Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Christmas 2011 - Part 1

...where Jen gets her wish...

Christmas 2011 – we all (Mike, Jen and I) went to my Mum’s place so we could spend the holiday together. Jen had gone home to visit her family beforehand and had promised that we (she and I) would visit in the New Year. We didn’t think that Mum was quite ready to let Mike, Jen and I share a bed (even though I’ve told her multiple times that there is nothing between Mike and Jen), so they took turns using the room beside Mum’s while the other one slept with me.

Jen was incredibly excited about the chance to do things with Sue and Mike spent the first couple of days making sure that Sue was really up for this (obviously he only did this when Mum wasn’t around). Ryan had spent Christmas with his family, but came down to visit us on the 27th. He was also clearly excited about seeing Sue do things properly with another girl and as soon as he got her alone, he asked if she was planning on going ahead with it. Ryan didn’t know that Mike knew about this (or that Mike knew that we had done various things when I’d visited them at Uni), so it was all hush-hush and nothing happened on the first day he was there. That night, we left Mike chatting downstairs with Mum and Sue, Jen, Ryan and I headed up to Sue’s room.

We couldn’t actually do anything, but there was still an obvious atmosphere in the room. I had a short enough skirt on that I could sit and show off my exposed pussy (which Ryan quickly noticed) and he asked if I was going to join in the games. I told him that I wasn’t, but that Jen was looking forward to it. I fondled her breasts (through her top) and told Sue that she was in for a treat. We made plans for the following day and it was my job to convince Mike to help Mum with getting some food for a New Year’s party. I slept with him that night (after having given Jen a goodnight licking). I told him that everything was set and although he was a little disappointed that we hadn’t found a way for him to watch, I promised to make it up to him. We heard Sue and Ryan going at it and we had a fairly good session ourselves, loud enough for them to (probably) hear (remember that Mum’s room is in the other part of the house, so we were safe in that sense).

The next day, Mike and I had our usual morning session and after we had showered, he shaved me to make sure I was perfectly smooth. He also shaved Jen (who let him do this as an advanced thank-you for what was likely to happen) and I gave her a quite tongue test to ensure that her pussy was in perfect shape. I know that Sue also shaved herself that morning and I couldn’t wait to get Mum out of the house so we could get started.

Mum and Mike set off a little before 11 and said that they would be back in an hour or two. I didn’t need to worry about them arriving back unannounced as Mike had told me he would call when they set off, so as soon as they left, we headed upstairs. I advised that we waited a few minutes just in case Mum had forgotten anything, but when we heard the call pull away, it was time to get down to business. Sue was obviously quite nervous and I asked if she was sure she wanted to go through with this – she nodded so I moved over to Jen and kissed her while running my hands over her clothes. I suggested to Ryan that he help get Sue ready and he started to fondle her breasts. I slipped Jen’s clothes off and moved her over to the bed. Ryan sat Sue next to her and I told Jen to give Sue a kiss.

It was somewhat tentative at first, but it became a bit more passionate and I saw Jen’s tongue slip into Sue’s mouth. Jen soon moved her hands onto Sue’s breasts and pulled Sue’s top off. Her bra quickly followed and Jen lowered her mouth to Sue’s breasts and started to kiss and suck on them. They lay on the bed and I encouraged Ryan to tell Sue what he wanted to see. He got her to have a suck on Jen’s breasts (maybe not quite as enthusiastically as Jen had been doing, but still fairly decent nipple play) and he then moved over and started to remove Sue’s skirt. Jen stopped him and said that she wanted to do it and he was happy to let her, so Sue unsnapped the skirt and Jen slid it down her legs.

Sue had a nice pair of white panties on and Jen didn’t waste any time and gave Sue a kiss square on the crotch. Sue jumped a bit at this, and Jen crawled back up her body, stopping to have another quick play with Sue’s breasts, to lie on top of her and kiss her. Jen’s pussy was clearly visible as she pressed it against Sue’s leg and Jen ground her thigh against Sue’s panties. It was an incredibly erotic sight and Ryan started to stroke the bulge in his jeans. Despite having said the previous day that I wasn’t going to be involved, I had no plans to stick to that statement and I moved closer to Ryan and pushed my hand under his. He quickly unzipped his jeans and I ended up with his very hard cock in my hand.

Jen kissed and teased Sue, using all the experience that Mike had gained with her (and what I’d seen when I’d joined her and Ryan). Sue was obviously very aroused and was holding Jen tight against her to make it easier to grind against her thigh and Jen thought it was time to go for more. She slid a hand down into Sue’s panties and started to rub her. Sue didn’t flinch at this and Jen kept touching and stroking her – obviously working her fingers into Sue’s pussy (although her panties were still in the way so we couldn’t see). I was firmly stroking Ryan’s cock and decided that I couldn’t just watch anymore, so I stopped and unbuttoned the bottom half of my dress (there is a lot of planning that goes into events like this) so I could play with myself.

