Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sweet Revenge - Part 1

The weekend before Christmas was one I’d been looking forwards to – not only were we attending another sex party, but we had convinced Jen to come along as well. She knew pretty much what to expect (and that I would be getting revenge for everything she’d done to me in front of her friends), but I’m getting a bit ahead of myself...

We all met up in York on the Friday night – most of my peers had now gone, but the group of people who had gradually been replacing them were still around so we joined them for drinks on Friday night. Lis would have been there, but she was down visiting Lucy – it was unlikely that I would see her in York again as she was starting her new job in the New Year and we had agreed that we would try to arrange our visits to Jen & Lucy properly so that we could see each other. I think a number of the newer guys still haven’t quite got the hang of our relationship and think that Mike gets to do things with both Jen and myself – he is quite happy to leave them with this misconception.

It was rather cold on the way home, so in order to speed things up, both Mike and Jen played with me (fingers only). At first this was just under my skirt, but (thanks to Jen) my breasts were soon partly exposed as well. Seeing as she was in York, I knew I could start to get my revenge so once they had finished with me (I didn’t cum, they were just teasing), I turned on Jen. Using Mike as a clothes horse, I got her to strip until she just had her shoes on and then returned her coat to her. She had to walk home with her coat undone, but I allowed her to carry her clothes to hide behind. When we got to our street, I had her remove her coat halfway down the street and walk naked the rest of the way. While Mike went indoors to put some hot chocolate on, I bent her over the front wall and fingered her from behind, letting her know that she had much worse to come.

With her orgasm out of the way, we headed in and I let Mike taste her off my fingers, then we curled up together in Jen’s bed and drank hot chocolate to warm up (yes, we’re getting old). Mike then headed into his room and I warmed Jen up properly, letting her make me cum this time and making sure that she came again. I gave her instructions for the morning and then went to see Mike. He had been listening in to us and was ready for action. Once he had tasted yet more of Jen by kissing me, we did a little 69ing of our own and I then told him to fuck me. I started off on top and he rubbed my clit but we finished off with me on my back, my legs wrapped around him and his cock buried in me. It wasn’t a really intense session so he had to reach around and rub my clit, but this meant he had fairly good control over when I came, so we managed to cum fairly close together.

We didn’t do anything more, but spooned and chatted while we fell asleep. We finalised our plans for the holidays and the party and (as usual) decided how far we wanted to go with people (although this wasn’t quite as important since we had started actually fucking other people as there wasn’t much more left for us to do). Our plans mostly centred on Jen and the thought of everyone meeting her and seeing her cum was quite exciting. We nearly slipped into fucking again, but restrained ourselves and just fell asleep.

We were woken up the following morning by Jen, who appeared with breakfast. She was only wearing a skimpy pair of frilly panties, bra and lacy socks that I had left out for her and Mike thought the outfit looked very alluring. While we ate breakfast (obviously not while we were actually eating), I made her eat me and got her to watch while I sucked Mike. He came in my mouth and I dribbled his cum into her mouth and over her front. I let Mike ‘watch’ me eat her, although he couldn’t see much from his position as I was crouched over his legs, facing away from him. He made use of the position though and fingered me while I ate – although I wasn’t allowed to cum again (we usually only cum once during the day before a sex party, so we have plenty of stamina for the evening).

We didn’t have any real plans for the day so just went for a wander around town. We ducked into a changing room in Next to try on some clothes and I presented Jen with the harness for our double dildo. I had attached the internal vibe and told her to strap it on. It was pretty much hidden under her skirt (well, it was easy to see if you knew what you were looking for, but I doubt most people go around looking for such things). Fortunately (for Jen) the vibe isn’t really that strong, but after an hour or so, she was certainly squirming around a fair amount and said that she either needed to cum or to turn it off. I relented and told her that she could turn it off (which involved a visit to the toilet) but she had to keep the harness on.

We bought things for dinner and headed home. I got Mike to give me a shave and then asked him to shave Jen. He doesn’t usually get to do this (or be that close to her pussy) but Jen said it was fine as long as he didn’t do the usual post-shave lick test for smoothness. He did a very thorough job and made sure that she didn’t have a single hair anywhere (which was just an excuse to spread her pussy multiple times). I then helped to trim Mike’s pubic hair and we each got a small dollop of tingle gel applied. Mike prepared a small fire while Jen and I made dinner and we ate a light meal (lots of fucking on a full stomach is bad) and rested until it was time to get dressed.

