Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Early Christmas Present - Part 1

I'm pleased to report that I've now experienced proper group sex and it was as good as I had hoped. Of course I would have preferred it if everyone had been there just to give me pleasure, but even having to share was still fun...

The second weekend in December I headed back down to visit Jen (so I could go to York for the Christmas sex party the following week). Lucy had headed up to York to see Lis and be introduced to everyone. Vicky had already left York but Lis had told her that she had a new girlfriend and she had seemed happy about it (Vicky that is, Lis was obviously happy).

With Lis not being there, I felt a lot more at ease (although I had accepted the fact that she was going to get to see everything being done to me anyway). As a surprise, Jen had arranged for Mike to come down as well and had agreed with Lucy that he could use her bed to sleep in (as I was meant to be visiting her). Mike arrived at the house a little after I did and once he had dropped his stuff off, we headed out to meet up with the gang.

On the walk to the pub, he brought us up to date on his workings with Sue – she seemed to be wavering and he thought that Christmas might be the time that Jen got lucky. We’d already made a number of plans and Mike was hoping that Ryan might change his mind about letting other guys do things to Sue. Jen was obviously excited about this (she’s been waiting for years) but I cautioned her that Sue might still back out (I’d spoken with Sue as well and had been encouraging her to continue using her fantasy of being with two guys).

Mike seemed to get on well with most of the group and as usual, Julia flirted with him (but she flirts with everyone, male or female). She had died her hair bright red for Christmas, but hadn’t cut it so Mike still classed her as cute (or at least a lot cuter than when she had short hair). We headed back to someone’s house after closing time and carried on drinking. As it was near the end of term, a couple of people got pretty drunk and Julia and I were subjected to the usual teasing and humiliation. I knew better than to expect any protection from Mike (seeing as he’s the one who trained Jen to think up all these things for me to do) and when she suggested I remove my skirt, he was the one who helped remove my top and bra as well.

I ended up with my head in his lap while he stroked my neck and my legs over Jen’s legs, so she could gently play with my pussy. I could feel the bulge in Mike’s jeans and we somehow got onto the topic of guys being able to suck themselves off (I think we started talking about dogs licking themselves, but I was distracted so I’m not quite sure). Some of the guys said that it was impossible, but a few minutes at the computer and Mike found a couple of videos that demonstrated guys getting varying amounts of their own cock into their mouths. The guys conceded that it was possible although none of them could do it – they did however admit that it was probably for the best as if they could, they would probably never leave the house!

We moved on from guys sucking themselves to girls who could lick themselves. Another couple of videos later (these were more to Mike’s taste) and it was conceded that girls could also achieve this (although I couldn’t see how anyone ‘normal’ was that flexible. Someone mentioned that Abharii (I have no idea if that is the correct spelling), who is a first year and a new member of the group (I think she is Indian) might be able to a she used to compete in gymnastics competitions. She has beautiful dark skin and appears to be quite tall (she is actually about the same height as Jen, and is very slender). She is usually fairly quiet, but seems to have assimilated well into the group and even though she initially declined, after a bit of encouragement from people she said that she would see if she was flexible enough to reach.

We cleared a space on the floor and she lay on her back, easily looped her legs behind her shoulders (so she was way ahead of anything I could do straight away) and craned her neck forwards. It looked like she would actually be able to reach and Mel suggested that she try to kiss her panties to demonstrate properly whether she would be able to do it. She didn’t put up a fight this time and Mel flipped her skirt up and out of the way to reveal a black g-string. Abharii flicked her tongue over the front of her panties and I’m pretty sure she made it low down enough that she might have been able to just catch her clit but Mel wanted to be absolutely sure and asked if she would let someone help push her head forwards.

