Saturday, 24 March 2012

Asses, cunts and showers

I didn't realise I'd forgotten to post during the week. I'll put another post up tomorrow, but hopefully this will help anyone who wants to cum now :) Sue and Ryan are down visiting Jen and I - I don't want to give too much away, but lets just say we're having fun. They're currently downstairs having lunch so I'd better go... This entry follows on from the last one.

Peter was already there when I arrived and a naked Julia answered the door. Peter was still clothed (although obviously hard) and I found out that Julia had been ‘letting’ him finger her and play with her breasts. Not to be outdone, I knelt in front of her and gave her pussy a good lick before standing up and wishing them both a happy New Year. Peter wanted to kiss me so he could taste Julia (she had explained that he couldn’t do things to us ‘properly’ unless he went and got tested – which he hadn’t done yet) and as we kissed, I pushed his hand under my skirt and his fingers found my crotch.

I said that I didn’t have much time and that we had decided on a nice treat for him. We wouldn’t tell him what it was, but led him up to the bedroom and Julia undressed me while Peter removed his own clothes. I draped Lucy’s panties over his cock and gave him a little rub before letting him smell her scent off them. (Naturally, I had taken the opportunity on the walk over to smell and taste her.) I then rolled a condom onto his cock and lay on the bed. Julia climbed on top of me in a 69 position and I told Peter to climb up and get inside her. As he fucked her, I tried to lick her clit, but (as expected) this isn’t that easy as swinging boy bits tend to get in the way. Fortunately, that wasn’t our plan and I told him to pull out and I then pulled hr ass cheeks apart and told him that as long as he thought he could repeat it (on me), he could fuck her ass.

He was confident he could (and from our earlier playing we know that he seems to be able to cum twice in fairly close succession) so I applied a bi of lube to his cock (not too much as I didn’t want it dripping down onto my face and spoiling the taste of Julia’s pussy) and once again spread her ass cheeks. Julia planted her cunt firmly on my mouth and I watched Peter’s cock slide into her ass. This position was much easier (although I still had his balls in my face), but at least I could properly eat Julia. She seemed to be really enjoying herself and was working her usual magic on my pussy. Peter came first but Julia wasn’t far behind him and she did switched to rubbing my clit while she gasped and recovered from her orgasm. Once I’d cum, we rested for a little while and I removed Peter’s condom and wiped his cock clean of cum using Lucy’s panties.

We both stroked him to keep him hard and once we thought we were ready, we resumed our earlier positions, but with me on top this time. He started in my cunt and then switched to my ass. It certainly felt good being filled by him and having Julia eating me and I tried to return the favour by fingering both her holes and flicking her clit with my tongue. Peter was surprisingly gentle (although I guess he was fucking his second ass in about 15 minutes) – it still felt good though and I told him to hold back and not cum until Jules and I were ready as well. Julia actually ended up cumming first (apparently I’ve gotten quite good at stimulating her) but this meant that she could concentrate on me and so I could finish off much more quickly. I kept Peter informed of how close I was getting, so he came only just after I did.

I once again removed his condom and wiped his cock clean with Lucy’s panties, then emptied the contents of the condom onto the panties and got him to imagine her wearing them, with his cum rubbing against her lips and covering her cunt. This was enough to get him to half mast very quickly and I debated giving him another go, but wanted to get back to see Jen (plus I thought he'd had enough fun for one weekend). Julia and I left together and wandered back to Jen’s place where I returned the pair of somewhat damp panties to Lucy. As expected, she threw them straight into the laundry but found it amusing that he had enjoyed being rubbed with them.

Other than a brief trip into town, we didn’t do much for the rest of the day and just relaxed until evening when we headed out to see everyone. There was only a little fooling around but we discussed going back to the hardcore club and we filled Lis in on the sorts of things that happened there. She found it hard to believe that there were shows where people actually fucked up on stage and I promised to show her some similar videos when we returned home. I also had a chat with Lis about how things were going with Lucy (both in the romantic and physical senses). As I’ve mentioned before, Lis knows that I think Lucy is incredibly sexy (as does Lucy for that matter) and how much I would love to sleep with her and I tried to convince Lis how hot it would be for her to eat Lucy and then come and kiss me so I could taste her. I hadn’t expected Lis to go along with this at all, but she seemed to seriously consider it and then said that she would have to check that it was okay with Lucy before actually doing it.

I wasn’t sure how Lucy would react, but Lis dashed off and chatted with her and returned to say that Lucy thought it was a very odd request, but if I really wanted it, she might consider it at some point (looking back, I think Lucy might have just been a bit drunk when she ‘agreed’ to this). I could feel my pussy tingling with anticipation at just the thought of this (I know I’m not going to get to actually sleep with her or taste her ‘directly’, but this was much more than I had ever expected). I told Lis I was looking forwards to it and went off to give the news to Jen. Lucy didn’t say anything about it to me when I later chatted to her and I was happy to wait and see if she would play along, so I didn’t raise the matter either.