I had decided to forgo my usual schoolgirl outfit, but only because Jen would be wearing one. I had picked out one of her short cream skirts with a frilly petticoat, a cute white and pink panties and bra set, long socks with a ridiculously frilly top with pink bows and a white blouse – tied at the waist of course. The outfit was finished with a pair of black patent court shoes and I think she looked absolutely delectable. My outfit was a bit more subdued – I had one of my dark green & blue pleated tartan skirts, no panties and white top (with bra of course). Mike went for the retro college look and had a pair of light chinos and shirt.

On the way, Jen said she was a little nervous, but Mike was really looking forwards to seeing her cum lots and we assured her that she would be fine and would have lots of fun. I slipped my hand inside her coat and under her skirt so I could fondle her ass while we walked. When we arrived at the house, I told her that there was one more item for her outfit. I removed a collar from my bag and fastened it around her neck. It had a ring on it with a lead and once she handed Mike her coat, I used this to lead her to the front door and into the house.

I wasn’t planning on keeping this on for long and once we’d made our entrance and I’d let her around for a few minutes, I allowed her to take it off as I’d created the desired image. A number of people knew that we were bringing her and I introduced her to them. While we talked, I gently fondled her, undid her blouse, stroked under her bra and caressed the crotch of her panties. There were a few people who I had promised her to but I wanted to be the first to make her cum so while talking to Sara and Emily, I got her to hold up the front of her skirt and pushed my hand into her panties. Mike stood on the other side of Jen to help hold her up and I carefully played with her clit – not trying to tease, but not wanting her to cum *too* quickly either.

As she was the ‘new girl’, many of the people downstairs watched as I did this and I told her that when she came, she needed to make sure that everyone heard how good it felt. This led to her panting and mewing away in the middle of the room while I fingered her. Before she actually came, I pulled her panties down as they were annoying me (and hiding Jen’s beautiful pussy) and this allowed people to see my fingers sliding over her pussy. She came and Mike helped to support her, then we moved over onto the sofa so she could catch her breath. We chatted while she rested and she said that she had felt very self-conscious, but it had felt good. I reminded her that this was only the beginning and suggested that we head upstairs so we could see what others were up to and put on a proper display of our own.

It was still early in the party, but there was a couple fucking in one of the bedrooms. We watched them for a little while and Mike caressed me. I pulled his cock out and gently stroked him with one hand while the other slid back under Jen’s skirt to play with her. When the couple on the bed had finished, we took their place and I got Jen to lie on her back, pulled up her skirt to expose her pussy (her panties had been discarded downstairs) and I sat over her face (my skirt was on the floor, so everyone could see my cunt). Jen lapped away at my pussy and Mike knelt on the bed so I could suck him. I invited another guy over and asked if he wanted to join us. He asked if he could fuck Jen but I told him that she wasn’t in to guys although I would happily take care of him.

He climbed up on the other side of me and I took turns sucking Mike and him. As they got closer to cumming, I pulled them both closer so I could easily turn my head from side to side and suck them in turn. I managed to get them quite close together, but not quite close enough to lick them at the same time. It was nice being able to jerk them both off while feeling Jen’s tongue working in me and having the view of her spread legs and bare pussy. The second guy said he was getting close to cumming so I told him to remove his condom and aim himself at Jen’s tits. I carried on wanking him until he spurted his load over her. I have to admit that my aim wasn’t too bad – most of it went on Jen, with only a little on my leg. I let him rub his cum into her breasts while I resumed sucking Mike. When he got close to cumming, I aimed him at Jen and added his cum to her chest. I kneaded the mix of cum into Jen’s breasts while she finished eating me and I pinched her nips quite hard as I came. We went to clean her up and on the way out of the bathroom, Laura (formerly known as bi-girl for my long term readers) accosted us. She said that she had been waiting for a chance to get to Jen, having heard about her for over a year and asked if we could go back into the bedroom.

I was fine with that and once Jen got back on the bed, I let Laura have a play with her. Jen was fingered and then eaten and I watched her face closely as she got closer to cumming. I gently stroked myself but didn’t want to make myself cum (why bark when you have a dog?) so I held back even while I watched Jen cumming. I told Laura that she deserved to be repaid, so I got Jen to eat her – fortunately we had practiced enough with dental dams that she knew how to use them properly and I kissed Laura and fondled her breasts while Jen played with her cunt. Mike (and others) loved the view this gave them – Jen’s skirt was sufficiently short that it didn’t do anything to hide her pussy in this position and he said that he wished he had fucked Laura while she’d been eating Jen. Once Jen had finished with Laura, Mike proposed a quick fuck, but Laura had decided to have a girl-only party though, so he was out of luck.

