Saturday, 18 February 2012

Early Christmas Present - Part 2

I've had to schedule this post as I'm down visiting Sue and Ryan (and Jen has come along as well) while Mike is down in York visiting people there. If all goes to plan, I'll have a good weekend to report on, but for now, back to the actual early Christmas present where most people have just gone home for the evening...

Jen said that Julia wasn’t going home straight away and that this was part of her Christmas present for Mike. I know that Jules misses being fucked properly (which is why it was so easy to get her to help out with Pete) and Jen knows that Mike really wants to have a ‘proper’ threesome (where everyone can do things to each other). Julia went and sat on Mike’s lap again and kissed him deeply. Jen and Mel fondled me (just to get me in the mood – as if I wasn’t horny enough already) while Jules humped against Mike again. She fished his cock out and rubbed against it. From where I was sitting I assumed he was already inside her, but when we went upstairs, I found out that her outfit included white panties, so she had just been rubbing against him.

Mike asked what he was allowed to do and Julia told him that he could do whatever he wanted. He asked Mel if she was fine with that and she said that as long as someone cleaned Julia up before handing her back, she didn’t mind. We decided to use Lucy’s bed – Mike, Julia and I climbed on while Jen and Mel watched. Mike stripped off and I suggested to Jules that we both suck him (I know that he used to love it when Sue and I did this). Mike stopped us after a few minutes and got me to climb on him briefly, then got us to lick him clean of my juices. It was Julia’s turn next and I helped to hold the material of her panties aside so he could slide into her and after a few strokes, he suggested that we lick him clean again.

He didn’t get away with giving all the orders though and Julia said that she wanted him to eat her. I helped Mike undress her (he left her socks on) and she sat over his face. Mike immediately started to eat her and I didn’t want to waste his erection so I climbed over his cock and played with myself. I leant forwards and kissed Jules (more for Mel and Jen as Mike couldn’t see) and once she had experienced his tongue, we switched places and I let him eat me while she fucked him. This felt really good and I actually enjoyed watching his cock sliding in and out of her. I ended up stroking her clit to help things along and told Mike I wanted him to keep fucking her until she came.

I know from experience that Jules can cum fairly quickly so I didn’t expect this to be a problem and we (well, everyone apart from Mike as I was in the way) were soon rewarded with the sight of Julia cumming (at least he got to hear and feel it). I was fairly close to cumming and told Mike to keep eating me, which he happily did. I came just as loudly as Julia had and then climbed off. I asked Mike if he wanted to see how much Jules could really cum and he was us for this, so I buried my face between her legs while he moved up the bed and offer her his cock while he played with her breasts. She’d had enough of a breather that she was ready for more and eagerly sucked him while I ate her. Mel told him how she liked to be touched and he did as instructed which she seemed to enjoy. As she got closer to cumming, he said that he wanted to eat her, so we switched places and he lapped away at her cunt while I took over fondling her breasts (I actually sucked them, but it had the same effect). She came again and arched her back.

As soon as her orgasm ended, Mike flipped her over and said that it was his turn. He slid his cock into her and told me to lie in front of her so she could eat me. I wasn’t going to ignore that request and I felt Julia’s tongue lash my clit as I watched him pound his cock into her over and over. He asked Jen to fetch an egg and when she returned with it, he reached around her body and held it against her clit. He told her that he was going to make her cum again and would then fill her with his cum. I held Julia’s head in place so she could eat me and I looked over to see Mel fondling herself under her skirt. I had been expecting her and Jen to start playing with each other so was a little surprised that this was all that was happening, but that was up to them.

Mike held out until Julia came and then used long strokes into her cunt while telling us how close he was. It looked like Julia was pushing back against him and he moaned a bit with the final push before staying buried in her and making smaller movements. When he finally pulled out, Jen asked if he had actually cum in her and he told us that he had. Mel got Julia to stand up and we waited until his cum started to drip out before I was told to clean her up. Julia looked fairly tired, but Mel helped support her so she could sit over my face. This helped the cum drip down into my mouth and I spread her lips and ate her. Mike went down on me while I was doing this and I then felt his cock rubbing against my cunt.

