Saturday, 17 March 2012

Leaving York

Only a short post this time. Almost fitting for the content, we're in a hotel in York for the end of term sex party tomorrow - we've just had a fun evening with a couple of friends (which you'll hear about in due course). Jen is here with us again to enjoy multiple people helping and watching her cum... Back to mid January...

I returned to York on the Friday morning to help with the final set of packing. Mike had pretty much finished everything off so it wasn’t too much work. This worked out for the best as we had decided that we should really say goodbye to the house properly (see the end of the previous post) and the plan was to fuck in every room one last time. Obviously Mike couldn’t cum that many times, but we utilised his ability to hold back and he fucked me in the kitchen until I came, then we moved into the living room and carried on until I came again and he came in me.

We sorted out a few more things until he accosted me on the stairs and made me stay in place while he ate me to another orgasm. I wasn’t given a chance to rest though and was told to climb up the stairs on all fours and once I made it to the landing, he fingered me. It started off with just my pussy and clit, but by the time I came, I was lying on my side and he had a thumb in my ass and the other in my cunt. While I recovered, he briefly slid into me and then asked me to suck him clean (which I did). It was then time to go and fetch the van, so we got dressed and headed off.

On our return, we had some lunch and he then fucked me in his bedroom until I came and once we had moved a few boxes, he fucked me in Jen’s bedroom until we both came. After a bit of a rest, we spent a while longer packing the van and finished a little sooner than we had expected. Mike thought this was a good thing as he had a request from Jen to fulfil. I was taken out to the garden and the he stuck the dildo with the suction cup to the patio doors. I agreed that the garden counted as a ‘room’ so it had to be included in our game and I eased myself onto the dildo and started to pump back and forth. As I got close to cumming, he said that Jen had said that I needed to pee while I came. I was going to change before we went out that night anyway so I kicked off my shoes and as I came, I let go and felt the warmth spray over and run down my legs. My socks and skirt were pretty soaked by the time I finished cumming so I stripped them off and then thought I may as well do it properly and removed my top and bra. It was too cold to stay outside naked for long so we headed in and I had a warm shower to clean off.

The opportunity to tick off another room wasn’t wasted and Mike used the pulse setting on the shower to make me cum yet again. My legs felt very weak by the time he had finished and I told him I needed a break. He changed the shower head for the one that had been there when he got the house and packed the pulse one (although both Jen and I already have one so I was almost tempted to leave it with a note detailing its alternative use). We headed down for some dinner and as I had half expected, once we had eaten, I was ordered up onto the table and Mike rubbed the remainder of his dessert onto my pussy and licked me clean. Of course, he then did a lot more than just lick me clean and speared both my holes with his tongue over and over before concentrating on my clit and making me cum.

We needed another shower before we went out but I knew I was safe as the old one isn’t anywhere near as effective when it comes to use as a sex toy. I hadn’t counted on the fact that Mike had decided he would thoroughly clean my pussy though and I was fingered and rubbed before he knelt in front of me and ate me again (to orgasm). By my count I’d now cum ten times (which while that is nowhere near my record, is a lot more than I am used to). We weren’t going to stay out late anyway as we had to set off in the morning, so I had a little rest while Mike cleared up and washed my clothes from earlier and we then headed out to meet up with the few friends who were still around (a lot of conferences happen in Jan were in then, so even some of my friends who hadn’t left were away).

We had taken a chance and invited Sara and Emily along as Mike has got to know them fairly well over the previous couple of months. They knew that our other friends didn’t know about the sex parties, but they were in the same situation, so we knew they weren’t going to say anything. It was a nice evening, although a little sad as I knew I wasn’t likely to be back to York very often. Mike managed to have a quiet chat with Emily and Sara and they later came up and (discreetly) asked me if I’d really cum ten times that day already. I confirmed that this was true and Sara asked if I was naked under my skirt. I decided to be a little braver than usual around my friends (although I carefully angled myself so that only Sara would see) so I dropped a napkin, and then bent down to pick it up. I only had a short skirt on, so this gave her a clear view of my ass and pussy as my skirt rode up. I didn’t stay in that position for long but when I stood up and checked, she said that she had seen.

We got home reasonably early and went straight to bed. I thought we were just going to have a quick session and then sleep, but I was once again fucked until I came and we then moved into Jen’s room where Mike finished off and I came again. We returned to his room and (once he was hard again – or at least semi-hard), we spooned. We fell asleep and I thought we had managed to do every room, but I was woken up in the middle of the night and led downstairs. I had forgotten about the front wall - which, while technically not in the house as I would be standing on the public street, we had fucked there a number of times, so for completeness, Mike thought we should include it. We went out without putting any lights on, wearing just dressing gowns and I leant against the wall so I could present myself to Mike. He lifted my gown up and slipped into me, pumping back and forth until he was the whole way in. He then reached around and pressed a vibrating egg against my clit and said he wanted me to have a good orgasm. As we fucked, Mike flipped my gown over me so the side facing down the street was exposed and he encouraged me to cum as quickly as possible. It was a bit cold out so I didn’t want to draw things out longer than needed, but the egg was beginning to have an effect so I didn’t mind the cold too much. We finished off without being interrupted (or discovered) and Mike came in me once more. We returned to bed and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning (or later that morning), we woke up and had our final fuck in bed (our traditional morning spoon – having being woken up by Mike eating me). We threw the final things in the van, had breakfast and set off North. I managed to sleep for a while during the journey, but not for the whole way and we arrived early afternoon. It took until evening to unpack (after having some lunch) and we were both fairly tired, but we wanted to go out and celebrate finally being together again (now we just had to get Jen and we would be complete). We had a little rest (no sex), then some food and a shower (together) before getting dressed up nicely to head out. We went to a couple of places that we like and then returned home feeling quite tired. We just had to christen the new place as ‘our’ place and we had plain old missionary position sex before falling asleep.
The Sunday morning, I was woken up by Mike between my legs (again) and told him that I expected that every morning. He ate me until I came and then slipped me over so he could lie on top of me and take me gently from behind (Sue’s favourite position). We talked while he moved in me and he suggested that we say hello to our new place properly. I knew what he meant and pointed out that we had already has sex in every room. It didn’t take him long to convince me that we should do it again though now that we were both there and we repeated what we’d done in York (in the sense of me cumming in every room and Mike cumming a couple of times).

The cumming was interspersed with unpacking and trying to get two people’s belongings into a flat only big enough for one. We’d started looking for a bigger place (now that we don’t have to pay for two separate places) but with the Christmas holiday that hadn’t gotten too far so it was our main job over the next few weeks. (Ideally we would love to buy a place, but unless and generous readers want to send us a few tens of thousands of pounds for a deposit, we can’t afford it.) Once everything was unpacked (and the apartment was a complete mess) and we’d finished screwing in every room, we settled down to rest so Mike was ready for his new job. After dinner we had a fairly early night (about 10) and had a final session. Having cum a number of times already that day, we spent a while having sex before we came – I went on top for a fair portion of the time and we finished off with one of my favourite positions – Mike holding tightly onto me and pounding his cock into my cunt over and over until I (and then he) came.

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