We stayed out fairly late, so when it was time to leave, we went straight home instead of heading round to anyone’s house. I remembered that I had promised to show Lis some videos though and I pulled up a couple of Rockbitch ones. I pointed out that this wasn’t the band that actually performed at the club, but that they were ‘inspired’ by them, and we sat and watched as a couple of girls fingered each other and then one ate the other and finally someone was fisted. This was all in front of a live audience and when the video ended (it was only about 5 minutes), I told Lis that we could see something similar the next time we went to the club. Despite having been (or seemed to be) so shy and innocent until quite recently, Lis thought this sounded like a good idea and she and Lucy headed up to bed. Jen and I stayed down and I put on another video – very similar to the first, but in this one, the singer climbs up on a higher part of the stage and pees all over one of the other hand members. I know that Jen likes this video and I encouraged her to play with herself while we watched it and once she was sufficiently lubricated, we headed up to bed.

As we ground against each other and kissed, Jen tried to tell me off for wanting to taste Lucy and kept saying how naughty I was. I had expected this from her and had already prepared my comeback – I told her that she was the naughty one for wanting to lie on the bed beside us with me eating Lucy, Jen’s legs spread, her fingers in her cunt, Lucy watching her masturbate and then wanting to shower Lucy and I with her pee as she came. At first Jen said that wasn’t one of her fantasies (and to be fair, she has never mentioned it to me), but I know her well enough and only had to keep fingering her while I asked her to tell me honestly that she didn’t like the sound of it. I realised that I had missed Lis out, so wove her into the fantasy and we ended up with all four of us cumming and three of us ending up rather soggy by the end of it. The fantasy was more than enough to get Jen excited though and she came with my fingers working in and on her cunt and my body pressed on top of her as we whispered details of the fantasy to each other.

As soon as Jen had finished cumming, I slid down her body so I could kitty kiss her (only seeing her at weekends – or every other weekend) means that I don’t want to waste an opportunity to taste her. She had obviously enjoyed the fantasy more than I’d thought as she usually doesn’t want to cum more than once if we get back really late, but as I licked and teased her cunt with my tongue, it was obvious that she didn’t want me to stop (mostly obvious as she told me she didn’t want me to stop!). Before she got too far along though, I think she realised that she was somewhat tired and if I made her cum again, she might not have the energy to do things in return to me. I told her that I would be happy to either do myself or to just make her cum (as frustrating as it can be to go to sleep horny, it is sometimes really nice to just concentrate on the other person and only worry about ensuring they are satisfied – and this often seems to lead to me having really interesting dreams).

Jen wanted us both to cum though (and I wasn’t going to argue with this) so we moved round into a 69 position (her on top) and played with each other. She was obviously a lot closer to cumming than I was, but this gave me the chance to get her really close and then keep her there until I came. Whenever I was going easy on her, I lapped around her inner lips and whenever I thought she had eased back from the edge, I attacked her clit directly. This meant that by the time I actually let her cum a second time, she was desperate and came quite noisily. This was partially muffled by her moaning into my pussy, but she lifted her head for a reasonable portion of her orgasm and panted, moaned and mewed her way through it. We had one final messy kiss. I hope it doesn’t sound too vain, but I quite like the way I taste – especially when mixed with Jen’s juices, so kissing after 69ing is a good way to taste both of us together. We then fell asleep fairly quickly, although I didn’t sleep too well and kept waking up.

The next morning, I woke Jen by rubbing her clit and we 69ed again before going down to breakfast. The house felt too cold for me to be naked so Jen gave me a t-shirt to wear. Well, when I say t-shirt, it only came down to the top of my stomach so it didn’t really keep me that warm and only drew attention to the fact that I wasn’t covered up. We made breakfast for Lucy and Lis and took it up to them, then sat on their bed chatting while we all ate. Lis seemed less bothered about ensuring she remained completely covered and her breasts ended up completely exposed by the time we’d finished. Unfortunately, they weren’t prepared to get out of bed while Jen and I were there but in order to encourage them to get up, I was sent down to shower.

As usual, I had to make use of the pulse setting and masturbate while showering and as I did this Lis, Jen and Lucy took turns standing in the bathroom and brushed their teeth. On the way out, each of them had a quick peek in and they then sat in the kitchen chatting and waiting for me to finish. I was told to be loud enough for them to hear me and I made sure that they were certain that I had cum before I quickly washed my hair, wrapped myself in a towel and joined them. Lis wanted to shower next and as a reward for having put on a good show, I was allowed to brush my teeth while she was showering, although Lucy playfully slapped my leg and told me I wasn’t allowed to peek at her (so I’m not sure it was that good a reward). I took what I could though and chatted to Lis (as best I could while I had a toothbrush in my mouth).

