Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 5

I told her that to be fair, Sue should really get to cum again. Jen said that she was more than happy to eat, finger or use a vibe on her, but if she wanted Ryan to take care of her, she was happy with that (I took this as a good sign – I had given Jen enough opportunities to eat Sue that she was now prepared to take a break). Sue said that she didn’t mind who did it, but after Ryan’s fingering, she wanted to cum one more time. Ryan said he would happily eat her, but I had an idea for us all to help out and got Sue to lie across the bed and Jen to climb over her in a 69 position. We let Jen get things started and she ate Sue for a while and then lifted her head slightly to just tease her clit with her extended tongue. This allowed Ryan and I to see her pussy and once I got Jen to pull Sue’s lips apart, I slipped a couple of fingers into her. Ryan pushed a finger into her ass which made Sue yelp and then say it was embarrassing, but I pointed out that we had seen her fucked, watched her eat Sue and I had just let Ryan fill my ass with his cum, so she needed to get over it.

Jen humped against Sue’s face while she ate her – not to get Sue to do anything to her, but just to cover her with her juices. From time to time, Jen lowered her head and licked Sue’s clit more firmly (I could feel her tongue lapping against my fingers while she did this). As you would expect, with three lots of stimulation, it didn’t take too long and Sue started to moan and say she was about to cum. As she came, Ryan and I pumped our fingers in and out of her ass and pussy respectively and then pulled out to let Jen kitty kiss her. I let Ryan suck my fingers clean but I kissed Jen when she climbed off Sue.

Once again the room smelt of sex (I wonder if you can bottle that smell) and we all had a little rest to recover. I took Jen into the shower and we washed each other down and chatted about events while we did so. I asked if she had enjoyed her special weekend (she had) and got her to give a brief description of what it was like being licked by Sue. We didn’t stay in the shower too long as we had to meet people for brunch (especially as it had been my suggestion) and Sue and Ryan still needed to shower.

They also showered together (which allowed Jen and I to carry on chatting) and I looked through Sue’s selection of toys (which wasn’t anywhere near as extensive as ours, but I still found a small vibe that was suitable). Jen guessed that it was for her to use and I produced pair of tight jeans for her to wear. I had originally planned to do something like this while we’d been out on the Saturday, but had changed my mind. I don’t like wasting a good plan though, so just before we were ready to head off, I got her to slip her jeans down and I turned the vibe on before nestling it between her lips, using her panties to hold it in place while she pulled her jeans up.

We grabbed our coats and bags and then took a relaxing wander to the cafe where we were meeting people. Well, it was relaxing for most of us, but Jen was being continually stimulated by the vibe and a couple of times got very distracted. Her jeans were pressing the vibe hard against her clit and I told her that we could wait a while for her to cum. She wasn’t too keen on this idea at first, but after a while said that it was getting too much, so we let her lean against a wall and stood round her chatting. Jen held my hand and I felt her squeeze it as she came. At first, it felt a bit better, but of course the vibe was still going and she soon said it was too strong to take. I was going to remind her of some of the things she had subjected me to around her friends, but Ryan doesn’t know about them (I think) so I ducked down an alleyway with her. Jen unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down slightly. I slipped my hand into them and fished around until I found the control for the vibe and turned it off, but left it in place. Once Jen had made herself presentable, we rejoined the others and continued our walk to the cafe.
Lunch was uneventful – I considered getting Jen to go to the bathroom and turn e vibe on again but I actually wanted her to have a really good weekend and I wasn’t too bothered about revenge. I did get her to pop in to the toilet after we had finished to fish the vibe out, as well as to remove her panties. When we got to the train station (I was getting the train back as it was cheaper), I presented Sue with the panty wrapped vibe as a present and told her that if she wanted to remember Jen’s taste, she could suck the vibe clean later that night. Sue said she wasn’t going to do that but later on told Mike that she had done so (Mike got a full description of the weekend out of Sue one evening when Ryan was out).


Mike’s weekend had been rather different than he had expected. I had told him not to get his hopes up, although he was obviously anticipating a chance to sleep with Emily after the events of the previous weekend.

He left work a little early on the Friday so he could get to York and have a chance to go out for drinks on the Friday night. He didn’t really know most of the people as they were out with Sara and Emily’s friends and he (like me) doesn’t like a big group of people where he doesn’t really know anyone (it took me a while to get used to Jen’s group of friends – which is somewhat ironic given everything they have now seen me do). It wasn’t that he didn’t have a good evening (and he did get to chat to a few of the people and get to know them a bit), but they didn’t stay out late and ended up heading back to Sara’s place once people left the pub.

