Wednesday, 28 March 2012

House hunting

The first weekend in Feb, I stayed at home with Mike – ironically this was in order to look for a new home (the place I’d been living in wasn’t really big enough for two of us – and we had a bit more money now we didn’t have to pay two lots of rent). We only had a few appointments on the Saturday, so spent the rest of the day wandering around and looking for interesting little places around town that I hadn’t yet discovered.

We found a new sex shop and had a good look around. Mike discovered that they sold the specific make of strap-on that he had bought for Jen and I and they had an attachment that we didn’t have. This one had balls that were a reservoir that you could fill up with fake cum and it would then ‘ejaculate’ when you pressed a button. It wasn’t cheap, but Mike liked the idea of Jen and I using this on each other so we decided to buy it. We also got some special fake cum that was approved for internal use (I assume it’s what they use for the fake creampie shots in porn) but we’ve since found that it fairly easy to make our own ‘cum’ (for external use) from flour and water with a bit of cornflour added in. Unfortunately, Jen had the rest of the apparatus, so we couldn’t test it properly, but we knew that we would be experimenting with it later on once we got home.
Our second appointment of the day was quite a bit closer to my work than our current place and was quite nice, but a bit expensive. We had a good look around and the agent left us alone for a few minutes to discuss it. Mike said it would be fun to see how close I could get to cumming before the agent returned, so I stood with my back to the door and we pretended to discuss the apartment while he reached under my skirt and played with me. My coat was quite a bit longer than my skirt, so even when the agent returned, Mike kept rubbing my pussy while I pretended to be paying attention to the view out of the window. If we’d had just a little longer, I’m pretty sure I could have cum, but the agent walked over to us to point out how good the windows were, so Mike had to remove his hand.

His fondling had been more than enough to get me excited though and we decided to stop by my workplace to see if there was anyone around. We were in luck and the office was empty so I sat up on my desk and lifted my skirt so that Mike could have a lick. We took a little bit of a chance and I bent over my desk so Mike could slide into me. We fucked like this briefly, but didn’t want to stay like that for long as there is a path outside the window – and while people outside don’t have a direct view to my desk, it wouldn’t have been that difficult for someone outside to see what we were doing. I ended up sitting on my chair so Mike could kneel in front of me and eat me once more and this time he kept going until I came. I stayed fairly quiet, just in case someone else wandered in, but we weren’t interrupted and Mike even had time to kitty kiss me afterwards.

I didn’t think it was fair to leave him unsatisfied, so I took him to see my ‘special cupboard’ (the place I use to masturbate when I really need to cum at work). We went round to my usual spot and as I unzipped his jeans and fished his cock out, I described to Mike what I usually did there. After having eaten me, he didn’t really need the extra encouragement (but he appreciated it) and he helped to guide his cock to my pussy. I spread my lips and pushed back against him and he popped into me. We started off moving nice and slowly but after I’d asked him to be a bit more forceful, he said if that’s what I wanted, that’s what I would get. He then proceeded to pound into me, our bodies slapping together. He told me to rub my clit and to tell him when I was getting close and while I did this, I felt a thumb circle my ass, rubbing back and forth over it. I imagined someone coming in and discovering us (which just helped me along) and when I told him I was close, he said that he couldn’t hold back much longer. Hs thumb pressed more firmly against my ass and I could feel the tip entering me, but as he came, he pushed it all the way in. I didn’t cum straight away, but the extra stimulation certainly helped and I wasn’t far behind him. Mike did his best to keep moving in me, but his orgasm had been quite strong so he wasn’t moving anywhere near as much as when he’d been fucking me. It was more than enough though and I came and moaned my way through my orgasm (probably a bit more loudly than was sensible, but there was apparently still nobody around). Mike pulled out of me and I felt some cum dribble down my thighs. He hadn’t cum a great deal (or if he had, most of it stayed inside me) but it was enough to keep me nice and moist while we went for our next viewing.

We didn’t really have any plans for that evening and couldn’t be bothered going out again so just stayed in and watched a film. Once this was over, we called Jen and had a chat with her and I was ‘encouraged’ to talk to the group over speakerphone. When I say ‘talk’ what I mean is ‘provide entertainment’ and I had to be as loud as I could while Mike fingered, ate, fucked and used toys on me. He kept me close to cumming for a fair time and I was eventually allowed to cum when Julia came (Mel had been playing with her).

We ended the call and decided to have a play with the new attachment (I hadn’t told Jen about it as I wanted her to know about it before ‘everyone’ knew). Once we had filled up the balls with the fake cum and added a battery, I aimed it at myself and pressed the button. I had expected a single squirt, but it let out four large squirts that covered my front. The mixture felt a bit cold so we decided to warm it before our next experiment and I placed the bottle in warm water. Mike then spent another long period of time licking me. It wasn’t ‘real’ licking (as in it wasn’t enough to get me close to cumming), but it was more intense than kitty kissing. Eventually the suspense really got to me and I told him that I really needed to cum again. He told me that he would make me cum whenever I wanted, but that he was going to eat me again afterwards. I thought that this sounded like a good idea and told him to go ahead, so he concentrated on my clit and ate me the whole way through my orgasm.

As promised (or threatened), he didn’t stop there and kept licking me. It felt very strong but he eased off a bit and only lightly brushed his tongue over my clit so I could enjoy what he was doing. He licked all around and then inside my cunt until I was nice and clean, then after a few flicks over my ass, he moved up behind me and slid into me. We slowly fucked for quite a while and fantasised about the upcoming party. As our movements sped up, Mike suggested I get two loads of cum at once and he grabbed our new toy so he could be prepared. We fucked harder and faster and I played with my clit until we were both close to cumming. Mike then pulled out of my cunt and slid into my ass before pushing the dildo attachment into my pussy and moving it in and out of me. I kept myself on the edge of cumming until he said he was just about to cum – he told me that he was squirting his cum into my ass and got me to imagine the attachment squirting it’s cum into my cunt and I pushed myself over the edge. Having two things cum in me at once (even if one of them was fake) felt really good and as soon as we had finished, I stood up and felt a large amount of the fake cum pour from my cunt. It ran down my thighs and I rubbed myself, letting Mike watch as I enjoyed the feeling.

I should have cleaned myself up, but I loved the way the goo felt so I lay back on the bed and gently stroked myself (not trying to cum, just savouring the feeling) and we chatted more about other places we could live. We hadn’t decided on a nice (but smaller) place closer to town, or a decent sized place that had room for all our stuff and would allow people to come and visit. Both had their benefits and we decided to sleep on it. When I woke up the following morning, I realised that I really should have cleaned myself up – I felt really sticky and had to go and shower before I could return to bed for our morning session. The shower had woken me up though so I had lots of energy and could enjoy myself properly.

We didn’t get up to much on the Sunday – we had another couple of places to look at, but neither of them were any good. Mike managed to finger me in one of the houses but once again we were interrupted before he made me cum, so on the walk home, we had to find a suitable spot to stop off and I let him finish me off. The weather was quite cold, so I had my long coat on – which meant that we were able to do things in a non-entirely private place (Mike leant against a wall and I stood facing him). He reached into my coat, under my skirt and played with my pussy and clit. We were a little way away from other people, but a few wandered right past us while I was being frigged. We’re fairly certain that they didn’t have any idea what we were up to but it still felt really nice having my clit rubbed with random people so close. I kissed Mike deeply as I came and he rubbed away until I had finished, then withdrew his fingers and sucked them clean of my juices.

We called Jen when we got home to update her on the house/apartment search (seeing as she will be living with us in a few months time) and we got some interesting news. It wasn’t entirely a surprise as I had told Lis and Lucy that Jen had agreed to let me tease her in the way that she teases me around their other friends and not just while we were at home. They knew that Julia (and Mel) would also be in on this and I’d asked them to look for opportunities and make any suggestions. They had all gone out on the Saturday night and had an enjoyable evening. On the way home, Jen had been complaining to Lis that she missed having me visiting and when they got home, Lis let Jen curl up beside her on the sofa (Lucy was on the other side of Lis). Lis curled an arm around Jen and gently stroked her shoulder and as the evening (or late night by this point) went on, she lowered her hand to the top of Jen’s breast and stroked there. Jen was half dozing off and Lis let her lie with her head on her lap and now she could easily stroke Jen’s breasts (although she only played with the right one). This was very gently at first, but as Jen’s nipple became more prominent, she used a bit more force.

Jen was aware of what Lis was doing by this time, but she didn’t object when Lis slipped her hand under Jen’s top and straight onto her breast (as usual, Jen didn’t have a bra on). Fortunately, Lis knows that Jen likes a fair amount of force used and she kneaded the breast, then rolled and tweaked her nipple. Lucy had been half watching this the whole time but when Lis had pushed her hand into Jen’s top, more people paid attention. Jen wasn’t the only one being fondled – I think that over the previous year and a bit, Julia and I have convinced the group to be a bit more open (or less repressed). Lis carried on playing with Jen’s breasts – she told me that she was seeing if my expectation that Jen could cum just from having her breasts played with was true – but unfortunately, she didn’t manage to do this. She did get Jen incredibly turned on though – enough that when Lis pulled Jen’s top up so she could see what she was doing (and to expose Jen), Jen didn’t try to stop her.

Julia thought it was unfair that Jen’s right breast was getting all the attention and she moved over to kneel on the floor beside Jen. She briefly fondled Jen’s other breast and then lowered her mouth to it to suck and lick on the nipple. Jen complained that this wasn’t fair, but Lis had gotten her far enough along that her usual nervousness about her friends seeing her naked (or semi-naked). Lis and Julia played with her breasts for a while and this is all Lis had intended to do, but now that Julia was involved, it didn’t stop there. Julia stroked a hand up and down Jen’s thigh and slowly pulled on her leg so she opened them. Jen was quite close to cumming already and put up no resistance as Julia slid her hand up under Jen’s skirt and made contact with her pussy. Julia still had her mouth glued to Jen’s breast, so Lis carried on playing with the one she had been stroking for ages. Lis couldn’t see Julia’s hand at work, but it was obvious that she was stroking Jen and Jen increasingly squirmed around on the sofa until she came.

