Thursday, 9 February 2012

Telescopes and New Girlfriends - Part 1

At the start of December, I headed down to visit Jen. The plan had been for her to come and visit me so I could be in charge, but she wasn’t well so I went down to look after her (she wasn’t *that* ill, but didn’t feel up to travelling). Before I get to the weekend, I’ll mention an event that had happened a couple of weeks before... On the way home from work one night, I had noticed what looked like a flash coming from one of the windows opposite my place. Taking steps back and forth, I realised that it was just a reflection but a reflection in a telescope. I pretended that I hadn’t seen it (I don’t know if there was anyone using it at the time) and went inside. I turned on the light in my living room and removed my coat, then went in to the bedroom and fished out a small pair of binoculars without turning the light on. From the darkened room, I looked and found the window that had the telescope in it and saw that it looked like a fairly reasonable one (I’m not an expert, but Mike likes astronomy and wants to get one, so I know a little about them). I returned to the living room and was aware I might be being watched but went about my business as usual. As the evening went on, I stripped off as usual and ended up wearing just my light robe (unfastened). I had my usual nightly porn session (how we find ideas) and made an effort to angle the laptop so it would be visible through the window and I masturbated leaning against the table with my ass in the air, using a dildo from behind. It wasn’t the most convenient position, but I liked the idea that I might be being watched closely. When it was time to go to bed, I thought I would see if I was being watched and went and turned on the bedroom lights. I wandered around naked for a while and then went into the living room, turned the lights off and used the binoculars to check. Sure enough, I could see movement behind the telescope. The room was dark, but I could see that he (I’m assuming it was a he) wasn’t looking my way so I waited until it looked like he was scanning down the street and I dashed back into the bedroom. I lay spread eagle on the bed and fingered myself, then went back into the living room to see if I’d caught his eye. It looked like he was looking my way so I quickly returned to the bedroom and put on a proper show, using fingers and vibes. I only came once, but it was a nice orgasm and was made nicer by my audience. When I finished, I was going to go back into the living room to see if he was still watching, but ended up just lying on the bed gently caressing myself and finally climbed under the covers. I have no idea how long he has been using the telescope, but every night I’m home, I now try to put on a display. When I remember, I check if he is looking and I would love to be organised enough to put on a show at a regular time, but my bedtime varies too much for that to be practical. I was looking forwards to Mike and Jen visiting so we could really show off and I’ve been debating writing a message and leaving it in the window for him to read (but haven’t done that yet). Back to my trip to Jen... I arrived around 9 on the Friday night and was surprised to find that Lis was also there. I was a bit confused, but also excited as I hadn’t had a chance to do things with her for quite a while and with Jen not feeling well, I’d been assuming that I wouldn’t get much sex over the weekend. I was even more surprised when I found out that Lis wasn’t there to visit Jen and myself, but that she was there to see Lucy. To be more specific, Lis was there visiting Lucy as her girlfriend. Jen had known about this (as obviously had Lis and Lucy), but they had decided to wait until I actually arrived until they told me. Lis had spent a long time chatting to Lucy after she broke up with Ramona and then they talked on the phone quite a bit over the following week. The next time Lis had visited Jen, she had spent more time with Lucy and they had realised that they had quite a bit in common. I think the fact that Lis had seen (and masturbated to) the Pavlina pics and videos and Lucy had seen the pics of Vonda(the girl who looks fairly similar to Lis – at least in some of the pictures) might have helped things along. I was a little concerned that it might have been a rebound relationship and I didn’t want either of them to get hurt, but they are both old enough to take care of themselves and I was quite impressed that Lis had been assertive enough to take control of the situation and confess her feelings to Lucy. They explained how it had all happened and pre-empted my concerns about Lucy finding out about Jen, Lis and myself by saying that Lis had already told her that we had been fooling around. Lucy had suspected that something might have been happening, although she hadn’t heard us doing things. I was actually a little upset when Lis just called it ‘fooling around’ as while I’m not saying I was/am in love with her or anything, I certainly care about her a lot and it was more than just random sex. That aside, I was happy for them both (and could see a lot of interesting fantasies ahead) – they certainly looked happy together and I was looking forwards to (hopefully) overhearing them that night. We sat and chatted for a while and Jen curled up against me under a blanket. Her hand slipped between my legs and she gently fondled me and even slipped a couple of fingers into me for a while. The others had figured out that I would want a chance to have a chat with Lis and Jen and Lucy went to prepare some hot chocolate. I told Lis that I was happy for her (which I genuinely was – despite my disappointment). I couldn’t help but ask if she had slept with Lucy yet and Lis said that they had kissed and touched, but hadn’t actually had sex yet so I teased her some more about tonight being the big night. Lis didn’t deny it and I told her