Wednesday, 28 March 2012

House hunting

The first weekend in Feb, I stayed at home with Mike – ironically this was in order to look for a new home (the place I’d been living in wasn’t really big enough for two of us – and we had a bit more money now we didn’t have to pay two lots of rent). We only had a few appointments on the Saturday, so spent the rest of the day wandering around and looking for interesting little places around town that I hadn’t yet discovered.

We found a new sex shop and had a good look around. Mike discovered that they sold the specific make of strap-on that he had bought for Jen and I and they had an attachment that we didn’t have. This one had balls that were a reservoir that you could fill up with fake cum and it would then ‘ejaculate’ when you pressed a button. It wasn’t cheap, but Mike liked the idea of Jen and I using this on each other so we decided to buy it. We also got some special fake cum that was approved for internal use (I assume it’s what they use for the fake creampie shots in porn) but we’ve since found that it fairly easy to make our own ‘cum’ (for external use) from flour and water with a bit of cornflour added in. Unfortunately, Jen had the rest of the apparatus, so we couldn’t test it properly, but we knew that we would be experimenting with it later on once we got home.
Our second appointment of the day was quite a bit closer to my work than our current place and was quite nice, but a bit expensive. We had a good look around and the agent left us alone for a few minutes to discuss it. Mike said it would be fun to see how close I could get to cumming before the agent returned, so I stood with my back to the door and we pretended to discuss the apartment while he reached under my skirt and played with me. My coat was quite a bit longer than my skirt, so even when the agent returned, Mike kept rubbing my pussy while I pretended to be paying attention to the view out of the window. If we’d had just a little longer, I’m pretty sure I could have cum, but the agent walked over to us to point out how good the windows were, so Mike had to remove his hand.

His fondling had been more than enough to get me excited though and we decided to stop by my workplace to see if there was anyone around. We were in luck and the office was empty so I sat up on my desk and lifted my skirt so that Mike could have a lick. We took a little bit of a chance and I bent over my desk so Mike could slide into me. We fucked like this briefly, but didn’t want to stay like that for long as there is a path outside the window – and while people outside don’t have a direct view to my desk, it wouldn’t have been that difficult for someone outside to see what we were doing. I ended up sitting on my chair so Mike could kneel in front of me and eat me once more and this time he kept going until I came. I stayed fairly quiet, just in case someone else wandered in, but we weren’t interrupted and Mike even had time to kitty kiss me afterwards.

I didn’t think it was fair to leave him unsatisfied, so I took him to see my ‘special cupboard’ (the place I use to masturbate when I really need to cum at work). We went round to my usual spot and as I unzipped his jeans and fished his cock out, I described to Mike what I usually did there. After having eaten me, he didn’t really need the extra encouragement (but he appreciated it) and he helped to guide his cock to my pussy. I spread my lips and pushed back against him and he popped into me. We started off moving nice and slowly but after I’d asked him to be a bit more forceful, he said if that’s what I wanted, that’s what I would get. He then proceeded to pound into me, our bodies slapping together. He told me to rub my clit and to tell him when I was getting close and while I did this, I felt a thumb circle my ass, rubbing back and forth over it. I imagined someone coming in and discovering us (which just helped me along) and when I told him I was close, he said that he couldn’t hold back much longer. Hs thumb pressed more firmly against my ass and I could feel the tip entering me, but as he came, he pushed it all the way in. I didn’t cum straight away, but the extra stimulation certainly helped and I wasn’t far behind him. Mike did his best to keep moving in me, but his orgasm had been quite strong so he wasn’t moving anywhere near as much as when he’d been fucking me. It was more than enough though and I came and moaned my way through my orgasm (probably a bit more loudly than was sensible, but there was apparently still nobody around). Mike pulled out of me and I felt some cum dribble down my thighs. He hadn’t cum a great deal (or if he had, most of it stayed inside me) but it was enough to keep me nice and moist while we went for our next viewing.

We didn’t really have any plans for that evening and couldn’t be bothered going out again so just stayed in and watched a film. Once this was over, we called Jen and had a chat with her and I was ‘encouraged’ to talk to the group over speakerphone. When I say ‘talk’ what I mean is ‘provide entertainment’ and I had to be as loud as I could while Mike fingered, ate, fucked and used toys on me. He kept me close to cumming for a fair time and I was eventually allowed to cum when Julia came (Mel had been playing with her).