Abharii was fine with this (as long as it wasn’t too hard) and Mel helped to hold her legs open (which wasn’t technically required, but I saw why she did this later) while one of the guys pushed on her back to help her arch it a bit more. Her head was pushed forwards onto her panties and she got a cheer when it was obvious that she would be able to make contact with her clit (if she didn’t have panties on). Not that her g-string really hid a great deal – and it hid even less with the way that Mel was ‘helping’ to hold her legs apart. She had her hands on Abharii’s inner thighs and when she pulled, her pussy lips spread enough to be visible on either side of the material. It was enough to see that at the very least her lips were nicely shaved and after she had planted a few firm kissed on her panties, she was released and allowed back up.

In order to not make her feel too self conscious, Jules and I were encouraged to dance together. The definition of ‘dance’ for this purpose meant getting as much contact between our bodies as possible and then taking turns kissing our way down each other’s body with a stop off at breasts and pussy. Neither of us were allowed to cum, but it still felt damn good and I knew that Jen, Mike and Mel would be in for a treat later that night when we all got home.

It wasn’t too much later before we decided that we really should get going. Mel dared me to wear less then Julia on the way home and I thought that it was fairly simple as I was only going to wear my coat. We were challenged to go one better though and were offered other jackets to wear. We ended up with outfits that we certainly couldn’t have worn during the day. The jackets weren’t quite long enough to cover our asses and had low enough necklines that it was clear we didn’t have bras on. Nonetheless, neither of us shy away from a challenge and so we headed off barely dressed.

As I had expected, I was fondled a fair amount on the way home and even had to walk part of the way with my jacket fully undone. It was quite cold out so once we arrived, I was told that Mike could warm me up but he wasn’t allowed to cum in me – and when we had finished, I would go to Jen and sleep with her (in both senses). We quickly went into Lucy’s room and Mike stripped off. He couldn’t resist getting me to put on a couple of pairs of Lucy’s panties (not at the same time) and he fucked me while I had them on. I showed him where she kept her vibe and we ended up using it (well, Mike ended up using it on me) and we finished off in a 69 position. I still had a pair of Lucy’s white panties on for this and Mike held them to the side while he licked me and then once I’d cum, he rubbed the crotch into my pussy. He came in my mouth and I was sent off to offer it to Jen, who figured out what I was miming and let me kiss her.

Once his cum had been disposed of, we had our own session and fucked each other with vibes while in a 69 position (it’s nice being able to both do things at the same time and get a good view). Jen rubbed herself over my face and I was briefly sent back in to Mike to allow him to taste her juices. I returned to Jen and we 69ed properly for our last orgasm of the night before going to sleep. In the morning, Jen woke me with a vibe and Mike was called in to let him watch her fuck me with it. He had to leave when it was her turn to cum, but once I’d taken care of her, I went and rode his cock and let him taste Jen from me (again).

We had breakfast and I invited Peter round for our usual session. I told him that Jen and Mike had popped out briefly so we couldn’t do things properly, but I had something planned that he might enjoy. We headed up to Jen’s room and I went into Lucy’s room and returned with a few of her clothes. I told him that I had taken the underwear out of her laundry and I slipped them on and rubbed myself. I then removed my dress and slipped on one of Lucy’s that I know he likes. It didn’t really fit me, but I wasn’t going to be wearing it for long so it was good enough.

I told him to strip off and got him to lie on the bed. I then straddled him and rubbed back and forth against his cock, asking him if he enjoyed the feeling of Lucy’s panties and my cunt pressing on him. He was nice and hard and I thought it was time to finish things off (the whole point is we were being quick) so I peeled off the panties and handed them to him while I saw back, spread my legs and told him I was going to use Lucy’s vibe to cum with. I let him watch me fuck myself and I got a little carried away and fingered my ass at the same time. I told him to wait until I had cum but watched as he stroked his cock with Lucy’s panties. As soon as I’d cum, I got him to stand against the wall and I knelt in front of him.