to have fun and that I was rather jealous that she would get to see our real life ‘Pavlina’ naked and find out what she tastes like. The others were only gone for a few minutes more and when they returned, we stopped talking to give the impression that we were hiding something. Jen crawled back under the blanket and I took the opportunity to fondle her. I was fairly aggressive on her clit and she leant her head against me, pretending to rest. I felt her hand on mine and assumed she was going to push me away, but she pressed against my hand and I took this as a sign she wanted me to continue. I was being careful to not let the movement of my hand show, but the way we were sitting had puffed up the blanket anyway so I had a bit of space. I used a single finger and rubbed back and forth against Jen’s clit (sort of an adaptation of Sue’s single finger method that she had demonstrated on Mike) and I felt Jen shudder slightly beside me and then cough to cover up her movement. We decided to head up to bed not long after that. I wanted to get Jen alone as well as giving Lis and Lucy a chance to get ‘properly’ acquainted (okay, so I didn’t know if they were actually going to have sex, but in my mind the certainly were). On the way up, Jen warned Lis that I would probably be naked at breakfast but Lis already knew about (some of) the sort of things that Jen made me do – and she had witnessed enough of Julia’s antics during her previous visits to know that I wasn’t making things up. We said goodnight and headed into our separate rooms. Of course, we then bumped into each other again in the bathroom while getting ready for bed. I noted that Lucy already had one of her good silk nightdresses on but refrained from making any further comments to Lis about getting lucky. When Jen and I were in bed, I told her that I thought they were about to have their first time. The sex-fiend part of me (which is a good percentage) was tempted to crawl out into the hallway and listen in at the door, but the romantic part who cared about my friends (yes, I have that side as well) won out and we decided to leave them in peace (although if any noise happened to drift into Jen’s room, we weren’t going to ignore it). We decided to distract ourselves and lay facing each other, each with a hand between the other person’s legs. As annoying as it was, we had decided not to kiss to try and avoid me getting the cold. It was difficult, but meant that we had an opportunity to watch each other closely as we came, maintaining eye contact the whole way through. Of course, as Jen was breathing on me the whole time, it probably negated the point of avoiding kissing, but it was still a nice experience and felt very intimate. With our orgasms out of the way, we discussed the events of the previous weekend involving Ryan and Sue and Jen was obviously excited about the prospect of actually getting to fuck her. I told Jen to slow down – it looked like Sue was coming round to the idea, but it was still by no means certain (but added that now Mike and Ryan were working on it – although Ryan wasn’t aware that Mike was helping out in this respect). I curled up against Jen’s back and played with her nipples while we quietly chatted, listening out for any sounds from across the hall. We thought we heard a few quiet pants and moans, but not very clearly. I was still going over all the possible combinations of things that could happen and Jen agreed that it could get interesting. She now admits a bit more freely that she thinks Lucy is hot and doesn’t get as hung up on the whole ‘friend’ thing). I think having demonstrated how things worked out with Lis might have helped in this respect – we were friends, I fancied her, we fucked and we’re still friends. We chatted for a while and made plans, then drifted off to sleep with my hand still on Jen’s breasts and her ass pressing back against me. When we woke up in the morning, I went down on Jen and ate her to orgasm. I’d made a trip to the toilet during the night and had left the door slightly ajar. I’d hoped that Lis and Lucy would wander out and see us, but they were either still asleep or consolidating their relationship. We switched places and Jen made me cum, then we headed downstairs for breakfast. The smell of coffee seemed to lure them down and they joined us as we were almost finished. Neither of them said anything about my nudity (Lucy was used to it and it’s not as if Lis isn’t familiar with my naked body). We chatted for a while and as they got close to finishing, Jen said that I should go and test out the water pressure in the shower. I knew full well that she meant for me to masturbate with it so I wandered in to the bathroom, set the water to a good temperature (fairly warm, but not hot enough to burn sensitive bits) and positioned myself on the corner of the bath. I imagined one of the foursome scenes involving all of us and held my lips apart so the spray could hit my clit directly. It felt really good and I got close to cumming fairly quickly. I wasn’t overly loud, but as everyone was just next door (and the door was still open), it was obvious to them when I came. I returned and Lis asked what I’d just done and I told her that I was regularly instructed to use the shower to cum. I then returned to the bathroom with Jen and we washed each other down (the hot steam helped to clear her chest). Lis and Lucy showered separately and I took the opportunity to have a little chat with Lucy. I told her that I wanted to make sure neither Lis nor her got hurt and just wanted to make sure that she was really ready. I was trying to avoid directly asking if it was a rebound relationship but Lucy knew what I was saying and said that she really liked Lis and wanted things to work out, but it was just early days. I told her that I wanted them to work out as well and would do whatever I could to help (although I wasn’t sure what I could actually do). I