Thursday, 12 April 2012

Unprotected Party - Part 3

Mike and Hannah had already finished (he had made her cum, but I had missed this). I was definitely beat by that point but Gareth had an erection and asked if I was willing to let him use it on me. I really wasn’t sure I had it in me to cum again, but I still felt wet enough (either from my own lubrication, the guys’ cum or Emily’s saliva) so I told him to go ahead and fuck me until he was happy. I could pay attention to what else was going on and I saw Mike convince Caroline to let him eat her. She actually agreed that he could just do it for a while, but (just as had been the case when I had gone down on her), once he started, she didn’t tell him to stop. As extra stimulation for Gareth, Emily got Sara to sit with her legs spread and open her pussy. I think having such a good view of the forbidden fruit helped him along and he pumped into me and fondled my breasts until he came. I don’t think he actually ejaculated anything into me (or at least, only a small amount), but it was another one to tick off the list.

After a quick tally, I realised that (not counting Mike), I had fucked or sucked almost everyone (at the time I had included my helping Ben and Hannah to cum as sucking Ben even though it was really her cunt that made him cum). The one person remaining was Corey who I hadn’t done anything with apart from suck and briefly fuck during the round-robin session. I wanted to remedy this omission, but his cock was only semi-hard. He said he was willing to give things a go, but might not be able to cum again. I told him I didn’t mind, it was the thought that counted so we moved over to the bed and started off in a 69. He didn’t have any objections to eating me (but I wouldn’t actually be surprised if he admitted he was bi) and I sucked his cock and fondled his balls until I started to get a reaction. (I actually sucked him until he was properly hard and it was a wonderful feeling having his cock grow in my mouth).

I moved round and mounted him, pushing myself down firmly until he was buried the whole way inside me. I asked if anyone wanted to help us out but we didn’t get any takers. My legs felt like they didn’t have any strength in them so after a couple of minutes I suggested that I leant over one of the sofas and let him take me from behind. Corey was fine with that idea and we quickly got into position and resumed our fucking. Michael was sitting closest to me and he reached over to play with my breasts so I told him to move closer and I took his cock in my mouth. I didn’t expect to make him cum and was just taking the opportunity to be as lewd as I could. Corey fucked me and despite his earlier assertion that he wasn’t able to cum, he got into it quite a bit. He pounded into my pussy and came, then sat down where he was, panting. He pushed his face into my cunt and licked me a bit more before pulling back, at which point I asked Michael if he wanted me to continue. His cock was now properly hard, but he said that he’d had enough and his balls were beginning to ache, so I have the head a quick kiss and moved back round to sit on the sofa. I don’t know where it came from – if Corey had made a bonus deposit in me or had just dislodged some from earlier, but some cum dribbled out and down my leg when I stood up and a bit more after I had sat down. We’re not talking huge amounts, but I was still surprised.

I now only had Ben to go, but he said there was no chance as his cock felt too tender and sensitive. I was a little disappointed as I could have scored a full house (well, if Hannah had eaten me as well), but I thought I’d had more than my fair share anyway. It was very late and I realised that the chance of us getting the early train we had intended to catch was somewhat slim, but that had possible advantages. A few people had already started to gather things up and get dressed so we joined them in tidying up. Fortunately, they didn’t ask us to help move the mattresses and said they would do it the next day (or later that day).

It was quite cold out, but none of us had really worn clothes designed for warmth so I dared Emily and Sara to join me and walk home naked (apart from coats/jackets). Laura thought this was a good dare and said she would do it as well if the other girls joined in. Caroline was a bit reluctant as she didn’t want to go out without a bra on (she has large breasts) but I said if I could manage it, then I was sure she could. We managed to get everyone to agree apart from Sara who said her jacket wasn’t enough to cover her. In an act of selflessness, I told her that I would swap my coat for her jacket if she would join in and once she had tried it on, she agreed. I’m an inch or so taller than Sara so her coat which just about covered her ass, didn’t really cover mine, but it was late enough that I was prepared to take a chance (and we didn’t really have too far to go). The other issue I had was that Sara is somewhat slimmer than I am (and has smaller breasts), so when I did her jacket up it was rather tight.

We all set off and wandered home without seeing too many people (well, our little group didn’t, but a couple of the others had to walk past a few larger groups). I found Sara’s jacket too tight so a couple of times I half undid it. The walk home was enough to allow a little more cum to drip out of my pussy and when I mentioned that I was leaking, Emily said that her pussy was also leaking. I convinced Sara to check out Emily’s pussy and she lifted her jacket and confirmed that her pussy was rather damp. I lifted my jacket (or rather just didn’t keep it pulled down) and showed that I was in a similar state. On a normal evening, I’m sure that I would have let Mike finger or fuck me and make me cum, but I doubted I would be able to cum again for a while and we just headed back to Emily’s place.