Jen really enjoyed her orgasm, but was somewhat embarrassed that everyone had seen her cum (even if they had only really seen her breasts). When Jen was recounting the story to me, I told her that she was lucky Julia had just fingered her and hadn’t decided to eat her (and I’m glad she didn’t as I wanted to do that). Jen curled up on the sofa, still with her head on Lis’ lap and waited until she had her breath back before she sat up and straightened her top.

I later heard what had happened from Lis’ point of view and she said that by the time Jen came, she (Lis) was feeling incredibly horny and it was only when Jen sat up, Lis realised that she had been flexing her thighs together in a rather obvious way and Lucy had later told her that she had looked quite flushed. I congratulated Lis on having gotten Jen so turned on with just breast play and asked if she now understood why I preferred smaller (more sensitive) breasts like hers and Jen’s. Lis conceded that they might have their uses and I couldn’t help myself from asking if Lucy would be okay with me having a play with her (Lis’) breasts. I was already sufficiently impressed that Lucy had allowed her to fondle Jen and I wasn’t too surprised when Lis said that she didn’t think Lucy would go for that, but I live in hope...

Both times that Mike and I heard this story (first from Jen and then later that evening from Lis), we played with each other while listening. I made sure that both Jen and Lis knew that we were doing things and managed to get each of them to play with themselves as well (this was obviously going to happen when talking to Jen). I don’t think Lucy minds Lis having phone sex with me – especially as I now know (from Lis) that Lucy has played with herself on more than once occasion while listening to Jen and I fucking. Mike came in me each time, which was really nice, but it meant that by the time we went to bed, he didn’t think he could cum again. This meant that we didn’t have a goodnight fuck (and I’d just been getting used to having them every night again), but to make up for it, he did eat me until I had cum twice. He *was* hard by the time we had finished and we were able to spoon (and I briefly thought that we were going to fuck), but he just stayed in and slowly moved until I fell asleep. I made sure that I got a good morning fuck out of him though before we headed off to work!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cumming on sis..., not my sister...

The last weekend in January, Jen and I went to her home to see her family. It was the first chance I’d had to thank her parents (in person) for offering to give us money towards our ‘wedding’ (we still don’t know quite what to call it). I was also quite excited about the visit as Jen had finally agreed to let me play properly with Chris (her brother) in a number of ways.
On the Friday night, Jen and I went out for dinner with her parents and discussed various options for our ceremony. I was quite impressed at how her parents were coping with the fact that they weren’t going to get to see Jen married in a traditional ceremony and I think she gave her mother a bit more leeway in the things that she (her mother) wanted for the ceremony to make up for this. We still hadn’t really made any firm plans by the end of the dinner, but it was nice to get some ideas discussed and it gave us lots to think about.

On returning home, we went up to her brother’s room and chatted with him and his friends. I somehow managed to do my usual careless thing of sitting in such a way that at least one person had a view up my skirt and when I sat up on the edge of the bed, I know that I managed to give a few of them a good view. I’ve been in fairly frequent contact with her brother since my last visit and had promised him an interesting time the next time I saw him. I obviously wasn’t the only one looking forwards to this, which became clear as soon as his friends left and he tried to usher Jen into her bed, saying that she looked tired. She knew what the plan was (although he didn’t know she knew) and I told her that I would join her in a little while. While Jen was getting ready for bed, I just chatted to him, but spread my legs a few times and stroked myself so he could see what I was doing. When Jen came in to say goodnight, I gave her a long deep kiss and whispered in her ear that I wouldn’t be too long.

As soon as she was gone, we shut the door and I moved over beside Chris. I reached down to his crotch and rubbed him (he was already nice and hard – Jen had pretended not to notice the bulge). He asked what we were going to do and I said that we probably couldn’t have sex as his parents might hear. He looked a bit disappointed, but I slipped my top off and pushed his hand between my legs and said that we could still enjoy ourselves, as long as we were quiet. His fingers immediately pushed between my lips and he pawed at my bra with his other hand until he had a breast uncovered. I slipped a hand into his trousers and took hold of his cock, gently wrapping my fingers around it and then pulling it free. As we played with each other, I described to him what I would be doing to his sister once I got into her room – how I would kiss her, finger her and eat her. I could almost feel his cock pulsing as I described all this to him and he said he was getting close. I wanted to cum first, so I slowed down my movements and told him exactly what I wanted him to do to me. I ended up with two of his fingers pumping into me and his other hand rubbing my clit. I had a pretty nice orgasm and then quickly removed the rest of my clothes so I could concentrate on finishing him off.

I got him to sit on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of him. I really wanted to at least lick the head of his cock, but I restrained myself and just rubbed him with my hands, breasts and neck (the latter was more for me than him). As I got him closer to cumming, I asked him if he was still up for the ‘other’ thing we had planned. He said that he was and I promised him a chance the next night. I was rapidly pumping up and down his shaft and he said he was about to cum. I just had time to aim his cock at my neck and I felt him squirt his warm cum over me. He produced a fair amount and I milked his cock then rubbed the head over my breasts, before quickly catching a few drips that had made it down over my stomach and were almost at my pussy. I half rubbed the rest in and told him that if he could produce that much the following night, then he would get his fantasy.

I took a chance that I wouldn’t be caught (Jen’s parents had gone to bed earlier) and went back to Jen’s room naked. I let her see the mess Chris had made of me and then washed myself clean (we’d prepared so there was a bowl of warm (or at least it was meant to be warm, but was a bit cool by the time I used it) water in her room. Once I was dry, we fell into bed and had a quiet session, taking turns to eat each other.

We had a similar session the next morning although Jen seemed to be relenting on us having to be completely silent so her parents couldn’t hear. We were still quiet, but she said that they realised that we slept together and she didn’t feel quite as awkward with them knowing this. I think that even though it was quite a while ago that she came out to them, she is still adjusting to the fact that they know she is gay. I personally don’t think they find it an issue at all, but I remember how nervous I was about telling Mum I was bi, so I sort of understand how she feels.

We didn’t have much opportunity to do things that day as we spent it with her parents. In the evening, we went out with her brother and his friends (Jen’s old friends were mostly back at Uni) and had a fun evening chatting. I sat on Chris’ lap for a fairly long time and referred to his as my brother. I also whispered a few things in his ear about our plans for later and how I didn’t have underwear on – this had the desired effect of producing a nice bulge, which I also quietly commented on, and I made sure I pushed myself against it as I turned to talk to different people or pick up my drink. On the way back home, I checked that Jen was still willing to play along and when we got home, I told Chris to wait for my call (he obviously didn’t know Jen knew about our plans).

We headed to bed and Jen and I had a nice long session. I wanted to make sure that the room smelt of our juices – as well as ensuring that Jen was nice and satisfied. Once we had both cum enough, I gave her a few minutes to recover and then prepared things. Jen moved over to the side of the bed and closed her eyes. Fortunately, she is quite good at ‘playing dead’ (as long as she isn’t tickled) so we thought it would be fairly easy for her to pretend to be asleep. She spread her legs a little to allow me access and I send Chris a text. I went and opened Jen’s door and beaconed him over from his room. I was still naked and as soon as he got into the room, I indicated for him to be quiet and I quickly unbuttoned his jeans and freed his cock. I had assured him that Jen was a heavy sleeper and guided him over beside the bed, then pulled back the covers to reveal a naked Jen. His cock twitched in my hand and I started to rub it, then stopped so I could climb into bed beside Jen and gently stroke my hands over her breasts and down between her legs.

I whispered for Chris to jerk himself off and then sat up so I could spread my legs and masturbate. We only had the bedside light on, but it was more than enough for him to see my fingers disappearing into my pussy as well as give a good view of the ‘sleeping’ Jen. I had planned to make myself cum and then play with Jen, but I could see from the way his hand was moving on his cock that he wasn’t planning on drawing things out. I changed my plans and half lay beside Jen so I could lick her nipples and slide a hand between her legs. I reminded Chris that he had to tell me when he was going to cum and just before he did, I dipped my fingers into my pussy, then Jens and then ran them over the head of his cock. I then aimed his cock at Jen’s chest and told him to go for it. He hesitated briefly and then resumed his rubbing. I had a wonderful view of his cock as his cum splurted out. It hit Jen square on her chest and ran over one of her breasts. I felt her jump, but I don’t think Chris noticed this (he was a little distracted) and he second squirt mostly hit me (I was still lying beside Jen). I aimed him back down so the rest landed back on Jen’s chest and breasts and he then moved forwards and squeezed his cock to get the last few drops out. He was breathing quite heavily and I asked him if he’d enjoyed cumming over his sister. I rubbed his cum over her breasts and he said that it had felt great, but he should go in case she woke up. I told him I would see him the next day and he left, closing the door behind him.

As soon as he was gone, Jen opened her eyes. She couldn’t believe that we’d gone through with it and I told her that she had such a sexy body that even her brother thought she was hot. I had rubbed his cum over a fair part of her breasts and stomach but we had once again prepared for the cleanup and I retrieved a basin of water from under the bed to wipe her body down (as well as my hand). Once we were sure that we were clean, we (very quietly) discussed what had happened. My fingers found their way to Jen’s pussy while we talked and when I told her that she should have seen his face as he came over her. Jen admitted that she had opened her eyes a tiny amount, but that she had only looked at his cock. She had watched him stroking himself but hadn’t been watching when he came (which is why she jumped when his cum hit her). I had been continually playing with her clit while we had been discussing this, so she was quite close to cumming and I convinced her to 69 one more time. I worked very gently on her as she was much closer than me, but we managed to get each other off before curling up together and going to sleep.

It appeared as if he avoided Jen the next morning (but he often doesn’t get up on a Sunday morning). I went in to see him about midday and we discussed the events of the previous night and he said it had felt great, but he was really scared that Jen was going to wake up and discover him. While we talked, I reached under the covers and stroked his cock, which was already hard from our discussion. I told him that if he was quick, I could give him one more treat and when he agreed, I pulled the covers back and freed his cock from his shorts. I handed him a condom and then stood up, lifted my skirt, leant against the window and looked back at him. He asked if I wanted to have sex and I replied by asking if he could think of any other reason I was presenting my cunt to him (he couldn’t). I watched him put the condom on and move over behind me. I had already made sure I was nice and wet beforehand (Jen had helped by licking and fingering me) and he slid in as soon as he pushed against my pussy.

