Sunday, 4 March 2012

New Year 2012 - Part 1

We spent the New Year with some of Jen’s friends at her Uni house. This involved us driving down (we hired a car) and Jen and Mike took turns driving. Whoever wasn’t driving, got to fool around with me in the back (not for the entire journey, but for a reasonable amount). We were careful to not let anyone see what we were doing, which sort of spoiled the fun a little, but I didn’t want to traumatise any children in passing coaches. I had no hesitation in traumatising any passing lorry drivers though and as they passed, I happily uncovered my lap, spread my legs and let them see Mike or Jen fingering me. It wasn’t all one way – I made Jen cum, sucked off Mike and sat over his cock, letting the bumping of the car help to get him off again (which left a nice sticky load for the next time Jen fingered me).

We stopped off at a service station for some food in the middle of the journey and I was dared to make use of the handbrake. We’d parked away from the busy part of the carpark and Mike and Jen promised to keep watch, so I shed my skirt and mounted it. I’ve done this before so pretty much knew how to best position myself. I rode up and down and it felt nice but I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum without someone playing with my clit (and I wasn’t balanced well enough to do this myself). They let me fuck myself like this for a while and I was then allowed to climb off and cover up again.

We set off (and arrived) on Dec 30th and had the house to ourselves (Lis was off with Lucy). A few other people had come back for a party but we made good use of Lucy’s bed that night. The three of us slept together, but ‘the rules’ were back in force (or at least some of them were, in that Mike wasn’t allowed to do anything to Jen, but they each stayed while I did things with the other one). Being back on Jen’s home ground, I had to do what she said and so I was made to cum quite a bit more than either Mike or Jen did (oh the hardship). A few more people turned up on the 31st and we met up in town for lunch and the usual games. Mike was glad to see Julia who’s hair had faded somewhat from the bright red it had been when we’d last seen her. It still wasn’t entirely natural, but looked a lot better.

She flirted with Mike quite a bit and he found out about her Christmas. It turned out that Julia hadn’t entirely been faithful to Mel while at home (although I don’t know if it counts as being unfaithful if your partner knows about it and gives you permission – otherwise I’m in serious trouble!). Julia had been out with her friends and her brother’s friends and after an evening drinking, they had played some of their old games. The other girls in the group seem to have grown out of their lesbian (or rather bisexual) experimental stage, but a few of them were still happy to let the guys play with them. Julia ended up fucking two guys one after the other, then felt sorry for another one who felt left out, so let him do her as well. They had all seen each other naked (and fucked) a number of times before so it wasn’t really that big a deal for her but she said that she did miss having the opportunity to play with the girls in the group.

Throughout lunch, Mike spent quite a while chatting to her about her early sex life and found out a fair amount about various things she’d done. He couldn’t believe how young she’d been when she’d started and how quickly she had progressed from being played with and stroking they guys, to sucking, fucking, playing with the girls and being involved in proper group sex. Julia allowed (or rather encouraged) him to slip his hand under her skirt and play with her while we were out, and after lunch she said that we could always go back to their place to keep talking. It was very tempting, but we knew that we needed a rest if we were going to make it to midnight so we headed back to Jen’s place, but promised to continue the conversation another time.

I think Mike had found out some things about Julia’s early sex life that Jen and I didn’t know about and we discussed them on the way home. He was amazed that she hadn’t ended up pregnant multiple times and was still free from disease (although she has been much more careful for the past 3 or 4 years than she was at the beginning and the group of people she slept around was a self contained group at that point). All this talk didn’t help with Mike’s state of arousal, and the description he gave of Julia experimenting with her girlfriends helped to get Jen in the mood for some fun.

Our ‘rest’ was a little delayed as we ended up having a session – Mike fucked me in the missionary position and I reached over to finger Jen while he did this. I then ate Jen to get her off and we finally got a chance to have a doze. We had dinner before we set off to meet people and I was given the same skirt with the sides cut that I’d worn during my last visit. I had a different top on this time (less revealing) and another pair of long socks to keep my legs warm. Jen wore a shorter skirt than she usually would when out with her friends, but I was happy about this as it made it easier to get my fingers onto her ass or between her legs.

