Tuesday, 13 March 2012

January 2012 Sex Party

I'm going to write a 'FAQ' for the questions people keep asking me - things like:
What are my favourite positions?
Who do I love more - Mike or Jen?
What is kitty kissing?

If anyone has anything else they would like answered, please either leave a comment or drop me an email. I may not answer some questions, but anything I usually write about is fair game. Back to the sex party now...

We arrived and found that a few people had started early – one couple was already fucking and we stood and watched. Mike fondled me while this happened and this helped to show off my frilly panties to the people around us. Once the sofa couple had finished, I was ready to go and called Sara over. (For the purpose of this entry, assume that any sex at the party is done safely unless stated otherwise.) Emily handed her to me and told me to take care of her, so we started to kiss and I slowly disrobed her. I didn’t strip her naked, but I got her cute little breasts exposed and had a suck on her nipples, then moved on to removing her panties and hiking her skirt up. I was pleased to see that she had a little patch of (properly) red hair and I told her that I liked it. I gently played with this while we kissed and her hand slid between my legs and into my panties.

Mike helped out and slid my panties off and I spread my legs to allow Sara’s fingers full access. I quickly slipped my fingers into her pussy and gave it a good fingering before telling her I wanted to eat her. I pushed her back on the sofa and slid down between her legs. Her pubic hair now looked somewhat darker and I spread her legs to expose her pussy and started to lick her. I had my ass raised in the air and felt my skirt being lifted. I didn’t bother to look around to see who it was, but I felt a hand stroking my ass, then my pussy and then fingers pushing into my cunt. I then felt another hand caress me and s second set of fingers enter my pussy so I broke contact with Sara’s cunt to look round. The fingers belonged to Mike and Emily so I just resumed my work on Sara. It feels very different having two people’s fingers inside you as they move entirely independently (even if they are trying to do the same thing, there is always a bit of a lag). I lapped away at Sara’s cunt until she started to squirm around and then concentrated on her clit more to get her off. Almost as soon as I pulled my head away, she closed her legs and lay there recovering – which was a pity as I’d wanted to get a better look at her pussy and her crinkle cut lips.

Their original plan had been for Mike and Emily to just play with me while I was working on Sara, but I asked them to carry on and make me cum, so they did. Mike rubbed my clit and I had two fingers plunging in and out of my cunt until I came. I wasn’t the only one who thought Sara was very attractive, so we’d had a fair bit of attention while I’d been playing with her – which had resulted in having a fair few people watch me be double fingered. I liked the position I was in and how exposed it made me, so once I’d cum I asked if anyone wanted to use me before I got off the sofa. I had a taker and so I jutted my ass out to let him easily slide into me. He reached around to fondle my breasts while we fucked and this helped him get nice and deep inside me. I did what I could to help out by squeezing myself around him (all the practising has paid off and I’m quite good at this now). I could tell he was going to cum before I did and I was going to reach back and rub my clit, but decided on a better plan. I encouraged him to keep going and faked my own orgasm roughly at the same time he came.

I carried on gently playing with myself when he pulled out and asked if anyone else wanted to use me while I was in a suitable position (I was still kneeling on the sofa with my ass sticking out – so fairly accessible). I had another taker and told him to use me however he wanted and looked back to watch as he positioned himself behind me and I felt his cock push against my cunt. I was quite wet from being so turned on so he slid in easily and I felt his body press against my ass once he was the whole way inside me. I squeezed myself around him and rotated my hips to encourage him to fuck me and was rewarded with him eagerly pumping into me. I was pretty sure that I would cum this time (and was aware that faking it again and asking for a third guy might appear a bit greedy) and I carried on rubbing my clit. He reached around and played with my breasts and I told him to open my top so he could touch them properly. He fumbled around with the buttons and slowed down his movements so he could undo them, but I told him to just pull the blouse open and that I didn’t care if he tore it. He clearly liked this idea and gave both sides a hard pull and the buttons gave way. He gave the material such a hard tug that it yanked my arm and tore partway down the side as well. He apologised, but I said it was fine and that I’d asked him to do it and I pushed back hard against him.

