Sunday, 12 February 2012

Telescopes and New Girlfriends - Part 2

I've met Julia's brother now but I'm back home for a day until we head down to York - I'm really looking forward to Valentine's Day... Back to December where I've just finished fucking Peter and Jules...

During the walk back, I told him a little about Lis – only really that she was a friend and that she seemed happy with Lucy. I distracted him by opening my coat and letting him play with my breasts, but only briefly as it was daylight and I didn’t want to get caught. When we returned, I told everyone that I had just happened to bump into him on the way back – I knew that Jen knew what I’d been up to, but I was still trying to act semi-innocent around Lis. I went upstairs to remove my coat (and slip on a dress) before rejoining them and they were talking by the time I got back. Lucy had told Lis a little about Peter, so she knew that he fancied her, but was pretty harmless. I was quite hungry so made some lunch and Peter stayed while we ate. We got rid of him mid-afternoon as Jen said she was feeling tired and it was obvious that Lucy and Lis wanted some time alone. I went up with Jen for a rest and gave her the full details of my exploits with Peter, and then we dozed for a while. I think that Lucy and Lis were making better use of Lucy’s bed and they looked very happy when we wandered downstairs later on and chatted to them.

Over dinner, Lis hinted that Peter seemed to quite like me and I asked what she meant. She told me that I knew full well and I guessed that Lucy had told her at least *something* so I asked what she knew. It turned out that Lis knew pretty much the whole story so I admitted that I had been performing distraction duty initially, but then Julia had got in on the act and things had progressed somewhat. She seemed to think that Mike might mind, but I assured her that he knew and he was fine with it as long as I used protection. She then asked Jen about letting me do things with Julia and I pointed out that it was Jen who most often *made* me do things with Julia and Jen promised that if Lis wanted, I would demonstrate for her later that night. Lis may not be quite as adventurous as we are, but she is no prude and said it would be interesting to see. I felt a little uneasy, but under the rules, I had to do what Jen said so I didn’t bother arguing.

When people turned up later Julia returned my underwear to me but before she actually handed it to me, Mel said that she should put the panties on (my bra would be way too big for her) and I had to take them ‘the usual’ way. Julia slipped the panties on and sat on the sofa while I kneeled between her legs and stuck my head up her skirt to try and pull them down with my mouth. It was more difficult than usual as her skirt got in the way so I nuzzled against her pussy for a while before finally getting a firm hold of the material and pulling the panties down her thighs. I felt quite self-conscious doing this with Lis watching, but had realised that if she kept dating Lucy, she was going to see everything anyway and it wasn’t like I was going to get a chance to do things with her again for a while.

Mel idly fondled Julia while everyone chatted – just under her skirt at first, but her pussy was soon visible and she was brought to the edge of cumming before Mel stopped. Jen got me to unbutton the top half of my dress and she fondled my breasts before sliding her hand between my legs and playing with me. It was clear what she was doing, but my dress stopped anyone from seeing anything. Just as Mel had done with Julia, Jen got me close to cumming (too close) and then stopped, leaving me wanting more. She asked if anyone wanted to see any more and a number of people said yes so Julia and I ended up next to each other on the sofa and were told to masturbate ourselves. Julia dived straight in and I unbuttoned the last remaining buttons on my dress before joining her. I played with pussy and clit and had the advantage as I’d just been teased by Jen. It was obvious that I was about to cum when we were told to stop and I was announced the winner. Of course, having to stop was worse for me as I was closer to cumming (again), but I was told that I would like my prize.

All I really wanted was to be allowed to cum but Jen and Lucy disappeared for a few minutes and the others were told to make sure that neither Julia nor I did anything to stimulate ourselves (or each other). I half covered myself and chatted to Lis, I asked her how she liked seeing the things I’d been telling her about and she said that she thought I had been exaggerating, but now understood properly. I told her that things would probably get a lot more intense and she said she wasn’t sure how, but then Jen walked in carrying Lucy’s large teddy bear.

I know how much Lucy loves that bear and was surprised to see our strap on fastened around its waist. Jen placed it on the sofa and told me that I could do whatever I wanted to it as long as it ended up satisfied. This seemed like a good way to cum and I quickly straddled the bear and slid down onto the vibe. I had started off facing the bear and it was decided that my dress, while completely unbuttoned was hiding everything, so I had it removed. I rode the vibe and found that if I brushed my nipples against the bear’s face, it actually felt quite good. My movements got a bit more energetic as I got more aroused and I decided to finish off properly and quickly dismounted, turned around and plopped myself back on the vibe. I was now facing everyone and even though I wasn’t having my nips tickled, it was now easier to rub my clit.

I was happy to see that another couple had their hands in each other’s trousers and were obviously fingering away (but other than material moving I couldn’t see anything). As I got closer to cumming, I slowed down my movements, but very deliberately slid up and down the full length of the vibe and concentrated on the feeling of it sliding inside me and my lips mashing against the harness. I didn’t slow down on my clit though and came fairly quickly. It was a fairly good orgasm (that’s what teasing does) and I relaxed back against the teddy, with the vibe still buried in me when I had finished.

