Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sweet Revenge - Part 2

Just back from the pub - I forgot to post this earlier...

My pussy was still tingling and felt a little tender so I thought I would take a break and do more to Jen (or get others to do more to her). We wandered back downstairs and I found Mike still chatting with Sara. Emily had gone off with another guy and Mike was still hoping to score (the eternal optimist who never seems to learn that he stand a better chance with non-lesbians). I butted in and told Sara that Jen still had to make her cum (having done Emily earlier) and Sara was fine with this. Mike at least got to watch as Jen knelt between her legs and licked her, but eventually decided that it was too much and he needed to find a willing girl. I would have happily taken care of him, but I was playing with Jen’s pussy and getting her ready for what I had planned next. Mike left, but we carried on (as if we were going to stop) until both Sara and Jen had cum. Despite having made her cum earlier, Sara said that she wanted to try eating Jen. I got to stroke her ass and have a little play with her pussy while she did this, but she didn’t want to cum again straight away so I had to be gentle. Jen didn’t get the chance to say whether she wanted to cum again and even though she was still a little sensitive from my excessive licking up on the bed, I told Sara to go ahead and show Jen what she could do.

Mike meanwhile had found a willing girl (Christine), who’s partner had cum enough times for the night, but she was up for one more round. They did this in the kitchen (I know Mike likes doing things with me leaning against the counter) and he started by removing her skirt completely. They kissed and he fondled her pussy and breasts, and then said it was time to get down to the serious stuff. Christine leant against the counter and he slid into her from behind. He fucked her while rubbing her clit with one hand and fondling her breasts with the other. She was fairly easy to make cum and her first orgasm happened quite quickly. Mike wasn’t ready for it though and so wanted to carry on so he talked her into going for a second round. Christine said that if he could keep going, she was willing to cum again so he fucked her hard. At first her clit was too sensitive for him to play with, but after a couple of minutes, she was more willing and let him frig her again. He paced what he was doing to her better this time and didn’t let her cum until he was fairly close. He almost always prefers me (or whoever he is fucking) to cum before he does as he finds it a real turn on and he came fairly quickly after she came.

They stood and chatted while Christine put her skirt back on. Mike said it was a pity to hide such a cute pussy (but then he likes pretty much any pussy that is shaved). Christine’s lips were shaved but she had a light covering of hair on her mons and they kissed while Mike stroked this and gently caressed her lips. I don’t quite know how he did it, but he convinced her to sit up on the counter and pull his skirt up so he could kiss her pussy. He says that he told her he just wanted to give her a few gentle kisses, but I know how much he likes eating pussy so I wasn’t surprised when he told me that this progressed to more firm licking and then proper eating. He took enough time that Christine got aroused enough to allow him to carry on and he ate her to a third orgasm. By the time he’d finished, he was hard again, but she said that there was no way she could do anything more for a while and to his disappointment, all he got was a few strokes of his cock while she kissed him and thanked him for a good session.

Meanwhile, Sara had finished Jen off and made her cum yet again. I got Sara to have a little lick of my pussy and enjoyed the sight of her cute little face between my legs. A few of the people watching us had other ideas and one of the guys suggested that he could take care of me to give Sara a rest (I’m sure he was offering purely out of concern for her). I’d recovered from my earlier fucking and was feeling horny once again after having watched Jen cum, so I agreed to his proposal, but thought that we should take it a step further...

We headed upstairs and I had Jen lie beside us on the bed with her legs spread while I knelt up so I could be taken from behind (which as you may have guessed is pretty much my ‘standard’ position). We were reaching the end of the evening, so I offered to let anyone use me and asked if anyone wanted me to suck them at the same time. I had takers for both ends and once we were all positioned appropriately, I blew one guy (well, i used hands and mouth) while another fucked me. Jen had a good view of me sucking cock and it was quite clear that the guy behind me was working my cunt quite hard. Unfortunately, he finished somewhat faster than I had expected (I thought near the end of the evening, things would take longer) but he came and pulled out of me.

