Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sister's Boyfriend - Part 3

It was nice spending the weekend at home with Mike and even nicer to have a chance to do things with him other than our usual morning/evening fucks. I miss Jen but I'll be seeing her at the weekend before going to York for the 'special' sex party. Back to my visit to Sue and Ryan... Sue and Ryan were both still sleeping so I took the chance to crawl under the covers and take his cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked and it wasn’t long before I felt him start to respond. He woke up about the same time his cock started to stiffen (at least that was when he lifted the covers and looked down at what I was doing). I love the feeling of having a cock in my mouth as it swells and hardens – although Ryan got hard pretty quickly so I couldn’t enjoy the transformation too much. I didn’t want Sue to feel left out (even though she was still asleep) so I took one of Ryan’s hand and pushed it between her legs. He didn’t need any encouragement and started to fondle her pussy, but I helped out a little and pushed his fingers deeper between her lips until she woke up. Sue said that it felt nice, but she needed to pee and I said we would wait for her. Waiting didn’t mean that I was going to stop playing with Ryan’s cock, but I didn’t progress anything until she dashed back and jumped into bed. I asked Sue if I could borrow Ryan once again and she thought about it for a minute and told him that he was allowed to do this, but only with me and only this one time. I thanked her and said that it meant a lot to me, then climbed up his body until I was positioned over his cock. I rubbed myself against him and he grabbed my ass and pushed me down onto his cock. I had been intending on teasing him for a while, but he slid straight in and I decided that if he wanted to be in charge then it would be good to see what he would do. I rode up and down on his cock as he pulled and pushed my hips and he asked if I wanted him to cum inside me. I said that it was up to him, but then gave him my best impression of Jen’s wicked grin and added that I would love to feel his cum dripping out of my cunt. I took one of his hands and pushed it back between Sue’s legs and guided his fingers up and down her pussy. I told Ryan that he would still have to make her cum after he had finished with me. Even though he seemed to be a lot better at taking his time, I didn’t hold back at all and let myself experience the feeling of his cock pumping in and out of me. I sat up to play with my clit and told him that I wanted him to cum deep in my cunt and fill me with his spunk. He said that he was getting close as I looked over at Sue and watched his fingers fiddling away between her legs. I closed my eyes as I felt my orgasm approaching and used my other hand to play with one of my breasts (for Ryan). I let out a mostly nonsensical stream of noises, saying how close I was getting, how good it felt and how much I wanted to cum. I contracted myself around his cock as hard as I could until my own pleasure distracted me and I then just pushed hard against him. I could feel him moving his hips underneath me and heard him say that he was getting close. When I finished cumming, I bounced up and down on his cock, trying to squeeze myself around him (but that’s not as easy just after I’ve cum) and I felt his movements speed up. I told him to let me have it and he let out a low quiet moan and pushed hard into me a number of times. I would love to say that I felt his cum splattering around the inside of my cunt, but all I could feel was him pressing into me. I did my best to squeeze him and when he relaxed, I said that I wanted to see how much he’d cum. I stood up and his cock fell out. I could feel cum dripping out of me so quickly climbed off the bed so I could stand with my legs closer together and let it run down them. I let him watch as I rubbed a couple of fingers between my lips and then sucked them clean before telling Sue that she should clean up his cock. I watched her bend her head down to his cock and start to lick him clean. With her in that position I could clearly see her fingers working between her legs (Ryan had sort of given up playing with her when he came). I saw his cock come back to life and I suggested that if he thought he was up to fucking Sue, he could eat me clean at the same time (as I think I’ve mentioned before, Sue has said that he doesn’t mind eating her after he’s cum in her). Ryan said he was up to it and I climbed back on to the bed and over his face while Sue mounted his cock. We sat facing each other and were able to mouth messages back and forth about how well it was going (Ryan obviously couldn’t see as his view was somewhat restricted by my ass). I told him to give me a thorough licking and Sue told him to give her a good fucking. I watched Sue rub her clit and told her to milk him dry. I told Ryan to lick me deeper and he pushed his tongue into me, then I told him to concentrate on my clit, which he dutifully did. I wanted to cum before he did so that he could enjoy fucking Sue (I thought he’d deserved it) and I paid close attention to his cock sliding in and out between Sue’s lips. I could feel my orgasm approaching and embraced it, telling him to lick me faster and harder. I let out a series of ‘oh fucks’ as I came and told him to give me some long hard licks to finish me off and I then climbed off his face to sit and watch the rest of the show. They were both fairly far along by that time so it only took a couple of minutes. I got Sue to lean back slightly and spread her lips so Ryan (and I) could watch his cock fucking her properly. I watched him plough into her again and again and saw Sue’s skin flush as she got closer to cumming (I decided not to let on to him that I knew this meant she was getting close). I did encourage him to go faster though and show me what he could do and he held her hips and pulled her down onto him in time with his thrusts. They actually did a fairly good job of cumming at the same time – he came a little before she did, but not by much and he stayed inside her until she came. Ryan looked tired by the time Sue climbed off him, but I didn’t feel sorry for him seeing as we’d just made (one of) his fantasies come true. I decided that we should give him one last treat and asked Sue if she wanted to help me clean him up. I nodded towards his cock and licked my lips and she just shrugged her shoulders and followed me as I slid down the bed. We licked up and down his cock, then kissed around the head as we had done the night before. Ryan let out a moan and held our heads in place so we swirled our tongues around the head. At first I thought he was ready for us to suck him off, but even though he was still hard (or at least he got properly hard once we started to lick him), after a couple of minutes he said it felt too intense and asked us to stop. When I pulled my mouth away I told him it was a pity as I had