Sunday, 1 April 2012

Friends and their brothers - Part 1

The next week in Feb, I went down to see Jen and had a few surprises in store for me. Jen and I had the house to ourselves as Lucy had gone to visit Lis (which I was a bit disappointed about as I wanted to talk to Lis about her fondling Jen – and preferably get to watch, even if it was just breast play). There was something that made up for it though – Julia had invited her older brother down to visit. Long term readers may remember that Julia was introduced to sex at a young age when she (and a few of her friends) used to play with her brother and his friends. I’ve heard all sorts of stories from Julia about the things they used to get up to – including ‘proper’ group sex where a number of guys would fuck her in a row. Julia had threatened (or promised) that she would invite him to visit at some point, but I hadn’t known about it until I arrived on the Friday night.

Mel had struck a deal with Jen, saying that if I got to do things with Alex (Julia’s brother), then she wanted a chance to do things properly with Jen and I again. I had been expecting to have another full on session like that at some point (and was actually surprised that she hadn’t requested it sooner). I agreed to this and our ‘date’ was arranged for the following day. All of this conversation took place while we were out with the gang so it was done discreetly and (as far as I know) only the five of us knew what we were planning to do. Julia had warned me that she had no idea whether Alex was clean, so she had stipulated that he had to use condoms. He was fine with that and in order to help him get in the mood, Julia and Mel had a little play with me while we were still out on the Friday night. This was nothing unusual, so I doubt anyone suspected that the show was for Alex’s benefit. Julia fingered me under my skirt, then removed her fingers and sucked them clean. Mel went a bit further and rubbed my clit for quite a while, but stopped short of making me cum (I think in the hope that I would lose it and masturbate myself to orgasm – I have a bit more self control than she gives me credit for though).

When we all went home, Jen and I had our usual nightly session. I had already told her about the new cumming attachment for our strap on, but this was the first chance I had to show (and demonstrate) it to her. We kissed, humped and ate each other until we came and I then convinced Jen to let me demonstrate it on her. She helped me get the harness on and I added the internal vibe so that I got to have some fun as well. I filled the balls up with the special mix and after applying a coating of tingle gel, I got Jen to lie on her back and I slipped into her. She held a vibrating egg in place on her clit and we kissed while I slowly fucked her. As the tingle gel (and egg) started to take effect on her I fucked faster and as she got closer to cumming, she half wrapped her legs around me.

I was lying on top of her and pumping my hips as fast as I could by this point. I told her to try and hold back from cumming as long as she could and described to her how I was going to fill her cunt with my cum. (I have no desire to be male, but I really enjoyed being able to say that to her). As she got closer to cumming and said she couldn’t hold back any more, I told her to try to concentrate on her cunt so she could later tell me what she felt. I waited until her orgasm had just started and then reached down to push the button on the dildo. I’m fairly sure that I felt the pump working and I kept ploughing into Jen until her orgasm ended (and a bit beyond). When I was sure she had finished, I slowed my movements and we kissed for a while before I knelt up between her legs and let the dildo slide out of her. I could see ‘cum’ leaking out of her and she said that she felt very wet. I gave the dildo a stroke and coated my hand in a mix of fake cum and Jen’s juices (probably mostly the fake cum – even the amount of moisture that Jen usually produces can’t match the dildo’s excretions).

I was going to wipe my hand over Jen, but had a better idea and pretended to sit stroking ‘my cock’ and then hit the button once more. Four large squirts of cum shot out and splattered over Jen’s front. The goo was mostly concentrated just below her breasts, but there were small trails across her stomach and down to her cunt. Jen looked something of a mess (but very hot) and I remember thinking that I might not actually be too jealous if she ever did relent and I got to watch Mike fuck her. For the time being though, I was enjoying the sight of Jen covered in cum and I desperately wanted for the vibe buzzing away in me to get me off.

I rearranged myself so I could sit with my heel pressing against the harness, which pressed the internal vibe harder against my clit. It still wasn’t as strong as our other vibes, but I got Jen to play with herself and I could feel my orgasm slowly building. As I came, I leant back and pressed the button on the balls once more and was rewarded with jets of cum squirting over my breasts and running down my stomach. I pulled the front of the harness away from my body so the goo could run down to my pussy and I humped against my heel to help prolong my orgasm. I knew it wasn’t real cum, but it still felt really good and I remember thinking that if I was male, how much I would love doing this and covering myself with cum.