I squeezed myself around him and he said I felt nice and tight. I told him that he could use my cunt to cum, but he had to be quiet so we weren’t discovered. He started pumping in and out and I reached down to rub my clit. He was actually quite good and lasted a lot longer than Jen had expected he would. When he said he was getting closer to cumming, I concentrated on squeezing myself around him and told him to cum in me – he had no problems doing this and I felt him press deep into me and hold still, then give a few more pumps. When he pulled out, I told him to take off his condom and pour the contents down inside my right sock (I had mid-thigh length dark socks on). I felt his cum run down inside the sock, coating my lower thigh and I knew that I had to finish myself off, so I sat on his bed, spread my legs and masturbated. He offered to do it for me, but I pointed out that his hands were covered in his cum – and I was fairly close anyway. I gave him the proper show (one hand reaching around under my legs with two fingers in my pussy and the other hand playing with my clit) and had to muffle my moans as I came. He stood stroking himself while I did this and I think if I’d offered, he might have been able to fuck me again, but I didn’t want his parents to get suspicious – and I wanted to spend more time with Jen before I had to go.

Jen and I went for a walk and I gave her the details. As punishment for my indiscretion (not that she had anything to do with the planning at all), I had to kneel behind a tree and play with myself, then pee when I came. Jen was prepared for this and had brought a towel to dry myself off with afterwards. When it was her turn, she was braver and removed her clothes from the waist down so that she could stand up and do the same thing. I had to stand beside her and rub her clit while she fingered herself and when she came, her pee covered our hands and ran down her legs (which is why she had half stripped). I was then given the job of drying her legs off and kissing her pussy clean before we headed back for a late lunch and my journey to the airport for my flight home.

Mike met me at the airport and I filled him in on the way back to the apartment. He was surprised that Jen had gone through with letting Chris see her naked and cum over her (but not surprised that I’d let him fuck me). Once home, we showered and Mike slid into me, while asking if I wanted some cum actually inside me. I always want cum inside me, so he obliged by filling me, while I aimed the shower pulse jet onto my clit. He actually came before I did but he tried to stay inside me until I came. We then retired to bed to look at the houses Mike had found for us to move to and I ended up being fingered by him and then eaten to orgasm.

Mike teased Jen quite a bit about Chris cumming on her, but she told him that if it was so strange, then maybe he shouldn’t be allowed to cum on her ever again, so he stopped and said he would be good.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Asses, cunts and showers

I didn't realise I'd forgotten to post during the week. I'll put another post up tomorrow, but hopefully this will help anyone who wants to cum now :) Sue and Ryan are down visiting Jen and I - I don't want to give too much away, but lets just say we're having fun. They're currently downstairs having lunch so I'd better go... This entry follows on from the last one.

Peter was already there when I arrived and a naked Julia answered the door. Peter was still clothed (although obviously hard) and I found out that Julia had been ‘letting’ him finger her and play with her breasts. Not to be outdone, I knelt in front of her and gave her pussy a good lick before standing up and wishing them both a happy New Year. Peter wanted to kiss me so he could taste Julia (she had explained that he couldn’t do things to us ‘properly’ unless he went and got tested – which he hadn’t done yet) and as we kissed, I pushed his hand under my skirt and his fingers found my crotch.

I said that I didn’t have much time and that we had decided on a nice treat for him. We wouldn’t tell him what it was, but led him up to the bedroom and Julia undressed me while Peter removed his own clothes. I draped Lucy’s panties over his cock and gave him a little rub before letting him smell her scent off them. (Naturally, I had taken the opportunity on the walk over to smell and taste her.) I then rolled a condom onto his cock and lay on the bed. Julia climbed on top of me in a 69 position and I told Peter to climb up and get inside her. As he fucked her, I tried to lick her clit, but (as expected) this isn’t that easy as swinging boy bits tend to get in the way. Fortunately, that wasn’t our plan and I told him to pull out and I then pulled hr ass cheeks apart and told him that as long as he thought he could repeat it (on me), he could fuck her ass.

He was confident he could (and from our earlier playing we know that he seems to be able to cum twice in fairly close succession) so I applied a bi of lube to his cock (not too much as I didn’t want it dripping down onto my face and spoiling the taste of Julia’s pussy) and once again spread her ass cheeks. Julia planted her cunt firmly on my mouth and I watched Peter’s cock slide into her ass. This position was much easier (although I still had his balls in my face), but at least I could properly eat Julia. She seemed to be really enjoying herself and was working her usual magic on my pussy. Peter came first but Julia wasn’t far behind him and she did switched to rubbing my clit while she gasped and recovered from her orgasm. Once I’d cum, we rested for a little while and I removed Peter’s condom and wiped his cock clean of cum using Lucy’s panties.

We both stroked him to keep him hard and once we thought we were ready, we resumed our earlier positions, but with me on top this time. He started in my cunt and then switched to my ass. It certainly felt good being filled by him and having Julia eating me and I tried to return the favour by fingering both her holes and flicking her clit with my tongue. Peter was surprisingly gentle (although I guess he was fucking his second ass in about 15 minutes) – it still felt good though and I told him to hold back and not cum until Jules and I were ready as well. Julia actually ended up cumming first (apparently I’ve gotten quite good at stimulating her) but this meant that she could concentrate on me and so I could finish off much more quickly. I kept Peter informed of how close I was getting, so he came only just after I did.

I once again removed his condom and wiped his cock clean with Lucy’s panties, then emptied the contents of the condom onto the panties and got him to imagine her wearing them, with his cum rubbing against her lips and covering her cunt. This was enough to get him to half mast very quickly and I debated giving him another go, but wanted to get back to see Jen (plus I thought he'd had enough fun for one weekend). Julia and I left together and wandered back to Jen’s place where I returned the pair of somewhat damp panties to Lucy. As expected, she threw them straight into the laundry but found it amusing that he had enjoyed being rubbed with them.

Other than a brief trip into town, we didn’t do much for the rest of the day and just relaxed until evening when we headed out to see everyone. There was only a little fooling around but we discussed going back to the hardcore club and we filled Lis in on the sorts of things that happened there. She found it hard to believe that there were shows where people actually fucked up on stage and I promised to show her some similar videos when we returned home. I also had a chat with Lis about how things were going with Lucy (both in the romantic and physical senses). As I’ve mentioned before, Lis knows that I think Lucy is incredibly sexy (as does Lucy for that matter) and how much I would love to sleep with her and I tried to convince Lis how hot it would be for her to eat Lucy and then come and kiss me so I could taste her. I hadn’t expected Lis to go along with this at all, but she seemed to seriously consider it and then said that she would have to check that it was okay with Lucy before actually doing it.

I wasn’t sure how Lucy would react, but Lis dashed off and chatted with her and returned to say that Lucy thought it was a very odd request, but if I really wanted it, she might consider it at some point (looking back, I think Lucy might have just been a bit drunk when she ‘agreed’ to this). I could feel my pussy tingling with anticipation at just the thought of this (I know I’m not going to get to actually sleep with her or taste her ‘directly’, but this was much more than I had ever expected). I told Lis I was looking forwards to it and went off to give the news to Jen. Lucy didn’t say anything about it to me when I later chatted to her and I was happy to wait and see if she would play along, so I didn’t raise the matter either.

We stayed out fairly late, so when it was time to leave, we went straight home instead of heading round to anyone’s house. I remembered that I had promised to show Lis some videos though and I pulled up a couple of Rockbitch ones. I pointed out that this wasn’t the band that actually performed at the club, but that they were ‘inspired’ by them, and we sat and watched as a couple of girls fingered each other and then one ate the other and finally someone was fisted. This was all in front of a live audience and when the video ended (it was only about 5 minutes), I told Lis that we could see something similar the next time we went to the club. Despite having been (or seemed to be) so shy and innocent until quite recently, Lis thought this sounded like a good idea and she and Lucy headed up to bed. Jen and I stayed down and I put on another video – very similar to the first, but in this one, the singer climbs up on a higher part of the stage and pees all over one of the other hand members. I know that Jen likes this video and I encouraged her to play with herself while we watched it and once she was sufficiently lubricated, we headed up to bed.

As we ground against each other and kissed, Jen tried to tell me off for wanting to taste Lucy and kept saying how naughty I was. I had expected this from her and had already prepared my comeback – I told her that she was the naughty one for wanting to lie on the bed beside us with me eating Lucy, Jen’s legs spread, her fingers in her cunt, Lucy watching her masturbate and then wanting to shower Lucy and I with her pee as she came. At first Jen said that wasn’t one of her fantasies (and to be fair, she has never mentioned it to me), but I know her well enough and only had to keep fingering her while I asked her to tell me honestly that she didn’t like the sound of it. I realised that I had missed Lis out, so wove her into the fantasy and we ended up with all four of us cumming and three of us ending up rather soggy by the end of it. The fantasy was more than enough to get Jen excited though and she came with my fingers working in and on her cunt and my body pressed on top of her as we whispered details of the fantasy to each other.

As soon as Jen had finished cumming, I slid down her body so I could kitty kiss her (only seeing her at weekends – or every other weekend) means that I don’t want to waste an opportunity to taste her. She had obviously enjoyed the fantasy more than I’d thought as she usually doesn’t want to cum more than once if we get back really late, but as I licked and teased her cunt with my tongue, it was obvious that she didn’t want me to stop (mostly obvious as she told me she didn’t want me to stop!). Before she got too far along though, I think she realised that she was somewhat tired and if I made her cum again, she might not have the energy to do things in return to me. I told her that I would be happy to either do myself or to just make her cum (as frustrating as it can be to go to sleep horny, it is sometimes really nice to just concentrate on the other person and only worry about ensuring they are satisfied – and this often seems to lead to me having really interesting dreams).

Jen wanted us both to cum though (and I wasn’t going to argue with this) so we moved round into a 69 position (her on top) and played with each other. She was obviously a lot closer to cumming than I was, but this gave me the chance to get her really close and then keep her there until I came. Whenever I was going easy on her, I lapped around her inner lips and whenever I thought she had eased back from the edge, I attacked her clit directly. This meant that by the time I actually let her cum a second time, she was desperate and came quite noisily. This was partially muffled by her moaning into my pussy, but she lifted her head for a reasonable portion of her orgasm and panted, moaned and mewed her way through it. We had one final messy kiss. I hope it doesn’t sound too vain, but I quite like the way I taste – especially when mixed with Jen’s juices, so kissing after 69ing is a good way to taste both of us together. We then fell asleep fairly quickly, although I didn’t sleep too well and kept waking up.