He grabbed my breasts through my bra and I thought that we may as well carry on the same way, so I told him to grab the back of my bra and pull so he could break the catches. He eagerly did this and pushed my bra off my breasts so they swung free. He then groped them, squeezing and kneading, while he carried on pumping into me. I thrust myself back against him each time he pushed into me and our bodies were slamming together. I knew that I was very close so kept telling him to fuck me harder and empty his cum into me. I kept myself close to cumming but wanted to make sure I enjoyed my actual orgasm, so I came a little before he did. It felt nice having him still pumping into me for a short while though and I felt pretty good by the time he pulled out and I relaxed onto the sofa.

I looked around to see where Mike had got to and couldn’t see him. I wasn’t overly concerned and grabbed a drink and chatted to a couple of people before heading upstairs to find him (it was about the only place he could be as it was a fairly safe assumption that he hadn’t decided to pass up the opportunity to fuck a few girls. I traded stories about the holiday period (slightly edited in my case) and watched a couple fuck until I felt ready for some more action and then headed upstairs. Mike was just about to head back down, having finished up and I found out that he had been playing with Laura. I remembered that he had wanted to fuck her at a previous party but she had been on a girl-only binge, so he took the opportunity this time.

They had started fondling each other while watching people on the bed and had taken their place when they had finished. She had been on top (most of the time) and had ridden him facing him at first and then facing away from him afterwards. This had allowed him to reach round and fondle her breasts – and at one point he had pulled her back against him so she was lying on top of him (still facing away from him) so he could hump his cock into her and let their audience see things properly. As is usually the case with Mike, he waited until she had cum before he did, so she got a reasonably good post-orgasm fucking and said that her pussy was tingling by the time he pulled out of her. I gave her pussy a quick fondle (just because I could) and we headed back downstairs.

We watched a guy being sucked off and Laura suggested that we go and offer some help. The girl wasn’t too willing to let us help at first as she is straight, but she is someone that Laura has fooled around with in the past (Laura likes eating straight girls – when she – or their boyfriends – can convince them to let her try this). We ended up taking turns – two of us sucking his cock and the third one of us letting him play with her breasts. When he got close to cumming, we carefully arranged ourselves so all three of us could lick him. At first, we couldn’t get enough pressure to make him cum (three heads around one cock isn’t that easy) so gave him a ‘hand’ until he was just about to explode, then mushed our faces together and all licked the head. This time, he had no trouble and we saw his cum splurt into the condom. It looked like a fair amount and I imagined what it would have been like if we’d been doing things ‘properly’ and pictured the three of us covered in his cum.

Mike had enjoyed our display and was sporting an obvious bulge, but said that he had a definite target in mind, so didn’t want to cum just yet. We headed back up and watched a threesome on one of the beds (two guys, one girl) and I told Mike that I really wanted to try that. We found Sara and Emily in the other bedroom and Emily told us that she had already let a guy have his way with her. Mike asked if that meant he wasn’t going to get a chance and she told him that he could still have a go, but she wanted a little while to recover first. To help him pass the time, I let him eat me (aren’t I generous). I wasn’t all about taking though and offered to jerk off anyone who wanted me to do so. As usual, my imagination is much richer than reality and I didn’t get my desired line of guys waiting to cum over me, but I did get one who let me fondle him and who then sprayed a small amount of cum over my breasts (but he had already cum twice that night, so I’m not surprised he didn’t have much left). Mike took his time eating me and by the time I came, he had me holding my ankles up by my head and he was alternating between pumping two fingers into me and sucking my clit. I had quite a strong orgasm and stayed lying on the bed to watch another couple fuck while I recovered.

Eating me really got Mike in the mood to do more and he went off to see if Emily was ready for his promised fuck. He got lucky that time and she let him fondle her downstairs, but said that she wanted to use a bed to do things properly. He brought her back up to the room I was in and they got down to business quite quickly. I asked if I could lend a hand and neither of them objected, so while Emily was on her back, I kissed her, played with her breasts and rubbed her clit (not all at the same time). Mike asked her to go on top for a while and she obliged. She rode him first and as they got closer to cumming, he pulled her down onto him so they could kiss and he could pound rapidly into her. I always love it when he does this to me and it was interesting watching Emily’s reaction. The position seemed to be just as effective with her and she came, letting out little moans between kisses. Mike pounded into her a little while longer before he came and then rolled over so he was on top of her again.

