Saturday, 28 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 6

In the morning, he crawled down between Emily’s legs and licked her awake. She said it felt good, but she needed to pee before they could do anything and they all took the opportunity to visit the bathroom and brush their teeth. Sara said that she was a little hungry and suggested that she go and prepare some breakfast. She thought it would be better if Mike stayed in her room with Emily (her neighbours knew that she was gay and dating Emily, but it might be a bit more difficult to explain an older man (her phrase) sleeping over with them for two nights (remember Sara is only just 19 so Mike is over 50% older than her). So as not to be rude, Mike and Emily didn’t actually have sex while Sara was gone, but they did play with each other a bit and Mike quizzed her about various things.

When Sara returned with food, they ate breakfast and Mike matter-of-factly told Sara that Emily had told him (after he had asked) that she (Sara) liked having her ass licked and doing this to Emily. Sara spluttered and went bright red but Mike has a way of being sufficiently open about things that he fairly easily disarms people and gets them to open up and talk about such things. He told her that it wasn’t a big deal and how he often does exactly that to me (and how much I enjoy it) and went on to describe how he has managed to make me cum by just licking me there. He told her that I had described to him how I had felt her jump when I’d run my tongue over her ass the previous week and how it seemed like she had enjoyed it. Emily pointed out that Mike obviously found the idea quite arousing as he was sitting with an erection (although given Emily was still naked and Sara only had a light gown on, I imagine he would have had an erection if they had been talking about the financial crisis).

With breakfast over, it was obvious that sex was on the agenda before they did anything else. Emily suggested they use the same position they had the previous night but Mike said that he wanted to get a better view of Emily eating Sara and asked if Emily could lie on her back and Sara sit over her face. They liked the sound of that (and it was probably easier for Em as it meant she didn’t have to kneel up) so they got into position and Mike pushed a couple of pillows under Emily’s ass to raise her pussy. Sara climbed over her face and lowered her pussy to Emily’s mouth and Mike knelt between her legs and started to eat Emily. Sara said that she thought Mike was going to fuck her (Emily) but Mike pointed out that he wasn’t going to waste a chance to eat such a sweet little cunt and he gave her a good lashing, both over her cunt and her ass before sitting up, positioning his cock and sliding into her. He started to fuck Em, ensuring that Sara had a good view of what was happening. He loved being able to watch Sara’s expressions as Emily worked on her, but from his kneeling position, he no longer had as good a view of Emily tongue working on her pussy.

Mike lifted Emily’s legs up and rested her calves on his shoulders (a position I love) and he pushed deep into her. They carried on like that for a while and Mike asked Sara if she wanted him to cum over Emily so she (Sara) could eat Em without his cum being in her (or at least a fresh load). Sara said that she didn’t mind so Mike said that if she turned around and leant forwards, so he could see Emily’s tongue at work, he would make sure to pull out and leave her sweet cunt for Sara to taste. Sara did as he asked and leant forwards (away from Mike), supporting herself on the headboard. Emily had been listening in and knew what Mike wanted to see, so she spread Sara’s ass cheeks and let him watch as her tongue lapped over Sara’s pussy and pushed between her lips. He still couldn’t see her sucking Sara’s clit, but it was clear when she was doing that as Sara was being a bit more forthcoming with how good it felt.

Mike rubbed Emily’s clit with his thumb until she came and then fucked her until he was on the verge of cumming. He held himself there until Sara started to cum and after a few quick pumps, he pulled out, held his cock against the length of Emily’s cunt and rubbed up and down. It only took a few strokes before his cum shot out – the first couple of arcs went almost exactly where he had been hoping and splattered up the length of Emily’s body and over Sara’s ass and lower back (okay, so he’d been hoping that his cum would have shot up and landed directly in Sara’s cunt, but I think that can only happen in anime). He let out another couple of squirts, much weaker ones that landed on Em’s stomach and then pushed back into her cunt to enjoy the sensation.

When Sara’s orgasm finished, Mike pulled out of Emily and said that her cunt was ready to be licked clean. I don’t know if Sara really appreciates how lucky she is having a cunt as sweet tasting as Emily’s to eat, but she certainly didn’t waste any time turning round, lying on top of Em and getting stuck in. She didn’t even seem to mind the fact that Emily’s front was covered in Mike’s cum (although seeing as she’d got multiple guy’s cum on her the previous weekend, I guess that’s not too surprising). He encouraged her to make Emily cum again while he moved round to the other end of the bed so he could once again watch Emily playing with Sara. Emily was clearly trying to make Sara cum again as well, but Sara won out. Mike doesn’t know what Sara was doing that was so effective, but Emily came and had what appeared to be quite a strong orgasm. Once she had cum, she once again attacked Sara’s pussy until she came and Sara then rolled off and the two of them lay there panting. Mike was hard again having witnessed this, but he still didn’t want to push his luck too much so he didn’t try for round two (for him) and just rested with them, although he did kiss Emily a bit so he could taste Sara again.