Once we got home, we thought it would be sensible to shower before heading to bed. Sara went first and while she showered, we had a quick chat with Emily. Emily then joined Sara in the shower and got her to clean out her pussy and it was then time for Mike and I to shower. We made sure to get undressed in front of them (easy enough for me as I only had Sara’s jacket on) and Mike then cleaned out my pussy with the shower. I also washed my hair as I knew it had cum in it and we then went up to join Emily and Sara in their room. Emily had put a duvet on the floor for us to use with some pillows and once my hair was dry, we snuggled up under the covers and discussed the evening’s events.

We found out that Sara had actually done fairly well, despite there being so few girls there. Emily had (of course) eaten her, as had I and Laura. She had played with herself a few times (to orgasm once) and Laura had fingered her a couple of times. I told her that I wished I had made her cum more and apologised for having been selfish and concentrating on my own pleasure. Sara said that she had cum more than enough times and Emily congratulated her on having been so bold and she said that she had enjoyed being that free. Emily pulled the covers back to show that she had her fingers rubbing over Sara’s pussy. At first, Sara made a grab for them, but then remembered that we’d been seeing her naked and relented. Mike pulled back our duvet and let them watch his hands run over my breasts and between my legs. I had felt his cock rubbing against my ass while Sara had been describing her evening and he pushed it between my legs, then spread my lips and pushed into me. Emily asked him if he was going to fuck me and he said that he didn’t think he could cum again, but he would spoon with me while we went to sleep. We discussed the evening for a while longer, Mike moving in me and fondling me the whole time. We had covered up again as it was a bit cold, but Emily and Sara knew what we were doing. Our conversation soon trailed off and Mike and I lay quietly, slowly fucking, until we fell asleep.

Mike had set his phone to vibrate to wake us up reasonably early so we could try something that we had discussed with Emily the previous night (which Sara had been showering). We quietly got out of bed and moved over to where they were sleeping. We gently woke Emily up and quietly asked if she still wanted to go ahead with the plan. She said it was fine and moved to let me climb past her and position myself. She then lay back down and spread her legs so Mike could get between them and start to lick her. I waited until he’d been going for a couple of minutes and she was obviously enjoying it before I gently spread Sara’s legs and started to kiss her pussy.

I thought it would be nice being able to go slowly and take my time, but I also knew that once she realised it wasn’t Emily, there was a chance that she might want me to stop. Emily didn’t think that was the case but I was a little nervous anyway. Sara actually started to come round fairly quickly but as soon as she opened her eyes, Emily explained that I had asked her if it was okay and she had said it was (at least for me to start doing things to her). Sara relaxed her legs and said that I could continue if I wanted so I pushed my tongue between her lips and started to eat her properly. A part of me wanted to go nuts on her and make her cum quickly, but a larger part of me wanted to really enjoy the opportunity, so I slowed down and took my time. As she got more aroused, I took a few chances and flicked my tongue over her ass – this got a much better reaction than I had expected from her so I carried on dipping down to lick over her asshole every now and then, but mostly concentrated on her pussy, with the occasional lick of her clit.

I could see that Sara and Emily were occasionally kissing each other and they both seemed to be enjoying our attention. I would have loved to get them to cum at the same time, but without them telling us how close they were, that was down to chance. Sara started to moan more and I assumed this meant she was getting close, so instead of teasing her, I let her pull my head against her pussy and I concentrated a bit more on her clit. I still didn’t want it to end too quickly, but I wasn’t trying to drag things out so as she got more excited, I licked harder and faster until she came, using strokes from her ass to her clit. Mike had obviously been listening to Sara and so had increased the pressure on Emily’s pussy when he heard her sounds of pleasure. He told me that when he heard Sara cum, he licked Emily as fast as he could until she also came.

Mike and I then kissed – this gave me the chance to taste Emily’s sweetness once more and gave Mike the chance to taste Sara’s juices. We then sat up so we could all chat and I apologised to Sara for the unannounced intrusion, but explained how we had thought of the idea the previous night and suggested it to Emily who thought it would be a good way to wake up. Sara said that she had enjoyed it and Mike asked if he would be allowed to give Emily a final gift before we left. Sara didn’t get his meaning at first, but Emily understood well enough. When she said that it was fine with her as long as Sara agreed, Sara caught on and said that it wasn’t really going to make much difference after what she had seen her do the previous night and I suggested that we move off the bed to give them space to play.

