Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New Year 2012 - Part 2

The continuation of our New Year antics...

We all showered (not at exactly the same time as it’s difficult enough to get two people under the water), dried off and headed up to bed. Mike was allowed to sleep in with us again, although I was in the middle this time. We fell asleep with him spooning inside me and me spooning against Jen. I thought that he was going to fuck me again, but we just fell asleep like this (it was fairly late). In the morning, I had to decide which one of them to wake up first. I took Mike and he woke up while he was still getting hard, so once he had achieved a full erection, I moved over to Jen and licked her (she was already awake by this point). I switched between them and then let them take turns licking me until we were ready to finish off.

Mike suggested that we make use of Lucy’s absence and we moved into her room. I asked what he had in mind and he suggested we each select a pair of her panties. I noticed that it looked like she had some of Lis’ panties and so Jen wore those and I had a pair of Lucy’s. We then lay in a chain with Jen on her back, me on my knees eating her and Mike on his back eating me. We licked through the panties, so it took longer than usual, but by the time we had finished (and both cum), the panties were wet through with both saliva and pussy juice (I know as I could taste Jen easily). It was then Mike’s turn to cum and I sat over him, pulled the crotch of my (or rather Lucy’s) panties aside and mounted his cock. He was already quite far along having just eaten me and listened to Jen and I cumming and he thrust back into me in time with my bounces (mostly). We fucked until he came and I quickly pulled the panties back over my pussy as soon as I dismounted him so that his cum would soak into them.

We had to go and get some food as Mel and Jules were coming over for lunch and we kept the panties on while we did this, but removed them and freshened ourselves up when we returned. Jen and I shaved each other and she allowed Mike to stay and chat while we did this (I think the nudity rule is now completely gone). Mike was looking forwards to having another chance to do things with Jules and Jen had given Mel some hints as to how she should dress. I’m amazed at just how much of a difference in appearance Julia can affect – she is usually the dark emo type, but can clean up incredibly well and pull off the cute-sexy look. Apparently Mel quite likes this look on her as well (which I guess goes with her enjoying dominating the ‘sweet, innocent’ Jules).

They arrived not long after we were ready and Julia was in what looked like a Swiss national outfit. It looked very cute (she even had braided hair) and Mel said that it was the most ridiculous thing she could find and had done it to cause Jules maximum embarrassment. Mike quietly told Jules that he thought she looked good and he would help make up for her having to wear the outfit. I only had a simple shift dress on and the house was warm enough, so Jen suggested that I could help undress Julia and she could do the same for me. We had to do this while kissing and had to spend as much time as possible with our lips in contact with the other person. We went a little further than this and caressed each other while we undressed and as we were obviously enjoying ourselves, Mel, Jen and Mike gave us a helping hand (well, two hands each) and we were properly caressed, stroked, tweaked, rubbed and fingered.

As I expected, neither of us were actually allowed to cum and we had to break things off to allow us to eat lunch. While we ate, Jen and Mel told us what the plan was. We were to provide an afternoon of entertainment for them and would be made to cum as many times as possible in as many ways as possible. I know that Julia enjoys these challenges as much as I do and we got started with dessert. We both had to lie up on the table and had various things poured over our pussies (yoghurt, cream, ice cream, custard) for Mike, Jen and Mel to lick off us. All three of them ate off both of us and we were given the task of licking each other properly clean at the end. Mike couldn’t resist joining in and we were both fed cream off his cock (he dipped it in the cream and we sucked it clean). I then added some ice cream to it to eat and then a bit more for Jules to eat (just so he knew how cold it was).

We started off in the living room with Julia and me sitting on chairs. Mel ate me and Jen ate Jules (both to orgasm) and after a short break, they switched and got us off again. It was now Mike’s turn and he tossed a coin to see which of us would go first – Julia won and said that he should eat me so she could recover. Thankfully, he started off gently, but by the time I came, his tongue was rubbing over my cunt hard and fast. Pretty much as soon as I’d cum, he moved over to Jules and pushed his head between her legs. It looked like he didn’t start gently with her and just went for the kill straight away. He made her cum, but kept going, holding her firmly in place so she couldn’t escape what his tongue was doing to her. When he finally let her go, we stopped for a quick break and a drink before being told it was time to continue.