I eagerly pushed back and he slipped into me. We fucked and I changed from cleaning Julia to eating her properly. I could hear her moaning and Mel got her to turn around so she was facing away from Mike. Jen had told her beforehand that he liked this position and Jules leant forwards onto the bed while I ate her. This exposed her ass to Mike, who also leant forwards and licked from the bottom of her pussy (I felt his tongue brushing against mine) up to and over her ass. Mike knew from my previous sessions with her that she enjoyed this and this time was no exception. Despite having cum three times already, she was soon moaning and panting and we managed to get a fourth out of her. To be fair, her orgasm did seem to be quite intense and she rolled off me and lay on the bed while Mike tasted her juices off my face and then knelt up so he could rub my clit while we finished our session.

I came first (as usual) and Mike pumped into me until he finished off. Mel said that she wanted to make sure that Julia was properly cleaned out so Mike and I took turns at eating her once more (we didn’t pay too much attention to her clit as it looked like we’d pushed her far enough). Jen decided that it was time for her to get in on the action and she came over and had a few licks of Julia. Just to be fair, Mel wandered over and had a quick lick of my pussy and as Julia caught her breath, I told her that we should probably thank Mel and Jen for arranging things and I suggested that they sit up on the bed for a minute. This hadn’t been a part of their original plan, but they were happy to oblige and I knelt in front of Jen while Julia took Mel.

We weren’t trying to make them cum, but had a fairly thorough lick – enough to get Mike sufficiently excited that he moved round behind us and slipped into me, fucked me and then moved over to Julia. We switched over so I could lick Mel and Julia could do Jen and Mike tried to stay inside Jules while she moved over (which they managed, but it wasn’t very elegant). Mike carried on fucking Jules for a little while and then moved back over to me. He pointed out that He had eaten and fucked Jules to orgasm and I’d eaten her to orgasm, but she hadn’t done the same for me. Everyone thought that this was somewhat unfair so I took the place of Jen and Julia was told that she had to make me cum before Mike came in her. If she lost, then each of us would have to eat her to orgasm one more time to make sure that she was completely clean (and I doubt very much whether she could have coped with cumming 8 times in such a short space of time)

Julia said that was unfair, but Mike was already inside her by that point and Mel said all she had to do was to make me cum quickly. One thing that Julia does know how to do well though is eating pussy, and especially combined with Mike’s stamina (and the fact that he’d just cum twice), there wasn’t much of a competition. Julia really went to town and ate me like a wild thing. Mike was doing a pretty good job of fucking her, but I came way before he was going to. I don’t think he minded too much that he lost though as he later said that he hadn’t been ready to cum again. That didn’t keep him from staying buried inside her for a little while after I’d cum and he got her to sit on the bed so he could have one final taste of her before we finished the session.

He knew that he wasn’t going to get to lick Jen, but he asked if he was allowed to have a taste of Mel (as I’ve said many times, Mike loves eating pussy – and even though Mel certainly doesn’t fall in his ‘cute’ classification and he knows that Jen and I didn’t think she tasted that good, he still wanted to try). It looked like Mel might have briefly considered, but she didn’t let him lick her – even when he pointed out that she had got to taste him from my pussy. While Mel has been with a couple of guys in her time, she is certainly very much on the girls-only end of the hetero-home spectrum that I talked about before.
Before they left, Mel said that I now owed them another proper session and I told her that all she had to do was name the time and place. Julia had perked up a bit and gently stroked Mike’s cock and admitted that he did indeed have fairly good stamina. He told her he was ready to go again if she wanted and I warned her not to try to bluff him and unless she really wanted to cum again, she should back off.

Julia is just as obstinate as Mike (and me – and Jen) and took this as a challenge. She straddled him and rubbed her pussy against his cock. Mike told her not to tease, lifted her up and I reached over to guide his cock into her. He asked her if she was sure and she told him to go ahead. He eased her down onto his cock and pushed back against her so he slid into her in one go. We all watched her ride up and down on his cock and I whispered in Mike’s ear to turn her around. He told her to do this (he’s not really strong enough to have just lifted her off and turned her by himself) and when she remounted him facing away from him, I knelt in front of them and licked her. We could now do this position ‘properly’, without me having to avoid licking Sue and without the cock being hidden by a condom. I fastened my mouth to Julia’s clit and licked hard and fast, making sure that Mike’s shaft got a fair amount of action as well.