Both Ryan and I wanted to watch exactly what was happening on the bed, so we couldn’t do anything, but he did rub up against my leg. Jen pulled Sue’s panties down and had the sense to not dive in straight away. She resumed kissing Sue, but now we could see what her fingers were doing. Sue was kissing Jen back properly and her hands were roaming over Jen’s back and ass. Jen kissed her way down Sue’s body and I quietly said to Ryan that Jen had been waiting for this for years. She pulled Sue’s legs open and kissed around her pussy. Sue had her hands on Jen’s head as if she was ready to push her away, but when Jen’s kisses roamed over her pussy, her arms didn’t stiffen and her body arched. Jen kissed all over Sue’s pussy and at some point started to lick her. Jen was kneeling between Sue’s legs with her ass in the air and I thought it was unfair that she wasn’t getting any attention so I moved over behind her and licked her pussy. I didn’t do this for long though as it meant I couldn’t see what was happening so I fingered her instead. I wasn’t trying to actually make her cum as the plan was that Sue would eat her in return (although I wasn’t sure if this would happen).

Jen was getting properly stuck in by this point and had Sue’s pussy spread and (I guessed) her tongue was pushing deep into Sue. Ryan was stroking himself and I told him not to cum so he could take care of Sue afterwards. I completely removed my dress and bra as it kept getting in the way and I played with my pussy and then stroked my juices onto Ryan’s cock. We carried on watching and I could tell that Sue was getting close to cumming. She was holding tightly onto the bedcovers on either side of her and I told Jen that she just needed to keep going a little bit longer (not that Jen wanted to stop – I’m sure if Sue had let her, she would have spent the rest of the holidays eating her). I remained quiet for the rest of the show and just watched and listened as Sue’s breathing got heavier and she moaned as her orgasm shot through her. Jen carried on licking until Sue was panting and then quickly switched to kitty kissing her. I had been stroking myself more and more frantically as this had been going on and couldn’t take any more so strummed my clit until I came. I tried not to make too much noise so I didn’t draw attention away from the main proceedings, but I was by no means silent.

Jen gently kissed and licked Sue clean before moving back up her body and kissing her deeply. Sue wasn’t quite as keen to kiss her as she had been in the midst of their session and I guess she was slightly embarrassed at what had happened, but she nonetheless kissed Jen and gave her a hug. Jen whispered something to Sue which I later found out was along the lines of ‘I hope you enjoyed being done by a girl’ and Sue visibly blushed. When she rolled off Sue, I looked over at Ryan who still had his cock in his hands and looked about ready to burst. I wanted to see him give Sue a good fucking and I thought it would be good to give her a chance to rest, so I got Jen to lie back on the bed beside Sue and I went down on her.

Jen’s pussy was rather wet and once I’d gotten her juices on my face, I turned around and kissed Ryan so he could also taste her. I then told him to get naked and once he’d done this, I grabbed his cock, turned around and bent down between Jen’s legs and guided it to my pussy. He didn’t need to be given any further guidance and he pushed into me. I wasn’t ready to cum again just yet (my first orgasm had been reasonably strong), and I knew it wasn’t likely to take him long so I just rocked back and forth against him while I ate Jen. He eagerly thrust into me and I lapped away at Jen’s cunt. She came pretty quickly, but Ryan still got there first. I heard him moan and thrust hard into me a few times, then stay still. As soon as he pulled out, I felt his cum start to dribble out and then a large blob run down one leg. I carried on eating Jen until she came, then turned around and gave his cock a quick suck.

There was still one part of Ryan (or Jen)’s fantasy to go and I got Jen to give my pussy a lick to give Ryan a chance to recover. I know he liked the idea of seeing Jen licking his cum out of me and it did the job of getting him hard again. Sue had recovered by this point and Ryan told her that he wanted to fuck her. I got Jen to sit up on the bed and Sue knelt between her legs. Jen started to masturbate while Ryan slid into Sue and started to fuck her. Each time he slammed into her, he pushed her forwards a little and Jen spread her legs wide and asked Sue if she wanted a taste. This is the bit I was really unsure about – I guessed that this would be a much bigger step for Sue than letting Jen lick her, but she lowered her head and kissed Jen’s pussy. It was quite a long kiss but it didn’t look like she was doing any more than that. Ryan told her to lick and Jen twisted her fingers through Sue’s hair and started to hump against Sue’s face.

