Friday, 6 April 2012

Unprotected Party - Part 1

I know a few people warned us about attending this party, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to fuck a group of people 'properly' and get to experience all the messy goodness. It was a wonderful experience and I would happily do it again (as long as the same safeguards were in place as I quite like being disease free!).

Mike and I had a somewhat different Valentine’s Day celebration than the romantic meal and long gentle session I’d had with Jen the previous Saturday. After a lot of thought (and considering some of the comments that people had posted on here), we finally made up our minds to take the chance and go along to the unprotected sex party. We had both been tested at the start of the month (and had a clean bill of health) and had our bits of paper to prove it. We worked half days on the Tuesday and told people that we were going off for a romantic evening (which was easy enough to believe as we are still relatively-newly-weds).

That morning, before we went to work, Mike shaved me very thoroughly and I trimmed his hair to a sufficiently short length that it wasn’t prickly, but he looked fairly bare. We had forgone our usual morning session to give us time to do this, but Mike licked me after he had shaved me and I sucked him for a while. Neither of us tried to make the other cum, but it was enough to leave us feeling fairly horny during our journeys to work.

We met up at the train station just after lunch and got a fairly quiet train down to York. We had the perfect opportunity to play on the train and could have easily made each other cum as many times as we’d wanted, but had to settle for just gently teasing each other. Once in York, we headed to Emily’s place (she had agreed to let us stay overnight). Mike had been there before but it was the first time I’d been to her house. Sara joined us a little later and we all had a fairly light dinner together. I was really happy that Sara and Emily had decided to come along to the party and I was a little surprised that Sara had agreed as she would be the only lesbian there. When I mentioned this, Emily said that there would be three bi girls (Laura, Emily and myself) and a couple of other girls who occasionally did things with girls, so Sara thought that she would be able to keep herself amused for the evening. I promised Sara that I would make sure to sample her pussy properly so she didn’t get bored and this got a nice blush out of her.

To say that there was already quite an atmosphere would be grossly understating it and it was obvious that we were all looking forwards to the party. It definitely felt a little strange, knowing that in a couple of hours, I would be eating out the innocent looking pair and was made even stranger when they went upstairs to get ready and said that they wouldn’t interrupt us while we got changed downstairs. I guess not everyone is used to being naked (or semi-naked) around other people on a daily basis – even if they are going to fuck them later on). I hadn’t intended to wear anything particularly special for this party as it felt a bit more serious than the usual ones, but Laura had requested that I wear one of my usual schoolgirl outfits (it’s not just Mike and Jen who like them) and so I had packed something appropriate.

Mike was just wearing a pair of slacks and a t-shirt (easy to remove), so it took no time for him to change. I had a white half-cup bra that exposed my nipples nicely but provided some support, a white blouse, red tartan skirt and long white socks that had a red ribbon woven in to the tops. I completed the look with my black patent shoes and when Emily and Sara came down, I had them put my hair up in bunches with small ribbons. It didn’t take too much to convince Sara to put her hair up in bunches as well and even though she didn’t intend to wear them to the party, I managed to get her to slip off her tights and try on another pair of long socks I’d brought with me. She looked incredibly cute and she allowed me to send a picture of her to Jen (who we had offered a chance to come and had declined – but when she saw Sara she said that she wished she had come along). Sara also gave us a quick flash of her pussy (I wasn’t allowed to photograph that) and showed that she had grown her little patch of red pubic hair a little larger. The hair was still kept very short, but there was no doubt that she was a true redhead (or someone who dyed her pubes) and I once again told her that I was looking forward to playing with her.

We headed straight to the house and a few people were already there. I didn’t feel as nervous once we got inside and was eager to start, but we had to submit to the rules that had been laid out. Everyone had to provide their test results and everyone else was encouraged to read them. If anyone thought that anything looked at all suspicious, the person would be asked to leave. Because most people had gone to the same place to be tested, their results were all on the same form, which made it easier to see. Everyone knew that we no longer lived in York and nobody questioned our forms. We decided to wait until everyone had arrived so we didn’t have to interrupt anything to check more forms and we stood around chatting for a while. The other rules were that all the girls has to be on the pill and only girls were allowed to do things to/with Sara, as well as the standard rule of anything goes as long as everyone involved was a willing participant. Mike had made an additional request that for a period of time at the beginning, we start of just with oral, so that anyone who wants to sample the girls, could do so and get their ‘natural’ taste, without and added cum. Emily, Laura and I backed him up on this and nobody else had objected.