Mike did a fairly good job of holding Julia still enough and still managing to slide in and out of her and despite her complaints that we were cheating, it was obvious from her voice that she was enjoying what we were doing. I heard Mike tell her not to worry and that he was going to fuck her properly when we’d finished so I gave everything I had to getting her off. Julia was quite loud (again) when she came and Mike lay back on the bed with her on top of him. His cock popped out of her but he told me to put it back in and to kitty kiss her. I did this and let Jen and Mel get a good look at her lips stretched around his cock while I gently kissed them.

Mike was fondling Julia’s breasts and toying with her nips and then said that it was now time to finish up. I told her that I’d warned her and she was instructed to remount Mike the other way round. They started off with her on top, then rolled over so that he could stand on the floor and lift her legs up (this allows him to get nice and deep). I know how intense this can feel, even without having cum five times already so it wasn’t surprising that Julia said it felt really strong. Mike asked Mel if he should keep going and she told him to give her everything he had, so he did. I watched his cock slide in and out of her with long strokes, sometimes slow and sometimes fast. I used the egg on her clit until she was close to cumming and he then lowered her legs, lay on top of her and rolled over so she was back on top.

When he pulled her down onto him I guessed what he was going to do and watched as he started to pound into her. Jules had been quite close to cumming and soon started to moan as her orgasm started. Mike just hammered away harder and faster as she moaned. His hands were spreading her ass cheeks and I could see his fingers playing with her anus and pushing into her. He fucked and fucked and fucked before finally slamming into her a number of times and then moving much more slowly. Jules looked completely shattered by this point, but had clearly had a pretty good orgasm. Mike took care of the kitty kissing this time – at first she tried to push him away but he assured her he wasn’t trying to make her cum and she allowed him to gently clean her up. Her pussy looked quite pink and we left her to rest.

Jen looked quite flushed and I guessed that she was feeling pretty horny so I suggested that we head in to her room and I start to take care of her. Mike chatted with Mel for a while until Jules was ready to go home (I think he would have been happy to let her stay where she was, but Mel probably wouldn’t have wanted to stay – or go home alone). On their way out, they opened Jen’s bedroom door to say goodbye and got a good view of me between Jen’s legs and her quite close to cumming. It’s not as if they haven’t seen us like that before, so I didn’t stop and just waved at them. I had expected Mike to stay and watch, but he closed the door behind him and walked Mel and Julia to the front door. It had gotten much colder out so once the door was opened, Mel conceded that Julia should be allowed to wear something under her coat. She had to get changed in front of the open door (but the hall light was off so she was fairly hidden). Mike had one last quick fondle of her ass on the way out and then returned to Lucy’s room to sleep (he’d put a fair amount of effort in as well).

Meanwhile, I had given Jen her first orgasm and we had then chatted a bit while kissing and fooling around. I told her that I’d enjoyed myself and that I was sure Mike had enjoyed his present (he always says that it feels so much nicer cumming inside a bare pussy without a condom in the way). I asked what Jen had agreed with Mel about our next foursome and she said that there were no details other than we would fuck. I asked why she hadn’t played with Mel during our display and Jen said that she came close, but the idea was mostly to let Julia have some cock to keep her satisfied (she is definitely smack in the middle of the spectrum). We discussed how things might have turned out if Lis had taken that approach and ‘encouraged’ Vicky to sleep with Mike. On the plus side, it might have meant that we would still be able to do things with Lis (and maybe even Vicky as well), but on the downside, it would have meant Lis and Lucy wouldn’t have got together.

I teased Jen about whether she would prefer a foursome with Lis and Lucy or Lis and Vicky and I think Vicky’s breasts swayed the argument for her. I let Jen play with my breasts and kept referring to them as ‘the ladies’ (which is what Vicky calls her breasts). We then 69ed and I ate Jen with as much vigour as Julia had used on me, but I gave her the added bonus of fingering her ass as well. Jen used a couple of fingers on my cunt. This was a fairly energetic session and we kept going for a while after we’d both cum, before calming down and switching to mutual kitty kissing. Between licks and kisses I told her how nice it felt and Jen suggested we just keep doing it – so we did. I don’t know how long we spent, but it was nice just gently exploring and tasting Jen without trying to make her cum (although we occasionally used harder licks).