It was obvious that there was an expectation in the air, but Mike says that it didn’t just seem to be coming from him. He was the one who ended up broaching the subject and said that he obviously wanted to sleep with Emily again, but he was quite happy to just visit as a friend if that was all they wanted. Emily explained that Sara and she had discussed things (as they had guessed Mike would want to fuck her) and Sara had said it was fine as long as it didn’t happen too often. Mike was overjoyed when she told him this and said he was willing to do as much or as little as they wanted but he couldn’t help himself from asking if he was going to get to see Sara naked (he thinks she is cute as well). He was told that as long as he didn’t try to do anything to her, she didn’t mind being naked (they know that he is used to having Jen around and isn’t allowed to play with her).

With the ground rules set, they partially undressed and climbed into Sara’s bed (after removing a large number of stuffed animals – Sara is definitely a very girly-girl). Emily had a plain pair of panties on but Sara had a cute pair of panties covered in little pink bows. Mike kissed Emily, but waited until she reached down to rub his cock before he started to touch her. He stroked up and down her body and slipped his fingers into her panties, pleased to find that she was still nice and smooth. Sara started to play with Emily’s breasts (or at least the one closest to her) and Mike was careful to make sure his hands didn’t wander over towards her (as much as he wanted to let them).

He said that it wasn’t really fair to leave Sara out and suggested that Emily go down on her while he took her (Emily) from behind. His suggestion met with general approval and just before he entered her he asked if she wanted him to use a condom. Sara said that they hadn’t been doing things with other people, so as long as he hadn’t either, it was fine. He didn’t need to be given the offer to go bareback twice and used his thumbs to spread Emily’s lips before pushing into her. She seemed quite wet and he easily slid in, pushing deep into her and savouring the warm feeling engulfing his cock.

He pumped in and out of her and let his hands roam over her body – reaching around to fondle her breasts and her clit as well as stroking her back and ass. He could see she was tucking in to Sara and carried on using long slow(ish) strokes, every now and then pushing as deep into her as he could. Sara pushed back against him when he did this so he assumed this meant she liked it and did it a bit more while rubbing her clit. While kneading her ass, he let his thumbs slide between her cheeks to rub against his cock as it slid in and out of her and he spread her cheeks to he could get a good view of her pussy grasping at it whenever he pulled out. He lightly dragged his thumbs over her ass a couple of times and thought she pressed back against him (although he wasn’t sure as he was still fucking her) so he waited a little while before running a thumb over her ass again. He was sure she pushed back this time so he carried on pressing against her – not pushing his thumb into her, but applying enough pressure for her to feel it.

He had originally intended to fuck her until she had cum twice before he came, but he was enjoying watching her eat Sara and the feeling of a (relatively) new cunt (it was only the second weekend he was getting to fuck her ‘properly’). He sped up his movements and told them he wanted to hear Sara cum and feel Emily cum around his cock and he would fill her cunt with his cum. He played with her clit a bit more and pushed into her over and over, feeling his orgasm building and imagining a view of his cum squirting out inside her and covering her pussy. Emily actually came first (which wasn’t what he had intended to happen, but it’s not as if he knows her well enough to be able to read how aroused she is) and he had to decide whether to cum with her or wait for Sara to cum. He wasn’t quite ready to cum and so decided that even though he could have probably got to orgasm fairly quickly, Emily would have finished cumming anyway, so he just pumped away until he was really close and then slowed down to wait for Sara.

As soon as she started to cum (she whimpered her way through her orgasm), he pumped into Emily hard and fast until he felt his cum squirt into her. He thought it would be obvious to her that he was cumming, but he told her anyway as he wanted Sara to know he was cumming at the same time as her. When he finish, he pushed as deep as he could into her and stayed there, flexing his cock and trying to get every last drop of cum out. He waited in that position until Emily pulled her mouth away from Sara’s pussy, at which point he pulled out and when Emily rolled over onto her side, he lay behind her and moved her head round so he could kiss her. He had no trouble tasting Sara from her face and mouth and commented on this once they broke their kiss. He said Sara blushed a little when she heard this, but it wasn’t the first time he’d tasted her (from someone else), so it wasn’t that big a deal.

He thanked Emily for letting him use her pussy and she thanked him for helping her cum. She needed to go to the bathroom and when she stood up, she commented that he must have cum a fair bit in her as it started to leak out. When she returned, she said that she had been leaking the whole way to the bathroom. He could see that she looked tired and he didn’t want to seem greedy, so he asked if she wanted to get some sleep. She did, but said that he could spoon inside her while they fell asleep (he asked if he could do this, she didn’t just randomly offer). They chatted for a while as they dozed off and Mike filled them in on some more of our exploits and heard about some of theirs (both as a couple and before they got together). Mike said that he really wanted to fuck Emily again, but satisfied himself with just moving slowly inside her, which kept him hard until she had fallen asleep.


  1. So wait, you're fingering your own sister?

  2. Um, yes, but it's not as bad as it sounds. It was mostly with the others also involved and I just went with the flow of things. We haven't really done things 'properly' (and I don't imagine we will do - despite how much Mike and now Ryan would love to see us do this).

  3. It doesn't sound bad! It sounds hot!

  4. I'm sure it does, but could lead to a very complicated situation...