Thursday, 1 March 2012

Christmas 2011 - Part 2

That night, it was Jen’s turn to share my bed, but Mike dropped by for his goodnight session before he went to the other room. We started to get it on (I was on top with him inside me) when Jen said that she needed to thank him for finally getting to do things properly with Sue. Mike was somewhat hopeful and asked if this meant that he would get to fuck Jen, but she said that would have to wait for another time. She said that she would help him cum though and kissed him, then told me to dismount. I did as asked and Jen told Mike to lie still while she climbed over him. She nested her cunt against his cock and reached down to spread her lips so he was properly between them. She warned him not to try to enter her and when he promised that he would be careful, she started to slowly slide up back and forth, rubbing her pussy against the length of his cock.

I warned her to take care when she got near the head (not that I would mind at all if she actually fucked him, but I knew it was important to her and her relationship with mike that nothing like that happened). Jen asked if he thought he could cum from her rubbing against him like that and he said that he probably could if she kept going. She leant forwards and gave him a kiss and he asked her to describe what it had been like eating and then being eaten by Sue. Jen described the texture of her pussy along with her taste (apparently a little sweeter than mine). Mike asked Jen if he could eat her (which I think he probably wants to do even more than he wants to fuck her) but she told him to be happy with what he was getting. She did make a little concession and rubbed her fingers against her pussy and let him taste her from them, but otherwise, he had to stay still and let her hump him.

They kissed a bit more and Jen got the hang of grinding against Mike’s cock to stimulate him. He said that it felt really good and if she kept going he could cum. Jen seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit as well and Mike wanted her to cum, but she was trying to keep control so that no accidental slippage occurred. Mike told her that he was just about to cum and she slid up so that the head of his cock was almost buried between her lips. She sat up for this and we both watched as Mike’s cum splurted out from her pussy as she rocked back and forth. I asked if she was close and when she said that she was reasonably close, I moved around behind her, reached around and rubbed her clit with one hand while I toyed with her breasts with the other.

I could feel that her pussy was very wet, although that’s not uncommon for Jen – but I knew that this time it was at least partly due to Mike’s cum. I rubbed her clit until she came and told her to give him one last kiss before I took care of cleaning up the mess. Once Jen dismounted, I kissed and licked his cock (mostly) clean of her juices. I used Jen’s skirt to clean up the rest of his cum and then sent him on his way so I could clean her up. It was strange licking so much of his cum off (and a little out of) her pussy, but I was glad that she had rewarded him as I knew she’d really enjoyed her time with Sue. I imagined Ryan coming in and fucking me, filling me with his cum again and then calling Mike back to give me a second going over. Once I’d made Jen cum (which didn’t take too long), it was my turn and while she ate me, I described to her what I had seen and felt earlier in the day.

We curled up together and I asked Jen if she thought she was up to another round. I was still a little horny and was debating whether it would be a good idea to go and see if Sue and Ryan fancied any more fun – I was picturing me riding his cock while Jen rode Sue’s face. Jen didn’t think she would be able to give it her all though and we decided to wait until the following day to try for round two... I had some nice dreams involving everyone making me cum so when I woke up in the morning, I was more than ready for some action. I fiercely ate Jen awake and resisted the urge to head straight into Sue’s room as I knew it would be unfair to do things again without at least letting Mike watch. As such, I allowed her to finger me to orgasm while we kissed and we then dressed and headed downstairs.

Mum was already up so it would have been too risky to try to do anything with Sue and Ryan, but I headed up to get Mike out of bed while Jen chatted with Mum. He was already awake when I went in and I offered him the choice of being sucked off or fucking me. He said that he wanted to eat and then fuck me but I pointed out that we needed to get back downstairs, so he settled for a quick taste of my pussy followed by a quick fuck. I slipped on a pair of Jen’s panties so Mum didn’t see his cum dribbling down my leg and we went down for breakfast.

Sue and Ryan joined us a little later and there were lots of knowing looks. I found out (from Sue) that they’d had a fairly good session the night before and that Ryan was eager to do it again. I asked Sue if she was willing to give it another go and she said that she would, so I told her to tell Ryan that I would try to get rid of Mike. I knew that Mum was going out to see some friends and we’d already prepared and excuse – Mike was going to go for a run. He’d even brought an appropriate outfit with him and once Mum had left, we let Ryan see him preparing and then Jen distracted him while I saw Mike off. The ‘seeing off’ consisted of helping him into a comfortable position in my wardrobe and lending him pairs of Sue and Jen’s panties (which they knew about).

