Sunday, 22 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 4

I woke up early and went to pee. I had hoped to creep back into bed, but I disturbed Ryan while climbing in beside him. I indicated for him to be quiet, reached down to grab his cock and gently stroked it until it started to come to life. I then turned away from him and guided him towards my pussy while I spread my lips and prepared for his entrance. In a few strokes, he was inside me and I slowly rocked back and forth against him while he reached around me and stroked my breasts. I whispered to him that he wasn’t allowed to cum, I was just getting him ready for later and I contracted myself around him a number of times. He pressed deep into me again and I got him to describe what he felt when he did that. His description wasn’t too different than Mike’s and I quietly told him how I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my cunt and where it felt most sensitive.

I could have easily let him move more and would have enjoyed cumming, but I also liked teasing him (and myself) so we carried on like this for a fair while. Eventually the pressure got too much and we knew that we would have to do something more so I suggested we wake up Sue and Jen and get started properly. Jen was a bit groggy and Sue felt a bit hung over, so I suggested some coffee to wake us all up. I knew this frustrated Ryan, but what’s the point of having a guy around if you can’t tease him a bit? I suggested he spoon with Sue for a bit while Jen and I prepared coffee. It was still fairly early in the morning (for students) so I dared Jen to wear Sue’s gown, but without tying it shut. She accepted the dare as long as I did the same (with my gown – we couldn’t both fit in Sue’s one) and I told her she was on. I hadn’t forgotten that she *had* to do what I suggested though, so in order to make up for my compromise, we went out to the hall and walked most of the way to the kitchen before I actually handed Sue’s gown to Jen and allowed her to put it on.

We made the coffee (only instant unfortunately) and carried it back to Sue’s room. As we had two cups each, neither of us could hold our gowns shut and if anyone had come out of their room, we would have been somewhat exposed. Fortunately student laziness was on our side and we returned to Sue’s room to find Ryan spooning with her as suggested. They stopped while we had the coffee (hot coffee and sex probably not a good mix) and we brushed our teeth so we were minty fresh. Jen used her toothbrush to buzz Sue’s clit briefly (which got a nice little squeal out of her) and it was obvious that we really needed to go and get started properly

Ryan had decided what he wanted and it was a multi-part scenario. He lay on the bed with his ass at the edge and got Sue to sit over his cock, facing away from him. It was my job to lick his cock and he slid in and out of Sue. There wasn’t much for Jen to do, so she lay on the floor and got me to crouch up so she could slide her head under my body and I could sit on her face. This allowed her to lick me and also allowed my licking to stray slightly from Ryan’s cock while I changed position. Once Jen had tasted me sufficiently, she got me to lift my ass again so she could climb out and then grabbed her toothbrush once more. She held the back of the vibrating head against Sue’s clit and Ryan kept slowly pumping into her while I licked his cock. Ryan had said he wanted both Sue and I to cum and the toothbrush was definitely helping Sue towards her part of this. My tongue brushed against Sue’s pussy lips a few times but she was too excited to care (or maybe even notice) and she soon started to moan and say she was cumming.

When she had finished, she slid tight down his cock, leaving me very little to lick, but he told her that it was time to switch places and so she climbed off and I moved up onto the bed to take her place. Sue didn’t object to licking his cock while I was on it and when Jen got her to move so she could climb under her, I’m sure I felt some contact. Jen did pretty much the same with Sue as she had done when I’d been licking – after she had tasted her properly, she climbed back out and used the toothbrush on my clit until I came. I was impressed that Ryan had held back through both of us cumming (he had continued to move at a steady, measured pace) and I remember thinking that he had certainly improved from when Sue had first complained to Mike and I about him cumming too quickly.

I didn’t dawdle for long though as the aim was now to make him cum. I climbed off his cock and say down beside Sue, who shifted around slightly. As a finale, he wanted us to both suck him off (as we’d done before) and we quickly got to work so as not to waste all the stimulation he’d got from us. We licked up and down his cock for a short while before moving up to the head and licking it. We fastened our moths around the head and licked away rapidly. I could feel Sue’s tongue brushing against mine and this was helped by Jen placing a hand on the back of our heads and gently but firmly pushing us together (not that our mouths could get any closer together). Ryan kept telling us how good it felt and when he said he was getting really close, we broke our kiss and just put our heads beside his cock and flicked it with our tongues. Jen leant in closer and I felt a hand slide between my legs from behind and her fingers toy with my pussy, but I was concentrating helping Ryan to cum.

Sue had a hand on his balls so I used a hand to stroke the lower part of his shaft (and hold his cock still so it was easier to lick). He said he was just about to cum and I watched as his cum squirted out as he moaned. I felt Jen’s fingers jump in my pussy and I guessed (correctly) that his cum and shot between Sue and I and landed on Jen. We kept licking and moved in a bit closer, which meant that a couple of squirts splattered over our faces, tongues and lips. When he had stopped cumming, I tried to kitty kiss him (or whatever the male equivalent would be), but he said his cock was too sensitive (even though I had only been using really light kisses). I pulled back and had a look at us – Jen had indeed been hit with a load and it was running down her chest. I had cum running down from my right shoulder and I knew my face was somewhat covered. Sue’s face was also shining with cum and Jen pointed out that I also had some in my hair. Ryan seemed quite happy with the results and asked us to kiss, so we tried a three way kiss (mostly with tongues extended) and by the time we finished, Jen had cum over her face as well.