One of the rules at the parties is that you aren’t meant to negatively comment on people’s performance (or size, figure...) so I said nothing and just asked if anyone else wanted a go. At first I didn’t have any takers, but then someone came forwards and once they were ready they climbed up behind me and pushed into me. I pointed out that I didn’t have a free hand to play with myself (as I was still busy with the cock in front of me) and my new partner took the hint and played with my clit. I didn’t want a repeat so the time before so I humped back against him and enjoyed it as much as possible. The thought of letting a number of people take turns fucking me did appeal somewhat, but I wasn’t sure I would find many more people so I put this out of my mind and decided to try it earlier on in another party.

I put a bit more effort into sucking and wanking and ended up with a happy customer. I carried on stroking him (gently) and watched the way his cum squished around in the condom, but mostly concentrated on cumming myself. I took over playing with my clit and told my new partner to cum in me. He took a bit longer than the first guy, so I came first, but I let him keep going and I kept encouraging him to cum. It didn’t take him too long and once he pulled out, I kept my ass in the air, stroked my pussy and fingered myself. I knew that I was now done for a fair while (if not the night) and wandered downstairs with Jen to see what Mike was up to (with a brief stop in the other bedroom to see what was going on).

Mike had finished with Christine by the time we got down and he told us what they’d done and I briefly reported our little display. I got Jen to kneel on the floor in front of us and kitty kiss me (allowing her to stop kissing me to add things to the conversation). A few people were starting to leave the party but I wanted to show Jen off for as long as possible so we stayed behind. I’d lost count of how many times she’d cum but I could tell that she wasn’t going to be able to take much more. Once I was satisfied that she had cleaned me up enough, I let her join us on the sofa and sit between us. This meant that I could snuggle up against her and lift one of her legs over mine. Mike did the same to her other leg so she was spread wide and I gently played with her. I wasn’t trying to make her cum again, the idea was to just let people watch me fingering her cunt and tweaking her nipples.

Laura came over to chat to us and I asked if she wanted to have another go with Jen. She said that she rarely did the same person twice in a party, but had a little kiss of Jen’s nips to help out. Mike had another go at trying to convince her to fuck, but she was sticking with girls and had cum enough anyway. I told him to wait until we got home and I would let him fuck me (I wasn’t ready just yet) which seemed to satisfy him. We sat and chatted to a few more people, keeping Jen’s legs spread and my fingers playing with her the whole time. Eventually enough people had gone and the party was obviously winding down so we decided to head home ourselves.

It was rather cold out (almost freezing), but I thought that I may as well finish things off properly and made Jen walk home with just her coat on (undone of course). She was allowed to hold it shut, but I was allowed to pull it open whenever I wanted and I even knelt down and briefly ate her while she leant against a car. I wasn’t being unfair though as I had the same (lack of) outfit on and while Jen opened the front door, Mike bent me over the front wall and slid into me.

We didn’t fuck properly outside, but went in and up to the shower. After briefly cleaning ourselves off we retired to bed (all in the Jen’s room this time) and I gave Mike his promised fuck. I fingered Jen while we fucked and was going to make her cum but she said that she really couldn’t cum again and her pussy felt way too sensitive. I felt sorry for her and just kitty kissed her for a while (which she enjoyed) and we then got ready to sleep, with Mike lying between us. Jen let him snuggle up against her back and reach over to cuddle her (and cup her breasts) and could feel his cock, slick with my juices and his cum pressed up against her ass, but she warned him against ‘accidentally’ doing anything more with her.

We discussed the party and she said it had been even more intense than she had been expecting. I pointed out that we didn’t usually cum as many times as I’d made her cum and I had been pushing her as much as possible. I complimented her on having done really well though and taken everything I’d thrown at her. Jen said that she had found it incredibly embarrassing having so many people seeing her naked and watching her cum or doing things to other people, but I told her that she would now probably feature in a number of masturbation fantasies or be used when people were fucking (I assume that lots of other people share fantasies when fucking). She did like the sound of that, but wasn’t sure about wanting to go to any more of the parties.

Mike had been gently stroking her breasts while we’d been talking and Jen had pushed back against him. He kissed around her neck and shoulders and she turned and let him have a proper kiss for a minute or so before we finally settled down. He didn’t stop caressing her (breasts only) until she fell asleep and I offered to let him cum in me one last time if he wanted, but he said he enjoyed having his hard cock against Jen’s back. I spooned up against him and reached over them both and we chatted a little more as we dozed off.

