Friday, 20 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 3

When we got home, I decided that it would be a good time to fulfil my fantasy (well, the best we could do anyway). I really wanted to have Ryan fuck me while I 69ed with someone, but Jen wasn’t going to eat me while Ryan’s cock was in me and I couldn’t 69 with Sue, so I decided on having Jen eat me while Sue kissed and stroked my neck and breasts. I started off sucking Ryan but made it clear to him that I wanted him to rub his cock over my neck when I got more aroused (I’m sure he thinks my neck fetish is strange, but it feels good to me). We arranged ourselves appropriately and I stacked a couple of pillows under my ass to make it easier for Jen to eat me. I stretched my head back and told Sue how to stroke my neck and once she had the hang of it, I told Ryan to give me his cock and I wrapped my lips around the head. Jen started to lick my pussy and her tongue occasionally dipped down over my ass. I felt Sue reach down to my breasts and play with them and then saw her lower her head to my neck and felt her start to kiss and lick it.

It all felt wonderful and I got Ryan to rub his cock up and down the other side of my neck. I helped him out with a handjob for a while and as I got closer to cumming, I told him to fuck my mouth for a while and I lashed the head of his cock with my tongue while he did this. When he got close to cumming, I directed his cock back to my neck and told him to rub it against me and empty his load (whatever he could produce anyway) over my neck and Sue’s face. Jen’s tongue was now firmly placed on my clit and rubbing back and forth while she kept a finger buried in my pussy and wriggled it around. Sue still had a hand working on my nips and her mouth and Ryan’s cock rubbed my neck. I told Ryan to hurry up and cum and was soon rewarded with the feeling of warmth squirting over and then running down my neck. Sue eagerly lapped it up (she is used to sucking him off and usually swallows) and I pressed his cock against my neck and kept rubbing it back and forth. My orgasm wasn’t as spectacular as I had hoped (given the multiple sources of stimulation), but it certainly felt good enough and I arched my back as it coursed through me.

As soon as I had my breath back I told Ryan to eat or finger or fuck Sue (I didn’t care which as long as he made her cum) as she had really deserved it. I then told Jen to get up here (indicating my face) so I could repay her. She climbed over me and I licked around the whole area, pressing my tongue into her cunt, against her ass and sucking on her clit. I kept going and didn’t let up until I heard her mewing and felt her bucking against me. By the time I finished Jen, Ryan and Sue had already finished (which I was a bit surprised about as I hadn’t thought he was that good at giving oral).

We freshened up, although not a great deal as I love the feeling of going out while covered in other people’s juices (if you haven’t guessed, being naughty is a big turn on for me!). Jen got it worse though as I rubbed what was left of Ryan’s cum over her body and then rubbed some of Sue’s juices over her breasts as well as some of mine. We had a quick dinner and debated who should get their fantasy position next (when we got back – I don’t think any of us were ready for another round just yet). Ryan decided that he wanted to be able to cum over us, so he opted to wait until the following morning (hoping that he would be able to replenish his cum supplies overnight) and that meant that we would take care of Sue after our evening out. I told her to think about what she wanted and she assured me she would give it serious consideration.

As much as I wanted Jen to have a really good weekend, I also wanted to enjoy the opportunity having her as my slave. When we were getting ready to head out, I revealed the outfit I had selected for her (which was partially new). I had found a sheer top with a very loose and low neckline. Nothing was technically visible while she stood up, but the material fell low enough that the swell of her breasts could be seen and if she leaned forwards enough then she was pretty much completely exposed down to her stomach. I paired this with a nice little skirt that covered her with a little to spare and got her to slide on a pair of black stockings that nicely drew attention to the length (or lack) of her skirt. I knew that Sue would be wearing heels to go out so I had brought along one of the taller pairs of Jen’s shoes. These had the desired effect of causing the back of r skirt to ride up a little when she stood up so the length went from just about decent to only just decent (which is what I’d been aiming for).

Sue insisted on wearing a skirt of a safer length and I went for something midway. We did at least manage to convince Sue to go without panties again (and naturally I did the same). We had a fun evening out with Jen’s friends where a number of the guys were very interested in Jen and I (as a couple) and wanted us to make out a little for them (which I was more than glad to do).
After a fair amount of drinking and dancing (during which Jen’s outfit didn’t quite fully cover her all the time) I was ready to play and dragged Jen off into the toilets (fortunately they were reasonably clean). We weren’t the only couple of girls who disappeared into a stall together, but I imagine most of the others were going to chat or smoke together. As soon as we were inside, I leant against the side of the cubicle and got Jen to lean back against me so I could slide a hand up her top and fondle her breasts while my other hand slid under her skirt and rubbed her pussy. We could hear all the other girls in the bathroom around us and I whispered to Jen how I wanted her to cum for everyone there. I was quite forceful and Jen got aroused fairly quickly but then had a good idea and decided to change what we were doing.

