Monday, 30 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 7

A slightly longer entry to finish off what was a fairly epic weekend for us (even if Mike was off on his own). Vicky was up for the weekend, which went better than expected and we're now packing to move into our new house. I'll be a bit sad to leave my nice sandstone apartment behind, but I'm sure we'll make good memories in the new place until we can find somewhere to buy.
Mike asked more about their early sex lives, first orgasms, first times with other people and in return he shared stories of his (and our) first times. He told them about a number of the things I’m made to do when visiting Jen and by the time they had finished chatting, he was moving inside Emily and ready to fuck again. She wasn’t up for another round though so he had to satisfy himself with just gently spooning. She did tell him that he could always put on a little display for her and Sara, but Mike didn’t think he’d be able to produce much more cum, so while it would have felt good, he didn’t think it would be that good to watch. Fortunately, he is quite good at self-restraint, so he just kept slowly moving in her until they fell asleep.

He woke up in the middle of the night and went to pee. On his return, he accidentally woke Emily while getting back into bed and while curling up against her, he slid his hand down her body and between her legs. He says that she opened them, so he started to stroke up and down over her pussy and then asked her if he could have a little taste. She agreed as long as he was quick so he crawled under the covers and licked up and down her pussy, tasting her juices mixed with the remainder of his cum from earlier. Despite it being cold out (and reasonably cool in the room), he was roasting under the covers so had to surface for air and curled up behind Em. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass and she didn’t object when he reached down and slipped into her pussy. He slowly fucked her and the licking had woken her up enough that she was no longer as groggy so she pushed back. He used a hand to play with her clit and while he got her closer to cumming, he told her how good her cunt tasted and how much he enjoyed eating her.

He asked if she liked dirty talk and she whispered that she did, so he described the way her cunt had felt on his tongue, the way it tasted and the way it felt around his cock. He got her to describe what it was like eating Sara and said how much he enjoying being able to taste her off Emily’s mouth and face afterwards. Emily is well aware that he would love to go down on Sara and he asked if she would mind if he got a chance to eat her. Emily said that it was up to Sara, but if she was okay with it, then she (Emily) wouldn’t object (and if she had, it would have been somewhat hypocritical as he’s been fucking and eating her). Emily was getting quite close to cumming by this point and Mike was still slowly pumping in and out of her. He asked if she would try to convince Sara to let him eat her and promised that he would do everything he could to make sure she enjoyed it. Emily said she would do what she could and Mike rubbed her clit until she came. He said he really wanted to fuck her and it took quite a bit for him to hold back, but he didn’t want to wake Sara up. He did stay inside Em and keep moving while they talked and she drifted off to sleep again.

In the morning, Mike went down on Emily again to wake her up and he was glad that he had held back and not cum in her again (she really does taste quite good – don’t misunderstand, I love eating Jen and doing that means an awful lot more to me, but Emily’s pussy has a wonderful taste). Emily soon woke up once he started and her moans woke Sara up. He licked all around her pussy and also gave her ass a little attention (now he knew that she was used to this he thought he may as well) and after teasing her for a while, he finally let her cum). He moved up behind her and slid into her – she said that she needed a break before they did anything else and he agreed (but felt a bit frustrated).

This was the first opportunity he’d had to say good morning to Sara since she woke up. Sara had kissed Emily and stroked her breasts while Mike had been between her legs and he thanked her for her help. He asked if she wanted someone to eat her – obviously referring to himself, but he was going to say that he meant Emily when Sara said something. Emily got there first and mentioned that Mike was quite good at eating pussy and that Sara might enjoy it. Sara then told them that she had been awake during their night session (or at least for some of it) so had heard the conversation about Mike eating her. Mike apologised and said that he just thought she was really cute and told her how I had described the feeling of her pussy to him, plus explained how he has a thing for 19 year olds (both I and his previous gf were 19 when he started dating us – and possible Sue was with when he first got to play her, although he left that last bit out).

Sara told him it was okay and that she’d had a guy go down on her before (but not well). This was news to Mike, but he quickly asked if that meant he could get a chance to taste her properly and do what he’d done to Emily. Sara hesitated a bit but said that as he’d helped give her such a good orgasm the previous night, she would ‘let him eat her' this once as a reward (she had heard him talking about how much he liked eating pussy). Mike pushed hard into Emily and whispered to her (loud enough for Sara to also hear) that he was going to eat her girlfriend and make her cum while she watched. He promised her that when he finished, she (Emily) would get a good fucking and told her to be ready, then pulled out and pulled the covers back to expose them both.

He wanted to do this properly (see explanation later) and got Emily to pass him a couple of pillows to put under Sara’s ass. He said she looked a bit nervous, but he knew after the sex party, that she wasn’t bothered by other people eating her. He asked if he could go ahead and she gave him a little nod and as he positioned himself between her legs, Emily cuddled up to her and gave her a kiss. He pushed her legs apart a bit more and moved up close to her pussy. He’d seen it a number of times before (at the parties, when I’d been doing things with her and earlier that weekend), but this was the closest look he’d got. He extended his tongue and licked up and down her lips, immediately tasting her (she had been playing with herself a bit while he’d been eating Emily).

He went fairly slowly at first and mostly licked around her pussy and along her outer lips, then dipped his tongue inside and started to eat her properly. Emily and Sara kissed and Emily fondled Sara’s breasts. Mike sucked on Sara’s lips, tongued her clit, lapped over her ass and pushed his tongue deep into her pussy. He took his time and enjoyed the way her lips felt in his mouth and the way her juices tasted fresh from her cunt. As she got closer to cumming, he lapped over her ass a few more times (which she obviously enjoyed) and concentrated more on her clit. He wrapped his hands around her thighs to help keep her steady and ask she came, he moved in time with her to keep his tongue in contact with her pussy.

When she tried to pull away, he stopped licking and started to gently kitty kiss her until she realised what he was doing and relaxed. He now had time to explore her pussy properly and properly felt the texture of her lips as he sucked on them. He kitty kissed her for a while , also running the tip of his tongue over her ass a number of times and as he continued doing this, she started to press back against him (which is what he’d been hoping for). He rimmed her properly and when she arched her body he guessed she was ready for round two, so increased the pressure of his licking on her pussy and clit. Sara didn’t object to this and he ate her again – not going for the immediate kill, but not spending too long teasing her. When she came the second time, it seemed a lot stronger and she only let him kitty kiss her for a couple of minutes afterwards.

By the time he finished his extended session with Sara, he felt that his balls were ready to burst and told Emily that she had better be ready. If I’d been there, I would have probably told him I didn’t feel like doing anything else (although he would have known *that* was a lie coming from me). Emily didn’t tease him though and let him mount her. Mike pounded into her hard and fast and knew that he was probably going to cum before she did if he kept that up, so he got her to reach down and play with her clit while they kissed. Emily quite liked being able to taste Sara off his face and once she was sufficiently caught up, they rolled over and Mike pulled her down on top of him so they could fuck properly.

He grabbed her ass firmly, pulled her cheeks apart and pumped in and out of her, their crotches audibly slapping together. He told her how hot, tight and wet her cunt felt and how much he wanted to fuck her and cum inside her. Emily seemed to enjoy the vigorous session and he got her to tell him what she could feel. She isn’t quite up to Julia’s level of dirty talk (but then again, nobody is) but she described what she could feel as his cock thrust into her. Mike pumped away until she said she was getting close and told her he wanted to cum at the same time as her. He got her to tell him how close she was and he held back until she started to cum. She didn’t give him quite enough notice, but he came pretty soon after she did (she was still moaning when he came) and he pushed into her as hard as he could a number of times and then held her firmly against his cock.

When Emily finally dismounted him, Sara said that it had looked quite intense and he asked Sara if he had done a good job eating her. She said he had and confirmed that she had cum twice. Being permanently inquisitive about such things, Mike asked her what she had done with guys before (during their conversation about first times the previous night, she hadn’t mentioned any) and she said that she had only been fingered a couple of times and had a bf attempt to eat her (he had eventually made her cum, but it had felt awkward and she hadn’t let him do it again). Mike thanked her for letting him savour her cute little cunt (at which she blushed) and said he would be more than willing to do it again if she ever wanted. She asked why he liked doing it so much and he tried to explain. It is difficult to describe just how much Mike enjoys eating pussy. Of course he likes fucking and cumming himself, but he also gets off on making other people (mostly me) cum and (he thinks due to some of the first porn films he saw) loves burying his face between a girl’s legs. Other than a really brief amount of fingering, the first ‘sex’ he had involved him eating his then gf and making her cum.

Mike asked if anyone wanted any more, but seeing as they had both cum twice, they were satisfied for the time being. When Emily got up, they noticed that she had left a rather damp patch on the bed. She went off to shower and Mike thanked Sara once again for letting him go down on her. He was still hoping that she might ask him to do it again to help pass the time until Emily returned, but he had to content himself with lying in bed with a young, cute naked redhead (so all in all, I don’t think he was feeling too hard done by). When Emily returned, Sara went to shower and Mike requested that Emily wear opaque tights with either a dress or a skirt (and obviously without panties). With a bit more effort, he convinced her to go without a bra (she’s about a b-cup so can just about get away with this). Once she was dressed, Mike asked if she objected to being fondled while she finished getting ready and she told him he could do whatever he wanted, so he got her to sit over him and rub her crotch back and forth against his cock while she brushed her hair.

Sara returned to find them still in this position and Mike told them how Jen had once done this for him (but he left out the reason why). He rolled her off his body and spread her legs, then pushed his face into her crotch and licked her through her tights. At first she didn’t feel too much, but he kept going, licking harder and harder until he could taste her through the material and she said it felt nice. Mike suggested to Sara that she could sit over Emily’s face and she initially said no but Emily said that she wanted to lick her so Sara gave in and climbed onto the bed and straddled Emily’s head. She was still wearing a towel and the first time it came loose, she tightened it again, but Mike was pleased to see that when it next slipped down, Sara just threw it to the side. He really wanted to eat Em to another orgasm, but wasn’t sure she would want to cum twice more (he also wanted to fuck her) so he took the middle ground of eating her enough that he enjoyed the taste and then crouched between her legs.

He pulled her tights down (or up) just enough to expose her pussy, lifted her legs and pushed into her. Sara could see what he was doing, but his view was obscured by the tights – fortunately he’s had sex before so pretty much knew what he was doing and fucked Emily while she ate Sara. He apologised to Sara again for the fact he was about to pollute Emily’s pussy. Sara said that she didn’t mind (but she looked like she was quite close to cumming, so she probably had other things on her mind) and Mike started to play with Emily’s clit. He knew he wasn’t far off cumming himself but really wanted to get Emily off before he came so he tried to ignore the view of Sara being eaten and concentrated on playing with Emily’s clit.

Without any reference, he found it rather difficult to tell how Emily was coming along (her face was hidden under Sara). He only realised she had cum when she pushed his hand away from her clit and sort of waved at him. He asked if she had cum already and she gave him the ‘ok’ sign so he told her to concentrate on making Sara cum. He had wanted to cum at the same time as Em, but once again had to satisfy himself with using Sara’s arousal to help him along. He almost asked Sara if she wanted to turn around and have both of them lick her again, but he assumed that she knew he was willing to do that and would have asked if she wanted it (he later found out that Em had been licking both her cunt and ass). Mike decided to just go for it and he pumped into Emily until he felt his orgasm peak and his cum squirted into her. He stayed in her until he had calmed down and then pulled out and quickly pulled Emily’s tights back up, making sure the crotch was nice and firmly against her pussy. He pressed his cock against her crotch, partially cleaning it on her tights and partially just because of his opaque tights fetish – either way, he rubbed gently against her until Sara came.

