with me). Jen said he was free to tease me as much as he wanted so I had to stand beside him a number of times while he fingered me and I sat on his face a couple of times while he ate me nearly to orgasm.

I was given a short (but not indecently so) skirt and a top that didn’t have a full front (okay, so it did, but in two halves held together by four clasps). Mike and Jen conferred and Jen approached me with a pair of scissors to make an ‘adjustment’ to my outfit. She cut up each side of my skirt to the very top of the skirt (leaving just enough material to hold it up) and said that it looked my better. I tried walking and the front and back flapped around quite a lot, clearly showing off a lot of skin, but not quite exposing me fully. Jen was happy with her work and we set off.

When we were in the pub, I had a number of hands slip in the side of my skirt and fondle my ass. Mike and Jen were a bit more intrusive and stroked my pussy, but a few other people squeezed and fondled my ass. Mel thought that Jen’s modification to my skirt was a good idea and would have done the same to Julia’s if she hadn’t been wearing one of her good (and expensive) leather skirts. It didn’t stop her being fondled though and things only got more extreme when we moved on to the club.

It was easy for me to rub myself against the leg of whoever I was dancing with and my skirt offer no resistance to my ass being fondled. Julia and I were given the challenge of being fondled by as many people as possible – ass counted as 5 points, pussy as 10, being fingered (full insertion) as 20 and being made to cum as 50. Neither of us were made to cum and neither of us were properly fingered (although one guy had a finger slightly inside me). We aren’t actually sure who won, but from what the others said, I certainly showed a lot more (due to my skirt) and so I was awarded first place. As a prize, I was given something special, but it was clear that this was already arranged and if Julia had won, the end ‘prize’ would have been exactly the same.

We headed back to Jen’s place and a few people carried on drinking. Julia and I soon ended up naked and someone suggested that we try to eat ourselves in the way Abharii had done the previous night. It was a fairly futile effort – people helped to hold legs apart and push our heads closer to our pussies but we couldn’t reach. To make up for the disappointment, we took turns being held in place while the other person got to do the kissing. We didn’t get to do this for long enough to cum, but the extra teasing felt nice. Mel convinced Abharii to demonstrate once more for us – she had a pair of jeans on but assumed the position and kissed around the middle of her zipper. Mel is rarely satisfied with letting things be though and she said that we wanted to see properly so unbuttoned and then unzipped Abharii’s jeans. She had bright red panties on and Mel yanked the jeans off slightly (they weren’t going to move far given she had her legs spread to get her feet behind her head) and managed to expose enough of her panties that she could once again demonstrate properly.

I figured out what Mel was doing (not that it was difficult to see) and I knelt down and helped to hold the jeans out of the way. Mel had (probably purposefully) yanked a bit on the panties as well so they were slightly loose (not enough to show anything). In order to be ‘helpful’, Mel occasionally smoothed the material against her pussy and Abharii didn’t object to this. The demonstration lasted for a couple of minutes and everyone was completely convinced that she could at the very least get her tongue to where her clit was (although I still doubted that she could actually eat herself to orgasm – although I was quite willing to be proved wrong if I got to watch).

People were quite turned on by her display and (as usual), Jules and I were the ones who were nominated to put on a proper display. With a few cushions piled on the floor, we 69ed and got a good way towards cumming before Jen told us to stop. Everyone wanted us to carry on but Jen said that she had plans for me and that I would also have to satisfy Mike, so she wanted me nice and horny. I went and sat beside Mike and ended up on his lap. He openly fondled me and played with my clit and even said that if I wanted, he would fuck me in front of the group (and I know he would have – it’s not as if we’re not used to doing that at the parties).

Julia noticed what we were doing and said that I shouldn’t keep him to myself, so I ended up being shunted over to Mel (who was happy to carry on fondling me – and even got a couple of other people to have a go) while Julia sat on Mike’s lap and squirmed around. I watched her doing some serious grinding against his crotch while they kissed and when she turned around so she was facing away from him (out into the room) I watched him tease her nipples and play with her pussy. I’m pleased to report that my jealousy is getting better (as in less) – although this may have had something to do with me being distracted by multiple people fondling me. Once again, neither of us were allowed to cum and I was beginning to really hope that whatever Jen had planned, was going to be worth it.

It eventually got late enough that people started to leave. I was feeling a bit tired (as was Mike, but he is older than the rest of us so that’s to be expected!) and Jen put on some coffee to help perk us up. When it was time for Mel and Jules to leave, Jen said that she had the perfect outfit for Julia to wear on the way home, and the three of them disappeared upstairs briefly. In just a minute, Julia returned with a schoolgirl outfit on. It actually looked quite good on her, although her bunches weren’t exactly even (or neat) and I’m still not sure she entirely suits the ‘cute’ look. Mike approved of it though but thought it wasn’t really that daring to walk home in given we’d walked home naked the previous night (not counting jackets).

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Telescopes and New Girlfriends - Part 2

I've met Julia's brother now but I'm back home for a day until we head down to York - I'm really looking forward to Valentine's Day... Back to December where I've just finished fucking Peter and Jules...

