Saturday, 10 March 2012

How to pass the time at a conference...

Just about to head out with Jen and friends, but thought I would quickly post this for anyone staying in tonight :)

rsday and even though I wanted to go and see Mike, I’d decided that I would stay for the conference dinner on the Friday night (it’s a good networking opportunity) and I had the sex party to look forward to anyway. It wasn’t as interesting as I’d hoped, but I decided to liven my evening up a little. I didn’t want to do anything that might get back to people I worked with, so I carefully chose my targets and flirted with a few guys while we had drinks. It’s not that difficult to tell when people (and by people, in this context I mean guys) are genuinely being nice and when they are just hoping they can get off with you if they are nice to you. I identified a few people from the latter camp (although not the real letches) and at different times, asked if they wanted to go somewhere and have ‘a more private chat’.

After a few carefully placed touches, I made it clear in each case that (if they wanted), I would be amenable to a bit of fondling and we found a suitable place down the corridor from the bar. The first guy I took there, kissed me and I pushed myself up against him. He had a play with my breasts (I had a fairly low-cut dress on, but that is acceptable at these things) and with a bit of help, he got my breasts free. I didn’t want to let him have all the fun so I unzipped his trousers and slid my hand in so I could fondle his cock. Once I’d got it out, he suggested that we fuck, but I said I wasn’t on the pill and would take care of him another way. I stroked and pumped his cock and pushed one of his hands between my legs so he could finger me. While we played, I told him what to do, where to touch, how fast to move and made sure that I didn’t let him cum until I had done so. I then knelt in front of him and jerked him off until he was about to cum. I then aimed his cock so his cum splattered over by breasts and then used it to rub the cum in and push it down between my breasts.

After wiping the top half of my breasts dry, I fixed my dress and we headed back to the bar. It had been a surreptitious meeting, so he understood when I said I would mingle again. I waited until he disappeared (to the toilet I think) before leading my next target off back to the same location. I was a lot more direct this time and grabbed his crotch pretty much as soon as we started kissing. I didn’t want him wiping any of the cum from the first guy onto my pussy so I pushed his hand straight between my legs before he started to play with my breasts. While he fingered me, I pulled his cock free and gave it the same treatment as I’d given the first one. I told him to let me know when he was going to cum and it only took a few minutes before he breathlessly told me he was close. I knelt in front of him, aimed him at my breasts and let him splurt his cum over them. They weren’t uncovered this time though and so while a fair amount hit my skin and trickled down between them, some landed on my dress. I wasn’t too bothered about that as I had a wrap to cover myself with and I stood up and asked him to carry on fingering me while I milked the last few drops out of his cock and felt them drip on my leg.

He wasn’t quite as skilled as the first guy, but still managed to make me cum. I wiped myself clean once more and covered the rest of his mess before we headed back to the bar. I was quite enjoying myself but knew that there was only so long that I could do this before getting caught, so my final target of the night I had other plans for. This guy was a little older (maybe mid-late 30’s) and I led him out of the bar and up to my room. I let him know that I was married (just in case it mattered to him) and made sure that he wasn’t married (as I don’t believe in cheating – and yes – I know, but it isn’t cheating if you have your partner’s permission). For the record, he was divorced so I told him that was good enough for me and suggested that we fuck.

He liked me being so direct and I told him that I’d be a lot more direct once we got into bed. I had a quick shower first to remove the other cum (which I would have quite liked to keep on me, but I didn’t think it would be fair). He joined me in the shower, stood behind me and helped to wash me off, which quickly turned into fondling. I once again used the excuse (lie) of not being on the pill, which nicely avoids saying ‘I don’t know if you have any diseases’ so he was careful to just rub his cock between my ass cheeks. I naturally rubbed back against him and we soon decided that it was time to move on to more substantial things.

We dried off and I knelt in front of him to get a good look at his erection. It was nothing special, but he was reasonably proportioned and after I’d gently played with it for a while, I wrapped my breasts around it and gave him a brief tit job. He liked this and I told him if he was good, I would do it again later. I was more than ready to fuck by this time and after a quick application of a condom, I got him to lie on the bed and I mounted him. I started off facing him and reached behind me to fondle his balls (he *really* liked that). I also rubbed my clit and gave him my best set of dirty talk. This didn’t seem to faze him and he responded in kind, telling me how he was going to pound my snatch. I didn’t know how long he was likely to last so I didn’t hold back and frigged myself until I was really close to cumming. I then just rode him until he got close before resuming my frigging and getting myself off. I carried on sliding up and down his cock until he came, then pressed down hard and contracted myself around him to milk him dry.

After cleaning off his cock, I asked if he could go another round. He thought that he could, but wanted a little rest first. I didn’t want to sit and make small talk, so I sat on a chair facing him and used a hairbrush to masturbate with. This had the desired effect of speeding up his recovery and within a few minutes he was stroking his cock and looked ready to go. I moved over to the window and leant against it, sticking my ass out. I watched him get ready and move over behind me. He thrust into me and I was pressed up against the glass (we were on the 11th floor, so I didn’t care about anyone seeing me – or recognising me if they did). The glass felt very cold on my skin and I told him to fuck me hard and fast, but not to cum. He did a pretty good job and I rubbed my clit while he fucked me. When I got closer to cumming I told him to pull out and then reached behind me and spread my ass cheeks. I asked him if he wanted my other hole and he eagerly pushed into me.