When Sara climbed off Emily’s face, he kissed Emily and tasted Sara and asked if she would keep the same pair of tights on and she agreed, adding that Sara could help to clean her off later on. Mike liked that idea and once his cock had deflated sufficiently, he headed off to quickly shower and returned to get dressed. They went out for brunch and had a civilised conversation but once they returned to Sara’s room, he asked if Sara would wear her new cute underwear to the next sex party, along with the long socks. He told her how Laura likes me wearing my schoolgirl outfit and said that he was fairly certain that if she (Sara) wore the outfit, she would have all the bi-girls queuing up to make her cum.

It was nearly time for him to head back home but he did get one more chance to fondle Emily’s legs and thighs (through her tights). He got a few strokes of her pussy in, but she didn’t think she could cum again so he didn’t go any further. They went to the train station with him and just before he left he hugged each of them in turn and thanked them for a wonderful weekend. He called Sara ‘his little redhead’ – which isn’t right as she ‘my’ little redhead (okay, so she’s technically Emily’s little redhead – but she obviously doesn’t mind sharing her). When he hugged Em, he slipped his hands under her dress and stroked her ass (she had a long coat on) and told them both that they had to come up and visit us sometime. We would be seeing them in about a month anyway for the end of term party but Mike was still sorry to leave, his sadness lessened somewhat though by his desire to find out how my weekend had gone with Sue and Jen.

He rested on train home (I don’t know why though as it wasn’t as if he actually did that much fucking – he certainly didn’t get as much action as I did, although I’ll admit he did spend quite a lot of time giving them pleasure). This meant that by the time he got home he was nice and rested and ready to have some fun with me.

We were both really eager to tell each other about everything that had happened and both thought that our story was going to be more exciting than the other’s. In the end we tossed for it (a coin, not Mike) and I won so got to describe my weekend to him first. He loved hearing about Sue eating and being eaten by Jen and was really pleased that she had decided to go for it. I gave his cock a quick suck but couldn’t really taste anything of Emily and we carried on our conversation in the shower. Mike doesn’t object too much to eating me while Ryan’s cum is in me, but he wanted to minimise the amount so rinsed out my pussy before we returned to the bed and slowly fucked while I finished off relaying my weekend.

When I finished, he ate me until I came and then after a brief rest, I had to mount his cock and he told me about his weekend. I was quite surprised when I found out about him and Emily doing a double licking job on Sara and even more surprised when I found out he got to eat her properly. With his story over, we finished off by fucking properly and then gave Jen a call so Mike could congratulate her on a successful weekend with Sue as well as to tell her about his antics. We tried to convince her to come along to the next sex party in York and Jen gave in very easily (which was a bit of a surprise as I hadn’t expected her to want to go to another one). Jen described to him what it was like eating Sue and they compared notes, including the differences between Sue and I.

We were both feeling fairly horny again by the time we ended our conversation with Jen but as I’d already cum twice that evening (plus the times that morning) and Mike had cum three times that day so we guessed our next session would be the last of the day. We went back and described small parts of our weekends in much more detail and slowly fucked while we did this. By the time we were ready to cum, I had a small vibe in my ass (in memory of Ryan fucking my ass earlier that day) and I squeezed myself around Mike’s cock until he came and I milked him dry of whatever cum he had left (not much – or at least not much came out of me when I dismounted him).

It took a good few evenings to write up all the events and we had a number of long calls with Jen to either make sure I was getting the details right or to go over what Mike did with Emily and Sara. Unsurprisingly, Mike and I fooled around during most of these calls (which is another reason why it took so long to write up) and Jen often joined in (virtually) and made herself cum (especially when we were on the section where I was sitting over her face and Sue was eating her while Ryan fucked Sue).

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 6

In the morning, he crawled down between Emily’s legs and licked her awake. She said it felt good, but she needed to pee before they could do anything and they all took the opportunity to visit the bathroom and brush their teeth. Sara said that she was a little hungry and suggested that she go and prepare some breakfast. She thought it would be better if Mike stayed in her room with Emily (her neighbours knew that she was gay and dating Emily, but it might be a bit more difficult to explain an older man (her phrase) sleeping over with them for two nights (remember Sara is only just 19 so Mike is over 50% older than her). So as not to be rude, Mike and Emily didn’t actually have sex while Sara was gone, but they did play with each other a bit and Mike quizzed her about various things.

When Sara returned with food, they ate breakfast and Mike matter-of-factly told Sara that Emily had told him (after he had asked) that she (Sara) liked having her ass licked and doing this to Emily. Sara spluttered and went bright red but Mike has a way of being sufficiently open about things that he fairly easily disarms people and gets them to open up and talk about such things. He told her that it wasn’t a big deal and how he often does exactly that to me (and how much I enjoy it) and went on to describe how he has managed to make me cum by just licking me there. He told her that I had described to him how I had felt her jump when I’d run my tongue over her ass the previous week and how it seemed like she had enjoyed it. Emily pointed out that Mike obviously found the idea quite arousing as he was sitting with an erection (although given Emily was still naked and Sara only had a light gown on, I imagine he would have had an erection if they had been talking about the financial crisis).

With breakfast over, it was obvious that sex was on the agenda before they did anything else. Emily suggested they use the same position they had the previous night but Mike said that he wanted to get a better view of Emily eating Sara and asked if Emily could lie on her back and Sara sit over her face. They liked the sound of that (and it was probably easier for Em as it meant she didn’t have to kneel up) so they got into position and Mike pushed a couple of pillows under Emily’s ass to raise her pussy. Sara climbed over her face and lowered her pussy to Emily’s mouth and Mike knelt between her legs and started to eat Emily. Sara said that she thought Mike was going to fuck her (Emily) but Mike pointed out that he wasn’t going to waste a chance to eat such a sweet little cunt and he gave her a good lashing, both over her cunt and her ass before sitting up, positioning his cock and sliding into her. He started to fuck Em, ensuring that Sara had a good view of what was happening. He loved being able to watch Sara’s expressions as Emily worked on her, but from his kneeling position, he no longer had as good a view of Emily tongue working on her pussy.

Mike lifted Emily’s legs up and rested her calves on his shoulders (a position I love) and he pushed deep into her. They carried on like that for a while and Mike asked Sara if she wanted him to cum over Emily so she (Sara) could eat Em without his cum being in her (or at least a fresh load). Sara said that she didn’t mind so Mike said that if she turned around and leant forwards, so he could see Emily’s tongue at work, he would make sure to pull out and leave her sweet cunt for Sara to taste. Sara did as he asked and leant forwards (away from Mike), supporting herself on the headboard. Emily had been listening in and knew what Mike wanted to see, so she spread Sara’s ass cheeks and let him watch as her tongue lapped over Sara’s pussy and pushed between her lips. He still couldn’t see her sucking Sara’s clit, but it was clear when she was doing that as Sara was being a bit more forthcoming with how good it felt.

Mike rubbed Emily’s clit with his thumb until she came and then fucked her until he was on the verge of cumming. He held himself there until Sara started to cum and after a few quick pumps, he pulled out, held his cock against the length of Emily’s cunt and rubbed up and down. It only took a few strokes before his cum shot out – the first couple of arcs went almost exactly where he had been hoping and splattered up the length of Emily’s body and over Sara’s ass and lower back (okay, so he’d been hoping that his cum would have shot up and landed directly in Sara’s cunt, but I think that can only happen in anime). He let out another couple of squirts, much weaker ones that landed on Em’s stomach and then pushed back into her cunt to enjoy the sensation.

When Sara’s orgasm finished, Mike pulled out of Emily and said that her cunt was ready to be licked clean. I don’t know if Sara really appreciates how lucky she is having a cunt as sweet tasting as Emily’s to eat, but she certainly didn’t waste any time turning round, lying on top of Em and getting stuck in. She didn’t even seem to mind the fact that Emily’s front was covered in Mike’s cum (although seeing as she’d got multiple guy’s cum on her the previous weekend, I guess that’s not too surprising). He encouraged her to make Emily cum again while he moved round to the other end of the bed so he could once again watch Emily playing with Sara. Emily was clearly trying to make Sara cum again as well, but Sara won out. Mike doesn’t know what Sara was doing that was so effective, but Emily came and had what appeared to be quite a strong orgasm. Once she had cum, she once again attacked Sara’s pussy until she came and Sara then rolled off and the two of them lay there panting. Mike was hard again having witnessed this, but he still didn’t want to push his luck too much so he didn’t try for round two (for him) and just rested with them, although he did kiss Emily a bit so he could taste Sara again.

When they finally surfaced, they took turns going to shower and once cleaned up, got dressed and headed into town. I had suggested to Mike that he treat them to lunch as a thank you for letting him visit and giving something to do while I was away. Their lunch conversation was much more acceptable for general society, but once they were off wandering around, Mike suggested they play some games. Sara wasn’t as willing to be an exhibitionist as he (and I) had expected, but Emily was willing to try. Mike bought her some black opaque tights and a short pair of denim shorts. He said that she could keep them if she changed into them and gave him her panties. Emily took him up on his offer and after disappearing into a toilet, she returned a minute later and handed him the bag back containing her skirt and panties. Mike ran his hand up her legs to her crotch and gave her a little squeeze and they then set off to wander round some more.

He didn’t want Sara to feel left out and wanted to show his appreciation for her willingness to let him share Emily for the weekend so he suggested that he get her a nice set of pretty underwear. She asked what he wanted in return and he said that she didn’t have to give him anything, but if she wanted to let him see her wearing it then he would appreciate it. As he was (almost certainly going to be seeing her naked later that night anyway, Sara didn’t really have anything to lose and after a while searching round a few shops, she chose a pretty white set of bra and panties. The material had small holes in it, but not as see through as some of the things I’ve worn and had small red bows on the front and sides of the panties, with matching bows on the bra. Sara chose a matching pair of stockings and Mike purchased the outfit for her but said it needed something else. He led them to a store selling girl’s clothes and picked out a pair of long white socks (this is where I used to get mine), saying that they might look cuter than the stockings. Sara was willing to go along with this (especially as she got the stockings as well as the socks) and after a bit more wandering around, they headed home.

Sara tried on her outfits – both with the stockings and the socks. Emily agreed with Mike that the socks did indeed look cuter, although the stockings were obviously more useful as she would be able to wear them while going out in decent company (although she did promise to wear the socks again later that night). Mike’s opaque tights fetish got the better of him and he spent a while stroking Emily’s legs and sliding his fingers into her shorts and pressing the tights against her pussy. They ate dinner and when it was time to get ready to head out, Mike stopped Emily after she had removed her shorts and he knelt in front of her and ate her through her tights. He was going to bite a hole in them so he could get to her properly, but she said that she wanted to keep them in good condition (I don’t understand why she couldn’t wear tights with a hole in the crotch), so he slide them down her legs and got her to sit on the bed so he could carry on eating her. Sara watched them closely and Mike spent a while eating Em and tasting her very thoroughly. He debated just teasing her, but didn’t want to leave her feeling frustrated as he thought it might damage his chance of being invited back so he finished what he had started and made her cum, then kitty kissed her until she had calmed down.