also checked that Lucy was really okay with the fact that Lis had been sleeping with Jen and I and when Lis returned and asked what we were talking about, I told her it was just her and not to worry about it. I was being sent out on an errand for Jen (it wasn’t cold out, but was very damp, so she was going to stay indoors). The pretence was to meet u with Mel and Julia to help make arrangements for a birthday party, but the reality was somewhat different... I wasn’t quite ready to let Lis know about everything I got up to (although I felt that she would find out soon enough), so we had decided to move our games with Peter to Julia’s house. He knew that I hadn’t been planning on coming down to visit, so this was a bonus week for him and the excuse of Jen being at home in bed meant it was natural to find somewhere else to play. I put on some lacy underwear before I set off and when I met up with him, I carefully opened my coat to show him that this was all I had on underneath. I then led him by the hand to Julia’s place and told him that as long as he did as we instructed, we would make sure he enjoyed himself again. I couldn’t resist having a little fun on the way and once we were on quieter streets, I rubbed his crotch and pulled his hand into my coat to fondle me. He was a bit unsure about doing this in public, but I didn’t give him much choice and pushed his hand between my legs. He rubbed my panties and I told him to push his fingers into me and after a little fumbling to get past the material, I felt them slide between my lips. I leant against him and let him play with my pussy for a minute or so before saying that we should get going. He had to walk behind me for a little while as he had a rather noticeable bulge but he soon moved up beside me and I told him that we would get his erection back soon enough. I gave him a full frontal flash (well full frontal with me wearing bra and panties) on another street and asked if he liked my outfit (he did). I was wearing white and had planned with Julia for her to wear black as she is about the only person that I can play the (comparatively) sweet innocent one around. Julia was expecting us and answered the door wearing just her underwear. She had put a bit more effort in than I had and had black lacy bra, panties, stockings and suspender belt. It was the most underwear I had ever seen her wear, but it fitted the image we were going for and she stood with the door open and asked to see what I’d come as. I opened my coat and she let me in, studied Peter briefly and invited him in. I tossed my coat aside and slipped out of my shoes so I could stand beside Julia semi naked. I think we made quite a good pair and Peter seemed to appreciate us. I let Julia take the lead and watched as she unzipped his jeans and fished his cock out. He was already hard (again) and she rubbed him for a while before suggesting we move upstairs. We followed her up to her bedroom and she instructed Peter to strip off. I had brought along some of Mike’s ultra-fine condoms (that we use at the parties) and tossed one over to Peter. There were a few things we wanted to try but we didn’t really have a plan and just decided to see what would happen. Once Peter was rubbered up, we licked and kissed his cock. I basically did a lot of the things that I’d done with Sue and Ryan the previous weekend, but this time I didn’t have to be quite as reserved and I could do things to Julia that I couldn’t have done to Sue. We fingered each other while sucking him and spent a lot longer kissing each other, then decided it was time to get down to the serious business. We shed our panties (bras had been removed during the fondling and kissing) but Jules left her stockings and suspenders on. I got to go first and told Julia to lie on the bed so I could climb over her. We ate each other and I then wiggled my ass and told Peter it was time for him to get inside me. Seeing as we had ‘accidentally’ fucked the previous time, there didn’t seem any point in going backwards and I watched him climb up behind me, felt his cock press against my pussy and then felt him slide in. Julia had the perfect view of what was happening and she rubbed and licked my clit while he fucked me. I didn’t leave her out and made sure that I gave her lots of attention, both with fingers and tongue. We were encouraging each other to cum and as we got more aroused our language got steadily worse (or better if you enjoy that sort of thing, which we clearly do). We both instructed Peter to fuck me harder and cum in me so he could fuck Jules and he put a good effort in. In the final build up to my orgasm I just buried my face in Julia’s cunt and licked away as hard and fast as I could. She cums fairly easily (lucky girl) and I actually got her to cum before I did, but I didn’t stop eating her until i had cum. Peter hadn’t finished yet – I would have thought that having both of us doing things in front of him would have been sufficiently arousing to make him cum quickly, but then again, I guess Julia and I were at least a little experienced in knowing what to do to make each other cum. Peter was pounding into me now and I kept telling him to fuck my hot cunt and empty his load into me. He said he was going to cum and I pushed back against him in time with his thrusts – when he actually came, he was louder than before and I contracted myself around him and tried to push him as deep into me as I could. When I moved forwards and his cock flopped out of me, Julia said that it looked like he had cum quite a lot and she hoped that he had saved enough for her (I know he was using a condom and wasn’t actually cumming *in* us, but it’s still nice to know that he squirted a lot of cum while inside me). He said that he would do his best but wanted a moment to recover so we decided to put on a show for him. We started off just writhing around on the bed together, kissing stroking and fingering