I was aware that it was her turn to cum and suggested to Sue that we both take care of her. Sue was fine with that and Jen climbed up onto the bed and lifted her legs up so her knees were by her shoulders. Sue and I crowded in and each took a side of her pussy. At first we just licked, but then spread her lips and tried to lick deeper in her. We couldn’t both do her at the same time, so ended up taking turns. I was impressed that Sue didn’t seem to be holding back at all and was actually really eating Jen properly. I whispered in her ear how much it looked like she was enjoying eating my girlfriend and how much of a natural she seemed to be at eating pussy. Sue didn’t reply other than giving my body a slap, but the next time it was her turn, I teased her a bit more and asked if she was going to miss the taste of Jen’s little cunt.

Jen was making the appropriate sounds to show she was getting close to cumming and I told Sue that we should both lick her again. We pulled her lips apart to expose her clit and I gave her a quick rub until she was mewing away and we then both flicked our tongues over her clit. Jen wriggled around on the bed and I grabbed her ass to hold her still so we could keep licking her. Jen later said that it wasn’t the most satisfying orgasm (as we hadn’t been able to get really good contact with her clit or pussy while she was cumming), but I had guessed that and when her orgasm ended, I told Sue to try kitty kissing her. Of course, this wasn’t entirely for Jen’s benefit as between instructions on how to proceed, I whispered things to Sue about how doing this was a really intimate thing (more so than just giving oral sex in my opinion).

I stroked along Sue’s back and let my hand slide over her ass (I avoided going between her cheeks), but I continued quietly teasing while audibly telling her how to kitty kiss. I told her to get a good taste of Jen (as if she hadn’t got enough of a taste of her over the weekend) and to savour the texture of her pussy. I described how much pleasure she was giving Jen and how Jen would probably lie in her bed every night for the next few weeks masturbating while remembering what her (Sue’s) tongue had felt like and her pussy had tasted like. She showed no sign of getting bored with Jen’s pussy (and I knew Jen wasn’t going to ask her to stop as she’ll let me kitty kiss her for ages so I left them to it and went to see if Ryan was enjoying the show.

He was more than enjoying it and had a hand wrapped around his cock, slowly pumping up and down. I quietly chatted to him about how good a job Sue was doing and pointed out how easy it would be for him to move up behind Sue and slide into her cunt if he wanted to cum again. He was going to do just that, but then asked me if he could ask me to do something. I told him he could ask me anything and he said that Sue doesn’t really like anal that much, but he wondered if I would let him do me. I briefly considered his request, but I knew all along what I was going to say so I didn’t tease him and just crawled over to the bed with my ass in the air. He obviously took this as ‘yes’ as when I looked back, he had already pulled out some lube and was squeezing it into his hand. I was going to tell him that I usually just use my own juices as lube (in the cunt, then in the ass), but he was already smearing it on his cock, so I left him to it and found a comfortable position to kneel.

I felt his cock press up against me and after slipping away from my ass, he pressed against me and slowly slid in. I had my shoulders resting on the bed so it was easy to reach down with a hand to play with my clit. Ryan slid in and out of my ass and I told him to keep a steady speed so I could enjoy it as well. I buried a couple of fingers in my cunt and played with myself and was coming along quite well. I could see that Jen was really enjoying Sue’s kitty kissing and had started to stroke her own breasts and tease her nips. I couldn’t see Sue actually kissing/licking Jen’s pussy as Jen’s thigh was in the way, but I was still impressed at just how much Sue had thrown herself in to things (and it was obvious that she was doing a good job if she was getting Jen so turned on again just after she came).

I told Ryan we should shift over slightly so he was close enough to finger Sue and I looked back to see him slide a hand over Sue’s ass and (presumably from the way she jumped) pushed a couple of fingers into her pussy. I sped up rubbing my clit and fingering myself (I had to alternate as I was only using one hand as the other was holding me up on the bed). Jen was quickly becoming more vocal and I imagined Ryan had a pretty good view of her lying there. A few times I found myself pumping my hips back and forth in time with his thrusts, but I stopped myself and told him to slow down each time. I closely watched Jen as she got more aroused and mewed her way to another orgasm. I didn’t think I could hold back too much longer but I was doing everything I could to make myself feel good without actually cumming. Once again Ryan sped up his pumping and I decided that he had been good enough so I didn’t say anything and allowed myself to push back against him. I told him to tell me when he was going to cum and kept myself as close to cumming as I could. It was only a short while before he said he was about to cum and I rubbed my clit and imagined a close up of Sue licking Jen’s cunt. I came at pretty much the same time he did (maybe he got off a single squirt before I started to cum) and he said that it felt amazing as I was contracting around him.

I finished cumming and stayed crouching with fingers in my pussy and Ryan’s cock buried in my ass. I gently squeezed myself around him (much easier to do with ass than with pussy) and it was only while we were in this position that Sue realised that he hadn’t been fucking me the ‘usual way’. To be fair, she had been somewhat distracted by having her face buried in Jen’s cunt, but I still found it rather amusing. Jen sat up and had a look as well and Ryan slowly pulled his cock out. I felt a little tender (but not sore) and sat down to give my knees a rest. I half watched Ryan’s cock as it deflated– it was still slightly shiny from the lube but I was more interested in teasing Sue some more about how she had just eaten Sue to two orgasms in a row. She didn’t put up much of a defence – the best she had was that at least she hadn’t just let someone fuck her ass.


  1. Could you describe what 'kitty kissing' is? If it is what I think it is (Slow, gentle licking around the outside), my GF doesn't like it at all but if that's not what it is I would be very interested in learning!

  2. My use of the term has changed a bit - initially it referred specifically to gentle kissing and licking of the pussy (both outer and inner lips and a small amount of clit play) after the person had cum. The idea was to gently bring them down and (if you kept going long enough) to get them excited again and want another round.

    I now sometimes use kitty kissing to refer to gentle kissing as part of general teasing or play, but I prefer our original use as it is something quite special to cum and have that done to you afterwards.