Sara looked quite flushed and had obviously enjoyed the show but said she would wait until later for Emily to do things with her. The conversation over dinner once again centred around sex and Mike got Sara to explain why she was so willing to share Emily. She explained that she understood the difference between fucking and love and Mike congratulated them (in a non-patronising way) for being so mature about it. Once dinner was over and they had finished getting ready they headed out and met up with some of my old gang of friends (most of whom I now don’t know as people had changed, but Mike still knows them). He had a better evening as he was around friends and Sara and Emily weren’t short of attention from the men. To even things out, they met up with some of their friends later on and had a couple of drinks before heading back to Sara’s room once more.

Mike had suggested something to Emily while they had been out and she agreed that it would be a good idea, but didn’t know if Sara would be interested. Sara knew full well how much Mike enjoyed eating pussy and was well aware that he really wanted to eat her, but he knew that this wasn’t likely to happen. While Sara sat on the bed, Mike stood behind Emily and slowly undressed her. He removed her top and bra and unsnapped her skirt so it slid down her legs. Emily had gone out wearing the opaque tights that Mike had bought her earlier and had forgone panties at his request so it was very easy for him to run his hands over her crotch and ass, enjoying the feel of the material.

It was now Sara’s turn to be undressed and Mike sat on the bed to watch as Emily peeled her clothes off to reveal her sexy new underwear. Sara was sent to put the white socks on (she had promised) and Emily helped Mike to get undressed. She stroked up and down his cock and when Sara came back, suitably cutely attired, Mike pulled Emily round to sit on his lap and he pushed his cock back and forth against her tights between her ass cheeks. Emily pulled Sara to her and caressed her breasts and pussy through her underwear, then got her to sit on the bed next to them. Em then turned around and mounted Mike, rubbing her crotch back and forth over his cock.

They shifted around a few times and Mike ended up behind Emily and pulled her tights down just enough to slide into her. Emily licked and kissed Sara’s panties, then pulled the crotch aside so she could get to her properly and finally pulled them off so she had full access. I don’t know if Emily intentionally did things this way to get Sara excited (Mike had told her how he had ‘convinced’ me to experiment with girls), but only when Sara was nice and wet and obviously aroused, did Em crawl up her body and whisper to her. This meant she was lying fully on top of Sara, who had her legs spread and Mike was very well behaved and didn’t try to carry on fucking her. He did take the opportunity to pull her tights off though and fondled her ass. He could see Emily was humping against Sara and he saw her drop a hand to Sara’s pussy and finger her. After a couple of minutes of this, Emily crawled back off her and told Mike that if he was still interested, Sara had agreed.

Mike couldn’t believe his luck and even though it wasn’t exactly what he wanted to happen, he was still looking forward to it. Emily lay on her back and Mike moved between her legs so he could slide his cock into her. He moved slowly in and out and told Sara that he really wanted to help make her cum, but wanted her to be sure she wanted to do it. Sara replied and said she wanted to see what it felt like, then climbed lay on the bed above Emily and crawled down so her pussy moved over Emily’s face. Mike got a close up view of Emily’s tongue flicking over and into Sara’s pussy and he told them how much he had wanted to do this with Jen and I, but how he wasn’t allowed to. Emily was sucking Sara’s clit, which she clearly enjoyed and Sara told him that this was his chance so he got Em to spread Sara’s cheeks and he lowered his face. He gave a couple of long licks from Sara’s pussy up over her ass and asked her how it felt (good). He then proceeded to lick around and over her ass. He was still moving back and forth inside Emily’s cunt, but concentrated on licking Sara’s ass. He occasionally let his tongue drop down to her pussy (or at least the edge of it) to get a taste of her, but he mostly just gave her a thorough rimming and as she got more and more excited (which was apparently quite obvious from the sounds she made), he speared her a few times.

When she came, Mike helped to hold her in place so he and Emily could help her get the most out of her orgasm and then when she said she’d had enough they released her and let her move up the bed out of the way. Mike hesitated before kissing Emily as he wondered how she would feel about it given where he’d just been licking, but he then decided that as Emily was used to doing the same thing she probably wouldn’t mind. They kissed quite passionately and once Mike had tasted Sara from her face, he told her that she deserved a treat for helping to convince Sara to play. Emily asked what he had in mind and he said that he was going to eat her and then fuck her (okay, so Mike was also going to enjoy both these things, but he was trying to do something she liked).

He spent a long time eating her and actually made her cum twice (eat, kitty kiss, eat, kitty kiss). When he thought she had caught her breath, he got her to lie on her front and he lay on top of her and pushed into her pussy. He fucked her with fast hard strokes and said that he had to concentrate to hold back from cumming. After he had given her a good pounding, he reached around and under her body so he could play with her clit and whispered in her ear how he was going to fill her hot little cunt with his cum again. Sara had been watching them for a while and Mike apologised to her, first for the fact that he was monopolising Emily and secondly for the fact that he was about to pollute her cunt. Sara said it was fine and she didn’t mind (not that it was likely he would have stopped even if she had minded). He frigged Emily’s clit until she came and when her orgasm ended, he pumped into her and let himself relax and enjoy it until he came. Unsurprisingly (given how long he had been holding back) he said his orgasm felt quite strong and he pushed deep into her and stayed inside for a while after cumming.

Both he and Emily were somewhat out of breath whereas Sara had completely recovered. Mike rolled over onto his side, pulling Em with him so he could stay inside her. Emily obviously knows how to read Sara better than Mike and told her that if she was that excited, she could always put on a little show for them. Mike said that Sara hesitated, but then decided to go for it anyway and Mike got to watch her spread her legs and play with her cute crinkle cut pussy. She played with her clit, fingered herself and rubbed a couple of fingers over her ass (without penetration) until she came. This had helped Mike stay hard so he was still inside Em when Sara lay down beside them and Mike asked why she had been so reticent to do anything outside when she clearly didn’t mind him seeing her cum so explicitly. Sara tried to explain that it felt very different which I don’t really get (for me, the more people who see me cum the better – as long as it doesn’t get me arrested or fired of course!).

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 5

I told her that to be fair, Sue should really get to cum again. Jen said that she was more than happy to eat, finger or use a vibe on her, but if she wanted Ryan to take care of her, she was happy with that (I took this as a good sign – I had given Jen enough opportunities to eat Sue that she was now prepared to take a break). Sue said that she didn’t mind who did it, but after Ryan’s fingering, she wanted to cum one more time. Ryan said he would happily eat her, but I had an idea for us all to help out and got Sue to lie across the bed and Jen to climb over her in a 69 position. We let Jen get things started and she ate Sue for a while and then lifted her head slightly to just tease her clit with her extended tongue. This allowed Ryan and I to see her pussy and once I got Jen to pull Sue’s lips apart, I slipped a couple of fingers into her. Ryan pushed a finger into her ass which made Sue yelp and then say it was embarrassing, but I pointed out that we had seen her fucked, watched her eat Sue and I had just let Ryan fill my ass with his cum, so she needed to get over it.

Jen humped against Sue’s face while she ate her – not to get Sue to do anything to her, but just to cover her with her juices. From time to time, Jen lowered her head and licked Sue’s clit more firmly (I could feel her tongue lapping against my fingers while she did this). As you would expect, with three lots of stimulation, it didn’t take too long and Sue started to moan and say she was about to cum. As she came, Ryan and I pumped our fingers in and out of her ass and pussy respectively and then pulled out to let Jen kitty kiss her. I let Ryan suck my fingers clean but I kissed Jen when she climbed off Sue.

Once again the room smelt of sex (I wonder if you can bottle that smell) and we all had a little rest to recover. I took Jen into the shower and we washed each other down and chatted about events while we did so. I asked if she had enjoyed her special weekend (she had) and got her to give a brief description of what it was like being licked by Sue. We didn’t stay in the shower too long as we had to meet people for brunch (especially as it had been my suggestion) and Sue and Ryan still needed to shower.

They also showered together (which allowed Jen and I to carry on chatting) and I looked through Sue’s selection of toys (which wasn’t anywhere near as extensive as ours, but I still found a small vibe that was suitable). Jen guessed that it was for her to use and I produced pair of tight jeans for her to wear. I had originally planned to do something like this while we’d been out on the Saturday, but had changed my mind. I don’t like wasting a good plan though, so just before we were ready to head off, I got her to slip her jeans down and I turned the vibe on before nestling it between her lips, using her panties to hold it in place while she pulled her jeans up.

We grabbed our coats and bags and then took a relaxing wander to the cafe where we were meeting people. Well, it was relaxing for most of us, but Jen was being continually stimulated by the vibe and a couple of times got very distracted. Her jeans were pressing the vibe hard against her clit and I told her that we could wait a while for her to cum. She wasn’t too keen on this idea at first, but after a while said that it was getting too much, so we let her lean against a wall and stood round her chatting. Jen held my hand and I felt her squeeze it as she came. At first, it felt a bit better, but of course the vibe was still going and she soon said it was too strong to take. I was going to remind her of some of the things she had subjected me to around her friends, but Ryan doesn’t know about them (I think) so I ducked down an alleyway with her. Jen unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down slightly. I slipped my hand into them and fished around until I found the control for the vibe and turned it off, but left it in place. Once Jen had made herself presentable, we rejoined the others and continued our walk to the cafe.
Lunch was uneventful – I considered getting Jen to go to the bathroom and turn e vibe on again but I actually wanted her to have a really good weekend and I wasn’t too bothered about revenge. I did get her to pop in to the toilet after we had finished to fish the vibe out, as well as to remove her panties. When we got to the train station (I was getting the train back as it was cheaper), I presented Sue with the panty wrapped vibe as a present and told her that if she wanted to remember Jen’s taste, she could suck the vibe clean later that night. Sue said she wasn’t going to do that but later on told Mike that she had done so (Mike got a full description of the weekend out of Sue one evening when Ryan was out).


Mike’s weekend had been rather different than he had expected. I had told him not to get his hopes up, although he was obviously anticipating a chance to sleep with Emily after the events of the previous weekend.

He left work a little early on the Friday so he could get to York and have a chance to go out for drinks on the Friday night. He didn’t really know most of the people as they were out with Sara and Emily’s friends and he (like me) doesn’t like a big group of people where he doesn’t really know anyone (it took me a while to get used to Jen’s group of friends – which is somewhat ironic given everything they have now seen me do). It wasn’t that he didn’t have a good evening (and he did get to chat to a few of the people and get to know them a bit), but they didn’t stay out late and ended up heading back to Sara’s place once people left the pub.

It was obvious that there was an expectation in the air, but Mike says that it didn’t just seem to be coming from him. He was the one who ended up broaching the subject and said that he obviously wanted to sleep with Emily again, but he was quite happy to just visit as a friend if that was all they wanted. Emily explained that Sara and she had discussed things (as they had guessed Mike would want to fuck her) and Sara had said it was fine as long as it didn’t happen too often. Mike was overjoyed when she told him this and said he was willing to do as much or as little as they wanted but he couldn’t help himself from asking if he was going to get to see Sara naked (he thinks she is cute as well). He was told that as long as he didn’t try to do anything to her, she didn’t mind being naked (they know that he is used to having Jen around and isn’t allowed to play with her).

With the ground rules set, they partially undressed and climbed into Sara’s bed (after removing a large number of stuffed animals – Sara is definitely a very girly-girl). Emily had a plain pair of panties on but Sara had a cute pair of panties covered in little pink bows. Mike kissed Emily, but waited until she reached down to rub his cock before he started to touch her. He stroked up and down her body and slipped his fingers into her panties, pleased to find that she was still nice and smooth. Sara started to play with Emily’s breasts (or at least the one closest to her) and Mike was careful to make sure his hands didn’t wander over towards her (as much as he wanted to let them).