Mike had a request for this round and he sat on the sofa with me on top of him and Julia licked his cock and my clit. I rode his cock until I came and then switched places with Julia and had to lick her while she rode him (he was playing with our breasts and pumping back and forth in us – we didn’t let him get away with just sitting there and enjoying himself). Once Julia had cum, Mike asked me who I should cum in first and I told him that seeing as he was already inside her, it may as well be Julia. He helped guide her up and down and Mel and Jen moved closer to watch with me. Mike said it was a little odd being watched so closely, but didn’t stop what he was doing and reached down to play with Julia’s clit. Mel told him that she didn’t have to cum but he said that he wanted her to (she didn’t get a say in it) and he frigged her until she said that she was getting close.

I held her outer lips open so we could all see his cock plunging into her and took over playing with her clit. As usual, Mike waited until she had cum before he made his final thrusts deep into her and came. They then rolled onto their sides so Mike could pull out and we could watch his cum slowly ooze from her cunt. Jen took the opportunity to taste his cum by kitty kissing Julia – Mel told Jen that if she liked Mike’s cum so much, she didn’t know why she didn’t just let him fuck her. Mike said that he would be more than happy to do that and once Jen had said there was no chance of that happening, Mel said that he should fuck me in the same way he’d just done to Julia. Mike admitted he wasn’t actually ready to cum again (although if Jen had been willing, I bet he would have given it a good try!) and Julia said that she would help me prepare him.

Back when she was younger and used to fuck around with her friends (and her brother’s friends), she discovered that the guys could cum a few times, but needed some encouragement. The most effective way to get them hard again was for her and one (or more) of the other girls to lick their cocks at the same time and then pounce on them once they were hard. I very nearly told her that Mike loved having this done, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to tell her that the person I’d shared his cock with was my little sister, so I held back. Nonetheless, Mike did enjoy having us both lick and kiss his shaft and was fairly soon hard enough for me to mount him and let him fuck me. Jules licked and sucked my clit while I rode him and I came a fair way before he was ready. In order to keep things fair between Julia and myself, Jen and Mel (who were kneeling beside her anyway) each used a hand to play with her cunt and my second orgasm was timed to be a lot closer to Mike’s (I still came first, but only by a minute or so). Jen and Mel kept fingering Julia until she came and we declared it was time for another rest.

We swapped stories of our early sex lives, both the good and the bad (let’s just say that Mike wasn’t always able to last as long without cumming and Mel wasn’t always as confident about her sexuality). Julia told us about how much it hurts if a guy cums in your eyes and I won the award for having progressed the most, having been the last one of us to have an orgasm (despite being older than everyone expect Mike). I had Jen lying with her head on my lap and I played with her breasts while we talked. At first my hand was over her top, but I slipped it inside and by the time Julia was describing one of her group sessions, I had Jen’s breasts exposed and was tweaking her nipples. This wasn’t part of their plan, but she let me continue and got sufficiently excited that she asked me to go down on her. We took the sofa for this and ended up 69ing. Mel, Jules and Mike watched as I spread Jen’s cunt and ate her and I heard Julia talk Mel into letting her do the same (I don’t think she took a lot of convincing).

It was nice tasting Jen’s pussy again after Julia’s – I’ve got user to her taste, but Jen’s is still my favourite (with Lis a close second). I wasn’t very gentle and wanted to make Jen cum hard so I ate her right through her orgasm and then only when she had completely finished did I switch to kitty kissing her. We then moved off the sofa to let Julia and Mel take our place. I convinced Jen to leave her skirt off and she decided that it was easier to just get completely naked. We watched Julia finger and eat Mel (they 69ed as well, but Mel’s head (and Julia’s pussy) were at the other end – and we’d all seen Julia’s cunt many more times – so we watched what she was doing to Mel. Julia spread Mel’s lips and fucked her hard with three fingers before going down on her. She got what sounded like a pretty good orgasm out of Mel. Seeing as she was now the only one dressed (if you can count it as being dressed when your skirt and top are both around your waist), Mel decided to strip off as well.

We’d spent a good amount of the afternoon and decided that we would need to think about dinner. After a lengthy debate, we went with the time honoured choice of pizza and ordered. Julia and I were challenged to come up with suitable outfits to wear to receive the order and were given free rein on Jen’s (and my) and Lucy’s wardrobes. We tried on increasingly revealing outfits (well, increasingly revealing once we’d put the first ones on as we started off naked). We tried various panties – lacy, thong, g-string with t-shirts or nightdresses that left little to the imagination. Julia settled on a see-through nightdress with a dark g-string on under it while I had lacy panties and a short t-shirt that left the crotch visible. As the bell rang, Julia decided to go a step further and she slipped her panties off. I had no intention of losing to an impudent upstart like her (however sexually accomplished she was) and quickly pulled my panties off and threw them behind the door as Julia opened it. I immediately realised that I might have been a little hasty as my t-shirt really didn’t cover my pussy, but short of hiding (and admitting defeat), I couldn’t do much about it so I took the next best tactic.

