Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Friends and their brothers - Part 2

It was mid-afternoon by this point and I was starving (I wasn’t the only one) so we headed downstairs to have a snack. We half got dressed as it wasn’t as warm down there, but I fully expected to lose my dressing gown at some point so didn’t even bother to tie it up. I was glad that we’d decided to have a break – as much fun as the session had been, I needed a chance to recover, but just because I didn’t actually want to fuck (at that point in time), it didn’t mean I was going to stop playing with people.

Once we had eaten and rested, I gently fondled Jen under the table and then did the same to Julia. Alex had his jeans back on, but this allowed me to sit on his lap facing him and grind myself against his crotch until I felt a bulge (which I was quite impressed with). I made an offer to everyone that if I let him fuck me again, I got to choose something to have done to me and people agreed to this. I stood facing out the window, leant against the counter, flipped my dressing down to the side and let Alex slide into me. He fucked me while I played with my clit. By the time we finished, I was slamming myself back against him in time with his thrusts and it felt quite deep and rough (his cock wasn’t as large as Mike’s, but it certainly did a good enough job). I allowed myself to use some quite filthy language (but I assumed he had heard Julia’s sex talk which pretty much puts mine to shame) and I made sure that I didn’t cum too much in advance of him. The condom had virtually no cum in it this time and I asked him about this. He said that even a ‘dry’ cum like that still felt almost the same as when he came ‘properly’.

I was asked what I wanted to have done to me and I told people that I needed a little break first and would then reveal my wish. We moved into the living room and I encouraged Mel to play with Julia to buy me some time. Jen ended up helping out and after Jules had cum, I told them that all I wanted was to be fingered. It was obvious that I wanted *something* extra so I told them that I wanted to be fingered by them all at the same time. I had thought about this in advance and knew (or thought I knew) how to make it work. I had Alex and Mel sit beside me on the sofa and I slid down so my pussy was over the edge. Jen and Julia sat on the floor in front of me and with this arrangement, they could each get their index finger into me (imagine holding out your hands with your two index fingers pointing out together and then two more hands on top the other way around). I got them to finger fuck me all at the same time and at their own speeds (so their fingers moved separately). I could only cope with this for a little while as I wasn’t anywhere near wet enough, but it still felt good (up until the point where it started to irritate me).

I thought it only fair that Julia get to experience this as well, so once I had finished, we swapped places and she got to experience it. She actually coped with it for longer than I had (as much as I hate to admit it, maybe she actually is more of a nympho than I am). We didn’t keep going long enough for her to cum, but I could see some potential for the future with this position. Once we had removed our fingers from her, I gave her a quick lick (only a few seconds) and asked if we were done, or if anyone wanted another round. (Just because *I* may have realised I can’t always keep u with Jules, it doesn’t mean I’m going to admit it to her!).

Fortunately, everyone was pretty much done and people got ready to head home and prepare for the evening. Everyone had arranged to go out but Jen and I had already arranged to have our Valentine’s dinner that night (seeing as I would be with Mike on Valentine’s Day). Of course, Mel and Julia complained about this and said we should join everyone, but we held our ground and said that we would see them on the Sunday for brunch (assuming they weren’t too hung over). Once we had the place to ourselves again, Jen and I took a long shower together and washed each other’s bodies and hair. Jen showed me that she had purchased a clear shower curtain to replace the one that was in the bathroom. She hadn’t told Lucy about this yet and wasn’t sure what her response would be, but she said that she was just going to point out that the old curtain was getting rather dirty and it easier to replace it rather than having to constantly clean off the mould.