I woke up the next morning to Mike pressing against me and saying that he was ready to cum in me. I let him spoon against me and get started then suggested that I go on top so we could be a bit more energetic. After I had ridden him for a little while (during which time Jen woke up) I lay down on him and let him hammer into me hard. I told him not to cum yet and I would give him a treat so he held back (but still kept going until I came).

I told Jen it was her turn now and I crawled under the covers to go down on her. Once I’d got her nice and wet, I made her move up so she was sitting against the headboard and got her to masturbate for us. We think this was the first time that Mike had seen her properly masturbate (including finger fucking) and I fished an egg out of the drawer while Jen played with herself. I then got her to pile a few pillows under her ass and I crouched in front of her so I could eat her. I held the egg against my clit and offered myself to Mike and said he could use whichever hole he wanted. He took the invitation and pressed against my ass so I pushed back and let him fuck me. Seeing as I was getting double stimulation, I felt it only fair that Jen get it as well so I let Mike take over holding the egg and I pushed a finger into Jen’s ass and pumped it in and out in time with Mike’s thrust while I licked her clit. It’s hard to describe, but this felt so right. It was obviously enjoyable, but so had all the things I’d done with other people the previous night been. I know that I give the impression of someone who just likes cumming (and I don’t deny that), but I want to make clear that doing things with Mike and Jen is different – and on the rare occasions I get to do things with them both at once, it feels incredible on both the physical and emotional level as I trust them completely and can be truly free and open.

I wanted us to all cum at the same time, but it was difficult for me to keep licking Jen and let them both know how far along I was. This meant that I ended up cumming first, but I told Jen and Mike to keep letting me know how close they were so that I could stimulate Jen appropriately. It was quite easy to get Jen to cum with Mike as he told me when he was really close and he held himself on the verge of cumming until Jen’s mewing changed and she said she was just about to cum. I would have definitely preferred cumming with them, but it was still nice knowing that Mike was emptying his load in my ass at the same time I had Jen’s pussy contracting on my mouth and her ass spasming around my finger. Mike kept his cock buried in me and I moved my face to let him watch me slowly withdraw my finger from Jen’s ass, then I gave her pussy a final big lick.

Mike pulled out of me and said that it had been a pretty good session but that it was unfair that I was the only one who got to cum twice. I told him that he could always fuck me again if he wanted, but he said he was fine for the moment. We headed down and had some breakfast (we really needed food) then went out to meet up with people for brunch. We didn’t stay out long and when we returned, Mike said he wanted to see Jen naked again, so I ordered her to strip and pose for us. Mike started to fondle me and I ended up sitting over Jen’s face with her eating me. Mike helped out as well, at first by licking around my ass, then by licking around my cunt while Jen focussed on my clit and finally returning to my ass for the (well, my) climax.

We just about had time for Jen and Mike to cum so Mike watched me finger and eat Jen while he stroked himself and we finished up with him sitting on the edge of the bed, with Jen kneeling in front of him and me stroking him so he came over her. Jen wasn’t allowed to clean herself off before she got dressed and I added to the mess by rubbing my pussy against her arms, legs and back – just so she had both our moisture on her. She was allowed to rub Mike’s cum in a little, but her top still stuck to her skin when she put it on. When she was fully dressed, I pushed her back onto the bed and gave her cunt a good sloppy licking, allowing my saliva to run into her pussy, so when she stood up, it dripped out down her legs (undoubtedly some of her juices were mixed in with it). Once again, she wasn’t allowed to clean herself off and we headed off.

My train left before Jen’s so Mike sat with her and they had a coffee. Mike got her to admit that she had really enjoyed the party (more so than she had admitted earlier) and tried to talk her into coming again. Jen certainly thought that Sara and Emily were an interesting couple and that she would like to get a bit more familiar with them and Mike assured her that she was likely to come up quite a bit the next time he met up with them. When it was time for Jen to go, Mike asked if he could have a proper goodbye kiss and he reached under her skirt and cupped her ass. He didn’t actually touch her pussy (the rules still applied), but he had a good squeeze and got one final kiss before she got on the train and left.

When he got home, Mike found the pair of frilly panties that Jen had been wearing. I had got Jen to rub them over her pussy and left them for him to use during the week to prepare for the upcoming holidays... As usual, I got threatened with having to do much worse when I visited Jen, but I felt that I had done a fair amount to equal the score between us and I looked forwards to anything more she could think up to make my visits exciting.


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