Jen asked if I wanted to cum again before we went to sleep and I thought that I could have probably gone another orgasm, but we settled for curling one of our long double dildos round and falling asleep spooning with it shared between us. I had an idea about keeping it inside us while falling asleep and desperately held onto it (and succeeded as I remembered to write it down the following day – I’ll report if we ever try it). I slept very well that night and was woken the next morning by Jen pushing the dildo back into me. I rolled onto my back and spread my legs to let her fuck me with it and she treated me to the same sort of treatment I’d given to Julia the night before (fucking while licking my clit).

Once I’d cum (and recovered) I told Jen I would do the same to her and we switched places. I pushed the dildo into her and got it nicely lubed before pulling it out and pushing the other end into her. I got it a good way in and started licking her clit and then pushed the first end against her ass. Jen tensed up initially, but then relaxed and told me to go ahead, so I pushed a bit harder and worked a couple of inches of the dildo into her ass. Jen said that I was a dirty girl but between licking her clit I pointed out that she was the one with a dildo buried in her ass and cunt and I gently pumped it in and out while I licked her clit. I told her to play with her nips and she pulled on them, her pinching getting harder as she got closer to cumming. I lapped away at her pussy while she came and if Mike hadn’t been woken up by my orgasm, I was sure he would be by Jen’s. I left her with the dildo buried in her and said I would be back once I’d taken care of Mike.

As I had expected he was awake and nice and hard (he’d actually woken up before us so had heard both of us cum). I didn’t waste any time and slid onto his cock. We kissed and discussed the previous night’s fun while we fucked and he said that he didn’t think Julia tasted too bad. I told him that I’d gotten used to her taste and while it wasn’t as nice as Jen’s, I now quite liked it. He asked if he would get a chance to fuck her again and I told him that I didn’t know if there was anything planned, but given her sexual appetite, it was certainly possible. Mike suggested that if Sue decided to experiment with Jen, that we invite her down for the weekend (either with or without Ryan) and let Julia get at her as well. This seemed like a very exciting idea, but I was fairly sure that it might be a step too far for her – still, it was nice to imagine what might happen...

Mike gave me a good fucking, pounding into me the way he’d done to Julia and once he came, I covered my pussy and wandered back in to Jen. I crouched over her breasts and let his cum leak out, then pulled out the dildo and pushed some of his cum into her with my fingers. We then all headed down for breakfast but the house wasn’t really warm enough to be naked, so we headed back to Jen’s room to eat. Mike stayed at least semi-hard most of the time and he enjoyed seeing the drops of his cum on Jen. We then went back to bed, curled up under the covers and shared our respective fantasies (we told Mike about the one involving Vicky and Lis and shared the one involving Sue and Julia with Jen).

None of this talk helped Mike’s erection and I felt him pressing against my side. I turned to face Jen and let him slip into me while I reached between Jen’s legs and started to stroke her. I got Jen to pass me my phone and call Lis. She was still in bed with Lucy (although it didn’t sound as if we’d interrupted anything and I described to her the position I was in. Lis was a little surprised that I’d called while we were in the middle of things, but I told her that things hadn’t been the same without the two of them here (okay, maybe that was a little bit of a lie – although technically, they *had* been different). I passed the phone over to Jen and while she chatted to them, I stroked and strummed her clit until she was having trouble holding back. I kept her on the edge of orgasm (so she found it difficult to talk) and then pushed her over the edge. Jen tried to push the phone back at me, but I held it near her head so Lis and Lucy heard her cum.

Mike had been pumping into me the whole time and had been rubbing my clit so I wasn’t too far behind. I told Lis that I was getting close and they could either hang up or listen in to help get them in the mood for things and they decided to listen until I came. I didn’t try to hide my orgasm the way Jen had but fairly soon after I came, I told them to stop wasting time in bed and carry on getting to know each other. Mike was really pumping into me by this point and I fed him some of Jen’s pussy juice from my fingers until he came in me and we rested for a while.

The plan had been to go and meet people for brunch, but by the time we’d finished it was too late so we stayed around the house until it was time to go home. We dropped Mike off first and he thanked Jen for her present, then headed off to the airport. While waiting for the plane, I exchanged some texts with Julia who said that she’d had a good time (and had enjoyed screwing Mike much more than she’d enjoyed the time with Peter). I told her that if she wanted, she could borrow him again and then texted Mike to tell him his wish was probably going to come true and he would probably get to do Jules again at some point.