During the walk back, I told him a little about Lis – only really that she was a friend and that she seemed happy with Lucy. I distracted him by opening my coat and letting him play with my breasts, but only briefly as it was daylight and I didn’t want to get caught. When we returned, I told everyone that I had just happened to bump into him on the way back – I knew that Jen knew what I’d been up to, but I was still trying to act semi-innocent around Lis. I went upstairs to remove my coat (and slip on a dress) before rejoining them and they were talking by the time I got back. Lucy had told Lis a little about Peter, so she knew that he fancied her, but was pretty harmless. I was quite hungry so made some lunch and Peter stayed while we ate. We got rid of him mid-afternoon as Jen said she was feeling tired and it was obvious that Lucy and Lis wanted some time alone. I went up with Jen for a rest and gave her the full details of my exploits with Peter, and then we dozed for a while. I think that Lucy and Lis were making better use of Lucy’s bed and they looked very happy when we wandered downstairs later on and chatted to them.

Over dinner, Lis hinted that Peter seemed to quite like me and I asked what she meant. She told me that I knew full well and I guessed that Lucy had told her at least *something* so I asked what she knew. It turned out that Lis knew pretty much the whole story so I admitted that I had been performing distraction duty initially, but then Julia had got in on the act and things had progressed somewhat. She seemed to think that Mike might mind, but I assured her that he knew and he was fine with it as long as I used protection. She then asked Jen about letting me do things with Julia and I pointed out that it was Jen who most often *made* me do things with Julia and Jen promised that if Lis wanted, I would demonstrate for her later that night. Lis may not be quite as adventurous as we are, but she is no prude and said it would be interesting to see. I felt a little uneasy, but under the rules, I had to do what Jen said so I didn’t bother arguing.

When people turned up later Julia returned my underwear to me but before she actually handed it to me, Mel said that she should put the panties on (my bra would be way too big for her) and I had to take them ‘the usual’ way. Julia slipped the panties on and sat on the sofa while I kneeled between her legs and stuck my head up her skirt to try and pull them down with my mouth. It was more difficult than usual as her skirt got in the way so I nuzzled against her pussy for a while before finally getting a firm hold of the material and pulling the panties down her thighs. I felt quite self-conscious doing this with Lis watching, but had realised that if she kept dating Lucy, she was going to see everything anyway and it wasn’t like I was going to get a chance to do things with her again for a while.

Mel idly fondled Julia while everyone chatted – just under her skirt at first, but her pussy was soon visible and she was brought to the edge of cumming before Mel stopped. Jen got me to unbutton the top half of my dress and she fondled my breasts before sliding her hand between my legs and playing with me. It was clear what she was doing, but my dress stopped anyone from seeing anything. Just as Mel had done with Julia, Jen got me close to cumming (too close) and then stopped, leaving me wanting more. She asked if anyone wanted to see any more and a number of people said yes so Julia and I ended up next to each other on the sofa and were told to masturbate ourselves. Julia dived straight in and I unbuttoned the last remaining buttons on my dress before joining her. I played with pussy and clit and had the advantage as I’d just been teased by Jen. It was obvious that I was about to cum when we were told to stop and I was announced the winner. Of course, having to stop was worse for me as I was closer to cumming (again), but I was told that I would like my prize.

All I really wanted was to be allowed to cum but Jen and Lucy disappeared for a few minutes and the others were told to make sure that neither Julia nor I did anything to stimulate ourselves (or each other). I half covered myself and chatted to Lis, I asked her how she liked seeing the things I’d been telling her about and she said that she thought I had been exaggerating, but now understood properly. I told her that things would probably get a lot more intense and she said she wasn’t sure how, but then Jen walked in carrying Lucy’s large teddy bear.

I know how much Lucy loves that bear and was surprised to see our strap on fastened around its waist. Jen placed it on the sofa and told me that I could do whatever I wanted to it as long as it ended up satisfied. This seemed like a good way to cum and I quickly straddled the bear and slid down onto the vibe. I had started off facing the bear and it was decided that my dress, while completely unbuttoned was hiding everything, so I had it removed. I rode the vibe and found that if I brushed my nipples against the bear’s face, it actually felt quite good. My movements got a bit more energetic as I got more aroused and I decided to finish off properly and quickly dismounted, turned around and plopped myself back on the vibe. I was now facing everyone and even though I wasn’t having my nips tickled, it was now easier to rub my clit.

I was happy to see that another couple had their hands in each other’s trousers and were obviously fingering away (but other than material moving I couldn’t see anything). As I got closer to cumming, I slowed down my movements, but very deliberately slid up and down the full length of the vibe and concentrated on the feeling of it sliding inside me and my lips mashing against the harness. I didn’t slow down on my clit though and came fairly quickly. It was a fairly good orgasm (that’s what teasing does) and I relaxed back against the teddy, with the vibe still buried in me when I had finished.