As is usually the base with Jen’s friends, it was a fairly drunken night. I’ve not managed to keep up my resolution from last year of one drink a night, but I’m still fairly restrained so I was one of the most sober people in the group. The pubs and clubs we went to were fairly moderate, so we couldn’t behave too badly, but we (many of us) found suitable places to stand to allow views up our skirts. With Jen, Mel and Julia’s help, we managed to convince a couple of the other girls to lose their panties and this made dancing with them a lot more fun.

As we had agreed beforehand, Mike Jen and I had a three way kiss at midnight. This is where being bi can be good as I got twice as many kisses as the boring straight/gay people (although I wanted some of the kisses less than others). We headed back to Mel’s place afterwards and carried on the evening (at a slightly subdued level). With both Mike and Jen present, I knew I would be teased and they didn’t disappoint. I had decided that I wanted to be a bit more assertive though and I teased them both back by rubbing Mike’s crotch and slipping a hand under Jen’s skirt to fondle her. Julia was on good form and was flirting with a number of people. Mike took advantage of this and flirted back which ended up with them on the sofa and him having a good suck on her nipples.

Meanwhile, I danced with a couple of people and let them fondle my breasts. A couple of the other girls gave everyone flashes of their breasts and we managed to convince Amanda to go topless. As a reward, Julia and I danced with her and stroked her breasts, which she seemed to enjoy. We also got a few strokes of her ass in but I think her partner ended up getting a bit jealous of what we were doing, so we backed off. My next target was Abrahi who was in a gorgeous red dress. Julia and I danced with her and rubbed up against her – we were both topless (and my skirt didn’t really hide much) so it was quite erotic. We hadn’t managed to get her to remove her panties while we’d been out, but we did convince her to pull the top of her dress down and we played with her breasts through her bra. Julia pressed up tight against her and rubbed against her crotch and after having done this for a while, we managed to get her bra off her and play with her breasts directly.

Julia and I wanted to turn up the heat a bit and we started to stroke her legs and moved up under her dress. Julia got as far as her inner thighs while I manage to stroke her ass through her panties. Julia asked if anyone wanted to watch Abrahi kiss her panties again and this received popular approval. She was a little reticent at first, but a chorus of encouragement made her give in and she lay on a few cushions on the floor and tucked her ankles behind her head. Julia pulled her dress up to expose her panties and they looked rather hot – red lace that matched her dress, high cut and pulled tight across her crotch. Abrahi leant forwards and Jules and I help by holding her thighs in place and gently pulling the skin on either side of her pussy. As Abrahi made contact with her panties, we spread her lips wider until her outer lips appeared either side of the material of her panties and Julia pushed Abrahi’s head forwards so she could get better contact.

Julia decided that she really wanted to know if Abrahi could reach her clit and she felt up and down the crotch of her panties to locate the exact position, pushed her finger against it and told Abrahi to kiss where she was touching. It looked like she didn’t have much trouble doing this so I had a hunt around for her clit (in both cases I think we could have found it much sooner, but it was a good chance to rub up and down Abrahi’s panties). I left my finger a little below her clit and told her to kiss it again while I pressed the material of her panties between her lips.

We certainly weren’t the only ones interested in her and once we had released her from her display, we thought that others should get a chance to admire her figure. As she stood up, We each grabbed a side of her dress and unzipped the back down to her waist. It easily slid off, leaving her just in her panties. At first, she made a grab for the dress, but Julia and I shed our skirts so we were naked and we convinced her that she was fine. (I did pick up her dress and carefully put it out of the way as it was rather nice.) With a bit more nipple play and a few more strokes of her panties, she seemed to settle down and accept her state of near-nudity. I fondled Julia in front of her and there were a few more couples who were making out (at varying levels – although none showing much of interest other than Amanda’s breasts).

Mike joined us and helped me to play with Julia (he had apparently asked Mel if she minded and had got permission). Julia seemed to have had enough of playing and wanted a bit more – Mike didn’t stop her when she reached round and started to unzip his jeans, and he helped her fish his cock out (which, unsurprisingly, was already hard). She rubbed her ass against it and Mike pushed into her cunt. Abrahi and I helped to support Julia while Mike moved inside her and I suggested that they move over to the sofa to do things properly. Mike tried to pick Jules up while she was still on his cock, but this didn’t work out so they decoupled and she remounted him once he was sitting down. At first they fucked with her facing him and then she turned around to face us and he helped to guide her up and down.

