Monday, 30 April 2012

Further Experimentation - Part 7

A slightly longer entry to finish off what was a fairly epic weekend for us (even if Mike was off on his own). Vicky was up for the weekend, which went better than expected and we're now packing to move into our new house. I'll be a bit sad to leave my nice sandstone apartment behind, but I'm sure we'll make good memories in the new place until we can find somewhere to buy.
Mike asked more about their early sex lives, first orgasms, first times with other people and in return he shared stories of his (and our) first times. He told them about a number of the things I’m made to do when visiting Jen and by the time they had finished chatting, he was moving inside Emily and ready to fuck again. She wasn’t up for another round though so he had to satisfy himself with just gently spooning. She did tell him that he could always put on a little display for her and Sara, but Mike didn’t think he’d be able to produce much more cum, so while it would have felt good, he didn’t think it would be that good to watch. Fortunately, he is quite good at self-restraint, so he just kept slowly moving in her until they fell asleep.

He woke up in the middle of the night and went to pee. On his return, he accidentally woke Emily while getting back into bed and while curling up against her, he slid his hand down her body and between her legs. He says that she opened them, so he started to stroke up and down over her pussy and then asked her if he could have a little taste. She agreed as long as he was quick so he crawled under the covers and licked up and down her pussy, tasting her juices mixed with the remainder of his cum from earlier. Despite it being cold out (and reasonably cool in the room), he was roasting under the covers so had to surface for air and curled up behind Em. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass and she didn’t object when he reached down and slipped into her pussy. He slowly fucked her and the licking had woken her up enough that she was no longer as groggy so she pushed back. He used a hand to play with her clit and while he got her closer to cumming, he told her how good her cunt tasted and how much he enjoyed eating her.

He asked if she liked dirty talk and she whispered that she did, so he described the way her cunt had felt on his tongue, the way it tasted and the way it felt around his cock. He got her to describe what it was like eating Sara and said how much he enjoying being able to taste her off Emily’s mouth and face afterwards. Emily is well aware that he would love to go down on Sara and he asked if she would mind if he got a chance to eat her. Emily said that it was up to Sara, but if she was okay with it, then she (Emily) wouldn’t object (and if she had, it would have been somewhat hypocritical as he’s been fucking and eating her). Emily was getting quite close to cumming by this point and Mike was still slowly pumping in and out of her. He asked if she would try to convince Sara to let him eat her and promised that he would do everything he could to make sure she enjoyed it. Emily said she would do what she could and Mike rubbed her clit until she came. He said he really wanted to fuck her and it took quite a bit for him to hold back, but he didn’t want to wake Sara up. He did stay inside Em and keep moving while they talked and she drifted off to sleep again.

In the morning, Mike went down on Emily again to wake her up and he was glad that he had held back and not cum in her again (she really does taste quite good – don’t misunderstand, I love eating Jen and doing that means an awful lot more to me, but Emily’s pussy has a wonderful taste). Emily soon woke up once he started and her moans woke Sara up. He licked all around her pussy and also gave her ass a little attention (now he knew that she was used to this he thought he may as well) and after teasing her for a while, he finally let her cum). He moved up behind her and slid into her – she said that she needed a break before they did anything else and he agreed (but felt a bit frustrated).

This was the first opportunity he’d had to say good morning to Sara since she woke up. Sara had kissed Emily and stroked her breasts while Mike had been between her legs and he thanked her for her help. He asked if she wanted someone to eat her – obviously referring to himself, but he was going to say that he meant Emily when Sara said something. Emily got there first and mentioned that Mike was quite good at eating pussy and that Sara might enjoy it. Sara then told them that she had been awake during their night session (or at least for some of it) so had heard the conversation about Mike eating her. Mike apologised and said that he just thought she was really cute and told her how I had described the feeling of her pussy to him, plus explained how he has a thing for 19 year olds (both I and his previous gf were 19 when he started dating us – and possible Sue was with when he first got to play her, although he left that last bit out).