They kissed a bit more and he then pulled out of her and kissed down to her breasts. He nuzzled and licked them for a while before moving further down her body and pushing her legs open. She asked what he was going to do and he told her that she wasn’t going to get away with just cumming once, then proceeded (after grabbing appropriate protection) to push his head between her legs and eating her. From her reaction, he did a pretty good job (but he’s had lots of practice) and I helped out once more by fondling her breasts and kissing her a bit. I couldn’t resist playing with myself, but didn’t want to waste an orgasm so I was determined to not actually cum (so someone else could make me cum). It wasn’t too long before Emily looked quite flushed. She came again and once her orgasm had ended, Mike kitty kissed her back down and then moved his head away. I found out that he had worked his thumb under the plastic sheet and had been fingering her while he sucked her clit (which she had obviously enjoyed) and he offered her his thumb to let her suck it clean, which she did.

Mike thanked Emily – who thanked him back – and once he had helped her and I up, we headed downstairs and let Emily head off to find Sara. There aren’t that many bi/gay girls at the parties (not counting the ones who let Laura do things to them as I don’t think they are really bi but just experimenting). There was a bit of a lull in the sex for a while and we took the opportunity to rest and grab a drink. A couple then started to fuck on the sofa and things started up again. A number of us watched them and they put on a fairly good display.

Mike fondled me while this happened and a guy asked me to make out with his girlfriend. We didn’t have sex, just kissed – although we did get on to a bit of breast play, which he really enjoyed watching. I would have been happy to do a lot more, but the girl wanted her boyfriend to fuck her and asked him to head upstairs with her. He dragged me along (not that I tried to resist) and asked me to keep kissing her and play with her breasts while they had sex. He ate her briefly before he fucked her and she certainly responded to this. When he stood up, I offered to check that his cock was ready to fuck (which it, obviously was) and I wrapped my hand around it. I pumped up and down and pulled him towards her cunt, then guided him into her. I didn’t let him slide the whole way straight away in as I kept my hand on the shaft, but each time I let him get a bit deeper and I could feel his cock getting slicker with her juices.

I eventually removed my hand to let him fuck her properly but I slid it up over her pussy as I returned to sucking on her nipples. I don’t know if she had become more accepting of letting me do things or was just enjoying the sex, but she held my head firmly against her breasts so I lapped away at the nipple in my mouth. When it seemed like she was getting closer to cumming, I slid a hand down her body once more and rubbed up and down her pussy, feeling her bf’s cock still pumping into her between my fingers. She didn’t stop me doing this, so I went a bit further and had a play with her clit. It was now really obvious that she either wanted me to carry on or that she was really lost in her pleasure, so I carried on frigging her until she came. Her boyfriend wasn’t far behind her and after he had cum, he pulled out and rubbed his cock over her cunt and my hand. I gave it a quick rub before returning my hand to her pussy and rubbing up and down her lips. The whole area was fairly wet, and I could feel when his cum started to ooze out of her, so I rubbed it around her cunt and thighs. I kissed her properly again and asked if she had enjoyed herself (she had). Once she had caught her breath, we chatted for a while and I found out that I wasn’t her first girl – Laura had gotten to her almost a year before, but that she hadn’t repeated the experience with another girl since then (Laura had actually gotten to eat her). I offered her my pussy, just in case she wanted to repay me, but she said that she didn’t really want to eat me (although her bf was quite keen on watching this).

I gave his cock another quick stroke before heading off to wash and then find Mike. He was sitting downstairs chatting to someone while a girl was kneeling between his legs sucking him off. I’m not longer bothered by watching this as I think my own skills in this area have increased since I got the tips from Sue. I watched until he came and then as they switched places, it became clear that they had agreed a reciprocal arrangement. Mike knelt between her legs and ate her. I want over to sit beside her and we (she and I) talked while he worked on her. He ate her quite fiercely and it wasn’t long before she was panting away. I later found out that he was also knuckling her (rubbing his knuckle against her ass) and she soon came. He briefly kitty kissed her, but then moved over between my legs and pushed his face between my legs. I hadn’t been expecting this, but it is very rare that I don’t want him to eat me (and this wasn’t one of those times) so I spread my legs and let him continue. He ate me just as ferociously (and I know he probably enjoyed it more as he could actually taste me and push his tongue into me) so I surrendered myself to the feelings and allowed myself to cum.