When they finally surfaced, they took turns going to shower and once cleaned up, got dressed and headed into town. I had suggested to Mike that he treat them to lunch as a thank you for letting him visit and giving something to do while I was away. Their lunch conversation was much more acceptable for general society, but once they were off wandering around, Mike suggested they play some games. Sara wasn’t as willing to be an exhibitionist as he (and I) had expected, but Emily was willing to try. Mike bought her some black opaque tights and a short pair of denim shorts. He said that she could keep them if she changed into them and gave him her panties. Emily took him up on his offer and after disappearing into a toilet, she returned a minute later and handed him the bag back containing her skirt and panties. Mike ran his hand up her legs to her crotch and gave her a little squeeze and they then set off to wander round some more.

He didn’t want Sara to feel left out and wanted to show his appreciation for her willingness to let him share Emily for the weekend so he suggested that he get her a nice set of pretty underwear. She asked what he wanted in return and he said that she didn’t have to give him anything, but if she wanted to let him see her wearing it then he would appreciate it. As he was (almost certainly going to be seeing her naked later that night anyway, Sara didn’t really have anything to lose and after a while searching round a few shops, she chose a pretty white set of bra and panties. The material had small holes in it, but not as see through as some of the things I’ve worn and had small red bows on the front and sides of the panties, with matching bows on the bra. Sara chose a matching pair of stockings and Mike purchased the outfit for her but said it needed something else. He led them to a store selling girl’s clothes and picked out a pair of long white socks (this is where I used to get mine), saying that they might look cuter than the stockings. Sara was willing to go along with this (especially as she got the stockings as well as the socks) and after a bit more wandering around, they headed home.

Sara tried on her outfits – both with the stockings and the socks. Emily agreed with Mike that the socks did indeed look cuter, although the stockings were obviously more useful as she would be able to wear them while going out in decent company (although she did promise to wear the socks again later that night). Mike’s opaque tights fetish got the better of him and he spent a while stroking Emily’s legs and sliding his fingers into her shorts and pressing the tights against her pussy. They ate dinner and when it was time to get ready to head out, Mike stopped Emily after she had removed her shorts and he knelt in front of her and ate her through her tights. He was going to bite a hole in them so he could get to her properly, but she said that she wanted to keep them in good condition (I don’t understand why she couldn’t wear tights with a hole in the crotch), so he slide them down her legs and got her to sit on the bed so he could carry on eating her. Sara watched them closely and Mike spent a while eating Em and tasting her very thoroughly. He debated just teasing her, but didn’t want to leave her feeling frustrated as he thought it might damage his chance of being invited back so he finished what he had started and made her cum, then kitty kissed her until she had calmed down.

Sara looked quite flushed and had obviously enjoyed the show but said she would wait until later for Emily to do things with her. The conversation over dinner once again centred around sex and Mike got Sara to explain why she was so willing to share Emily. She explained that she understood the difference between fucking and love and Mike congratulated them (in a non-patronising way) for being so mature about it. Once dinner was over and they had finished getting ready they headed out and met up with some of my old gang of friends (most of whom I now don’t know as people had changed, but Mike still knows them). He had a better evening as he was around friends and Sara and Emily weren’t short of attention from the men. To even things out, they met up with some of their friends later on and had a couple of drinks before heading back to Sara’s room once more.

Mike had suggested something to Emily while they had been out and she agreed that it would be a good idea, but didn’t know if Sara would be interested. Sara knew full well how much Mike enjoyed eating pussy and was well aware that he really wanted to eat her, but he knew that this wasn’t likely to happen. While Sara sat on the bed, Mike stood behind Emily and slowly undressed her. He removed her top and bra and unsnapped her skirt so it slid down her legs. Emily had gone out wearing the opaque tights that Mike had bought her earlier and had forgone panties at his request so it was very easy for him to run his hands over her crotch and ass, enjoying the feel of the material.

It was now Sara’s turn to be undressed and Mike sat on the bed to watch as Emily peeled her clothes off to reveal her sexy new underwear. Sara was sent to put the white socks on (she had promised) and Emily helped Mike to get undressed. She stroked up and down his cock and when Sara came back, suitably cutely attired, Mike pulled Emily round to sit on his lap and he pushed his cock back and forth against her tights between her ass cheeks. Emily pulled Sara to her and caressed her breasts and pussy through her underwear, then got her to sit on the bed next to them. Em then turned around and mounted Mike, rubbing her crotch back and forth over his cock.