Jen and I then led Sue and Ryan up to my room and I suggested that we get started so we could make the most of our time. We didn’t need to worry about being interrupted as Mike didn’t have a set of keys, so I would have to go down and let him in – and I told Ryan that it didn’t matter if I wasn’t dressed as I could say I’d just been playing with Jen. Ryan bought this story (but then I don’t think that he was thinking about things too critically and had other things on his mind) and once I’d undressed Jen and had a quick lick of her pussy, I helped Sue to undress Ryan. I suggested that we check how hard he was and Sue agreed, so we knelt in front of him and both licked his cock.
Jen didn’t want to be left out, so she knelt behind Sue and reached around to play with her breasts – Sue jumped when Jen’s hands first touched her, but settled down and let Jen have a good fondle.

Sue and I kissed around Ryan’s cock and I kept trying to make sure that we were angled so that Mike would see something. Jen moved round so she was in front of Ryan and she watched us licking and sucking him while her hands slipped between our legs and she got to finger both Sue and I at the same time. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw he wipe our juices over her breasts a couple of times and reach between her own legs. I wanted to try one more thing and Sue and I gave Ryan a double tit-fuck. It wasn’t that easy (or probably that effective), but he said that he liked the sight of his cock sandwiched between our breasts as we pushed them together.

He really wanted to fuck someone by this point and I suggested that he did Sue while Jen played with her breasts. Sue lay on the bed, spread her legs, Ryan pushed into her and Jen started to suck on her nipples. I helped out a little, but Jen soon wanted more so I told her to climb over Sue’s face. Jen eagerly did this and Sue seemed far less hesitant this time – Jen lowered her cunt to Sue’s mouth and Sue started to lick straight away. I was a little left out, but contented myself by playing with Jen’ and Sue’s breasts. A few times I reached down to Ryan’s cock and wiped some of Sue’s juices off it to either give to Jen or taste myself. Jen came first (so Sue certainly seemed to know what she was doing) and Ryan played with Sue’s clit as he got closer to cumming. He came next and Jen told him to get out of the way so that she could make Sue cum. This involved her lying over Sue in a 69 position and sucking on her clit while Ryan’s cum oozed out of Sue’s pussy.

I really wanted to cum by this point and asked who was going to take care of me. Ryan said that he would, but he needed a little rest first, which wasn’t good enough for me, so I said that he could eat me while he recovered. Sue and I lay beside each other on the bed and Jen said that she wanted a chance to eat Sue properly. Sue may not have the sexual stamina that I do, but it certainly seems to be growing as she said that Jen could go ahead and do whatever she wanted. Jen certainly went to town on Sue and I could see (and feel) Sue arching her body as Jen’s tongue attacked her. Ryan wasn’t being quite as energetic, but he wasn’t doing too badly and it wasn’t long after Sue had sum again that I came.

Ryan was ready for action again and I let him slide into me as long as he promised to be gentle for a few minutes. He fucked me, slowly at first and then getting faster. Meanwhile, Jen asked Sue to play with her breasts and taught her how to suck on them to the best effect (I know it sounds stupid for a girl to have to teach another girl this, but I know that I certainly had no idea how good it could feel until Jen had taught me). Jen’s fingers found their way to Sue’s pussy and she got Sue kneeling up with her ass facing Mike’s hiding place. Once she had Sue hooked, she said that she wanted to concentrate on her and got Sue to lie on her side. Jen used the technique I really like – one thumb in my pussy and one in my ass – and double fucked Sue. Sue was a bit reticent at first when Jen started to press into her ass, but Jen told her to relax and enjoy it.

We were interrupted in the middle by the phone going which I answered just in case Mike was getting cramp or something and needed to get out of the cupboard. It was only Mum who was calling to tell us that there was some food in the fridge and see how things were going. While I was on the phone, I pulled Ryan back to me and indicated that I wanted him back in my cunt and Jen sped up her stimulation of Sue’s holes. I managed to keep an even voice until I hung up but Sue had been having a little trouble as she’d been getting really close to cumming. Jen pushed her fingers deeper into her and took Sue over the edge, then kitty kissed her for a short time until I demanded her attention.

I was enjoying Ryan’s fucking and got Jen to sit over me so I could lick her. Ryan came in me before I came (but I had been trying to hold back – although I thought he would have given me more warning) so I had to get Jen to 69 with me to finish off. I had been kitty kissing Jen while she had been eating me and when I asked if she wanted Sue to make her cum one more time, she said that she did. Sue said she didn’t want to cum again (or didn’t think that she could). I suggested a suitable position and we ended up with Sue lying on her back with me on top of her. Jen sat with her pussy on Sue’s mouth, bent forwards away from me and this allowed Sue to lick Jen’s pussy while I licked her ass. Jen really liked this, as did Ryan who despite having cum twice already, ended up hard enough to get back inside me. I told him to fuck me again but he was too sensitive to do things properly – he did move though and each time he pushed into me, it pushed my thigh against Sue’s pussy. Jen’s orgasm was the real target of this position though and it didn’t take too long to succeed in our mission.