He said that it wasn’t really fair to leave Sara out and suggested that Emily go down on her while he took her (Emily) from behind. His suggestion met with general approval and just before he entered her he asked if she wanted him to use a condom. Sara said that they hadn’t been doing things with other people, so as long as he hadn’t either, it was fine. He didn’t need to be given the offer to go bareback twice and used his thumbs to spread Emily’s lips before pushing into her. She seemed quite wet and he easily slid in, pushing deep into her and savouring the warm feeling engulfing his cock.

He pumped in and out of her and let his hands roam over her body – reaching around to fondle her breasts and her clit as well as stroking her back and ass. He could see she was tucking in to Sara and carried on using long slow(ish) strokes, every now and then pushing as deep into her as he could. Sara pushed back against him when he did this so he assumed this meant she liked it and did it a bit more while rubbing her clit. While kneading her ass, he let his thumbs slide between her cheeks to rub against his cock as it slid in and out of her and he spread her cheeks to he could get a good view of her pussy grasping at it whenever he pulled out. He lightly dragged his thumbs over her ass a couple of times and thought she pressed back against him (although he wasn’t sure as he was still fucking her) so he waited a little while before running a thumb over her ass again. He was sure she pushed back this time so he carried on pressing against her – not pushing his thumb into her, but applying enough pressure for her to feel it.

He had originally intended to fuck her until she had cum twice before he came, but he was enjoying watching her eat Sara and the feeling of a (relatively) new cunt (it was only the second weekend he was getting to fuck her ‘properly’). He sped up his movements and told them he wanted to hear Sara cum and feel Emily cum around his cock and he would fill her cunt with his cum. He played with her clit a bit more and pushed into her over and over, feeling his orgasm building and imagining a view of his cum squirting out inside her and covering her pussy. Emily actually came first (which wasn’t what he had intended to happen, but it’s not as if he knows her well enough to be able to read how aroused she is) and he had to decide whether to cum with her or wait for Sara to cum. He wasn’t quite ready to cum and so decided that even though he could have probably got to orgasm fairly quickly, Emily would have finished cumming anyway, so he just pumped away until he was really close and then slowed down to wait for Sara.

As soon as she started to cum (she whimpered her way through her orgasm), he pumped into Emily hard and fast until he felt his cum squirt into her. He thought it would be obvious to her that he was cumming, but he told her anyway as he wanted Sara to know he was cumming at the same time as her. When he finish, he pushed as deep as he could into her and stayed there, flexing his cock and trying to get every last drop of cum out. He waited in that position until Emily pulled her mouth away from Sara’s pussy, at which point he pulled out and when Emily rolled over onto her side, he lay behind her and moved her head round so he could kiss her. He had no trouble tasting Sara from her face and mouth and commented on this once they broke their kiss. He said Sara blushed a little when she heard this, but it wasn’t the first time he’d tasted her (from someone else), so it wasn’t that big a deal.

He thanked Emily for letting him use her pussy and she thanked him for helping her cum. She needed to go to the bathroom and when she stood up, she commented that he must have cum a fair bit in her as it started to leak out. When she returned, she said that she had been leaking the whole way to the bathroom. He could see that she looked tired and he didn’t want to seem greedy, so he asked if she wanted to get some sleep. She did, but said that he could spoon inside her while they fell asleep (he asked if he could do this, she didn’t just randomly offer). They chatted for a while as they dozed off and Mike filled them in on some more of our exploits and heard about some of theirs (both as a couple and before they got together). Mike said that he really wanted to fuck Emily again, but satisfied himself with just moving slowly inside her, which kept him hard until she had fallen asleep.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 4

I woke up early and went to pee. I had hoped to creep back into bed, but I disturbed Ryan while climbing in beside him. I indicated for him to be quiet, reached down to grab his cock and gently stroked it until it started to come to life. I then turned away from him and guided him towards my pussy while I spread my lips and prepared for his entrance. In a few strokes, he was inside me and I slowly rocked back and forth against him while he reached around me and stroked my breasts. I whispered to him that he wasn’t allowed to cum, I was just getting him ready for later and I contracted myself around him a number of times. He pressed deep into me again and I got him to describe what he felt when he did that. His description wasn’t too different than Mike’s and I quietly told him how I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my cunt and where it felt most sensitive.

I could have easily let him move more and would have enjoyed cumming, but I also liked teasing him (and myself) so we carried on like this for a fair while. Eventually the pressure got too much and we knew that we would have to do something more so I suggested we wake up Sue and Jen and get started properly. Jen was a bit groggy and Sue felt a bit hung over, so I suggested some coffee to wake us all up. I knew this frustrated Ryan, but what’s the point of having a guy around if you can’t tease him a bit? I suggested he spoon with Sue for a bit while Jen and I prepared coffee. It was still fairly early in the morning (for students) so I dared Jen to wear Sue’s gown, but without tying it shut. She accepted the dare as long as I did the same (with my gown – we couldn’t both fit in Sue’s one) and I told her she was on. I hadn’t forgotten that she *had* to do what I suggested though, so in order to make up for my compromise, we went out to the hall and walked most of the way to the kitchen before I actually handed Sue’s gown to Jen and allowed her to put it on.

We made the coffee (only instant unfortunately) and carried it back to Sue’s room. As we had two cups each, neither of us could hold our gowns shut and if anyone had come out of their room, we would have been somewhat exposed. Fortunately student laziness was on our side and we returned to Sue’s room to find Ryan spooning with her as suggested. They stopped while we had the coffee (hot coffee and sex probably not a good mix) and we brushed our teeth so we were minty fresh. Jen used her toothbrush to buzz Sue’s clit briefly (which got a nice little squeal out of her) and it was obvious that we really needed to go and get started properly

Ryan had decided what he wanted and it was a multi-part scenario. He lay on the bed with his ass at the edge and got Sue to sit over his cock, facing away from him. It was my job to lick his cock and he slid in and out of Sue. There wasn’t much for Jen to do, so she lay on the floor and got me to crouch up so she could slide her head under my body and I could sit on her face. This allowed her to lick me and also allowed my licking to stray slightly from Ryan’s cock while I changed position. Once Jen had tasted me sufficiently, she got me to lift my ass again so she could climb out and then grabbed her toothbrush once more. She held the back of the vibrating head against Sue’s clit and Ryan kept slowly pumping into her while I licked his cock. Ryan had said he wanted both Sue and I to cum and the toothbrush was definitely helping Sue towards her part of this. My tongue brushed against Sue’s pussy lips a few times but she was too excited to care (or maybe even notice) and she soon started to moan and say she was cumming.

When she had finished, she slid tight down his cock, leaving me very little to lick, but he told her that it was time to switch places and so she climbed off and I moved up onto the bed to take her place. Sue didn’t object to licking his cock while I was on it and when Jen got her to move so she could climb under her, I’m sure I felt some contact. Jen did pretty much the same with Sue as she had done when I’d been licking – after she had tasted her properly, she climbed back out and used the toothbrush on my clit until I came. I was impressed that Ryan had held back through both of us cumming (he had continued to move at a steady, measured pace) and I remember thinking that he had certainly improved from when Sue had first complained to Mike and I about him cumming too quickly.

I didn’t dawdle for long though as the aim was now to make him cum. I climbed off his cock and say down beside Sue, who shifted around slightly. As a finale, he wanted us to both suck him off (as we’d done before) and we quickly got to work so as not to waste all the stimulation he’d got from us. We licked up and down his cock for a short while before moving up to the head and licking it. We fastened our moths around the head and licked away rapidly. I could feel Sue’s tongue brushing against mine and this was helped by Jen placing a hand on the back of our heads and gently but firmly pushing us together (not that our mouths could get any closer together). Ryan kept telling us how good it felt and when he said he was getting really close, we broke our kiss and just put our heads beside his cock and flicked it with our tongues. Jen leant in closer and I felt a hand slide between my legs from behind and her fingers toy with my pussy, but I was concentrating helping Ryan to cum.

Sue had a hand on his balls so I used a hand to stroke the lower part of his shaft (and hold his cock still so it was easier to lick). He said he was just about to cum and I watched as his cum squirted out as he moaned. I felt Jen’s fingers jump in my pussy and I guessed (correctly) that his cum and shot between Sue and I and landed on Jen. We kept licking and moved in a bit closer, which meant that a couple of squirts splattered over our faces, tongues and lips. When he had stopped cumming, I tried to kitty kiss him (or whatever the male equivalent would be), but he said his cock was too sensitive (even though I had only been using really light kisses). I pulled back and had a look at us – Jen had indeed been hit with a load and it was running down her chest. I had cum running down from my right shoulder and I knew my face was somewhat covered. Sue’s face was also shining with cum and Jen pointed out that I also had some in my hair. Ryan seemed quite happy with the results and asked us to kiss, so we tried a three way kiss (mostly with tongues extended) and by the time we finished, Jen had cum over her face as well.

I was aware that it was her turn to cum and suggested to Sue that we both take care of her. Sue was fine with that and Jen climbed up onto the bed and lifted her legs up so her knees were by her shoulders. Sue and I crowded in and each took a side of her pussy. At first we just licked, but then spread her lips and tried to lick deeper in her. We couldn’t both do her at the same time, so ended up taking turns. I was impressed that Sue didn’t seem to be holding back at all and was actually really eating Jen properly. I whispered in her ear how much it looked like she was enjoying eating my girlfriend and how much of a natural she seemed to be at eating pussy. Sue didn’t reply other than giving my body a slap, but the next time it was her turn, I teased her a bit more and asked if she was going to miss the taste of Jen’s little cunt.

Jen was making the appropriate sounds to show she was getting close to cumming and I told Sue that we should both lick her again. We pulled her lips apart to expose her clit and I gave her a quick rub until she was mewing away and we then both flicked our tongues over her clit. Jen wriggled around on the bed and I grabbed her ass to hold her still so we could keep licking her. Jen later said that it wasn’t the most satisfying orgasm (as we hadn’t been able to get really good contact with her clit or pussy while she was cumming), but I had guessed that and when her orgasm ended, I told Sue to try kitty kissing her. Of course, this wasn’t entirely for Jen’s benefit as between instructions on how to proceed, I whispered things to Sue about how doing this was a really intimate thing (more so than just giving oral sex in my opinion).

I stroked along Sue’s back and let my hand slide over her ass (I avoided going between her cheeks), but I continued quietly teasing while audibly telling her how to kitty kiss. I told her to get a good taste of Jen (as if she hadn’t got enough of a taste of her over the weekend) and to savour the texture of her pussy. I described how much pleasure she was giving Jen and how Jen would probably lie in her bed every night for the next few weeks masturbating while remembering what her (Sue’s) tongue had felt like and her pussy had tasted like. She showed no sign of getting bored with Jen’s pussy (and I knew Jen wasn’t going to ask her to stop as she’ll let me kitty kiss her for ages so I left them to it and went to see if Ryan was enjoying the show.

He was more than enjoying it and had a hand wrapped around his cock, slowly pumping up and down. I quietly chatted to him about how good a job Sue was doing and pointed out how easy it would be for him to move up behind Sue and slide into her cunt if he wanted to cum again. He was going to do just that, but then asked me if he could ask me to do something. I told him he could ask me anything and he said that Sue doesn’t really like anal that much, but he wondered if I would let him do me. I briefly considered his request, but I knew all along what I was going to say so I didn’t tease him and just crawled over to the bed with my ass in the air. He obviously took this as ‘yes’ as when I looked back, he had already pulled out some lube and was squeezing it into his hand. I was going to tell him that I usually just use my own juices as lube (in the cunt, then in the ass), but he was already smearing it on his cock, so I left him to it and found a comfortable position to kneel.