I really wanted to help them out, but they seemed to be doing fine by themselves so I just watched (with everyone else) while Mike fucked her and she came. She stayed mounted on his cock while she craned her neck round to kiss him and I gave in to my desires and knelt in front of them so I could flick my tongue over her pussy and Mike’s cock. This got Julia’s attention but I didn’t stay there long enough to get her really aroused again. She gave his cock a quick suck clean, but said that I could take care of that properly later on and she rejoined the dancing.

A few other people had been paying attention to Abrahi but not quite to the extent that Julia and I had been. We teased Abrahi a little more and I think we could have actually convinced her to let us make her cum, but she still seemed a bit reticent and I didn’t want to take (any more) advantage of her drunkenness. (although I did get to cup her panties properly and push the crotch of her panties nicely between her lips). I was fairly worked up by this point and so ended up with Mike and Julia taking turns to lick me. In the end it turned in to a competition, they each got 15 seconds and whoever made me cum, won. It was fairly frustrating as 15 seconds wasn’t really long enough, but by they were switching over fairly quickly and I could feel my orgasm approaching. It was left up to me to decide who actually won (seeing as they both ate me while I was cumming) and I declared that it was Mike who actually took me over the edge. Julia claimed favouritism and Mike told her that I would make amends later on.

Once a few people had left, Mel got Julia to eat her. It is unusual for her to do this in front of other people (Jen and I not included, but seeing as we’ve fucked her I guess we don’t count as ‘just anybody’). To be fair, she still had her skirt on and we couldn’t really see much, but Jules obviously did her job as Mel got rather flushed, made obvious cumming sounds and looked rather contented when Jules pulled her head back out from under her skirt. We considered letting Mel and Julia stay over (and giving them Lucy’s bed), but they were fairly drunk and wanted to go home. Of course, Julia wasn’t allowed to wear her clothes on the way back and we kept them for her to come and collect the next day.

Mike, Jen and I retired to bed and we finished off the night (or started our New Year) with a semi-threesome. Jen lay on her back and let me eat her while she used the nipple vibes and Mike fucked me from behind while using an egg on my clit. We were all fairly tired so didn’t try to draw things out too much but once we had all cum, Mike requested that I lie on top of Jen and kiss her so his cum could drip out of my cunt and run over hers. With this accomplished, we went to sleep and had a long lie in the morning.

I didn’t feel too good when we woke up, but Jen was even more hung over so I was sent to fetch coffee and OJ for her and Mike and I had our morning session while she recovered slightly. I then went down on her and made her cum which cheered her up a bit, but didn’t really help her headache. We had a quiet day and Julia popped round to retrieve her clothes from the night before. She revealed that she had been sent round naked (with just a coat on) and so could put them on before going home. Mel was in a worse state than Jen, so we had to put off the plans for the day (I didn’t know what they were, but I guess it involved Jules and I putting on some sort of show). Mike asked to have a quick lick of Julia’s pussy and she was happy to oblige with this, so Jen and I joined in and all had a taste of her. It didn’t degenerate into a full session, but we did make her cum (Jen got that honour) and we sent her on her way with her pussy still wet with our saliva.

Jen felt much better by that night and the three of us went out for a posh dinner (we may not have much money, but it is nice to do something special once in a while). Mike had brought a suit with him and Jen and I each put on elegant dresses (still without panties – or a bra in Jen’s case, but they was no chance of anyone seeing anything as our dresses were rather different from our usual attire. We got a taxi to the restaurant and had a delicious meal. Mike then embarrassed us both (Jen and I), by standing up and making an announcement that ‘his friends’ (us) had just got engaged and we got a round of applause. He told us that he had spoken with my Mum and Jen’s parents and they had agreed to help to pay for some sort of ceremony for us. We still don’t know exactly what our relationship would be called as we can’t get married, but it seems that they finally seem to accept that both Jen and I and Mike and I want to be together and are happy with the situation. Mike has been saving up (which is technically *our* money anyway) but we now have enough to have some sort of event and we spent a while discussing what we could do. Jen and I have obviously spoken about this a fair amount so we had a number of ideas.