Once we had dried off, we then had a nice romantic candlelit dinner together and retired to the living room. We had avoided discussing the day’s events until we had finished and were sitting on the sofa. Jen said that she had enjoyed having Julia, Mel and I each making her cum and tried to describe the different ways we had each eaten her. I described to her what it was like having four different fingers inside me and told her that she should have tried it (although I doubt she would have let Alex finger her – and if she had, Mike would have been somewhat upset as he apparently has first dibs on doing things with her should she decide to let men play with her). The one thing that Jen said she hadn’t enjoyed seeing was when Julia had been kissing my neck. I found out that she had actually felt a bit jealous while watching this and I got her to try to explain (she has seen other people stroking my neck before). She couldn’t quite explain it and we had a long talk about whether she wanted me to not do things with other people. As much as I enjoy having a wide range of partners, we (Mike, Jen and I) have always had the agreement that if any of us wants the others to not do things with other people, that we would honour that wish. Jen said that she didn’t want me to stop (and given it is usually her who arranges these things – at least when I’m visiting her then she is obviously fine with it), but that there were some things that seemed more personal and sensual that she wanted to keep for herself. I reminded her that it wasn’t too long ago that she had said she wanted to keep my pussy to herself and none of her friends were even allowed to see it, but that was apparently different.

I offered Jen my neck and she thought this was a good idea, so we headed up to bed and had a long but gentle session. We took turns being on top and alternated between Jen kissing and stroking my neck and me kissing and fondling her breasts. We avoided touching or playing with pussies, but whoever was on top naturally ended up grinding against the other person’s thigh. I got close to cumming a couple of times and in the end begged Jen to finish me off. She said that she wanted to do this by stimulating my neck only, so it took a while, but she managed to do it and I had one of my wonderful deep throbbing orgasms. It wasn’t incredibly strong, but it lasted quite a while and felt different from the way I usually come. It is difficult to describe other than ‘deep’ – it really feels as if it is coming not just from my pussy, but from the whole area around my pussy as well. Jen knows me well enough to know that I would want a stronger orgasm after cumming in that way, but I told her that I wanted to make her cum first.

Naturally I wanted to try to do a similar thing to her and the closest thing for Jen in breast play. I know that I can’t really make her cum just from playing with her breasts (although I can get her pretty close), but I spent a while concentrating on her nipples until she was as close as we thought she could get. I then pressed my thigh against her crotch and told her to use my leg while I carried on sucking, licking, biting and pinching her nips (Jen likes rough nipple play). She ended up pulling my ass towards her to get the best contact with her leg and rapidly humped me. She came with an incredibly erotic guttural cry and when she had finished and I pulled back, I could see how pink her nips were from my ministrations (I’ve got used to the fact that she likes a lot more force than I do and I’m not always worried that I’ve hurt her anymore).

We kissed for a while longer and Jen said that her orgasm had felt amazing, then I saw the wicked little flash in her eyes and she said that it was time for my ‘proper’ orgasm. I lay back and told her that she could do whatever she wanted to me (to which she just replied ‘I know’) and she went down on me. She didn’t keep this up for long though and ended up climbing off the bed so she could stand beside me and curl a couple of fingers into my cunt. We learned this technique from videos on how to make girls squirt – we haven’t figured out how to actually get to the squirting part, but it is a really good (if energetic) way to masturbate someone. I felt Jen’s fingers pressing against the upper part of my cunt and she started to move her hand. She was very forceful and it felt quite intense, but that was the aim I guess. It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes before I came and it was much stronger than my previous orgasm (but I still didn’t squirt). I made a fair amount of noise to show Jen I was enjoying it and when I had finished, Jen gave my pussy another quick lick. I had a quick taste of her (she didn’t want to cum again) and we curled up together and made some more plans for our ‘joining ceremony’ (given we still don’t even know what to call it, you can imagine that our plans are fairly fluid). We then slept until morning (and I slept really well).

I woke up feeling really refreshed and still satisfied, so I thought the best thing to do was to wake Jen up in our usual way (me eating her). I started off nice and gently and managed to lick her for a couple of minutes before she came round. This meant that she was nicely aroused as soon as she woke up and was more than happy for me to carry on. I licked in and around her cunt and kept her mewing for a while before I finally made her cum. Before I allowed her to reciprocate, I got out our large, powerful vibe (the one that plugs in to the mains) and then climbed over Jen in a 69 position. While she ate me, I used the vibe on her and finished her off by spreading her lips and pushing the ball of the vibe between her lips and angling it up so it also made contact with her clit. I knew I was cheating a little and I manage to get Jen to cum again before she had made me cum. She did a fairly good job of carrying on eating me through her orgasm, although she did stop when it got too intense). As soon as I pulled the vibe away from her, she buried her face back in my cunt and ate me until I came, then held me in place and attacked my clit until I was squealing.