I felt his cock press up against me and after slipping away from my ass, he pressed against me and slowly slid in. I had my shoulders resting on the bed so it was easy to reach down with a hand to play with my clit. Ryan slid in and out of my ass and I told him to keep a steady speed so I could enjoy it as well. I buried a couple of fingers in my cunt and played with myself and was coming along quite well. I could see that Jen was really enjoying Sue’s kitty kissing and had started to stroke her own breasts and tease her nips. I couldn’t see Sue actually kissing/licking Jen’s pussy as Jen’s thigh was in the way, but I was still impressed at just how much Sue had thrown herself in to things (and it was obvious that she was doing a good job if she was getting Jen so turned on again just after she came).

I told Ryan we should shift over slightly so he was close enough to finger Sue and I looked back to see him slide a hand over Sue’s ass and (presumably from the way she jumped) pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy. I sped up rubbing my clit and fingering myself (I had to alternate as I was only using one hand as the other was holding me up on the bed). Jen was quickly becoming more vocal and I imagined Ryan had a pretty good view of her lying there. A few times I found myself pumping my hips back and forth in time with his thrusts, but I stopped myself and told him to slow down each time. I closely watched Jen as she got more aroused and mewed her way to another orgasm. I didn’t think I could hold back too much longer but I was doing everything I could to make myself feel good without actually cumming. Once again Ryan sped up his pumping and I decided that he had been good enough so I didn’t say anything and allowed myself to push back against him. I told him to tell me when he was going to cum and kept myself as close to cumming as I could. It was only a short while before he said he was about to cum and I rubbed my clit and imagined a close up of Sue licking Jen’s cunt. I came at pretty much the same time he did (maybe he got off a single squirt before I started to cum) and he said that it felt amazing as I was contracting around him.

I finished cumming and stayed crouching with fingers in my pussy and Ryan’s cock buried in my ass. I gently squeezed myself around him (much easier to do with ass than with pussy) and it was only while we were in this position that Sue realised that he hadn’t been fucking me the ‘usual way’. To be fair, she had been somewhat distracted by having her face buried in Jen’s cunt, but I still found it rather amusing. Jen sat up and had a look as well and Ryan slowly pulled his cock out. I felt a little tender (but not sore) and sat down to give my knees a rest. I half watched Ryan’s cock as it deflated– it was still slightly shiny from the lube but I was more interested in teasing Sue some more about how she had just eaten Sue to two orgasms in a row. She didn’t put up much of a defence – the best she had was that at least she hadn’t just let someone fuck her ass.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 3

When we got home, I decided that it would be a good time to fulfil my fantasy (well, the best we could do anyway). I really wanted to have Ryan fuck me while I 69ed with someone, but Jen wasn’t going to eat me while Ryan’s cock was in me and I couldn’t 69 with Sue, so I decided on having Jen eat me while Sue kissed and stroked my neck and breasts. I started off sucking Ryan but made it clear to him that I wanted him to rub his cock over my neck when I got more aroused (I’m sure he thinks my neck fetish is strange, but it feels good to me). We arranged ourselves appropriately and I stacked a couple of pillows under my ass to make it easier for Jen to eat me. I stretched my head back and told Sue how to stroke my neck and once she had the hang of it, I told Ryan to give me his cock and I wrapped my lips around the head. Jen started to lick my pussy and her tongue occasionally dipped down over my ass. I felt Sue reach down to my breasts and play with them and then saw her lower her head to my neck and felt her start to kiss and lick it.

It all felt wonderful and I got Ryan to rub his cock up and down the other side of my neck. I helped him out with a handjob for a while and as I got closer to cumming, I told him to fuck my mouth for a while and I lashed the head of his cock with my tongue while he did this. When he got close to cumming, I directed his cock back to my neck and told him to rub it against me and empty his load (whatever he could produce anyway) over my neck and Sue’s face. Jen’s tongue was now firmly placed on my clit and rubbing back and forth while she kept a finger buried in my pussy and wriggled it around. Sue still had a hand working on my nips and her mouth and Ryan’s cock rubbed my neck. I told Ryan to hurry up and cum and was soon rewarded with the feeling of warmth squirting over and then running down my neck. Sue eagerly lapped it up (she is used to sucking him off and usually swallows) and I pressed his cock against my neck and kept rubbing it back and forth. My orgasm wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped (given the multiple sources of stimulation), but it certainly felt good enough and I arched my back as it coursed through me.

As soon as I had my breath back I told Ryan to eat or finger or fuck Sue (I didn’t care which as long as he made her cum) as she had really deserved it. I then told Jen to get up here (indicating my face) so I could repay her. She climbed over me and I licked around the whole area, pressing my tongue into her cunt, against her ass and sucking on her clit. I kept going and didn’t let up until I heard her mewing and felt her bucking against me. By the time I finished Jen, Ryan and Sue had already finished (which I was a bit surprised about as I hadn’t thought he was that good at giving oral).

We freshened up, although not a great deal as I love the feeling of going out while covered in other people’s juices (if you haven’t guessed, being naughty is a big turn on for me!). Jen got it worse though as I rubbed what was left of Ryan’s cum over her body and then rubbed some of Sue’s juices over her breasts as well as some of mine. We had a quick dinner and debated who should get their fantasy position next (when we got back – I don’t think any of us were ready for another round just yet). Ryan decided that he wanted to be able to cum over us, so he opted to wait until the following morning (hoping that he would be able to replenish his cum supplies overnight) and that meant that we would take care of Sue after our evening out. I told her to think about what she wanted and she assured me she would give it serious consideration.

As much as I wanted Jen to have a really good weekend, I also wanted to enjoy the opportunity having her as my slave. When we were getting ready to head out, I revealed the outfit I had selected for her (which was partially new). I had found a sheer top with a very loose and low neckline. Nothing was technically visible while she stood up, but the material fell low enough that the swell of her breasts could be seen and if she leaned forwards enough then she was pretty much completely exposed down to her stomach. I paired this with a nice little skirt that covered her with a little to spare and got her to slide on a pair of black stockings that nicely drew attention to the length (or lack) of her skirt. I knew that Sue would be wearing heels to go out so I had brought along one of the taller pairs of Jen’s shoes. These had the desired effect of causing the back of r skirt to ride up a little when she stood up so the length went from just about decent to only just decent (which is what I’d been aiming for).

Sue insisted on wearing a skirt of a safer length and I went for something midway. We did at least manage to convince Sue to go without panties again (and naturally I did the same). We had a fun evening out with Jen’s friends where a number of the guys were very interested in Jen and I (as a couple) and wanted us to make out a little for them (which I was more than glad to do).
After a fair amount of drinking and dancing (during which Jen’s outfit didn’t quite fully cover her all the time) I was ready to play and dragged Jen off into the toilets (fortunately they were reasonably clean). We weren’t the only couple of girls who disappeared into a stall together, but I imagine most of the others were going to chat or smoke together. As soon as we were inside, I leant against the side of the cubicle and got Jen to lean back against me so I could slide a hand up her top and fondle her breasts while my other hand slid under her skirt and rubbed her pussy. We could hear all the other girls in the bathroom around us and I whispered to Jen how I wanted her to cum for everyone there. I was quite forceful and Jen got aroused fairly quickly but then had a good idea and decided to change what we were doing.

Just before Jen came, I got her to tuck up her skirt and moved her round so she was crouching over the toilet. She wasn’t actually touching it and she leant against the wall behind it so I could reach around her and carry on playing with her clit. As she came, she let go and peed (mostly) into the toilet. I firmly fingered her with one hand and mauled her breasts with the other until she finished cumming and peeing, then helped to dry off her thighs and mop up and mess we had made on the seat. I left Jen’s pussy wet (she likes this feeling). I took the opportunity to pee while we were there and Jen couldn’t resist having a play with my pussy while I did this (but not enough to do anything). We rejoined the others and carried on the evening, but once again we wanted to get home early enough to have time to play.

On the way back, Jen and I flashed our asses as a few crowds of people and I let Ryan finger me in an alleyway and then convinced Sue to let him do the same to her. Once we got back to her room, we quickly got undressed and I asked Sue to tell us what she wanted us all to do to her. She still wasn’t sure so I suggested the only two real options I could see. Either, Ryan fucked her while she ate Jen and I played with her breasts, or Jen ate her and she sucked Ryan off. Sue opted for the second one of these and I teased her about it, asking if she now enjoyed Jen eating her so much that she couldn’t think of a better alternative. Sue was a little drunk and admitted that it felt incredibly good and she enjoyed it a lot (which I know made Jen very happy) and so she was thrown down onto the floor and Jen buried her face between her legs.

I moved down beside her and started to play with her breasts, sucking and licking one while stroking and teasing the other. Mike slid his cock into Sue’s mouth and I half watched her take a hold of it and bob her head back and forth. Jen broke away briefly to get Sue to lift her ass and slide a couple of pillows under her (it really does make a difference), but immediately returned to work. Even from my position looking down Sue’s body, I could tell Jen was giving her the full treatment and Jen later confirmed that she had been pushing her tongue in as far as she could as well as licking up and down the length of Sue’s lips and sucking her clit. Sue seemed to cum quite hard but Jen carried on eating her until she was panting and begging for us to stop before she switched to kitty kissing her. I told her to make Ryan cum, but not to swallow and I carried on playing with her breasts until she managed this. She then had to let his cum drip out of her mouth over her breasts and Jen and I licked and sucked them clean. I kissed up to Sue’s ear and told her how naughty she had become, letting Jen repeatedly eat her out and cumming every time. Sue didn’t seem to mind me teasing her and just said that I was one to talk about being naughty (which was fair enough).

I thought we had done enough for Sue and it was time for Jen and I to get some action. We arranged ourselves so my pussy was facing towards Ryan and Sue and Jen lay on top of me. I asked them to fetch a dildo or a vibe and someone supplied Jen with one, that was quickly pushed into me. Jen’s tongue flicked over my clit and she spread my lips so Ryan and Sue could watch the dildo sliding in and out of my cunt. I wasn’t just lying back and enjoying myself and I had my lips fastened to Jen’s clit as I sucked and licked it, occasionally taking a break to slide a couple of fingers into her and fuck her with them. Jen seemed quite wet (even for her) and I guessed that she was really enjoying her weekend of fucking Sue. It didn’t take long to get her off and once she had finished cumming, she licked me faster and I soon came.

Sue had dozed off while we had been playing (which I wasn’t too surprised about as she had looked quite tired after she’d cum and I imagine watching my cunt was much more interesting for Ryan then for her). I felt fairly tired as well so suggested we all get some sleep so we could make the most of the next morning, before Jen and I had to return to Uni and home respectively. Ryan was going to curl up beside Sue, but I suggested to him that we shouldn’t waste the erection that he had (despite having cum not too long ago, he had clearly enjoyed watching Jen play with me). I didn’t imagine Sue would mind (especially as I’d effectively given her Jen for the weekend) and so I lay on my side and let him slip into me so we could spoon while falling asleep. I told him not to get too carried away as we wanted him to save his cum for the morning, but I couldn’t help myself from contracting my pussy around him and slowly sliding back and forth.