I took over stroking him and asked if he wanted to cum in the panties or over my breasts and Lucy’s dress. He said he wanted to do both so I first wrapped the panties around his cock and jerked him off and as he got closer to cumming, I loosened the material and moved closer to him. When he came, his cum squirted into the panties but dripped out over my hand and onto my breasts. I told him to imagine he was covering Lucy with his cum and how she loved it, but he said that he preferred cumming over me. I wiped my neck and chest with the cum stained panties and giving him my best pouty look while stroking his cock, I asked if that meant he preferred me to Lucy. He said that he did and I reminded him that I was married and had a girlfriend so I wasn’t about to run off with him, but I was happy to continue playing whenever we got the chance.

I stripped off Lucy’s dress, wiped myself clean and told him that he had better go before Jen and Mike returned. I was briefly tempted to get him to slip a condom on and fuck me, but I had Mike to take care of that, so I showed Peter to the door (with me still naked) and promised him that we would have more fun in the New Year. Once he was gone, I washed myself off and went back upstairs where Mike and Jen had already let themselves out of the cupboard. Mike said he would have preferred to see both Julia and I fucking him, but he still liked the way I’d put on Lucy’s dress and used her panties.

We were meant to be meeting up with people for lunch so we quickly showered and dressed. I was subjected to the usual rules of wearing what Jen told me to, but with Mike there as well, my outfit got gradually more and more revealing. I told them that I may as well go out naked and they thought that was a good idea. Of course I wasn’t actually naked and I had long socks on to keep my legs warm and I was allowed a bra to give me some support, but other than that, I just had my coat (at least it was my long warm one). Just before we set off, Mike suggested something to Lucy and she went back upstairs with her bag. She returned very quickly and handed me a pair of bright pink panties that I knew belonged to Lucy. I was told to put these on and then Jen pushed a remote egg into my pussy and I could feel it buzzing away while we walked to the cafe.

When we sat down, I was told to fish the egg out, which gave people a chance to see my panties (being so bright they did sort of show up). During the meal, the buttons on my coat were gradually undone and I had to be careful to not let it fall open. I was told I couldn’t button it up until we had left the cafe, but I couldn’t find anywhere that I could do this so I had to hold the front shut as we walked until I eventually found a suitable alleyway.

I had to remove the panties in a changing room and Jen fingered me briefly. Mel was doing something similar to Julia in the next changing room and Jen told me that she had a treat lined up for me that night (but as usual, wouldn’t tell me what it was). I wasn’t allowed to cum, but was assured that I would get to cum lots (and I know Jen always follows through on this) so I didn’t mind too much that I was feeling horny. We returned home for dinner and a rest before getting ready to go back out. Mike got to watch Jen and I get ready (he enjoys having two naked girls wandering around and is really looking forwards to when he – and then Jen end up living with me). Jen said he was free to tease me as much as he wanted so I had to stand beside him a number of times while he fingered me and I sat on his face a couple of times while he ate me nearly to orgasm.

I was given a short (but not indecently so) skirt and a top that didn’t have a full front (okay, so it did, but in two halves held together by four clasps). Mike and Jen conferred and Jen approached me with a pair of scissors to make an ‘adjustment’ to my outfit. She cut up each side of my skirt to the very top of the skirt (leaving just enough material to hold it up) and said that it looked my better. I tried walking and the front and back flapped around quite a lot, clearly showing off a lot of skin, but not quite exposing me fully. Jen was happy with her work and we set off.

When we were in the pub, I had a number of hands slip in the side of my skirt and fondle my ass. Mike and Jen were a bit more intrusive and stroked my pussy, but a few other people squeezed and fondled my ass. Mel thought that Jen’s modification to my skirt was a good idea and would have done the same to Julia’s if she hadn’t been wearing one of her good (and expensive) leather skirts. It didn’t stop her being fondled though and things only got more extreme when we moved on to the club.