wanted him to cum in my mouth one last time and he suggested that if Sue and I played with each other, it might get him ready again. I gave him a gentle slap and told him I wasn’t about to eat my sister, but reminded him that I would have a word with Jen if Sue was game. She said she would think about it (and I knew she would as Mike had still been working on her and I suspected that Ryan would now be doing the same). We headed out to the kitchen to get some food – Ryan seemed to be getting the hang of things and suggested I wear a slightly longer t-shirt than I had the day before, but dared me to go with nothing under it. Of course, I accepted this and managed to talk Sue into doing the same. She was a bit more careful about how she stood or bent over while in the kitchen while I happily hauled myself up onto the countertop and sat chatting while she prepared breakfast. I wasn’t exactly sitting with my legs spread, but made sure that my thighs were far enough apart to allow a view to anyone who looked directly (we had the place to ourselves for most of the time) and I suggested that we eat breakfast there instead of returning to her room. Sue wasn’t too keen on this at first, but agreed and I sat on a chair with my legs crossed and my pussy in full view. Ryan looked under the table a few times and had to adjust his gown to hide his erection – I had to straighten my legs when someone came in, but I didn’t pull my t-shirt down and could feel that half of my ass was exposed. I waited until we were alone before offering to do the washing up and made use of the conveniently placed cupboard door to rub myself against. Sue told me that I just didn’t know when to stop and I pointed out that stopping was boring and I wanted to enjoy myself. I think I did a fairly good job or corroborating what Sue had told Ryan about me being insatiable and he was at least well enough aware of gift horses and mouths to avoid questioning why Sue was willing to share him with me. We headed back to Sue’s room and I stripped off to have a shower. I left the bathroom door open so we could chat while I did this and then when Sue went in to shower, I stayed naked. I had a quiet chat with Sue while Ryan showered and I asked if she would mind me teasing him one more time. Sue said it was fine, so when Ryan emerged, I asked him if he felt like getting dirty one more time. He looked over at Sue who just shrugged at him and told him to go ahead if he wanted and he asked what I had in mind. I told him that it didn’t have to be anything special and I knelt in front of him and pulled his towel down to reveal a rapidly hardening cock. I took this straight into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head until he was fully hard (I half expected him to recognise Sue’s technique). I then licked up and down the shaft and fondled his balls before pulling my head away and wrapping my hand around his cock to jerk him off. I debated just doing this and letting him cum over my face (even though it would have meant another quick shower) but I decided that it would be a shame to waste such a good erection and I pulled him over to the bed (men are quite compliant when you are leading them by their cock). I lay across the bed, spread my legs and pulled him towards my pussy. I told Sue I wanted him to fuck me one last time as I pushed the head into my cunt and he leant towards me, sliding his cock the whole way in. Ryan stood at the side of the bed and I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me. I told him to rub my clit and he used his other hand to fondle my breasts. He was moving too fast for me to effectively contract myself around him, but from what Mike says, it still makes me feel a bit tighter, so I did what I could. It obviously wasn’t going to be a long session and as I got closer to cumming I asked if he thought he should cum in me or on me. I liked the idea of both and in the end told him to stay in me for as long as he could and then to pull out and cum over my front. When he said he was getting close, I loosened the grip my legs had on him and I took over rubbing my clit. He pulled out and I watched as he rapidly stroked his cock and came. There wasn’t anywhere near as much as I’d hoped, but then again he had already cum twice that morning and I don’t think that anyone outside my fantasies can produce as much cum as I would *really* like. I told him to slide back into me and I humped against him while I rubbed my clit and came. Most of his cum had dribbled out onto my lower stomach and onto my hand, so it was easy to rub it in to my pussy. He tried to move away when I’d finished cumming but I told him to stay put and then directed him to kitty kiss me (which needed a bit of instruction, but he got the hang of it soon enough). Sue had been watching the tail end of our display and while he was licking me, I saw that she was gently stroking herself, so I told her to lie beside me and told Ryan to give her a good licking. He moved over between her legs and I was quite impressed that he was so eager to please. I sat and watched as he ate her and I got to witness her cumming again. I made sure that he kitty kissed her afterwards as well and then as one final treat, I lay back down and got him to alternate between licking Sue and myself. We kept this up for a few minutes and I suggested to Sue that he deserved to be cleaned off as well, so we swapped places with him and gave him another dual licking. We didn’t kiss around his cock as much this time as I thought there was even less chance he would be able to cum again, but we made sure that he was clean of my juices and his cum before we got ready to head out for lunch and my return home. I wore one of my shorter skirts, with long socks and convinced Sue to go out without panties on again. We found somewhere suitable for lunch and I sat facing Ryan with my legs spread enough to give him a view up my skirt. The place wasn’t quiet enough to put on any more of a display (no fingering), but what I was showing was enough that he had to hide his erection a number of times. They took me to the train station after lunch and I told him that I had enjoyed the weekend and I hoped he had as well. I pointed out that this was a one off thing but then leaned in closer to him and whispered ‘unless you can convince her to have a play with Jen’. I gave them both a goodbye kiss and boarded the train. As soon as we set off, I called Mike to tell him what had happened – this was a test for the unprotected party and we wanted to see how we both felt about other guys actually cumming inside me. Obviously I had enjoyed it and Mike said that he was fine with it, so we were a step closer to deciding to take part. I called Jen and told her and she was obviously excited about the possibility of getting to play with Sue properly (she has stolen little licks before, but she really wants to eat her properly and have the same done in return). I actually know what Jen’s real fantasy is, but that have to wait...


