Monday, 19 March 2012

Away for the weekend

We had a good time in York at the weekend - Jen came along to her second sex party and got to know Em and Sara a bit better... Back to the end of January now (we're slowly catching up). I assume from the lack of comments that there isn't any interest in my FAQ...

It had been nice living with Mike again – being eaten (or fucked) awake in the morning and being able to spoon while falling asleep. We had made a little headway in sorting the place out and I sort of thought it wasn’t fair to leave Mike alone on his first weekend there, but I hadn’t seen Jen for a couple of weeks and missed her (plus Mike wanted time to wander around and get to know the town).

My flight had been unusually quiet and I’d taken the opportunity to have a fairly long play with myself (covering up whenever anyone wandered past of course). I’d done this so I would be nice and horny for Jen and as soon as I saw her, I told her a little secret. Out of the kindness of his heart, Mike had decided not to cum in my pussy that morning so that I would be unspoiled for Jen. Jen liked that, although she wasn’t quite as impressed with Mike’s generosity when I added that he had just used my ass instead. We managed to have a few quick fondles on the way back to the house and after briefly greeting Lucy and Lis (who was also visiting) I dragged Jen upstairs, not trying to hide what we were going up there for.

We had a fairly passionate session and used fingers, vibes and mouths. When we resurfaced, Lucy commented that t sounded like we’d had fun and I told her that I’d just missed Jen (as I’ve said, it *had* been a while since I’d seen her). A couple of other people had turned up and we went up to get ready to go out for the evening. Neither of us wore panties, but (other than things just being better that way), that was because neither of us had shaved for a few days. We had decided in the week that we wanted to have a nice relaxing Saturday morning and would pamper each other – including giving each other a really nice shave. We only had light stubble, but it was more the thought of doing it to each other that for the effect.

The evening was fairly uneventful and I wasn’t made to do anything too outrageous. Julia had to flirt with a random guy and ended up disappearing with him for a while. When she came back, she told us she had let him finger her and had then jerked him off until he came – mostly over his trousers (so he had headed home). As a reward for fulfilling her dare, Mel fingered her while we all stood round chatting. When we returned home, Lis, Lucy, Jen and I sat around chatting for a bit more and I told them how happy I was now that Mike was living with me again and how it meant I would now be visiting Jen most weekends (or she would visit me).

Lis was fairly tipsy and kept asking how things were going to work when Jen finally moved in with us – she knows that Mike would love to have sex with Jen and asked if we would all share a bed or if Mike and Jen would have their own rooms (like in York) and I would take turns with them. We haven’t actually thought about the long term technicalities, but I saw my chance to assert myself (if I’m going to be at Jen’s place most weekends, we agreed that she wouldn’t always be in charge and I would get some chances to make her do embarrassing things – even if it was in front of her friends). I told them that Jen has shared a bed with Mike on a number of occasions. Of course, wanted to know if anything had happened between them and initially I wasn’t going to say anything, but then decided to let them know how she had ground her pussy against his cock until he had cum.

This led to further questions and despite Jen trying to shut me up I let on that this was Mike’s reward for helping to convince Sue to let Jen have a play with her. Jen let on that I had been fooling around with Sue’s boyfriend and pretty much the whole story came out. Lucy knew that Jen had mentioned wanting to sleep with Sue, but she had thought it was just Jen talking big. We left out the bits about Mike having slept with Sue and the things I’d done with Sue and Ryan separately, but I think it was still more than enough to surprise them. While we’d been talking, I had slid my hand up Jen’s thigh and reached her pussy. I had only been gently teasing her and it was mostly under her skirt so I don’t think Lucy or Lis saw much (although it was obvious that I was playing with her). Lis has met my sister a couple of times over the years and wanted to know if I thought she was actually bi (or even gay) and I told her that I honestly thought she mostly let Jen do things with her for Ryan’s sake – although maybe there was a little bit of curiosity involved.