All I had to do was to stand beside her while she sorted out the money and put my arm round her. I stroked the side of her breasts to draw attention to the fact that they were visible through the nightdress. She handed the money over to the guy and then handed me the pizzas. I could feel that raising my arms to hold them pulled up my t-shirt even more. I wandered down the hallway with half my ass showing and took the pizzas into the living room. Julia joined us a minute or so later and we asked the others to decide who had been the most daring. It was pretty much a tie but they said they would think about it while we ate.
With dinner (and a little rest) out of the way, we partially covered up as the place was getting a little cool (the heating had gone off). Jen fetched some towels and got us to lay them out on the floor and Julia and I were ordered to strip once more. We lay on the floor and had to allow Jen, Mike and Mel to fondle us. They only used hands but it was nice being stroked and teased in multiple places simultaneously. Mike stroked my neck for a while, Jen played with my breasts and Mel fingered me, then they did something similar to Jules (with Mike and Mel taking care of her breasts as she doesn’t have an erogenous zone on her neck). We were both fingered some more, with each of them having fingers in us (three fingers moving separately feels somewhat odd, but definitely interesting).

I was concentrating on enjoying the sensations when I felt something strange on my body and looked down to see Jen rubbing a slice of the pizza on my pussy. This obviously left the area somewhat greasy and I watched as she rubbed Julia’s pussy and then smeared the pizza up her body. She returned it to me and mashed it into my breasts, then brushed off the crumbs and continued to smear the cheese over me. Mike and Mel joined in and we ended up covered in a greasy mess. Jen fetched us some bobbles to put our hair up (more important for me as mine is longer than Julia’s) and we were told to kiss and rub against each other while Jen fetched something. It felt really strange having Julia sliding against my skin, it wasn’t at all like proper sweaty lubricated sex (which is also great fun) but once we’d accepted that we clearly needed to shower anyway, we didn’t worry about getting dirty.

This was just as well as Jen had fetched some butter and she applied small amounts of this to our breasts, asses, thighs and anywhere else she thought of. It was now much easier to slide our bodies back and forth and I had a good fondle of Julia’s ass (or as good a fondle as is possible with slippery hands). Mike clearly liked the view he had and said that he would join in – I watched him kneel over my legs behind Jules and push into her. He fucked her and then said it was a shame to waste the extra lubrication. I didn’t know at the time what he was doing, but he pulled out of Julia’s cunt, rubbed his cock over her ass to get some of the butter on it and pressed against her ass. Given what I know about Jules, I’m not surprised that she is used to anal and I just thought that Mike was fucking her normally (at least until Jen told me what he was doing). I reached down between us to rub her clit and finger her cunt and between us, we got her off. We switched positions and after Mike had wiped himself off (I don’t mind sharing pussy juice with her, but fucking her ass was different) Mike slid into my cunt and then into my ass. Julia fingered me until I came and Mike pulled out before he got too carried away (he thought he’d only be able to cum once more but wanted to keep joining in).

I thought we would be allowed to shower, but Mel said we should have one more fuck beforehand and we used a combination of 69ing (so much for keeping hair clean) and scissoring. Admittedly rubbing cunts together was easy with so much lube and we ended up by slamming our cunts together. We couldn’t quite get enough friction to cum this way so had to finish up by going back to 69ing, but (at Julia’s instigation) we also fingered each other’s ass at the same time. This seemed to be a good enough display to satisfy our audience and once we had cum (and recovered – were getting a little tired by this point), we were allowed to shower. Mike joined us as he was a little greasy and we all went up to bed once we had finished.

As you would expect, five people in a double bed is somewhat cramped, but we were really only there for warmth (and Jen’s room was a bit warmed than the living room anyway). Mike suggested that it was time for Jen and Mel to be tended to again and so they sat on the edge of the bed and Jules and I had to eat them once more. We swapped back and forth a few times and Mike knelt behind us and moved from one cunt to another. When we’d made Mel and Jen cum, Julia and I sat on the edge of the bed and we let Mike eat us once more. He switched between us and between licks, he pointed out that it was a pity that he could only lick the two of us (I think giving him four cunts to eat simultaneously would be one of his greatest fantasies). Julia tried to convince Mel to let him have a lick and I did the same with Jen. I assumed both cases were a lost cause, but Mel said that he appeared to be quite good (from having seen him make Jules and myself cum) so he could have a quick go with her. While Mike ate her, I found out that Mel isn’t entirely gay and has occasionally (but very rarely) done things with guys. She conceded that Mike was actually quite good at cunnilingus but didn’t let him make her cum (possibly if she hadn’t just cum, she would have). He returned to Julia and I and finished us off, then took turns plunging his cock into us while we lay back on the bed.