I decided to help out a bit and I reached over to spread Jen’s lips. Sue took the hint and I saw her tongue dart out and taste Jen – fairly tentatively at first, but then she did it again and again. I whispered to her to just do it the way that she liked having her pussy licked (it was her first time after all, so I think it’s fair to give hints). Sue slowly licked harder and I asked Jen what it felt like. She said that it was good and I told Ryan to make sure that Sue came again. Jen had Sue’s head held against her cunt and Sue seemed to have decided to go for it – it looked like she was lapping away like she was used to it and I fondled Jen’s breasts to help things along (I know that she really wants to do things with both of us at the same time). I ended up sucking on Jen’s nips, which allowed me to look down at what Sue was doing (okay, so I couldn’t see her actually licking Jen, but I could see her face buried between her legs). Jen was mewing away and getting close to cumming so I bit and nibbled on her nipples and felt her body arching under me. Ryan looked like he was getting close to cumming but I had no idea how Sue was doing as any noises she was making were muffled by Jen’s pussy, so I moved down, grabbed Ryan’s hand and pushed it under Sue onto her clit. I helped him rub her and I could feel his cock sliding in and out and I told him once again to make sure she came.

He started to stroke her clit faster and I Sue broke contact with Jen to say that she was close. Even though Jen had cum, I told Sue to keep licking (it wasn’t the time to teach her how to kitty kiss) and was amazed at how readily she returned to Jen’s cunt. I felt a little left out, but knew that I could cum later – and this was meant to be about Jen getting what she wanted, so I gently played with myself, but mostly just watched what was happening. Ryan pumped into Sue and said he was cumming and I reached between Sue’s legs and made sure he kept rubbing her clit. Ryan stopped moving, but stayed in her and played with her clit until she came – with her mouth still on Jen’s pussy. When her orgasm ended, she broke contact and Ryan pulled out of her. I watched his cock slide out – it had gotten a little soft and I took it in my mouth to suck it clean. I could taste the mix of his cum and Sue’s juices and after I’d sucked for a while, it stiffened up a little.

Sue lay on her side on the bed and Jen crawled down to give her a thank you kiss. I wanted to cum and carried on working on Ryan’s cock in the hope that he would fuck me. He said that he couldn’t cum again just yet though so I gave up and we all sat on the bed. Ryan said that it had been incredible and I asked Sue if she had enjoyed it. She said that she had, but she was a little quiet and I wondered what she really felt. I was still hoping that if I gave him a chance to recover that Ryan might fuck me, but I settled in the meantime for letting Jen eat me. This did the job of getting him hard once more, but I let Jen finish me off as she was doing so well.

Jen convinced Sue to let her have one more lick of her pussy and taste Ryan’s cum in her. While she was doing this, I got the call from Mike saying they were on their way back and we had about 10-15 minutes. I’m sure Jen would have made Sue cum again if she’d had time, but Sue was eager to get cleaned up and after a quick wash, we got dressed and straightened ourselves up. I managed to get Sue by herself while Ryan was in the bathroom and checked that she was fine with what had happened. I told her that she had made Jen’s day/week/month/year and that Ryan had really enjoyed it as well and she said that it hadn’t been as bad as she had thought. That wasn’t quite the response I’d been looking for and I asked her why she’d done it if she hadn’t liked it. She said that it wasn’t so much that she hadn’t liked it, but it was a bit scary actually doing it instead of just fantasising about it. I pointed out that it looked like she had enjoyed having Jen eat her and that she had been fairly energetic in doing the same to Jan and I got a little blush out of her.

We were sitting downstairs chatting when Mike and Mum returned acting as if nothing had happened. Mike Jen and I went for a walk that afternoon and we filled him in on the details. Unsurprisingly, Mike found the whole story rather arousing and we ended up ducking behind a tree to a quick fuck. This was made slightly easier by having Jen to keep a look out for us and for the rest of the walk I had his cum dripping out of my pussy and running down my thighs (which is always a nice feeling).

I'll post Part 2 on Thursday.


  1. O man i was so excited to read this but i am little disappointed by sue but i can understand it bcoz she is not gay thats why she found it difficult doing it. I feel awkward dont know why

  2. It's good that you keep on checking to make sure that Sue is okay about everything. Do you think that she felt pressurised to keep everyone happy or that she's reluctant to admit that she might find bi-sexuality exciting.

  3. I can assure you that there was at least a little bit of Sue who wanted to experiment. She is fine with what happened - I know this as we've actually done more with her (which you'll find out about in due course).