We ended the call and decided to have a play with the new attachment (I hadn’t told Jen about it as I wanted her to know about it before ‘everyone’ knew). Once we had filled up the balls with the fake cum and added a battery, I aimed it at myself and pressed the button. I had expected a single squirt, but it let out four large squirts that covered my front. The mixture felt a bit cold so we decided to warm it before our next experiment and I placed the bottle in warm water. Mike then spent another long period of time licking me. It wasn’t ‘real’ licking (as in it wasn’t enough to get me close to cumming), but it was more intense than kitty kissing. Eventually the suspense really got to me and I told him that I really needed to cum again. He told me that he would make me cum whenever I wanted, but that he was going to eat me again afterwards. I thought that this sounded like a good idea and told him to go ahead, so he concentrated on my clit and ate me the whole way through my orgasm.

As promised (or threatened), he didn’t stop there and kept licking me. It felt very strong but he eased off a bit and only lightly brushed his tongue over my clit so I could enjoy what he was doing. He licked all around and then inside my cunt until I was nice and clean, then after a few flicks over my ass, he moved up behind me and slid into me. We slowly fucked for quite a while and fantasised about the upcoming party. As our movements sped up, Mike suggested I get two loads of cum at once and he grabbed our new toy so he could be prepared. We fucked harder and faster and I played with my clit until we were both close to cumming. Mike then pulled out of my cunt and slid into my ass before pushing the dildo attachment into my pussy and moving it in and out of me. I kept myself on the edge of cumming until he said he was just about to cum – he told me that he was squirting his cum into my ass and got me to imagine the attachment squirting it’s cum into my cunt and I pushed myself over the edge. Having two things cum in me at once (even if one of them was fake) felt really good and as soon as we had finished, I stood up and felt a large amount of the fake cum pour from my cunt. It ran down my thighs and I rubbed myself, letting Mike watch as I enjoyed the feeling.

I should have cleaned myself up, but I loved the way the goo felt so I lay back on the bed and gently stroked myself (not trying to cum, just savouring the feeling) and we chatted more about other places we could live. We hadn’t decided on a nice (but smaller) place closer to town, or a decent sized place that had room for all our stuff and would allow people to come and visit. Both had their benefits and we decided to sleep on it. When I woke up the following morning, I realised that I really should have cleaned myself up – I felt really sticky and had to go and shower before I could return to bed for our morning session. The shower had woken me up though so I had lots of energy and could enjoy myself properly.

We didn’t get up to much on the Sunday – we had another couple of places to look at, but neither of them were any good. Mike managed to finger me in one of the houses but once again we were interrupted before he made me cum, so on the walk home, we had to find a suitable spot to stop off and I let him finish me off. The weather was quite cold, so I had my long coat on – which meant that we were able to do things in a non-entirely private place (Mike leant against a wall and I stood facing him). He reached into my coat, under my skirt and played with my pussy and clit. We were a little way away from other people, but a few wandered right past us while I was being frigged. We’re fairly certain that they didn’t have any idea what we were up to but it still felt really nice having my clit rubbed with random people so close. I kissed Mike deeply as I came and he rubbed away until I had finished, then withdrew his fingers and sucked them clean of my juices.

We called Jen when we got home to update her on the house/apartment search (seeing as she will be living with us in a few months time) and we got some interesting news. It wasn’t entirely a surprise as I had told Lis and Lucy that Jen had agreed to let me tease her in the way that she teases me around their other friends and not just while we were at home. They knew that Julia (and Mel) would also be in on this and I’d asked them to look for opportunities and make any suggestions. They had all gone out on the Saturday night and had an enjoyable evening. On the way home, Jen had been complaining to Lis that she missed having me visiting and when they got home, Lis let Jen curl up beside her on the sofa (Lucy was on the other side of Lis). Lis curled an arm around Jen and gently stroked her shoulder and as the evening (or late night by this point) went on, she lowered her hand to the top of Jen’s breast and stroked there. Jen was half dozing off and Lis let her lie with her head on her lap and now she could easily stroke Jen’s breasts (although she only played with the right one). This was very gently at first, but as Jen’s nipple became more prominent, she used a bit more force.