each other and then I asked Jules if she had any appropriate toys to share. This was a stupid question as she probably has a better collection of toys than I do and she quickly produced a double dildo and asked if I liked using them. I told her I loved them and then told Peter that we would put on a special display for him. We started off by taking turns licking each other and using the dildo on ourselves (an especially effective position when you’ve got your ass in the air) and then said it was time to fuck properly. Julia told him that he had better be ready by the time we finished and we assumed the scissor position with the dildo buried between us. We started off both sitting up so we could kiss, but as we start moving more, we took turns lying down and the other person was responsible for humping back and forth while we each took care of our own clits. We didn’t hold back at all and it was quite energetic. I could see Peter stroking his cock and told him not to waste any cum as Julia wanted it. We could have quite easily cum with the dildo, but thought we should let Peter rejoin the action and once he had put a fresh condom on, we got back into the position we’d been in earlier (but with Julia on top) and Peter slid into her. I had the good view this time and tried to do to her what she’d done to me. It was easy enough to rub her, but I found it somewhat difficult to lick her as Peter’s balls kept hitting my face. I mostly used by fingers on her clit and from the sounds she was making I could tell that she was going to cum fairly soon and my pussy felt pretty good with Julia’s tongue lashing it (but we’d had a pretty big head start on Peter). I wanted to try one more thing so carried on stimulating her clit until she came and told her to eat me as hard as she could until I came. There was only Peter’s second orgasm left now and he seemed a little disappointed when I fold Jules to climb off me, but I assured him he would enjoy what I had in mind. I got him to sit near the edge of the bed and Julia climbed over him and mounted his cock, sitting facing away from him. I knelt on the floor so I could lick them both – and this time I could actually lick Julia properly (not like the accidental contact with Sue’s pussy). I made full use of the position and made sure that my tongue applied a lot of pressure both to Peter’s cock (only the shaft as the head was firmly inside Julia) and Julia’s clit and lips. It was much easier to lick them both in this position and while I did this, I could see that Peter had reached around her and was playing with her breasts. They sped up and I asked Peter how close he was. He said he was nearly there and Jules said that if he held on a bit longer, she might be able to cum again. I concentrated on licking her clit (although Peter still got some collateral licking) and I told Julia to be a bit louder and tell us what she was feeling. She is really good at dirty talk and described what she could feel both inside and out. Peter said he couldn’t hold back any longer and I cupped his balls and gently fondled them as he came. I kept my mouth glued to Julia’s clit as best I could (she was bouncing around a bit) and I thrashed it with my tongue until she came. She was pretty loud and it was incredibly arousing to hear while kneeling in front of them and knowing I had helped. I told Peter I wanted to cum a third time (just to keep up with Julia) but he said he didn’t think he could do anything for a while. I was determined to get something though and so Julia to give him a masterclass in how to use toys on a girl. I ended up with him using a vibe in my pussy while Julia held another one against my clit (technically she circled my clit with it) and I lay holding my knees up by my breasts to give them as much access as possible. Peter wasn’t bad with the vibe, but Julia showed him ways of turning it and how to direct it in my pussy for better effect. When I finally came, it was a fairly good orgasm and I made sure I was loud enough that they knew I was enjoying myself. I may not have been as loud as Julia had been, but I think they both got the message that it felt good. I said that I should get back to Jen before she suspected something was up. Peter asked if he could go with me and see Lucy as he knew that she had split up with Ramona. He must have figured out the look I gave him and assured me that he wasn’t trying to get off with her, he just wanted to make sure she was okay. I don’t know if it was the right thing to do, but he would have found out eventually anyway so I told him that she had a new girlfriend and seemed to be doing fine. He was somewhat surprised by this and asked who it was so I told him if he really wanted, he could come back with me and meet her. I told Julia I would see her later and we had one more make out session, just to tease Peter. It wasn’t a serious ‘trying to cum’ session, but we kissed, played with breasts, fingered and briefly licked each other before I said I really had to go. Peter was dressed by this point, but had been raptly watching us and had another bulge in his jeans. I gently patted it and told him that he had been a good boy and if he wanted, I would leave my underwear with Julia. He didn’t think I would do it so I slipped my coat and shoes on and asked her to bring my stuff along later that night. I think he only realised I was serious when we actually left the house and I turned back to face the door and opened my coat fully to show him I was still naked.


  1. dear andi thanks for replying . Im upset also to find out about lis but also happy that she found lucy . I so wanted u and jen to have sandwich position but...... Lis is not available. oh well we atleast we have u and jen its ok take care

  2. Yes, I was somewhat sad to lose my chance to do more with Lis, but she is very happy with Lucy (still), which in turn means I get to see her when we are both visiting.