I was told that I had put on a good enough show and could put my dress back on if I wanted. I still felt a little awkward with Lis there so I covered up again and Julia was told to clean off the vibe. She didn’t hesitate and sat on the floor in front of the bear and sucked the vibe clean. Jen told me that she could get Jules to eat me if I wanted but she seemed to have picked up on my uneasiness and didn’t push the matter. Instead she let Mel give Jules her punishment for losing the masturbation contest. To be fair, her punishment wasn’t too bad at all as she had someone hold her arms and a person hold each leg (with them spread wide) while Mel fingered her and then used a banana to fuck her. They got it pretty far inside her and fucked her with it quite vigorously before Mel started to also play with her clit and got her off.

Julia had to sit on the sofa with the banana still inside her and Mel moved it from time to time. She was only allowed to take it out when everyone got ready to head off, but when she removed the banana, she also had to remove her skirt, which Mel stuffed in her bag. Jen said that I could go with them but I told her I would stay (seeing her *was*) the whole point of my visit after all). This meant that we had the house to ourselves but we just curled up together on the sofa and watched a film. Jen lay in front of me and I gently stroked her breasts, but we weren’t trying to really do anything sexual.

We retired to bed early and had a gentle session – mostly using fingers, but I gave in to my desires and went down on her (her pussy is kind of hard to resist). We were asleep when Lucy and Lis returned (but the door woke us up). It sounded like they’d had a good night and after a couple of minutes downstairs, we heard them come up the stairs giggling. Once they were in Lucy’s room, I opened our door slightly and returned to bed to listen in with Jen. They weren’t amazing loud, but it was enough for us to hear them moaning and moving around. We could tell they were saying things to each other, but not loud enough for us to hear the words. Being able to picture Lis properly made it seem all the more arousing and while we listened, I played with Jen’s nips and then slid my hand between her legs.

I didn’t want to do anything that would stop us from hearing them so I just rubbed her clit – occasionally dipping my fingers between her lips to get additional lubrication. As she got closer to cumming, I told her to try to be quiet and concentrate on the sounds our little girls were making. Jen came in my arms, her body pressed back against mine and we listened as Lis and Lucy went for another round (we think they might have cum three times, but aren’t completely sure). Jen offered to do things to me, but I could tell she was tired and said I would wait until morning to let her rest.

She fell asleep fairly quickly, but for quite a while I lay awake imagining a wonderful foursome and all the ways we could make each other cum. I very nearly gave in and masturbated but it’s always better when someone else makes me cum so I eventually went to sleep. I didn’t have (or if I did, I didn’t remember) as many hot dreams as I’d hoped, but when I woke up in the morning it still didn’t take long to start feeling horny. I went down on Jen and woke her up. She seemed well enough for me to let her do the same to me but I told her to rest while I went and prepared breakfast.

The house was still (just) warm enough that I didn’t need to wear anything and I soon returned with toast, OJ and coffee. I had my little maid apron on and suggested that Lis and Lucy might also need some coffee to help recover, so Jen slipped on her nightdress and we went into Lucy’s room. They appreciated the coffee and Lis tried to pull the covers up but I pointed out that I’d seen her breasts before and nodded at Lucy and said I’d even seen hers. Lucy still half covered herself, but didn’t fuss as they slowly slid down while she drank. They told us about their evening and how Julia had been made to flash a guy and how Mel had later fingered her to orgasm with another guy watching. We didn’t mention that we’d heard them fucking – although it was obvious from the clothes strewn over the floor that they had undressed in something of a hurry.

We had a fairly lazy morning – Lis and Lucy headed off to brunch but I stayed in with Jen and (at her request) put on a little show for her. I dressed up and then sat on the sofa with my legs spread and masturbated for her. By the time I’d finished, Jen looked a little flushed, so I moved over to her chair and pushed her legs apart and asked if she wanted me to suck on her clit. She did, so I did (although I also licked around her pussy as well). I spent a while teasing her before finally allowing her to cum.

Lis and Lucy returned a while later but it was almost time for me to go. I told Jen that I would go by myself so she could stay in the warm (her chest still hurt a bit) and I made my way to the airport and returned home. I had my usual post-visit phone sex with Mike and I told him everything that had happened. On the Monday evening, I called Lis and had a long chat with her. I got a few more details about how she had hooked up with Lucy and I once again told her how impressed I was at how decisive she had been. I managed to coax a few details out of her about what Lucy was like in bed, but she wouldn’t tell me much. I told her that I just wanted to know if her pussy was like Pavlina’s but all she would tell me was that it looked a little different.

I had been wondering how to explain something to her and in the end just tried to make her understand that what had happened between her, Jen and I was more than just ‘fooling around’ to us. I explained that I wasn’t trying to declare my undying love for her (she knows I love her, but in a different way to how I feel about Mike and Jen) but that she was incredibly important, and when we’d had a chance to have sex, it had meant a lot more than the random things I did with other people. I think she understood but I was surprised that I think *I* really only understood how much she meant to me when I started to explain things. We chatted a few more times over the week and it was obvious how happy she was with Lucy. I was still worried that it might be a rebound relationship – on top of the fact that it was a long distance relationship (and I know how hard those can be), but I didn’t try to spoil her happiness and said that Jen and I would do whatever we could to help them out.