We got a text about brunch and then not long after, another one from Jules asking if she and Alex could come round. Naturally, Jen said they could and we stayed in bed waiting for them. When they arrived, I was sent down to answer the door and I showed them up to the room (just in case they had forgotten the way since the previous day). Julia commented on the smell of sex in the air and asked if I felt able to do anything else. I asked what she had in mind and she explained that Alex had witnessed (once again) her and Mel having a session that morning, but Mel wouldn’t let him join in and so he was feeling a bit frustrated. I told him that I would be happy to help and lay back on the bed with my legs spread. I did stipulate than in return for Alex using my cunt, Julia would have to take care of Jen – but she agreed to this without any argument (well, Jules agreed, Jen wasn’t so sure she needed to cum again, but we overruled her).

I asked how Alex wanted to take me and he opted for doggy style. Jen and Jules decided to 69 beside us, with Julia on the bottom with her head at the same end of the bed as mine. This meant that Alex got to watch Jen eating Jules but I couldn’t see a great deal unless I craned my neck to look round Jen’s ass. We didn’t have a great deal of time as we had to get ready to go and meet people, so Alex slid straight into me and started to slide in and out with long strokes. I contracted myself around him (which he enjoyed) and I told him that if he wanted, he was welcome to slide a finger into my ass (I knew that I wasn’t likely to offend him given the things he’s done in the past). He took me up on my offer and we had a nice steady fuck.

Meanwhile, Jen and Jules were getting along nicely. I told Jules that Jen had already cum twice so she would have to work hard, but Julia is an expert on pussy licking (and pretty much anything else related to sex) so she didn’t have any trouble getting Jen excited. As Julia got closer to cumming, Jen decided to use the vibe on her and did the same as I had done to her earlier. The difference being that Julia was even more receptive to it and worked a hand down between herself and Jen so she could pull the vibe harder against her pussy. Julia was the first of us to cum and I could tell from the sounds she made that it was quite strong. I had reached down to play with my clit and was quite close to cumming, but wanted to hold back until Alex came. He seemed to be getting quite close, but Jen was the next one of us to cum and I think hearing her cute mewing helped to push Alex over the edge (plus I was squeezing my cunt around him as hard as I could). He pumped hard and fast into me and said he was about to cum and I came pretty much at the same time as him (which isn’t that much of an achievement when you’re masturbating yourself).

Once we had untangled from each other, Jen told me that she had been using the vibe on Julia and how she had been almost pulling it into her cunt. The vibrating ‘ball’ or head on this vibe is quite large but Alex told us that he was fairly sure Julia would be able to get it inside herself given some of the things she had fucked in the past (even in their little fuck-buddy group, Jules was obviously the horniest). I said that I didn’t believe she could get the whole head of the vibe inside her pussy (and I knew full well that Julia would take this as a challenge). Jules said that she would try and I told her that she didn’t have to (but I knew she would), so we arranged ourselves appropriately.

Jen once again knelt over her face (but not so Jules could eat her, it was just an easy position for Jen to spread Julia’s pussy). I applied a light coat of lube around the head of the vibe and turned it onto its lowest setting (still fairly powerful). Just before we started, Julia said that if she managed it, we had to do whatever she said and we stupidly agreed. I pressed the vibe against Julia’s cunt and pushed lightly. She reached down and pulled it and it went a fair way in, but not entirely. Jen decided to ‘help’ by rubbing a finger back and forth across Julia’s clit (which was apparently cheating, but we didn’t think so as it wasn’t stopping the main aim of the challenge). Alex told me to push a bit harder and then leant across to help push. The rest of the head slid in and Julia said that she felt really full and stretched. Jen leant down and began to lick Julia’s clit and I said that I wanted in on that as well, so we took turns licking her. I ‘accidentally’ knocked the vibe up to its medium setting and Julia squirmed around on the bed, but Jen was able to pin her down (she wasn’t actually trying to escape, but I know from experience how strong this vibe is). It wasn’t long before she started to cum and I decided that if I was going to lose, I was going to lose properly, so I put the vibe onto its highest setting. This almost had Julia screaming (but in what sounded like a good way) – I didn’t keep it on high for long as I didn’t want to actually hurt or damage her, but Jen didn’t stop licking her clit and Julia kept moaning and panting for a while.

