Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 2

Yay - we're going on holiday in the summer with Jen's friends. I imagine it will be somewhat more lively than the holidays with my friends (at least in the sense that we might be able to get more people involved in things). Back to our visit to Sue...

Jen’s fingers felt really good and I decided that it wasn’t fair for her to be the only one left out, so I suggested that we move round so we could eat each other. I took the position that allowed Sue and Ryan to see my pussy being eaten (I like being watched more than Jen). I knew that I had to try to help Jen catch up, so I also used fingers on her (in both holes) but I also took the time to occasionally glance over at Ryan’s cock sliding in and out of Sue’s pussy. I briefly reached over to fondle his balls and slid my hand over his cock and Sue’s crotch, but knew that my main job was to take care of Jen. It hadn’t occurred to me, but my pussy was still full of Ryan’s cum and he was really enjoying watching Jen eat me, knowing that she was eating him at the same time. It certainly didn’t seem to bother her as she did as good a job on me as she had done on Sue and I had my second orgasm of the night.

Jen kitty kissed me afterwards and I went all out on her. Once I had her close to cumming, I eased off and told the others I would try to make her cum around the same time they did. Ryan liked this idea and he told me how close he was and Sue joined in with updates. I told him to make her (Sue) cum first and as I heard her moaning and panting more, I increased the speed I licked Jen and told him that everyone needed to cum now (I would have liked to be included in that, but I was nowhere near a third cum). When Sue came, I buried my face in Jen’s cunt and ate her. She came between Sue and Ryan’s orgasm, but I kept lashing her cunt and clit with my tongue until he said he was cumming. My attack caused Jen to keep moaning until Ryan had cum and only then did I ease off and kiss her more gently. I reached over and fondled Ryan’s balls and cock once more – getting another quick stroke of Sue’s pussy in while doing this. Once I let Jen out from under me, she leaned over to kiss Sue and asked if she had enjoyed watching us (as well as letting Sue taste me off her face).

We’d spent a fair while playing and it was getting late. I wanted to make sure I had energy to do things the next day so suggested we get a good night’s sleep and resume in the morning. I warned Ryan and Sue that we might wake them in an interesting way (and they knew exactly what I meant after my previous visit). We all ended up staying on the floor – it wasn’t quite as comfortable, but we were fairly well cushioned and it felt nice curling up with Jen behind me and Sue on the other side (and Ryan on the other side of Sue).

I had to get up to pee in the night and was tempted to do something to someone, but decided against it and waited until I woke up again (much later). It was easy to wake Jen up and the plan had been to get both Ryan and Sue excited before they woke up, but they came round before we had a chance to do anything. Not that this stopped our plan and we told them to lie back while we took care of things. I took Ryan’s cock in my mouth and started to suck and lick on it while Jen crawled down between Sue’s legs and started to lick and finger her. I didn’t intend to let Ryan cum in my mouth and once he was nice and hard (and well lubricated from my saliva), I climbed up his body, perched myself over his cock and spread my lips. I told Sue to watch while I engulfed his cock and I slowly pushed down on the head and then rocked up and down, taking a little more inside me with each movement. Once he was all the way inside me, I pushed myself down against him and slowly rocked back and forth while contracting my pussy around him.

I could see that Jen was doing well with Sue, who looked quite flushed already. Jen pumped a couple of fingers into Sue and sucked her clit. I rode Ryan and played with my clit while he fondled my breasts and asked him to give me another load of his cum so it could leak out of me through the day. I told him I was going to cum first and then lie on top of him so he could move in me as much as he wanted. I made sure I didn’t cum too quickly and I enjoyed myself, but when Sue started to pant, I rubbed my clit and gyrated on his cock until I came, then quickly glued my mouth to his and humped against him. He grabbed my ass and started pumping into me much faster – his hands kneaded my ass cheeks and I felt fingers pressing against my ass, but not really entering it. When I heard Sue cum, I blindly reached over towards her and found a breast to play with (she has more sensitive nipples than I do and enjoys having her breasts toyed with). I stayed in place though as Ryan was still pumping away in and out of my cunt. I concentrated on the feeling in my cunt as he churned me over and over. I’d realised that he liked dirty talk so I tried to describe what his cock was doing to me and encouraged him to fill me with his cum again.

Ryan came in me and once he had stopped moving, I sat up again (keeping him inside me) and thanked him for the donation. Jen had finished doing things with Sue and I thought that it was time for her to get some attention, but also wanted a bit of a rest before the next round. I pulled Jen to me and whispered that we could take care of her after breakfast if she was prepared to wait (not that she had much choice as she had to do what I said). I could feel that Ryan was beginning to shrink inside me, so I rolled off him and kept my legs closed to try to keep his cum in. I suggested we go and get some breakfast and that I had a plan for afterwards. Sue said she was also hungry and so once she and Ryan had put on gowns and Jen and I had donned t-shirts, we wandered down to the kitchen. I had selected the t-shirt for Jen and it only barely covered her ass, but I hadn’t been too unkind to her and I had chosen one only just slightly longer. The main difference between Jen and I though (not counting the fact that she hadn’t cum yet and was quite turned on), was that I had a cunt with a load of cum slowly leaking out. By the time we reached the kitchen, his cum had dribbled down one leg completely and was making good headway down the other.