Once I had finished, we thought that we should head down and clean up before going to bed. Jen helped me undo the harness and when she stood up, a bit more cum leaked out of her pussy (along with the cum left on her chest which ran down over her stomach and legs). Of course I teased her about the state she was in, but she admitted that she actually quite liked the way it felt and how if it could have been that quantity of my juices that I’d pumped into her, then she would want to do it all the time. We had a quick shower (bodies only, we left cleaning our hair until the morning) and returned to bed. The top of the covers were somewhat sticky, but we climbed under them, curled up together and slowly went to sleep.

The next morning, Jen’s pussy still felt a little sticky and I played with her clit until she was close to cumming, then pushed a vibe in and fucked her with it. Just before she came, I stopped and got her to lie on her back so I could climb over her and let her eat me. I told her that I wasn’t going to let her cum until I did, which meant that she ate me as hard and fast as she could and it felt wonderful. I had kept Jen close to cumming (as extra encouragement) and as soon as I started to cum, I worked on her cunt and clit and got her off. As an added treat, I then pulled the vibe out of her cunt (after her orgasm had ended) and kitty kissed her while gently rubbing the tip of the vibe against her ass and gently pressing it (just the tip) into her.

It was gone 10 by the time we got up and finished breakfast and we showered together so we could help shave each other. We technically didn’t need to shave and it was more a case of an extra check so I would be nice and smooth for my session with Julia and her brother. Jen wanted me to check her as well as she had decided that she didn’t just intend to watch. She didn’t want to get involved with Alex (and if she had, I think Mike would have been somewhat upset as he is meant to get first dibs on her if she ever wants to fuck a man) but she had decided that she could probably convince Mel to have a little play while they watched us. Once we finished, I was given a very transparent negligee to wear and Jen dressed up in her sexy white underwear, including suspended belt and stockings (which she knows Mel likes).

Mel, Julia and Alex turned up about 20 minutes later (which is probably just as well as Jen and I had been gently teasing each other and were getting a bit impatient. Jen leant against me as I opened the door and we got a good reaction from our visitors. Alex knew that he was only going to get to do things to me but Mel realised that she was going to get a bit more action than she had expected and seemed quite happy about this. We quickly invited them in (it was cold out and Jen and I weren’t exactly wearing a lot). Julia removed her coat to reveal that she was naked and I asked if she thought it was strange having Alex there. I had a fair idea of what sort of answer she would give and wasn’t disappointed when she reminded me that she used to do things with his friends while he was present, so there wasn’t anything that he hadn’t seen before. I also found out (later on, but this seems a good place to mention it) that Alex had been given the chance to watch Mel and Julia have sex the night before. He had jerked himself off while watching and had been allowed to watch them playing with each other that morning before they had come over, but he had been instructed not to cum that time.

I wasn’t quite sure how we were going to do things, but Mel suggested that Julia and I get started and so we all headed up to Jen’s room. As alluring as my negligee looked, it just got in the way so was quickly removed and Julia and I lay on the bed and started to kiss and fondle each other. It was only a couple of minutes before Alex joined us and I didn’t want to just tease, so he quickly lost his clothes. As expected, he was already nice and hard and just to be safe, I slipped a condom on to his cock and then started to fondle him. Julia played with my pussy while I did this and I ended up with a hand on his cock and fingers in her cunt, trying to get them both off at the same time. From what Julia has told me, I knew Alex was quite good at cumming a number of times (although that was mainly when he was doing things with a number of people), and I intended to test just how many times he could cum.