  1. Poor Mike. Even though he got a great present from Jen, (Jules and yourself) he did put in a great performance and both Jen and Mel got rewarded along the way. However, for all his efforts, he still hasn't had as much as a handjob from Jen. Awwwww!!!

    He has probably accepted that he will never get to fuck Jen, or Mel for that matter, but surely a little fondle wouldn't be stepping over the boundries too much.

    C'mon girls, give the man a break !!!


  2. haha, a hand job wouldn't be going too far I think

  3. o god why is everyone forcing jen to do things with mike she is a lesbian remember? dear rusty boy and second anonymous why dont u both give each other A HAND JOB I am sure it wouldnt go that far . GIVE LESBIANS A BREAK . I love ur blog andi

  4. Yes, as I've pointed out many times, Jen is gay but she *does* enjoy teasing Mike (and I think he enjoys it as well - although I'm sure that if he got the chance he would happily spend a day with his head buried between her legs and then bury his cock in her cunt for as long as he could stay hard).

    She does actually give him a little something in a few entries when we get to Christmas... (no he doesn't get to fuck her). All things considered, his friends consider him quite lucky to get to watch Jen and I do things, and now he has Jules as well (along with the girls at the parties), I think he does better than most guys.

  5. Anon 3 - No need to be rude. Normally yes it wouldn't make much sense but considering the unique situation Andi, Jen and Mike find themselves in it would probably not go well in the long term if everything was completely separate where there is andi/jen and andi/mike but nothing at all between jen/mike. It's the primary reason polygamous relationships fail (Which was my masters thesis BTW). They will have to figure out something equitable for the long haul and Andi has hinted that they have.

    If the readers disagree well that's just their fantasies coming out and you attacking them for it. If Jen was offended (or andi) they could have easily responded directly or censured the post. For someone to get upset on their behalf without even asking them first is presumptuous.

    It's probably mostly a fun filled fantasy and (screen-name aside as that tells little) who knows, maybe the post was by a lesbian questioning their sexuality or vice-versa and wanted to see what was permissible or not. If that is the case the message received is that there is one, and only one, way to be a lesbian and that all other ways are offensive and to be rejected, which is just not true.

    The point is, it's all in good fun and if someone posts something which may be (probably is) a fantasy of theirs who are you to judge what they can and cannot say, think, or fantasize about?

    Nobody is harmed here, it's a place where readers can indulge their fantasies and while one may be to my liking the other may not. So be it, I skim over that and move on. If we all lighten up we can really enjoy the true art that andi has created here. Personally I find it better than any erotica I've found in a long time.

    bisexual in USA

  6. dear bisexual in usa please next time write little less i wasnt being rude at all . I am a lesbian and have had sex with guys to confirm that im gay. I respect jen ,andi and mike equally . I just dont like these comments again and again about jen doing things with mike , i mean u guys have andi and julia and even more straight chicks to fulfil your FANTASIES why lesbians. Clearly lesbians dont enjoy it .just like straight boys dont like to do boys same with lesbians. I just want little respect for lesbos thats it

  7. Oh dear. Looks like I have stirred up a hornets nest.

    I appreciate that Mike is a lucky guy to have both Andi and Jules at his disposal. I would never want to force Jen into doing anything she is not comfortable with. However the relationship between Andi, Mike and Jen is unique.

    I'm sure Andi took my comment as "tongue in cheek" and not to be taken too seriously.


  8. Jen is used to the comments about how she should do things with Mike. As I said, just wait a few entries and you'll see that *something* happened over Christmas.

    I actually find it somewhat hard to understand how a girl might not want to do things with a guy as our bits are designed to fit. I get the fact that some people are gay, some bi and some straight (and I've written about the spectrum of this before) but as a bi-girl, I think I end up with the best of both worlds and able to fully enjoy my sexuality. I guess it's no different than a straight guy or girl finding it hard to understand why a bi/gay one would want to do things with someone of the same sex...

    Bisexual in USA - I'd be interested to read your Masters - especially if it might help out with our long term relationship. I think the fact that Jen actively enjoys eating Mike;s cum out of me will help and now they have agreed to at least be around while the other is doing things with me, life is a bit easier. If that's at all possible, please email me (address is in my profile).

    The only downside to our 'situation' is we're going to have to get a decent sized bed when Jen is living here full time - and then the sheets will be more expensive!