Friday, 3 February 2012

Sister's Boyfriend - Part 2

I'm staying at home with Mike this weekend to look for a new place to live. We're just back from the pub for some food and then a nice long gentle session to finish the week. Back to my last visit to Sue...

Sue suggested that we go for breakfast and we put on gowns and wandered down to the communal kitchen. It really reminded me of all the times I’d visited Jen at Uni halls and the games we’d played then. I loosened the tie on my robe slightly – not enough for it to actually fall open, but enough that it was threatening to. This felt especially nice while I was carrying my breakfast back to Sue’s room and didn’t have a free hand to stop the front from slipping open. While we ate, I told Sue (who knew already) and Ryan about some of the things Jen and I had got up to – he didn’t seem to believe that I would be quite that daring in ‘public’ so I told him I would demonstrate. When it was time to take things back to the kitchen, I borrowed a short t-shirt from Sue and got her to look out a skimpy pair of panties for me. This gave me the chance to tell Ryan that I didn’t have any of my own as I pretty much never wore them (which Sue had already told him) and I removed my robe and slipped on my outfit.

Sue had handed me a lacy thong and the t-shirt only came down to the top of the panties. I picked up my plates, said we should go and they followed me down the hall. A guy wandered past and checked me out and there was someone in the kitchen who Sue said eyed me up while I stood at the sink and washed the plates. When the other person left, I made use of the door handle under the sink and pressed my crotch against it, slowly rubbing myself against it. Sue said that I was incorrigible and I agreed, but stopped my grinding when the door opened and someone else came in. I had finished the washing by this point and Sue introduced me as her older sister (I don’t like the ‘older’ bit now) and the guy seemed somewhat confused at the way I was dressed (or not dressed), but made small talk until we said we needed to head back and get ready for the day.

I hadn’t noticed that Ryan had been hiding a bulge in his dressing gown, but it became obvious when we were walking down the corridor. As soon as we were in Sue’s room, I removed my clothes and asked if he was now convinced (he was). I said I would shower first and left the bathroom door open while I did so (unfortunately there were no communal bathrooms to have fun in). The water pressure was quite good as Sue was only on the first floor but I resisted trying to use the shower to cum with (I know it can be done though as Sue has done it when by herself). Sue showered next while I sat chatting with Ryan and did my hair. I waited until he had finished in the shower before actually getting dressed, and made a point of demonstrating that I didn’t have anything on under my skirt. It was fairly cold out, so I had a pair of thigh high socks, but sat hugging my knees while we chatted so he could still see up my skirt.

I suggested that Sue not wear panties and she agreed to this after we both badgered her about it. This meant that she had to also remove her tights and she didn’t have any suitable socks, so I leant her a pair of mine and suggested that Ryan put them on her. Sue sat on the bed and I knelt beside him on the floor and told him to slowly slide them up her legs, caressing her as he did so. Once they were on, I whispered in his ear and he lifted her legs so she fell backwards (and fortunately didn’t crack her head on the wall). We now had a perfect view of her pussy and I’m glad to report that she is still perfectly shaved (which I’d seen the previous night, just not up this close) and I told Ryan to give her a few licks. He did as I instructed and I then said I wanted to be shown around the area.

I gave Mike a call while we walked and told him I was having a good time – I’d already texted him to say that things were going according to plan, but as far as Ryan knew, Mike didn’t know anything about what we’d been up to. The day was pretty much a usual one wandering around town and I got Sue a (very) belated birthday present of a light pink summer dress and matching underwear. I noticed a suitable alleyway and suggested to Sue that I show something else to Ryan. He followed us down there and I opened my coat and dared him to fondle me. Sue told him he could go ahead and he didn’t quite get the idea at first and played with my breasts through my top, but when I pushed his hand under my skirt, he realised what I meant and started to finger me.

He either hadn’t quite got the hang of being discreet or just got carried away as he pushed my top up to expose my bra (but then again, Sue had told me that he loved breasts). I didn’t let him make me cum (although I should have as it would have meant I wouldn’t have felt as horny for the rest of the day) and suggested that he have a little fondle of Sue while I straightened myself up. She was a bit nervous about doing this, but I said I would keep a look out for anyone coming and she let him reach under her skirt and finger her. We had to wait for his erection to die down before we left they alleyway, but as a treat, he said he would buy us both lunch and we went to a quiet little restaurant where we could chat.