I didn’t want to sit down while I ate (or I would have probably left a puddle) so I stood and ate my cereal while chatting to the others. I leant back against the counter with my legs together (one crossed slightly over the other). This helped to stem the flow slightly, but I could still feel cum slowly running down as I ate. Only a couple of people came in while we were in the kitchen and when they left, Jen pointed out that my t-shirt was being pulled up quite a bit by the way I was standing. My pussy was still covered (or I’m sure Sue would have said something) but only just and if I stretched up just a little, I could get my pussy to peek out. I now understood the looks I’d got from the other occupants of the kitchen and I pulled my t-shirt down but then called Jen over. Once she was beside me, I got her to hoist herself up onto the counter and sit with her legs spread. Sue was worried in case someone came in, but I got Jen to put her feet up on either side of her and display herself before I let her get down. I had initially considered making her cum to get my own back for all the things Jen did to me when I visited her in halls, but Sue would be the one who people would talk about if we were discovered, so I relented and said we should head back to Sue’s room to carry on.

It had occurred to me that we had time (over the next day) to make sure each one of us got to cum in a way they would really enjoy. Jen’s turn to cum, so it seemed like a good time to get her fantasy position. This was easy to guess as she has often told me how she likes the idea of doing Sue and I at the same time (pretty much the same as Mike’s fantasy). The only question was which way round she wanted us to be – after a brief consideration, she asked Sue if she would mind eating her again (and promised that she would repay her). Sue agreed to this and positioned herself between Jen’s legs while I climbed over her face. The idea was to make sure nobody was left out, so Ryan moved around behind Sue and pushed into her, which in turn pushed Sue’s mouth against Jen’s waiting pussy.

I once again told Ryan to try to hold back as long as he could and I reached down to play with Jen’s breasts while r tongue started to explore my pussy. I could see that Sue had started to lick Jen and I explained to her how she should make Jen cum and then once her orgasm had ended, carry on licking and kissing her, but a lot more gently. Sue has experienced kitty kissing (by Mike), so she knows what it feels like, but it is somewhat different doing it (and remembering to do it). I sometimes leant forwards a bit more so I could reach down to Jen’s pussy and pull one side of her pussy to help spread her lips, other times I sat up straight and played with my breasts (for Ryan), but mostly I toyed with Jen’s nips, stroking tweaking and pinching them. In return, Jen lapped away at my cunt and kneaded my ass with her hands. I could feel her moaning and humming into my cunt as she got closer to cumming and I pinched her nips harder (I know she likes this so I do it even though the thought of it being done to me as hard makes me wince).

I told Ryan to fuck Sue as hard as he wanted and do whatever he needed to make her cum (I presume he knows how to do this to her better than I do) and as Jen’s orgasm faded, told Sue to ease off with her licking and carry on doing it gently. Having Jen cum in my mouth is really arousing (and she was also eating me quite fiercely) so I knew I wasn’t far from cumming. I sat upright so Jen’s tongue was just about visible to Ryan (I asked him) as it flicked over my clit and lapped away at my cunt. I couldn’t help myself from rocking back and forth on Jen’s face as my orgasm built and I came. I would have loved to make a lot of noise, but multiple orgasmic sounds might have been difficult for Sue to explain (not that we were being silent, I just restrained myself from being *really* loud). Jen carried on kitty kissing me and helped to bring me back down and once I felt a bit more composed, I gave Ryan a detailed description of kitty kissing and why it felt so good. He said he would experiment with Sue and I told him that he could experiment with me as well, but we first had to finish things off. He wasn’t too far from cumming and the way Sue was moaning into Jen’s pussy, I guessed she wasn’t either. Ryan had one hand on her clit and reached over her to cup one of her breasts. I told him I wanted to see his cum dripping out of Sue’s cunt and she came while we were talking about this. Once Sue had cum, it took him hardly any time to finish off – a handful of rapid strokes in and out of her and he pushed in hard and stayed still.

I told Sue she could stop eating Jen and she pulled her head away, her face once again covered in Jen’s juices. I leant forwards and gave her a little kiss, saying she had done well and then climbed off Jen’s face so I could check if Ryan had managed to cum enough in Sue for it to drip out. Jen crawled round the other side of Sue and when Ryan pulled out, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it clean of his cum and Sue’s juices. Meanwhile Jen was saying that she couldn’t see any cum, but when Sue sat up and spread her lips, a little dripped out.

We all lay back down and pulled the covers over us while we rested. We all dozed off and on while chatting but eventually decided it was time to get up or we would miss the whole day. Jen and I showered together and we got ready while waiting for Ryan and Sue. Despite it being cold out, we convinced Sue that she should forgo her panties (as we were) and we headed out to get some lunch. We were mostly well behaved while out, other than a couple of indiscretions. Sue and I competed to see who could show ourselves off to Ryan for the longest uninterrupted periods of time (without being caught by anyone else). He even managed to briefly finger us both while we bent over in front of him (we took turns to do this). The largest ‘indiscretion’ was when we tried some clothes on (or pretended to) and Sue and I both fondled Jen in a changing room. We half stripped her so she only had her top on and stood on either side of her, I then directed Sue to fondle Jen’s pussy and I played with her clit. We swapped over but by the time Jen came, we were both rubbing her clit and slipping fingers into her randomly. As soon as Jen’s orgasm ended, I pulled her skirt back up and opened the curtain, telling her to hurry up and join us in the shop. She was still a bit flushed when she dashed out and as we left, I told Ryan what we had done.

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