Jen started to fight back while we discussed this and she was much more direct. Her fingers went straight to my pussy and played with my clit. Lucy and Lis have seen her do this to me more than enough times before, so they weren’t shocked, but Lucy appeared a bit surprised when I pushed my fingers into Jen’s pussy properly and lifted her skirt so I (and they) could see what I was doing. At first Jen tried to cover herself up but then said if that was the way I wanted it, we would just see who came first. Despite the head start she had (in that I’d been fondling her for a fair time), the way we were sitting made it much easier for her to rub my clit than for me to rub hers and it was soon obvious that I was going to lose. I told Lis that she could take Lucy up to bed and leave us to it, but they just snuggled closer together and said that they were fine staying and watching us finish up. I could have probably put up more of a fight, but I was pleased that Jen had let me get that far with Lucy around, so I surrendered and let her make me cum (I didn’t stop fingering her, but I was no longer really trying to make her cum). Once I had cum, I was made to sit with my legs spread and a candle pushed a couple of inches into my cunt as punishment for losing (although it felt like I’d won).

We were quizzed more about whether Jen was going to repeat her time playing with Sue, to which her answer was an enthusiastic ‘yes’ – as long as Sue was willing of course. This moved on to Jen’s fantasy of having both Sue and I doing things to her at the same time and I finally steered the conversation around to Lis and Lucy’s fantasies. Lucy wouldn’t tell us hers, and Lis gave a sickly answer about wanting a hot, experienced younger girl teach her everything about sex (while indicating towards Lucy) and then pointing out that she already had her fantasy.

It was getting late by this time and I think we all wanted to head up to bed – although possibly not to go to sleep straight away. On the way up, I have Lis a little squeeze and told her to go and enjoy her fantasy and we went into our bedrooms. Jen and I spent a while scissoring and then used the powerful vibrator against our clits to get us both off. The idea had been that whoever came first would have to stay in position until the other one came (and possibly if this had been a midday game, Jen might have managed it), but she came first and after only about 10-15 seconds she pulled away and said it was too intense. She took over holding the vibe so I could lie back and enjoy my orgasm and with this finished, we went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and gently stroked Jen’s pussy. I could feel that she needed a shave (as did I) and decided that instead of waking her up by making her cum, I would go and prepare some hot water and gather the shaving things. She was coming round by the time I returned but I told her to just lie back and relax while I took care of removing her stubble. I spent a fair amount of time working on her pussy – making sure the whole area was soaked in a hot flannel, lathering her up, carefully shaving off every last hair, cleaning her and then (my favourite part) the tongue test to check that she was properly smooth. I carried on eating her until she came, but took my time in getting her there and I was feeling quite horny by the time I had finished.

We needed more hot water anyway so Jen suggested that she shave me downstairs. We had heard Lis and Lucy surface during our session so I assumed I would be put on display for them, but I didn’t mind and told Jen that she could do whatever she wanted with me. The provision was that I had to get to cum – I knew that I was going to be sent to Peter again and Jen has a habit of teasing me before I go to see him – just so I will be horny enough to do things properly with him – you would have thought by now that Jen would have realised that I’m not exactly going to refuse a chance to cum a second time!

We went downstairs and greeted the others, then joined them for breakfast. As we finished, Jen said that she was going to shave me in the living room and asked Lis if she was still shaved. Lis blushed a little and said she was, to which Jen replied that is was a shame, or she would have done her as well. I was surprised that she was so openly flirting with her while Lucy was there, but I knew that during one of Lis’ previous visits, they’d all had a long chat about Lis having done various things with Jen and I and Lucy really did seem completely fine about it. Lucy asked if Jen minded them being there and Jen said the more the merrier, so we (Lucy, Lis and myself) headed in while Jen boiled up some more water.