If I’d been with Jen and friends, I’m sure that at least one person (either Julia or myself) would have cum, but we just had a nice relaxed lunch and sat talking for ages. Sue had arranged for us to go out with some of her friends again that night and I checked that Ryan would be staying with us so we could continue to ‘party’ after we got home. We had a quick dinner our return and then spent a while getting ready. Apparently he usually complains about the amount of time Sue spends getting ready, but he didn’t seem to mind the two of us wandering around naked while we prepared (I showered and gave my pussy another shave – only for effect though as I’d shaved on Friday morning).

I wore a ridiculously short skirt that just about covered the bottom of my ass, but if I pulled it up slightly, it quickly became a lot more revealing. I paired this with a black top with a plunge neckline that went low enough to show my chest a good couple of inches below my bra. To finish the effect, I put higher heels than I would usually wear on (and teased Ryan some more by bending over right in front of him to fasten them. I knew full well that my skirt had no tolerance for me bending (or sitting) and I looked back at him and asked if he liked the view. Just to check, I sat on his lap and could feel the bulge, but I didn’t stay there for long or move around as I thought it would be better to not leave a wet mark on his trousers.

We had a good night out and a few of Sue’s friends commented on my outfit (not to my face, but to her after I’d gone back home). Some thought it was very daring and a couple thought I had gone a bit too far (so I assumed they had seen my lack of panties). Of course, Sue had also gone out without panties on, but her skirt was much tighter and slightly longer, so nobody knew about her nudity.

Ryan was quite keen to get home and on the way I got him to walk between us with a hand under our skirts, fondling us both at the same time. There was clearly no point playing shy anymore and as soon as we got in, I said that I wanted to play (I specifically avoided the work ‘fuck’). I asked Sue if she wanted Ryan to tease us and she said she did so we all piled on to the bed. My skirt gave me the advantage as it was easier to expose my pussy and rub against people’s legs, but Ryan was the first to get undressed (partly done by Sue and myself). With his cock now exposed he rubbed against us both and I told him there was something I wanted to try. Sue knew what was coming, but he didn’t seem to notice that I didn’t have to explain to her what to do and once we had both stripped, he was directed to lie on the bed with his legs over the side.

Initially, he thought that we were going to suck him off again, but Sue climbed over him while I took hold of his cock and guided it into her cunt. I watched her slide down onto him and I fondled his balls. Fortunately Sue had convinced him long ago to do some manscaping so he only had short pubic hair that didn’t get in the way. Once Sue was riding him properly, I pushed my head forwards and licked around the base of his shaft and then slowly worked slightly higher until I got to the point where Sue was engulfing him. I carefully licked around his cock, trying to avoid her pussy as much as possible and I loved the amazing view I had of them fucking. I ended up masturbating which wasn’t part of the original plan, but I was fairly certain I could cum more times than they could so it didn’t really make much difference (other than feeling good).

Ryan said he was going to cum and Sue rubbed her clit to help her own orgasm along. I kept licking Ryan as best I could (Sue’s fingers got in the way a little) and she actually came before he did. She stayed on his cock and I carried on licking while he pumped into her and it was quite obvious when he came so I flicked my tongue back and forth along his shaft as fast as I could. He pushed into her a few more times and said that she could climb off. She lay on the bed beside him and he spread her lips so we could see his cum run out of her. He asked me to eat his cum out of her and I reminded him that we were sisters. He said that I had just been licking her and I explained that I had only been licking his cock and not her – although Sue couldn’t quite make eye contact with me while I was saying that as my tongue had brushed over her lips and clit a fair number of times.

Ryan’s cum continued to ooze out of Sue and he said that he really wanted to see another girl eat her clean, as well as watch Sue eat another girl. I said that I knew exactly what he meant as I really wanted to be able to do what we’d just done with Mike and Jen so I could eat Jen while Mike was fucking her, but obviously Jen wasn’t interested in that (although Mike definitely was). As a compromise, Ryan ran a couple of fingers up the length of Sue’s pussy and offered them to me. I licked them clean as it was obvious that I didn’t object to the taste of her juices as I’d been licking them off his cock. We chatted a bit more about the various fantasies he had and I admitted that I really loved the idea of having two guys at the same time. We discussed whether he would ever want to let another guy fuck Sue and he said that he didn’t think so, it was just the idea of her being with another girl that appealed to him (we had hoped for the opposite answer as it could have let to all sorts of interesting things).