They shifted around a few times and Mike ended up behind Emily and pulled her tights down just enough to slide into her. Emily licked and kissed Sara’s panties, then pulled the crotch aside so she could get to her properly and finally pulled them off so she had full access. I don’t know if Emily intentionally did things this way to get Sara excited (Mike had told her how he had ‘convinced’ me to experiment with girls), but only when Sara was nice and wet and obviously aroused, did Em crawl up her body and whisper to her. This meant she was lying fully on top of Sara, who had her legs spread and Mike was very well behaved and didn’t try to carry on fucking her. He did take the opportunity to pull her tights off though and fondled her ass. He could see Emily was humping against Sara and he saw her drop a hand to Sara’s pussy and finger her. After a couple of minutes of this, Emily crawled back off her and told Mike that if he was still interested, Sara had agreed.

Mike couldn’t believe his luck and even though it wasn’t exactly what he wanted to happen, he was still looking forward to it. Emily lay on her back and Mike moved between her legs so he could slide his cock into her. He moved slowly in and out and told Sara that he really wanted to help make her cum, but wanted her to be sure she wanted to do it. Sara replied and said she wanted to see what it felt like, then climbed lay on the bed above Emily and crawled down so her pussy moved over Emily’s face. Mike got a close up view of Emily’s tongue flicking over and into Sara’s pussy and he told them how much he had wanted to do this with Jen and I, but how he wasn’t allowed to. Emily was sucking Sara’s clit, which she clearly enjoyed and Sara told him that this was his chance so he got Em to spread Sara’s cheeks and he lowered his face. He gave a couple of long licks from Sara’s pussy up over her ass and asked her how it felt (good). He then proceeded to lick around and over her ass. He was still moving back and forth inside Emily’s cunt, but concentrated on licking Sara’s ass. He occasionally let his tongue drop down to her pussy (or at least the edge of it) to get a taste of her, but he mostly just gave her a thorough rimming and as she got more and more excited (which was apparently quite obvious from the sounds she made), he speared her a few times.

When she came, Mike helped to hold her in place so he and Emily could help her get the most out of her orgasm and then when she said she’d had enough they released her and let her move up the bed out of the way. Mike hesitated before kissing Emily as he wondered how she would feel about it given where he’d just been licking, but he then decided that as Emily was used to doing the same thing she probably wouldn’t mind. They kissed quite passionately and once Mike had tasted Sara from her face, he told her that she deserved a treat for helping to convince Sara to play. Emily asked what he had in mind and he said that he was going to eat her and then fuck her (okay, so Mike was also going to enjoy both these things, but he was trying to do something she liked).

He spent a long time eating her and actually made her cum twice (eat, kitty kiss, eat, kitty kiss). When he thought she had caught her breath, he got her to lie on her front and he lay on top of her and pushed into her pussy. He fucked her with fast hard strokes and said that he had to concentrate to hold back from cumming. After he had given her a good pounding, he reached around and under her body so he could play with her clit and whispered in her ear how he was going to fill her hot little cunt with his cum again. Sara had been watching them for a while and Mike apologised to her, first for the fact that he was monopolising Emily and secondly for the fact that he was about to pollute her cunt. Sara said it was fine and she didn’t mind (not that it was likely he would have stopped even if she had minded). He frigged Emily’s clit until she came and when her orgasm ended, he pumped into her and let himself relax and enjoy it until he came. Unsurprisingly (given how long he had been holding back) he said his orgasm felt quite strong and he pushed deep into her and stayed inside for a while after cumming.

Both he and Emily were somewhat out of breath whereas Sara had completely recovered. Mike rolled over onto his side, pulling Em with him so he could stay inside her. Emily obviously knows how to read Sara better than Mike and told her that if she was that excited, she could always put on a little show for them. Mike said that Sara hesitated, but then decided to go for it anyway and Mike got to watch her spread her legs and play with her cute crinkle cut pussy. She played with her clit, fingered herself and rubbed a couple of fingers over her ass (without penetration) until she came. This had helped Mike stay hard so he was still inside Em when Sara lay down beside them and Mike asked why she had been so reticent to do anything outside when she clearly didn’t mind him seeing her cum so explicitly. Sara tried to explain that it felt very different which I don’t really get (for me, the more people who see me cum the better – as long as it doesn’t get me arrested or fired of course!).


  1. Is there any preparation that goes into anal play? I would imagine it would be rather unsanitary and actually a bit dangerous. I've never tried it but been curious as to the logistics of it.

  2. We would only do things like that with people we know keep themselves clean. Because it is something Sara really enjoys, she is scrupulously clean - I know that technically you could easily catch a bug so I would also avoid doing it with anyone who has any kind of illness/upset stomach.

    Usually just after a shower or bath is best if you want to be on the safe side, but once you've tried it a few times, you get used to it - and I really like doing anything (almost anything) to people if they enjoy it.