Monday, 16 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 1

I hadn't realised how long this entry would be, but once I got writing, I just kept going. (Mike and I ended up fucking a number of times as we recalled what had happened.) To make up for my recent irregular postings I'll try to post slightly shorter entries every other day for the duration of the series.

The weekend after our big orgy (it was a lot more than the usual sex parties) I had arranged to go and visit Sue and take Jen along (so she didn’t feel left out for not having come to the party). Mike wished that he could get to see Jen and Sue playing, but we clearly couldn’t have smuggled him along without Ryan noticing. Instead, he arranged to back down to York and visit Sara and Emily (which had been scheduled for the following week, but he was going to come to the hardcore club with us so it all sort of worked out).

We set off from the apartment on the Friday morning and promised to report back in full when we next saw each other on the Sunday night. I headed off to work and then afterwards, flew down to Sue’s Uni. Jen had arrived a bit before me (but she only had to catch the train and managed to leave quite a bit earlier than I had). Other than giving Sue and Ryan hello hugs, nothing had happened and we were both fairly well behaved while we went out for drinks with Sue and Ryan’s friends. Ryan pointed out a couple of girls that he had been using in their fantasy sessions and who Sue seemed reasonably happy to fantasise about doing things with. I remember thinking that one of them in particular, I would be more than happy to introduce to lesbianism (as far as Ryan and Sue know, neither of the girls are bi or gay) and Jen was on board with my choice.

On the way back to Sue’s room (once we had separated from their other friends), I started to tease Ryan a little and ask if he had been looking forwards to our visit. He said that he had and I walked backwards in front of him lifted my skirt and pulled one of his hands between my legs, while telling him that I had been wanting to see him again. We hurried home the rest of the way back to her room and once inside, I saw that Sue had borrowed some blankets to make a bed on the floor (the Uni’s camp beds aren’t really designed for two) and I immediately wondered who would actually end up sleeping on the floor and who would be in the bed.

Sue seemed a little nervous so when Ryan disappeared off to the toilet, I made sure that she knew she didn’t have to do anything with Jen (or let Jen do anything to her) and we could do as much or as little as she wanted. I told her that Jen and I could just put on a display for Ryan and he could fuck me, or if she wanted him to herself, he could just watch and then use her to satisfy his (and hopefully her) passion. Sue explained that she was just nervous as she had only really done things with Jen once (not counting the stolen touches at various times), but that she had been looking forwards to our visit and knew that Ryan had *really* been looking forward to it. I told her that Jen was hers to do with for the weekend as she pleased (although I knew a lot of it would be more Jen doing as she pleased) and told her that I would do my best to keep Ryan amused.

We had purposely come home reasonably early (for students), so that we could enjoy a proper session and decided to all get ready and comfortable before we started. Once we had all used the bathroom and were ready, Sue slipped her dress off to reveal some very sexy underwear. This had been a present from Ryan for the weekend and Jen and moved over to stand beside her and admire it. Jen started to stroke up and down Sue’s body, so I did the same on the other side. We stroked over her breasts, across her ass and between her legs, enjoying the feel of the silk as we pressed it against her pussy. Jen started to kiss Sue so I moved over to stand behind Jen and started to caress her body through her clothes. When I say ‘clothes’, she only had a thin sweater and a skirt on, so they didn’t offer much protection from my hands and I could easily feel her hard nipples through the top. I unsnapped her skirt and it slid to the ground – I now had access to Jen’s pussy, but I only got a brief fondle of it before she pressed herself against Sue’s side. I got her to break their kiss so I could pull her top off and get her completely naked, then pushed them towards the bed while I went to Ryan and helped him to remove his clothes.

I’d told Jen to be gentle and take things slowly and I intended to do the same. I got Ryan naked and then let him undress me. I knelt in front of him and took his cock in my mouth and alternated between sucking and kissing it (I know this might not seem like ‘taking it slow’, but I had restrained myself from just jumping on him and fucking him). I occasionally looked over at the bed and saw Jen had Sue’s bra off and was sucking on her nipples. We rearranged the blankets on the floor to make it easier to lie close to the bed so we could watch and get a good view. Jen had been grinding her pussy against Sue’s thigh and the area was clearly moist. Jen’s fingers had been pressing the material of Sue’s panties between her lips and the nice silk was rather stained with Sue’s juices. Jen pulled the crotch to the side and slipped a couple of fingers into Sue, then moved up so she could kiss her properly while she fingered her cunt.

I took hold of Ryan’s cock and told him to play with me. I felt his fingers fumble around my cunt and start to rub, so I slowly jacked him off while we watched. Jen asked Sue if she was ready (but given the squelching sounds her cunt were making as Jen’s fingers moved in and out, it was clear that she was both enjoying what was happening and was ready) and Sue said she was. Jen quickly slipped Sue’s panties off and asked her if she wanted to be on top or bottom. I pointed out that whoever was on top had to point their pussy towards us so we could watch them being eaten. Sue couldn’t decide at first if she was happier letting us see her being eaten or letting us see her eating Jen, but decided to let us watch her cunt and climbed over Jen in a 69 position. I decided it was time to give Ryan a bit more stimulation and got him to sit up properly so I could mount his cock and we could both watch.