We eventually pulled the vibe out and I watched as Julia’s pussy slowly contracted back to a more normal size. She was still panting, but said that she now felt very empty. I offered to put the vibe back, but she said she’d had enough (but was clear to point out that she had managed the challenge). We conceded defeat and I asked what our penalty was. Julia said that she would think about this in the shower. Part of e penalty was that neither Jen nor I were allowed to shower before we went out. We also had the vibe (which was somewhat covered in Julia’s juices) rubbed over our bodies to add to our dirtiness. She then chose our clothes and Jen was given just a vest and one of her micro-mini skirts to wear. This outfit would barely have been suitable for going clubbing in as it really only just covered her pussy when she was standing up (she doesn’t wear it outside often).

I was given a similar outfit, but Jules made the concession that sending me out without a bra wasn’t really fair. It wasn’t much of a concession though as I had to wear one of my half-cup bras that don’t really cover my nipples. The bra was also black, so it stood out fairly well under the white vest top. I don’t really have any micro-mini skirts (and Jen’s don’t fit me) so Julia made do by choosing one of my shorter pleated skirts and getting me to fold it up once at the waist. It was still slightly longer than she wanted so I had to fold it up again, but that was certainly too much as my pussy was easily visible, so I was allowed to go with just the one fold. Julia had a slightly more modest skirt on (well, modest for her). On the way to the cafe to meet everyone, Jen and I had long coats on (it was freezing outside) and just before we went in we skirts down, but we were told that we couldn’t touch them once we got inside.

Once we were seated, Julia pulled my legs open enough for people to see how exposed I was and then did the same to Jen (but she let Jen close her legs afterwards). It was only around this time that I realised Julia was actually helping me out with exposing Jen (I can be quite slow sometimes). I had told her that we had agreed that Jen would let me do some things with her in front of her friends and Julia was just helping to break the ice and push things along (I later confirmed this with her). Over lunch, whenever it was ‘safe’, I was required to sit with my legs open and at various times, Alex, Julia and Abrahii (who Jules and Mel have been working on) all stroked up my thigh and fondled my pussy. This didn’t seem to get Jen jealous at all, although she did like the idea of me being fondled in front of everyone. Once we had finished, Jen swapped places with Julia and while she looked over my shoulder to make sure nobody was approaching, she reached between my legs and rubbed my clit. It was obvious that she was being serious and I tried to stop myself from obviously squirming around in the chair as I got more excited. I ended up with my legs spread wide and couldn’t stop my body from shuddering as I came. I got a little round of applause from everyone (which must have confused the rest of the people in the shop) and I quickly closed my legs while I caught my breath.

We needed to go home to get my things but Julia told me that I wasn’t allowed to change (or shower) before getting my flight. I quite liked the idea of wandering around with a mixture of her, Jen’s and my juices on me, but I was a bit nervous about going through security with such a short skirt on (Julia had also insisted that I had to wear the metal clips in my skirt that cause the detector to go off). It was difficult enough removing my shoes without letting anyone see anything and as usual, I was asked to step aside to be scanned. I’m fairly certain that the woman who wanded me noticed my lack of underwear as I saw her eyes look at my pussy and then do a double take while she was wanding my feet. She didn’t mention anything, but I felt incredibly exposed while putting my shoes back on (which was even more difficult to do discreetly).

The one good thing about such a short skirt was it made it easy to let my fingers rest on my clit during the flight (with my jacket over my lap to hide what I was doing). I wasn’t really masturbating, just pressing against my clit and making small movements while I daydreamed about the weekend. I got quite close to cumming and even though I had someone sitting next to me, I’m fairly certain that I could have cum without him noticing anything. I held back though as I knew Mike was waiting for me and I assumed (correctly) that he would be more than willing to help me cum while I told him all the details of the weekend.

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