I felt quite tingly after this orgasm (not in a bad way) and knew that I’d probably want to cum once more before we left, so we wandered round and watched other people doing things. We found a couple up in one of the bedrooms and joined a few others to watch. They weren’t being very inventive so I thought I should help entertain people (by which I mean I thought I should take the opportunity to fuck) and asked one of the guys watching if he wanted some action. I told him that I would take care of everything and got him to lie down on the bed. He was already nice and hard from watching the couple fuck so I quickly mounted him and eagerly humped up and down on his cock. I rode him, played with my clit, fondled his balls and teased my nips. All through this I had a nice dirty conversation with him, encouraging him to fuck me harder and deeper and to fill my cunt with his cum (as I said at the beginning, we were having safe sex, but ‘fill your condom with your cum’ doesn’t seem quite as sexy).

He sucked on my nips for a while and I told him to let me know when he was about to cum. As he got closer, I concentrated more on my clit and told him to hold back until I had cum. As a reward, I pounded up and down on his cock and did everything I could to make his orgasm feel better. Almost as soon as he had finished, I dismounted, pulled his condom off and smeared his cum over my breasts. I felt a lot more satisfied now and we went back downstairs for another drink and a chat. Sara and Emily were heading off and we debated going with them, but decided to stay a little longer. Before they left, they told us that they had been given ‘the rules’ for the unprotected party and directed us to the girl they had been speaking to. We had a chat with her and found out that it was pretty much what we had expected – everyone had to have an up to date (within two weeks of the party) check for all STDs. Girls had to be on the pill and you obviously needed to be prepared for sloppy seconds (or thirds...). Anyone could obviously still say no to anyone and preferably people were meant to come as couples so the numbers evened out. Despite really looking forwards to it, we still hadn’t quite decided whether we were going, but said that we would.

Mike was hard again and I asked if he wanted to go for one more round before we left (either with me or someone else) but he said that we could wait until we were home. I had somewhat fewer clothes on for the walk back due to them being torn during the earlier fun, but my coat covered me up. We discussed the party on the way back and imagined what it might be like and by the time we got home, I felt incredibly horny. I had a quick shower when we got back and at Mike’s request I put my cute socks back on and added a (nearly) matching pair of panties. We rolled around for a while, his cock pressing and rubbing against me before he finally pulled the crotch aside and entered me. We had a fairly long fuck and Mike played up to my fantasy and described in great detail what it might be like with everyone fucking me, cumming over me and in me. He fucked me through one orgasm and kept going until I came a second time (which I thought was fairly impressive given what I’d already done that night).

We tried to spoon, but he couldn’t get hard again so I just pressed back against him. That was the time that we decided we would definitely go for it and go to the unprotected party – Mike said that it was clear how much I wanted to have my ultimate fantasy come true and he relished the idea of being able to eat and fuck (properly) a number of different girls.

The next morning, we had a brief fuck, but couldn’t stay in bed long as we had to get packing done (which we really should have done the previous day). I’d thought that I had already taken most of my things up but found I had a lot more left than I knew about (both clothes and sex toys). We decided to put some of them into storage and I just put our favourites aside to take back home with me. We had arranged to meet up with Jo for lunch and it was nice to see her. She was the first girl I actually liked imagining doing things with and I remembered how attracted to her I was. Of course, given the opportunity, I would still jump her instantly – although Jen has said that she would want to be included as well – and Mike certainly wouldn’t say not to her (and he probably has the best chance out of the three of us, but I can’t imagine she would ever cheat on her boyfriend).

After lunch, we returned to the house and I helped do a bit more packing – I felt sad that we would be leaving the house as this was where I’d had my first sexual experience (Mike fingering and eating me), my first full (heterosexual) intercourse and my first time eating another girl (I’d fooled around with Jen once at the party we met, but only with fingers) – and of course many other ‘firsts’ involving anal sex, food play and so on. We decided on a fitting way to say goodbye to the place but that would have to wait until the following week...

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