The next morning, I woke Jen by rubbing her clit and we 69ed again before going down to breakfast. The house felt too cold for me to be naked so Jen gave me a t-shirt to wear. Well, when I say t-shirt, it only came down to the top of my stomach so it didn’t really keep me that warm and only drew attention to the fact that I wasn’t covered up. We made breakfast for Lucy and Lis and took it up to them, then sat on their bed chatting while we all ate. Lis seemed less bothered about ensuring she remained completely covered and her breasts ended up completely exposed by the time we’d finished. Unfortunately, they weren’t prepared to get out of bed while Jen and I were there but in order to encourage them to get up, I was sent down to shower.

As usual, I had to make use of the pulse setting and masturbate while showering and as I did this Lis, Jen and Lucy took turns standing in the bathroom and brushed their teeth. On the way out, each of them had a quick peek in and they then sat in the kitchen chatting and waiting for me to finish. I was told to be loud enough for them to hear me and I made sure that they were certain that I had cum before I quickly washed my hair, wrapped myself in a towel and joined them. Lis wanted to shower next and as a reward for having put on a good show, I was allowed to brush my teeth while she was showering, although Lucy playfully slapped my leg and told me I wasn’t allowed to peek at her (so I’m not sure it was that good a reward). I took what I could though and chatted to Lis (as best I could while I had a toothbrush in my mouth).

Lucy showered next and once she was in the shower, Lis suggested that I go back into the bathroom and demonstrate an alternative way to use en electric toothbrush. I really like the new-improved (and much dirtier) Lis (although I also liked the sweet-innocent one and kind of missed her, but if I encourage people to be more adventurous, I can’t complain when they are...). We headed back in to the bathroom and Lis told Lucy that I was there as well. I had to lift a foot up onto the side of the bath and Lis handed me my toothbrush. I changed the head for one of the extra soft ones and applied it to my clit. It felt really good and I pictured Lucy naked in the shower, running her hands over her body and her fingers dipping between her legs and then between her pussy lips. After a while, Lucy asked what we were doing and when Lis told her, her head appeared around the shower curtain to take a quick peek. I was getting close to cumming and my legs were feeling a bit shaky so Jen helped to hold me up and I came again, making enough noise for Lucy to hear me (she was back fully on the other side of the shower curtain by that time).

The three of us went back into the kitchen to wait for Lucy to finish and when Jen went in to shower, I told Lis and Lucy to give me a few minutes and then to peek. I went and joined Jen in the shower (which isn’t an uncommon event) and helped to soap her up. I would usually help to wash her hair, but I knew I didn’t have much time so I started to play with her and then got her to lean against the wall while I knelt and lapped away at her pussy. I kept an eye out on the shower curtain and a minute or so later, I saw a shadow and I licked Jen even harder. Fortunately, Jen had her eyes closed at first, so Lis and Lucy got to look for a short time (probably only about 10-15 seconds) before Jen realised she was being watched and waved at them to go away. I had a tight hold on her though so she couldn’t pull away from me and they watched for another 10 seconds (or so) before finally giving Jen the privacy she wanted.

Once they had gone, Jen told me that I had to make her cum to make up for that (she knew it had been my doing) and as she got closer to cumming she said that I had better be ready for her orgasm. I didn’t pay any attention but she tapped me on the head and repeated it and pointed towards her pussy and I guessed what she was saying. I made sure my lips were pursed around her clit and as I had expected, when she came, I felt her pee splash out over my chin and run down my body. I wasn’t going to back out that that point though so I flicked her clit with my tongue until she finished cumming, then stood up and rubbed myself against her. We then showered each other off and I eventually did wash her hair.

Lucy and Lis had disappeared upstairs to get dressed (and maybe do other things) so we finished drying off and got dressed. We had planned on having a nice lunch (just the four of us) and all helped to prepare the meal (which we did over a fairly long time while chatting) and then sat and ate. I had a later flight than usual so we could lounge around in the afternoon and carry on our random conversations. Lucy and Lis were a bit more couply than I had seen them be around other people. They weren’t doing anything other than kissing and gazing in to each other’s eyes (which meant we got to take the piss out of them) but we acknowledged they were a cute couple. Jen and I thought that we may as well join in (although, sadly not actually *with* them) and we spent a while kissing and gently fondling each other. I noticed Lis fondling Lucy’s breasts though her top and then slide a hand under, but they didn’t go any further than that.

I had to leave before Lis (she gets the train whereas I had to get to the airport) and Jen and I decided not to do anything more before leaving. She promised me that she would keep herself aroused until I got home to Mike and in return, I would do whatever I could to do the same. My flight was fairly full so I was out of luck for that part, but we’d managed to fondle each other a bit on the way to the airport and while waiting for my flight to board.

Mike came to meet me at the airport and Jen had already called him to let him know I was meant to be kept horny, so on the way back to the apartment, he took over teasing me (it’s much easier when one of you can keep an eye out and the other person does the fondling). We called Jen while walking down the street and she went to her room and stripped off. As soon as we got indoors, I was unceremoniously stripped and presented with Mike’s hard cock, which I was ordered (by Jen) to mount and fuck myself with. Mike alternated between holding my lips apart so he could watch his cock sliding into me and playing with my clit. I got fairly close to cumming and he then pulled me down on top of him and pumped into me over and over until I came and kept going until Jen made herself cum. Mike got pretty close to cumming, but held back so he could fuck me again as soon as I’d recovered. This time, I described to him the events of the weekend and he was particularly interested in Lis and Lucy making out (just to prove that being naked isn’t always sexier). Of course, in our fantasy they went a bit further (but stayed covered up) and Mike came in me while I described Lis’ fingers pushing in to Lucy’s panties and stroking her clit until she came.

Mike emptied a fairly sizeable load into me and I did the best I could to hold it in until I got to the window where I could stand, looking out, and let his cum drip down my legs. He turned off the light and joined me at the window and reached around to rub my clit. I could feel his semi-hard cock pressed up against my ass and I wiggled back against him, so he carried on rubbing my clit until I knew that I had to cum again. He was a bit harder by this point – not ready to fuck again, but hard enough to slide into my cunt and provide a bit of extra stimulation while he rubbed me. I came and stood looking out of the window as a group of people walked past us. By that time, he was ready to fuck again, but we waited until we went to bed for our final session of the day (our standard spooning).

Monday, 19 March 2012

Away for the weekend

We had a good time in York at the weekend - Jen came along to her second sex party and got to know Em and Sara a bit better... Back to the end of January now (we're slowly catching up). I assume from the lack of comments that there isn't any interest in my FAQ...

It had been nice living with Mike again – being eaten (or fucked) awake in the morning and being able to spoon while falling asleep. We had made a little headway in sorting the place out and I sort of thought it wasn’t fair to leave Mike alone on his first weekend there, but I hadn’t seen Jen for a couple of weeks and missed her (plus Mike wanted time to wander around and get to know the town).

My flight had been unusually quiet and I’d taken the opportunity to have a fairly long play with myself (covering up whenever anyone wandered past of course). I’d done this so I would be nice and horny for Jen and as soon as I saw her, I told her a little secret. Out of the kindness of his heart, Mike had decided not to cum in my pussy that morning so that I would be unspoiled for Jen. Jen liked that, although she wasn’t quite as impressed with Mike’s generosity when I added that he had just used my ass instead. We managed to have a few quick fondles on the way back to the house and after briefly greeting Lucy and Lis (who was also visiting) I dragged Jen upstairs, not trying to hide what we were going up there for.

We had a fairly passionate session and used fingers, vibes and mouths. When we resurfaced, Lucy commented that t sounded like we’d had fun and I told her that I’d just missed Jen (as I’ve said, it *had* been a while since I’d seen her). A couple of other people had turned up and we went up to get ready to go out for the evening. Neither of us wore panties, but (other than things just being better that way), that was because neither of us had shaved for a few days. We had decided in the week that we wanted to have a nice relaxing Saturday morning and would pamper each other – including giving each other a really nice shave. We only had light stubble, but it was more the thought of doing it to each other that for the effect.

The evening was fairly uneventful and I wasn’t made to do anything too outrageous. Julia had to flirt with a random guy and ended up disappearing with him for a while. When she came back, she told us she had let him finger her and had then jerked him off until he came – mostly over his trousers (so he had headed home). As a reward for fulfilling her dare, Mel fingered her while we all stood round chatting. When we returned home, Lis, Lucy, Jen and I sat around chatting for a bit more and I told them how happy I was now that Mike was living with me again and how it meant I would now be visiting Jen most weekends (or she would visit me).

Lis was fairly tipsy and kept asking how things were going to work when Jen finally moved in with us – she knows that Mike would love to have sex with Jen and asked if we would all share a bed or if Mike and Jen would have their own rooms (like in York) and I would take turns with them. We haven’t actually thought about the long term technicalities, but I saw my chance to assert myself (if I’m going to be at Jen’s place most weekends, we agreed that she wouldn’t always be in charge and I would get some chances to make her do embarrassing things – even if it was in front of her friends). I told them that Jen has shared a bed with Mike on a number of occasions. Of course, wanted to know if anything had happened between them and initially I wasn’t going to say anything, but then decided to let them know how she had ground her pussy against his cock until he had cum.

This led to further questions and despite Jen trying to shut me up I let on that this was Mike’s reward for helping to convince Sue to let Jen have a play with her. Jen let on that I had been fooling around with Sue’s boyfriend and pretty much the whole story came out. Lucy knew that Jen had mentioned wanting to sleep with Sue, but she had thought it was just Jen talking big. We left out the bits about Mike having slept with Sue and the things I’d done with Sue and Ryan separately, but I think it was still more than enough to surprise them. While we’d been talking, I had slid my hand up Jen’s thigh and reached her pussy. I had only been gently teasing her and it was mostly under her skirt so I don’t think Lucy or Lis saw much (although it was obvious that I was playing with her). Lis has met my sister a couple of times over the years and wanted to know if I thought she was actually bi (or even gay) and I told her that I honestly thought she mostly let Jen do things with her for Ryan’s sake – although maybe there was a little bit of curiosity involved.