He pushed hard into me and I told him to stay in that position as long as he could. He occasionally relaxed, but then pressed back into me and I could have probably easily allowed things to progress, but also wanted a nice cum shot in the morning. He said he had a few other suggestions for his fantasy fuck and I told him that when it was his turn, we would do whatever we could to satisfy him (not including him playing with Jen of course). Jen had climbed over the other side of Sue and curled up against her, with one of her legs over Sue’s legs and pressing her pussy against Sue’s thigh.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 2

Yay - we're going on holiday in the summer with Jen's friends. I imagine it will be somewhat more lively than the holidays with my friends (at least in the sense that we might be able to get more people involved in things). Back to our visit to Sue...

Jen’s fingers felt really good and I decided that it wasn’t fair for her to be the only one left out, so I suggested that we move round so we could eat each other. I took the position that allowed Sue and Ryan to see my pussy being eaten (I like being watched more than Jen). I knew that I had to try to help Jen catch up, so I also used fingers on her (in both holes) but I also took the time to occasionally glance over at Ryan’s cock sliding in and out of Sue’s pussy. I briefly reached over to fondle his balls and slid my hand over his cock and Sue’s crotch, but knew that my main job was to take care of Jen. It hadn’t occurred to me, but my pussy was still full of Ryan’s cum and he was really enjoying watching Jen eat me, knowing that she was eating him at the same time. It certainly didn’t seem to bother her as she did as good a job on me as she had done on Sue and I had my second orgasm of the night.

Jen kitty kissed me afterwards and I went all out on her. Once I had her close to cumming, I eased off and told the others I would try to make her cum around the same time they did. Ryan liked this idea and he told me how close he was and Sue joined in with updates. I told him to make her (Sue) cum first and as I heard her moaning and panting more, I increased the speed I licked Jen and told him that everyone needed to cum now (I would have liked to be included in that, but I was nowhere near a third cum). When Sue came, I buried my face in Jen’s cunt and ate her. She came between Sue and Ryan’s orgasm, but I kept lashing her cunt and clit with my tongue until he said he was cumming. My attack caused Jen to keep moaning until Ryan had cum and only then did I ease off and kiss her more gently. I reached over and fondled Ryan’s balls and cock once more – getting another quick stroke of Sue’s pussy in while doing this. Once I let Jen out from under me, she leaned over to kiss Sue and asked if she had enjoyed watching us (as well as letting Sue taste me off her face).

We’d spent a fair while playing and it was getting late. I wanted to make sure I had energy to do things the next day so suggested we get a good night’s sleep and resume in the morning. I warned Ryan and Sue that we might wake them in an interesting way (and they knew exactly what I meant after my previous visit). We all ended up staying on the floor – it wasn’t quite as comfortable, but we were fairly well cushioned and it felt nice curling up with Jen behind me and Sue on the other side (and Ryan on the other side of Sue).

I had to get up to pee in the night and was tempted to do something to someone, but decided against it and waited until I woke up again (much later). It was easy to wake Jen up and the plan had been to get both Ryan and Sue excited before they woke up, but they came round before we had a chance to do anything. Not that this stopped our plan and we told them to lie back while we took care of things. I took Ryan’s cock in my mouth and started to suck and lick on it while Jen crawled down between Sue’s legs and started to lick and finger her. I didn’t intend to let Ryan cum in my mouth and once he was nice and hard (and well lubricated from my saliva), I climbed up his body, perched myself over his cock and spread my lips. I told Sue to watch while I engulfed his cock and I slowly pushed down on the head and then rocked up and down, taking a little more inside me with each movement. Once he was all the way inside me, I pushed myself down against him and slowly rocked back and forth while contracting my pussy around him.

I could see that Jen was doing well with Sue, who looked quite flushed already. Jen pumped a couple of fingers into Sue and sucked her clit. I rode Ryan and played with my clit while he fondled my breasts and asked him to give me another load of his cum so it could leak out of me through the day. I told him I was going to cum first and then lie on top of him so he could move in me as much as he wanted. I made sure I didn’t cum too quickly and I enjoyed myself, but when Sue started to pant, I rubbed my clit and gyrated on his cock until I came, then quickly glued my mouth to his and humped against him. He grabbed my ass and started pumping into me much faster – his hands kneaded my ass cheeks and I felt fingers pressing against my ass, but not really entering it. When I heard Sue cum, I blindly reached over towards her and found a breast to play with (she has more sensitive nipples than I do and enjoys having her breasts toyed with). I stayed in place though as Ryan was still pumping away in and out of my cunt. I concentrated on the feeling in my cunt as he churned me over and over. I’d realised that he liked dirty talk so I tried to describe what his cock was doing to me and encouraged him to fill me with his cum again.

Ryan came in me and once he had stopped moving, I sat up again (keeping him inside me) and thanked him for the donation. Jen had finished doing things with Sue and I thought that it was time for her to get some attention, but also wanted a bit of a rest before the next round. I pulled Jen to me and whispered that we could take care of her after breakfast if she was prepared to wait (not that she had much choice as she had to do what I said). I could feel that Ryan was beginning to shrink inside me, so I rolled off him and kept my legs closed to try to keep his cum in. I suggested we go and get some breakfast and that I had a plan for afterwards. Sue said she was also hungry and so once she and Ryan had put on gowns and Jen and I had donned t-shirts, we wandered down to the kitchen. I had selected the t-shirt for Jen and it only barely covered her ass, but I hadn’t been too unkind to her and I had chosen one only just slightly longer. The main difference between Jen and I though (not counting the fact that she hadn’t cum yet and was quite turned on), was that I had a cunt with a load of cum slowly leaking out. By the time we reached the kitchen, his cum had dribbled down one leg completely and was making good headway down the other.

I didn’t want to sit down while I ate (or I would have probably left a puddle) so I stood and ate my cereal while chatting to the others. I leant back against the counter with my legs together (one crossed slightly over the other). This helped to stem the flow slightly, but I could still feel cum slowly running down as I ate. Only a couple of people came in while we were in the kitchen and when they left, Jen pointed out that my t-shirt was being pulled up quite a bit by the way I was standing. My pussy was still covered (or I’m sure Sue would have said something) but only just and if I stretched up just a little, I could get my pussy to peek out. I now understood the looks I’d got from the other occupants of the kitchen and I pulled my t-shirt down but then called Jen over. Once she was beside me, I got her to hoist herself up onto the counter and sit with her legs spread. Sue was worried in case someone came in, but I got Jen to put her feet up on either side of her and display herself before I let her get down. I had initially considered making her cum to get my own back for all the things Jen did to me when I visited her in halls, but Sue would be the one who people would talk about if we were discovered, so I relented and said we should head back to Sue’s room to carry on.

It had occurred to me that we had time (over the next day) to make sure each one of us got to cum in a way they would really enjoy. Jen’s turn to cum, so it seemed like a good time to get her fantasy position. This was easy to guess as she has often told me how she likes the idea of doing Sue and I at the same time (pretty much the same as Mike’s fantasy). The only question was which way round she wanted us to be – after a brief consideration, she asked Sue if she would mind eating her again (and promised that she would repay her). Sue agreed to this and positioned herself between Jen’s legs while I climbed over her face. The idea was to make sure nobody was left out, so Ryan moved around behind Sue and pushed into her, which in turn pushed Sue’s mouth against Jen’s waiting pussy.

I once again told Ryan to try to hold back as long as he could and I reached down to play with Jen’s breasts while r tongue started to explore my pussy. I could see that Sue had started to lick Jen and I explained to her how she should make Jen cum and then once her orgasm had ended, carry on licking and kissing her, but a lot more gently. Sue has experienced kitty kissing (by Mike), so she knows what it feels like, but it is somewhat different doing it (and remembering to do it). I sometimes leant forwards a bit more so I could reach down to Jen’s pussy and pull one side of her pussy to help spread her lips, other times I sat up straight and played with my breasts (for Ryan), but mostly I toyed with Jen’s nips, stroking tweaking and pinching them. In return, Jen lapped away at my cunt and kneaded my ass with her hands. I could feel her moaning and humming into my cunt as she got closer to cumming and I pinched her nips harder (I know she likes this so I do it even though the thought of it being done to me as hard makes me wince).

I told Ryan to fuck Sue as hard as he wanted and do whatever he needed to make her cum (I presume he knows how to do this to her better than I do) and as Jen’s orgasm faded, told Sue to ease off with her licking and carry on doing it gently. Having Jen cum in my mouth is really arousing (and she was also eating me quite fiercely) so I knew I wasn’t far from cumming. I sat upright so Jen’s tongue was just about visible to Ryan (I asked him) as it flicked over my clit and lapped away at my cunt. I couldn’t help myself from rocking back and forth on Jen’s face as my orgasm built and I came. I would have loved to make a lot of noise, but multiple orgasmic sounds might have been difficult for Sue to explain (not that we were being silent, I just restrained myself from being *really* loud). Jen carried on kitty kissing me and helped to bring me back down and once I felt a bit more composed, I gave Ryan a detailed description of kitty kissing and why it felt so good. He said he would experiment with Sue and I told him that he could experiment with me as well, but we first had to finish things off. He wasn’t too far from cumming and the way Sue was moaning into Jen’s pussy, I guessed she wasn’t either. Ryan had one hand on her clit and reached over her to cup one of her breasts. I told him I wanted to see his cum dripping out of Sue’s cunt and she came while we were talking about this. Once Sue had cum, it took him hardly any time to finish off – a handful of rapid strokes in and out of her and he pushed in hard and stayed still.

I told Sue she could stop eating Jen and she pulled her head away, her face once again covered in Jen’s juices. I leant forwards and gave her a little kiss, saying she had done well and then climbed off Jen’s face so I could check if Ryan had managed to cum enough in Sue for it to drip out. Jen crawled round the other side of Sue and when Ryan pulled out, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean of his cum and Sue’s juices. Meanwhile Jen was saying that she couldn’t see any cum, but when Sue sat up and spread her lips, a little dripped out.

We all lay back down and pulled the covers over us while we rested. We all dozed off and on while chatting but eventually decided it was time to get up or we would miss the whole day. Jen and I showered together and we got ready while waiting for Ryan and Sue. Despite it being cold out, we convinced Sue that she should forgo her panties (as we were) and we headed out to get some lunch. We were mostly well behaved while out, other than a couple of indiscretions. Sue and I competed to see who could show ourselves off to Ryan for the longest uninterrupted periods of time (without being caught by anyone else). He even managed to briefly finger us both while we bent over in front of him (we took turns to do this). The largest ‘indiscretion’ was when we tried some clothes on (or pretended to) and Sue and I both fondled Jen in a changing room. We half stripped her so she only had her top on and stood on either side of her, I then directed Sue to fondle Jen’s pussy and I played with her clit. We swapped over but by the time Jen came, we were both rubbing her clit and slipping fingers into her randomly. As soon as Jen’s orgasm ended, I pulled her skirt back up and opened the curtain, telling her to hurry up and join us in the shop. She was still a bit flushed when she dashed out and as we left, I told Ryan what we had done.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 1

I hadn't realised how long this entry would be, but once I got writing, I just kept going. (Mike and I ended up fucking a number of times as we recalled what had happened.) To make up for my recent irregular postings I'll try to post slightly shorter entries every other day for the duration of the series.

The weekend after our big orgy (it was a lot more than the usual sex parties) I had arranged to go and visit Sue and take Jen along (so she didn’t feel left out for not having come to the party). Mike wished that he could get to see Jen and Sue playing, but we clearly couldn’t have smuggled him along without Ryan noticing. Instead, he arranged to back down to York and visit Sara and Emily (which had been scheduled for the following week, but he was going to come to the hardcore club with us so it all sort of worked out).