Sara told him it was okay and that she’d had a guy go down on her before (but not well). This was news to Mike, but he quickly asked if that meant he could get a chance to taste her properly and do what he’d done to Emily. Sara hesitated a bit but said that as he’d helped give her such a good orgasm the previous night, she would ‘let him eat her' this once as a reward (she had heard him talking about how much he liked eating pussy). Mike pushed hard into Emily and whispered to her (loud enough for Sara to also hear) that he was going to eat her girlfriend and make her cum while she watched. He promised her that when he finished, she (Emily) would get a good fucking and told her to be ready, then pulled out and pulled the covers back to expose them both.

He wanted to do this properly (see explanation later) and got Emily to pass him a couple of pillows to put under Sara’s ass. He said she looked a bit nervous, but he knew after the sex party, that she wasn’t bothered by other people eating her. He asked if he could go ahead and she gave him a little nod and as he positioned himself between her legs, Emily cuddled up to her and gave her a kiss. He pushed her legs apart a bit more and moved up close to her pussy. He’d seen it a number of times before (at the parties, when I’d been doing things with her and earlier that weekend), but this was the closest look he’d got. He extended his tongue and licked up and down her lips, immediately tasting her (she had been playing with herself a bit while he’d been eating Emily).

He went fairly slowly at first and mostly licked around her pussy and along her outer lips, then dipped his tongue inside and started to eat her properly. Emily and Sara kissed and Emily fondled Sara’s breasts. Mike sucked on Sara’s lips, tongued her clit, lapped over her ass and pushed his tongue deep into her pussy. He took his time and enjoyed the way her lips felt in his mouth and the way her juices tasted fresh from her cunt. As she got closer to cumming, he lapped over her ass a few more times (which she obviously enjoyed) and concentrated more on her clit. He wrapped his hands around her thighs to help keep her steady and ask she came, he moved in time with her to keep his tongue in contact with her pussy.

When she tried to pull away, he stopped licking and started to gently kitty kiss her until she realised what he was doing and relaxed. He now had time to explore her pussy properly and properly felt the texture of her lips as he sucked on them. He kitty kissed her for a while , also running the tip of his tongue over her ass a number of times and as he continued doing this, she started to press back against him (which is what he’d been hoping for). He rimmed her properly and when she arched her body he guessed she was ready for round two, so increased the pressure of his licking on her pussy and clit. Sara didn’t object to this and he ate her again – not going for the immediate kill, but not spending too long teasing her. When she came the second time, it seemed a lot stronger and she only let him kitty kiss her for a couple of minutes afterwards.

By the time he finished his extended session with Sara, he felt that his balls were ready to burst and told Emily that she had better be ready. If I’d been there, I would have probably told him I didn’t feel like doing anything else (although he would have known *that* was a lie coming from me). Emily didn’t tease him though and let him mount her. Mike pounded into her hard and fast and knew that he was probably going to cum before she did if he kept that up, so he got her to reach down and play with her clit while they kissed. Emily quite liked being able to taste Sara off his face and once she was sufficiently caught up, they rolled over and Mike pulled her down on top of him so they could fuck properly.

He grabbed her ass firmly, pulled her cheeks apart and pumped in and out of her, their crotches audibly slapping together. He told her how hot, tight and wet her cunt felt and how much he wanted to fuck her and cum inside her. Emily seemed to enjoy the vigorous session and he got her to tell him what she could feel. She isn’t quite up to Julia’s level of dirty talk (but then again, nobody is) but she described what she could feel as his cock thrust into her. Mike pumped away until she said she was getting close and told her he wanted to cum at the same time as her. He got her to tell him how close she was and he held back until she started to cum. She didn’t give him quite enough notice, but he came pretty soon after she did (she was still moaning when he came) and he pushed into her as hard as he could a number of times and then held her firmly against his cock.