Jen started to fight back while we discussed this and she was much more direct. Her fingers went straight to my pussy and played with my clit. Lucy and Lis have seen her do this to me more than enough times before, so they weren’t shocked, but Lucy appeared a bit surprised when I pushed my fingers into Jen’s pussy properly and lifted her skirt so I (and they) could see what I was doing. At first Jen tried to cover herself up but then said if that was the way I wanted it, we would just see who came first. Despite the head start she had (in that I’d been fondling her for a fair time), the way we were sitting made it much easier for her to rub my clit than for me to rub hers and it was soon obvious that I was going to lose. I told Lis that she could take Lucy up to bed and leave us to it, but they just snuggled closer together and said that they were fine staying and watching us finish up. I could have probably put up more of a fight, but I was pleased that Jen had let me get that far with Lucy around, so I surrendered and let her make me cum (I didn’t stop fingering her, but I was no longer really trying to make her cum). Once I had cum, I was made to sit with my legs spread and a candle pushed a couple of inches into my cunt as punishment for losing (although it felt like I’d won).

We were quizzed more about whether Jen was going to repeat her time playing with Sue, to which her answer was an enthusiastic ‘yes’ – as long as Sue was willing of course. This moved on to Jen’s fantasy of having both Sue and I doing things to her at the same time and I finally steered the conversation around to Lis and Lucy’s fantasies. Lucy wouldn’t tell us hers, and Lis gave a sickly answer about wanting a hot, experienced younger girl teach her everything about sex (while indicating towards Lucy) and then pointing out that she already had her fantasy.

It was getting late by this time and I think we all wanted to head up to bed – although possibly not to go to sleep straight away. On the way up, I have Lis a little squeeze and told her to go and enjoy her fantasy and we went into our bedrooms. Jen and I spent a while scissoring and then used the powerful vibrator against our clits to get us both off. The idea had been that whoever came first would have to stay in position until the other one came (and possibly if this had been a midday game, Jen might have managed it), but she came first and after only about 10-15 seconds she pulled away and said it was too intense. She took over holding the vibe so I could lie back and enjoy my orgasm and with this finished, we went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and gently stroked Jen’s pussy. I could feel that she needed a shave (as did I) and decided that instead of waking her up by making her cum, I would go and prepare some hot water and gather the shaving things. She was coming round by the time I returned but I told her to just lie back and relax while I took care of removing her stubble. I spent a fair amount of time working on her pussy – making sure the whole area was soaked in a hot flannel, lathering her up, carefully shaving off every last hair, cleaning her and then (my favourite part) the tongue test to check that she was properly smooth. I carried on eating her until she came, but took my time in getting her there and I was feeling quite horny by the time I had finished.

We needed more hot water anyway so Jen suggested that she shave me downstairs. We had heard Lis and Lucy surface during our session so I assumed I would be put on display for them, but I didn’t mind and told Jen that she could do whatever she wanted with me. The provision was that I had to get to cum – I knew that I was going to be sent to Peter again and Jen has a habit of teasing me before I go to see him – just so I will be horny enough to do things properly with him – you would have thought by now that Jen would have realised that I’m not exactly going to refuse a chance to cum a second time!

We went downstairs and greeted the others, then joined them for breakfast. As we finished, Jen said that she was going to shave me in the living room and asked Lis if she was still shaved. Lis blushed a little and said she was, to which Jen replied that is was a shame, or she would have done her as well. I was surprised that she was so openly flirting with her while Lucy was there, but I knew that during one of Lis’ previous visits, they’d all had a long chat about Lis having done various things with Jen and I and Lucy really did seem completely fine about it. Lucy asked if Jen minded them being there and Jen said the more the merrier, so we (Lucy, Lis and myself) headed in while Jen boiled up some more water.

I sat on a towel on the sofa and Jen gave my pussy the same basic treatment as I’d given hers. No matter how much I am shown off to other people or made to cum in front of them, I still get an incredible thrill about having people watch me at such intimate moments. Feeling the hot razor glide over my pussy and having my lips spread so she could get every last hair while knowing that Lis and Lucy were closely watching was very stimulating. As she rinsed me clean, Jen asked Lis if 6 months ago, she would have ever thought she would be sitting watching this so casually and Lis replied saying that it was somewhat strange how things had changed. Jen traced her fingers over my pussy, feeling the smooth skin and slowly teasing me. She knew full well I wanted to cum and whenever she ran a finger along the centre of my pussy or directly over my clit I half jumped.

Without saying anything, she leant forwards and began to kitty kiss me. After a couple of minutes of this, her tongue began to press harder against me and push between my lips and then finally came firmly into contact with my clit. I couldn’t restrain myself and I arched my back and let out a long moan. I could see that we were still being watched intently and Lis and Lucy were holding on to each other tightly. I imagined them kissing each other, then reaching down between each other’s legs and playing, before finally giving in and 69ing on the floor. I’m fairly sure that I could see them pressing their legs together and they certainly looked like they were enjoying the show so I thought I would do what I could to help. I was getting quite close to cumming anyway and I reached down to Jen’s head and held it against my pussy while telling her to keep eating me. I then half sat up and reached down to Jen’s shoulders and rubbed up and down her back. I’m sure she figured out what I was doing, but I did this for a little while before moving on to the next step.

I was very close to cumming by this point, so I wasn’t faking whenever I let out a moan, but each time, I grabbed her nightdress and as I rocked back, I pulled it up. It only just covered her ass anyway (especially when she was kneeling down) so it didn’t take much to pull it up over her ass and partway up her back. I don’t think Jen’s pussy would have been visible to Lis or Lucy from where they were sitting, but they could certainly see her bare ass. I imagined Lucy moving down behind Jen and burying her face between Jen’s legs and if I’d had time I would have probably got Lis involved in the fantasy, but my orgasm built too quickly and then pulsed out from my pussy and I had to lie back on the sofa to enjoy it. I certainly didn’t need to worry about Jen just teasing me as she ate me the whole way through my orgasm and then kitty kissed me until I had recovered.

Lis and Lucy looked even more flushed by this point and I told them that if they wanted to relieve themselves, that they should feel free to do so. For a brief moment, I thought I saw a look on Lucy’s face that got my hopes up and I thought she was going to pounce on Lis and take her right there. I probably only imagined it though. I certainly hadn’t imagined the fact that they were both turned on and this was made clear when they stood up and said they would see us later on.

Once we had the room to ourselves, I gave my pussy a gentle stroke and checked how good a job Jen had done in shaving me. We had a chat about me semi-exposing Jen to Lucy (and about my having fingered her the previous night) and Jen said that it felt a little strange – especially as they aren’t naked around each other when I’m not there, but that she didn’t mind too much and would get used to it. We discussed what they might be doing to each other and went to take a shower to prepare for the day. I was suitably dressed (although when I checked outside I thought it felt fairly cold so I ended up putting opaque tights on) and just before I was about to head off to meet with Peter, we knocked and went in to Lucy’s room.

They had finished having sex and both looked quite content, curled up under the covers. Jen had told Lucy that I had used a pair of her panties in the past to help get Peter excited. We obviously weren’t playing the same game of me acting as a diversion anymore and Lucy said that she quite liked the idea of being able to tease him without him being able to do anything in return (he doesn’t know that Lucy knows about me playing around with him). Lucy grabbed her panties and I could see movement under the covers. She handed them to me and it was obvious she had just rubbed herself with them so I told her that I would make sure we wiped his cock clean with them. Lis told Lucy off for being so dirty and Lucy replied saying that she had liked her being dirty just a few minutes ago. If I hadn’t been late, I would have tried to find out exactly what they had been doing, but I said goodbye and dashed off to Julia’s house.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Leaving York

Only a short post this time. Almost fitting for the content, we're in a hotel in York for the end of term sex party tomorrow - we've just had a fun evening with a couple of friends (which you'll hear about in due course). Jen is here with us again to enjoy multiple people helping and watching her cum... Back to mid January...

I returned to York on the Friday morning to help with the final set of packing. Mike had pretty much finished everything off so it wasn’t too much work. This worked out for the best as we had decided that we should really say goodbye to the house properly (see the end of the previous post) and the plan was to fuck in every room one last time. Obviously Mike couldn’t cum that many times, but we utilised his ability to hold back and he fucked me in the kitchen until I came, then we moved into the living room and carried on until I came again and he came in me.

We sorted out a few more things until he accosted me on the stairs and made me stay in place while he ate me to another orgasm. I wasn’t given a chance to rest though and was told to climb up the stairs on all fours and once I made it to the landing, he fingered me. It started off with just my pussy and clit, but by the time I came, I was lying on my side and he had a thumb in my ass and the other in my cunt. While I recovered, he briefly slid into me and then asked me to suck him clean (which I did). It was then time to go and fetch the van, so we got dressed and headed off.

On our return, we had some lunch and he then fucked me in his bedroom until I came and once we had moved a few boxes, he fucked me in Jen’s bedroom until we both came. After a bit of a rest, we spent a while longer packing the van and finished a little sooner than we had expected. Mike thought this was a good thing as he had a request from Jen to fulfil. I was taken out to the garden and the he stuck the dildo with the suction cup to the patio doors. I agreed that the garden counted as a ‘room’ so it had to be included in our game and I eased myself onto the dildo and started to pump back and forth. As I got close to cumming, he said that Jen had said that I needed to pee while I came. I was going to change before we went out that night anyway so I kicked off my shoes and as I came, I let go and felt the warmth spray over and run down my legs. My socks and skirt were pretty soaked by the time I finished cumming so I stripped them off and then thought I may as well do it properly and removed my top and bra. It was too cold to stay outside naked for long so we headed in and I had a warm shower to clean off.

The opportunity to tick off another room wasn’t wasted and Mike used the pulse setting on the shower to make me cum yet again. My legs felt very weak by the time he had finished and I told him I needed a break. He changed the shower head for the one that had been there when he got the house and packed the pulse one (although both Jen and I already have one so I was almost tempted to leave it with a note detailing its alternative use). We headed down for some dinner and as I had half expected, once we had eaten, I was ordered up onto the table and Mike rubbed the remainder of his dessert onto my pussy and licked me clean. Of course, he then did a lot more than just lick me clean and speared both my holes with his tongue over and over before concentrating on my clit and making me cum.