I sat on a towel on the sofa and Jen gave my pussy the same basic treatment as I’d given hers. No matter how much I am shown off to other people or made to cum in front of them, I still get an incredible thrill about having people watch me at such intimate moments. Feeling the hot razor glide over my pussy and having my lips spread so she could get every last hair while knowing that Lis and Lucy were closely watching was very stimulating. As she rinsed me clean, Jen asked Lis if 6 months ago, she would have ever thought she would be sitting watching this so casually and Lis replied saying that it was somewhat strange how things had changed. Jen traced her fingers over my pussy, feeling the smooth skin and slowly teasing me. She knew full well I wanted to cum and whenever she ran a finger along the centre of my pussy or directly over my clit I half jumped.

Without saying anything, she leant forwards and began to kitty kiss me. After a couple of minutes of this, her tongue began to press harder against me and push between my lips and then finally came firmly into contact with my clit. I couldn’t restrain myself and I arched my back and let out a long moan. I could see that we were still being watched intently and Lis and Lucy were holding on to each other tightly. I imagined them kissing each other, then reaching down between each other’s legs and playing, before finally giving in and 69ing on the floor. I’m fairly sure that I could see them pressing their legs together and they certainly looked like they were enjoying the show so I thought I would do what I could to help. I was getting quite close to cumming anyway and I reached down to Jen’s head and held it against my pussy while telling her to keep eating me. I then half sat up and reached down to Jen’s shoulders and rubbed up and down her back. I’m sure she figured out what I was doing, but I did this for a little while before moving on to the next step.

I was very close to cumming by this point, so I wasn’t faking whenever I let out a moan, but each time, I grabbed her nightdress and as I rocked back, I pulled it up. It only just covered her ass anyway (especially when she was kneeling down) so it didn’t take much to pull it up over her ass and partway up her back. I don’t think Jen’s pussy would have been visible to Lis or Lucy from where they were sitting, but they could certainly see her bare ass. I imagined Lucy moving down behind Jen and burying her face between Jen’s legs and if I’d had time I would have probably got Lis involved in the fantasy, but my orgasm built too quickly and then pulsed out from my pussy and I had to lie back on the sofa to enjoy it. I certainly didn’t need to worry about Jen just teasing me as she ate me the whole way through my orgasm and then kitty kissed me until I had recovered.

Lis and Lucy looked even more flushed by this point and I told them that if they wanted to relieve themselves, that they should feel free to do so. For a brief moment, I thought I saw a look on Lucy’s face that got my hopes up and I thought she was going to pounce on Lis and take her right there. I probably only imagined it though. I certainly hadn’t imagined the fact that they were both turned on and this was made clear when they stood up and said they would see us later on.

Once we had the room to ourselves, I gave my pussy a gentle stroke and checked how good a job Jen had done in shaving me. We had a chat about me semi-exposing Jen to Lucy (and about my having fingered her the previous night) and Jen said that it felt a little strange – especially as they aren’t naked around each other when I’m not there, but that she didn’t mind too much and would get used to it. We discussed what they might be doing to each other and went to take a shower to prepare for the day. I was suitably dressed (although when I checked outside I thought it felt fairly cold so I ended up putting opaque tights on) and just before I was about to head off to meet with Peter, we knocked and went in to Lucy’s room.

They had finished having sex and both looked quite content, curled up under the covers. Jen had told Lucy that I had used a pair of her panties in the past to help get Peter excited. We obviously weren’t playing the same game of me acting as a diversion anymore and Lucy said that she quite liked the idea of being able to tease him without him being able to do anything in return (he doesn’t know that Lucy knows about me playing around with him). Lucy grabbed her panties and I could see movement under the covers. She handed them to me and it was obvious she had just rubbed herself with them so I told her that I would make sure we wiped his cock clean with them. Lis told Lucy off for being so dirty and Lucy replied saying that she had liked her being dirty just a few minutes ago. If I hadn’t been late, I would have tried to find out exactly what they had been doing, but I said goodbye and dashed off to Julia’s house.


  1. Hey Andi, love the blog!

    I'd like an FAQ :)

  2. I was interested in your FAQ but wanted to hold off asking questions until it was posted in case you already had those slated to be answered. What is kitty kissing anyway?

  3. I'm glad someone is interested. I'll get round to writing it soon (and adding to is as needed).