When Emily finally dismounted him, Sara said that it had looked quite intense and he asked Sara if he had done a good job eating her. She said he had and confirmed that she had cum twice. Being permanently inquisitive about such things, Mike asked her what she had done with guys before (during their conversation about first times the previous night, she hadn’t mentioned any) and she said that she had only been fingered a couple of times and had a bf attempt to eat her (he had eventually made her cum, but it had felt awkward and she hadn’t let him do it again). Mike thanked her for letting him savour her cute little cunt (at which she blushed) and said he would be more than willing to do it again if she ever wanted. She asked why he liked doing it so much and he tried to explain. It is difficult to describe just how much Mike enjoys eating pussy. Of course he likes fucking and cumming himself, but he also gets off on making other people (mostly me) cum and (he thinks due to some of the first porn films he saw) loves burying his face between a girl’s legs. Other than a really brief amount of fingering, the first ‘sex’ he had involved him eating his then gf and making her cum.

Mike asked if anyone wanted any more, but seeing as they had both cum twice, they were satisfied for the time being. When Emily got up, they noticed that she had left a rather damp patch on the bed. She went off to shower and Mike thanked Sara once again for letting him go down on her. He was still hoping that she might ask him to do it again to help pass the time until Emily returned, but he had to content himself with lying in bed with a young, cute naked redhead (so all in all, I don’t think he was feeling too hard done by). When Emily returned, Sara went to shower and Mike requested that Emily wear opaque tights with either a dress or a skirt (and obviously without panties). With a bit more effort, he convinced her to go without a bra (she’s about a b-cup so can just about get away with this). Once she was dressed, Mike asked if she objected to being fondled while she finished getting ready and she told him he could do whatever he wanted, so he got her to sit over him and rub her crotch back and forth against his cock while she brushed her hair.

Sara returned to find them still in this position and Mike told them how Jen had once done this for him (but he left out the reason why). He rolled her off his body and spread her legs, then pushed his face into her crotch and licked her through her tights. At first she didn’t feel too much, but he kept going, licking harder and harder until he could taste her through the material and she said it felt nice. Mike suggested to Sara that she could sit over Emily’s face and she initially said no but Emily said that she wanted to lick her so Sara gave in and climbed onto the bed and straddled Emily’s head. She was still wearing a towel and the first time it came loose, she tightened it again, but Mike was pleased to see that when it next slipped down, Sara just threw it to the side. He really wanted to eat Em to another orgasm, but wasn’t sure she would want to cum twice more (he also wanted to fuck her) so he took the middle ground of eating her enough that he enjoyed the taste and then crouched between her legs.

He pulled her tights down (or up) just enough to expose her pussy, lifted her legs and pushed into her. Sara could see what he was doing, but his view was obscured by the tights – fortunately he’s had sex before so pretty much knew what he was doing and fucked Emily while she ate Sara. He apologised to Sara again for the fact he was about to pollute Emily’s pussy. Sara said that she didn’t mind (but she looked like she was quite close to cumming, so she probably had other things on her mind) and Mike started to play with Emily’s clit. He knew he wasn’t far off cumming himself but really wanted to get Emily off before he came so he tried to ignore the view of Sara being eaten and concentrated on playing with Emily’s clit.

Without any reference, he found it rather difficult to tell how Emily was coming along (her face was hidden under Sara). He only realised she had cum when she pushed his hand away from her clit and sort of waved at him. He asked if she had cum already and she gave him the ‘ok’ sign so he told her to concentrate on making Sara cum. He had wanted to cum at the same time as Em, but once again had to satisfy himself with using Sara’s arousal to help him along. He almost asked Sara if she wanted to turn around and have both of them lick her again, but he assumed that she knew he was willing to do that and would have asked if she wanted it (he later found out that Em had been licking both her cunt and ass). Mike decided to just go for it and he pumped into Emily until he felt his orgasm peak and his cum squirted into her. He stayed in her until he had calmed down and then pulled out and quickly pulled Emily’s tights back up, making sure the crotch was nice and firmly against her pussy. He pressed his cock against her crotch, partially cleaning it on her tights and partially just because of his opaque tights fetish – either way, he rubbed gently against her until Sara came.

When Sara climbed off Emily’s face, he kissed Emily and tasted Sara and asked if she would keep the same pair of tights on and she agreed, adding that Sara could help to clean her off later on. Mike liked that idea and once his cock had deflated sufficiently, he headed off to quickly shower and returned to get dressed. They went out for brunch and had a civilised conversation but once they returned to Sara’s room, he asked if Sara would wear her new cute underwear to the next sex party, along with the long socks. He told her how Laura likes me wearing my schoolgirl outfit and said that he was fairly certain that if she (Sara) wore the outfit, she would have all the bi-girls queuing up to make her cum.