We needed another shower before we went out but I knew I was safe as the old one isn’t anywhere near as effective when it comes to use as a sex toy. I hadn’t counted on the fact that Mike had decided he would thoroughly clean my pussy though and I was fingered and rubbed before he knelt in front of me and ate me again (to orgasm). By my count I’d now cum ten times (which while that is nowhere near my record, is a lot more than I am used to). We weren’t going to stay out late anyway as we had to set off in the morning, so I had a little rest while Mike cleared up and washed my clothes from earlier and we then headed out to meet up with the few friends who were still around (a lot of conferences happen in Jan were in then, so even some of my friends who hadn’t left were away).

We had taken a chance and invited Sara and Emily along as Mike has got to know them fairly well over the previous couple of months. They knew that our other friends didn’t know about the sex parties, but they were in the same situation, so we knew they weren’t going to say anything. It was a nice evening, although a little sad as I knew I wasn’t likely to be back to York very often. Mike managed to have a quiet chat with Emily and Sara and they later came up and (discreetly) asked me if I’d really cum ten times that day already. I confirmed that this was true and Sara asked if I was naked under my skirt. I decided to be a little braver than usual around my friends (although I carefully angled myself so that only Sara would see) so I dropped a napkin, and then bent down to pick it up. I only had a short skirt on, so this gave her a clear view of my ass and pussy as my skirt rode up. I didn’t stay in that position for long but when I stood up and checked, she said that she had seen.

We got home reasonably early and went straight to bed. I thought we were just going to have a quick session and then sleep, but I was once again fucked until I came and we then moved into Jen’s room where Mike finished off and I came again. We returned to his room and (once he was hard again – or at least semi-hard), we spooned. We fell asleep and I thought we had managed to do every room, but I was woken up in the middle of the night and led downstairs. I had forgotten about the front wall - which, while technically not in the house as I would be standing on the public street, we had fucked there a number of times, so for completeness, Mike thought we should include it. We went out without putting any lights on, wearing just dressing gowns and I leant against the wall so I could present myself to Mike. He lifted my gown up and slipped into me, pumping back and forth until he was the whole way in. He then reached around and pressed a vibrating egg against my clit and said he wanted me to have a good orgasm. As we fucked, Mike flipped my gown over me so the side facing down the street was exposed and he encouraged me to cum as quickly as possible. It was a bit cold out so I didn’t want to draw things out longer than needed, but the egg was beginning to have an effect so I didn’t mind the cold too much. We finished off without being interrupted (or discovered) and Mike came in me once more. We returned to bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning (or later that morning), we woke up and had our final fuck in bed (our traditional morning spoon – having being woken up by Mike eating me). We threw the final things in the van, had breakfast and set off North. I managed to sleep for a while during the journey, but not for the whole way and we arrived early afternoon. It took until evening to unpack (after having some lunch) and we were both fairly tired, but we wanted to go out and celebrate finally being together again (now we just had to get Jen and we would be complete). We had a little rest (no sex), then some food and a shower (together) before getting dressed up nicely to head out. We went to a couple of places that we like and then returned home feeling quite tired. We just had to christen the new place as ‘our’ place and we had plain old missionary position sex before falling asleep.
The Sunday morning, I was woken up by Mike between my legs (again) and told him that I expected that every morning. He ate me until I came and then slipped me over so he could lie on top of me and take me gently from behind (Sue’s favourite position). We talked while he moved in me and he suggested that we say hello to our new place properly. I knew what he meant and pointed out that we had already has sex in every room. It didn’t take him long to convince me that we should do it again though now that we were both there and we repeated what we’d done in York (in the sense of me cumming in every room and Mike cumming a couple of times).

The cumming was interspersed with unpacking and trying to get two people’s belongings into a flat only big enough for one. We’d started looking for a bigger place (now that we don’t have to pay for two separate places) but with the Christmas holiday that hadn’t gotten too far so it was our main job over the next few weeks. (Ideally we would love to buy a place, but unless and generous readers want to send us a few tens of thousands of pounds for a deposit, we can’t afford it.) Once everything was unpacked (and the apartment was a complete mess) and we’d finished screwing in every room, we settled down to rest so Mike was ready for his new job. After dinner we had a fairly early night (about 10) and had a final session. Having cum a number of times already that day, we spent a while having sex before we came – I went on top for a fair portion of the time and we finished off with one of my favourite positions – Mike holding tightly onto me and pounding his cock into my cunt over and over until I (and then he) came.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

January 2012 Sex Party

I'm going to write a 'FAQ' for the questions people keep asking me - things like:
What are my favourite positions?
Who do I love more - Mike or Jen?
What is kitty kissing?

If anyone has anything else they would like answered, please either leave a comment or drop me an email. I may not answer some questions, but anything I usually write about is fair game. Back to the sex party now...

We arrived and found that a few people had started early – one couple was already fucking and we stood and watched. Mike fondled me while this happened and this helped to show off my frilly panties to the people around us. Once the sofa couple had finished, I was ready to go and called Sara over. (For the purpose of this entry, assume that any sex at the party is done safely unless stated otherwise.) Emily handed her to me and told me to take care of her, so we started to kiss and I slowly disrobed her. I didn’t strip her naked, but I got her cute little breasts exposed and had a suck on her nipples, then moved on to removing her panties and hiking her skirt up. I was pleased to see that she had a little patch of (properly) red hair and I told her that I liked it. I gently played with this while we kissed and her hand slid between my legs and into my panties.

Mike helped out and slid my panties off and I spread my legs to allow Sara’s fingers full access. I quickly slipped my fingers into her pussy and gave it a good fingering before telling her I wanted to eat her. I pushed her back on the sofa and slid down between her legs. Her pubic hair now looked somewhat darker and I spread her legs to expose her pussy and started to lick her. I had my ass raised in the air and felt my skirt being lifted. I didn’t bother to look around to see who it was, but I felt a hand stroking my ass, then my pussy and then fingers pushing into my cunt. I then felt another hand caress me and s second set of fingers enter my pussy so I broke contact with Sara’s cunt to look round. The fingers belonged to Mike and Emily so I just resumed my work on Sara. It feels very different having two people’s fingers inside you as they move entirely independently (even if they are trying to do the same thing, there is always a bit of a lag). I lapped away at Sara’s cunt until she started to squirm around and then concentrated on her clit more to get her off. Almost as soon as I pulled my head away, she closed her legs and lay there recovering – which was a pity as I’d wanted to get a better look at her pussy and her crinkle cut lips.

Their original plan had been for Mike and Emily to just play with me while I was working on Sara, but I asked them to carry on and make me cum, so they did. Mike rubbed my clit and I had two fingers plunging in and out of my cunt until I came. I wasn’t the only one who thought Sara was very attractive, so we’d had a fair bit of attention while I’d been playing with her – which had resulted in having a fair few people watch me be double fingered. I liked the position I was in and how exposed it made me, so once I’d cum I asked if anyone wanted to use me before I got off the sofa. I had a taker and so I jutted my ass out to let him easily slide into me. He reached around to fondle my breasts while we fucked and this helped him get nice and deep inside me. I did what I could to help out by squeezing myself around him (all the practising has paid off and I’m quite good at this now). I could tell he was going to cum before I did and I was going to reach back and rub my clit, but decided on a better plan. I encouraged him to keep going and faked my own orgasm roughly at the same time he came.

I carried on gently playing with myself when he pulled out and asked if anyone else wanted to use me while I was in a suitable position (I was still kneeling on the sofa with my ass sticking out – so fairly accessible). I had another taker and told him to use me however he wanted and looked back to watch as he positioned himself behind me and I felt his cock push against my cunt. I was quite wet from being so turned on so he slid in easily and I felt his body press against my ass once he was the whole way inside me. I squeezed myself around him and rotated my hips to encourage him to fuck me and was rewarded with him eagerly pumping into me. I was pretty sure that I would cum this time (and was aware that faking it again and asking for a third guy might appear a bit greedy) and I carried on rubbing my clit. He reached around and played with my breasts and I told him to open my top so he could touch them properly. He fumbled around with the buttons and slowed down his movements so he could undo them, but I told him to just pull the blouse open and that I didn’t care if he tore it. He clearly liked this idea and gave both sides a hard pull and the buttons gave way. He gave the material such a hard tug that it yanked my arm and tore partway down the side as well. He apologised, but I said it was fine and that I’d asked him to do it and I pushed back hard against him.

He grabbed my breasts through my bra and I thought that we may as well carry on the same way, so I told him to grab the back of my bra and pull so he could break the catches. He eagerly did this and pushed my bra off my breasts so they swung free. He then groped them, squeezing and kneading, while he carried on pumping into me. I thrust myself back against him each time he pushed into me and our bodies were slamming together. I knew that I was very close so kept telling him to fuck me harder and empty his cum into me. I kept myself close to cumming but wanted to make sure I enjoyed my actual orgasm, so I came a little before he did. It felt nice having him still pumping into me for a short while though and I felt pretty good by the time he pulled out and I relaxed onto the sofa.

I looked around to see where Mike had got to and couldn’t see him. I wasn’t overly concerned and grabbed a drink and chatted to a couple of people before heading upstairs to find him (it was about the only place he could be as it was a fairly safe assumption that he hadn’t decided to pass up the opportunity to fuck a few girls. I traded stories about the holiday period (slightly edited in my case) and watched a couple fuck until I felt ready for some more action and then headed upstairs. Mike was just about to head back down, having finished up and I found out that he had been playing with Laura. I remembered that he had wanted to fuck her at a previous party but she had been on a girl-only binge, so he took the opportunity this time.

They had started fondling each other while watching people on the bed and had taken their place when they had finished. She had been on top (most of the time) and had ridden him facing him at first and then facing away from him afterwards. This had allowed him to reach round and fondle her breasts – and at one point he had pulled her back against him so she was lying on top of him (still facing away from him) so he could hump his cock into her and let their audience see things properly. As is usually the case with Mike, he waited until she had cum before he did, so she got a reasonably good post-orgasm fucking and said that her pussy was tingling by the time he pulled out of her. I gave her pussy a quick fondle (just because I could) and we headed back downstairs.