Lucy showered next and once she was in the shower, Lis suggested that I go back into the bathroom and demonstrate an alternative way to use en electric toothbrush. I really like the new-improved (and much dirtier) Lis (although I also liked the sweet-innocent one and kind of missed her, but if I encourage people to be more adventurous, I can’t complain when they are...). We headed back in to the bathroom and Lis told Lucy that I was there as well. I had to lift a foot up onto the side of the bath and Lis handed me my toothbrush. I changed the head for one of the extra soft ones and applied it to my clit. It felt really good and I pictured Lucy naked in the shower, running her hands over her body and her fingers dipping between her legs and then between her pussy lips. After a while, Lucy asked what we were doing and when Lis told her, her head appeared around the shower curtain to take a quick peek. I was getting close to cumming and my legs were feeling a bit shaky so Jen helped to hold me up and I came again, making enough noise for Lucy to hear me (she was back fully on the other side of the shower curtain by that time).

The three of us went back into the kitchen to wait for Lucy to finish and when Jen went in to shower, I told Lis and Lucy to give me a few minutes and then to peek. I went and joined Jen in the shower (which isn’t an uncommon event) and helped to soap her up. I would usually help to wash her hair, but I knew I didn’t have much time so I started to play with her and then got her to lean against the wall while I knelt and lapped away at her pussy. I kept an eye out on the shower curtain and a minute or so later, I saw a shadow and I licked Jen even harder. Fortunately, Jen had her eyes closed at first, so Lis and Lucy got to look for a short time (probably only about 10-15 seconds) before Jen realised she was being watched and waved at them to go away. I had a tight hold on her though so she couldn’t pull away from me and they watched for another 10 seconds (or so) before finally giving Jen the privacy she wanted.

Once they had gone, Jen told me that I had to make her cum to make up for that (she knew it had been my doing) and as she got closer to cumming she said that I had better be ready for her orgasm. I didn’t pay any attention but she tapped me on the head and repeated it and pointed towards her pussy and I guessed what she was saying. I made sure my lips were pursed around her clit and as I had expected, when she came, I felt her pee splash out over my chin and run down my body. I wasn’t going to back out that that point though so I flicked her clit with my tongue until she finished cumming, then stood up and rubbed myself against her. We then showered each other off and I eventually did wash her hair.

Lucy and Lis had disappeared upstairs to get dressed (and maybe do other things) so we finished drying off and got dressed. We had planned on having a nice lunch (just the four of us) and all helped to prepare the meal (which we did over a fairly long time while chatting) and then sat and ate. I had a later flight than usual so we could lounge around in the afternoon and carry on our random conversations. Lucy and Lis were a bit more couply than I had seen them be around other people. They weren’t doing anything other than kissing and gazing in to each other’s eyes (which meant we got to take the piss out of them) but we acknowledged they were a cute couple. Jen and I thought that we may as well join in (although, sadly not actually *with* them) and we spent a while kissing and gently fondling each other. I noticed Lis fondling Lucy’s breasts though her top and then slide a hand under, but they didn’t go any further than that.

I had to leave before Lis (she gets the train whereas I had to get to the airport) and Jen and I decided not to do anything more before leaving. She promised me that she would keep herself aroused until I got home to Mike and in return, I would do whatever I could to do the same. My flight was fairly full so I was out of luck for that part, but we’d managed to fondle each other a bit on the way to the airport and while waiting for my flight to board.

Mike came to meet me at the airport and Jen had already called him to let him know I was meant to be kept horny, so on the way back to the apartment, he took over teasing me (it’s much easier when one of you can keep an eye out and the other person does the fondling). We called Jen while walking down the street and she went to her room and stripped off. As soon as we got indoors, I was unceremoniously stripped and presented with Mike’s hard cock, which I was ordered (by Jen) to mount and fuck myself with. Mike alternated between holding my lips apart so he could watch his cock sliding into me and playing with my clit. I got fairly close to cumming and he then pulled me down on top of him and pumped into me over and over until I came and kept going until Jen made herself cum. Mike got pretty close to cumming, but held back so he could fuck me again as soon as I’d recovered. This time, I described to him the events of the weekend and he was particularly interested in Lis and Lucy making out (just to prove that being naked isn’t always sexier). Of course, in our fantasy they went a bit further (but stayed covered up) and Mike came in me while I described Lis’ fingers pushing in to Lucy’s panties and stroking her clit until she came.

Mike emptied a fairly sizeable load into me and I did the best I could to hold it in until I got to the window where I could stand, looking out, and let his cum drip down my legs. He turned off the light and joined me at the window and reached around to rub my clit. I could feel his semi-hard cock pressed up against my ass and I wiggled back against him, so he carried on rubbing my clit until I knew that I had to cum again. He was a bit harder by this point – not ready to fuck again, but hard enough to slide into my cunt and provide a bit of extra stimulation while he rubbed me. I came and stood looking out of the window as a group of people walked past us. By that time, he was ready to fuck again, but we waited until we went to bed for our final session of the day (our standard spooning).

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