It was nearly time for him to head back home but he did get one more chance to fondle Emily’s legs and thighs (through her tights). He got a few strokes of her pussy in, but she didn’t think she could cum again so he didn’t go any further. They went to the train station with him and just before he left he hugged each of them in turn and thanked them for a wonderful weekend. He called Sara ‘his little redhead’ – which isn’t right as she ‘my’ little redhead (okay, so she’s technically Emily’s little redhead – but she obviously doesn’t mind sharing her). When he hugged Em, he slipped his hands under her dress and stroked her ass (she had a long coat on) and told them both that they had to come up and visit us sometime. We would be seeing them in about a month anyway for the end of term party but Mike was still sorry to leave, his sadness lessened somewhat though by his desire to find out how my weekend had gone with Sue and Jen.

He rested on train home (I don’t know why though as it wasn’t as if he actually did that much fucking – he certainly didn’t get as much action as I did, although I’ll admit he did spend quite a lot of time giving them pleasure). This meant that by the time he got home he was nice and rested and ready to have some fun with me.

We were both really eager to tell each other about everything that had happened and both thought that our story was going to be more exciting than the other’s. In the end we tossed for it (a coin, not Mike) and I won so got to describe my weekend to him first. He loved hearing about Sue eating and being eaten by Jen and was really pleased that she had decided to go for it. I gave his cock a quick suck but couldn’t really taste anything of Emily and we carried on our conversation in the shower. Mike doesn’t object too much to eating me while Ryan’s cum is in me, but he wanted to minimise the amount so rinsed out my pussy before we returned to the bed and slowly fucked while I finished off relaying my weekend.

When I finished, he ate me until I came and then after a brief rest, I had to mount his cock and he told me about his weekend. I was quite surprised when I found out about him and Emily doing a double licking job on Sara and even more surprised when I found out he got to eat her properly. With his story over, we finished off by fucking properly and then gave Jen a call so Mike could congratulate her on a successful weekend with Sue as well as to tell her about his antics. We tried to convince her to come along to the next sex party in York and Jen gave in very easily (which was a bit of a surprise as I hadn’t expected her to want to go to another one). Jen described to him what it was like eating Sue and they compared notes, including the differences between Sue and I.

We were both feeling fairly horny again by the time we ended our conversation with Jen but as I’d already cum twice that evening (plus the times that morning) and Mike had cum three times that day so we guessed our next session would be the last of the day. We went back and described small parts of our weekends in much more detail and slowly fucked while we did this. By the time we were ready to cum, I had a small vibe in my ass (in memory of Ryan fucking my ass earlier that day) and I squeezed myself around Mike’s cock until he came and I milked him dry of whatever cum he had left (not much – or at least not much came out of me when I dismounted him).

It took a good few evenings to write up all the events and we had a number of long calls with Jen to either make sure I was getting the details right or to go over what Mike did with Emily and Sara. Unsurprisingly, Mike and I fooled around during most of these calls (which is another reason why it took so long to write up) and Jen often joined in (virtually) and made herself cum (especially when we were on the section where I was sitting over her face and Sue was eating her while Ryan fucked Sue).


  1. If only Jen would take a leaf out of Sara's book and let Mike give her a licking.
    Why not play a little game when there is a crowd and try to name the licker?
    Then throw in a mystery tongue (Mike)


  2. Mike would love that, but he has agreed with Jen that he won't do (or try to do) anything with her unless she agrees. Jen cares about and trusts Mike and has no problem teasing him and even (occasionally) grinding against him so it would probably be a bad idea for him (or me) to do something that destroyed that trust.

    She knows full well that if she ever gives him permission, he will spend hours buried between her legs (with either his tongue or cock - depending on what she agrees to). As much as it is sometimes frustrating for him, I think he actually quite enjoys the teasing.

  3. Thanks for the explanation Andi.