I told him to be a bit gentler with my ass, but he said it was tight enough that he didn’t need to move as much anyway. I told him that he could either cum where he was or if he waited until I’d cum, I would finish the tit job and let him cum over me. I resumed rubbing my clit, but I could also now plunge a couple of fingers into my cunt. He pumped away into my ass and I thought I was going to cum first as I was very quickly getting there, but he then said that he was about to cum (and then did). I told him to stay inside me and I quickly finished myself off (he wasn’t moving anymore, but was still filling my ass). As soon as I’d cum, I pulled myself off his cock and turned around to kneel in front of him. I quickly pulled his condom off and rubbed his cock between my breasts, letting his cum cover them (or at least the inner parts).

We didn’t really chat much while he got dressed and once he’d gone, I headed back into the shower to clean myself off (again). I called Mike and then Jen to tell them about the fun I’d had and stood in front of the window (naked) while chatting with them. I gently stroked myself, but didn’t need to cum again (although Mike made himself cum while listening to me).

I headed over to see Mike early on the Saturday morning – by leaving early I also avoided running in to any of the people I’d played with the previous evening. I arrive at his place (which is still technically my place as well, but I can’t really have two homes) by about 10.30 (so he wasn’t up long) and I had breakfast with him. Having caught an early train, it had been fairly quiet and I’d taken the opportunity to have a fairly long play with myself (covering up whenever anyone wandered past of course). I’d done this so I was fairly horny as I had restrained from cumming. We debated fucking, but decided to save it for the party that night. Of course, that didn’t stop Mike from teasing me a little and he enjoyed tasting my pussy. I gave his cock a quick suck before he showered and we headed out to meet up with Lucy and Lis.

Technically, Lis had already left York, but she had come back to collect the few final things she’d left and to hand the keys back for her house. When we met up with them, they were sitting chatting at a table in the cafe and it was obvious that they were still very much in love, in the new-infatuation way. After initial hellos, Lis blurted out that Lucy had been telling her about Mike and Julia fucking at New Year (which had got back to Lucy). I replied by telling her that it was only fair as I’d got to have her and Mike hadn't had a chance to do things with her before Lucy stole her away. I always watch Lucy closely when I say stuff like that as even though she says she is fine with the fact that Jen and I had a short affair with Lis, I’m still not entirely sure if she minds or not. She seemed fine with it so I carried on and teased Mike about his habit of really fancying lesbians (as opposed to bi-girls who he might actually stand a chance of doing things with). This led nicely into his Lucy/Pavlina fetish and we ended up telling them about Sara and Emily from the sex party, who Mike has got to know reasonably well.

Lis wanted to know if he got to have sex with them outside of the parties (or at least with Emily as Sara is gay) and he said that he didn’t, but then told them that we were going to one of the parties that night. Lucy already knew a fair bit about the parties as we’d talked about them before, but she hadn’t told Lis everything, so we filled her in on the details – about how it was all safe-sex, how you could do pretty much whatever you wanted (as long as everyone consented) and how much I enjoyed being able to be that free and open around a group of people. While I was saying this, I knew that I wanted to with to have another private chat with her to make sure she understood that what Jen and I had done with her was different, but that wasn’t the time.
With lunch over, Mike and I headed home for a little rest before the party. We followed our usual pattern of gently playing with each other, having a doze, Mike shaving me, a light dinner and then setting off. At Laura’s request (formerly known as bi-girl for long term readers), I was wearing my schoolgirl outfit and had borrowed the long socks with frilly tops from Jen to make it look that bit cuter. I had the matching panties on, and I actually felt naughtier wearing them than I usually do when going commando. (As a side note, I’ve got a bit more used to the cold now and this is the first year that I’ve managed to go almost the whole winter (so far) without having either panties and thick tights or trousers on.) We met up with Emily and Sara on the way and headed off to the party.

On the way, I complimented Sara on how well she had adapted to the parties. From what Mike has said, she isn’t much like Julia or myself (nymphomaniacs), but she certainly seems to have got into the swing of things and has fun there. While she isn’t some wishy-washy pushover, I guess that coming to Uni and getting swept up in things so quickly could happen, but she seems to be enjoying herself and I don’t think Emily would want to do anything to hurt her, so it’s al good.
I told Sara that Mike had asked to watch me licking her cute little pussy, then asked permission from Emily (who said I could). My comment got a blush out of her which I found quite cute. Mike hadn’t actually said this, but I wanted a chance to make Sara cum as she is quite cute. What Mike *actually* wanted to do (not counting fucking lesbians) was to fuck Emily while *she* ate Sara – and I was more than happy to watch him do this if he got the chance.

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