We watched a guy being sucked off and Laura suggested that we go and offer some help. The girl wasn’t too willing to let us help at first as she is straight, but she is someone that Laura has fooled around with in the past (Laura likes eating straight girls – when she – or their boyfriends – can convince them to let her try this). We ended up taking turns – two of us sucking his cock and the third one of us letting him play with her breasts. When he got close to cumming, we carefully arranged ourselves so all three of us could lick him. At first, we couldn’t get enough pressure to make him cum (three heads around one cock isn’t that easy) so gave him a ‘hand’ until he was just about to explode, then mushed our faces together and all licked the head. This time, he had no trouble and we saw his cum splurt into the condom. It looked like a fair amount and I imagined what it would have been like if we’d been doing things ‘properly’ and pictured the three of us covered in his cum.

Mike had enjoyed our display and was sporting an obvious bulge, but said that he had a definite target in mind, so didn’t want to cum just yet. We headed back up and watched a threesome on one of the beds (two guys, one girl) and I told Mike that I really wanted to try that. We found Sara and Emily in the other bedroom and Emily told us that she had already let a guy have his way with her. Mike asked if that meant he wasn’t going to get a chance and she told him that he could still have a go, but she wanted a little while to recover first. To help him pass the time, I let him eat me (aren’t I generous). I wasn’t all about taking though and offered to jerk off anyone who wanted me to do so. As usual, my imagination is much richer than reality and I didn’t get my desired line of guys waiting to cum over me, but I did get one who let me fondle him and who then sprayed a small amount of cum over my breasts (but he had already cum twice that night, so I’m not surprised he didn’t have much left). Mike took his time eating me and by the time I came, he had me holding my ankles up by my head and he was alternating between pumping two fingers into me and sucking my clit. I had quite a strong orgasm and stayed lying on the bed to watch another couple fuck while I recovered.

Eating me really got Mike in the mood to do more and he went off to see if Emily was ready for his promised fuck. He got lucky that time and she let him fondle her downstairs, but said that she wanted to use a bed to do things properly. He brought her back up to the room I was in and they got down to business quite quickly. I asked if I could lend a hand and neither of them objected, so while Emily was on her back, I kissed her, played with her breasts and rubbed her clit (not all at the same time). Mike asked her to go on top for a while and she obliged. She rode him first and as they got closer to cumming, he pulled her down onto him so they could kiss and he could pound rapidly into her. I always love it when he does this to me and it was interesting watching Emily’s reaction. The position seemed to be just as effective with her and she came, letting out little moans between kisses. Mike pounded into her a little while longer before he came and then rolled over so he was on top of her again.

They kissed a bit more and he then pulled out of her and kissed down to her breasts. He nuzzled and licked them for a while before moving further down her body and pushing her legs open. She asked what he was going to do and he told her that she wasn’t going to get away with just cumming once, then proceeded (after grabbing appropriate protection) to push his head between her legs and eating her. From her reaction, he did a pretty good job (but he’s had lots of practice) and I helped out once more by fondling her breasts and kissing her a bit. I couldn’t resist playing with myself, but didn’t want to waste an orgasm so I was determined to not actually cum (so someone else could make me cum). It wasn’t too long before Emily looked quite flushed. She came again and once her orgasm had ended, Mike kitty kissed her back down and then moved his head away. I found out that he had worked his thumb under the plastic sheet and had been fingering her while he sucked her clit (which she had obviously enjoyed) and he offered her his thumb to let her suck it clean, which she did.

Mike thanked Emily – who thanked him back – and once he had helped her and I up, we headed downstairs and let Emily head off to find Sara. There aren’t that many bi/gay girls at the parties (not counting the ones who let Laura do things to them as I don’t think they are really bi but just experimenting). There was a bit of a lull in the sex for a while and we took the opportunity to rest and grab a drink. A couple then started to fuck on the sofa and things started up again. A number of us watched them and they put on a fairly good display.

Mike fondled me while this happened and a guy asked me to make out with his girlfriend. We didn’t have sex, just kissed – although we did get on to a bit of breast play, which he really enjoyed watching. I would have been happy to do a lot more, but the girl wanted her boyfriend to fuck her and asked him to head upstairs with her. He dragged me along (not that I tried to resist) and asked me to keep kissing her and play with her breasts while they had sex. He ate her briefly before he fucked her and she certainly responded to this. When he stood up, I offered to check that his cock was ready to fuck (which it, obviously was) and I wrapped my hand around it. I pumped up and down and pulled him towards her cunt, then guided him into her. I didn’t let him slide the whole way straight away in as I kept my hand on the shaft, but each time I let him get a bit deeper and I could feel his cock getting slicker with her juices.

I eventually removed my hand to let him fuck her properly but I slid it up over her pussy as I returned to sucking on her nipples. I don’t know if she had become more accepting of letting me do things or was just enjoying the sex, but she held my head firmly against her breasts so I lapped away at the nipple in my mouth. When it seemed like she was getting closer to cumming, I slid a hand down her body once more and rubbed up and down her pussy, feeling her bf’s cock still pumping into her between my fingers. She didn’t stop me doing this, so I went a bit further and had a play with her clit. It was now really obvious that she either wanted me to carry on or that she was really lost in her pleasure, so I carried on frigging her until she came. Her boyfriend wasn’t far behind her and after he had cum, he pulled out and rubbed his cock over her cunt and my hand. I gave it a quick rub before returning my hand to her pussy and rubbing up and down her lips. The whole area was fairly wet, and I could feel when his cum started to ooze out of her, so I rubbed it around her cunt and thighs. I kissed her properly again and asked if she had enjoyed herself (she had). Once she had caught her breath, we chatted for a while and I found out that I wasn’t her first girl – Laura had gotten to her almost a year before, but that she hadn’t repeated the experience with another girl since then (Laura had actually gotten to eat her). I offered her my pussy, just in case she wanted to repay me, but she said that she didn’t really want to eat me (although her bf was quite keen on watching this).

I gave his cock another quick stroke before heading off to wash and then find Mike. He was sitting downstairs chatting to someone while a girl was kneeling between his legs sucking him off. I’m not longer bothered by watching this as I think my own skills in this area have increased since I got the tips from Sue. I watched until he came and then as they switched places, it became clear that they had agreed a reciprocal arrangement. Mike knelt between her legs and ate her. I want over to sit beside her and we (she and I) talked while he worked on her. He ate her quite fiercely and it wasn’t long before she was panting away. I later found out that he was also knuckling her (rubbing his knuckle against her ass) and she soon came. He briefly kitty kissed her, but then moved over between my legs and pushed his face between my legs. I hadn’t been expecting this, but it is very rare that I don’t want him to eat me (and this wasn’t one of those times) so I spread my legs and let him continue. He ate me just as ferociously (and I know he probably enjoyed it more as he could actually taste me and push his tongue into me) so I surrendered myself to the feelings and allowed myself to cum.

I felt quite tingly after this orgasm (not in a bad way) and knew that I’d probably want to cum once more before we left, so we wandered round and watched other people doing things. We found a couple up in one of the bedrooms and joined a few others to watch. They weren’t being very inventive so I thought I should help entertain people (by which I mean I thought I should take the opportunity to fuck) and asked one of the guys watching if he wanted some action. I told him that I would take care of everything and got him to lie down on the bed. He was already nice and hard from watching the couple fuck so I quickly mounted him and eagerly humped up and down on his cock. I rode him, played with my clit, fondled his balls and teased my nips. All through this I had a nice dirty conversation with him, encouraging him to fuck me harder and deeper and to fill my cunt with his cum (as I said at the beginning, we were having safe sex, but ‘fill your condom with your cum’ doesn’t seem quite as sexy).

He sucked on my nips for a while and I told him to let me know when he was about to cum. As he got closer, I concentrated more on my clit and told him to hold back until I had cum. As a reward, I pounded up and down on his cock and did everything I could to make his orgasm feel better. Almost as soon as he had finished, I dismounted, pulled his condom off and smeared his cum over my breasts. I felt a lot more satisfied now and we went back downstairs for another drink and a chat. Sara and Emily were heading off and we debated going with them, but decided to stay a little longer. Before they left, they told us that they had been given ‘the rules’ for the unprotected party and directed us to the girl they had been speaking to. We had a chat with her and found out that it was pretty much what we had expected – everyone had to have an up to date (within two weeks of the party) check for all STDs. Girls had to be on the pill and you obviously needed to be prepared for sloppy seconds (or thirds...). Anyone could obviously still say no to anyone and preferably people were meant to come as couples so the numbers evened out. Despite really looking forwards to it, we still hadn’t quite decided whether we were going, but said that we would.

Mike was hard again and I asked if he wanted to go for one more round before we left (either with me or someone else) but he said that we could wait until we were home. I had somewhat fewer clothes on for the walk back due to them being torn during the earlier fun, but my coat covered me up. We discussed the party on the way back and imagined what it might be like and by the time we got home, I felt incredibly horny. I had a quick shower when we got back and at Mike’s request I put my cute socks back on and added a (nearly) matching pair of panties. We rolled around for a while, his cock pressing and rubbing against me before he finally pulled the crotch aside and entered me. We had a fairly long fuck and Mike played up to my fantasy and described in great detail what it might be like with everyone fucking me, cumming over me and in me. He fucked me through one orgasm and kept going until I came a second time (which I thought was fairly impressive given what I’d already done that night).

We tried to spoon, but he couldn’t get hard again so I just pressed back against him. That was the time that we decided we would definitely go for it and go to the unprotected party – Mike said that it was clear how much I wanted to have my ultimate fantasy come true and he relished the idea of being able to eat and fuck (properly) a number of different girls.

The next morning, we had a brief fuck, but couldn’t stay in bed long as we had to get packing done (which we really should have done the previous day). I’d thought that I had already taken most of my things up but found I had a lot more left than I knew about (both clothes and sex toys). We decided to put some of them into storage and I just put our favourites aside to take back home with me. We had arranged to meet up with Jo for lunch and it was nice to see her. She was the first girl I actually liked imagining doing things with and I remembered how attracted to her I was. Of course, given the opportunity, I would still jump her instantly – although Jen has said that she would want to be included as well – and Mike certainly wouldn’t say not to her (and he probably has the best chance out of the three of us, but I can’t imagine she would ever cheat on her boyfriend).