We set off from the apartment on the Friday morning and promised to report back in full when we next saw each other on the Sunday night. I headed off to work and then afterwards, flew down to Sue’s Uni. Jen had arrived a bit before me (but she only had to catch the train and managed to leave quite a bit earlier than I had). Other than giving Sue and Ryan hello hugs, nothing had happened and we were both fairly well behaved while we went out for drinks with Sue and Ryan’s friends. Ryan pointed out a couple of girls that he had been using in their fantasy sessions and who Sue seemed reasonably happy to fantasise about doing things with. I remember thinking that one of them in particular, I would be more than happy to introduce to lesbianism (as far as Ryan and Sue know, neither of the girls are bi or gay) and Jen was on board with my choice.

On the way back to Sue’s room (once we had separated from their other friends), I started to tease Ryan a little and ask if he had been looking forwards to our visit. He said that he had and I walked backwards in front of him lifted my skirt and pulled one of his hands between my legs, while telling him that I had been wanting to see him again. We hurried home the rest of the way back to her room and once inside, I saw that Sue had borrowed some blankets to make a bed on the floor (the Uni’s camp beds aren’t really designed for two) and I immediately wondered who would actually end up sleeping on the floor and who would be in the bed.

Sue seemed a little nervous so when Ryan disappeared off to the toilet, I made sure that she knew she didn’t have to do anything with Jen (or let Jen do anything to her) and we could do as much or as little as she wanted. I told her that Jen and I could just put on a display for Ryan and he could fuck me, or if she wanted him to herself, he could just watch and then use her to satisfy his (and hopefully her) passion. Sue explained that she was just nervous as she had only really done things with Jen once (not counting the stolen touches at various times), but that she had been looking forwards to our visit and knew that Ryan had *really* been looking forward to it. I told her that Jen was hers to do with for the weekend as she pleased (although I knew a lot of it would be more Jen doing as she pleased) and told her that I would do my best to keep Ryan amused.

We had purposely come home reasonably early (for students), so that we could enjoy a proper session and decided to all get ready and comfortable before we started. Once we had all used the bathroom and were ready, Sue slipped her dress off to reveal some very sexy underwear. This had been a present from Ryan for the weekend and Jen and moved over to stand beside her and admire it. Jen started to stroke up and down Sue’s body, so I did the same on the other side. We stroked over her breasts, across her ass and between her legs, enjoying the feel of the silk as we pressed it against her pussy. Jen started to kiss Sue so I moved over to stand behind Jen and started to caress her body through her clothes. When I say ‘clothes’, she only had a thin sweater and a skirt on, so they didn’t offer much protection from my hands and I could easily feel her hard nipples through the top. I unsnapped her skirt and it slid to the ground – I now had access to Jen’s pussy, but I only got a brief fondle of it before she pressed herself against Sue’s side. I got her to break their kiss so I could pull her top off and get her completely naked, then pushed them towards the bed while I went to Ryan and helped him to remove his clothes.

I’d told Jen to be gentle and take things slowly and I intended to do the same. I got Ryan naked and then let him undress me. I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth and alternated between sucking and kissing it (I know this might not seem like ‘taking it slow’, but I had restrained myself from just jumping on him and fucking him). I occasionally looked over at the bed and saw Jen had Sue’s bra off and was sucking on her nipples. We rearranged the blankets on the floor to make it easier to lie close to the bed so we could watch and get a good view. Jen had been grinding her pussy against Sue’s thigh and the area was clearly moist. Jen’s fingers had been pressing the material of Sue’s panties between her lips and the nice silk was rather stained with Sue’s juices. Jen pulled the crotch to the side and slipped a couple of fingers into Sue, then moved up so she could kiss her properly while she fingered her cunt.

I took hold of Ryan’s cock and told him to play with me. I felt his fingers fumble around my cunt and start to rub, so I slowly jacked him off while we watched. Jen asked Sue if she was ready (but given the squelching sounds her cunt were making as Jen’s fingers moved in and out, it was clear that she was both enjoying what was happening and was ready) and Sue said she was. Jen quickly slipped Sue’s panties off and asked her if she wanted to be on top or bottom. I pointed out that whoever was on top had to point their pussy towards us so we could watch them being eaten. Sue couldn’t decide at first if she was happier letting us see her being eaten or letting us see her eating Jen, but decided to let us watch her cunt and climbed over Jen in a 69 position. I decided it was time to give Ryan a bit more stimulation and got him to sit up properly so I could mount his cock and we could both watch.

Jen pulled Sue to her mouth and we saw her tongue push between her lips and into her pussy. Sue moaned and Jen started to lick up and down her cunt and (presumably) over her clit (but we couldn’t see that). Ryan was slowly moving in me and I asked him if he enjoyed watching his girlfriend being eaten by another girl (he did) and if he liked fucking his girlfriend’s sister (he did). I told him that he could cum in me (which he had assumed he could) and that we would make sure that both Sue and he had a weekend to remember.

We couldn’t see Sue’s head from our vantage point, but it looked like she had lowered it between Jen’s legs and Jen hadn’t said anything, so I assumed that she wasn’t being neglected. I started to ride up and down on Ryan’s cock and told him to play with my breasts and clit (but to not hurry things along too much). There was a lot of moaning, panting and slurping and the whole atmosphere soon became one of pure lust. I got Ryan to help spread Sue’s ass and then reached forwards myself to help out. Jen pulled Sue’s lips apart and slid her head down slightly so we could see her tongue flicking over Sue’s clit. Sue looked round to ask what we were doing and Ryan said he just wanted to see exactly what Jen was doing to her. Jen pushed Sue’s head back down and then pulled Sue back onto her mouth properly. I could see that she was now eating her properly and saw Jen wrap her legs around Sue’s body to hold her in place. Jen’s fingertips rubbed over Sue’s ass. Sue was making her familiar pre-orgasm noises (although slightly muffled by Jen’s pussy and thighs) and Jen carried on eating until Sue started to moan properly.

Once Sue had finished cumming, Jen asked (almost begged) her to make her cum. I told Ryan that we should get a bit more serious and we rearranged ourselves so was kneeling up and he took me doggy style. Jen’s head was now leaning back over the edge of the bed so I moved forwards a little and kissed her (not easy when one of you is upside down). I could taste Sue’s juices on Jen’s face, but I also had a clear view of Sue’s pink cunt just inches from my face. Sue’s legs were very close to the edge of the bed so I held on to her thighs (I tried her thighs, calves and ass, but her thighs worked best) and allowed Ryan’s pumping into me to push me forwards, helping Sue stay on the bed. I guessed that Ryan wanted me to push my face forwards and eat Sue but other than having a good view and being able to smell her pussy, I didn’t do anything more than hold on to her (and I knew Jen would be frustrated if Sue’s licking was interrupted by her sliding off the bed).

I reminded Ryan to play with my clit and then looked down to watch Jen’s face. She was vey flushed from having her head over the edge of the bed, but she looked like she was in heaven and I could hear her mewing as her orgasm approached. I told Ryan he didn’t have long left and watched Jen’s face closely as her orgasm hit her. It was nice being able to concentrate on her, although Ryan’s fucking was somewhat distracting (in a good way). Jen came and I told Sue to keep licking her and then to ease off and gently lick around her pussy (if we’re going to teach her how to please girls, then I want to impart the knowledge of kitty kissing). Ryan said he was about to cum so I rested the top of my head against Sue’s ass and used a hand to play with my clit. I told Ryan to go as fast and hard as he wanted (which he is quite good at, but Sue likes that sort of thing as well, so he is fairly well practiced). He came a little bit ahead of me but stayed pressed deep inside and when I came, I humped back and forth on his cock a bit.

Sue climbed off Jen and lay on the bed. It was obvious that she had got stuck in to Jen properly as her face was covered with Jen’s juices. I asked Jen how Sue had done and she said that she was now a proper little cunt licker. Ryan asked Sue if she had enjoyed it and she shyly said that she had. We all tried to climb onto the bed, but it was a bit cramped, so we remade the ‘bed’ on the floor and all moved onto it, taking the duvet from the real bed with us. Ryan whispered something to Sue and she told him something back, but wouldn’t tell us what they were discussing. I mentioned the girls that Ryan had pointed out and Sue blushed, but I told her that there was nothing wrong with fantasising about your friends and explained how I had done just that for a long time before I ever did anything with another girl. I asked what sort of things they imagined doing and Sue said it was embarrassing, but I reminded her that she had just 69ed with Jen in front of us and she had seen us cum. I had to stop myself as I had almost said ‘countless times’, but Ryan doesn’t know about Sue having played with Mike and I – and he doesn’t want to share her with another guy, so Sue doesn’t want him to know as it was (mostly) before she started dating him.

Ryan helped to convince her to share some of their fantasies and they described how Sue would start kissing one of her friends as a dare and then when they were topless, they would play with each others breasts until they got excited enough that they would strip and start to rub against each other. Jen started to fondle me while Sue described this and as I didn’t do anything to stop her, the fondling became proper fingering. Ryan was lying behind Sue and I could see he was rubbing up against her ass so I lifted the covers to let them see what Jen was doing to me and encouraged them to spoon while talking. Between them, they described how Sue and whichever friend they were using at the time would end up fingering each other and then take turns going down on each other. I asked why she didn’t imagine 69ing and she said that it had felt more natural thinking about one of them eating the other at a time, but after a bit of prodding (in the literal sense from Ryan’s point of view), she said that 69ing might come into their fantasies from now on. When I questioned Ryan, he said that his part of the fantasy involved fucking both girls in turn.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Unprotected Party - Part 3

Mike and Hannah had already finished (he had made her cum, but I had missed this). I was definitely beat by that point but Gareth had an erection and asked if I was willing to let him use it on me. I really wasn’t sure I had it in me to cum again, but I still felt wet enough (either from my own lubrication, the guys’ cum or Emily’s saliva) so I told him to go ahead and fuck me until he was happy. I could pay attention to what else was going on and I saw Mike convince Caroline to let him eat her. She actually agreed that he could just do it for a while, but (just as had been the case when I had gone down on her), once he started, she didn’t tell him to stop. As extra stimulation for Gareth, Emily got Sara to sit with her legs spread and open her pussy. I think having such a good view of the forbidden fruit helped him along and he pumped into me and fondled my breasts until he came. I don’t think he actually ejaculated anything into me (or at least, only a small amount), but it was another one to tick off the list.

After a quick tally, I realised that (not counting Mike), I had fucked or sucked almost everyone (at the time I had included my helping Ben and Hannah to cum as sucking Ben even though it was really her cunt that made him cum). The one person remaining was Corey who I hadn’t done anything with apart from suck and briefly fuck during the round-robin session. I wanted to remedy this omission, but his cock was only semi-hard. He said he was willing to give things a go, but might not be able to cum again. I told him I didn’t mind, it was the thought that counted so we moved over to the bed and started off in a 69. He didn’t have any objections to eating me (but I wouldn’t actually be surprised if he admitted he was bi) and I sucked his cock and fondled his balls until I started to get a reaction. (I actually sucked him until he was properly hard and it was a wonderful feeling having his cock grow in my mouth).