We headed back downstairs and saw what other people were doing. Sara and Emily were making out in a corner and a couple of girls were sucking off giant cock guy who I was pleased to see had returned for the party. We had a drink and I told Mike that it was time for him to see something he’d wanted to. I got Jen to sit on the sofa, got Mike to down his beer and then pushed the neck of the bottle into Jen’s cunt. While I fucked her, I got her to remove her blouse and bra. I wasn’t that gentle with her and had the whole neck of the bottle buried in her by the time she came – after which I then handed the bottle back to Mike who made a show of drinking the last drops of beer and sucking on the bottle.

Sara had already cum by the time Jen had finished, so I offered her services to make Emily cum. Emily spread her legs over the arms of the chair she was in and I instructed Jen to kneel in front of her and get to work. I used the bottle on her a little more while she licked Em and allowed Sara to have a go with this as well. I hadn’t been planning on making Jen cum again (just yet), but Sara seemed to be enjoying it so much that I told her to go for it and guided her other hand to Jen’s clit. I decided that I couldn’t resist any more and slipped a hand between Sara’s legs and offered to make her cum. She said that ‘would be nice’ (her exact words) so I fiddled with her clit and felt her wonderfully intricate lips squishing between my fingers as I stimulated her.

We got a fair amount of attention (I don’t remember seeing four girls doing things to each other at any of the parties I’d been to) so I ended up using my other hand on my own pussy so we could put on a really good show. Sara was a little embarrassed, but I kissed her and told her she was doing a great job and we carried on until we had all cum (Em, then Sara, then Jen, then me). We got a round of applause and I very nearly licked my fingers clean (the ones I’d used on Sara) without thinking about it, but just caught myself in time.

We went to get some water and watched a couple fucking in the kitchen. I told Jen that she’d done a good job so far and I knelt down to give her pussy a little lick – nothing too serious, only really kitty kissing. I then went out to talk to giant cock guy and asked if he would like to try my pussy out. He said that he had cum not too long before, but I thought I might be able to tempt him so I led him upstairs and called Jen to follow us. Both the bedrooms were occupied, so we had to lie beside another couple. I told him I would let him watch me eat Jen and as soon as he was ready, he could slide into me.

Jen sat up against the headboard and I knelt in front of her and used a couple of fingers to fuck her with. I kept my ass pointed high in the air with my cunt in full view and knew that his cock was behind me, ready to plunge into me. Once I’d fingered and eaten Jen for a few minutes, I felt him climb up on the bed and felt the head of his cock press against my cunt. I pushed back firmly and he slid into me a fair way on the first thrust, then he pulled out and worked his way in deeper. As I’ve said before, despite me calling him giant-cock-guy, he isn’t *that* much bigger than Mike (just the largest at the party) and he’s certainly smaller than some of the courgettes I’ve fucked. He did feel good though and I wanted to enjoy it properly, so I told him to move back a little so I could back off Jen. I didn’t intend to let her off though and she had to masturbate for us (and the other people watching).

I reached around under myself and gently played with my clit while I described what I could feel as he thrust into my cunt. He ended up half on top of me and reached around to fondle one of my breasts and I could feel his cock pressing deep inside me. I contracted myself around him and he noticed what I was doing (and approved) so I did it some more. I kept encouraging him to give me a good fucking and to fill my cunt with his cock, alternating this with telling Jen to finger herself and make herself cum for everyone. Of course I didn’t want to be left behind so I made sure I paid lots of attention to my clit. I was rocking back and forth against his cock quite energetically and I could see (well, mostly hear) that Jen was getting close to cumming, so I wriggled forwards and planted my face back between her legs. She put her hands on the back of her head and pulled me against her so I did what anyone sensible would do and ate her.

I kept eating well past her orgasm ending and I could feel my own one building. I tried to communicate this to giant-cock guy, but my moans were muffled by Jen and I had been thrusting against him quite hard anyway, so I just let myself cum. He was really thrusting into me hard and I felt his cock plunging deep into my cunt over and over. I briefly broke contact with Jen to tell him to give me everything he had and to empty himself into my cunt (I know he had a condom on, but there isn’t really a sexy way to say ‘fill your condom with cum’). I went back to eating Jen and let him use my cunt to satisfy himself. He pushed really deep and stayed buried in me when he came (similar to the way Mike often does) and then pulled out. He offered his cock to Jen to suck clean but I told him that she doesn’t do that and I licked him clean, tasting myself. It didn’t look like he’d cum a great deal, but I wasn’t his first of the night so it wasn’t too surprising.


  1. Now that was hot.

    Please tell us you've brought all 3 to more parties since this one!

  2. This was one bold move for Jen. Only a few short months ago, she wouldn't let Mike see you play with her. Now she is brazen enough to let herself be shown getting fucked with a beer bottle.

    Well done Jen, and thank you Andi for extracting your sweet revenge.


  3. Jen hasn't been to any more parties yet, but she has agreed to come along again at some point.

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