I gave the head of his cock a quick suck and just for parity, I got Jules to lie on the bed so I could give her pussy a little lick. I then decided that I’d had enough playing and got Alex to lie on his back so I could mount him. I faced away from him, which allowed Jules to kneel over his legs and us to kiss while I rode up and down on his cock. My fingers returned to her pussy and I played with her clit. I’m getting quite familiar with the things Julia likes now so it wasn’t too difficult to get her nicely aroused and I soon had her fairly close to cumming. Meanwhile, she had been helping me out by playing with my clit and I felt that I was heading towards my own orgasm. Alex had been quietly enjoying sampling my cunt and had steadily been getting more energetic in pushing back against my thrusts. I told Julia that if she helped me cum, I would make it worth her while and said that I wanted her to suck on my clit. I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be to this (given Alex’s cock was inside me), but I had a theory that I wanted to test so I leant back (which allowed him to reach around me and play with my breasts) and I pushed Julia’s head down to my pussy.

I had expected some hesitation, but I felt her tongue mash against my clit and I told her how good it felt. I told Alex to hurry up and cum in me and told Julia how much I was going to eat her once I’d cum. I guess that she also knows how I like to be played with and she did a good job of getting me off fairly quickly. She carried on licking me until I had finished cumming and then moved away to give Alex a bit more freedom to move. He was still mauling my breasts and he pumped in and out of me for a little while before he said he was going to cum. I told him to give me his cum and I reached down to my pussy to hold my lips open (this was mostly just to give Julia, Mel and Jen a good view of him fucking me). Alex pushed into me a few times more and then stayed buried in me. I then had to climb off him and I got to see my handiwork (or pussywork).

I didn’t pay much attention to him though as I still had my promise to Julia to keep. I got her to lie on the bed beside him, with her pussy near his head and I lay over her and ate her. I didn’t lower my pussy to her mouth as I wasn’t trying to 69 – this was just the best position I could think of to let him watch what I was doing. Admittedly he still wouldn’t have been able to see anything when I was actually eating her, but he got to watch me fingering her and rubbing her clit – and it wasn’t too long before I gave her the promised orgasm.

I thought we would be kind to Alex and give him a few more minutes to recover and I told him to get his cock cleaned up while we took care of other things. I asked Julia if she thought that Mel and Jen should get some attention and she agreed. Mel had a pair of jeans on and I got Julia to help me remove these (not that Mel objected) and we then knelt in front of them and went to work. I started off on Mel and left Jen for Julia and I purposely knelt with my ass in the air, pointing towards Alex. I hadn’t intended to actually make them cum (the original plan had been to just get them started and then return to the bed and let them finish things off themselves), but I decided I liked the idea of making everyone cum and so I got stuck in to Mel’s cunt properly. I still don’t like the way she tastes anywhere near as much as Jen or Julia’s pussy (or Sue’s for that matter), but I’ve sort of gotten used to it and didn’t have any trouble eating her (although I concentrated more on her clit than on her pussy). Mel came without too much trouble but Jules won by making Jen come first.

My plan had worked in the sense that Alex was ready to go again after witnessing our dual act of cunnilingus. I got him to sit on the edge of the bed and got Julia to lie beside him. This allowed me to move between them and alternate between sucking Alex (properly this time) and eating Jules. While I sucked or ate one, I would finger or stroke the other. I decided to be kinder to Julia this time and I concentrated on her for a period until she came. I then told her that I was going to fuck him properly and once against got him to lie on his back, but mounted him the right way round this time. He grabbed my ass and helped to guide me up and down (in a similar way to Mike) and I reached over to stroke Julia’s breasts. I rode Alex and let him hump back against me, telling him to empty himself into me once more. As he got closer to cumming, I whispered in his ear about all the tales Julia had told me and asking about the group sessions they used to have, how he had felt watching his friends fucking his sister and filling her with cum and if he had enjoyed seeing her eating the other girls.

As intended, this helped his orgasm along quite a bit, but before he came, I told him to hold back while I sat up and played with my clit (just because I wanted him to cum a fair amount it didn’t mean that I didn’t want to cum as well). I didn’t stop moving up and down on his cock, but I did this slowly and carefully and made sure that he knew he had to tell me if he got too close to cumming. Julia decided to help me out and knelt behind me so she could reach around and fondle my breasts while she kissed my neck. Clit, cunt breasts and neck being simultaneously stimulated did the trick and it was soon myself that had to hold back from cumming. I broke away from Jules and lay down on top of Alex again, telling him that he could go nuts and pound into me. Julia stop didn’t entirely stop helping me out as I felt a finger press against my ass and work its way in. Jen later told me that she also fondled Alex’s balls while doing this. We fucked hard and I held back until just before he came (as I said, being fondled in four areas had been quite stimulating), but I think we did a fairly good job of cumming close enough together seeing as it was only the second time I’d fucked him.