Jen pulled Sue to her mouth and we saw her tongue push between her lips and into her pussy. Sue moaned and Jen started to lick up and down her cunt and (presumably) over her clit (but we couldn’t see that). Ryan was slowly moving in me and I asked him if he enjoyed watching his girlfriend being eaten by another girl (he did) and if he liked fucking his girlfriend’s sister (he did). I told him that he could cum in me (which he had assumed he could) and that we would make sure that both Sue and he had a weekend to remember.

We couldn’t see Sue’s head from our vantage point, but it looked like she had lowered it between Jen’s legs and Jen hadn’t said anything, so I assumed that she wasn’t being neglected. I started to ride up and down on Ryan’s cock and told him to play with my breasts and clit (but to not hurry things along too much). There was a lot of moaning, panting and slurping and the whole atmosphere soon became one of pure lust. I got Ryan to help spread Sue’s ass and then reached forwards myself to help out. Jen pulled Sue’s lips apart and slid her head down slightly so we could see her tongue flicking over Sue’s clit. Sue looked round to ask what we were doing and Ryan said he just wanted to see exactly what Jen was doing to her. Jen pushed Sue’s head back down and then pulled Sue back onto her mouth properly. I could see that she was now eating her properly and saw Jen wrap her legs around Sue’s body to hold her in place. Jen’s fingertips rubbed over Sue’s ass. Sue was making her familiar pre-orgasm noises (although slightly muffled by Jen’s pussy and thighs) and Jen carried on eating until Sue started to moan properly.

Once Sue had finished cumming, Jen asked (almost begged) her to make her cum. I told Ryan that we should get a bit more serious and we rearranged ourselves so was kneeling up and he took me doggy style. Jen’s head was now leaning back over the edge of the bed so I moved forwards a little and kissed her (not easy when one of you is upside down). I could taste Sue’s juices on Jen’s face, but I also had a clear view of Sue’s pink cunt just inches from my face. Sue’s legs were very close to the edge of the bed so I held on to her thighs (I tried her thighs, calves and ass, but her thighs worked best) and allowed Ryan’s pumping into me to push me forwards, helping Sue stay on the bed. I guessed that Ryan wanted me to push my face forwards and eat Sue but other than having a good view and being able to smell her pussy, I didn’t do anything more than hold on to her (and I knew Jen would be frustrated if Sue’s licking was interrupted by her sliding off the bed).

I reminded Ryan to play with my clit and then looked down to watch Jen’s face. She was vey flushed from having her head over the edge of the bed, but she looked like she was in heaven and I could hear her mewing as her orgasm approached. I told Ryan he didn’t have long left and watched Jen’s face closely as her orgasm hit her. It was nice being able to concentrate on her, although Ryan’s fucking was somewhat distracting (in a good way). Jen came and I told Sue to keep licking her and then to ease off and gently lick around her pussy (if we’re going to teach her how to please girls, then I want to impart the knowledge of kitty kissing). Ryan said he was about to cum so I rested the top of my head against Sue’s ass and used a hand to play with my clit. I told Ryan to go as fast and hard as he wanted (which he is quite good at, but Sue likes that sort of thing as well, so he is fairly well practiced). He came a little bit ahead of me but stayed pressed deep inside and when I came, I humped back and forth on his cock a bit.

Sue climbed off Jen and lay on the bed. It was obvious that she had got stuck in to Jen properly as her face was covered with Jen’s juices. I asked Jen how Sue had done and she said that she was now a proper little cunt licker. Ryan asked Sue if she had enjoyed it and she shyly said that she had. We all tried to climb onto the bed, but it was a bit cramped, so we remade the ‘bed’ on the floor and all moved onto it, taking the duvet from the real bed with us. Ryan whispered something to Sue and she told him something back, but wouldn’t tell us what they were discussing. I mentioned the girls that Ryan had pointed out and Sue blushed, but I told her that there was nothing wrong with fantasising about your friends and explained how I had done just that for a long time before I ever did anything with another girl. I asked what sort of things they imagined doing and Sue said it was embarrassing, but I reminded her that she had just 69ed with Jen in front of us and she had seen us cum. I had to stop myself as I had almost said ‘countless times’, but Ryan doesn’t know about Sue having played with Mike and I – and he doesn’t want to share her with another guy, so Sue doesn’t want him to know as it was (mostly) before she started dating him.

Ryan helped to convince her to share some of their fantasies and they described how Sue would start kissing one of her friends as a dare and then when they were topless, they would play with each others breasts until they got excited enough that they would strip and start to rub against each other. Jen started to fondle me while Sue described this and as I didn’t do anything to stop her, the fondling became proper fingering. Ryan was lying behind Sue and I could see he was rubbing up against her ass so I lifted the covers to let them see what Jen was doing to me and encouraged them to spoon while talking. Between them, they described how Sue and whichever friend they were using at the time would end up fingering each other and then take turns going down on each other. I asked why she didn’t imagine 69ing and she said that it had felt more natural thinking about one of them eating the other at a time, but after a bit of prodding (in the literal sense from Ryan’s point of view), she said that 69ing might come into their fantasies from now on. When I questioned Ryan, he said that his part of the fantasy involved fucking both girls in turn.

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