Everyone was soon present and there were more people than I had thought would be there. In total, we had eleven guys and seven girls – of course, this only counted as six for the guys to ‘use’ as Sara was off limits to them, but I felt that between us, we could probably provide an appropriate service. We all stripped off (I left my socks on, as did Laura who had come in her own interpretation of a schoolgirl outfit) and shared a couple of bottles of champagne to start off our ‘romantic Valentine’s Day celebration’. With that out of the way, it was time to get down to business.

The mattresses from the beds had been brought down to the living room and an additional couple of ‘beds’ had been made out of duvets. People were welcome to go upstairs if they wished (although the beds were obviously not going to be much use), but the idea was to make it easier for everyone to do whatever they wanted with whoever they wanted. I really wanted to start off by eating Sara, but thought that I should sample Laura properly (having made her cum many times before). All the girls had either shaved completely (as I had) or had small patches of hair (like Sara). Laura was completely bald and I got her to stand against the wall while I knelt down and licked her. We’ve used this position before (but with protection) and I fingered her while licking her clit. Because we were guy-heavy, Laura ended up kissing one of them and stroking his cock while I worked on her. I had a head start though and I made her cum before he came.

I left Laura and went to find Sara. She seemed much more coquettish now that the party had started and was more than willing to let me taste her. I had been looking forwards to finding out just what her pussy felt like as her lips are unlike any others I’ve seen (seen in the flesh – I’m not counting porn) and the inner lips are very curly. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and felt her lips squish around in my mouth. She tasted quite good and I had a good lick before realising that I was losing my chance to taste the other girls (I knew that Sara wasn’t going to have guys cum in her). I didn’t want to stop but asked if she minded if I tasted everyone else before they were polluted and she said it was fine, but I would have to make up for it later. I promised that I would and moved over to Emily, who was busy sucking off a guy. Emily actually tasted even nicer than Sara – her juices were almost sweet (as far as pussy juices get sweet). She had cum only a few minutes before (Mike had eaten her), so she didn’t want to cum again just yet, but I enjoyed tasting her anyway.

I had a look round to see what else was happening and saw Mike eating out a blonde girl called Caroline. She had fairly large breasts, but Mike wasn’t concerned with these and was happily tucking into her cunt. I knew he must be in heaven at this point as eating pussy is (still) his favourite thing, and being able to sample so many is a row isn’t something he gets a chance to do often (or ever). Caroline was helping out with the gender imbalance and had one guy’s cock in her mouth and was rubbing another guy, then switching. This looked like a good idea to me (and it was only fair as there were a couple of guys standing around) so I moved over onto one of the sofas and asked if anyone wanted me to suck them. I told Sara that if she wanted, she could eat me (which was a bit cheeky as I hadn’t finished her off), but she was game and knelt between my legs and started lapping away.

I hadn’t actually decided if I wanted to have everyone cum over me or cum in me – both were appealing but I knew that we didn’t have enough people to get both my outside *and* inside to the state that I really wanted (unless I managed to monopolise the cum-supply – and I couldn’t see the other girls going for that!). As soon as I was sitting down on the sofa, I had one guy (David) beside me and I leant forwards to take his cock in my mouth. I thought that if Caroline could take two, then I could as well so I beckoned Kevin over and he stood on the other side of Sara. I copied what Caroline had been doing and alternated between the cocks and then pulled them together so I could get them both (or at least the heads) in my mouth at the same time. As is often the case, this isn’t as effective as it appears in porn, but I liked the feeling of having two cocks to lick so I tried to make the best of it.

It was obvious that I wouldn’t make them cum like that and so reverted to taking turns. This was much more effective, although Sara was distracting me as her licking was getting me close to cumming. I asked the guys to help me out and got them to jerk themselves off when I wasn’t sucking them. This helped speed things along nicely and I turned my attention to Kevin who said he was about to cum. He wanted to cum in my mouth and I decided that would be as good as anything so sucked him until he shot his load into me. I didn’t swallow and let it leak out, then spat out the rest so it dribbled down my chin and over my breasts. David had continued jerking himself off and said he was about to cum, but I couldn’t hold back any longer and my own orgasm started to pulse through me. I told him to cum over me and I opened my mouth. I only half watched what he was doing, but I saw his cum squirt out and hit me – the first shot was a little wide and went in my hair, but he corrected his aim for the second shot and it hit my face. He dribbled a little more out but only a small amount made it to me. When I looked down to thank Sara, I noticed that she had some cum in her hair (I don’t know who it came from) and I rubbed it in for her. I wiped myself down (just with my hands), thanked my cum-donors and then thanked Sara. I once again promised to make her cum later on but said I wanted to sample the other unspoilt pussies and suggested she did the same.