While we talked about this, he started to play with my breasts and I stroked his cock. I reminded him not to leave Sue out and he alternated between our breasts and gave them a thorough sucking. He wasn’t just interested in the nipples but kissed and licked all around them which actually felt quite nice. We carried on talking about threesomes and I told him that Jen would be more than willing to let Sue play with her if Sue could be convinced. Sue admitted that Jen had made a number of advances over the years but that nothing had ever happened (not quite true, but we wanted Ryan to think he was the one responsible for any developments and Sue still wasn’t sure if she actually wanted to do anything with Jen).

I still hadn’t cum (well, I had cum when I masturbated, but they didn’t know that and I hadn’t had anyone else make me cum, so it didn’t really count. I asked Sue if she had any toys I could use (I knew she did) and when she handed me a vibe, I told Ryan to fuck me with it. He carried on sucking my tits and pumped with vibe into me while I rubbed my clit. I could feel his cock pressing against my side and I reached down to hold and stroke it, but didn’t do anything too serious. As I got closer to cumming, he tried to feed me more of his cum by fingering Sue and getting me to lick his fingers, but most of it had leaked out already. I came, but it wasn’t that strong an orgasm (the one I’d given myself had felt significantly better), but it was still an orgasm and so didn’t feel bad.

I sucked the vibe clean and then went to the bathroom to pee. I returned feeling ready for more and suggested that we try a threesome position: Ryan on his back, Sue riding his cock and me sitting over his face. We started off with Sue and I facing each other and this worked out quite well, but I suggested that she turn around and when she had done so, I got to watch his cock sliding in and out of her much more clearly. I leant forwards slightly and spread Sue’s ass cheeks to give myself a better view and started to rock back and forth to get more friction on my clit. I encouraged Ryan to lick me harder and faster and slapped Sue’s ass to get her to ride him faster. I reached around Sue to cup his balls (not an easy position, but I just about managed it) and I fondled them as I felt my orgasm building. I told Sue I was going to cum over his face and she just told me not to make a mess (she must have been thinking of Jen). This was a much better orgasm and I let him keep eating me until I couldn’t take any more and had to pull away.

With my orgasm out of the way, I felt I should help out and got Sue to turn around again and lie on top of Ryan. They started to fuck again and I resumed fondling his balls, but from a much easier position this time. I rubbed around Sue’s ass as she bounced up and down on his cock and told them that I wanted to see him cum in her again. It only took a few minutes before they came – Ryan first this time, but he then rubbed Sue’s clit until she came. When she pulled herself off his cock, I watched a few drops of cum drip out and when she rolled over onto her back, a bit more followed (it wasn’t a huge amount, but I was still impressed that he’d had so much left). I wanted to make the most of the situation, so I took his cock in my mouth and gently sucked him clean, then thanked him for making me cum.

Ryan looked fairly beat so I suggested that we get some sleep. He obviously wasn’t up for actually doing anything else, but I thought I would try my luck and complained to Sue that I wasn’t going to see Mike for a while and asked if she would mind if I borrowed his cock while we fell asleep. Sue said that she didn’t mind and I assured him that he didn’t have to fuck me, I just wanted to feel him inside me. I turned away from him and curled my legs up, offering myself to him and felt him curl up behind me and his cock nudge around my pussy. I reached down and spread my lips and he pushed into me. I pushed back against him and he worked his way in until I could feel my ass pressing against his thighs. I squeezed myself around him a couple of times and  pushed back hard so he was as deep as he could get, then lifted his hand from my side onto my breasts and held it there.

I told him that it felt nice and carried on pressing back against him and contracting myself around his cock. I wanted his cum, but decided to hold back and eventually relaxed (but kept him inside me). I stayed awake longer than he did and I felt him soften, shrink and slide out. I was very tempted to masturbate, but decided to stick with my plan and wait until morning to cum. As I had hoped (and often happens for me) my horniness led to me having nice, interesting dreams and I woke up feeling just as aroused as when I’d gone to sleep.


  1. Remember, he doesn't know all the 'rules' so you may have to state them.

    Or use this as an opportunity to redefine them. ;-)

  2. I'm not sure what you mean - Mike and Jen are the ones with 'the rules'. The only thing I can think you're referring to is me not eating Sue, but that's not so much a rule as just the fact that we're sisters.

    I was willing to let him do pretty much anything to/with me.

  3. Yes that is what I was referring to.