We didn’t get home too late and were still fairly excited about what we could do. I know it meant a lot to Jen – Mike and I had a ‘proper’ wedding and I had really wanted to do something special with her and it looked like we now had the chance. Jen was very grateful and asked him if he wanted us to put on a special display for him as a way of thanks. Naturally, he didn’t decline this offer and Jen told him that he could even cum as well, although she would be ‘using’ me so he would have to take care of himself.

Mike is quite happy to do this (he has to put up taking care of himself between my visits) and Jen said that we would have a play in a little while, but we should take our time. We had a drink to help pass the time and when I went to pee, Jen told me to hold on to it. This sort of gave away what sort of ‘display’ we would be putting on and she said that we may as well proceed. She slipped out of her dress and got Mike to get me started while she prepared the shower and fetched towels. He toyed with me until I was humping back against his hand and Jen called us in to the bathroom. Mike quickly shed his clothes and joined as.

Jen stood under the shower and lifted a leg up onto the side of the bath. I was instructed to sit under her and play with her pussy. Mike got in the bath with us and sat on the end so he could easily watch and he had his cock in his hand, gently stroking it. I played with Jen’s clit, fingered her and knelt up to lick her. She said that she was getting close to cumming and I sat down again to concentrate on fingering her and rubbing her clit. Mike asked if we were going to switch positions and Jen told him that we would and that he had to watch closely as she came. As expected, she let go and peed (hard) as she came. I could feel her cunt contracting as she pushed and it ran over my hand, down my arm and sprayed pretty much all over me (and the bath). Jen asked me to lick her clean and i did as instructed (the shower had rinsed off most of the pee from her pussy already).

Jen had enjoyed her orgasm and I was surprised to see that Mike hadn’t cum during it, but guessed that he was waiting for round two (me). I was partially right, but hadn’t realised what he really had in mind (which you will now find out). Once Jen had recovered, I switched places with her and balanced myself so she could easily sit under me and get access to my pussy. She basically did the same to me as I’d done to her, (fingers & tongue) and when I got close to cumming I told her. This is when Mike asked if she wanted more than just my pee on her. Jen slowed down her movements and asked if he was going to join in. I could see that his cock wasn’t entirely hard (although still mostly erect) and he said that thought he could if she wanted him to. Jen pushed her face into my cunt and licked me hard, then pulled away and said that it would be fun to try having both of us do it at the same time. She sped up her fingering of my cunt and I told them that I was getting really close. I was mostly concentrating on staying upright while I came (Jen had a lot more experience of cumming in the shower while standing than I did as she loves the feeling of her pee running down her legs), but I looked over at Mike and just after I started to cum (and pee), I saw a stream arch from his cock directed down towards Jen. He moved his aim around (I wasn’t really looking, but I felt him hit my stomach and pussy at one point) and I emptied my rather full bladder over Jen.

I finished and saw Mike let out a few final squirts, then I looked down at Jen who was using one hand to rub her body. She pushed her face into my cunt and licked me clean (with much more effort than I’d done with her) and I asked if she had enjoyed it. She said that she had and I said that she looked like she wanted to cum again, and that she may as well do so while she was so turned on. Now that Mike had finished peeing, he didn’t need to worry about being properly hard so he was stroking himself. Jen knelt up and fingered herself and I passed her down the shower so she could use the pulse setting on her cunt. Mike said that he could always add a bit more liquid to her body and stood a bit closer to her and Jen agreed to let him cum over her. She gave a running commentary of how close she was to cumming and Mike paced himself in line with that. He doesn’t know her rhythms as well as he knows mine, so she came a little before he did, but he then let rip and squirted his cum over her face (two loads, with the third weaker one hitting her breasts and stomach). He said that he’d hoped to cum in her mouth (from a distance) but other than a little cum running down her face that she licked, he didn’t quite get this wish.


  1. Andi,
    You could always take a trip here to the states. While it's not legal on a national level (Yet) there are many states that have no problem officiating an official wedding for you two.

  2. Even though I'm already married? If it wasn't for that fact, we could get a civil partnership here, but I'm sure bigmay is frowned upon even in the more liberal states :)