I made my way over to Christine who I’ve done things with before (sort of) and told her that I wanted to have a taste of her cunt. She didn’t seem too keen on the idea, but said that she had let Laura have a lick, so I could have a quick go. She was sucking Gareth off and I pushed my face into her cunt and tasted her. She didn’t taste anywhere near as good as Emily (or Sara), but she wasn’t bad (and still better than Kevin’s cum), so I kept licking her for as long as she let me. She seemed to forget that I was only meant to be giving her a quick lick, but once she had made her guy cum, she said that she’d had enough and asked me to stop. I was about to move over and ask Hannah if I could taste her (she was sitting at the other end of the sofa from Christine) but Gareth said that he wanted to eat me, so I sat down and spread my legs. He was actually pretty good but I was distracted by another cock and Scott asked if he could cum over my breasts. I told him to do whatever he wanted and asked if he wanted any help. He let me suck him for a bit, but when he got close to cumming, he pulled out of my mouth and started to beat himself off. I warned him that he had to save some cum for my cunt later on and he promised that he would give me another load, and then shot his cum over my chest.

David asked if people were ready to head onto the next stage (by which he meant actual fucking) and most people said that they were. I considered trying to get a lick of Caroline’s cunt, but decided I would be better off waiting until later. Was pleased that Laura came over and pushed her face between my legs and once she had finished, said that it was only fair she got to taste me as I’d eaten her. I told her that she could do more later, but it was time for us to service the boys.

Given our gender split (and not including Sara), we were nearly 2:1. This gave us a neat way to divide things up and Laura, Emily, Christine, Hannah and I each had one guy ready to fuck us and another one ready for us to suck. Caroline had Corey to fuck her, but we all knew that once we got started that people would move around, so she didn’t mind. Emily told Sara to sit up on the sofa and play with herself (and I felt a bit bad for her being left out). I was going to suggest that she could sit over my face and Bennet could have got Caroline to suck him, but everyone was in position already. On the count of three, we had cocks thrust into us. That was as far as the co-ordination got though and people started fucking, humping and sucking. I reached either side of me and found Laura and Hannah’s hands. We entwined fingers and I could feel their bodies moving in time with their fucking. I couldn’t turn my head as I had Bennet’s cock in my mouth, slowly sliding in and out. Scott was pounding into my cunt (I don’t know if he got me by chance or he remembered that he was meant to cum in me), but I guessed that it wasn’t long before his cum would be decorating the inside of my pussy so I let go of Hannah’s hand and reached down to play with my clit. He still came in be before I was close to cumming, but I knew that we weren’t short of cocks, so when he pulled out, I asked Bennet if he wanted to take over.

He was more than willing to do this and moved round between my legs and slid into me. I took the opportunity to call Sara over and asked if she was ready to cum (which she was), so I told her to hop on and I would take care of her as promised. Our little porn show had clearly gotten her quite aroused and she pushed her cunt against my mouth and immediately started to rub back and forth against me. I intended to make the most of this opportunity and I pulled her even tighter against my face and lapped away. I loved the way her lips squirmed out of the way of my tongue, but they didn’t escape when I sucked on them. It would have actually been easier if she had been facing the other way (away from Bennet), but I wasn’t going to tell her to move so I made the best of it. Meanwhile, I could feel Bennet’s cock sliding in and out of my cunt – he was a little bigger then Scott (well, enough larger than I could feel the difference) and he was considerate enough to play with my clit (seeing as my hands were busy holding Sara in place). My pussy already felt quite wet (I’m not used to being fucked quite so soon after being cum in) and I pushed my hips back against Bennet’s thrusts, imagining his cock sliding between my lips and wondering if Sara was watching us. I was also doing my best to make sure that she was suitable distracted though and I licked in and around her cunt very thoroughly before I pulled her back a little bit so I could concentrate on her clit more.

When I did this, she started to play with my breasts (which I took as a sign of enjoyment), and I licked and sucked her clit until she was humping back and forth and I was having trouble keeping her still (or still enough to keep contact with her clit). I was also getting quite close to cumming and I wanted to make sure I came before Bennet did so I indicated to him that I was nearly there in the only way I could, by humping against him as fast as I could. He seemed to figure out what I meant and rubbed my clit faster (either that or it was just me moving my body under his fingers faster) and I moaned loudly into Sara’s cunt as I came. I think she felt this (well, I know she did as I asked her later) and it wasn’t long before she started to shudder and I knew that I had achieved my goal. Bennet had carried on pumping into me and he came while I was still kitty kissing Sara. He pushed really deep into me and I tried to flex myself around him, but that’s not easy just after cumming. He pushed into me a few more times and then pulled out.

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