I moved round and mounted him, pushing myself down firmly until he was buried the whole way inside me. I asked if anyone wanted to help us out but we didn’t get any takers. My legs felt like they didn’t have any strength in them so after a couple of minutes I suggested that I leant over one of the sofas and let him take me from behind. Corey was fine with that idea and we quickly got into position and resumed our fucking. Michael was sitting closest to me and he reached over to play with my breasts so I told him to move closer and I took his cock in my mouth. I didn’t expect to make him cum and was just taking the opportunity to be as lewd as I could. Corey fucked me and despite his earlier assertion that he wasn’t able to cum, he got into it quite a bit. He pounded into my pussy and came, then sat down where he was, panting. He pushed his face into my cunt and licked me a bit more before pulling back, at which point I asked Michael if he wanted me to continue. His cock was now properly hard, but he said that he’d had enough and his balls were beginning to ache, so I have the head a quick kiss and moved back round to sit on the sofa. I don’t know where it came from – if Corey had made a bonus deposit in me or had just dislodged some from earlier, but some cum dribbled out and down my leg when I stood up and a bit more after I had sat down. We’re not talking huge amounts, but I was still surprised.

I now only had Ben to go, but he said there was no chance as his cock felt too tender and sensitive. I was a little disappointed as I could have scored a full house (well, if Hannah had eaten me as well), but I thought I’d had more than my fair share anyway. It was very late and I realised that the chance of us getting the early train we had intended to catch was somewhat slim, but that had possible advantages. A few people had already started to gather things up and get dressed so we joined them in tidying up. Fortunately, they didn’t ask us to help move the mattresses and said they would do it the next day (or later that day).

It was quite cold out, but none of us had really worn clothes designed for warmth so I dared Emily and Sara to join me and walk home naked (apart from coats/jackets). Laura thought this was a good dare and said she would do it as well if the other girls joined in. Caroline was a bit reluctant as she didn’t want to go out without a bra on (she has large breasts) but I said if I could manage it, then I was sure she could. We managed to get everyone to agree apart from Sara who said her jacket wasn’t enough to cover her. In an act of selflessness, I told her that I would swap my coat for her jacket if she would join in and once she had tried it on, she agreed. I’m an inch or so taller than Sara so her coat which just about covered her ass, didn’t really cover mine, but it was late enough that I was prepared to take a chance (and we didn’t really have too far to go). The other issue I had was that Sara is somewhat slimmer than I am (and has smaller breasts), so when I did her jacket up it was rather tight.

We all set off and wandered home without seeing too many people (well, our little group didn’t, but a couple of the others had to walk past a few larger groups). I found Sara’s jacket too tight so a couple of times I half undid it. The walk home was enough to allow a little more cum to drip out of my pussy and when I mentioned that I was leaking, Emily said that her pussy was also leaking. I convinced Sara to check out Emily’s pussy and she lifted her jacket and confirmed that her pussy was rather damp. I lifted my jacket (or rather just didn’t keep it pulled down) and showed that I was in a similar state. On a normal evening, I’m sure that I would have let Mike finger or fuck me and make me cum, but I doubted I would be able to cum again for a while and we just headed back to Emily’s place.

Once we got home, we thought it would be sensible to shower before heading to bed. Sara went first and while she showered, we had a quick chat with Emily. Emily then joined Sara in the shower and got her to clean out her pussy and it was then time for Mike and I to shower. We made sure to get undressed in front of them (easy enough for me as I only had Sara’s jacket on) and Mike then cleaned out my pussy with the shower. I also washed my hair as I knew it had cum in it and we then went up to join Emily and Sara in their room. Emily had put a duvet on the floor for us to use with some pillows and once my hair was dry, we snuggled up under the covers and discussed the evening’s events.

We found out that Sara had actually done fairly well, despite there being so few girls there. Emily had (of course) eaten her, as had I and Laura. She had played with herself a few times (to orgasm once) and Laura had fingered her a couple of times. I told her that I wished I had made her cum more and apologised for having been selfish and concentrating on my own pleasure. Sara said that she had cum more than enough times and Emily congratulated her on having been so bold and she said that she had enjoyed being that free. Emily pulled the covers back to show that she had her fingers rubbing over Sara’s pussy. At first, Sara made a grab for them, but then remembered that we’d been seeing her naked and relented. Mike pulled back our duvet and let them watch his hands run over my breasts and between my legs. I had felt his cock rubbing against my ass while Sara had been describing her evening and he pushed it between my legs, then spread my lips and pushed into me. Emily asked him if he was going to fuck me and he said that he didn’t think he could cum again, but he would spoon with me while we went to sleep. We discussed the evening for a while longer, Mike moving in me and fondling me the whole time. We had covered up again as it was a bit cold, but Emily and Sara knew what we were doing. Our conversation soon trailed off and Mike and I lay quietly, slowly fucking, until we fell asleep.

Mike had set his phone to vibrate to wake us up reasonably early so we could try something that we had discussed with Emily the previous night (which Sara had been showering). We quietly got out of bed and moved over to where they were sleeping. We gently woke Emily up and quietly asked if she still wanted to go ahead with the plan. She said it was fine and moved to let me climb past her and position myself. She then lay back down and spread her legs so Mike could get between them and start to lick her. I waited until he’d been going for a couple of minutes and she was obviously enjoying it before I gently spread Sara’s legs and started to kiss her pussy.

I thought it would be nice being able to go slowly and take my time, but I also knew that once she realised it wasn’t Emily, there was a chance that she might want me to stop. Emily didn’t think that was the case but I was a little nervous anyway. Sara actually started to come round fairly quickly but as soon as she opened her eyes, Emily explained that I had asked her if it was okay and she had said it was (at least for me to start doing things to her). Sara relaxed her legs and said that I could continue if I wanted so I pushed my tongue between her lips and started to eat her properly. A part of me wanted to go nuts on her and make her cum quickly, but a larger part of me wanted to really enjoy the opportunity, so I slowed down and took my time. As she got more aroused, I took a few chances and flicked my tongue over her ass – this got a much better reaction than I had expected from her so I carried on dipping down to lick over her asshole every now and then, but mostly concentrated on her pussy, with the occasional lick of her clit.

I could see that Sara and Emily were occasionally kissing each other and they both seemed to be enjoying our attention. I would have loved to get them to cum at the same time, but without them telling us how close they were, that was down to chance. Sara started to moan more and I assumed this meant she was getting close, so instead of teasing her, I let her pull my head against her pussy and I concentrated a bit more on her clit. I still didn’t want it to end too quickly, but I wasn’t trying to drag things out so as she got more excited, I licked harder and faster until she came, using strokes from her ass to her clit. Mike had obviously been listening to Sara and so had increased the pressure on Emily’s pussy when he heard her sounds of pleasure. He told me that when he heard Sara cum, he licked Emily as fast as he could until she also came.

Mike and I then kissed – this gave me the chance to taste Emily’s sweetness once more and gave Mike the chance to taste Sara’s juices. We then sat up so we could all chat and I apologised to Sara for the unannounced intrusion, but explained how we had thought of the idea the previous night and suggested it to Emily who thought it would be a good way to wake up. Sara said that she had enjoyed it and Mike asked if he would be allowed to give Emily a final gift before we left. Sara didn’t get his meaning at first, but Emily understood well enough. When she said that it was fine with her as long as Sara agreed, Sara caught on and said that it wasn’t really going to make much difference after what she had seen her do the previous night and I suggested that we move off the bed to give them space to play.

I hadn’t cum yet and was hoping to get a bit more action, but I waited until Mike and Emily had gotten started properly before asking Sara if she was up for another round. She seemed to be a lot shyer now the party was over but said that it would only be fair to help me out seeing as I’d woken her up so nicely. We lay down on the duvet that Mike and I had been using to sleep and started to kiss and fondle each other. I quickly had my fingers inside Sara’s pussy and curled them round so I could stroke the inside of her cunt. I pressed my thumb against her clit and applied slow but firm pressure and I let my ring finger brush over her ass. We occasionally looked over to the bed and saw Emily lying over Mike in a 69 position and I explained to Sara just how much he loves eating pussy. She said that she also loved doing that and I took the hint and lay back with my legs spread so that she could climb over me.

Her tongue immediately went to my cunt and I gasped before pulling her ass towards me and nestling my lips between her pussy lips. I could still see Mike and Emily on the bed and watched as they changed position and Mike started to fuck her. I wasn’t paying too much attention to them as Sara is actually quite good at cunnilingus and I wanted to make sure that she thought I was good. I was still enjoying the way her lips wriggled around under my tongue and I tried to once again take my time and enjoy the session. She wasn’t quite as patient and she made me cum, but she stayed on top of me so I could carry on eating her. I heard Emily cum and half-glanced over to see Mike sitting up between her legs and pumping into her. My attention was drawn back to more immediate concerns by Sara humping against my face and I thought that I should probably put her out of her misery (or pleasure) and I resumed licking and sucking her. I spread her ass cheeks and couldn’t resist getting a few licks up the length of her cunt and over her ass, but I now concentrated on her clit a lot more.

I could hear her moaning away, with her breath on my thighs and pussy as she moved her head around. It was obvious that she was very close to cumming and I held her in place while flicking my tongue repeatedly over her clit. I actually felt her shudder and after about 30 seconds (time is somewhat tricky to measure in these situations) she tried to pull away, but I told her to stay, pulled her back down and I eased off my licking. I started to kitty kiss her and once she realised what I was doing, she started to gently lick me again. We kept this up for a few minutes until I heard Mike and Emily getting more energetic. I eased off my licking and asked Sara if she wanted to watch them finish and I ended up lying on my side, curled up behind her. I had missed the fact that when Sara came, Mike and Emily had been in a similar position – facing us with Mike spooning in her from behind. They had watched Sara cum and had then moved round so Emily was on top of Mike. By the time Sara and I started to watch them, Mike was pounding into her in the way that I’m very familiar with. He had a firm grip on her ass and was helping to guide her up and down while he pumped in and out and we heard Emily cum and after a bit more pumping, Mike let out a moan.

Emily stayed on top of him while she caught her breath and then climbed off. I saw some of his cum drip from her pussy and whispered to Sara that she might have to help clean Emily up once more. Sara seemed a bit more conscious of being naked with Mike looking at her and covered herself up, then got her dressing gown and went off to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to have a quick lick of Emily’s pussy – it didn’t taste quite as good with Mike’s cum dripping out of it, but I could still taste her a little bit. Emily had also covered up by the time Sara returned and Mike and I headed down to have a quick shower. We discussed things while we washed and he (unsurprisingly) got hard again. He slipped into me and we briefly fucked, but decided that we should try to be well behaved and so stopped before we got too carried away. Emily brought us some towels down and we went back up to get dressed while they took turns showering.

Sara made breakfast while Emily showered and when she returned, we carried on our discussion about the party and who had done what with whom. I was pleased to see that Sara seemed a little less shy than she had appeared earlier. I congratulated Sara on being adventurous and told her I hoped she would still be coming to future parties (which she intends to). As much as I would have liked to stay and get to know them a bit better (in the talking sense – although I’m sure I would have coped if they had wanted another round), Mike and I really needed to get back home as we had originally planned to go to work that afternoon. As we were leaving, I invited them down to visit Jen one weekend and promised that we would find a way to keep them amused. We then headed off to the station and dozed for most of the journey (for some strange reason we were rather spent).

On our return from work, we called Jen and gave her a lengthy description of the previous evening’s events. On reflection, she said that she almost wished that she had decided to join us (and how she would have been happy to keep Sara company while the rest of us had been busy with the guys). I’ve told her that anytime she wants to come along, she is more than welcome, but (like both Mike and I) she doesn’t like using dental dams that much (although they are better than the possible alternative).