Jen was aware of what Lis was doing by this time, but she didn’t object when Lis slipped her hand under Jen’s top and straight onto her breast (as usual, Jen didn’t have a bra on). Fortunately, Lis knows that Jen likes a fair amount of force used and she kneaded the breast, then rolled and tweaked her nipple. Lucy had been half watching this the whole time but when Lis had pushed her hand into Jen’s top, more people paid attention. Jen wasn’t the only one being fondled – I think that over the previous year and a bit, Julia and I have convinced the group to be a bit more open (or less repressed). Lis carried on playing with Jen’s breasts – she told me that she was seeing if my expectation that Jen could cum just from having her breasts played with was true – but unfortunately, she didn’t manage to do this. She did get Jen incredibly turned on though – enough that when Lis pulled Jen’s top up so she could see what she was doing (and to expose Jen), Jen didn’t try to stop her.

Julia thought it was unfair that Jen’s right breast was getting all the attention and she moved over to kneel on the floor beside Jen. She briefly fondled Jen’s other breast and then lowered her mouth to it to suck and lick on the nipple. Jen complained that this wasn’t fair, but Lis had gotten her far enough along that her usual nervousness about her friends seeing her naked (or semi-naked). Lis and Julia played with her breasts for a while and this is all Lis had intended to do, but now that Julia was involved, it didn’t stop there. Julia stroked a hand up and down Jen’s thigh and slowly pulled on her leg so she opened them. Jen was quite close to cumming already and put up no resistance as Julia slid her hand up under Jen’s skirt and made contact with her pussy. Julia still had her mouth glued to Jen’s breast, so Lis carried on playing with the one she had been stroking for ages. Lis couldn’t see Julia’s hand at work, but it was obvious that she was stroking Jen and Jen increasingly squirmed around on the sofa until she came.

Jen really enjoyed her orgasm, but was somewhat embarrassed that everyone had seen her cum (even if they had only really seen her breasts). When Jen was recounting the story to me, I told her that she was lucky Julia had just fingered her and hadn’t decided to eat her (and I’m glad she didn’t as I wanted to do that). Jen curled up on the sofa, still with her head on Lis’ lap and waited until she had her breath back before she sat up and straightened her top.

I later heard what had happened from Lis’ point of view and she said that by the time Jen came, she (Lis) was feeling incredibly horny and it was only when Jen sat up, Lis realised that she had been flexing her thighs together in a rather obvious way and Lucy had later told her that she had looked quite flushed. I congratulated Lis on having gotten Jen so turned on with just breast play and asked if she now understood why I preferred smaller (more sensitive) breasts like hers and Jen’s. Lis conceded that they might have their uses and I couldn’t help myself from asking if Lucy would be okay with me having a play with her (Lis’) breasts. I was already sufficiently impressed that Lucy had allowed her to fondle Jen and I wasn’t too surprised when Lis said that she didn’t think Lucy would go for that, but I live in hope...

Both times that Mike and I heard this story (first from Jen and then later that evening from Lis), we played with each other while listening. I made sure that both Jen and Lis knew that we were doing things and managed to get each of them to play with themselves as well (this was obviously going to happen when talking to Jen). I don’t think Lucy minds Lis having phone sex with me – especially as I now know (from Lis) that Lucy has played with herself on more than once occasion while listening to Jen and I fucking. Mike came in me each time, which was really nice, but it meant that by the time we went to bed, he didn’t think he could cum again. This meant that we didn’t have a goodnight fuck (and I’d just been getting used to having them every night again), but to make up for it, he did eat me until I had cum twice. He *was* hard by the time we had finished and we were able to spoon (and I briefly thought that we were going to fuck), but he just stayed in and slowly moved until I fell asleep. I made sure that I got a good morning fuck out of him though before we headed off to work!


  1. Andi,

    Have you ever been to a nude beach?

  2. I've been to a beach where nudity is accepted - it was on such a beach that I first found out about Sue's sex life.