  1. dear andi i miss reading about ur sex with jen . Now u dont write about that . When u visit jen u write only about julia ,mel, lucy's admirer . And when u r with mike u write about mike that is fine. When u r with sue u write about her and her boyfriend WHERE IS JEN? Please andi write about just the two of u when u visit her bye take care

  2. hi Andi wow nice post now Ryan will convince Sue to have play with Jen . But dont make her do anything that she doesnt want to i have seen many bad results of turning straight girls gay lol

  3. Thanks again for your excellent writing. You make the world a more pleasant and exciting place. I look forward to following your further adventures with Sue, Ryan, Jen and Mike.



  4. Fazia: The problem is that I try not to write about the same things over and over and while I greatly enjoy my 'regular' sex with Jen (and Mike), I don't always find it that interesting to write about her as I've basically written the same thing so many times.

    I'll try to have a nice session with her this weekend and do an out of cycle post describing it. Are there any things that you would like to hear about - we'll happily fulfil (almost) any request.

    Anon 1: What bad results are there of straight girls turning gay? I an't imagine Sue going off men, she seems to enjoy cock as much as I do so at the very 'worst' I could see her becoming bi (not that being bi is a bad thing - it means we get to chose the best of both worlds)

    Anon 2: Thanks - I hope we can keep you amused (and horny) for a while to cum :)