After lunch, we returned to the house and I helped do a bit more packing – I felt sad that we would be leaving the house as this was where I’d had my first sexual experience (Mike fingering and eating me), my first full (heterosexual) intercourse and my first time eating another girl (I’d fooled around with Jen once at the party we met, but only with fingers) – and of course many other ‘firsts’ involving anal sex, food play and so on. We decided on a fitting way to say goodbye to the place but that would have to wait until the following week...

Saturday, 10 March 2012

How to pass the time at a conference...

Just about to head out with Jen and friends, but thought I would quickly post this for anyone staying in tonight :)

rsday and even though I wanted to go and see Mike, I’d decided that I would stay for the conference dinner on the Friday night (it’s a good networking opportunity) and I had the sex party to look forward to anyway. It wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped, but I decided to liven my evening up a little. I didn’t want to do anything that might get back to people I worked with, so I carefully chose my targets and flirted with a few guys while we had drinks. It’s not that difficult to tell when people (and by people, in this context I mean guys) are genuinely being nice and when they are just hoping they can get off with you if they are nice to you. I identified a few people from the latter camp (although not the real letches) and at different times, asked if they wanted to go somewhere and have ‘a more private chat’.

After a few carefully placed touches, I made it clear in each case that (if they wanted), I would be amenable to a bit of fondling and we found a suitable place down the corridor from the bar. The first guy I took there, kissed me and I pushed myself up against him. He had a play with my breasts (I had a fairly low-cut dress on, but that is acceptable at these things) and with a bit of help, he got my breasts free. I didn’t want to let him have all the fun so I unzipped his trousers and slid my hand in so I could fondle his cock. Once I’d got it out, he suggested that we fuck, but I said I wasn’t on the pill and would take care of him another way. I stroked and pumped his cock and pushed one of his hands between my legs so he could finger me. While we played, I told him what to do, where to touch, how fast to move and made sure that I didn’t let him cum until I had done so. I then knelt in front of him and jerked him off until he was about to cum. I then aimed his cock so his cum splattered over by breasts and then used it to rub the cum in and push it down between my breasts.

After wiping the top half of my breasts dry, I fixed my dress and we headed back to the bar. It had been a surreptitious meeting, so he understood when I said I would mingle again. I waited until he disappeared (to the toilet I think) before leading my next target off back to the same location. I was a lot more direct this time and grabbed his crotch pretty much as soon as we started kissing. I didn’t want him wiping any of the cum from the first guy onto my pussy so I pushed his hand straight between my legs before he started to play with my breasts. While he fingered me, I pulled his cock free and gave it the same treatment as I’d given the first one. I told him to let me know when he was going to cum and it only took a few minutes before he breathlessly told me he was close. I knelt in front of him, aimed him at my breasts and let him splurt his cum over them. They weren’t uncovered this time though and so while a fair amount hit my skin and trickled down between them, some landed on my dress. I wasn’t too bothered about that as I had a wrap to cover myself with and I stood up and asked him to carry on fingering me while I milked the last few drops out of his cock and felt them drip on my leg.

He wasn’t quite as skilled as the first guy, but still managed to make me cum. I wiped myself clean once more and covered the rest of his mess before we headed back to the bar. I was quite enjoying myself but knew that there was only so long that I could do this before getting caught, so my final target of the night I had other plans for. This guy was a little older (maybe mid-late 30’s) and I led him out of the bar and up to my room. I let him know that I was married (just in case it mattered to him) and made sure that he wasn’t married (as I don’t believe in cheating – and yes – I know, but it isn’t cheating if you have your partner’s permission). For the record, he was divorced so I told him that was good enough for me and suggested that we fuck.

He liked me being so direct and I told him that I’d be a lot more direct once we got into bed. I had a quick shower first to remove the other cum (which I would have quite liked to keep on me, but I didn’t think it would be fair). He joined me in the shower, stood behind me and helped to wash me off, which quickly turned into fondling. I once again used the excuse (lie) of not being on the pill, which nicely avoids saying ‘I don’t know if you have any diseases’ so he was careful to just rub his cock between my ass cheeks. I naturally rubbed back against him and we soon decided that it was time to move on to more substantial things.

We dried off and I knelt in front of him to get a good look at his erection. It was nothing special, but he was reasonably proportioned and after I’d gently played with it for a while, I wrapped my breasts around it and gave him a brief tit job. He liked this and I told him if he was good, I would do it again later. I was more than ready to fuck by this time and after a quick application of a condom, I got him to lie on the bed and I mounted him. I started off facing him and reached behind me to fondle his balls (he *really* liked that). I also rubbed my clit and gave him my best set of dirty talk. This didn’t seem to faze him and he responded in kind, telling me how he was going to pound my snatch. I didn’t know how long he was likely to last so I didn’t hold back and frigged myself until I was really close to cumming. I then just rode him until he got close before resuming my frigging and getting myself off. I carried on sliding up and down his cock until he came, then pressed down hard and contracted myself around him to milk him dry.

After cleaning off his cock, I asked if he could go another round. He thought that he could, but wanted a little rest first. I didn’t want to sit and make small talk, so I sat on a chair facing him and used a hairbrush to masturbate with. This had the desired effect of speeding up his recovery and within a few minutes he was stroking his cock and looked ready to go. I moved over to the window and leant against it, sticking my ass out. I watched him get ready and move over behind me. He thrust into me and I was pressed up against the glass (we were on the 11th floor, so I didn’t care about anyone seeing me – or recognising me if they did). The glass felt very cold on my skin and I told him to fuck me hard and fast, but not to cum. He did a pretty good job and I rubbed my clit while he fucked me. When I got closer to cumming I told him to pull out and then reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks. I asked him if he wanted my other hole and he eagerly pushed into me.

I told him to be a bit gentler with my ass, but he said it was tight enough that he didn’t need to move as much anyway. I told him that he could either cum where he was or if he waited until I’d cum, I would finish the tit job and let him cum over me. I resumed rubbing my clit, but I could also now plunge a couple of fingers into my cunt. He pumped away into my ass and I thought I was going to cum first as I was very quickly getting there, but he then said that he was about to cum (and then did). I told him to stay inside me and I quickly finished myself off (he wasn’t moving anymore, but was still filling my ass). As soon as I’d cum, I pulled myself off his cock and turned around to kneel in front of him. I quickly pulled his condom off and rubbed his cock between my breasts, letting his cum cover them (or at least the inner parts).

We didn’t really chat much while he got dressed and once he’d gone, I headed back into the shower to clean myself off (again). I called Mike and then Jen to tell them about the fun I’d had and stood in front of the window (naked) while chatting with them. I gently stroked myself, but didn’t need to cum again (although Mike made himself cum while listening to me).

I headed over to see Mike early on the Saturday morning – by leaving early I also avoided running in to any of the people I’d played with the previous evening. I arrive at his place (which is still technically my place as well, but I can’t really have two homes) by about 10.30 (so he wasn’t up long) and I had breakfast with him. Having caught an early train, it had been fairly quiet and I’d taken the opportunity to have a fairly long play with myself (covering up whenever anyone wandered past of course). I’d done this so I was fairly horny as I had restrained from cumming. We debated fucking, but decided to save it for the party that night. Of course, that didn’t stop Mike from teasing me a little and he enjoyed tasting my pussy. I gave his cock a quick suck before he showered and we headed out to meet up with Lucy and Lis.

Technically, Lis had already left York, but she had come back to collect the few final things she’d left and to hand the keys back for her house. When we met up with them, they were sitting chatting at a table in the cafe and it was obvious that they were still very much in love, in the new-infatuation way. After initial hellos, Lis blurted out that Lucy had been telling her about Mike and Julia fucking at New Year (which had got back to Lucy). I replied by telling her that it was only fair as I’d got to have her and Mike hadn't had a chance to do things with her before Lucy stole her away. I always watch Lucy closely when I say stuff like that as even though she says she is fine with the fact that Jen and I had a short affair with Lis, I’m still not entirely sure if she minds or not. She seemed fine with it so I carried on and teased Mike about his habit of really fancying lesbians (as opposed to bi-girls who he might actually stand a chance of doing things with). This led nicely into his Lucy/Pavlina fetish and we ended up telling them about Sara and Emily from the sex party, who Mike has got to know reasonably well.

Lis wanted to know if he got to have sex with them outside of the parties (or at least with Emily as Sara is gay) and he said that he didn’t, but then told them that we were going to one of the parties that night. Lucy already knew a fair bit about the parties as we’d talked about them before, but she hadn’t told Lis everything, so we filled her in on the details – about how it was all safe-sex, how you could do pretty much whatever you wanted (as long as everyone consented) and how much I enjoyed being able to be that free and open around a group of people. While I was saying this, I knew that I wanted to with to have another private chat with her to make sure she understood that what Jen and I had done with her was different, but that wasn’t the time.
With lunch over, Mike and I headed home for a little rest before the party. We followed our usual pattern of gently playing with each other, having a doze, Mike shaving me, a light dinner and then setting off. At Laura’s request (formerly known as bi-girl for long term readers), I was wearing my schoolgirl outfit and had borrowed the long socks with frilly tops from Jen to make it look that bit cuter. I had the matching panties on, and I actually felt naughtier wearing them than I usually do when going commando. (As a side note, I’ve got a bit more used to the cold now and this is the first year that I’ve managed to go almost the whole winter (so far) without having either panties and thick tights or trousers on.) We met up with Emily and Sara on the way and headed off to the party.

On the way, I complimented Sara on how well she had adapted to the parties. From what Mike has said, she isn’t much like Julia or myself (nymphomaniacs), but she certainly seems to have got into the swing of things and has fun there. While she isn’t some wishy-washy pushover, I guess that coming to Uni and getting swept up in things so quickly could happen, but she seems to be enjoying herself and I don’t think Emily would want to do anything to hurt her, so it’s al good.
I told Sara that Mike had asked to watch me licking her cute little pussy, then asked permission from Emily (who said I could). My comment got a blush out of her which I found quite cute. Mike hadn’t actually said this, but I wanted a chance to make Sara cum as she is quite cute. What Mike *actually* wanted to do (not counting fucking lesbians) was to fuck Emily while *she* ate Sara – and I was more than happy to watch him do this if he got the chance.