I hadn’t cum yet and was hoping to get a bit more action, but I waited until Mike and Emily had gotten started properly before asking Sara if she was up for another round. She seemed to be a lot shyer now the party was over but said that it would only be fair to help me out seeing as I’d woken her up so nicely. We lay down on the duvet that Mike and I had been using to sleep and started to kiss and fondle each other. I quickly had my fingers inside Sara’s pussy and curled them round so I could stroke the inside of her cunt. I pressed my thumb against her clit and applied slow but firm pressure and I let my ring finger brush over her ass. We occasionally looked over to the bed and saw Emily lying over Mike in a 69 position and I explained to Sara just how much he loves eating pussy. She said that she also loved doing that and I took the hint and lay back with my legs spread so that she could climb over me.

Her tongue immediately went to my cunt and I gasped before pulling her ass towards me and nestling my lips between her pussy lips. I could still see Mike and Emily on the bed and watched as they changed position and Mike started to fuck her. I wasn’t paying too much attention to them as Sara is actually quite good at cunnilingus and I wanted to make sure that she thought I was good. I was still enjoying the way her lips wriggled around under my tongue and I tried to once again take my time and enjoy the session. She wasn’t quite as patient and she made me cum, but she stayed on top of me so I could carry on eating her. I heard Emily cum and half-glanced over to see Mike sitting up between her legs and pumping into her. My attention was drawn back to more immediate concerns by Sara humping against my face and I thought that I should probably put her out of her misery (or pleasure) and I resumed licking and sucking her. I spread her ass cheeks and couldn’t resist getting a few licks up the length of her cunt and over her ass, but I now concentrated on her clit a lot more.

I could hear her moaning away, with her breath on my thighs and pussy as she moved her head around. It was obvious that she was very close to cumming and I held her in place while flicking my tongue repeatedly over her clit. I actually felt her shudder and after about 30 seconds (time is somewhat tricky to measure in these situations) she tried to pull away, but I told her to stay, pulled her back down and I eased off my licking. I started to kitty kiss her and once she realised what I was doing, she started to gently lick me again. We kept this up for a few minutes until I heard Mike and Emily getting more energetic. I eased off my licking and asked Sara if she wanted to watch them finish and I ended up lying on my side, curled up behind her. I had missed the fact that when Sara came, Mike and Emily had been in a similar position – facing us with Mike spooning in her from behind. They had watched Sara cum and had then moved round so Emily was on top of Mike. By the time Sara and I started to watch them, Mike was pounding into her in the way that I’m very familiar with. He had a firm grip on her ass and was helping to guide her up and down while he pumped in and out and we heard Emily cum and after a bit more pumping, Mike let out a moan.

Emily stayed on top of him while she caught her breath and then climbed off. I saw some of his cum drip from her pussy and whispered to Sara that she might have to help clean Emily up once more. Sara seemed a bit more conscious of being naked with Mike looking at her and covered herself up, then got her dressing gown and went off to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to have a quick lick of Emily’s pussy – it didn’t taste quite as good with Mike’s cum dripping out of it, but I could still taste her a little bit. Emily had also covered up by the time Sara returned and Mike and I headed down to have a quick shower. We discussed things while we washed and he (unsurprisingly) got hard again. He slipped into me and we briefly fucked, but decided that we should try to be well behaved and so stopped before we got too carried away. Emily brought us some towels down and we went back up to get dressed while they took turns showering.

Sara made breakfast while Emily showered and when she returned, we carried on our discussion about the party and who had done what with whom. I was pleased to see that Sara seemed a little less shy than she had appeared earlier. I congratulated Sara on being adventurous and told her I hoped she would still be coming to future parties (which she intends to). As much as I would have liked to stay and get to know them a bit better (in the talking sense – although I’m sure I would have coped if they had wanted another round), Mike and I really needed to get back home as we had originally planned to go to work that afternoon. As we were leaving, I invited them down to visit Jen one weekend and promised that we would find a way to keep them amused. We then headed off to the station and dozed for most of the journey (for some strange reason we were rather spent).

On our return from work, we called Jen and gave her a lengthy description of the previous evening’s events. On reflection, she said that she almost wished that she had decided to join us (and how she would have been happy to keep Sara company while the rest of us had been busy with the guys). I’ve told her that anytime she wants to come along, she is more than welcome, but (like both Mike and I) she doesn’t like using dental dams that much (although they are better than the possible alternative).


  1. Andi,
    Outside of Jen, have you encountered anyone else with a fetish?

  2. Hmm, well other than my exhibitionism there is really only one other fetish that comes to mind (I'm not sure if it really counts as a fetish) but you'll have to wait a few entries to find out about it.

    As a clue, it's something that Sara really likes.

    (I think Mike's fetish for long socks and shaved pussy is fairly obvious - maybe that's just the more general schoolgirl fetish.)