When she climbed off Sue’s face, we could see that she had left a fair amount of her juices behind so I let Jen kiss Sue clean and we had a rest. Mike texted to say he was on his way back and I ushered Sue and Ryan back into Sue’s room, then headed down to see if he was near. Sue kept Ryan distracted while Mike snuck downstairs and then came back up with me, saying how tired he was. Once he was in my room, he dug out the pair of Jen’s panties and handed them to her to wear – they were somewhat damp and Jen pulled them up tight against her pussy. She then took the other pair in to Sue and told Ryan that I had used them to wipe myself clean of his cum (Sue knew that it was really Mike’s cum). Jen helped Sue put them on and smoothed them against her pussy, then pushed the material between Sue’s lips and rubbed back and forth. Sue still wasn’t ready to cum again though (much to Jen’s disappointment), so she rejoined us (Mike and I) in my room. Mike was happy that his cum was on both their cunts and it was now time for mine to join that club.
He knew that Ryan had cum in me and (another) part of what we were doing was a test to see how he felt about fucking me with another man’s cum still in me. Jen had partially eaten me clean, but I don’t think that was the point.

Mike slid into me and we tried a few different positions (missionary, doggy, me on top) and he said that there wasn’t as much of the ick factor as he had expected. It certainly didn’t stop him from cumming in me and adding another load to me. Jen let him wipe his cock clean on her breasts and asked if he was going to get another treat that night, but she said that he’d already been rewarded – although if he liked, he could watch her eat me out. Naturally, he took up this offer and paid close attention as Jen licked deep in my cunt. He was hard again by the time she had finished, but I was in no state to cum again so I sent him off to shower (after his run). Jen and I wandered in to see Sue and Ryan and had a chat with them while we waited for Mike.

He actually did get an extra treat that night (after I encouraged Jen) – it was his turn to sleep with me, but once everyone had gone to bed, Jen snuck over to see us. I had been spooning with Mike, but hadn’t let him cum yet (who am I kidding, it was him who was holding back). Jen opened the door, slipped off her nightdress and climbed into bed with us. Mike was told to lie still again and Jen climbed over him. This time, she faced away from him, but otherwise did roughly the same as before and rubbed her cunt against his cock until he came. I got the job of licking him clean again and was going to do the same to Jen, but she had other plans. It wasn’t difficult to guess what they were (or at least who they involved), so I told her to be careful and let her go on her way.

The next day, Jen reported that she had crept into Sue’s room and woken up Ryan. With his help, she had positioned herself between Sue’s legs and licked away at her cunt, while Ryan rubbed his cock against Sue’s mouth. He’s done this before to wake her up and she took him in her mouth while still partly asleep and only then realised that she was being licked as well. Ryan told her to let Jen carry on and she sucked him off while Jen ate her to orgasm. He then got Sue to lick Jen – mostly so she could lick some of his cum into Jen’s cunt (why do men like the idea of having their cum in a lesbian’s pussy so much?), but he didn’t know that Sue was also getting to eat Mike’s cum from Jen’s pussy.

We didn’t get a chance to do anything more (properly) during the rest of our time at home as Mum was always around. I flirted with Ryan a bit more and let him finger me and even quickly got him inside me another time (not for a full fuck though). Likewise, Jen got to have a couple of quick licks of Sue’s pussy (for Ryan’s benefit of course) and I made Jen cum in front of them shortly before we set off for York. I promised them that I would visit again and told Sue to make good use of my Christmas present which was one of the pulse setting shower heads. (I had told Mum that I’d bought it for her as she was getting sore shoulders while sitting writing essays – I have no idea if she bought it or not!), but Sue has reported that it works very well and she has used it to get Ryan to cum a few times as well.


  1. Andi,

    I think guys like having their cum in any woman's pussy not just a lesbians. Probably something related to the original purpose of sex I suppose. :-P

  2. A couple of posts back, "Early Christmas Present - Part 2",
    I mentioned that poor Mike didn't get as much as a handjob after giving a great performance.

    I was told off by one angry reader and told to "GIVE LESBIANS A BREAK"

    Well it appears that Jen has taken it a good few stages further than I could've imagened.

    Both Jen and Sue have taken a huge leap forward in their sexual awareness. Well done to them both.

    Thanks for sharing Andi.


  3. well after reading this i am so turned on i think jen is bisexual . Seriously you guys are so sexy love you

  4. Yep - and after the recent comments, Jen helped give Mike a good time this weekend (still no actual sex).

    My theory is that everyone is on a spectrum of bisexuality - I think Jen is quite firmly at the lesbian end, but she doesn't mind occasionally playing with Mike (a little).

  5. Yeah that was kind of an ugly blip there though I did find it amusing that while the poster was offended at the idea of Jen, a lesbian, being pushed to do heterosexual practices they had no problem with Sue, a heterosexual, being pushed to do lesbian practices. Something to think about.

  6. Indeed - I hadn't even thought of it that way. I can assure you (again) that we didn't force Lis to do anything she didn't want to though.

    Hint - possible future entry...