He really wanted to cum now and in order to keep things even, we (Julia and I) were instructed to suck him off together. I followed Julia’s lead in this and we licked up and down his shaft until he was clean of our juices. I would usually have ended up feeling quite horny while doing this, but I’d cum enough so just concentrated on making Mike cum. We took turns sucking him, licked him simultaneously, kissed around the shaft and head and went wild with our tongues. When he got close to cumming, I held his cock firmly in place, pulled the foreskin down and we licked at the base of the head. It took a minute or so, but had the desired effect of making him cum over our faces (mostly on our cheeks that were touching each other). He didn’t produce a great deal of cum, but there was enough for us to kiss off each other and then climb back into bed.

Jen said that they could stay over and offered Mel and Jules the use of Lucy’s bed. While it would have been more interesting trying to all sleep in the same bed, we would never have fitted comfortably and it wasn’t as if we were likely to want to do much more that night. Mike didn’t even fall asleep inside me. He did agree with us that Mel didn’t taste as good as Julia, but said that she wasn’t anywhere near as bad as he had expected (although I had also noticed that she tasted a little better than the first time we’d done things).

I woke up in the morning with Mike’s cock poking around my cunt and told him that we may as well do things properly. I knelt between Jen’s legs and ate her while Mike knelt behind me and fucked me. This got all three of us off nicely and we then headed in to wake Julia and Mel. Mel is not good in the morning so we headed down for breakfast and waited until the smell of food and coffee lured her down. I’d half expected to carry on from the day before, but very little happened. Mike did fiddle with my pussy while we all chatted, but he wasn’t trying to make me cum. He also had a last stroke of Julia, which turned into a last lick, which I then had to join in, but again, we just teased her before sending her on her way. Mel said that I now really owed her and we would be having a proper session (not including Mike) during one of my future visits. I’d been expecting this and told her I was looking forwards to it (I’d come up with some ideas since our first four-way).

We met up again later that day with some more of the gang and did some of our usual fooling around. Mike was quite interested in seeing if we could get Abrahi involved in things (or more like whether he could get involved with her cunt) and I told him that we would have to see how that developed. She seems to be a little shy when she is sober, but (as you’ve read), somewhat different when lubricated with alcohol. There didn’t seem to be much chance of getting her to do anything at that point in time though, but I could see why Mike thought she was attractive and wondered what her pussy might look like (having only really seen the lips poking out from her panties leaves quite a bit to the imagination). It was obvious that Mel was also interested in her and I had this vision of us fighting over who could make her cum first (although I imagine that if anything did ever happen, we would just share her).

We headed back to Jen’s place after lunch and chatted for ages. Jen regretted her decision to not change course and come and live with me (soon to be ‘us’ when Mike finally starts his new job), but we agreed that it was probably for the bext (not her not living with us, her finishing her course before she came to live with us). Mike pointed out that on the plus side, it meant that Jen had more time to do lots of things to me in front of her friends (which she obviously enjoys) so this helped things along. She also promised Mike that he could come down with me a few times so he could witness the fun (but I think he knows that she wants to have me to herself some weekends given he’ll have me all week again).

We decided to finish off the visit with something special (not that the other things we’d done hadn’t been fairly spectacular) and when we went to bed, Jen and I shared one of the long double dildos and I lay on top of her so we could kiss while Mike made use of my ass. Of course, I benefited from this more than either of them did, but if Jen doesn’t want to let him pleasure her, then it’s her loss (and my gain). Once we’d all cum, we kitty kissed for a while (me kissing Jen and Mike kissing me), then curled up together to sleep (Mike and I both had to leave early the next day to get back to work). Jen allowed him to sleep next to her (she was between us) and said that she could feel his cock pressing against her ass and back for a fair while before he went soft.

The next morning, we had a very quick session and gathered our things to head off home. Jen threatened to make me wear a Mrs Santa costume for the flight back (short red skirt with fur trim) but decided that it might be a bit much – I thought it looked quite cute though and suggested that we use it at some point in the future. Mike went to the station by himself and Jen accompanied me to the airport.

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