Just before Jen came, I got her to tuck up her skirt and moved her round so she was crouching over the toilet. She wasn’t actually touching it and she leant against the wall behind it so I could reach around her and carry on playing with her clit. As she came, she let go and peed (mostly) into the toilet. I firmly fingered her with one hand and mauled her breasts with the other until she finished cumming and peeing, then helped to dry off her thighs and mop up and mess we had made on the seat. I left Jen’s pussy wet (she likes this feeling). I took the opportunity to pee while we were there and Jen couldn’t resist having a play with my pussy while I did this (but not enough to do anything). We rejoined the others and carried on the evening, but once again we wanted to get home early enough to have time to play.

On the way back, Jen and I flashed our asses as a few crowds of people and I let Ryan finger me in an alleyway and then convinced Sue to let him do the same to her. Once we got back to her room, we quickly got undressed and I asked Sue to tell us what she wanted us all to do to her. She still wasn’t sure so I suggested the only two real options I could see. Either, Ryan fucked her while she ate Jen and I played with her breasts, or Jen ate her and she sucked Ryan off. Sue opted for the second one of these and I teased her about it, asking if she now enjoyed Jen eating her so much that she couldn’t think of a better alternative. Sue was a little drunk and admitted that it felt incredibly good and she enjoyed it a lot (which I know made Jen very happy) and so she was thrown down onto the floor and Jen buried her face between her legs.

I moved down beside her and started to play with her breasts, sucking and licking one while stroking and teasing the other. Mike slid his cock into Sue’s mouth and I half watched her take a hold of it and bob her head back and forth. Jen broke away briefly to get Sue to lift her ass and slide a couple of pillows under her (it really does make a difference), but immediately returned to work. Even from my position looking down Sue’s body, I could tell Jen was giving her the full treatment and Jen later confirmed that she had been pushing her tongue in as far as she could as well as licking up and down the length of Sue’s lips and sucking her clit. Sue seemed to cum quite hard but Jen carried on eating her until she was panting and begging for us to stop before she switched to kitty kissing her. I told her to make Ryan cum, but not to swallow and I carried on playing with her breasts until she managed this. She then had to let his cum drip out of her mouth over her breasts and Jen and I licked and sucked them clean. I kissed up to Sue’s ear and told her how naughty she had become, letting Jen repeatedly eat her out and cumming every time. Sue didn’t seem to mind me teasing her and just said that I was one to talk about being naughty (which was fair enough).

I thought we had done enough for Sue and it was time for Jen and I to get some action. We arranged ourselves so my pussy was facing towards Ryan and Sue and Jen lay on top of me. I asked them to fetch a dildo or a vibe and someone supplied Jen with one, that was quickly pushed into me. Jen’s tongue flicked over my clit and she spread my lips so Ryan and Sue could watch the dildo sliding in and out of my cunt. I wasn’t just lying back and enjoying myself and I had my lips fastened to Jen’s clit as I sucked and licked it, occasionally taking a break to slide a couple of fingers into her and fuck her with them. Jen seemed quite wet (even for her) and I guessed that she was really enjoying her weekend of fucking Sue. It didn’t take long to get her off and once she had finished cumming, she licked me faster and I soon came.

Sue had dozed off while we had been playing (which I wasn’t too surprised about as she had looked quite tired after she’d cum and I imagine watching my cunt was much more interesting for Ryan then for her). I felt fairly tired as well so suggested we all get some sleep so we could make the most of the next morning, before Jen and I had to return to Uni and home respectively. Ryan was going to curl up beside Sue, but I suggested to him that we shouldn’t waste the erection that he had (despite having cum not too long ago, he had clearly enjoyed watching Jen play with me). I didn’t imagine Sue would mind (especially as I’d effectively given her Jen for the weekend) and so I lay on my side and let him slip into me so we could spoon while falling asleep. I told him not to get too carried away as we wanted him to save his cum for the morning, but I couldn’t help myself from contracting my pussy around him and slowly sliding back and forth.

He pushed hard into me and I told him to stay in that position as long as he could. He occasionally relaxed, but then pressed back into me and I could have probably easily allowed things to progress, but also wanted a nice cum shot in the morning. He said he had a few other suggestions for his fantasy fuck and I told him that when it was his turn, we would do whatever we could to satisfy him (not including him playing with Jen of course). Jen had climbed over the other side of Sue and curled up against her, with one of her legs over Sue’s legs and pressing her pussy against Sue’s thigh.

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