I was told that I had put on a good enough show and could put my dress back on if I wanted. I still felt a little awkward with Lis there so I covered up again and Julia was told to clean off the vibe. She didn’t hesitate and sat on the floor in front of the bear and sucked the vibe clean. Jen told me that she could get Jules to eat me if I wanted but she seemed to have picked up on my uneasiness and didn’t push the matter. Instead she let Mel give Jules her punishment for losing the masturbation contest. To be fair, her punishment wasn’t too bad at all as she had someone hold her arms and a person hold each leg (with them spread wide) while Mel fingered her and then used a banana to fuck her. They got it pretty far inside her and fucked her with it quite vigorously before Mel started to also play with her clit and got her off.

Julia had to sit on the sofa with the banana still inside her and Mel moved it from time to time. She was only allowed to take it out when everyone got ready to head off, but when she removed the banana, she also had to remove her skirt, which Mel stuffed in her bag. Jen said that I could go with them but I told her I would stay (seeing her *was*) the whole point of my visit after all). This meant that we had the house to ourselves but we just curled up together on the sofa and watched a film. Jen lay in front of me and I gently stroked her breasts, but we weren’t trying to really do anything sexual.

We retired to bed early and had a gentle session – mostly using fingers, but I gave in to my desires and went down on her (her pussy is kind of hard to resist). We were asleep when Lucy and Lis returned (but the door woke us up). It sounded like they’d had a good night and after a couple of minutes downstairs, we heard them come up the stairs giggling. Once they were in Lucy’s room, I opened our door slightly and returned to bed to listen in with Jen. They weren’t amazing loud, but it was enough for us to hear them moaning and moving around. We could tell they were saying things to each other, but not loud enough for us to hear the words. Being able to picture Lis properly made it seem all the more arousing and while we listened, I played with Jen’s nips and then slid my hand between her legs.

I didn’t want to do anything that would stop us from hearing them so I just rubbed her clit – occasionally dipping my fingers between her lips to get additional lubrication. As she got closer to cumming, I told her to try to be quiet and concentrate on the sounds our little girls were making. Jen came in my arms, her body pressed back against mine and we listened as Lis and Lucy went for another round (we think they might have cum three times, but aren’t completely sure). Jen offered to do things to me, but I could tell she was tired and said I would wait until morning to let her rest.

She fell asleep fairly quickly, but for quite a while I lay awake imagining a wonderful foursome and all the ways we could make each other cum. I very nearly gave in and masturbated but it’s always better when someone else makes me cum so I eventually went to sleep. I didn’t have (or if I did, I didn’t remember) as many hot dreams as I’d hoped, but when I woke up in the morning it still didn’t take long to start feeling horny. I went down on Jen and woke her up. She seemed well enough for me to let her do the same to me but I told her to rest while I went and prepared breakfast.

The house was still (just) warm enough that I didn’t need to wear anything and I soon returned with toast, OJ and coffee. I had my little maid apron on and suggested that Lis and Lucy might also need some coffee to help recover, so Jen slipped on her nightdress and we went into Lucy’s room. They appreciated the coffee and Lis tried to pull the covers up but I pointed out that I’d seen her breasts before and nodded at Lucy and said I’d even seen hers. Lucy still half covered herself, but didn’t fuss as they slowly slid down while she drank. They told us about their evening and how Julia had been made to flash a guy and how Mel had later fingered her to orgasm with another guy watching. We didn’t mention that we’d heard them fucking – although it was obvious from the clothes strewn over the floor that they had undressed in something of a hurry.

We had a fairly lazy morning – Lis and Lucy headed off to brunch but I stayed in with Jen and (at her request) put on a little show for her. I dressed up and then sat on the sofa with my legs spread and masturbated for her. By the time I’d finished, Jen looked a little flushed, so I moved over to her chair and pushed her legs apart and asked if she wanted me to suck on her clit. She did, so I did (although I also licked around her pussy as well). I spent a while teasing her before finally allowing her to cum.

Lis and Lucy returned a while later but it was almost time for me to go. I told Jen that I would go by myself so she could stay in the warm (her chest still hurt a bit) and I made my way to the airport and returned home. I had my usual post-visit phone sex with Mike and I told him everything that had happened. On the Monday evening, I called Lis and had a long chat with her. I got a few more details about how she had hooked up with Lucy and I once again told her how impressed I was at how decisive she had been. I managed to coax a few details out of her about what Lucy was like in bed, but she wouldn’t tell me much. I told her that I just wanted to know if her pussy was like Pavlina’s but all she would tell me was that it looked a little different.

I had been wondering how to explain something to her and in the end just tried to make her understand that what had happened between her, Jen and I was more than just ‘fooling around’ to us. I explained that I wasn’t trying to declare my undying love for her (she knows I love her, but in a different way to how I feel about Mike and Jen) but that she was incredibly important, and when we’d had a chance to have sex, it had meant a lot more than the random things I did with other people. I think she understood but I was surprised that I think *I* really only understood how much she meant to me when I started to explain things. We chatted a few more times over the week and it was obvious how happy she was with Lucy. I was still worried that it might be a rebound relationship – on top of the fact that it was a long distance relationship (and I know how hard those can be), but I didn’t try to spoil her happiness and said that Jen and I would do whatever we could to help them out.

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