It was easy for me to rub myself against the leg of whoever I was dancing with and my skirt offer no resistance to my ass being fondled. Julia and I were given the challenge of being fondled by as many people as possible – ass counted as 5 points, pussy as 10, being fingered (full insertion) as 20 and being made to cum as 50. Neither of us were made to cum and neither of us were properly fingered (although one guy had a finger slightly inside me). We aren’t actually sure who won, but from what the others said, I certainly showed a lot more (due to my skirt) and so I was awarded first place. As a prize, I was given something special, but it was clear that this was already arranged and if Julia had won, the end ‘prize’ would have been exactly the same.

We headed back to Jen’s place and a few people carried on drinking. Julia and I soon ended up naked and someone suggested that we try to eat ourselves in the way Abharii had done the previous night. It was a fairly futile effort – people helped to hold legs apart and push our heads closer to our pussies but we couldn’t reach. To make up for the disappointment, we took turns being held in place while the other person got to do the kissing. We didn’t get to do this for long enough to cum, but the extra teasing felt nice. Mel convinced Abharii to demonstrate once more for us – she had a pair of jeans on but assumed the position and kissed around the middle of her zipper. Mel is rarely satisfied with letting things be though and she said that we wanted to see properly so unbuttoned and then unzipped Abharii’s jeans. She had bright red panties on and Mel yanked the jeans off slightly (they weren’t going to move far given she had her legs spread to get her feet behind her head) and managed to expose enough of her panties that she could once again demonstrate properly.

I figured out what Mel was doing (not that it was difficult to see) and I knelt down and helped to hold the jeans out of the way. Mel had (probably purposefully) yanked a bit on the panties as well so they were slightly loose (not enough to show anything). In order to be ‘helpful’, Mel occasionally smoothed the material against her pussy and Abharii didn’t object to this. The demonstration lasted for a couple of minutes and everyone was completely convinced that she could at the very least get her tongue to where her clit was (although I still doubted that she could actually eat herself to orgasm – although I was quite willing to be proved wrong if I got to watch).

People were quite turned on by her display and (as usual), Jules and I were the ones who were nominated to put on a proper display. With a few cushions piled on the floor, we 69ed and got a good way towards cumming before Jen told us to stop. Everyone wanted us to carry on but Jen said that she had plans for me and that I would also have to satisfy Mike, so she wanted me nice and horny. I went and sat beside Mike and ended up on his lap. He openly fondled me and played with my clit and even said that if I wanted, he would fuck me in front of the group (and I know he would have – it’s not as if we’re not used to doing that at the parties).

Julia noticed what we were doing and said that I shouldn’t keep him to myself, so I ended up being shunted over to Mel (who was happy to carry on fondling me – and even got a couple of other people to have a go) while Julia sat on Mike’s lap and squirmed around. I watched her doing some serious grinding against his crotch while they kissed and when she turned around so she was facing away from him (out into the room) I watched him tease her nipples and play with her pussy. I’m pleased to report that my jealousy is getting better (as in less) – although this may have had something to do with me being distracted by multiple people fondling me. Once again, neither of us were allowed to cum and I was beginning to really hope that whatever Jen had planned, was going to be worth it.

It eventually got late enough that people started to leave. I was feeling a bit tired (as was Mike, but he is older than the rest of us so that’s to be expected!) and Jen put on some coffee to help perk us up. When it was time for Mel and Jules to leave, Jen said that she had the perfect outfit for Julia to wear on the way home, and the three of them disappeared upstairs briefly. In just a minute, Julia returned with a schoolgirl outfit on. It actually looked quite good on her, although her bunches weren’t exactly even (or neat) and I’m still not sure she entirely suits the ‘cute’ look. Mike approved of it though but thought it wasn’t really that daring to walk home in given we’d walked home naked the previous night (not counting jackets).


  1. What happened to your paragraph breaks?

  2. I agree. Several times I lost my place when I was about to cum!

  3. I don't know - Blogger did something strange but I've fixed it. I wouldn't want to interrupt anyone's orgasm (although that can lead to a better one)

  4. Any of those (female) self-licking links/webistes Mike found would be greatly appreciated. Only enhances your excellent stories.