I dismounted and suggested to Julia that we should help our other halves out once again. Mel and Jen had been playing with each other and I was fairly certain they had cum (and later confirmed that they had), so we went over to help clean them up. I took Jen this time and knelt in front of her to eat her. I didn’t try to tease her and just ate her in the way that I knew would get her off. This time I managed to get her to cum before Julia got Mel to cum (but to be fair, I hadn’t actually told Julia that I was competing in this way). While Julia finished off Mel, I moved back over to Alex and let him have a play with my breasts. As he licked and sucked them, I fondled his bare cock and gave him a half handjob (I wasn’t trying to actually make him cum). Once Mel had cum, I prepared him for round three, briefly mounted him to ensure we kept his interest and then pulled Julia back over to the bed.

This time, I lay on my back and let Alex do the work while Julia sat over my face and I ate her. I indicated to Julia that she should help me out by playing with my clit and after a bit of pointing and pulling at her hand, she figured out what I wanted her to do. I imagined myself with the younger Julia and all her and her brother’s friends in a proper group fuck. I pictured her sucking someone else off and another guy sliding into her from behind while I licked her clit (despite the fact I know that this isn’t an easy position). I lapped around Julia’s ass as well as her cunt and she figured out that I was enjoying myself and strummed away at my clit even faster. This helped me cum first and I desperately ate Julia so she would cum before Alex did. I managed this and she rolled off me to rest, which allowed me to watch Alex finish pumping into me and then cumming for a third time.

I was now ready for the next stage of my plan and as soon as Alex pulled out of me, I turned around and grabbed his cock. I engulfed the head in my mouth and told Julia to help me lick him the same way we had done with Peter (I made sure his cum stayed inside and we didn’t lick near the bottom). We kissed each other around the head of his cock and entwined our tongues around it. I held Julia’s head in place and we kept licking until he said he couldn’t take any more and we had to break off. I then pulled Jules down onto the bed with me and asked if she could go another round. I was actually feeling pretty out of breath as the whole session had been quite intense, but I wanted to try one more thing. I got Julia in a 69 position, and once I had eaten her for a while, I got Alex to move closer so he could watch what I was doing again and kissed him. He was also quite willing to use a couple of fingers in her cunt while I licked her clit and after she (and I) had cum, I lay down beside Alex and stroked his cock while having a whispered conversation with him.

When Julia disappeared off to the toilet, I took the opportunity and I got him to admit something that Julia hadn’t admitted (although she had once hinted). She had sucked him off, he had eaten her and once or twice, he had actually fucked her and cum in her. This had all happened fairly early on in their group sessions (before any of them used protection) and I knew that I was going to be able to tease Julia about this for ages. Alex didn’t actually seem to mind telling me about any of this and even told me how one time she had been kneeling sucking off one of his friends and he had knelt behind her, slid into her fucked her. He said that even when they had stopped doing things with each other, she had still eaten his cum out of the other girls on a number of occasions.

I knew that I needed to reward him for this information and I kept stroking his cock. I asked him if he could cum another time and was surprised when he said he could if I kept going (but I guess I had been told he could cum many times). It felt much nicer stroking his bare cock than when he’d had a condom on and I used a few different methods including stroke and twist and using the palm of my other hand to rub the tip. It took a little while to get him to cum, but as promised, he did manage to cum again (he didn’t produce much cum though).


  1. So this is fantasy, right? Sisters and brothers having sex, basically everyone having sex with everyone.

  2. Nope, this is real. I thought this would help to explain why Julia is the way she is. She discovered sex at a young age and played around with her brother's friends (first the boys and then the girls as well). It has been a long time since she actually had sex with him (I think they realised it was wrong), but they still did things with the rest of the group.